Cheap Plastic Garden Sheds

Presenting a range of cheap plastic garden sheds delivering easy on the pocket bargain-basement deals meanwhile designed to circumvent recurring conservation issues superseded by a snappy shower-down to rejuvenate appearances.

Cheap Plastic Garden Sheds

6 x 10 ft – Grey

Interested?  Me too!  Let’s scrutinise Palram’s inexpensive smart outdoor storage solutions.

Delving through the value deals on eBay, surprises certainly unfolded to discover a huge wave of interest in relation to Palram’s innovative high-tech polycarbonate design.

To name a few, the amber 6 x 8 footer possessed 124+ watchers, the 6 x 12 had 131. According to sales figures, the green 6 x 8 ft model had sold 59, the brown range captured 331 sales meanwhile the wheelie bin store accomplished 59 sales.

These red-highlighted figures are short-term, stand out and spark curiosity meanwhile scrolling down the page, these impressive figures continue. Comparing with the dominance of Keter and Lifetime for instance, Palram’s Watching & Sold figures are way in excess.

So why the keen interest in Palram and what sets them apart?

Speculation essentially comes down to price, Palram sheds are valued half-price to their relative competition. Watching an item on eBay simply regards saving their bookmark. I think the high Watching figures represent either those making their mind up or awaiting further discounts. After-all, eBay’s platform is renowned for delivering the best deals.

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Cheap Plastic Garden Sheds - 6 x 12 ft - Amber

6 x 12 ft – Amber

Overall Consensus

A 50-50 split regarding consensus of opinion seems to determine Palram’s make-up. Some approve the felicitous design, it suits their style & complements surroundings, sidesteps laborious maintenance roles meanwhile satisfies their budget whereas others become antagonistic towards the thinness of the panels and find assembly the most exasperating of projects to accomplish.

Cheap Plastic Garden Sheds - 4 x 6 ft - Green

4 x 6 ft – Green

Palram’s composition regards a single wall structure therefore it’s rather wobbly; nonetheless, every panel firms up by sliding into an aluminium framework & secures into position, consequently the finished build’s fairly lightweight.

Advice recommends choosing a calm day to construct owing to wind gusts aggravating panel alignment, furthermore it’s essential to ascertain firm anchorage onto the solid ground below is undertaken to accomplish steadiness by dramatically enhancing wind resistance levels.

Once construction and anchoring is finalised however, consensus unitedly agrees in approving Palram’s build. Feedback indicates these units all nip up tight and assemble into sturdy rigid constructions.

Okay, maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but they do fulfil inexpensive solutions to an overwhelming amount of services, from low profile units accommodating waste bins & dry log stores, narrow facilities able to fit in confined zones up to large spacious storehouses and everything else in-between.

Originally Palram sheds incorporated 6 feet widths and expanded up to 12 feet in length however nowadays there’s 8 ft breadths available with depths extending 20 feet delivering ultra spacious outside accommodation room catering for a whole plethora of outside stuff.

Making a decision is purely down to dimensions accompanied by eye-appeal. Presently the most popular shades radiate amber, grey, brown, tanned or green tones.

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Cheap Plastic Garden Sheds - 6 x 8 ft - Brown

6 x 8 ft – Brown

Unbreakable Composition

Palram’s high tech make-up derives from bonding polymers into a polycarbonate structure resulting in a composition as hard as nails. With stamina built-in to absorb high impact forces you can crack the heck out of this skin with a baseball bat without the structure becoming dented.

Palram 6 x 3 ft - Grey

6 x 3 ft – Grey

If you hammered the skin of a metal-sheet wall a similar way you’d write the shed off on account of the surface demising into an unsightly dented mess. The video below demonstrates the hardiness of polycarbonate.

Intermingling with the polymer bonding regards Palram’s present-day colour tints of tan, amber, brown, grey or green accompanied by a UV stabilisation process where a coat of armoury delivers the composition defence to combat sunburn bleaching.

Eco-friendly Polycarbonate is 100% recyclable, impervious to rainwater, delivers immunity from weather-decay, doesn’t peel and never demands re-coats of paint to brighten the exterior nor re-coats of varnish in order to conserve & protect.

The only upkeep necessary concerns an occasional shower down when the grime becomes noticeable, virtue of a shower connector fitted to a garden hose, a pressure-washer or the conventional bucket and scrub method with detergent therefore Palram’s composition is practically free from maintenance.

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Palram 6 x 10 ft - Amber

6 x 10 ft – Amber

Amply Constructed with Impressive Features

Palram’s apex roof construction effectively generates a prompt drainage system meanwhile overcoming rain seepage inside is by virtue of the wall panels abutting to the underside of the roof panels.

Integrated Air Ventilation

Integrated Air Ventilation

As a result of polycarbonate’s lightweight construction, the roof framework to which each panel slides their edges into eliminates the requirement of steel trusses to undergird. I thought this was also due to the slimline 6 feet width stretch however 8 ft widths have lately entered onto the market yet incorporate the same design.

The roof capping comprises a black stepped-down appearance meanwhile none of the walls contain windows due to their single skin which does enhance privacy. Overcoming a dark cavernous walk-through especially with respect to the large extended models results from the underside of the roof panels being completely translucent. Palram sheds are the brightest sheds on the market owing to their entire roof structure illuminating daylight.

Inserted into the front apex peak above the door situates a ventilation panel, same thing duplicates at the rear. The distribution of a fresh-aired system internally conquers sweaty atmospheres developing during Summer’s humid times. Eradicating clamminess inside puts an end to condensation build-up too. Simple design but highly effective.

The floor covering regards interlinking sheets of black resin comprising a gripped surface on top. Perhaps not as thick as competing plastic sheds yet delivers the same hard-wearing results however make no mistake about it, this is wholly conditional to laying the shed on solid levelled ground. Conform and it should last for years owing to the toughened ingredients that combine within the poly-mix.

A threshold awaits at the entrance to aid wheeling the lawnmower inside whereupon double or single doors provide the entry dependant on shed size. A through-bolt padlock clasp slides into an adjacent catch to assure closure meanwhile security derives from slipping a padlock through and locking. Granted these aren’t the most secure units but they are lockable.

Internal Translucent Roof

Internal Translucent Roof

A B C Shed Assembly

A requisite prior to embarking on a Palram construction concerns establishing the precise foundations to mount the shed upon. It’s immaterial whether paving, asphalt, decking or concrete is chosen, a solid grounding is key, laid exactly level surplus to making sure the location doesn’t sit the shed in a floodplain.

Anchoring DownThis first step eliminates many future headaches suchlike: aids the quick alignment of the polycarbonate panels, ensures a vertically plumb standing therefore operates the precise door swing, ascertains the floor can survive significant weighty stresses and the groundwork’s enable firm anchorage.

Instructions illustrate the sequence of steps whereupon assemblers progress to implement the order. The video demonstrates the basic procedure, some find the process straightforward whereas others frustratingly encounter an assembly struggle.

Personally, I’m quite fascinated with Palram’s method, how they overcome wobbliness by sliding each panel into the framework meanwhile uniquely shaped anchorage clamps slide down the aluminium struts whereupon one screw secures the panels to the frame, another delivers anchorage below.

This clever & smart solution seems to finalise construction into a sturdy rigid shell after initially unpacking the box and raising eyebrows on account of the flimsiness of polycarbonate. Below’s video manifests the simplicity of assembly albeit according to feedback, constructing takes a whole lot longer.


Palram Voyager Wheelie Bin Store - Grey

Palram Voyager Wheelie Bin Store – Grey

Highlights and Challenges


  • Economically satisfies inexpensive budgets
  • Exhibits modern storehouse style
  • Designed into an assortment of vibrant shades
  • Variety of sizes to suit a wide range of circumstances
  • Innovative design
  • Virtually unbreakable maintenance-free composition
  • Totally weatherproof – Survives all seasons
  • Aluminium framework assures rigidity
  • No rust, decay or discolouration issues to deal with
  • Externally opaque apex roof design
  • Polycarbonate roof resists weather-rot
  • Unique internal-translucent roof manufacture
  • Delivers the brightest internal shed environment
  • Padlockable designed through-bolt clasp
  • Swing-out doors render decent access
  • Construction clamps simultaneously frame-secure & ground-anchor
  • Integrated floor includes entry threshold
  • 10 years limited Palram warranty
  • Straightforward two person construction process
  • Maintenance merely involves a once-in-a-while shower down


  • Polycarbonate buildings require constructing on solid level locations
  • Firm anchorage to combat stormy weather is vitally important
  • Lightweight single wall structure
  • Don’t expect a security vault

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Palram 6 x 8 ft - Green

6 x 8 ft – Green

Here’s an exceptional review from a guy uploading to YouTube, regarding the 6 x 8 feet Palram storehouse exhibiting a tanned finish with brown doors. This video delivers a thorough overview & insight into Palram’s structural format and design:

Palram’s Tanned 6 x 8 ft Review


Concluding Verdict

Polycarbonate puts a completely different spin on the typical resin constriction. Okay it’s featherweight panels initially provide concerns however they do build into steadfast constructions once everything’s tied into place.

I’m quite taken aback having delved through Palram’s innovation, apparently they’re well established in the greenhouse world too incorporating the same polymer bonding as these roofs portray albeit translucent both sides.

Palram’s diverse assortment of shades and dimensions stylishly fulfils most outdoor storehouse solutions whilst delivering a significant competitive masterstroke where budget’s concerned. Obviously they’re not the most secure however a padlock does provide a deterrent.

Investigate eBay’s discount prices:

View Palram Shed Prices

Cheap Plastic Garden Sheds

SimonPleasure to introduce you to Palram’s cheap plastic storage sheds.

Please share your favoured inexpensive storehouse and queries in the box below.

That’s it for now,


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  1. Joe

    Hi Simon,

    Affordable, light weight, easy to assemble and very easy on the pocket?

    Not to mention good looking – it’s a no brainer!

    I have to be honest, I’ve never given the plastic sheds much thought until now.

    Thanks, that was very enlightening and inspiring.

    You got me thinking now.


    • Simon

      Hi Joe,

      Thanks for stopping by to read about Palram’s innovative cheap plastic garden sheds.

      Polycarbonate is certainly affordable especially when comparing against alternative garden storehouse manufactures.

      Assembly appears straightforward for the ones who prepare the correct foundations, as levelling upon a solid substrate is absolutely key however due to the thinness of the panels, many do find the build quite a frustrating construction process.

      I don’t think this type of low-maintenance construction is thought of until you’re up against the determinations to replace with a low-maintenance composition, making sure they’re not going to impact continuous conservation issues regarding re-coats of varnish and on-going roof replacements.

      We eventually became disillusioned with the time taken-up applying preservation coats, sorting rotting issues not forgetting roofing-felt frustrations hence we started inspecting both the plastic and metal compositions to provide an alternative, resin was our choice.

      Glad you enjoyed the read and became inspired by Palram’s review Joe,


  2. Dr. Doug

    Having built a shed myself, I was very interested in the information you present here. Im impressed that they solve the lighting issue by making a translucent roof. What a surprise when they open the door in the video and the inside is bright! I feel that is a huge plus since it means windows aren’t necessary. Thank you for such an informative review.

    • Simon

      Hi Dr Doug,

      Thanks for examining Palram’s inexpensive sheds with this fascinating design.

      Your DIY skills sound way in excess of mine, well done for building your own wooden shed, that’s quite an impressive achievement – good for you!

      Originally we were on the lookout for something to depart from constant conservation demands. After comparing metal with plastic we opted for a resin configuration. Personally we chose the Factor design, at the time it fit our budget and delighted with how it serves our outdoor stuff.

      Initially we scanned through Palram sheds but moved straight on owing to their thin skinned make-up. We simply thought they wouldn’t be strong enough – there proves my ignorance.

      The reason I’ve written this review regards the huge interest on eBay spurring my attention to scrutinise this polycarbonate composition. It’s taken weeks to thoroughly examine what’s on offer here but this is a very clever design, an incredibly tough skin described as unbreakable & maintenance free with the exception of a wash. Upon comparison they are pretty much half the price of competing resin sheds.

      They are however extremely lightweight therefore it’s essential to situate them on the recommended solid level foundations and deliver anchorage to the substrate below.

      The roof design is very smart. It’s not transparent on account of the external side being opaque. It’s entire structure on the internal side is translucent which basks the whole interior with daylight, resulting with the brightest inside sheds on the market. Most sheds have windows and roof-skylights for daylight entry however internally, they’re no where near as bright as this design.

      The last video comes across exceptional on account of not being sales promotional, rather a normal guy exhibiting what he’s just built. In the future I’m going to lookout for more of this style of presentation because it comes across more natural, thorough and helpful, pointing out all the pros & cons.

      Thanks again for dropping by,


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