Best Bike Storage Solutions

Asgard focus on designing the best bike storage solutions to protectively safeguard valuable bikes from theft, virtue of engineering robust weighty gauged steel into high security fortresses meanwhile a galvanised polyester finish ascertains weather-resistance.

Best Bike Storage Solutions

Annexe 3-Bike Locker

This particular review spotlights the Annexe 3-bike storehouse measuring 6 x 3 feet, however Asgard design an assortment of sizes from single bicycle stores up to spacious workshop facilities, roomy enough for sheltering 6-to-8 bikes in order to satisfy UK’s cycling market meanwhile irrespective of which facility is chosen, their heavyweight steel construction is uniform throughout the range.

Asgard’s Annexe is ‘Secure by Design’ certified thereby endorsed by the Police Force, accredited by locksmiths Association and the ‘Loss Prevention Certification Board’ (LPCB)

Acknowledged by leading cycling magazines the Annexe receives outstanding purchasers’ feedback further to supplying Track Cyclist Victoria Williamson and Sprint Cyclist Helen Scott with this specific store, accomplishing all-round first-class appraisal.

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Remarkable Feedback

Examine Asgard’s Substantial Engineering


Ensure the Keys are kept Safe

After reading a forum created by a cyclist asking the cycling world their views what the most secure bike stores are, inspired me to write about the Annexe. To be honest, Asgard were the only company mentioned responding to this forum, their adept engineering seems to take precedence.

One guy replied stating he had an Asgard 3-bike store to which he’d shipped out to his holiday home in Spain however unfortunately one day lost the keys. He frantically asked for Asgard’s help after hours of persevering to gain entry. They said you will have to angle grind your way through, it’s the only access solution.

Fortunately he had a mate working in Spain who was a welder, he brought his angle grinder and they proceeded to grind their way through the thick gauge steel. After two hours of grinding away, a process that captures neighbours attention, coming out wondering what on earth all the noise was about they managed to gain entry, albeit the door was jiggered.

Asgard supplied another door plus a set of keys to which duplicate keys have been cut. He’s left one key with a neighbour, just in case. The moral to this story: Don’t lose the door keys, these units are ultra secure!

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Best Bike Storage Solutions - Annexe 3-Bike Locker

Vanquishing the process of Corrosion

Suppressing burgeoning rust development, a dilemma regularly encountered following the couple of years warranty provided by conventional metal sheds, Asgard’s substantial 3-way corrosion-free process intensifies the competition by endorsing their method with ten years of weather-resistant backing.

Commencing by galvanising the steel in zinc further to applying a coat of iron phosphate assures defence against corrosion after which a covering of polyester in powdered format delivers an armoured surface of imperishable protection to thwart weather-attack gaining entry to the steel.

Three colour choices comprise Asgard’s presentation, green being the most popular for the Annexe whereas brown or ivory complete the selection. The colour pigments mix in with the final coat of polyester therefore they’re not designed for repainting. Restoring Asgard’s new-look effortlessly regards a wipe over with a wet cloth.

The only other maintenance required if you could term it this way concerns an occasional spray of lubricant to aid the functioning of the door hinges and a squirt in the lock to keep the key performance working fluently.

Galvanised Weatherproof Coating

Substantial Entry-Proof Construction

The panels making up Annexe’s considerable structure weigh in at a thumping 138 kilos, exceeding 21 stone. The weighty construction is virtue of 1.2mm grade steel, a thickness beyond comparison to the customary metal shed.

Substantial Heavyweight Steel ConstructionTo give an idea of Annexe’s strength, four adults can sit on the lid without affecting the structure meanwhile an extra bracing of steel bars are introduced to enhance construction sturdiness.

Collaboration with the Crime Prevention Authorities further to designing and developing engineering methods with the steel industry accomplishes fortress style constructions, for example:

Surrounding the doors, welded box sections engineered from 1.6mm steel impede crowbars from accessing gaps meanwhile safeguarding panel connections and access weak spots, the steel is doubly bent over to foil tool-entry & prying the joins apart thereby defeating persistent break-in attempts.

Down at the entry threshold a steel plinth aids wheeling bikes inside, comprising identical gauge steel prevents the construction squashing and becoming dented meanwhile the door hinges are substantially reinforced to safeguard against forced entry.

Internally constructed achieves security supremacy due to concealing all tamper-able screws from sight therefore the first step required to dismantle regards unlocking the unit prior to starting.

Rarely seen on metal storehouses and advertised as unique to Asgard regards their steel integrated flooring, this escalates security into another stratosphere because grounding the shed down onto concrete with bolts supported by 1.2mm thick steel ascertains an immovable position unless of course an industrial excavator’s going to unearth it from the ground.

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Steel Box Sections and Steel Deadbolts

Locking Mechanism Thwarts Break-ins

Incorporating an internally-welded Locksmith-accredited Euro-Cylinder grade-4 Lock assures protection owing to their steel shroud casing further to a design that withstands drills and lock-picking virtue of a 6-pin pick resistant design, delivering the seal of approval by Police Protection Authorities. Annexe 3-bike store is supplied with two keys.

Euro Cylinder LockThe handle is manufactured in a way to snap off during forceful abuse thereby the only means of access once this happens is solely by the key meanwhile ascertaining a child-friendly design, an additional handle is incorporated on the inside which determines quick exit.

Locking up is accomplished by sliding two internal 10mm thick steel dead bolts on the left facing door deep within the steel door frame further to closing the right-hand door and turning the handle. This shoots a steel bar adjacent to the handle’s position along with launching two additional deadbolts into the door frame on the right-hand side, totalling a 5-point locking mechanism that ascertains significant security.

On account of Annexe’s certified crime prevention approval along with endorsements by the Locksmith’s Association & Police Force, the Annexe has the potential to bring insurance premiums down for outside bike accommodation. It’s advertised this way and worth checking if you’re in a crime hot-spot.

Internal Welded Lock and Handle

Ventilation & Additional Features

The deep-seated issue of metal shed constructions concern clammy conditions delivering saturated walls meanwhile it’s a common occurrence upon storing muddy bikes due to the water in the mud evaporating and condensing inside when drying out therefore ventilation is extremely important, Asgard have triumphed the solution.

The slanted roof effectuates immediate drainage, it’s fixed into position for security purposes meanwhile it juts slightly beyond the walls to prevent leaks inside. Up above on the underneath side to where the roof juts out, ventilation holes are drilled around the entire perimeter to generate an outside-in fresh-aired circulation system in order to maintain an ambient internal atmosphere thus alleviating the interior from sweating.

Accompanying the underside holes of the roof vents, above the door positions a rain guard to cover the gap in order to prevent horizontal rain entering during stormy weather. Although the Annexe is designed to distribute internal fresh air, it’s also designed to keep inside dry.

You can purchase shelving and hooks for storing bike accessories & helmets etc, unfortunately non are inclusive with the purchase however they are easily obtainable, engineered from the same industrial-grade steel and support hefty weights meanwhile their fixing positions are pre-drilled & ready to screw into position, a process that literally takes minutes.

Double doors aid to provide broad access into the Annexe for storing up to 3 bikes. Best to group your 3 bikes together and measure against the internal measurements presented below to ascertain they fit the store.

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Integrated Steel Flooring

Annexe 3-Bike Store Measurements

Annexe 3-Bike Store Measurements

Annexe 3-Bike Store Base Measurements

Streamlined 2-Person Assembly

View Asgard’s short sped up video below that demonstrates how efficiently these constructions bolt together. Two people are necessary to build due to the heaviness of the fascia panels, one holds them in place whilst the other secures from the inside.

The general rule of thumb with competing sheds relates to erecting a time-consuming metal framework to which the panels adjoin. Not with Asgard’s, their substantial panels independently support.

A solid substrate is required for the Annexe to locate upon, suchlike concrete, asphalt or paving with a thickness at least 2 inches (50mm) to attain rigidly anchoring down meanwhile the base needs to situate on a surface that’s level and flat, a perpendicular stand functions precise door operations.

All the grounding bolts are included therefore you only require a Philips head screwdriver, a drill driver for driving in the construction bolts & drilling the anchor holes further to a spanner for securing the base down. Consensus equates to an approximate 2 hours assembly.

Assembly-Friendly Construction


Highlights and Points to Consider


  • Green, brown or ivory colour choices
  • Designed to present a stylish garden exhibit
  • Stores up to 3 bicycles
  • Heavy gauge galvanised steel construction
  • Imperishable finishing coat of polyester assures weather-resistance
  • 138kg stalwart construction
  • Locksmith, Police & Steel Industry approved
  • Engineered to thwart crowbar access
  • 5-way steel-bolt locking mechanism
  • Pick & drill proof Euro Cylinder Lock
  • ‘Secure by Design’ accredited
  • Certified by the LPCB
  • High appraisal from cycling publications
  • Impeccable reviews and feedback
  • Engineered ventilation holes generate internal fresh air
  • Broad double steel-door access
  • Steel entry ramp at the door threshold
  • Drilled fixing positions in place for hooks & shelf
  • Fixed, slanted, robust roof design assures prompt drainage
  • Integrated steel base
  • Grounding anchor-bolts included
  • Basic 2 hours construction
  • Supplied with two keys
  • 10 years Annexe warranty

Points to Consider

  • Solid foundations constituting concrete or paving is recommended
  • Important Annexe’s ground location is flat & level
  • Make the Annexe immovable – Anchor the base down
  • Steel shelving and hooks are additional purchases

Annexe 3-Bike Storage

Asgard’s Annexe is One Secure Design

Although Asgard bike lockers all comprise identical thickness in terms of steel gauge thereby construct into heavyweight stalwart structures engineered to impede intruder access, their designs do alter a tad, for example:

The single & two-bike lockers don’t contain a built in floor, the single and four-bike stores are secured by padlocks whilst some units incorporate single bar bolts, others 3-way shoot bolt locks to perform their security however disregarding which design suits your bike collection, each locker is engineered considerably secure.

The Annexe on the other hand champions the highest of security measures, incorporating a built-in steel base and internally welded intruder-proof Euro Cylinder lock that operates a 5 way locking mechanism.

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Asgard’s Annexe will take some beating!

SimonHope the Annexe inspires security confidence for protectively storing your 3 bikes.

Do you think Asgard engineers the best bike storage solutions?

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  1. This was quite an informative read. My Dad has some extra bikes just laying around the garage, but they take quite the beating. I think they would be much better cared for if they were in a storage shed. Some of them are quite expensive, so I worry about if they were to be stolen.

    I especially liked how you shared that anecdote about the shed owner who lost his keys, but got help from the company. Knowing my Dad, I am sure he will appreciate the customer support they offer.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful day!

    • Hey Alex, appreciate your time reading all about the security benefits Asgard’s 3-bike storehouse delivers.

      We also found storing bikes in our single garage take up too much room, parking the car becomes such a tight fit due to their handle bars sticking out too much, a problem which presents issues opening the doors in order to get in and out.

      Having outside accommodation for bikes makes commonsense however protection-wise it depends how safe the area is where you live. Unfortunately where we live, burglaries are rife therefore high-secure facilities suchlike these are paramount.

      Asgard lockers are intentionally designed to defeat break-ins owing to their internal construction procedure concealing all assembly screws meanwhile internally anchoring attains firm grounding and doubly folding the steel around parts vulnerable to leverage-tools accessing & prying the steel apart.
      Operating the euro lock with a key regards their only access according to the crime-prevention accreditation certificates on account of being resistant to drills further to steel shoot bolts embedding deep within the steel door jambs.

      I described the story whereby the only means of access is to angle grind your way through which makes one heck of a din for a few hours because it best describes how heavy-gauge the steel is. 138kg is one mighty weight for a small bodied storehouse.

      Yeah, Asgard are only a small company who specifically design secure sheds & stores and limit their sales solely to the UK therefore every customer receives full support.
      Thanks again Alex, have a wonderful day yourself,

  2. faz

    What a great article! I really love reading about it since I have many bikes in my house but I didn’t know where else I can keep it. The features also quite good to me. I guess buying this bikes is really thing that I should consider. Thanks man

    • Hey Faz, thanks for visiting to investigate Asgard’s secure 3-bike store.

      Storing bikes in the home is such a mucky carry-on around Autumn and Winter times, bringing all the wet weather indoors. A bike store suchlike this facility only accommodates three bikes therefore isn’t too large and fits in confined areas outside a home or apartment setting a treat meanwhile if you mount the store as Asgard advise on solid concrete and anchor the base down onto the foundations they are highly unlikely to be moved.

      Storing expensive bikes outside is a worry however Asgard have counteracted theft issues through an internal construction that conceals all screws from being tampered with. Pick proof locks with a handle that secures 10mm thick steel shoot bolts well inside the steel framework deliver substantial security.

      This store is police and locksmith approved, ‘Secure by Design’ and ‘Crime Prevention’ accredited which can reduce insurance premiums plus the Police & Councils use Asgard lockers along with many of GB’s Cycling team. So there’s no wonder they receive high appraisal through Cycling publications and the media. They’re one secure unit.
      Hope this helps, thanks Faz,

  3. Israel Olatunji

    Hello Simon,
    Thanks for sharing such a valuable, helpful and an informative post! It’s really amazing to see someone like you designing the best bike storage solutions online. Sincerely, I must say I haven’t come across any post or website that treats this topic the same way.

    You really designed a solution pack suitable enough for protectively safeguarding valuable bikes from theft. Thanks and keep up the great work! Success is guaranteed.

    • Hey Israel, thanks for leaving your message with regards to the Annexe 3-bike storage facility.

      Transport by bicycle is a rapidly growing market again in the UK however storing a bike indoors is such a messy carry on when Autumn & Winter approaches meanwhile they’re such bulky items to store in garages due to their handle bars sticking out too far thereby restricting car-park access.

      There are plenty of low profile resin shed designs that unobtrusively situate in confined areas, ideal for locking up & sheltering bikes inside meanwhile some look highly attractive and do enhance home-yard settings but to be honest there’s nothing in a resin design that comes anywhere near the security advantages Asgard engineer into their facilities.

      If security tops the bucket list in order to safeguard expensive bikes from theft, once these units are anchored correctly the only way inside is by key operation unless an industrial crane unearths or you spend a few hours angle grinding your way through.

      Engineered to withstand crowbar prying & lock picking meanwhile unable to tamper & dismantle owing to the way their construction during assembly conceals every screw ascertains stronghold security because upon rigidly grounding, they become as good as immovable. Reasons the police use & approve them along with accreditation by UK’s locksmith association including crime prevention certified.
      Thanks for your inspiration too Israel, I appreciate your time,

  4. Hi Simon thank you for a great review of Asgard’s Annexe!

    This is exactly what I need however I have emigrated from the UK to Turkey, do you know if Asgard can deliver to Turkey?

    • Hey Moni, thanks for reading about the best bike storage solutions to which the Annexe securely delivers for 3 bikes.

      Unfortunately Asgard only deliver within the UK market. I think the weight of steel each unit comprises regardless of size would increase prices too high, not that Asgard promote their sheds to compete with the mass market of metal sheds, quite the contrary on account of their security measure however there obviously is a limit with regards to exporting.

      They promote their business by restricting supplies solely to the UK in order to reduce their carbon footprint therefore I think the only way to engineer & distribute at fair prices operating in an eco-friendly manner is to manufacture in each country, this obviously isn’t presently on their agenda.

      I have read a few snippets where purchasers have shipped their bike stores or sheds overseas at their own cost, whether this is something worth considering.
      Hope this helps Moni, thanks again,

  5. Rick

    What a great and sensible thing. I always just thought of those types of buildings as being for lawn equipment. I have four bikes that are taking up a lot of room in my garage. This is something for me to really consider. Thanks.

    • Hi Rick, thanks for inspecting Asgard’s Annexe 3 bike store and commenting.

      Yeah, don’t bicycle handle bars jut out and take up needed room in the garage. We have this issue too however in order to protectively store expensive bikes outside the home you need something robustly secure that’s deemed intruder-proof for peace of mind, especially if your home’s in a high crime area like ours.

      This is where Asgard’s engineering comes into fruition with highly strengthened steel, welded and folded steel bracing around vulnerable parts and secured with Euro Cylinder locks, advertised as drill and pick proof.

      What I like about the Annexe store is that it’s built from the inside so by the time it’s anchored down onto a concrete type substrate further to being locked up, the only way of obtaining access is by key. Very secure.

      One of these situated in the garden generates room in the garage for parking the car, great design that receives awesome feedback.

      Cheers Rick,

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