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Oaklands contemporary state of the art apex plastic sheds deliver a breakthrough in resin-design technology. Born out of Keter’s unique customizable DUOTECH™  composition, this recent entrant has pushed the boundaries with impeccable results, positioning itself amongst the best sheds reviews.

Apex Plastic Sheds - Best Sheds ReviewsInitially three sheds made up Oakland’s apex range, all containing identical 7.5 feet frontage measurements across the doors widths, only their lengths of depth increase stepping up the range.

The smallest Oakland incorporates 7 feet in depth, the medium spans 9 ft whilst the big chief extends 11 feet however My-Shed regards the new entrant, displaying twin doors across its 11 feet length.

Oaklands combine ultra modern looks with enduring build quality, superseding wood and metal structures with their imperishable dent and weather resistant composition however this new futuristic design advances traditional plastics with fully customizable advantages, boasting a paintable surface.

A few years back before Oaklands were born, we were resolute in determining a trouble-free solution after being held ransom with upkeep work on our last decaying wooden facility. We opted for a model within the Factor range as an initial trial due to their competitive price to be honest. It’s been superb, gotten rid of maintenance issues, replaced with the elementary replenishing role of a whirlwind wash.

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Apex Plastic Sheds

A link to each Oakland shed review presents beneath the small shed photos, providing additional information, more imagery including internal/external dimensions. 

Video- Oakland Shed Features

Apex Roof Structure

Oaklands are rigged out with the majorities favoured apex designed roof structure however unlike roofing felts quick demise in composition through weather attack and damp conditions, Oakland’s imperishable capping off constitution is built to survive the climate’s adverse conditions without succumbing to deterioration through rot and decay.

The roof structure comprises of twin walled polypropylene resin panels moulded and shaded into an impressive 3D display of slate tiling, crowning Oaklands off with aesthetic style.

Each resin roof sheet secures around a metal framework further supported by a truss system. As the shed sizes increase across the range, a series of steel beams span the internal apex breadth providing 100kg/sqm snow-load support, described as strong sheds.

A nice angled apex peak delivers increased internal height in-excess of 2 metres, ample enough for an adult to roam around with ease without cracking their nut whilst this deliverance generates an effective roof drainage system on top.

The steep peak eliminates the possibility of rainwater puddles developing whilst the edges of the roof panels create eaves overlapping the facade preventing rainfall gaining entry at the top where the walls abut.

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Oakland 7.5 x 7 ft Apex Shed

Durable Composition with Substantial Build Quality

Attaining enhanced strength whilst evading the unsightly presence of dents and chips common on thin skinned metal sheds, Oaklands are composed of double skinned wall-sheets adjoined together by an internal corrugated reinforced structure.

The wall panels comprise of a tongue and groove formation aiding assembly by their slot into place procedure whilst interlocking with the floor creates enclosure to the outside environment. The panels secure with screws around a metal infrastructure providing the shed’s backbone of stability.

Formed out of a unique resin composition creates this impressive range, designed into a semblance of vertical wood panelling exhibiting rustic charm through their gorgeous weathered silvery-grey display whilst upon close inspection the lifelike feel of a raised textured grain effect embeds throughout the facade.

Don’t judge the make-up by Oaklands sumptuous display, they escape any notion of a plastic manufacture with pure stylishness yet the imperishability held within their resin manufacture delivers weather-resistance to the facade making it unsusceptible to decay when subject to humid, damp or wet conditions.

Fending off plastic’s vulnerability to sunburn attack, supplementary UV protection elements combine within the resin mix to avoid future’s lacklustre bleaching effect developing.

Amalgamating these efficacious positives together, Keter have not only delivered an ultra stylish solution that provides weather defence, the attraction lies within the effortless duty it takes to revitalise Oaklands appearance. A light spray-hose down generally describes their straightforward few minutes cleaning program.

Deep-seated grime can simply be removed by either a mild pressure wash or cleansed using a cloth or nonabrasive brush, warm water and dash of light detergent. This composition is pretty much free from maintenance.

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Oakland 7.5 x 9 ft Apex Shed

DUOTECH™  have developed a unique compound of resin talc to merge within the resin mix prior to moulding, creating the first paintable resin shed surface allowing customising the facade with a splash of colour to blend in with the accents of any home garden’s landscape. Either a satin, semi or solid gloss finish in a water-based acrylic paint are Keter’s recommendations.

Brighten Up Your Landscape

Brighten Up Your Landscape

Keter’s DUOTECH™ page describes Oaklands customizable features including the ability to jig-saw the facade to deliver electrics and add additional windows etc, drill into the walls to personalise your shed space with shelving, pegboard strips and organisers fixed into place with Keter’s specially designed D-Clip™ wall anchors, paving the way to creating a fully functioning tool station sat in your backyard.

Video – DUOTECH™ Features


Impressive Features combine with Style

The small and medium sized Oaklands include one window, the largest 11 ft model comprises of two, presented in an architecturally designed Victorian style. The windows can be inserted on the side that suits your location.

Up above embedded within the top of the roof ridge lies a translucent skylight strip, along with the windows they bask the interior with daylight producing a light and airy environment escaping any sort of a hemmed in feeling due to their copious headroom height.

Incorporated into the facade panels, air-vents generate air flow from outside & distribute the fresh ambience inside to help conserve storage. It’s not long ago since this type of design entailed a sweaty interior, now overcome with the most basic of design features, commonly included throughout the majority of resin sheds.

Another impressive protective feature captivating our initial interest towards this style of facility relate to integrated floors, seldom seen on metal sheds. The wall panels interlock with the floor’s outer-perimeter delivering a blockade to draughts, putting a stop to debris sweeping through and rainwater flowing in as a consequence of large gaps present at the floor’s edge resulting in a clean dry internal environment

Oaklands floor make-up regards decay-resistant polypropylene resin, tinted black and moulded into a chunky thickset bed, a series of interlinking sheets covering the base expanse, adjoining the walls yet purposely strengthened to undergo and sustain the burden of hefty storage traffic. A sloped entrance threshold aids wheeling in duties.

Oaklands ain’t scrimped on their door features either, manufactured into a dual lined polypropylene resin manufacture, molded to represent wooden surrounded panels inclusive of textured grain characteristics and shaded with a charcoal tint expresses sturdiness.

The deliverance of excellent access is attained through their wide double doors, a stainless steel locking system skips towards the security advantages metal sheds boast whilst providing a quality closure. Two through bolts situated on the internal face of the left hand door slot into grooves enabling that door to be kept shut on windy days whilst security-wise, the handle is specifically designed to accommodate a padlock, although not included.

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Oakland 7.5 x 11 ft Apex Shed

Easygoing Shed Assembly

One heck of a simplified construction process had been developed through the ease of a tongue & groove design, enabling a swift assembly, entailing the alignment of the panels around the steel framework and securing into position.

An automatic driver set on a low setting provides helpful assistance due to the amount of screws Oaklands take to erect. Freedom all around the shed to erect a ladder is a requirement to assist the progress of the roof construction.

Assembly is just a matter of following and implementing the order of steps illustrated within the instructions however primary importance not to be side-stepped relates to resin sheds foundation stipulations.

It’s essential the groundwork for a resin shed construction is solid and level. If fears relate to one day the shed may be situated in flood water, raise the foundations above that level, sheds are weatherproof but will leak if immersed.

My-Shed review & prices


Appropriate Foundations

Oaklands Suggested Solid Level Foundations

Adhering to the foundation principles are essential for the following reasons:

  • A straightforward assembly is accomplished through a plumb panel alignment. A level base alleviates construction headaches as aligning problems can magnify the further away you are from the base, like securing the roof panels into position.
  • A balanced level of force results when the roof weight is equilibrium on all shed sides. A level base prevents stresses associated with the strain a skewiff stance projects to one side of the shed.
  • Door alignment becomes clear-cut from a level base due to the architraves plumb vertical stance delivering their precise operational swing.
  • Solidity underneath aids the floors hard wearing credentials, they are purposely toughened to accomplish their permanence whilst suffering the endurance.
  • Another essential requirement is to secure the floor down onto the bedrock below once assembled. Anchoring dramatically enhances sustainability and stability.
  • The floor’s anchor placements provide the positions where to screw the shed down onto the solid substrate.

Oakland 7.5 x 9 ft Shed

The Positives of Oakland Sheds


  • Extremely stylish, destined to accentuate any outdoor space
  • Choice of 4 sizes spanning 7 ft up to 11 ft
  • Apex Roof structure
  • Roof strengthened to support heavy snow-loads
  • Roof designed for fast efficient rainfall drainage
  • Composition resists weather-decline
  • Fast tongue and groove assembly procedure
  • UV protection combats colour fade
  • First paintable resin shed surface
  • Fully customizable DUOTECH™ design
  • Victorian style window and skylight deliver daylight
  • Air vents integrate within the facade panels
  • Integrated floor maintains a clean dry internal space
  • Staunch flooring withstand deterioration
  • Built-in floor is toughened for heavy duty storage services
  • Stainless steel door operation
  • Doors equipped with quality finishes and features
  • Construction requires common household tools
  • 2 person assembly
  • 10 years limited Duotech warranty
  • Superb feedback flows through reviews


  • Important Oaklands sit on solid level foundations
  • Anchor this style of shed down onto their solid base
  • More expensive than the Factor Range of Resin Sheds

Video – Duotech Customises My-Shed

Duotech make Garden Summer House Ideas come true

Duotech make Garden Summer House Ideas come true

Final Opinion

Keter are trumpeting out their new DUOTECH™ designed Oakland range with high appraisal whilst feedback expressed through reviews confirm their stylish appearance equals their quality construction.

Oaklands are a fairly new design however this new style of resin manufacture is capturing interest due to its ultra stylish presence, weatherproof design, customizable features, sturdy construction and super easy-to-clean surface.

Oaklands are becoming a well favoured garden shed for those looking to escape constant upkeep duties demanded by traditional structures.

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Oakland Sheds 10 Years Limited Warranty

Hope you found Oaklands Apex Plastic Sheds article informative.

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  1. Peter Duffy

    Hi Simon

    Just read your info on the Keter sheds I purchased the Oakland 7511 from Costco last year it was very easy to put up. The sky light is great for brightness no struggling in semi shade.
    Can you help me I want to get some of the Keter D-Clips but I cannot find a stockist for them, I contacted Keter and after 3 emails they finally replied stated that the clips would be available in the UK from 2018 have you any idea where I could obtain them

    • Hi Peter, thanks for dropping by and asking your query further to enlightening visitors how the Oakland shed serves your gardening needs.
      I spent ages looking round the web for a sales site selling Duotech wall anchors, and you are right, they specifically said they would be for sale early 2018, a few visitors have said the same.

      I have asked Keter via their contact page the following:

      Could you please tell me where I can purchase Duotech D-Clip™ wall anchors in the UK to enable hanging shelves and mounting hooks against Oakland shed walls.
      I am currently struggling finding a sales site where to purchase.

      I will post their reply in this comment section, here, when I receive a response.
      Sorry I can’t be of immediate help but hopefully Keter will provide an answer.


    • Hi Peter, Keter have responded saying they supply the D-Clip wall anchors for £15. The pack with regards to their D-Clip Wall Anchor article contains 10 anchors, I’m presuming this is what you’ll receive although it maybe worth asking prior to ordering.

      I would contact them via their web-page by choosing your model of Oakland shed and they will send you the payment method along with their delivery procedure.
      Hope this helps,

  2. Thanks, Simon, this is very informative I have been looking for a top quality shed. These have a 10 warranty and look to be very strong. Thanks for doing the research makes my job easier to shop.

    • Hi Rodney,
      Thanks for visiting to inspect Oakland’s apex plastic sheds.

      I think the rustic appearance of the silvery grey facade exhibits such a stylistic weathered look, destined to enhance any garden location.

      Yeah, Oaklands are backed with 10 years Duotech warranty cover, they receive fab feedback across the entire range from the smallest patio stores up to the large walk in varieties described here.

      The double wall skin is reinforced with an internal ribbed structure, manufactured for added strength and to avoid denting, a problem susceptible to single skinned sheds plus the panels are designed for a straightforward & quick alignment and secure procedure, simplifying assembly.

      I’m glad we’ve provided the information you are looking for.
      Thanks again & good luck choosing when the time comes,

  3. Randy407

    Hey Simon,

    The Oakland shed could be what I have been looking for. I moved to the country and have raised beds as well as a 48″ garden tractor to store, I have plenty of room so I would go big. When painted to they handle it well with the weather? Thanks for the info bookmarked your page for when I am ready.


    • Simon

      Hi Randy,

      Thanks for dropping by to read about the Oakland group of sheds.

      If you’re planning on storing a tractor, Oakland floors can survive the weighty pressures of rolling in & out however like any shed it’s imperative a solid level substrate is laid below to sustain the stresses.

      The largest Oakland measures 7.5 feet across the width with an 11 ft length.

      Painting is an option, Oaklands are the first resin style of shed deigned with paintable walls. Keter advise using Acrylic water based paint, the choice of shades are immense with the options of gloss, semi gloss, satin or a soft sheen finish. Local hardware stores commonly have a wide variety as their mixing process usually takes place in store.

      Like any painted surface, there will be colour fade over time due to the paint elements being subject to change through sunburn attack therefore will require future re-coats however the only preparation necessary involves a wash down & dry before re-painting without any rot to deal with.

      Thanks for bookmarking, good luck with your decision when the time comes,


  4. Israel

    Hi Simon!

    This Oakland sheds look really amazing!

    My wife is always saying when we have a big terrace we need to get one of those. Super useful!

    I’m passing this article to my dad, since he actually has a big space and he’s very into plants and garden stuff, so this can be very helpful to store things.

    Thanks for the thorough review! 😉

    • Simon

      Hi Israel,

      Oakland sheds really are ultra stylish, all these 3 models are large enough to store a whole plethora of outdoor gear and make more room in the home and garage.

      Yeah, you do require enough room around the home to enable constructing them as they are decent sized walk-in sheds.

      If you like the style but looking for something smaller, Keter have created a horizontal shed out of the Duotech design which is obviously smaller, is a doddle to erect compared to the large walk-in variety and doesn’t require planning permission, a particular concern nowadays in local areas across the USA:

      This is called the Keter Grande-Store:


      Hope this helps Israel and thanks again,


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