Cheap Plastic Sheds – UK


Palram’s groundbreaking design of cheap plastic sheds – UK constitute a single skin of polycarbonate secured around an aluminium supported framework to determine their low-cost price.

Cheap Plastic Sheds - UK

Palram 6 x 8 ft

Although innovative in terms of a revolutionary garden shed composition, an outpouring of feedback expresses rather a mixed bag of assessment derived from a deluge of purchases.

Ranging from ‘5 star super status’ to ‘not worth the money’ represents their 50/50 split. Similar to Marmite, you either love ’em or hate ’em.

What Palram does offer however is an inexpensive outside storage solution that economically satisfies the most reasonable of budgets. It’s imperative to accept a single skinned body of poly-carbonate is ultra lightweight and very wobbly to erect during assembly, nonetheless once the flimsy sheets secure to the aluminium frame, sturdiness materialises.

Produced in quite a diverse spread of colour-shades including amber, grey, green and brown, their appearances furnish enhancement to most home-yard plots. A first-glance determines whether or not their manner and exhibit gratifies your style fulfilling to serve & complement surroundings.

Most low-maintenance shed hunters favour a more robust chunkier-wall construction expressed in the mould of Keter’s Factor make-up which presently dominates the budget shed market by coinciding durability with fair value for money however upon comparison, Palram have intensified the competition into an entirely different league with polycarbonate, classed as inexpensive.

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Palram 6 x 10 ft in Grey

Palram 6 x 10 ft in Grey

An Unbreakable Composition

You can hammer the heck out of polycarbonate, the composition’s shatterproof and not susceptible to fractures nor cracking, the video beneath this section demonstrates how the unbreakable make-up resists high impact forces however questions arise whether it’s possible to cut through the facade with a Stanley knife.

Palram 4 x 6 ft - Amber

Palram 4 x 6 ft – Amber

Distinct colours like these represented throughout Palram’s range are usually vulnerable to sunburn’s colour-fade aftereffects where bleaching perishes the pigments leading to an unappealing display. Palram ‘UV stabilise’ the poly-carbonate fulfilling protection to remain unresponsive throughout sun-rays onslaught.

Polycarbonate’s hard-wearing credentials deliver a win-win situation in terms of low-maintenance, including impervious benefits to rainfall notwithstanding their immunity from rot deterioration when under the influence of weather aggression, delivering long-term decay-free resilience for all seasons.

Once the colour tints and protective elements are added to the tensile poly-carbonate, Palram’s molding procedure shapes the mix into sheets consisting of a deep angular horizontal panelled formation delivering superlative draining to the surface.

Benefiting through an easy-to-clean surface delivers maintenance-convenience, accomplished by an expeditious wash-down with a garden’s shower-hose, a simple method we find revives the shine lickety-split.

Palram’s shed dimensions range from the smallest utility termed Voyager, designed to conceal wheelie refuse bins (displayed below); a narrow 4 ft wide by 6 ft length to accommodate tight spots furthermore to an assortment of 6 feet wide units extending from a slimline 3 ft depth up to the maximum 12 ft lengthy model.

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Palram's Selection of Brown Sheds

Palram’s Selection of Brown Sheds

Unique Roof Composition

Palram’s revolutionary design exploits their singular wall structure by incorporating  a unique constitution of roof structure. Surpassing their competition with a manufacture composed of polycarbonate material enables their design to resemble an opaque slated roof on the external side whereas inside, the entire facade embodies a skylight arrangement delivering oceans of daylight to the interior.

Internal Skylight Roof

Internal Skylight Roof

A windowless walled shed delivers more sturdiness to the facade which is crucial in our view for a single shelled unit plus it delivers entire privacy, hugely beneficial for gardening utility services and general storage as opposed to the openness of a summerhouse design.

The roof structure incorporates a central ridge beam extending the full length of the shed’s depth to where the roof framework connects. The roof panels simply slide and secure into the rust-resistant aluminium framing grooves accomplishing the roof construction.

The roof’s deliberately crafted composition and sufficient slanted pitch delivers a proficient down-slope incline system for rapid rainwater drainage whilst the panels slight overhang of the wall edges prevent inside seepage, aiding to retain dry internal conditions.

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Palram Green Sheds

Palram Green Sheds

Additional Features of Palram Sheds

Each shed integrates air-vents into the frontage and rear apex peaks generating a fresh-air distribution system to circulate the inner surroundings abolishing condensation build-up and a clammy environment developing, hugely significant during summer months to safeguard sheltered accommodation.

Palram 6 x 3 ft - Amber

6 x 3 ft – Amber

The floor contains a perimeter groove to which the wall panels adjoin to, boxing-in the shed from the outside elements accomplishing a stay-dry leaf-free interior. Manufactured into a fairly thin resin bed upon comparison to the opposition, it’s particularly important a flat solid substrate sits below, crevices underneath will lead to poor service and reduced robustness.

At certain placements situated around the base edges regard clamping positions requiring bolts to deliver secure anchorage adjoining the aluminium fame to the floor and down into the substrate underneath, the reason solid foundations are crucial to assure firm groundings.

Entering in wheeled lawnmowers is aided by a sloping threshold, the door’s opening is operated by two metal hinges whilst the internal left-hand door includes latches meanwhile a through-bolt handle slides into a groove delivering closure. Locking up is by means of attaching a padlock through the catch.

Okay, there’s nothing too fancy regarding features but you can’t expect a flurry of quality add-ons to accompany bargain prices.

Palram Features

Poly-Carbonate Shed Assembly

When the delivery box is opened you’re presented with a load of lightweight polycarbonate sheets which raise more than a few eyebrows due to their deceiving insubstantial appearance. These require sliding into the aluminium supports prior to making up the framework. Some assemblers breeze through construction, others find it the most frustrating of tasks.

Palram 6 x 5 ft - Grey

6 x 5 ft – Grey

Abstain from building when conditions are windy, these featherweight panels are best described as flimsy wobble-boards however once positioned & fastened into place they surprisingly construct into quite robust units.

Significant importance relates to erecting these lightweight constructions on a levelled solid substrate of wood, concrete or paving to overcome alignment issues during assembly and to determine the shed’s perpendicular posture establishes the doors correct operation.

Highly recommended advice is to secure the base down onto underneaths foundations to dramatically beef up their wind resistance. Palram sheds are extremely lightweight even when constructed. I’ve seen neighbours metal sheds blown down the garden in the past during stormy weather, these are lighter still.

Like one guy said, you get what you pay for yet these can deliver the same results as the sturdier alternatives if you adhere to Palram’s assembly recommendations. He prepared the correct foundations for the largest 12 ft facility however due to storing scaffolding he opted not to anchor the shed due to accommodating tons of weight. Happy with the appearance and delighted with clearing the landscape, it’s done the job it’s constructed for.

Watching this installation video demonstrates a straightforward construction method however some find assembly a piece of cake whereas others clearly struggle.


Ups and Downs of Palram Sheds


  • A wide choice of colours to choose from
  • Weather-resistant polycarbonate composition
  • Counteracts rust & decay depreciation
  • All-round weather protection
  • Withstands fractures and dents
  • Apex roof structures
  • Opaque roofing externally
  • Unique skylight-roof feature internally
  • Low access threshold
  • UV protection combats colour-bleaching
  • Anti-slip integrated floor
  • Built-in air-vents distribute internal freshness
  • Wide access doors
  • Facilities are secured using a padlock
  • Constructed with conventional tools
  • A speedy clean spruces up their shine
  • 10 years Palram warranty cover
  • Fits most budgets


  • Imperative to adhere to Palram’s foundation principles
  • Lightweight single wall construction
  • Anchor down to prevent wind movement
  • Assembly can be an irritating procedure
  • Feedback comes across very mixed

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Palram 6 x 12 ft - Amber

6 x 12 ft – Amber

Final Opinion

Feedback expresses a diverse 50-50 split regarding style, make-up and assembly.

Some accept the seemingly insubstantial lightweight composition and effectuate Palram’s instruction principals with regards to construction, foundations and anchorage to champion their budget price whereas others find the make-up & procedure somewhat a disappointment.

Polycarbonate is a robust material, described as virtually unbreakable whilst an elementary clean-down swiftly refreshes their appearance however this unique design of skylight/opaque roofing composition delivers a feature only a single shell can provide, an envious position to behold.

Basic security combines with plain & simple shed features to complement Palram’s inexpensive price.

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Palram Shed Feedback

SimonThanks for reading about Palram’s budget range of garden sheds.

Please share your thoughts regarding lightweight outdoor facilities.

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  1. Josh Ellery

    Nice, I don’t think I have ever seen plastic shed in real life. I’ve only seen the little playhouses that my friends sister has and they are pretty cool.

    The material is reliable as you say which is definitely a big benefit, I suppose the assembly comes down to the individuals experience. Overall an amazing review thanks:)

    • Simon

      Hi Josh,

      Thanks for calling in to read about Palram’s budget priced garden sheds.

      We too were unaware regarding resin manufactures however after years of conservation troubles regarding re-roofing, never ending re-coats of varnish and rotting issues our last wooden shed succumbed to, we opted to look around for an alternative once the time came to replace and were quite impressed with the range of styles available.

      There’s no doubt that Palram’s polycarbonate make-up is probably the cheapest around due to the single skin & aluminium frame yet it does the purpose they are designed for at a very inexpensive price, fitting most peoples budgets to enable organising their home-yard.

      Apart from a wash, this composition is practically free from maintenance but very lightweight so it’s essential to implement the advised foundations and anchorage system to maintain their position long term.

      Yeah, some people breeze through assembly where as others find it the most annoying of tasks due to the flimsy wobbliness of the panels yet once constructed, quite a robust unit comes into fruition.

      Thanks again Josh,


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