Composite Storage Sheds


Delivering the best of both worlds relating to style and imperishability, Fusions combine wood to appease traditional desires with the potency of resin to eliminate future’s conservation issues by delivering decay resistance to the composition with an easy-to-clean surface finish.

Composite Storage Sheds

Three sizes complete Fusion’s collection, all containing identical double door access, composition, features and frontage dimensions, only their lengths vary leaving the smallest Fusion absent from windows in the walls due to the mini size.

From left to right in the above image, Fusion’s 3 shed sizes include:

  1. 7.5 x 4 ft – Providing a sublime attraction to complement any patio or small garden location
  2. 7.5 x 7 ft – Medium size, delivering well favoured dimensions in accommodating the most popular plot size
  3. 7.5 x 9 ft – Largest facility, for those wishing to organise an effortless home & garage clear-out, exploiting Fusion’s copious internal dimensions.

Links to each shed are provided throughout this review providing additional imagery, more information about each particular model plus exact internal/external dimensions.

Keter Fusion Shed Prices:

Fusion's Ultra-Stylish Traditional Appearance

New-Age Manufacturing Designs

Garden sheds along with outdoor patio decking boards are experiencing similar revolutionary manufacturing techniques, the traditional style being susceptible to weather deterioration commanding a backbreaking cleaning program additional to the uphill battle regarding yearly re-varnishing, prompting many to ditch associated hassles and search for an alternative solution.

Comparable to decking boards, a rise in resin manufactured designs and composite mixes incorporating wood and resin has taken precedence providing the backbone for weather-resistant support along with ease of maintenance.

What started off with yesteryear’s cheesy plastic appearance has now developed into some remarkably stylish resin compositions like Duotech’s Oakland Range of sheds displaying their gorgeous rustic weathered appearance and the way Cascade’s picture perfect shed designs are destined to complement any garden setting; Fusion’s ultra stylish displays are of no exception.

Video – Fusion Shed Features


Fusion’s Wood-Resin Facade Composition

Evading metal sheds prevalent future deformity exhibiting dents due to their flimsy thin skin, Fusions are composed of double sided sheets of composite panels affixed through a reinforced corrugated centre providing rigidity to the panels overall structure.

Fusion's Composite Wood-Resin Walls

Fusion’s Composite Wood-Resin Walls

The composite mix includes 70% recyclable materials. Residual wood fibres deliver the rich natural elegant tones of wood whilst the surface embeds a distinct touch of textured grain. Combining with the wood includes recyclable thermoplastics. Polypropylene resin provides imperishable defence, being unsusceptible to rot and decay whilst impermeable to rainwater.

Supplementary UV protection ingredients bind within the composite mix making Fusion’s able to withstand colour-fade issues and surface-splitting upon exposure to sunburn attack.

Whilst manufactured into a dual sheet conformation, the molding procedure creates a tongue and groove structure to the edges of the composite panels resulting in a fast efficient assembly procedure as the panels simply slot together & align horizontally around the steel framework and secure with screws providing rigidity to the final construction.

The surface of Fusion sheds are designed for simplistic cleaning ability. The undemanding role of a light spray-hose down, whirlwind-washes back their shine in minutes. Refrain from using abrasive cleaners to prevent scratching the surface, a power-wash or soft brush in warm water containing mellow detergent regards their efficiency in removing deep-seated dirt fast.

Fusions put an end to the yearly burden associated with re-varnishing and re-painting duties, superseded by an effortless wash-down instead.

Fusion Shed Prices:

Fusion 7.5 x 7 ft Shed

Fusion 7.5 x 7 ft Composite Shed Review:

Fusion’s Roof Composition

Fusion roofs are manufactured out of a twinned lining of polypropylene resin, molded and shaded into a stylish 3D effect resembling slate-roof tiling. The roof sheets wrap & fasten around their metal framework with screws. As the shed sizes increase throughout the range, additional steel trusses span the internal apex breadth bolstering supplementary support for heavy snow-loads.

The imperishable make-up with regards to Fusion’s polypropylene composition withstands demise in structural form when exposed to damp conditions and adverse weather. Unlike roofing felt, polypropylene’s resistance to decay averts future’s roof replacements, hence the huge interest in this style of capping-off structure.

Fusion’s high angled apex designed roofing structure delivers an immediate first-class drainage system averting puddles from establishing on top whilst the roof extension lavishly overhangs the facade creating eaves, avoiding the occurrence of internal rain seepage to occur where the walls adjoin.

Fusion Composite Shed Prices:

Fusion 7.5 ft x 4 ft Shed

Fusion 7.5 x 4 ft Shed Review:

Fusion Shed Features:

Fusion’s floor make-up regards a molded thickset polypropylene resin base, resistant to rotting when sat in damp conditions provides the escape route to maintaining a disintegrating wooden floor whilst additional toughening further strengthens the structure delivering a base able to subsist the endurance pressures of weighty equipment and driving in on a sit-on-mower.

The floor panels interlink with each other enclosing the shed by interlocking with the walls – great feature, maintaining a clean dry internal space by preventing rain, leaves and pests etc entering in at the base of the shed.

Fusion Ventilation

Fusion Ventilation

Air vents positioned above the doors front and back generate a throughput of fresh air. We find the deliverance of an outside air current preserves storage, replaces a sweaty ambience with freshness and prevents condensation building up on the inside during the summer months, a problem associated with their metal counterparts.

A translucent skylight strip implants within the apex roof-ridge, accompanied by windows in the doors and windows in the facade for the larger sheds, deliver an illumination of daylight to the interior. Fusion sheds have an abundance of headroom height, in excess of 2 meters, resulting in a comfortable interior for an adult to move around inside without any notion of a hemmed-in or bent-over feeling.

Fusions Wood/Resin Shed Prices:

Fusion 7.5 x 9 ft Composite Shed

Fusion 7.5 x 9 ft Shed Review:

The fundamental drawback associated with a plastic composition relates to their inability for shelving installation however Fusion’s wood/resin make-up is screw-able providing well favoured convenience in wall mounting gardening tools on hooks and storing lightweight items on shelves.

There is a weight limit to what the shelves are able to accommodate, leading many to install stand-alone shelving due to their strength in supporting significant weight-loads with the added bonus of utilising Fusion’s copious ceiling height.

Drill-able walls for Hanging Items and Installing Shelves

Drill-able walls for Hanging Items and Installing Shelves

Charcoal shaded stalwart double doors deliver an extensive entrance into all three Fusion sheds, benefiting by the floor’s sloped threshold aids wheeling-in hefty equipment whilst rectangular windows emit daylight to the interior.

Exhibiting an attractive display resembling stylish wood panelling to the doors is extruded through Fusion’s molding technique, a twinned-wall manufacture of polypropylene resin constitutes their sturdy make-up and easy-to-clean convenience whilst providing weather defence, being unsusceptible to decay.

A stainless-steel locking system enhances security measures upon comparison with their more competitive Factor Range of sheds, internal deadbolts fitted to the left-hand door allow that door to be kept shut on windy days whilst furnished with a stylish padlock-able handle complements their appearance delivering a quality closure and security. Padlock not included.

Keter Fusion Sheds Prices:

Keter Fusion 7.5 x 7 ft Shed

Fusion 7.5 x 7 ft Shed Review:

Fusion Shed Assembly

Fusion’s tongue and groove design formation alleviates construction headaches, simplifying the assembly process. Assembly constitutes following the step by step procedure illustrated in the instructions, a process regarding aligning the panels and securing to the metal framework. Feedback admires Fusion’s simplistic procedure of assembly.

Keter warn not to over-tighten the screws, just nip them up tight. A step ladder is a necessity for fitting the roof panels whilst adequate movement around all sides of the shed’s perimeter is essential during construction.

Like any resin manufactured shed, the key principles in assembling a Fusion is beholden to laying a solid level base of either wood or concrete foundations raised slightly above a floodplain for the shed to sit on.

This one step process is seldom explained on sales sites yet is imperative to accomplish a flawless construction and robust serviceability whilst removing assembly difficulties. The vast majority of assemblers who adhere to the foundation rules provide stellar feedback, those who side-step usually struggle.

Fusion Sheds Recommended Solid Level Foundations

Fusion Sheds Recommended Solid Level Foundations

The significance in preparing solid level foundations: 

  • A level base generates an efficient assembly, simply down to the swift process regarding the panels plumb alignment. Problems aligning the roof panels are magnified from an irregular base.
  • A plumb vertical posture is delivered from level footings ensuring an equal force on all sides of the shed is weighed down upon by the roof weight, eliminating one sided tension.
  • A perpendicular shed determines a plumb door architrave, enabling easy door installation with the delivery of a superlative door closure.
  • A solid level flat surface is fundamental in providing the floor with a stalwart base to operate from and endure substantial storage pressures. They are built to cope if sustained from the correct substructure.
  • Further enhancing Fusions wind resistance levels and overall stability is dramatically increased by clamping the shed down onto the foundations through the anchor placements presented within the resin floor, using the appropriate anchor screws conditional to the base material (wood or concrete) therefore not supplied.

Video – Fusion Shed Assembly

Fusion Wood-Resin Shed Prices:

Keter Fusion 7.5 x 4 ft Shed

Fusion 7.5 x 4 ft Patio Shed Review:

Pros and Cons Of Fusion Sheds


  • Exhibiting stylish deep rich tones of wood
  • Highly attractive traditional shed display
  • Resin provides resistance to decay
  • Immune from rust and rot depreciation
  • Incredibly easy to maintain the wondrous appearance
  • High peaked apex roof – Copious internal headroom
  • First-class roof drainage system
  • Impressive 3D slate-effect molded resin roof
  • Weather-resistant polypropylene roof make-up
  • Air-vents generate a fresh aired internal ambience
  • Heavy duty floor endures storage pressures
  • Built-in floor maintains a clean interior
  • Resin manufactured floor resists decay
  • Broad double door access
  • Sloped threshold aids wheeling in weighty equipment
  • Screw-able walls allow for hanging tools/installing shelves
  • Stainless-steel door-locking system
  • Padlock-able door handle
  • Two person straightforward assembly
  • Tongue and groove design simplifies construction
  • Built with common household tools
  • 10 year limited Fusion Shed warranty
  • Receiving first-rate feedback


  • Important to lay solid level foundations
  • Anchor Fusion sheds down into the base material
  • More expensive than Keter’s Factor Range

Fusion Composite Wood-Resin Shed Prices:

Keter Fusion 7.5 x 9 ft Shed

Fusion 7.5 x 9 ft Composite Shed Review:

Final Verdict

Technical advancements have now evolved to produce well desired wishes, a manufactured shed exhibiting styles of tradition expressed through the natural rich tones of wood blended with the durability of resin, armouring the make-up with resistance to decay.

Fusion sheds deliver a light & airy environment with generous headroom, lockable double-door entry inclusive of quality hardware makes access a dream, integrated floor and air-vents maintain a clean, dry, fresh internal atmosphere whilst drill-able walls pave the way to hanging gardening tools.

An excellent drainage system caps Fusions off to stylish effect, tongue & groove manufactured panels significantly ease assembly whilst a 10 year limited warranty coupled with first-rate feedback provides reassurance however like any resin shed, foundations are pivotal to the final construction.

Fusion Composite Shed Prices:

Composite Storage Sheds


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  1. Cindyda1

    I wanted to review this web site because my son is in the market for a small storage shed. After reading the information about the quality of these particular sheds and the low maintenance I am going to recommend my son take a look at these and consider them as an option.

    I really like the looks of all the different models of these sheds. I have a 10 X 20 size shed on my property now which is made of wood and still looks nice after several years of weather, however; it did need to be painted already to keep it looking that way. The painting is a maintenance issue that I’d rather do without so that makes these type sheds pretty appealing for me.

    I do have one of the large storage type boxes made of this composite material on my front porch. I keep firewood and fire starter logs in it and it is the perfect storage for that. All I have to do is wipe it down to keep the dust off of it and that’s it. Easy assembly and easy to maintain. I like the product.

    • Simon

      Hi Cindyda,

      Thanks for visiting and reading about these new-age composite storage sheds manufactured by Keter.

      Low maintenance was the key issue we looked around for regarding our last shed purchase, fed up with trying to conserve the wood with yearly coats of varnish, re-felting the roof plus rotting floor problems we switched into the resin world to escape all these issues.

      Now it’s a case like you mention with your resin deck box, we just wipe it or lightly spray-hose it down, that’s it, no more yearly hassles. Like you mention regrading your 10 x 20 ft shed, they take some time re-coating with paint, a big job we looked to depart from.

      We too have a resin deck box for outdoor seating cushion storage plus table top services and extra seating stood on our patio, we find it a great addition providing convenience for storing patio accessories too.

      Thanks again Cindyda and good luck helping your son choose his low maintenance shed,


  2. I can’t wait to replace my wooden shed with a composite garden shed.

    It will be so much more durable – moles dug into the floor of our wooden shed!

    • Hi Rose,
      Thanks for reading about Fusion’s composite storage sheds.

      Yeah, we too had constant decaying duties to deal with regarding our last wooden shed, re-roofing every once in a while due to roofing felt’s quick demise in structure once the damp sets in, yearly re-varnishing to conserve the appearance and similar to you regarding the floor, ours rotted away causing us to look around for an alternative solution.

      We decided on a resin Factor shed a few years back, before these composite sheds entered the market and what a difference it’s made. Our maintenance role now only requires a spray hose down once in a while. I usually do this when watering the plants on a summer’s evening. In a few minutes time the new appearance shines back through, it’s as simple as that for us.

      The beauty regarding a resin floor is that moles and pests won’t be able to chew through resin, so that solves that problem.

      Good luck choosing your next shed when the time comes Rose, thanks again,

  3. Harjit

    Great review. I am in need of another shed and I have traditionally gone for wooden sheds. I can see the value of plastic sheds however as the have low maintenance and will last longer. After reading your review I will definitely go for a plastic shed.

    I really like your writing style in this post as it’s really easy to read.

    • Simon

      Hi Harjit,

      Thanks for dropping by and reading about Fusion’s range of composite storage sheds.

      Yeah, we too typically went for wood until we got fed up wasting summer days maintaining with coats of varnish to conserve the wood, trying to re-support a rotting floor and the frequent re-roofing projects they demand. We decided to look around for an alternative that didn’t require constant maintenance.

      The main advantages for us relate to their clean and fresh internal environment due to the integrated air vents and built in floor, the imperishable make-up that resists decay and the effortless to clean surface. I generally lightly hose ours down on a summer’s evening whilst watering the plants. Job done in minutes.

      Glad you enjoyed the review Harjit, thanks again,


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