Best Outside Storage Sheds – Low Maintenance

Inspect Tremont’s well respected & favourable low maintenance storehouse design. Comprising an 8 ft width & 7 ft length results in 378 cubic feet of storage accommodation. Presenting smart classy looks, it’s one of the best outside storage sheds in a medium size.

Best Outside Storage ShedsThe fascia’s modish vanilla appearance two-tones stylishly against the stony tint of the doors and slate coloured shingle style roof panels delivering presentable attraction that’ll enhance any garden with a touch of pizzazz.

Resolute in sidestepping the yearly upkeep constraints of wooden sheds describes the decision we undertook to accomplish convenience, Tremont’s are specifically designed to serve this purpose. A quickie wash down swiftly restores our shed back to display assembly day’s condition, an occasional ten minutes job that suits us down to the ground.

Tremont’s range of storehouses are hugely popular in America due to Suncast’s firm establishment however they’re slowly gaining popularity over in the UK. Although competition is constantly knocking on the door, there’s no doubting this weatherproof range is firmly placed within the top league.

Tremont 8 x 7 ft 

5 storehouses complete Tremont’s group. They all comprise equivalent 8 ft widths & features, from front view they all look identical.

The baby sister to this model regards a slimmer 4 ft depth, moving up a size represents a 10 feet stretch meanwhile larger expansions fulfil the group, the spacious 13 footer and lengthy 16 feet walkway situates at the top. Basically, the range expands in 3 feet extension kits.

View Tremont’s storehouse competition:

Suncast Tremont 8 x 7 Shed

Manufacturer:  Suncast

Model:  Tremont BMS8700

More Info:  Suncast Group

Size:  8 ft x 7 ft

Verdict:  Popular Model

Colour:  Vanilla / Stony

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Features that Inspire

Comprising an 8 ft width & 7 ft depth further to topping a lofty 8 feet internal headroom height up towards the apex, adequate capacity is generated here offering an abundance of storage options.

Whether wishes are to store gardening equipment, lengthy handled tools & parasols, patio essentials & seating, barbecue equipment, kids toys, a bike park or wheeling in hefty items suchlike lawn-cutters & mobility scooters, this storage facility serves requirements.

When we considered moving away from the yearly maintenance our last wooden shed demanded, we opted for a sturdy structure of resin to ascertain weather-resistance meanwhile ventilated to combat clammy environments, an integral floor to determine a clean atmosphere and light enough to see inside during daylight hours.

We’re delighted with how a resin shed serves our storage needs, weather-protection is paramount for storage preservation, a feature resin assures immunity from against rot. Tremont’s combine similar features to our purchase including a fab set of feedback which this review will uncover the reasons why.

Best Outside Storage Sheds - Tremont 8 x 7 ft

Video – Tremont 8 x 7 ft Shed


Robust Composition Assures Low Maintenance

The fascia’s neutral vanilla exhibit stylishly complements garden surroundings with eye-appeal meanwhile moving up close presents a charming wooden guise virtue of embedded grain flowing throughout the surface, advantages of revolutionary molding techniques.

The blessings however lie within the composition with regards to evading maintenance. Constituting a make-up of recyclable polypropylene ascertains a perpetual defensive shield against weather assault is built-in thereby fortifying against decay & deterioration occurring throughout damp & wet conditions.

A UV stabilisation process armours the composition with toughening ingredients to combat sunburn aggression thereby averts conditions suchlike colour distortion & fractures transpiring when under the invasion of sun-ray heat. Impressive feedback floods back with regards to Suncast’s resistance to sun-bleach.

The facade’s resin manufacture regards a blow molding method whereby the development of a ribbed inner lining for robustness combines with the exterior’s fashionable exterior resulting in a sturdy standing that’s not susceptible to dents.

Metal supports tie the interlinking wall sheets together whist simultaneously enclose the shed virtue of interlocking with the floor meanwhile everything is screw-secured together with purposely designed resin screws and Suncast’s included driver tool, best described as a hex-head screwdriver, alike an Allen Key design.

Advantages relating to a polypropylene composition determine rusting, peeling and rotting problems become a thing of the past therefore they’re not compelled to repeatable re-coats of varnish & paint for the purpose of preserving, the reason these sheds are becoming a favoured alternative.

Retaining appearances with our storehouse nowadays involves unwinding the hosepipe and showering the shed down whereas a soapy scrub removes any ingrained muck. An easygoing procedure that’s finished in minutes.

View Tremont 8 x 7 ft Resin Shed Prices

Tremont 8 x 7 ft Shed Wall Construction

Roofing Felt Replaced with Resin’s Durability

The impressionable features with regards to Tremont’s steep inclining roof pitch serves two advantages:

Firstly, a steep angled roof ensures rainwater promptly runs straight off, hugely beneficial for outdoor storage facilities leaving no opportunities for rainwater to puddle meanwhile due to their overlapping extension beyond the fascia panels, their eave creation puts an end to rainfall seeping in at the walls abutment.

Tremont's Reinforced Steel Trusses

Reinforced Steel Trusses

The other advantage relates to the height inside the shed. On account of their steepness, generous adult height proportions are reciprocated internally creating an airy spacious feeling that enables walking around inside without stooping over nor cracking your nut.

Up in the rafters further buttressing the roof’s metal framework lies a steel truss system providing Tremont’s with a roof strong enough to support weighty lumps of snow-loads, peace of mind come winter.

The roof’s composition is alike the walls whereby a twinned lining of polypropylene constitutes the durable makeup that ascertains a weatherproof cap. Unlike the rapid disintegration dilemmas roofing felt soon demises into, rot-resistant polypropylene remains ever-enduring.

Molded to represent shingle style roof tiling on the exterior side presents their stylish crown meanwhile 4 polycarbonate skylights embed to illumine natural light to the interior.

Weatherproof, Durable and Well Supported Tremont Roofs

Strengthened Floor Sustains Burdensome Stresses

The floor comprises a polypropylene manufacture, designed into a hard wearing surface that copes with toilsome stresses of demanding use, alike the pressures storing heavy equipment and weight lawnmower machinery endure.

It should be noted, the floor can only sustain hefty tensions if it lays on a solid level platform absent from crevices. Foundations can be decking, paving or concrete based; asphalt & tarmac are also ideal substrates. Levelled solidity dramatically improves the longevity of the hard wearing design not forgetting the requirement for attaining unyielding anchorage.

We’re chuffed with how clean storage is kept due to the built-in floor feature. Each floor panel interlinks producing the floor expanse meanwhile the fascia sheets interlock with the floor’s boundary edge thereby blockading crevices.

Our previous hut contained gaps at the wall-floor connection, inviting waves of leaves around Autumn’s fall and rainfall showers to puddle, not forgetting a crawl-way through for critters looking for sheltered accommodation.

Indents presented within the floor determine anchor placements whereby the correct screws conditional to the substrate material are required for the advisory measure in accomplishing firm anchorage when permanently stationing the shed to the foundations.

Heavy Duty Built-In Floor - Keeps Storage Clean

Inside’s Fresh, Airy and Bright

There’s nothing worse than rummaging around in the dark searching for stuff. Although absent from fascia windows to determine a stronger construction, Tremont’s overcome this issue by illumining daylight to the interior through door windows and incorporating 4 skylights within the roof structure. Natural daylight therefore floods the premises delivering a bright atmosphere.

An 8 x 7 footprint represents 378 cubic feet of storage capacity for sheltering a whole host of storage accommodation meanwhile neither large, heavy nor wheeling in strenuous tensions represent a problem, it’s purposely designed to cater & subsist.

Two corner shelves designed to fit at 8 different corner placements within the shed are included meanwhile additional shelves, loft kits, hooks and baskets can be purchased separately. Instead, we took on-board the popular notion by installing free standing shelves owing to their tiered design for accommodating heavy items. Surprising how much storage a unit this size is able to hold, exploiting their height. Cleared the garage out for us.

Another advantage relates to Tremont’s integrated ventilation panels. Built-in above the doors towards the peak & at the rear their position circulates a constant throughput of fresh air internally, eliminating sweaty atmospheres developing saturated walls. A preserved fresh environment keeps storage in fine fettle.

Tremont 8 x 7 ft Shed

Broad, Sturdy Weatherproof Doors

Wide twin doors generate oceans of access into Tremont Sheds simplifying gardening duties. Manufactured with polypropylene assures rot resistance meanwhile molded into a sturdy dual-skin comprising a stony shade exhibiting wood grain features displays elegant appearances backed with durability.

Traditional style handles provide classic looks meanwhile once closed a through bolt simultaneously combines both doors closure whereby a built in padlock clasp effectuates locking up.

The doors contain windows designed into Suncast’s charming squared effect Georgian style that accompany the roof’s 4 skylights in basking the interior with natural daylight.

Suncast don’t scrimp on the internal doors hardware either. Each door contains 3 metal hinges to enable a smooth operation when opening and closing.

Tremont’s have the ability to keep the left door closed by sliding two through-bolt metal latches into the door frame, one at the top of the door, the other at the bottom. These are used for locking up & a safety procedure to maintain a closed position in windy weather.

Wide Robust Lockable Doors Allow For Easy Access

Windows in the Doors allow for Natural Light whilst 3 Metal Hinges ensure a Smooth Operation

Quality Latches Ensue One Door Can Be Kept Shut

Tremont 8 x 7 ft Measurements

Suncast Tremont 8 x 7 ft Measurements

Assembler-Friendly Shed Installation

Utmost priority when constructing a Tremont is to develop a levelled area comprising a solid substrate as the foundations for stationing the shed. Adhering to these recommendations accomplish a straightforward installation procedure due to the fascia sheets aligning plumb.

Levelling also ascertains a perpendicular construction prevents a skewiff stance meanwhile ensures the doors operate their vertical swing.

For a shed these dimensions, either a decked surface, concrete or existing paving stones are ideal whilst many others opt for asphalt or tarmac. A minimum 2″ thickness enables to rigidly anchor the store down onto the solid substrate meantime assures the flooring survives burdensome tensions.

Download Tremont’s 8 x 7 ft instructions:

Suncast provide the Easy-Bolt tool that drives in the screws therefore only household tools including a drill for anchoring are required for construction. This quick video below demonstrates the basics of assembly.

Constructing a Typical Suncast Shed


Highlights and Obstacles


  • Modish style adds a charming touch to any garden
  • Low-maintenance imperishable composition
  • A swift pressure wash restores appearances
  • Weatherproof & durable make-up resists decay
  • Reinforced through sturdy dual wall panels and steel supports
  • Steep roof pitch carries out prompt rainwater drainage
  • Steel truss beams provide additional roof support
  • UV stabilised prevents sunburn fractures and bleaching
  • Tremont’s flooring subsists strenuous stresses
  • Built-in floor interlocks with the fascia panels
  • Air vents provide adequate air circulation
  • Skylights and windows illumine plenty of daylight
  • Straightforward assembly with a couple of people
  • Wide access twin doors contain metal hardware
  • Elevated internal height reciprocates from the steep roof
  • Medium dimensions enable plenteous storage solutions
  • 10 years Tremont 8 x 7 ft warranty cover


  • Locate Tremont’s on level ground
  • Ensure a solid substratum lays beneath
  • Unyielding anchorage enhances structural stability
  • Additional shelving kits are extras
  • Installation of stand-alone shelving delivers an inexpensive solution

View Tremont 8 x 7 ft Shed Prices

Best Outside Storage Sheds - Suncast Tremont 8 x 7 ft

Competing 8 x 7 ft Weatherproof Storehouses

Competition has recently escalated within the weather-resistant shed market. The resin variety along with weatherproof secure steel is predominantly becoming a preferred option for many shed purchases due to entailing low maintenance.

View Tremont’s 8 x 7 ft competition: meanwhile here’s a few varieties taken from that page:

Cascade 7 x 7 ft

Cascade’s 7 ft adorable presence

Oakland 7.5 x 7 ft

Oakland’s 7 ft Rustic guise

Lifetime 8ft x 7.5ft Shed

Lifetime’s unblemished 7½ footer

Fusion 7.5 ft x 7 ft

Fusion’s 7 ft durable composite

Factor 8 ft x 8 ft

Factor’s competitive 8 footer

Tremont’s Low-Maintenance Outside Storage Sheds

Best Outside Storage Sheds - Tremont 8 x 7 ft

Tremont’s 8 x 7 ft Shed blooms with delectable style, accentuating a touch of modern panache to any surroundings.

The steep apex undergirded roof design effectuates the advantage of swift drainage & snowfall support whilst ensuring the internal height is roomy enough to walk around with ease.

Couple the sturdiness with an imperishable polypropylene make-up, the certainty of low maintenance provides the advantage so many of us are looking for nowadays meanwhile the strength & design of the built-in floor accompanying wide access doors allow for a wide variety of outdoor storage solutions.

Ten years of inclusive rot-resistant warranty places the icing on the cake.

View Tremont 8 x 7 ft Shed Prices

Suncast Tremont 8 x 7 ft Shed


Hope Tremont’s 8 footer answers all your low maintenance queries with regards to outside storage.

Drop additional questions and comments regarding Tremont’s design below. Happy to help.

Pending the next review,


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  1. This is really an in-depth review of Tremont Sheds and I especially like the pictures and the video to show the quality and effectiveness of this product.
    The different sizes are also a big plus which shows the variety you can choose from.

    You’ve done a great job, thank you.

    • Hey Nicolaas, nice to hear you have grasped all the required info with regards to one of the best outdoor storage sheds constituting a weather-resistant design, Suncast Tremont storehouse.

      Tremont’s exhibit a neutrally attractive guise of wood presented in vanilla & stony two-tone shades with an effective slate-style capping thereby pleasantly accentuate garden scenery’s meanwhile their sizes span from 4 feet up to 16 ft. So long as one’s able to accommodate an 8 ft width, there’s Tremont dimension suited for every home’s outdoor storage services.

      I agree with Tremont’s images, they do look quite enchanting meanwhile as you mention, you can’t beat watching a video as it brings out the reality of how the shed will serve and display in your home surroundings. And to be honest, Suncast present the shed through video much more descriptive than my definition, they say a picture paints a thousand words, videos detail so much more.

      Thanks again for commenting Nicolaas,

  2. Andrei

    Hi, Simon!

    Your post is exactly what I needed. I don’t even know how I was so lucky to stumble across it. Lately, the house started to get a little too crowded with lawn equipment and other stuff.

    I wanted to create a storage room within the house, but it seems way too complicated and I don’t have that much time for it. Now, I hope that in two months I will purchase it.

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing this alternative. Your review is incredible. I can tell that you’ve spent a lot of time narrowing it down and I am sure that us, your visitors, appreciate your effort.

    • Hi Andrei, I’m glad you found an alternative to overcome issues with regards to moving outdoor gear outside the home to free up space indoors.

      Tremont’s make-up enables protectively sheltering storage within an impermeable enclosure, one that’s not subject to decay deterioration enforced upon by damp environments nor heat disfigurement / colour changes brought on by the forces of sunburn.

      Their maintenance involves nothing but a wash down to revitalise appearances, a process we find overcomes ‘a chore’ and is fast to accomplish.

      The problems concerning storing the likes of gardening tools indoors is every time you need equipment you have to traipse mucky gear in and out of the home. Grass cutting machinery for instance can create a right messy carry-on storing them inside the home. Best accommodated outside to where you’re going to use it in my view – convenience.

      Happy you found a solution Andrei, thanks,

  3. A Man and his shed.
    We do really need a good shed for practical reasons and if one can afford it too a bit bigger for a blokes escape time.
    Have had galvanised sheds and timber sheds I the past.
    Unfortunately I do not have space for shed just now but there are some great ideas here for me in the future.
    Cheers Simon

    • Hey Colin, you’re right – Where would a man be without his shed – ha! Although to be honest, my wife Tracy loves the way a shed organises all the outside gear from gardening tools & plant feed to patio furniture and BBQ paraphernalia, in the zone to where your’re going to use it, outside in the back garden.

      Yeah, we’ve had the timber sheds but their constant conserving became too continuous for us therefore we looked for an escape.

      I would have chosen a pressure treated cedar construction but their prices didn’t fit our budget so we decided upon a resin composition similar to this post’s Tremont shed, although I’ve recently been introduced to Asgard’s polyester coated galvanised steel constructions which are absent from windows but offer supreme security and we do live within a high crime rate area so these would have suited too.

      When you’re ready for another shed Colin and fancy travelling down the low maintenance route, come in and take a look around, there’s new styles of weather-resistant facilities been developed on a regular basis at present.
      Thank you,

  4. peter

    Very rich and insightful analysis on Tremont sheds. Good to that Tremont has a sturdy structure with weather resistant. I had a plywood structure at my back garden. I think of replacing a part of two of my shed after every winter. From the features of this Tremont, it sure look like a lasting solution to my frequent change. Thanks for sharing this info

    • Hi Peter, I understand your frustrations with regards to panel replacements on wooden sheds.

      We must have built our last wooden hut again with the amount of rotten panels we replaced over the years. The frustrations were trying to find a section of the wood structure that would attain a firm fix when screwing-in to attach a new panel as the main supports had started to rot. We also found the same problems occurred when trying to fasten new roofing felt to ascertain a tight fitting.

      I have to admit, our previous shed was a typical model purchased from the local DIY store, no where near as robust as cedar wood however you are looking to spend a pretty penny if you opt for pressure treated cedar constructions especially when they’re roofed with resin similar to Tremont’s capping.

      The longevity received from Tremont’s polypropylene is indefinite because it’s immune from the rot setting into the composition. As technical advancements have progressed, the mix now incorporates UV protection too meanwhile they’re a doddle to clean, either pressure-washed or as we do, with a hosepipe shower attachment.
      Thanks again for your interest in Tremont sheds Peter,

  5. Dale Brunet

    your feed on Tremont sheds could not have come at a better time. We live out in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. This winter our storage sheds roof caved in from the weight of the snow.

    The Tremont shed you’re investigating sounds like it will fit our needs. As we get older, the whole idea of maintenance free is really appealing. My favorite is the look especially with the traditional style handles and the windows plus lets not forget the reinforced steel trusses.

    Can’t wait to get this home. We’re sticking with the Tremont 8×7. Is hard to assemble? Where could we get accessories? Love the endless possibilities.

    Thank you sooo much! you’re a life saver. To think I almost went to the old plywood

    • Simon

      Hey Dale, thanks for dropping by to explore how Tremont sheds battle all weather conditions.

      You mention the roof caved in on your shed, this is what finished our traditional hut days off to be honest. Once the roof disintegrates, water gets inside, storage becomes ruined and the floor becomes soaked. After the roof had collapsed a few times over the years we discovered rot had set into the floor, then it was time to change. Alike yourself, we looked for an escape route to the hassles and chose a resin style.

      We used to be confined to the yearly wood stain varnish routine, not forgetting the replacement of deteriorated panels as time went by which unfortunately wasted warm summer days however nowadays a quick wash down suffices. Most people pressure-wash once in a while but we’ve always got the hosepipe connected during summer for watering the plants. In among, I spray the shed down to maintain the appearance –  Only takes a few minutes.

      Tremont’s really do exhibit picturesque looks that compliment most home-yards meanwhile like you say, the requirement of steel trusses under-girding roof support is vital for heavy snow-loads, these are built-in. Obtaining accessories is generally found on Amazon. We any many others have sidestepped their costs by installing stand-alone shelving, purchased at DIY stores for the reasons they hold significant weights in tiered fashion in order to exploit the shed’s height. Works great for us.

      I’ve read quite a few reviews from people initially desiring Tremont’s 16 footer but owing to the daunting installation task opted for a 7 or 10 footer first, then went on to purchase an additional Tremont which speaks volumes in my book.

      Hope this help Dale, thanks for your interest,


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