8 x 12 storage sheds – Low Maintenance

Lifetime’s well-respected 8 x 12 storage sheds combine low-maintenance with eye-appeal & roomy internals. Sheltering a wide-range of outdoor tools & tackle they supersede the hindrance of yearly conserving with a sporadic leisurely pressure wash.

8 x 12 storage sheds

Lifetime 8 x 12.5 ft

Lifetime 8 x 12½ ft Shed

Radiating desert-sand fascia panels, the walls two-tone appealingly with the brown wood alike doors, vents & trim, adorned on top by a slate-roof simulation, presenting striking neutral looks that’ll enhance any surroundings.

This facility obtains an encouraging set of feedback & represents one of the most popular chosen from Lifetime’s 8 ft wide storehouses across America & beyond. The way a wash supersedes time spent preserving is progressively captivating interest.

We decided to dodge ongoing upkeep like so many others when it comes to replacing their old wooden hut. A quickie fascia wash as opposed to applying yearly re-coats of varnish & and the hassles associated with roofing felt exchanges certainly attracts attention. It’s been a huge time-saver for our concerns.

This particular storehouse stretches 8 feet wide in addition to a 12½ ft walk to the back of the shed. Catering to accommodate a wide variety of storage is further aided by inside’s loftiness of 6 ft 8″ up to the roof trusses with extra space beyond, ideal for lengthy gear.

On the whole, those who conform to stationing this 12 footer on the recommended foundations acknowledge by complementing encouraging feedback for sturdiness, weather-resistance & style.

Lifetime 8 x 12.5ft Shed

Manufacturer:  Lifetime

Model:  Lifetime 6402

More info:  Lifetime Products

Size:  8 ft x 12½ ft

Verdict:  Extremely Popular

Colour:  Desert-Sand

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Competing Around 8 x 12 ft

Lifetime’s 8 ft wide range expands in 2½ feet extensions. This facility is big brother to the 10 footer whilst the unit expanding 15 feet tops the range off.

Scrolling down towards 8 x 12 dimensions on the Shed Sizes page explores Lifetime’s competition; from Oakland’s 11 ft rustic appearance to Factor’s more competitively priced 11 ft Storehouse.

Although competition is constantly improving, Lifetime maintains their stance as one of the market leaders.

Lifetime 8 x 12.5 ft Shed

Video – Lifetime 8 x 12½ ft Shed Features


Recyclable Polyethylene resists Decomposing

Lifetime’s method entails manufacturing reusable High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), it’s eco-friendly, doesn’t exude harmful toxins into the earth nor is it susceptible to rot. The molding forms fascia panels which click into the floor’s border and abut underneath the roof structure besides securing to the construction’s steel framework.

Durable Double Wall Construction

Durable Double Wall Construction

Combining with the polyethylene embodies desert sand pigments to deliver the warm unblemished appearance whilst UV protection armours the composition against sunburn forces causing fractures & bleaching.

The technique produces a double walled skin. Robustness is produced internally by a series of polyethylene ridges whilst the outer layer displays a simulation of a wood panelled building embossed with elaborate details of wood-grain.

Polyethylene assures long term defence by maintaining an unaltered state irrespective of sweltering sunshine, persistent showers, icy snowfalls or located in a continuous damp setting, on account of the UV stabilised resin not being susceptible to decomposing.

This type of plastic isn’t designed for nurturing with wood-stain varnishes nor decorating with paint, neither does it necessitate any form of preserving. We find a sporadic wash with light pressured water or a soft brush & bucket removes grime lickety-split whereas a spurt of detergent assists cleaning ingrained moss.

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Lifetime 8 x 12.5 ft Shed

Imperishable Roof Structure

If you’re fed up substituting roofing felt after disintegration’s broken down the material, Lifetime’s polyethylene make-up’s impervious & unsusceptible to rot therefore sidesteps replacement hassles meanwhile all the steel supported frameworks are powder coated to prevent rusting.

Imperishable Polyethylene Roof

Imperishable Polyethylene Roof

An apex design is the most sought after roof structure. This shed constitutes a steep gradient to effectuate an instant rainfall run-off and eliminate the progression of puddles, besides returning adult height proportions inside. The roof overlap delivers a weatherproof design whereby the walls abutting underneath stops rainfall leaks occurring inside where they connect.

The roof is manufactured from a twin lining of impermeable polyethylene. The imperishable roof panels secure to the roof’s steel framework which is undergirded by 4 A-frame steel trusses, these spread across the apex width & join the vertical steel struts of the construction framework, rigidly reinforcing for winter’s snowfall.

The exterior side of the roof sheets mould to resemble classic slate-tiling whilst 5 impact resistant polycarbonate skylights embed to flood natural daylight inside. Some recent designs incorporate one full length roof skylight.

A few have struggled aligning the roof panels during assembly, the reason’s it’s imperative to start off from level foundations, especially for larger sheds. Alignment issues become magnified the further away you are from the ground.

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4 A-Frame Steel Trusses provide additional support

Practical User-Friendly Features

The floor’s manufacture comprises a toughened polyethylene bed, designed to endure the toilsome stresses of tractor mowers. Anti slip delivers a grip whilst resistant to oil & solvents mean spillages can be cleaned up without staining.

Anti-Slip, Stain Resistant Beefy Floor

Anti-Slip, Stain Resistant Beefy Floor

A requisite for the floor concerns stationing on solid level ground to attain surviving burdensome tractor tensions. The floor is manufactured in sheet form, they interlink with adjacent panels after-which the fascia interlocks within their perimeter, thus enclosing the shed from leaves, debris and critters gaining entry, a great design feature come Autumn time.

At the entry, the threshold comprises a shallow gradient to assist wheeling equipment inside whilst anchor indentations represent the placements for securing grounding screws.

Inside delivers a 6 ft 8″ floor to roof truss height whereby an adult can leisurely walk around without bending besides having the ability to store long handled gardening tools & extendable ladders. No claustrophobic feeling arises, five skylights (or one full length strip) accompany the two polycarbonate windows in delivering a profusion of natural light, both windows open half way for extra ventilation.

Shatterproof Window

Shatterproof Window

Two air vents situated on opposite sides towards the peak above the doors circulate a continuous stream of freshness around the interior, attaining a preserved ambience to overcome saturation when clammy conditions arise.

Included with this shed are 2 corner & 3 rear shelves, albeit this probably doesn’t provide enough storage space for most of us, the reason we incorporated free-standing shelves to tier hefty storage up high. Many people opt for this method as you are unable to screw into the plastic walls.

Alike the fascia, Lifetime doors comprise a double lining of polyethylene further to being beefed-up with textured steel and molded to resemble a brown shaded wooden door, delivering security & weather-resistant advantages.

Lockable doors

Lockable doors

Galvanised steel hinges incorporate the door’s entire length and secure within the base & top sections of the architrave to swivel their swing meantime kept in place by the roof weight during construction.

Pressing the handle’s button operates the latching mechanism during access. Once both doors close, a padlock clasp aligns for locking-up.

Double doors comprising a high arch design enable an adult to walk in without stooping over nor a bang to the head, they swing right back proving spacious access meanwhile two latch bolts comprising an internal spring mechanism keep the left door shut during wild weather, allowing the right door to be used.

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8 x 12 Storage Sheds

Lifetime 8 x 12½ ft Shed Measurements

Measurements of the Lifetime 8 x 12.5ft Shed

Step by Step Assembly Process

Generally, choosing a solid substrate such as concrete, wood deck boards, paving slabs, tarmac or asphalt assures the floor can endure strenuous storage stresses together with attaining rigidly grounding the shed with anchor bolts. Lifetime advise preparing concrete for extra-sturdiness or building a wooden platform for this particular shed.

Lifetime 8 x 12.5 ft ShedPreparing the base above a floodplain & completely level is a requisite to accomplish straightforwardly aligning the fascia panels plumb thus achieving a perpendicular building which in return eliminates leaning stresses together with ensuring the vertical architraves swing doors accurately.

Installation requires two people for supporting and securing the fascia panels. Before commencing, we organised the parts in the same order as the instruction steps then proceeded to implement each step as demonstrated and worked our way through the process. There are one heck of a load of screws, you’ll find a drill-driver set to low becomes your best friend.

Room is required around the shed for fixing the roof whereby a pair of step ladders is essential as these roofs are quite high. Most of the assembly takes place inside the shed however most reviews including ourselves warn not to over tighten the screws, just nip them up tight.

If you watch the video below you’ll grasp the assembly procedure straight away.

Inspect Lifetime’s 8 x 12½ ft shed instructions:

Assembling a Lifetime Shed


Highlights & Matters to Consider


  • Radiating an unblemished desert sand appearance
  • Accents to complement home garden landscapes
  • A hugely popular 12 ft spacious shed
  • Manufactured from sustainable & reusable polyethylene
  • An occasional wash regards their mere maintenance
  • Resistant to rot and corrosion
  • UV shield protects against colour fades & cracking
  • Anti-rust powder-coated steel reinforced framework
  • Excellent feedback compliments the make-up & features
  • Entry threshold & arched double doors assist spacious access
  • Lofty height shed prevents banging your noggin
  • 5 small or 1 full length skylight illumine daylight
  • 2 opening windows deliver natural light & ventilation
  • Air vents circulate freshness inside
  • Corner & straight shelves included
  • Anti-slip, stain free, strengthened floor
  • Built-in floor obstructs leaves from wafting through
  • Pad-lockable doors comprise internal steel meshing
  • Double skinned walls & steel infrastructure assure sturdiness
  • 10 years Lifetime 12 ft shed warranty
  • 2 person installation using household tools

Matters to Consider

  • It’s imperative the foundations are solid and level
  • Unable to screw into plastic – Consider free standing shelves
  • Refrain from over-tightening the screws
  • Lifetime’s 8 x 12½ ft shed takes time to construct

Lifetime High Density Polyethylene Shed

Attractively Spacious & Rot-Resistant

Attaining low-maintenance combined with roomy storage accommodation, Lifetime’s 12½ footer presents modish complimentary looks and clears the garage to efficiently organise a wide array of outdoorsy stuff & gardening gear, it’s a well liked storehouse.

Acquiring very good feedback from those who adhere to the foundation stipulations, the recyclable make-up stations sturdy and escapes the predicaments of weather-rot & decomposing, superseded by a sporadic freshen-up with a light pressure wash.

View Lifetime 8 x 12.5 ft Shed Prices:


Hope Lifetime’s 12 footer renders plenty of spacious storage inspiration.

Share your favourite 12 ft storehouse below along with any Lifetime queries, I’ll do my best to answer.

Until the following 12 ft weatherproof shed review,


Please share Lifetime’s 12 ft shed. Thank you.



  1. A phone number on a company webpage is one of the most important things.. I am looking for a plastic shed the larges i can get in stock with the door at the end. also dependiing on the price i may get two smaller ones also

    • Hi, Farole, I agree a business website should have a phone number but I neither sell, manufacture, nor install garden sheds. This website is just a hobby where I share information and ideas about the latest resin-style garden sheds in my spare time.
      I hope you can find the style of sheds you are looking for.

  2. Jason Summer

    I find your manner of speech slightly difficult to decode, but the information presented is very helpful!

    One question I have is, do you find it hard to keep these insulated? I’m wondering if these are a good option for heat/cold sensitive materials and if a temperature can be maintained efficiently.

    • Simon

      Hi Jason, thanks for your message. I’m not a natural writer by any means but always try and come across as plain & straightforward as possible. Sometime’s you need a nudge to write more clearly to which I have taken your recommendations on board. Sorry to confuse and thanks for your advice.

      Lifetime sheds aren’t designed for insulating because you’re unable to screw into the plastic to attain a firm fix when installing insulation, they’re merely composed of double wall resin fascia panels. The only resin style sheds I have come across that cater for securing screws are Fusion’s wood-resin walls and Oakland sheds that cater for customising.

      I’m not sure what heat/cold sensitive materials you’re thinking of storing but these sheds are merely a shelter for gardening tools, outdoor accessories and patio furniture etc. The reason ventilation grids incorporate both sides above the doors is to distribute a constant flow of fresh air to overcome saturated walls in clammy conditions hence maintain more of a preserved atmosphere for storage.

      If an ambient temperature is to be maintained for delicate items I would consider insulating a good quality cedar wood shed where insulation boards can be straightforwardly installed however I’m no expert, I would take advice from someone who knows. 

      This website simply introduces visitors to the most popular and innovative weatherproof resin storehouses for those who wish to escape the hassles of exchanging roofing felt, sorting rotting panels & yearly re-coats of varnish. Hope this helps,


  3. Nam

    Outstanding review on this product! Seems like a practical shed and useful too. This will be on my wish list.

    Not to mention easy to setup and maintenance. This site is bookmarked for sure.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Nam,
      Thanks for reading and dropping a comment.

      Yeah, these Lifetime models are probably the firm favourite in the USA. They are practical and low maintenance too which is the beauty. A wash down when they become grimy is all it takes to bring them back looking pristine again. Beats the hassle wooden sheds represent if you’re stuck for time regarding yearly maintenance duties.

      Set-up is pretty straight forward. It’s just a matter of getting organised. Make sure you sit the shed on solid level foundations though as this is the resin sheds #1 priority. Obeying by these rules, assembly becomes very straightforward as everything lines up correctly and quickens the job.

      Keep popping back in Nam as I’m updating regularly. These are full reviews and take sometime putting together to relay the helpful information. I am managing to accomplish a shed review per week.

      Thanks again and good luck with your decision,

  4. Paul

    Impressive review!

    There is not much negative that can be said about getting this shed.
    I like the idea that you can take it down and bring it with you should you sell your home. It would make an ideal shed for those that are just renting a home as well. As long as there is a proper foundation to anchor it as you mentioned.

    If I get this shed I am planning to use free standing shelves. Will the plastic floor handle the pressure points of a shelving unit?

    Your review of this Low Maintenance Lifetime 8 x 12 shed is sensational.

    • Simon

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your interest and reading this Lifetime Shed review.

      The critical point to consider when assembling a resin/plastic shed is to construct on a solid level surface, this can’t be emphasised enough.

      If you obey by the resin foundation rules you will find all the panels line up correctly during assembly which will conclude to such an easier build.

      Also the floor will serve you as heavy duty and you will increase the longevity of demanding use as these floors are specifically designed for heavy duty purposes but only if the foundations conform to the rules.

      Free standing shelves are a popular alternative to increase storage options to another level altogether. We find our stand alone shelves have plastic feet and this works perfectly for us without damaging the floor.

      Hope this helps Paul and thanks. Good luck with your decision,


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