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Searching for the Best One Day Deal Sites on the web? Me too. I always look around, compare and select the best deal for my purchase.

When I write articles on this Quality Plastic Sheds website regarding low maintenance outdoor storage solutions, my intentions are always to point visitors towards the best deals, this helps gain your trust.

Best One Day Deal SitesI received an email from eBay asking me to share with visitors the launch of their Brand-New One Day Deals web-page. Navigation’s made easy, separate categories simplify the search process.

eBay’s Daily Deals page generates one heck of a competitive edge.

Items here can be anything from 20 – 90% discounted prices in relation to their competition whilst backed with a price-match guarantee safeguards your bargain purchase.

The reason I’m sharing this info regards my shock in finding 3 costly items I have purchased this last few years at way discounted prices to what I paid, including a quality plastic garden shed.

Yep, I’m gutted however eBay’s Daily Deals catch requires discipline and relates to making a quick decision to purchase because these offers have a tendency to sell out fast due to their slashed prices.

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eBay Daily-Deals Page


eBay’s Platform is Not Just an Online Auction

Most people describe eBay as just an online auction selling used gear, bankrupt stock and end of line items – Not anymore!  Check This Out!

The largest most well known corporations are now partnering eBay’s platform to promote the most up-to-date, quality, well-known fashionable items escaping the auction process with buy it now deals inclusive of free delivery however unlike Amazon’s requirement to join their Prime membership to enable purchasing their discounted offers on Prime Days, eBay requires No Membership for their Daily Deals, making bargains available to everyone.

eBay’s One Day Deals relate to the same structure Amazon Prime deals or Black Friday deals are associated with however pushing boundaries to a whole new level describes eBay’s new incentive; offering a selection of bargain deals divided into separate categories on a daily basis.

Large corporations like Argos have no intentions to miss eBay’s huge launch, hopping on-board to deliver the end to Amazon’s dominance by changing the way people shop through enticements regarding hugely competitive daily offers.

All deals have to be Brand-New with Free Postage, just like Amazon Prime however if you’re interested in a particular item you can bet your bottom dollar there’s a plethora of other online shoppers purchasing the bargain too, therefore the idea is to snap the bargains up quick before they sell out. When they’re gone, they’re gone, these offers are specifically designed to be crazy-mad deals accomplishing fast daily sell-outs.

The following day starting from 8 am, a whole new page of daily-deals starts to become updated enticing visitors to keep popping back in for the next daily bargains.

Daily Deals on Garden Furniture

Daily Deals on Garden Furniture

eBay’s Selection of Bargain One-Day Deals

eBay’s Daily Deals page starts off highlighting:

  • A Spotlight deal
  • Trending deals
  • Featured deals

Then jumps into the various categories as you scroll down the page, including:

  • Hot Tech Gadgets and Products
  • Deals on Computers & Accessories
  • Health & Beauty
  • Sound & Vision offers
  • Gaming bargains
  • Sports and Leisure deals
  • Mobile Phones and Mobile Tech daily deals
  • Men’s Shoes
  • Car Tech daily bargains
  • Men’s Fashion – Women’s Fashion
  • BBQ deals
  • Refurbished Tech
  • Garden Furniture
  • Deals on High Tech Parts & Accessories
  • Business, Tools & Industrial Supplies
  • Garden Sheds, Structures and Shades
  • Deals on Beds and Mattresses
  • Price Slash on Household Appliances
  • Etc

On the main page a selection of daily deals represented within each category displays with a link to an eBay’s bargain daily deals page displaying their ‘Today’s Offers’ within that category.

Daily Deals on Garden Sheds, Structures & Shade

Daily Deals on Garden Sheds, Structures & Shade

Today’s findings in my Niche

Searching through my interests regarding quality plastic sheds I visited eBay’s Garden Sheds, Structures and Shade category. Gutted as previously described regarding the price I paid to what was on offer that day enticed me to write this article to share with visitors.

Keter Factor Sheds

Keter Factor Sheds were so reasonable in comparison to competing websites, I could have grabbed a right bargain however these offers represent daily deals only. When they sell out, they’re gone, you have to be quick and very decisive in your purchase.

Sheds & Gazebos

Scrolling through their offers within this category I was pleasantly surprised to see a selection of wood, metal and plastic sheds, both walk-in and horizontal varieties promoted through daily deals. Many sheds I have promoted on this website were displayed with eye-catching bargain prices.

Some of the pop-up gazebos looked fab, so easy to quickly erect and fold away, perfect designs suited for changeable weather and very sturdy constructions too yet these represented great value for money on today’s daily deals page.


Their range of 2.5 to 6 metre discounted poly-tunnels looked and sounded first-rate, designed around a steel tubed frame enhancing rigidity to their final construction whilst inclusive of impressive anchorage systems designed for stability when stood in exposed areas, a useful addition to any allotment or garden.


A selection of premium Awnings with staggering price reductions for securing to a house wall inclusive of a sturdy aluminium frame, steel crank handle for effortless retracting in & out, available in a selection of colours to brighten up any patio location whilst delivering shade to a seating area.


A wide variety of marquees with a huge price slash available in various sizes and colours, easy to construct to serve for exceptional outdoor party tents. Inspecting these daily deals regarding marquee tents made so much sense to purchase rather than hire, their price is a fraction of a hire cost plus you own it, making it available for your next outdoor party or BBQ event.

Daily Deals in Garden Sheds, Structures and Shade

Daily Deals in Garden Sheds, Structures and Shade

As you can see in the above screenshot, the products nearly sold out are represented by Almost Gone below their advert. Once sold-out, these products are replaced with new daily deals.

Those were today’s findings in my niche, can’t wait to inspect tomorrow’s daily deals. Everyday the selection changes as items soon sell out due to their bargain prices.

Hope you find the perfect bargain for your next purchase.

Daily Deals on BBQ’s

Daily Deals on BBQ's

Final Verdict

With promises relating to in excess of 35,000 brand-new items with daily deals attached to them, eBay are pulling out all the stops to represent their platform with the lowest prices for products on the web.

The popularity regarding eBay’s Daily-Deals will soon result in adverts disappearing due to fast sales running out of stock however these sell-outs will be replaced on a daily basis with brand-new price-slashed products.

Amazon’s Prime Day equates to eBay’s Everyday Deal.

eBay Daily Deals Page

Bookmark eBay’s Daily Deal page for a quick link before you purchase your next item, you could be saving a fortune if your wanted items are represented by a daily deal price slash!



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Thanks for reading about the launch of eBay’s brand-new Daily Deal Site.

Hope you save yourself a fortune on your next purchase. Let me know how much you save.

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  1. Julie

    Good information for anybody looking for a bargain. Very informative, easy to read. The links looked great for someone looking for a name brand. I’m not sure if it is just my “early morning eyes” but some of the photos near the bottom of the page looked a little fuzzy, or pixelated. That could just be me, though. Good info.

    • Simon

      Hi Julie,

      The reason I created this eBay Deals page relates to 3 quite expensive items we have purchased this last few years have already been on eBay deals at way discounted prices to what we paid. These are all well known brands, free shipping and brand new. I thought I’d share the page with visitors.

      I will now always check eBay’s Everyday Deals page before I make an online purchase to see whether they are promoting that item at discounted prices. Why not hey!

      Yeah, some of the images are just screen shots of eBay Deals that particular day. The Writing is usually a little bit fuzzy yet I am working with a very new up-to-date computer, this is the best I can get them to display.

      Hope eBay Everyday Deals helps you save some money in the future Julie,


  2. Del

    So good to know! I shop on Ebay regularly but tend just to jump on, type what I’m looking for into the search box and take it from there – I’ve never really been on the homepage long enough to notice anything about ‘daily deals’.

    Don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that they’re trying to be more like Amazon… time will tell!

    • Simon

      Hi Del,

      Yeah, typing into the search box to find what you’re looking for is by far the most popular way, me too however reading eBay’s adverts it’s pretty obvious they have devised a competitive edge against Amazon’s dominance with well known corporations hopping on board their platform to take advantage.

      This daily deals system is brand new to the UK this week as I write, it started a short while ago in the USA and is proving very popular.

      eBay are offering an Amazon Prime day daily without membership ties and just like the competition all items have to be brand new with free packaging and postage.

      My intentions are to check every-time before I make an online purchase to see whether my choice is marked up as a daily deal. Looking at previous items I have purchased offered on these daily deals at way discounted prices to what I paid enticed me to write this article.

      If huge savings are there to be made, it’s worth checking in my view. Save a fortune, why not.

      Thanks Del, Good luck with your next online purchase,


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