Bike Storage For The Garden – Ultra Secure

Inquisitive to unearth the supremacy of protective bike storage for the garden led me to investigate Asgard’s heavyweight steel constructions. Constituting a maintenance-free shell embracing substantial security impressively outshines the competition.

Bike Storage For The Garden - Ultra SecureThis specific post focuses on the single locker for securing one bike where the door opens from the width end. Comprising a long narrow body provides the perfect solution for occupying slim confined garden areas like down the side of a property or sat unobtrusively in the vicinity of an apartment setting.

Whether larger storehouses that accommodate 2,3 or 4 bikes in a low profile design similar to this review are your objective further to walk-in stores able to accommodate 6-8 bikes, Asgard’s varied range of bike-stores fulfil the services to suit a wide spectrum of circumstances.

Asgard’s safe-style bike vaults receive triumphant appraisal across the cycling world including terrific reviews throughout the prominent cycle publications further to supplying an assortment of storehouses to Olympic medallists suchlike Elinor Barker, Helen Scott, Victoria Barnes and the Kenny family to name a few.

Moreover, including the preference of choice for many local Councils and large Corporations they’ve been elected by the Police Force for securing community officers bikes, significantly inspiring confidence in the way they place intruder-proof seriousness at the forefront of their design.

Impressive Bike Locker Feedback

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Bike Storage For The Garden

Imperishable Corrosion-Proof Design

Okay, this singular bike locker merely constitutes a petite low profile structure however upon revealing the weight of panels exceeds 15 stone, the substantial heavyweight grade of steel clarifies how robust these units are.

Triple weather-defence protection constitutes Asgard’s steel manufacture courtesy of galvanising the steel in zinc to accomplish an armoured plating that withstands rust development. Moreover, the screws that bolt these units together during construction are additionally galvanised to prevent corrosion.

A treatment of iron phosphate covers the galvanising in a protective shield further to a coating of polyester powder that comprise the colour pigments. This final layer of polyester ascertains weatherproofing, endorsed with 10 years of warranty assurance.

Boasting maintenance-free simply entails the occasional duty of a wipe down once the dirt materialises meanwhile the odd squirt of oil on the door hinges aids to keep operations running sweet, that pretty much sums up their upkeep.

Three colour schemes conclude the choice of shade: Brown, ivory or the most prevalent, garden green.

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Triple Weatherproof Protection

Intruder-Proof Engineering

All Asgard steel constructions are assembled from the inside to ascertain concealing all the screws thereby thwarting potential intruders from tampering and gaining access. Once locked-up and grounded, their only means of entry is by unlocking the door unless you have a few hours to angle grind your way through. Be warned, don’t lose the keys.

Welded Steel Padlock Clasp

Welded Steel Padlock Clasp

Taking on board inspirations and advice from the Police Force & Crime Prevention Authorities to avert intrusion, Asgard collaborates with the steel industry to engineer designs that hinder the most determined break-in attempts.

Around door jams, internal boundaries of doors, corner joints and where panels connect, the steelworks are doubly folded over to prevent crowbars from accessing gaps and prying the steel apart.

A thick steel hasp welded onto the door frame slots through a fissure within the door upon closure, comprising a hole designed to fit a padlock alike the one shown in the image.

The style of padlock displayed inhibits tampering meanwhile due to comprising a better design than common dangling exposed padlocks that can be cut using bolt cutters, this chunkier inward design supremely enhances protection. We used to have this style locking our outhouse a few years back, unlike conventional padlocks this improved design defeated many break-in attempts.

If an integrated door locking mechanism rather than an exposed padlock fulfils desires, check out Asgard’s 2-bike locker, this combines pick-proof protection with 3-way locking shoot bolts for enhanced security.

Best secured by this design of padlock

Best secured by this design of padlock

Intensifying strength and bracing security, these units are furthermore designed to bolt together. Once adjoined & anchored, an industrial digger will be required to lift them out of the ground. The reason Councils & Corporations opt for this kind of security.

The bike wheels-in on a guide rail that supports the bike off the ground aided by two additional park-rails at the back to maintain a vertical position meanwhile contains a welded steel hasp for securing an additional padlock to the bike, enhancing security even further.

Anchor placements are engineered into the steel construction meanwhile unusually anchor bolts are provided for grounding the locker down onto a solid substrate. Comparing the competition to what I’ve so far been introduced to, only Asgard’s contain the Anchor Kits.

Security enhanced guide & park rails

Features of Asgard’s Single Bike Locker

The guide rail represents a useful user-friendly addition that aids wheeling-in the bicycle down the narrow construction on account of the angular groove preventing the wheel from frustratingly turning during entry and exit.

Access is provided broad as possible courtesy of one door spreading the entire width meanwhile you do have the choice of which side you prefer the door to open which is specified by the side you wish the door hinges to be on however these details must be provided when ordering.

Two Kit Hooks are supplied with this locker. Made from the body’s steel-grade they simply bolt into location at certain points across the top-sides of the structure, their placements are determined by pre-drilled holes ready for screwing into. These hooks provide a useful addition for hanging helmets and biking accessories.

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Kit Hooks for Bike Accessories

Asgard Single Bike Locker Dimensions

Asgard Single Bike Locker Dimensions

Asgard Single Bike Locker Base Dimensions

Undemanding Method of Assembly

Constructing this 99 kg flat-packed bike locker regards a very straightforward ABC assembly, implemented by following and bolting together the stepped out procedure presented in the instructions.

The video below demonstrates how basic the process is.

All Asgard sheds represent a 2 person assembly, one supports the hefty weight of the steel panels whist the other bolts them together however unlike the flimsier metal sheet constructions or resin sheds there’s no additional steel framework required to construct. The thickness of the steel gauge more than adequately supports the construction hence the reason they’re so quick to build.

Assembly Pack

Neither this single store nor Asgard’s two bike lockers contain integrated floors, the 3 bike store’s upwards incorporate steel flooring. This post links to Asgard’s varied range of bike storehouses.

You’re only requirement concerns locating the store on a levelled surface comprising a solid material suchlike concrete or paving etc.laid at least 75mm thick, this ascertains rigid anchoring can be undertaken.

A drill driver containing a PZ2 screwdriver head and a Philips head screwdriver construct the store meanwhile anchoring down utilises a 6mm drill bit and a 13mm spanner/socket for driving in the anchor bolts.

All the steel parts are labelled to accomplish an efficient build, this receives high appraisal from assemblers.

Check Out the Straightforwardness of Assembly


Highlights and Considerations


  • Robust heavy-gauge steel construction
  • 99kg heavyweight bike locker
  • Securely secures one bike
  • Locates in narrow garden places
  • Galvanised zinc plating withstands corrosion
  • Weather-resistant polyester final coat
  • Available in ivory, green or brown colour shades
  • Additional lockers can be bolted together
  • Free from annual conservation duties
  • Expeditious wipe-over efficiently cleans
  • Broad single door access
  • Padlockable guide-rail aids wheeling in
  • Welded heavy-gauge steel padlock clasp
  • Engineered to prevent crowbar intrusion and prying
  • Tamper-proof – No external exposed screws
  • Pre-drilled anchor placements
  • Anchor Kit included
  • Contains 2 strong steel hooks for bike accessories
  • 10 years Asgard one bike locker warranty
  • Outstanding feedback
  • Used by the Police Force and Local Councils


  • Levelled base foundation ascertains the bike store stands perpendicular
  • Necessary to prepare concrete, paving or an equivalent solid substrate
  • To attain firm anchorage, foundations must be at least 75mm thick
  • More expensive however Asgard assures top-notch security
  • Asgard limit supplies to the UK market

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Asgard Single Bike Locker

High Security for Expensive Bikes

Unparalleled security defence determines safeguarding expensive bikes from being stolen virtue of substantial steel engineering. 15 stones is one heavyweight lump yet maybe lift-able however once grounded they become as good as immovable.

Fully galvanised down to the screws ascertains rust development doesn’t become an issue meanwhile finished in weather-resistant polyester assures endurance no matter the climate besides being easygoing to wipe down & clean to restore their stylish guise.

If the Police Force use them, they’re good enough for me!

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SimonHope this single bike store review answers all your queries.

Please ask if you’re uncertain of anything meanwhile share any bike-lockers you know that compete to this degree.

Thank you,


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  1. Hi Simon,
    Great site and interesting topic! Very narrowed, niche-oriented topic easy to read and to follow, Informative approach.
    Well done!
    Keep up the good work!

    • Hey Igor, thanks for dropping in to read about Asgard’s single bike store.
      This website concentrates around the confined niche of weather-resistive storage units, from small deck box storage up to large walk in storehouses including bike storage like this facility Asgard produce.

      Their beauty entails wiping the fascia over with a damp cloth as opposed to opening tins of wood-stain and paint on an annual basis in order to conserve their make-up against rotting and corrosive issues.

      This facility for instance is steel galvanised to prevent rust meanwhile finally coated in polyester delivers a thermoplastic finish that assures resistance to weather forces whether it’s defending against driving rain, stood in continuous damp environments, freezing winters or scorching sunburn.

      Thanks again for calling in Ivor, feel free to visit again when you’re on the search for outside storage units,

  2. Michael Miller

    My son currently stores his bike in his bedroom. We are making room clearing our garage so that we can fit our kids bikes in a better location. I would love to store them in a bike shed.

    I am glad there is a company that is trusted by athletes and police officers for storing bikes safely and securely. I really like the efficiency of the space, including accessories hooks to hang helmets and other biking gear.

    • Simon

      Hi Michael, thanks for reading about these sturdy single bike lockers.

      Storing a bike inside the home is okay in Summer but what a messy carry on once Autumn & Winter approaches.

      I don’t blame you for trying to make room in the garage. Trouble is, we find the bike handle bars stick out too much in our garage in among all the other gear, creating another obstacle when parking the car. No wonder so many of us leave our cars parked outside the home nowadays.

      Bike sheds provide a useful and convenient solution for bike storage sat in a home-yard however it depends what the crime rate is like in your area to whether resin satisfies the service or do you require stalwart steel to defeat intruders. Crime rate is a huge concern with regards to our area, so something this heavy-duty & secure is unfortunately a must.

      I have a category page set up with the various sizes of steel bike stores if larger dimensions for more bikes would deliver a better service for your needs.

      You really couldn’t really get any better advertisements than the preferred choice for a few members of GB’s Cycling team and the Police Force. I keep embedding videos of Cycling stars having their Asgard shed set up outside their home whilst North Yorkshire’s Police Force have joined together a bank of uniquely painted blue Asgard lockers as a safe-store for Community Officers bikes which not only look superb, it sends the message how secure these sheds are.

      Accessory hooks and shelving for the larger units are all engineered from identical grade steel meanwhile all the holes are pre-drilled so fitting simply takes minutes. What cyclists do like about them is how robust they are, able to hang significant weights of bike accessories & helmets etc.

      Thanks again for commenting Michael, all the best,


  3. Danilo

    This is honestly the safest method I have seen, when protecting a bike! I don’t have a bike right know but, some of my friends like to buy expensives ones, and I’m pretty sure they would love to invest in a proper way to protect them.

    Thanks Simon this is actually a very detailed and well written post.

    • Hi Danilo, I agree, Asgard bike lockers certainly delver confidence in safely protecting bikes outside our home.

      If you have expensive bikes and live in an area like ours where crime rate and burglaries are rising then this type of heavy grade steel storage comprising an engineered design to impede crowbars from muscling their way through gaps and prying sure delivers peace of mind. Speaks volumes when the Police use them in my view.

      What I do like about Asgard’s various sizes of weatherproof steel storage is there’s bike shelters to suit single bikes like this store that fit in confined home-yard placements up to large spacious units that present more of a workshop for 6 to 8 bikes and everything else in between to suit a wide range of services dependant on how many bikes one wishes to store.

      They’ve certainly got plenty of significant admirers including a highly impressive set of feedback.

      Thanks again for messaging Danilo,

  4. This is a very detailed review. Any questions one could think of about this storage unit is answered. The review will probably convince many to make a purchase and understandably so. The author has done a great job here in writing this review

    • Hey Maurice, thanks for kind words regarding Asgard’s singe bike-locker review.

      My passion is providing help and information for visitors in their search for a low maintenance storage solution, this post concerns ultra secure bike storage in a weatherproof design, which Asgard deliver to high appraisal.

      In among each thorough review, I like to place all the relevant imagery, dimensions and a video to provide visitors with a full understanding of the features thereby aid their quest in making an informed decision.

      If you’re on the lookout for a single bike store to sit unobtrusively in the garden, one that delivers high-security, heavy-duty and weather-resistance, Asgard’s smallest facility is worthy of a full inspection.

      Thanks again Maurice,

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