Outdoor Storage Cube

Outdoor Storage Cube

Suncast’s outdoor storage cube resembles an elegant wicker construction manufactured from supremely durable, easy cleaned, recyclable resin delivering endurance to combat the ever-changing weather conditions.

Deck Storage Box With Wheels

Deck Storage Box With Wheels

Keter’s inexpensive ‘Comfy’ deck storage box with wheels provides assistance when moving accessories around the patio, maintains a fresh internal compartment for cushion storage alongside providing comfortable bench seating, aesthetically wrapped up in weatherproof state-of-the-art styling.

Round Deck Boxes – Keter Circa

Round Deck Boxes

Keter’s two snazzy round deck boxes named Circa exhibit an alluring presence of either wood-slat styling or the chicness of rattan appearances meanwhile their entirely weather-resistant design briskly snaps together during a tool-free assembly to fulfil 3-way storage, seat & table services at an affordable price.

Extra Large Outdoor Deck Boxes

Extra Large Outdoor Deck Boxes

Lifetime’s innovative ‘Rough-Cut’ extra large outdoor deck boxes ooze eye appeal by simulating highly detailed rustic wooden appearances with the aim of sprucing up the patio meanwhile their spacious dry interior is protected by a make-up constituting weather-resistant polyethylene.

Extra Large Deck Box Storage

Extra Large Deck Box Storage

Ontario’s innovative extra large deck box storage exhibits a delectable wooden guise that stylishly enhances outside living areas, combats decay through weather-resistant polypropylene meanwhile the super spacious dry interior is suited for sheltering a diverse range of accessories including bulky furniture seating cushions.

Small Deck Box Seat

Suncast Small Deck Box - Mocha Brown

Suncast’s small deck box seat offers diverse storage potential coupled with sturdy seating ability whilst the miniature size provides the aptness for easy location services, either stood indoors or outside due to the weatherproof manufacture. Suncast Storage Seat Two models represent Suncast’s mini storage / seating box, both designed with accents to enhance any indoor … [Read more…]

Square Deck Box – Storage Seat

Square Deck Box - Storage Seat

Keter’s Storage Cube combines seating and table top services with 55 gallons of internal storage capacity. These versatile square deck box designs deliver smart solutions, enable sprucing up surroundings both indoors & out to help organise uncluttered space.

Outdoor Cushion Storage Bench

Rubbermaid Large Deck Box

Rubbermaid’s large deck box combines outdoor cushion storage, bench seating and table-top services all in one fell swoop amalgamating an attractive design, sturdy build quality, weather-resistant make-up and an easy-to-clean surface. Rubbermaid Large 90 Gallon Deck Box This versatile design offers accommodating a whole host of outdoor gear from delicate fabrics like outdoor seating cushions … [Read more…]

Small Garden Storage Box

Lifetime's 80 Gallon Deck Box

How to create a more organised lifestyle for outdoor summer living regarding stuff scattered outside, traipsing gear and accessories through the house and finding room indoors where to store is an incentive most of us try and find a solution for. A small garden storage box however replaces associated headaches by storing outdoor stuff where … [Read more…]

Outdoor Wicker Storage Boxes

Suncast 73 Gallon Resin Wicker Deck Box

Outdoor wicker storage boxes engender a contemporary resin design for storing a profusion of outdoor gear whilst exhibiting stylish attraction to complement any outside setting, exemplifying their effectiveness for outdoor summer living. Suncast’s 73 Gallon Resin Wicker Deck Box provides the perfect example. Suncast 73 Gallon Resin Wicker Deck Box This 73 gallon deck box represents … [Read more…]