Best Rated Storage Sheds

Grosfillex, the highly acclaimed PVC designer of stylish low-maintenance summerhouse constructions have accomplished receiving the same illustrious feedback and status regarding their range of best rated storage sheds.

Although this range is specific to utility services and outdoor storage solutions, Grosfillex incorporate the same blueprint construction principles famed throughout their summerhouse design, the only difference relates to appearances, smaller windows accomplish more privacy across their frontage.

Best Rated Storage Sheds

Quality plastic sheds all vary in terms of composition and construction, exhibiting their own styles of design. Grosfillex’s approach is to retain their summerhouse charm and superior anchorage system which is capturing attention for those looking for increased rigidity to wind resistance especially when subject to exposed areas.

Grosfillex’s difference regards the way their construction’s main steel framework is anchored down into the solid substrate below rather than the usual method of securing the resin floor to the foundations. Albeit Grosfillex sheds lack a built-in floor, this does provide a more sturdier reinforced advantage.

We were determined to break free from yearly conservation duties demanded by our last decaying garden hut, the problem being, once the rot sets in there’s no turning back no matter how many times the surface is nurtured with re-coats of varnish.

A resin composition was our preferred choice, delivering a huge difference relative to previous time constraints. If you’re like us, hose-pipe always geared up & ready for action, a swift light spray-hose down rejuvenates the sparkle in minutes, epitomising the ease-of-cleaning regarding today’s contemporary resin designs.

Grosfillex Utility Shed Prices:

Grosfillex’s range of utility sheds span a series of four sizes, ranging from the smallest 2.76 m² dimensions up to their 11 m² supersized facility. All sheds encompass the same quality design in terms of construction, weatherproof facade and ultra-modish display, destined to complement any garden’s scenery whilst serving to full potential.

Links to in-depth reviews regarding each of Grosfillex’s four sizes are presented within this post to acquire more information, images and accurate dimensions.

Grosfillex 5.5 x 5 ft Utility Shed

Grosfillex 2.76 m² Utility Shed

Grosfillex 2.76 m² Utility Shed Review:

Grosfillex Utility Shed Composition

Grosfillex sheds are manufactured from 99% environmentally friendly recyclable thermoplastics.

The facade panels secure with screws around the steel infrastructure represented in the above image by white vertical and horizontal trims. Each wall and roof sheet regards a dual lined PVC polypropylene resin composition adjoined together by an internal reinforced resin structure, designed to subsist that unsightly dented appearance single skinned walls succumb to.

Summery Pastel Shades of Blues & Greens Represent Grosfillex's Utility Range

Summery Pastel Shades of Blues & Greens

Grosfillex’s heliographic printer embosses the wondrous summery pastel shades of light blues and greens inclusive of intricate wood-grain details embedded within whist the molding procedure produces a semblance of vertical wood panelling to the outer surface, delivering Grosfillex’s exquisite presence.

A constitution of polypropylene resin delivers Grosfillex facilities with a weatherproof encasement. Resistant to damp conditions polypropylene remains unsusceptible to decay and doesn’t require future conservation duties relating to re-coats of varnish and paint in order to protect the make-up.

Amalgamating within the polypropylene resin mix regards UV protection elements to stabilise and toughen the manufacture with defence, able to subsist sunburn attack without succumbing to surface splitting and colour fade, plastic’s inherent issue capitulating their demise in appearance when left unprotected from sun-rays.

Grosfillex produce a surface that’s effortless to clean, this virtually maintenance-free make-up only requires a whirlwind wash-down when the grime appears. Warm water plus light detergent and scrubbed with a soft brush describes their minimalist cleaning duty.

Many simplify a resin shed’s cleaning duty even further by lightly spay-hosing the shed down, something we do on a summer’s evening whilst watering the plants, job’s done in rapid time. Grosfillex advise to refrain from using abrasive cleaners and too higher water-pressure in fear of marking the facade.

Grosfillex 7.5 x 6.5 ft Utility Shed

Grosfillex 4.9 m² Utility Shed

Grosfillex 4.9 m² Utility Sheds Review:

Grosfillex’s Impressive Roof Structure

Grosfillex’s first-rate apex style roof structure caps their utility range off with a robust weatherproof topping, the same resin constitution the walls possess brings peace of mind for those who’ve suffered frequent roofing-felt replacements due to the structure’s inability to withstand damp conditions followed by sunburn attack. Polypropylene remains unaffected.

Central Ridge Beam Delivers Reinforced Support

Central Ridge Beam Delivers Reinforced Support

A polypropylene resin make-up delivers impermeability to rainwater, Grosfillex’s steep angled pitch ensures rainfall’s immediate drainage whist the roof’s elaborate extension beyond the facade prevents any possibility of rainfall finding entry and seeping inside where the walls abut.

A steep peaked roof also provides Grosfillex sheds with increased internal headroom height, delivering their insides with an abundance of spacious ceiling expanse due to having their main structural roof support by virtue of a steel beam running across the shed’s full length embedded within the apex roof-ridge.

Each roof sheet fastens to the roof’s metal framework which secures to Grosfillex’s main roof-ridge beam delivering fortification to subsist heavy snowfall and provide defence against adverse weather conditions.

Contrary to the opposition reinforcing their roof structures through steel truss systems stretching out across the shed’s internal widths whilst incorporating translucent skylight strips to deliver daylight, Grosfillex maintain privacy by illuminating their utility interiors via small windows in the doors and frontage side panels. Summerhouses on the other hand include larger windows in the doors & additional windows in the walls, basking their interiors with oceans of daylight.

Grosfillex 10 x 7.5 ft Utility Shed

Grosfillex 7.5 m² Utility Shed

Grosfillex 7.5 m² Utility Shed Review:

Grosfillex Utility Shed Features

Six air-vents installed into each of the four top corners plus an additional two incorporated into the peaks of the apex front and back generate fresh air current to the interior, increasing storage preservation qualities by means of eliminating the process of condensation building up on the inside and a sweaty internal environment developing.

Grosfillex have designed mounting kits which are usually inclusive with the shed purchase (check with supplier). The mounting kits have identical conformation as the steel struts supporting the wall panels, they slot into place and secure with screws.

Installing shelving or hanging long handled gardening tools against resin walls can now be accomplished by this clever design as they allow screwing into to enable fixing against PVC. Most people install free-standing shelves like we did as they support heavy storage weight enabling to utilise the shed’s internal height however this is a fab invention for hanging tools against the walls.

Increasing security measures to a whole new level when comparing alternative garden sheds, Grosfillex install traditional handles with key lockable doors for their sheds security just like the way you lock the door in your home, so much more secure than using a padlock inserted through a clasp.

Traditional Handles with Key Operated Security inclusive on all Grosfillex Utility Sheds & Summerhouses

Traditional Handles with Key Operated Security inclusive on all Grosfillex Utility Sheds & Summerhouses

Grosfillex’s Superb Anchorage System

Running around every Grosfillex shed perimeter regards a steel infrastructure to which the vertical struts securing the wall panels adjoin. At intervals, steel clamps secure the base of the shed’s framework down into the solid foundations below.

Grosfillex Sheds Corner Anchorage

Grosfillex Sheds Corner Anchorage

At the four corners, triangular clamps adjoin the two sections of the base framework to the corner posts whist simultaneously securing the shed down into the solid substrate below delivering rigidity to Grosfillex’s overall construction.

Grosfillex have also designed an enhanced anchorage system, increasing overall stability for those situated in exposed areas. The system regards a series of steel wires, clamps, quick links and tensioners, purposely designed for ease of installation.

To increase wind resistance levels further regards a series of steel wires to which inconspicuously install within the corners of the shed adjoining all four corners together, reinforcing their tension down into the ground.

Tension is increased through the wires via quick links, once the required tension is achieved, the pressure is secured and maintained through the clamps.

Grosfillex's Additional Anchoring Kits for Exposed Areas

Grosfillex’s Additional Anchoring Kits for Exposed Areas

Additional Anchor Kits are many times inclusive with the shed purchase however all suppliers do vary, worth checking prior to purchase.

Grosfillex 10 x 11 ft Utility Shed

Grosfillex 11 m² Utility Shed

Grosfillex 11 m² Utility Shed Review:

Assembling Grosfillex Utility Sheds

Assembly requires following the order of sequence represented in the instructions, implementing the procedure demonstrated by the illustrations steps. Everything is made for a straightforward assembly as long as solid level foundations have been prepared prior to constructing.

Movement all around the shed is required whilst a step ladder is a necessity for fixing the roof panels. Advice is never to build a resin shed in windy weather as supporting the panels during alignment can create frustrations when wind gets behind them.

Grosfillex sheds take 1-2 days to construct, dependant on size. Two people are required, one supports the panels whist the other secures into place with screws. Common household tools are all that’s required.

Due to the absence of an integrated floor, once the construction is complete Grosfillex demonstrate how to fully waterproof the shed by using a bead of sealant on the inside of the shed’s base framework.

Video – Grosfillex Storage Sheds

Solid Level Foundations Are A Requirement

The stipulation regarding preparing a base of solid level foundations is a requirement that must be adhered to for any resin shed, Grosfillex sheds are of no exception.

Grosfillex summerhouses require an internal floor to be fit to coincide with the shed’s services for example:

Non-slip floor tiles provide a suitable surface for kitchen diner, swimming pool chalet, Jacuzzi spar hut services etc whist the various shades of polished wood flooring or attractive floor tiles are chosen to match the decor of your design, regarding: home office, art studio, she-shed’s outdoor escape, man-cave’s gaming den, kids games room, exercise hut, etc, etc.

Grosfillex’s Utility sheds on the other hand don’t really require an additional floor, the existing foundations of either wood or concrete are particularly suited for the utility services they will deliver.

Solid foundations of wood or concrete deliver a base suited for heavy duty demanding storage pressures, able to survive the stresses sit-on-mowers entail and rolling in heavy duty gardening equipment plus a firm grounding reinforces anchorage support, increasing the shed’s stability.

General consensus regards laying concrete for the largest model due to the large surface area and more demanding storage stresses it will receive. Although wood provides ideal foundations for the smaller and mid-range models, concrete seems to be the preferred option as the shed sizes increase.

Level foundations enable an easy assembly simply because the PVC panels align plumb for a super quick fix. A perpendicular stance derived from a level base ensures the correct opening and closing swing of the doors whilst providing assurance that the roof weight exerts equal force on all shed sides thus preventing a future slant of pressure to one side leading to a skewiff stance.

Best Rated Storage Sheds

Final Verdict

Grosfillex Utility Sheds are available in four sizes as represented by the images, from the smallest 2.76 m² dimensions to fit confined garden locations up to the super spacious 11 m² base area for accommodating a garage clear-out with ease.

Grosfillex sheds display modern styling exhibited through pastel shades of blues and greens, an efficient drainage system lies on top whilst underneath their ceiling generates a more homely uninterrupted spacious expanse.

Grosfillex Utility Shed Prices:

Surpassing their competition regards key lockable security and the most impressive reinforced anchorage system for those hampering after a firm grounding solution for stability in exposed areas whilst Grosfillex mounting kits equal the most impressive designs out there for hanging long handled gardening tools against resin walls.

Superb feedback regarding design, construction and features accompany Grosfillex’s 10 years limited warranty, they’re worthy of a full inspection.

Thanks for reading about Grosfillex’s range of best rated resin storage sheds.

If you have any related resin/PVC shed queries, please ask in the comment section below. Always happy to help.

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  1. Julie

    I was very interested in the Grosfillex sheds. Would you happen to know if they are available in the US? Also, sorry if I missed it in your posts, but are they paintable? I love the designs, and they would fit well with the architecture in my area. Thank you-Julie

    • Simon

      Hi Julie,

      Thanks for dropping by and reading about these best rated storage sheds manufactured by Grosfillex.

      Presently, Grosfillex don’t seem to be selling their sheds in the US, I too am trying to find a sales site to point US visitors towards. Many sellers do international shipping so I would ask one of the suppliers within the pricing section, maybe they can help you.

      Grosfillex are a French manufacturer and currently have sales throughout Europe including the UK to where I am currently pointing visitors towards.

      These sheds are not paintable, their resin structure only requires a wash down when dirty, that’s it. No rust, rot or decay to deal with, they are virtually maintenance-free. If you’re looking to customise a resin shed in your chosen colour, take a look at the new-age Oakland sheds as these allow for customisation.

      I agree, Grosfillex do have such a modish design, exhibiting their summery pastel shades.

      Thanks again for calling in Julie, hope this helps,


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