Best Rated Resin Storage Shed – Suncast Shed 7×7

Harmonising striking architecture to pleasantly unite the facade’s vanilla tinge with stony doors & effective resin-slate crown portrays Cascade’s charming exhibit. This Suncast shed 7 x 7 typifies the qualities of a best rated resin storage shed, destined to enrich any garden’s scenic outlook.

Best Rated Resin Storage Shed

Cascade 7 x 7 ft

Cascade’s eye-catching modernistic approach combining pastel shades around an eloquent arched Georgian facade window with twin doors mirroring their curvature squared windows further blessed with traditional handles oozes the shed’s character into picturesque elegance.

Boasting low maintenance values the wooden variety can only dream, polypropylene armours the composition into an ‘inside-out’ weatherproof construction to combat decay. If these popular values float your boat, you’re certainly not alone. Cascade’s stylish design unequivocally attracts admirers looking to skedaddle the pickles of repetitive conservation.

Encompassing picture-perfect architecture with a composition devoid from maintenance merely entails the minimalist operation of unreeling the garden hose & attaching the shower adaptor to rejuvenate the appearance, epitomising the relaxed approach to this modern design. A venture we decided to embark upon, conducive to replacing our last wooden shed’s never-ending upkeep issues.

Reviews trumpet out construction qualities, how everything nips together to form a sturdy unit that’s pleasing to the eye yet delivers the #1 priority for protection of storage owing to the enclosure of weather-resistant polypropylene.

This model regards the bigger brother to Cascade’s lovely 7 x 4 feet patio shed presented below, exhibiting likewise shades, features and frontal dimensions. This 7 footer however incorporates a facade window into the lengthier depth.

Suncast Cascade BMS7400

Cascade 7 ft x 4 ft

Visit the selection of Shed Ranges designed to serve a multitude of garden locations – tight or spacious, with a weatherproof wrapping.

Suncast Cascade 7 x 7 ft

Manufacturer:  Suncast

Model:  Cascade BMS7790

More Info:  Suncast Channel

Size:  7 ft x 7 ft

Verdict:  Top Quality

Colour:  Vanilla / Stony

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Combining style with Weatherproof Sturdiness

Suncast incorporate a process termed blow molded technology into their recyclable resin composition where polypropylene panels are manufactured into a dual-wall skin to determine robustness, improving all-embracing construction stability without being susceptible to dents, chips nor peeling; particular issues flimsy metal sheets are prone to after a few knocks.

Assembling the Cascade regards an Easy Bolt method where the procedure entails interlocking the panels, aligning the holes within the resin sheets & framework and securing with Suncast’s specially designed screws by means of their inclusive Easy Bolt hex-style tool, designed to alleviate construction headaches.

Pastel pigments blend amongst the resin mix producing the facade’s modish vanilla shade and doors stony coloured charm, both molded to display stylish wooden effect panelling exhibiting elaborate textured wood grain details embossed throughout their external surface.

Cascade - Sturdy Resin Walls

Technical advances have now evolved to include UV inhibitors within the polypropylene to overcome plastic’s inherent problems regarding discolouration and fractures transpiring when assailed upon by sunburn, now manufactured with armoury to combat that unsightly bleaching demise.

Contrary to wooden and metal structures, Cascade’s constitution of impermeable resin upholds weather-defence without succumbing to rot nor rust. Obviating future upkeep duties relating to re-varnishing and re-painting paves the way to sidestep the headaches into a hassle-free future to where maintenance issues are concerned.

The elementary role required to uphold Cascade’s gleaming presence simply regards an undemanding shower down. Deep seated grime may occasionally involve the physical exertion of soft brush scrubbing with a squirt of detergent however both these expedite procedures pretty much sums up the jiffy of maintenance.

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Best Rated Resin Storage Shed - Suncast Shed 7x7

Topped with a Steep Drainage Incline

Cascades are developed with a super high pitched apex style roof, delivering an efficient drainage system ensuring rainwater runs off imminently & exempt from the occurrence of water puddles emerging.

Super Peaked Roof

Super Peaked Roof

Fortifying the construction against adverse weather, the roof is further supported by a metal truss system. The underpinning of a steel beam increases stability and rigidity to sustain heavy snow-loads.

The roof panels adequate protrusion beyond the facade prevents internal rainwater seepage at the walls abutment. Ceiling height inside’s 8 feet too, reciprocated from the steep incline returns adult height internal advantages, escaping that crooked disposition upon entry.

Roof composition regards a thick dual-wall resin manufacture designed into sheet form, interlocking with adjacent roof sheets they fasten to the roof-framework with screws. The molding technique resembles real-life tiling, topping the Cascade off with a stylish slate coloured finish delivering impermeable protection that’s immune from the outbreak of rot, sheltering storage through weather-resistance.

Unsusceptible to rot & deterioration as a consequence of weather-decay describe Cascade’s pure benefits & portrays distinct differences to roofing-felt, requiring no future conserving nor replacements.

Strengthened Roof Trusses

Strengthened Roof Trusses

Robust Floor Integration

Rolling in weighty machinery suchlike mowers & mobility scooters presents no fear, the floor is purposely designed to subsist the demands endured upon it, determined by applying the resin mix with additional toughening compound however it’s imperative the shed sits on a solid flat substrate without divots beneath to ensure longevity in surviving the stresses without buckling.

The floors thickset polypropylene sheets interconnect with each other meanwhile the walls snugly click into their boundary-outskirts during assembly delivering enclosure from the external conditions thus overcoming wind-flurries of debris wafting through crevices bordering the base and rainwater puddling the internals further to prohibiting a pest crawl-through.

Indentations embed within the flooring for the advisable procedure of anchoring the base down onto the underneath substrate to increase wind stability and deliver peace of mind.

Hard-Wearing Floors

Inside’s Roomy & Lofty

Step inside this glorious marvel and you’re presented with a light and airy feel on account of the wall & door windows letting daylight flood in. No claustrophobic feeling nor the odd swearword when banging your noodle as the lofty ceiling offers an abundance of headroom height, over 8 feet towards the peak.

7 ft width x 7 ft depth accompanying the generous height delivers this facility an approximate 322 cubic feet of storage space.

You have the choice of purchasing additional shelving, loft kit, hook and basket accessories however most of us opt to install stand-alone shelving and plastic stacking boxes due to their ability to tier an abundance of storage weight exploiting the internal height resulting in taking options to another level as opposed to securing the slimline variety to the wall. Storage potential is rather surprising for a unit this size.

Another huge advantage plastic sheds of this quality provide is ventilation built-in to the facade front and back. This has gotten rid of any sweaty plastic atmosphere developing, rather a nice and airy feel of fresh air circulates around inside, highly beneficial around Summer’s humdity.

Inside the Cascade 7 x 7 ft

First-Grade Door Features

Open Cascade’s wide doors & access becomes a non issue, even when carting the heftiest of storage whist anything wheeled inside is aided by the floors sloped entrance threshold.

The doors harbour squared-effect Georgian-style windows with a subtle curvature adding that touch of design class meanwhile the blow molded polypropylene provides a weatherproof wrapping of a dual skin assuring sturdiness combines with durability.

Constructed into a double layered skin determines a sturdy operation, displaying a pastel stony shade (presented in the last two door images) molded to resemble wood panelling provides modish eye-appeal whilst metal hinges sustain quality when functioning the doors access swing.

Suncast Hinges deliver a Quality Opening and Closure

Suncast Hinges deliver a Quality Opening and Closure

Two sliding latches fitted to the internal side, one at the top of the door and one at the bottom allow one door to be kept closed whilst the other is open. A great feature for those windy days to prevent the doors swinging.

Cascade Door Latches

Cascade Door Latches

Traditional style handles add a fashionable twist to the modish design, a through bolt ensures closure whilst a clasp enables a padlock to be fit for security purposes.

Pad-Lockable Doors with Traditional Style Handles

Pad-Lockable Doors with Traditional Style Handles

Cascade 7 x 7 ft Shed Measurements

Cascade 7 x 7 ft Shed Measurements

Step-by-Step ABC Shed Assembly

Accomplishing a straightforward construction is simply derived by preparing solid level foundations for the shed’s placement prior to assembly. A perfectly level base of either wood, asphalt or concrete etc provide an adequate substrate.

Likewise, we and many others were initially unaware of the foundation importance owing to the absence of a mention on sales sites however this ruling headlines all instructions. Make no mistake about it, once construction becomes underway, the reasons become apparent:

Level footings pay homage to the wall and roof panels aligning at ease especially 8 feet up on the roof, equal force is weighed down from the roof across all sides eliminating leaning pressures plus the doors align plumb with little effort ensuring they swing open and close without problems.

A solid base creates the perfect foundations for the floor to serve heavy duty pressures and to ensure steadfast anchorage. Best not to side-step this stipulation, the key to a superlative construction is simply down to starting off with the advised foundations.

Cascade's Easy Bolt Assembly

Assembly requires two people, a step ladder and clearance around all sides. Normally household tools including a power screwdriver will assemble this type of construction however Suncast’s method aids the DIY novice by including an Easy Bolt tool (pictured above) to secure the resin screws.

Construction procedure entails interlocking the panels, lining up the holes and securing the screws. Before commencing assembly, decide which side you prefer the window to face as this can go on either side. Assembly procedure requires working through the instruction steps and implementing the demonstrated procedure represented in the illustrations.

Suncast Cascade 7 x 7 ft Resin Shed

Reasons For and Against


  • Modish in style to delight any garden
  • Low maintenance – A wash down is all that’s required
  • Weatherproof to the max
  • Resistant to decay setting in
  • UV protection prevents colour deterioration
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • High peaked roof incline for water drainage
  • 7 x 7 feet presents a whole host of storage solutions
  • Versatile storage facility – from lawnmowers to mobility scooters
  • Straightforward assembly – Take your time
  • Free standing shelves takes storage options to another level
  • Lofty ceiling height
  • Twin-doors provide excellent access
  • Windows deliver a light internal environment
  • Air vents create a fresh interior
  • Average size to fit many garden plots
  • Ten years limited Cascade warranty
  • Superb feedback


  • Imperative to situate on the stipulated foundations
  • Consider installing stand alone shelving
  • Anchor Cascades onto the solid substrate

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Suncast Cascade 7 x 7 - Best Rated Resin Storage Shed

7 x 7 feet Resin Shed Competition

There’s some new designs entering on to the market due to the huge interest of virtually maintenance-free resin compositions.

Shed Sizes displays this website’s weatherproof selection in size order.

Here’s a few selected from that page:

Keter Oakland 7.5 x 7 ft Shed

Oakland’s weathered appearance:

Lifetime 7 x 7 ft Shed

Lifetime’s desert-sand glow:

Keter Fusion 7.5 x 7 ft Shed

Fusion’s traditional modern twist: 

Suncast Cascade 7ft x 7ft

Cascade’s picturesque display: 

Cascade’s Closing Opinion

Quite an impressive structure, voguish and chic exhibiting pastel shades, adding a pretty stance to complement any garden.

Close to zero-maintenance are the huge benefits this shed delivers, an easy clean surface, sturdy build quality and manufactured to provide defence against decay, protecting storage thanks to it’s weatherproof resin construction.

Cascades certainly draw attention through their picturesque attraction, low maintenance benefits and outstanding feedback expressed through reviews not forgetting their ten years limited warranty cover. Hats off to Suncast, it’s a little marvel.

Suncast Cascade BMS7790 Shed Reviews

View Cascade 7 x 7 ft Shed Prices

Suncast Cascade Storage Solutions


Pleasure to publish Cascade’s best rated resin storage shed, thanks for inspecting.

Any 7 x 7 ft weatherproof shed queries or suggestions, please share below.

All the best,


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  1. Brendon

    I recently bought a new home, so I also bought the Cascade 7 x 7 ft shed to put in the back yard.
    I agree that it is best to stick with the recommended foundations.
    Other than that I love mine. It looks great and is also great at keeping out the weather!

    I would recommend this shed to anyone that is in the market!

    • Simon

      Hi Brendon,

      Thanks for dropping by and mentioning your experience with the Cascade 7 x 7.

      I bet the charming appearance exhibited through the Cascade complements your new home to high degree, they do present stylish attraction.

      I think the key to all sheds, especially resin and metal is to prepare a levelled base of wood decking, asphalt suchlike tarmac, concrete or paving so that the perpendicular stance ensures the construction’s correct, the doors swing accordingly, the floor survives hefty stresses and rigid anchorage can be accomplished. 

      Conform to the manufacturers guidelines on this first foundation step and everything else seems to fall in place surplus to overcoming frustrations during assembly.

      I’m glad you like the looks and inside maintains dry, sounds like it serves just as described.

      Thanks again for commenting Brendon,


  2. Rhian

    You have given such comprehensive information that it really helps to make the choice of a new garden shed easy! Thank you for including all the pictures and diagrams to support what you wrote about the shed. I really appreciated that you you also included details about the competition. This made me feel that I was reading a very fair and balanced opinion that I could trust. Thank you for the detail you offered, and for your well-founded recommendation.

    • Simon

      Hi Rhian,

      Thanks for calling in and reading about Suncast’s 7 x 7 ft resin shed and your kind words.

      Images speak so much more than words can ever say for this quality plastic shed topic simply because it’s all down to eye appeal, what the shed will look like within your surroundings, so I include all the images for visitors to take a good inspection plus a video if there’s on available as these provide an additional advantage to view in a real-life situation.

      Competition is becoming quite fierce lately as many people including ourselves wish to move away from yearly maintenance hassles wooden structures entail when stood outdoors trying to survive the weather elements. I like to present what competition the post’s shed is up against as this website has no allegiance to any particular shed. We just review quality plastic sheds for visitors to inspect.

      Glad you found this review helpful Rhian. Good luck with your decision,


  3. yancey

    As a shed owner I can see the advantages of plastic over wood. In the end the wood shed would eventually start to weaken as the plastic shed will last due to the durability and waterproofing. This is something I will definitely be looking into for the future. The sheds have a nice look to them and would look beautiful in the backyard or wherever you want to put it. Thank you for sharing this

    • Simon

      Hi Yancey,

      Thanks for calling in and leaving your message.

      We had so many problems sorting rotting issues out with our last wooden shed, we thought we’d look around for something unsusceptible to weather damage and came across these quality plastic sheds. The only maintaining duties regard a pressure hose down and this suits us fine.

      Yeah, there’s some new models entering the market lately harboring modern stylish designs destined to compliment any outdoor space. Some really do look superb however the beauty still lies within the resin manufacture as they’re resistant to weather decay and effortless to clean.

      Good luck with your future shed choice Yancey,


  4. Jojo

    this looks really interesting, I did not even know that there are plastic sheds. Not only is there hardly any maintenance to do. There are beautiful to look at as well and would make a nice decoration in your garden as well as being a practical storage space.
    Thanks for a great review.

    • Simon

      Hi Jojo,

      Thanks for visiting and leaving your message.

      Yeah, similar to how the resin wheelie trash bins replaced the old rusty metal variety, quality plastic sheds manufactured with weather-resistant resin entered onto the market and begun to gain traction due to their easy to clean surface and waterproof structure. There’s some very stylish models hitting the market at present.

      These Suncast Cascades really do have a pretty stance, very stylish yet sturdy overall construction destined to complement any surroundings, built with an enclosed wrapping of waterproof resin, a built-in floor and air vents to provide a current of fresh air, all designed to protect and preserve storage.

      Thanks again for leaving a comment Jojo, glad to have inspired you,


  5. Matt's Mom

    First of all, I love your website. I am a DIY kind of gal and love working in the yard. My garage is a 2-car garage, and holds all of my tools…I have more than most gals. So no room for yard tools which I have a lot of. So I have been looking for a shed to keep everything tidy and in one place. This one is pretty and the perfect size. Glad I found this shed, I think it is the ticket for me.

    • Simon

      Hi Matt’s Mom,

      Thanks for calling in and dropping a comment.

      Yeah, this is the famous American Suncast Shed. 7ft x 7ft.

      You do sound like a DIY expert. Assembling a shed won’t be an issue for you and this size shed will accommodate a lot of tools.

      It will enable you to have a right clear out in the garage and make some room so nothing will be in the way when driving your cars in. Great idea.

      I’m glad you like the look of this Suncast. I really do like the style of roof these sheds offer. It’s steep, therefore rainwater will run straight off plus there’s no maintenance hassle with this type of shed apart from a wash down when dirty.

      Thanks again and good luck choosing,


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