Can You Paint Resin Sheds? – Meet Duotech

Can you paint resin sheds? regards a popular question I’ve been asked writing this blog. Although it is possible to brighten-up a shed’s appearance in your colour shade, it’s clearly not advised and described as a very short term fix to rejuvenate appearances. Traditional plastics are generally not adaptable to customisation.

Can You Paint Resin Sheds? - Meet DuotechDuotech’s Paintable Resin Innovation

There is however a new style of resin that caters for decorating, Keter’s groundbreaking design termed Duotech™ is fully customizable.

Duotech’s pioneering design regards a unique resin compound that flawlessly adheres to paint, stimulating the group to further manufacture a variety of storehouses from patio stores, low-profile shelters including spacious walk-in sheds and summerhouses.

Duotech effectuate streams of creative juices by providing the opportunity to accentuate various sized storehouses in your desired shade. Creating resplendent colour schemes that blend in with the backdrop of landscape surroundings produce enchanting garden statements displaying radiant colour schemes that enhance any patio or outdoor seating area into your unique picturesque oasis.

There is a potential quandary though, Duotech’s exquisite manufacture looks majestic in appearance left the way it displays. Regarding our friends, the lads couldn’t fashion covering up Oakland’s rustic man-cave guise whereas the women become enchanted with the High-Store and My-Shed images, spurring conversations regarding colour coding landscape backdrops and creating colour schemes that accentuate garden settings, conducing us blokes into a baffled expression of silence- ha!

Fortunately, Duotech products deliver the option of either leaving their rustic weathered appearance as is or customising in your desired tinge. Throughout this review, a few of the collection of Duotech storehouses are presented, their titles lead to in-depth reviews including links to prices. Inspect the entire Duotech Range:

Create Your Patio Oasis

Create Your Patio Oasis

Developing a paint mix that bonds to plastic has always succumbed to difficulties, slippery shiny plastic surfaces represent the issue which require priming and gloss coating with oil based paints for bonding and toughening purposes.

Water-based emulsion paints simply do not have sufficient binding powers for conventional plastics – Period. Alternatively there’s some newly developed rubber-style spray paints, a product we’ve used to brighten up small plastic in-the-home items which impressively work very well however this would end up being a very expensive project covering garden shed dimensions.

Duotech Innovation

Painting Plastic Veneer Describes Resin’s Issues

In the same vein, a few years ago we accomplished painting a bank of built-in plastic veneered wardrobes that constitute a similar composition to contiplas spread across the width of our spare bedroom. Rather than expensively replacing owing to their infrequent use we opted to refresh their appearance with a splash of colour whilst decorating the room.

Seeking advice from a decorator, we applied 3 coats of white oil-based undercoat prior to finishing with our chosen colour. We found Primer became too runny owing to the increased amount of white spirit concentrate, this would have required many additional coats. The problem you find with one or two coats concerns streaks in the paint don’t sufficiently cover the shiny plastic underneath, it’s vital non of the underlying surface is visible before delivering the final top coat.

Duotech - My-Shed

Duotech – My-Shed

After each undercoat we gently sanded down to remove rough edges further to wiping the debris off with a cloth dipped in turps, then proceeded with the next coat. Once three coats had been applied (imagine how long this took), upon close inspection non of the plastic veneer underneath was visible. We then proceeded with the finishing top coat in our preference of shade.

Although the wardrobes looked wonderful, the easily scratched surface became noticeable after installing a carpet due to knocks and scrapes during fitting. Upon opening doors the paint sticks and pulls away, this annoying issue was overcome by installing magnetic catches for the doors to close against, leaving a faint gap to prevent touching the framework.

Taking these easily marked issues into consideration, especially concerning seldom touched interior plastics, I’m sure you can visualise the disadvantage there is painting an outdoor plastic shed even with oil based paints. Sheds will suffer scratches and marks delivered by weather forces, twigs and branches will be wind-blown against their facade, not forgetting equipment leaning against them during gardening.

Therefore, it’s worth choosing a style of resin shed that complements your garden settings and exhibits admirable presentations you are happy with. Alternatively keep reading to discover Duotech’s customizable range.

Duotech – My-Shed

Can You Paint Resin Sheds? - Duotech My-Shed

View My-Shed Prices

Duotech My-Shed Painted Blue

Duotech’s Customizable Composition

Duotech’s innovation of creating a paintable polymer composition is virtue of amalgamating a resin talc formula to bind within the polypropylene mix that creates their resin facade manufacture, producing a bonded surface that paint masterfully adheres to.

Duotech's Paintable CompositionDuotech’s environmentally-friendly reusable polypropylene additionally undergoes a UV stabilisation procedure where strengthening elements armour the make-up to withstand depreciation forces sunburn assault delivers to plastic thereby protectively shielding the make-up to counteract against sun-rays delivering an unsightly bleaching demise further to heat fractures arising.

Modern molding techniques form the silvered polypropylene into tongue & groove panel boards in order to simplify construction meanwhile the creation of rustic textured grain embodies throughout presenting classic weathered appearances even to the touch.

The intrinsic benefits’ polypropylene assures garden shed services with regards immunity from decay-deterioration therefore not susceptible to the habitat of rot becoming ingrained during persistent rainfall, long winter snowfalls or when continual damp environments prevail.

Combing all these weather-defence advantages into one manufacture, Duotech ascertains year-round protection. This leaves the snip of a cleaning duty to maintain their sublime guise, administered either by an occasional hosepipe shower, soapy water scrub or pressure-wash to swiftly revitalise appearances.

Duotech Grande-Store

Can You Paint Resin Sheds? - Duotech Grande-Store

View Grande-Store Prices


Painting Duotech’s Resin Facade

Surprisingly, the type of paint required for decorating Duotech’s finish regards acrylic water-based paint. We use this type all the time nowadays for decorating indoor rooms on account of it’s cleaning potential. It’s usually termed bathroom or kitchen paint in DIY stores. One thing to note regarding painting a Duotech storehouse – Only the sliver facade is designed for painting, not the plastic trim nor doors.

According to our local Decorator store, acrylic is an emulsion-based paint containing a hardener that allows you to wipe away marks with a cloth. Contrary to standard emulsion paints, toughened acrylic delivers a durable finish that doesn’t leave scuff marks after wiping, hence the reason we opt for acrylic, and it does deliver.

There’s a wide spectrum of colour choices to satisfy personal preferences, not forgetting the varied finishing styles suchlike gloss or semi gloss for that shiny finish further to the popular eggshell, satin & matt finishes delivering a more lustreless look. DIY stores usually mix these paints in your colour choice as you wait albeit popular colours are usually shelved.

Duotech Oakland Sheds

Duotech's Oakland Shed

View Oakland Shed Prices

Can You Paint Resin Sheds? - Duotech Oakland Sheds

Advantages of Acrylic Emulsion

Additional advantages water-based paint has over oil-based regards their drying times. Oil paint requires 24 hours. Painting a traditional wooden hut would equate to undercoating one day followed by glossing on another whereas emulsion dries in a few hours especially outside aided by the breeze. Therefore, given the time it takes to coat the shed, the starting point will be ready for an immediate top coat. Quick cuppa & get rolling!

High-Store coated in Acrylic Emulsion

High-Store coated in Acrylic Emulsion

Traditional wooden sheds require a time-consuming undercoat followed by gloss whereas acrylic requires repeating the process with the same paint. The beauty regarding emulsion paints relates to their ease in rollering. Use a paint brush to gingerly paint up to the plastic trim followed by quickly rollering the spacious sections. Mini roller sleeves are dirt cheap therefore can be thrown away after use, they don’t soak up oceans of paint as opposed to the large rollers plus they’re fast, light & a doddle to use.

Acrylic paint definitely retains colours better than oil based. White gloss soon yellows in darkened areas whereas emulsion remains unaffected. A few years back we re-coated all the plastic guttering and down-pipes with undercoat followed by a semi gloss brown finish to cover up their grubby appearance outside our home. An arduous laborious task to say the least which looked sublime upon completion however a few years down the line the brown shade lost it’s bloom and turned a peculiar colour.

Painting a Duotech manufacture will lose it’s gleam overtime due to being stood outside surviving the elements therefore will necessitate an occasional re-coat however don’t despair, unlike wood the composition is absent from servicing weather-rot issues therefore will only demand a clean followed by a drying out period prior to re-decorating.

Duotech High-Store

Duotech High-Store

View High-Store Prices

Can You Paint Resin Sheds? - Duotech High-Store

Painting Duotech with Acrylic Emulsion

Highlights & Challenges


  • Duotech exhibits attractive rustic-weathered charm
  • Manufactured with resin talc, adheres to acrylic paint
  • Delivers the capability to brighten up any home-yard’s oasis
  • Acrylic hardens emulsion paints to effectuate durability
  • Abundance of acrylic paint colours to complement garden settings
  • Gloss or semi gloss provides a shiny top coat
  • Satin, eggshell or matt shades escape highly polished appearances
  • Acrylic emulsion dries in a few hours
  • Water-based paint achieves shed decorating in one day
  • Acrylic emulsion is user-friendly to decorate
  • Mini rollering is speedy and efficient
  • Inexpensive mini roller sleeves can be chucked away after use
  • Emulsion paint retains shades better than gloss
  • Tool cleaning is efficiently accomplished with water
  • Duotech design & manufacture storehouses in various dimensions
  • Weather-resistant make-up withstands decay decline
  • UV protection defends Duotech against fractures and colour bleaching
  • Simple and swift cleaning operation restores Duotech looks
  • Straightforward tongue & groove construction procedure
  • Backed with 10 years Duotech warranty cover


  • Acrylic emulsion will require future re-coats owing to weather-fade

Duotech Inspires Patio Ideas

Would You Paint Duotech Storehouses?

Personally I would leave Duotech Oakland sheds they way their rustic silvery appearance displays however I have been talked into customising the High-Store and My-Shed – ha!

My wife Tracy and her friends on the other hand would opt to decorate the entire Duotech range, the resplendent finish of the High-Store displayed in turquoise, yellow stripes with a top & bottom orange border certainly sparks discussions and ideas when our friends visits.

Customising My-Shed 


Duotech’s Innovation Creates Summerhouse Sensations

Can You Paint Resin Sheds? - Meet Duotech

SimonHope my experience of painting plastic has answered your queries further to Duotech design inspiring confidence to get your creation skills flowing.

Share your views on decorating a Duotech store below.

All the best,


Please share Duotech’s paintable storehouses. Thank you!



  1. gary

    Love the shed other then the black plastic roof, it gets really hot inside. Would like to paint it white if possible

    • Hi, Gary, thanks for leaving your comment.
      Glad you like your Duotech shed – I’m not sure whether the roof is paintable or not – you would be better asking Keter and seeking their advice. Here is Keter’s Contact page:
      Hope this helps & thanks again,

  2. Sharon Growney

    “Only the sliver facade is designed for painting, not the plastic trim nor door.” What do you mean by sliver? Is that a typo? Did you mean in gray?

    • Yes, I mean grey instead of silver. The plastic trim nor the door is designed for painting with acrylic paint.
      Hope this helps. thanks for visiting.

  3. Melissa

    Hi, thanks for your really comprehensive review. I think your wife Tracy and her friends are on to something with the turquoise, yellow stripes with a top & bottom orange border. Thanks for the information.

    • Hey Melissa, thanks for visiting to find out whether there’s a resin shed that caters for painting.

      The images regarding High-store’s presentation really do enhance an outdoor seating area. Shows what can be accomplished once you wear your artistic hat, if you’re that way inclined.

      Tracy and her friends have come up with colour schemes that baffle us lads to be honest. Its a woman’s thing I think according to our friends although I have to say she’s excellent when it comes to decorating a room in a house, her colour coding along with matching carpets and a wall of wallpaper are top notch. She designs, I decorate.

      Duotech’s composition adheres to acrylic effortlessly, similar to painting emulsion on a wall therefore you can roller the paint on and it’s super quick to wash equipment once completed on account of the paint being water-based plus you’re not subject to a day’s worth of drying prior to another coat like you are with primer/gloss oil-based paints.

      You will however require future re-coats because the shade will fade over time stood outside enforced upon by various weather environments albeit there’ll be no preparation work beforehand apart from a wash & dry.
      Thanks for your interest Melissa,

  4. peter

    thank goodness I bumped into this article. I have been looking for quality and durable paint for shade. the ones I used previously keep deteriorating after winter, now with your detailed description of duotech, I’m happy to go for it.

    • Hi Peter, thanks for dropping by to read about Duotech’s unparalleled paintable composition in a resin storehouse manufacture. Don’t some of these images brighten up home-yards, it shows what creations can be possible when you wear your imaginative hat.

      The issues with wood is that it lacks endurance therefore the deteriorating cycle is ongoing which requires continuous coats of wood stain, paint or varnish in order to preserve year on year.

      Duotech’s resin make-up on the other hand assures permanence whatever environment the storehouse is situated in, including rain, hail, snow and shine meanwhile remains unaffected throughout long periods of damp, a condition that soon afflicts the process of rot to set into a wooden structure.

      Duotech’s pure advantage relates to its adherence of acrylic emulsion as opposed to solvent based paints. Acrylic emulsion is effortless to roller & brush, quick to dry and easy to clean thereby decorating becomes a leisurely activity whist due to the absence of conservation headaches, future coats can soon be performed after a wash & dry once the colour starts to fade.

      All the best Peter, good luck choosing your storage solution,

  5. Dancinscot

    You certainly present all the details of buying a resin vs a wood shed in this article.
    I’m not looking for a shed at the moment but feel I’ve had the grand tour reading your presentation.
    It’s clear that there are important decisions to make about a garden shed based on usage, local climate – and now there are more choices since one can color code the appearance!
    Being able to “decorate” a garden or deck shed is a whole new thing!

    • Simon

      Hi Dancinscot, thanks for leaving your comment.

      The main advantage of a resin manufacture upon comparison to wood regards their weather-resistance, Being immune from rot deterioration escapes future dilemmas concerning wooden panel replacements, annual re-coats of preservative wood-stain besides frustrating roofing-felt exchanges, the traditional topping of a wooden shed which soon disintegrates through weather assault.

      If you’re on the outlook for a resin composition that can be painted, these Duotech manufactures are presently the only resin shed that caters for the facade to be painted.

      What shocked me initially was their adherence to acrylic emulsion which is water based, a particular favourite of ours. We always decorate rooms with water based acrylic nowadays because when you wipe marks away from the surface the cloth doesn’t leave scuff marks, a particular problem associated with traditional emulsion, the reason acrylic is usually advertised for decorating kitchens & bathrooms.

      Comparing typical emulsion with acrylic, they’re both as easy to roller & brush the paint on whilst washing up after use regards using water as opposed to the arduous task of cleaning oil paint off with white spirit. Mini roller sleeves are very inexpensive too like the review mentions meaning you can dispose of them after use, leaving just the roller tray to clean.

      Another advantage regards the vast spectrum of colour choices and matt-to-gloss finishes there is to suit preferences, enabling to accomplish brightening up any outdoor seating area in your unique style.

      Thanks again for calling in,


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