Budget-Friendly Plastic Sheds 6×6

Factor’s budget-friendly plastic sheds 6×6 assures peeling, rot & rust never becomes an issue, thanks to their weather-resistant polypropylene manufacture, out-dating wood preservation & roofing-felt replacements to yesteryear.

Factor 6×6 Shed

Budget-Friendly Plastic Sheds 6x6 - Keter Factor 6 x 6 ft

Manufacturer: Keter

Model: Factor 6×6

Size: 6 ft x 6 ft

Colour: Light-Beige

Made from: Polypropylene

#Feature: Sidesteps Maintenance

Verdict: Great Value

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The Benefits of Polypropylene Plastic

Advantages of Factor’s Polypropylene:

  • Recyclable
  • Endures the elements
  • Rot-resistant
  • Durable
  • Lightweight yet robust
  • 10 years warranty

Polypropylene is the world’s second most common type of thermoplastic polymer, used for manufacturing a wide variety of applications; the lightweight toughened structure makes it ideal for producing sturdy garden shed constructions.

Factor’s polypropylene fascia is designed to endure the elements & continue-on in an unaltered state regardless of being situated in damp environments, icy cold winters, scorching hot summers or suffering relentless showers.

Keter Factor 6 x 6 ft Shed

Crumbling away through rot or an infestation of termites & woodworm never becomes an issue. Unlike wood, Factor’s recyclable polypropylene continues-on immune from breaking down through weather-decay.

Maintaining Factor’s stylish presentation is user-friendly; either by operating a light pressure-wash or jet-shower down with the hosepipe as we do rejuvenates the appearance in a flash.

For our concerns, nearby trees & bushes ingrain moss & sap stains around Autumn time which is best removed using a long-handled soft sweeping brush dipped into warm water containing a squirt of household detergent.

Easy-to-clean with a whirlwind wash

Keter advises not to use harsh cleaning chemicals or abrasive scourers to prevent colour distortion & scratches occurring, not that they’re needed anyway; mild detergent swiftly removes.

The only thing you’ve got to watch is not to spray up through the ventilation grids to overcome water getting inside.

Inspect Factor 6×6 Shed Features


Stylish & Ever-Enduring

Factor’s fascia highlights:

  • Chunky double walls
  • Sturdily constructs
  • Admirable wood simulation
  • Light beige
  • UV stabilized
  • Window installation options
  • Fascia-floor interlock

In contrast to single skinned fascias, Factor’s combine two wall sheets together for the purpose of increasing sturdiness out of the lightweight manufacture. The chunky composition is also designed to resist unsightly dents, a problem associated with wobbly metal walled constructions.

Light beige pigments combine with the polypropylene along with UV protection for the purpose of stabilizing the makeup against sun-ray blisters & fractures occurring in addition to colours bleaching, therefore, overcomes yesteryear’s unprotected plastic issues.

UV protected & rot-resistant manufacture

Cutting edge moulding techniques simulate the style of wood to the external side, embodying textured grain enhanced in a neutral light beige shade; admirably complimenting garden landscapes.

Okay, there are more stylish resin sheds being produced, but none compete with Factor’s no-frills low budget price, the reasons behind their global success.

This 6 x 6 ft shed comprises one window which can be installed on either side to suit home-yard surroundings. Each wall panel interlocks with the floor’s periphery simultaneous to interlinking and securing with adjacent wall panels.

Integrating the floor panel as part of the shed bypasses various problems for our concerns. The wall-floor interlock ensures the floor never puddles whilst it blockades pests, insects and wind-swept debris from entering. We’re finding this feature a huge bonus come Autumn’s leafy fall.

A built-in floor provides a huge bonus when surrounded by trees

Unlike Roofing Felt, Polypropylene Resists Disintegrating

Factor’s roof highlights

  • Comprises 2 roof sheets
  • Robust 6 ft roof expanse
  • Adequate apex gradient
  • Overlaps the fascia
  • Returns 6½ ft ceiling height
  • Resists disintegrating

Only two roof sheets are included to fit this 6 x 6 ft roof expanse, it’s rather a quick construction, meantime, on account of the small 6 ft roof stretch, the apex design doesn’t require additional steel trusses to under-gird the structure.

The apex gradient is adequately pitched to ensure rainfall instantly drains away whilst the walls create mini eaves by connecting underneath the roof structure to overcome leaks-in where they connect.

Adequately pitched apex roof structure assures immediate drainage

The roof pitch returns the internals with 6½ feet of ceiling height, the absence of roof trusses means you won’t be crouched over nor knocking your noggin when moving around inside.

In order to maintain their competitive edge, Factor sheds refrain from producing stylish slate-effect roofs, however, the roof sheets do incorporate a double walled skin for robustness inclusive of polypropylene’s weather-resistant advantages, shaded in dark grey.

In terms of assuring rot resistance, Factor’s polypropylene is poles apart when comparing against conventional roofing felt. It withstands disintegrating and imperishably carries-on immune from decay, therefore never requires replacing.

6 ft Square Bright & Airy Internals

Factor 6×6 Inside Advantages

  • Daylight delivered
  • Built-in ventilation
  • Integrated floor
  • Toughened floor panel
  • Broad entryway
  • Lockable doors
  • ? Shelving’s insubstantial

Inside’s bright; daylight basks through the wall window whilst a full-length roof skylight embeds the entire roof ridge, both comprise a shatterproof manufacture.

Window can be incorporated on either shed side

Fresh air ventilates through two grids incorporated front & rear; this generated air current in addition to the fascia’s twin lining hinders the process of saturated walls and sweaty atmospheres developing when humid conditions persist.

Ventilation grids generate fresh air current to the interior

The floor’s border as previously explained interlocks with the walls, it’s toughened polypropylene manufacture subsists the tensions of heavy-duty storage including weighty lawnmower manoeuvres.

Factor’s 6 x 6 footprint includes just a couple of floor panels; they interlink and secure with screws.

At the shed’s entrance, the floor steps down to ground-level to assist closure besides wheeling gardening equipment & bikes inside whilst twin doors open up providing a broad entryway.

Built-In heavy-duty floor panel

The door’s make-up constitutes the same twin-lined UV-protected & rot-resistant polypropylene manufacture as the fascia, simulated to represent wooden features.

The internal side of the left door contains two dead-bolts, both doors contain large-grip handles whilst a padlock clasp delivers closure & security; nothing fancy but enables locking-up.

Padlockable double doors

Two shelves including supports are included, designed to hold 20 kg / 44 lbs storage weight, which in my book is rather paltry for a shed this size.

2 shelves are included

Purchased down at the local DIY store, we and many others incorporate those self-assembly free-standing shelves due to the significant storage weight they’re able to accommodate.

One thing to note about Factor sheds: you’re better off not leaning weighty stuff against the fascia panels; exceed their limit and they will probably start to bulge, the reason most of us incorporate stand-alone shelving.

Factor 6 x 6 ft Measurements

Factor 6 x 6 ft Shed Measurements

Factor 6 x 6 ft shed measurements - cm

Factor 6 x 6 ft shed measurements - inches

Anchor Down to Solid Level Foundations

All Factor sheds comprise lightweight fascia panels which quickly assemble into sturdy units, however, their construction’s critical importance as recommended by Keter is to ensure they are anchored on to a solid level substrate.

Wood decking, existing paving, tarmac, asphalt or preparing a concrete base provides ideal foundations as long as they’re laid perfectly level.

Ensure the shed stations on sold level foundations

A levelled base streamlines panel alignment during construction, alleviates leaning stresses plus they ensure the doors swing and close precisely.

Solid foundations are imperative for the floor to subsist the stresses of hefty lawnmower manoeuvres plus they enable rigidly anchoring the floor panel down to increase wind resistance levels.

8 anchor placements indented within the floor panel determine the grounding positions. Anchor screws are conditional to your foundation material therefore not provided.

After anchoring our resin shed down, I think its wind-resistance levels are comparable to our previous wooden hut. In the UK, we suffer plenty of strong gales plus we’re in a semi-exposed position, however, hurricanes are a seldom occurrence.

Download Factor 6×6 shed assembly instructions:

Factor 6 x 6 ft Shed

My Factor 6×6 Opinion

Factor’s global sales come to no surprise to me on account of their competitive price, however, this does include a no-frills construction.

There are plenty of weather-resistant sheds that look way more stylish than Factor sheds and contain higher quality features, however, this does demand a much heftier price-tag.

Choosing depends on one’s budget & storage needs, albeit Factor sheds constitute the same weather-resistant manufacture for those looking to escape rotting wood dilemmas; I like their appearance & style of construction, especially their low-budget price.

Keter Factor 6x6

Manufactured to Sidestep Maintenance

Everything’s built into Factor’s manufacture to escape rot and recurring maintenance issues thanks to their UV protected decay-resistant polypropylene. The operation of freshening-up appearances using a jet-wash couldn’t get much more straightforward.

View Factor 6 x 6 ft Shed Prices:

Their wood-grained simulation enhanced in light beige shade compliments garden settings meanwhile they fit most budgets and include 10 years of Factor shed warranty.

Budget-Friendly Plastic Sheds 6x6

6 shed complete the Factor range.

This 6×6 is the next size up from Factor’s 4 x 6 ft shed and positions below the wider 8 x 6 ft storehouse; furthermore, sheds extend up to 11 feet long.

Check out competing weather-resistant sheds:

If you have any related Factor 6×6 shed queries, please drop a message below; a pleasure to help if I know the answer.


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  1. I love these sheds. We only have a tiny one so far but I look forward to getting a larger one when we have more room.

    It seems like a much more economical and practical way to have a shed. The ease of set up and maintenance is also very appealing! It is interesting to me that this polypropylene is recyclable! That is amazing!

    I look forward to having a house with land again so I can get some of these sheds!

  2. These are some good looking sheds. I have a question though. Do you have any articles that go through how to install heat lamps, hydroponics, and electricity on a shed? I am looking to grow some plants through the rain and shine. Any advice you have would be appreciated.

    Otherwise this is a great article. I am a university student, so I cannot really afford an expensive shed. I might consider it down the road though. You cover all the bases in this article. No one else can compete with the quality of this article.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    • Hi Alex, thanks for your interest and time reading about the benefits Factor’s 6 ft shed provides.

      Unfortunately, Factor’s resin manufacture isn’t designed for customizing unless you can figure another way around getting electric wires through the shed as opposed to jigsawing your way through because I would imagine this polypropylene manufacture may split; the upside, however, is that this style does fit most budgets, it’s an affordable solution as far as weather-resistant sheds go.

      The only fully customizable solution with regards to a resin manufactured shed relates to Oakland sheds whereby they introduce resin talc into the mix, making the fascia paintable whilst the manufacture is specifically designed for drilling holes through plus you can jigsaw sections out, therefore getting electrics through presents no problems.

      If you read Oakland’s 9ft shed review, it explains all about the customizable features, links to Duotech’s (the manufacture) page which demonstrates how to customize the fascia besides linking to Keter’s purposely designed D-clip wall anchors page, these enable securing shelves & hooks etc to the walls.

      Oakland sheds start from 7 feet long and extend up to 11 ft, comprise a 7.5 ft width and decent height, however, they are a tad more expensive than the likes of these Factor sheds due to this innovative design.

      Hope this helps solve you electrics query Alex, thanks again for calling in,

  3. This is exactly what my dad is looking for to organize and store his tools in his backyard! He’ll love that it’s easy to maintain and clean. Perfect! Bookmarking and sharing! Thank you!

    • Hey Eric, thanks for passing this Factor shed information on to your Dad.

      We initially stored our tools inside a wooden hut until the rot set in whilst termites and woodworm crumbled the structure. The last time the roof started letting rainwater in due to disintegrating, we turned our attention towards something that endured the weather conditions and remained unaffected throughout the 4 seasons.

      Polypropylene was our prefered choice of replacement as it survives all weather stresses, never requires re-varnishing, panels never decompose nor do they necessitate roof-replacements and like you mention, cleans without any difficulty – The lazy person’s shed.

      All the best Eric, thanks again,

  4. Josh

    Excellent technology: durable, easy to maintain AND ecologically friendly (as they can be recycled). We should move to better solutions for making our lives easier.
    Thanks for the guidance Simon.

    • Hey Josh, I think polypropylene & polyethene garden shed manufactures are going to revolutionise the industry on account of sturdier designs being introduced whilst many of the newer models are simulating wooden constructions and brushwood design, resembling with remarkable accuracy.

      Couple these advantages with an easy-to-clean make-up that resists the rot yet are recyclable, it’s a win-win situation.

      Thanks for calling in Josh,

  5. Great looking sheds and just wouldn’t look out of place in anybody’s garden. I love the clean lines and the fact that they are pretty much free maintenance and only take a quick clean down with normal detergent. I can see why standalone shelving would be better, but as I can see they have corner shelving that obviously strengthens the shed somewhat anyway Certainly, a website that I will be bookmarking and sharing with friends, that is for sure. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Mick, I like the style of Factor sheds, especially their low budget price, they’re an affordable solution to protectively store away a whole host of outdoorsy stuff & gardening gear.

      Okay, there are more stylish looking sheds on the market but try and find one this footprint at this price. The competition is far more expensive on account of producing slate-style roof panels, quality door hardware, openable windows and a better simulation of wooden features.
      Factor’s, on the other hand, match them on a rot-proof manufacture, easy-to-clean surface, built-in floor, plenty of internal daylight and ventilation, and for my sakes, not a bad looking shed.

      Mild detergent mixed with warm water washes away moss & sap stains lickety-split with a soft sweeping brush. We only find this type of cleaning is around Autumn time when the leaves fall, a hosepipe jet-wash cleans ours the rest of the year, quickly too.

      There’s only Lifetime that seems to supply a range of shelving, pegboard strips & hooks these days; even so, I would still want to improve shelving options further and more robust, so what’s included shelf-wise makes no difference really.

      Thanks for sharing the website Mick, happy choosing your low-maintenance shed when the time comes,

  6. Brandon

    I’m a huge fan of Polypropylene for the simple reason that it’s better than roofing felt. I love high value for money things and this seems like a no brainer in terms of costs involved and quality. It’s coming up summer in NZ and I think I’m going to build one this summer! Thanks a lot!

    • Hey Brandon, thanks for checking out Factor’s low-budget 6 x 6 ft shed.

      It was disintegrating roofing felt on our last wooden hut that persuaded us to swap the rot for an alternative that required little to no maintenance and like you mention, polypropylene delivers a great substitute on account of the thermoplastic not being susceptible to weather-decay.

      The only maintenance required for us nowadays is a light pressure wash when the muck starts appearing and the job’s done. I find the cleaning procedure such a leisurely job, I many times nip around the shed with the hosepipe’s jet wash whilst watering the plants on a summer’s eve; there’s simply no hassle, it takes minutes to freshen-up.

      Good luck with your choice of resin shed Brandon – happy building,

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