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Hi, thanks for stopping by Weather-Resistant Sheds low-maintenance storehouse blog. Here, you’ll discover various solutions to wave goodbye to yesteryear’s upkeep chores by eradicating the duress of continuous decay related conservation issues in return for time spent enjoying summer’s weather.



My name is Simon, happily married to Tracy we live on the sunny side of Bradford in the UK. We both enjoy being outdoors when the weather suits, enjoying activities suchlike walking, gardening, barbecuing and anything concerned with alfresco dining around our small back garden.

Reasons for creating this blog regards showcasing the new developments of weatherproof garden sheds satisfying low-maintenance requirements.

Polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC and polycarbonate thermoplastics represent imperishable resin manufactures not susceptible to weather decline meanwhile their make-up is recyclable which is a huge concern for our environmental-friendly awareness. Polyester coated heavy-gauge steel constructions on the other hand significantly enhance sturdiness encased with weather protection further to boosting security defence.

I’m also an admirer of pressure treated cedar wood sheds capped off with a resin apex crown as opposed to conventional roofing felt however prices unfortunately start spiralling beyond most of our budgets as their footprint expands.

We’ve recently encountered some ultra stylish weatherproof storehouse creations entering onto the market, from walk-in sheds spanning diverse sizes, low profile designs termed horizontal sheds that unobtrusively station below the typical garden fence-height to deck boxes that conveniently serve to store patio accessories and furniture cushions.

The choice is becoming rather vast, hence this blog’s an ongoing project to inform visitors of the ‘established & recent’ highly-rated favourable weatherproof designs.

Cascade 7 x 7 ft Resin Shed

Why did we opt for a resin construction?

We replaced the roofing felt umpteenth times, re-coated wood-stain on an annual basis meanwhile I’m guessing we’ve re-built the shed numerous times with regards to the amount of decayed sections we’ve had to replace over the years only to find these time consuming projects eventually succumb to rotting away.

The last time the roof deteriorated, rot set into the floor – It was time for a change. Determinations this time were to escape forthcoming hassles.

How's this for maintenance?

How’s this for maintenance

Initially we pondered over the Metal variety but they seldom integrate floors and most comprise restricted sliding door access meanwhile inspecting feedback related to the possibility of internal condensation developing whilst continuing re-coats of primer followed by top-coats of gloss rather put us off.

We hadn’t been introduced to Asgard’s weatherproof steel constructions at this point. Instead, we opted to try a Quality Plastic Shed as an alternative to the weather-headaches wood represents and what a surprise we had.

Weather-resistant resin entails virtually no maintenance, only requiring a hose down when dirty in order to refresh. Gone are those previous yearly re-staining duties to preserve not forgetting rotten panel exchanges.

An apex roof structure was our preferred choice, one made from weatherproof material. Rain water promptly runs off leaving no possibility of water puddling and seeping inside meanwhile a resin make-up averts future replacements on account of the composition not being susceptible to weather deterioration.

The built-in floor maintains a cleaner environment than our last wooden hut; mind you, that presented plenty of gaps for debris to blow through. We’re finding storage is kept in prime condition, surprisingly even better than the garage where everything seems to become covered in dust.

Air vents deliver the advantage generating & distributing fresh air to circulate the interior, eliminating sweaty plastic atmospheres & condensation dripping walls in humid weather.

Inside, a light and airy feel transpires, aided by air-vents accompanying the window & skylight illuminating natural light whilst the generous height doesn’t demand ducking down, cracks to the head nor backache unlike our last facility’s dimensions.

Maintenance duties now entail a quick wash down when it becomes dirty, a job we swiftly accomplish by using the garden’s pressure-hose. That’s it, a real time-saver.

Everett 6 ft Wide Sheds

What about you

Have you considered the alternative to wood?

Granted, there are positives and negatives regarding wood, metal and plastic sheds. Wood rots, metal rusts and some would say plastic fails to exhibit an alluring presence whilst their make-up appears weaker which to be honest were our initial concerns until we examined how robust plastic wheelie bins are during refuse collection days. Although styled differently resin shed compositions are very similar.

Keter Oakland 757

Innovative Oakland Design by Duotech

Personally I think some of the resin storehouses are becoming strikingly stylish nowadays. Technical advances keep rolling out new innovative designs suchlike Duotech™ Oaklands presented in this image and composite wood-resin mixes delivering the best of both worlds (presented below) for those who prefer the traditional look & feel meanwhile we’re still delighted with our basic Factor shed presented up above demonstrating their ease in maintaining appearances with a pressure wash.

Please don’t expect journalistic writing, this is just a basic blog passionately sharing helpful information including significant foundation concerns sales sites disappointingly overlook further to tips we embraced on our journey.

This website has no allegiance to any type of shed so there’ll be no sales patter, popups & email subscription forms flashing in front of you nor any advert banners. Thank goodness for that I hear you sigh, therefore please feel free to call in, peacefully roam around and inspect the various designs.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding any post, please feel free to drop a comment. I’ll do my best to answer.

Best place to start regards the Shed Sizes page where each storehouse is arranged in size order. Scroll down to your desired measurements and examine the review. Horizontal sheds and deck boxes can be found in the top menu. Happy searching!



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