Composite Storage Sheds – Tradition With A Modern Twist

Fusion’s 7½ x 9 ft composite storage sheds exhibit a lavish impression of tradition backed with resin’s imperishable weather-protection meanwhile comprising an easy-to-clean surface epitomises convenience, relegating upkeep chores to yesteryear.

Keter Fusion 759

Combining a fusion of wood & polypropylene equips the composition to suit the best of both worlds, a gorgeous rich exhibit portraying conventional charm with a make-up impervious to rainfall and resistant to decay. Fusion sheds are virtually maintenance-free.

We departed the wooden shed world after being subject to constant yearly servicing. Condemned to an ever deteriorating structure and rotting floor spurred us to enter down resin’s modern avenue. Nowadays maintenance relates to unwinding the garden hose, a quickie two minutes wash outlines their elementary replenishing duty.

If a classic style rocks the boat whilst your list contains the essential requirement for substantial storage accommodation, the #1 priority to deliver low maintenance with an effortless surface clean, inspect Fusion’s largest facility, feedback’s mightily impressive.

Fusion 7.5 x 9 ft

The Fusion range consist of 3 shed sizes, all containing 7.5 feet wide dimensions across the opening, only their depths fluctuate stepping up the range. This model is the largest spanning 9 feet deep. The alternatives regard the medium 7.5 ft x 7 ft, a few feet shorter in length and the delectable 7.5 x 4 patio version.

Shed Ranges  represents this website’s collection of reviewed sheds expressing low-maintenance convenience consisting of a diverse range of sizes.

Keter Fusion 759

Manufacturer:  Keter

Model:  Fusion 759

Size:  7.5 ft x 9 ft

Website:  Keter-Fusion

Verdict:  Excellent Quality

Colour:  Rich Wood

#Feature:  Composite Wood/Resin

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A capacious 7.5 x 9 footprint offers substantial storehouse services and accommodation.

Gardening equipment, lawn & plant supplies, barbecue equipage, outside furniture, patio appurtenances to parking bikes not forgetting a huge toy store that will comfortably shelter inside thanks to the magnitude this facility caters for.

The most deluxe potting shed can be created or a garage of distinction for a mobility scooter. Oceans of room and a wide entrance provide an easy access dwelling for a drive-on-mower whilst the grand height handles storing long implements and ladders.

They say it’s wood which means it must be screw-able, resolving the common issue resin sheds have with regards to the installation of shelving & hanging gardening tools against the walls, a clever desirable design.

The option of placing the windows on the choice of sides appeases surroundings. Inserting windows transpires into a straightforward operation, only to determine which side suits the location ahead of constructing.

Fusion 7.5 x 9 ft Composite Shed

Composite walls – Fusion’s masterpiece

Fusion’s composition regards fusing two materials together, wood and polypropylene into a composite mix providing the distinct natural beauty of rich wood enhancing a classic style with the durability of resin not being susceptible to decay. To the touch, the facade has a sumptuous rugged feel of textured grain delivering the resplendent finish traditional sheds possess.

Fusion 759 Composite Walls

Fusion’s Composite Walls

The composite mix is moulded into two sheets portraying a sublime horizontal wood panelled surface, rib-reinforced internally delivers a backbone to the final construction, withstanding the unsightly vision dents portray.

The resin sheets simply slot together through their tongue and groove edging easing assembly and secure with screws to the steel framework for a fast efficient build, many advocate the simplistic nature of construction.

Amalgamating within the resin includes UV protective elements providing armoury to the composition to safeguard against plastic’s inherent bleaching issues upon exposure to sunburn attack.

Fusion’s imperishable facade combats weather deterioration therefore not dependable on annual re-coats of varnish whereupon the cleaning operation is a cinch, a few minutes spray with a garden hose is generally their only requirement.

Overtime, when grime becomes deep-rooted the removal process equates to scrubbing with warm water, mild cleaning solution and a nonabrasive brush, many just stand back a tad & pressure-wash the shed down once a year.

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Keter Fusion 759

Video – Fusion Shed Features

Capped off with Strength

Fed up of replacing a felt roof on a wooden shed, me too. Once they start to hold water depreciation sets in fast. Impervious polypropylene on the other hand overcomes roofing felt’s disintegration problems superseded by durability and longevity to weather-resistance.

Fusions Stylish yet Durable Roof Drainage System

Stylish yet Durable Roof Drainage System

The resin panels formatting Fusion roofs are designed through a polypropylene manufacture and molded into a stylish 3D pattern resembling an authentic slate effect topping. The roof panels simply secure across the shed’s metal framework adjoining the walls providing stability.

Fusion roofs are further reinforced with a steel beamed truss system stretching out internally across the apex rafters resulting in supplementary strength to safeguard winter’s weather. Keter describe Fusions as strong sheds, designed to hold heavy snowfall

An efficient drainage system is delivered by Fusion’s angular apex configuration ensuring rainwater runs straight off preventing puddles stagnating nor leaking in at the top of the shed determined by the roof’s protruding overlap of the walls edge.

Fusion's Supported Roof Structure

Fusion’s Supported Roof Structure

Designed to support heavy snowfall

Resilient Flooring – Built to Survive

Fusion haven’t scrimped on the quality their built-in floors are composed of either. Resistant to frosty and clammy climates delivers immunity from the rot setting in, capable of surviving adverse weather and changeable atmospheres.

The floor’s makeup regards reinforced polypropylene, designed into non-slip link-able sheets and molded into a substantial thickset hefty base.

The floor sheets interlink with each other and secure with screws covering the base expanse meanwhile interlocking with the walls creating a true enclosure from outside, averting puddles emerging and waves of leaves building on the shed floor.

Embedded within the floor anchor placements are presented for securing the shed down onto the substrate underneath enhancing stability against stormy weather. Instructions recommend anchoring Fusions down to further bolster support however assemblers are required to purchase the type of anchor bolts conditional to the base material.

Purposely armoured with extra toughening, these floors are designed for heavy-duty demanding service with reinforced tractor support. Aiding the wheeling process regards a sloped threshold at the doors entrance.

All these burly advantages explained above however will only fulfil the objective long-term if Fusion’s base preparations are adhered to.

Keter Fusion floor

High-Ceilinged & Spacious

7.5 x 9 feet equates to over 60 square feet of storage accommodation, a capacious facility when you consider the excessive 2 metre+ internal height.

Fusion’s largest amenity is able to accommodate oceans of storage. Many purchasers expand shelving options with the tiered free-standing variety and boxes stack-able towards the ceiling enabling to utilise the storage footprint to full potential.

Fusion 759 ventilation

Fusions Distribute Ventilation

Air vents integrated into the top of the apex above the doors on both sides generate fresh air circulation to eliminate a warm climate’s sweaty atmosphere. We find air-vents are a great addition, they prevent the interior condensing during the summer months & provide a safe environment to help maintain refreshing conditions.

No claustrophobic feeling nor rummaging around in a darkened room is overcome through daylight illumination delivered by windows in the doors, walls and skylight strip running the full length of the apex peak furthermore it’s roomy enough to pleasantly move around without cracking your nut thanks to Fusion’s tiptop headroom expanse.

The walls constitution of wood-resin composite allow screwing into enabling fixing hooks to hang lengthy gardening implements against the walls, a fabulous addition. Shelves too can be added albeit watch you don’t exceed the facade’s weight limit, adequate for light items.

Drill-able walls for Hanging Items and Installing Shelves

Drill-able walls for Hanging Items and Installing Shelves

Beefy Doors enable Ample Access 

Wide double doors with their sturdy burly stance blend into the traditional rich wooden facade expressing strength.

Their design regards a makeup of polypropylene, tinted charcoal & molded into a chunky double skin representing wood panelling on the outer-face consisting of embedded surface grain. A stylish creation including resin’s durability & decay-resistance to combat decomposing.

Access is superb, the doors span across the shed’s width making driving-in mowers a breeze, aided by the entrance’s ramp-threshold.

A quality handle and stainless steel locking system deliver first grade closure whereas security is moving ever closer to the defence metal sheds deliver. Locking-up is manged by padlock, fitted through the built-in clasp.

Fusion 7.5 x 9 ft Composite Shed

Fusion 759 Measurements

Keter Fusion 759 Measurements

Keter Fusion 759 Measurements

Simplified Shed Assembly

The most important aspect regarding constructing a Fusion relates to levelling a decked, paved or concrete infrastructure for the shed to sit on whilst abstaining from positioning in future flood-water.

These foundation stipulations accomplish a one step process to a flawless construction:

  • A level base delivers an efficient build as the panels align with ease. Alignment issues are exaggerated towards the roof if the foundations fail to be level.
  • Door alignment becomes straightforward from level footings, ensuring the architraves plumb vertical stance.
  • It’s imperative the roof weight applies equilibrium weight across the four walls to avoid leaning pressures.
  • The floors are purposely strengthened to survive stresses however their sturdy potential will only materialise if sat on solidity.
  • Shed stability is enhanced through anchorage and recommended by Keter.


Building the walls and inserting the door

Building the walls and inserting the door

Fusions tongue and groove format is specifically designed to accomplish an easy slot into place construction. Assembly requires following and implementing the illustrations stepped out in the instructions.

There’s a lot of screws required to build however to quicken things up, a low-torque power screwdriver is an assembler’s best friend furthermore Keter advise to comfortably secure the screws rather than over-tighten.

Consensus regarding construction time does vary but most find approximately 5 hours-ish to complete.

Check out the assembly video below, it demonstrates how straightforward these tongue & groove sheds are to build plus the method of lining up the doors is beneficial to watch too.

How to assemble a Fusion


Advantages and Drawbacks


  • Traditional classic looks
  • Natural rich wood with textured grain
  • Weatherproof & durable
  • Sturdy structure
  • Roof supports heavy snowfall
  • Superlative design for low-maintenance
  • Screw-able walls for hanging items
  • Generous adult height internally
  • Colour bleaching is averted through UV protection
  • Ventilation distributes fresh air circulation
  • Windows and skylight illuminate plenty of daylight
  • Capacious facility with storage solutions galore
  • Stainless steel locking system comparable to metal sheds security
  • 2 person assembly
  • Tongue and groove panels aid assembly
  • 10 years limited Fusion warranty
  • Designed to enhance any surroundings
  • A breeze to maintain


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Keter Fusion 759

Fusion 759 Competition

Although Keter stand alone regarding a composite design there’s a wide assortment of varieties & sizes exhibiting differing styles to choose from. The popular vote’s to break away from maintenance duties, competition’s becoming pretty strong.

Shed Sizes:  displays the various models including new designs like Fusions, stepped up in size order.

Below regards a selection taken from this page, around 7.5 x 9 ft dimensions:

Lifetime 8 x 10 ft Shed

Lifetime’s Unblemished Facade:

Oakland 7.5 x 9 ft Shed

Oakland’s Handsome Silvery Sheen:

Suncast Tremont 8 x 10 ft Shed

Tremont’s Picturesque Style:

Lifetime 10 x 8 ft Shed

Lifetime’s Charm:

Keter Factor 8ft x 8ft Shed

Factor’s Competitiveness:

Keter Fusion 7.5 x 9 ft Composite Storage Shed

Closing Opinion

A spacious facility designed to store a whole variety of storage solutions. 7.5 by 9 feet is a good sized shed, roomy enough with a decent height to roam around with ease whilst built-in windows, skylight and ventilation deliver a light and fresh aired atmosphere.

This modern twist of tradition radiates natural rich tones of wood against stylish charcoal doors & slate roof yet the durability factor resin delivers through this imperishable composite mix withstands decay serving to protect storage to the highest calibre, unique to Keter.

A stylish low maintenance traditional shed with a modern twist

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Fusion Composite Sheds


Many thanks for stopping by and reading about Fusion’s composite range.

Please share your composite thoughts below.

All the best,


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  1. Steve & Kris

    I have been looking for a shed for my side yard. I need something in the 4 foot deep range. I have really been debating on whether or not I should build one, traditional stick built, or buy a plastic shed. I think you have me sold on buying a plastic shed. I just love the low (or no) maintenance part of it. The 7.5 x 4 patio version seem perfect for what I need. I want to get some of the yard tools, and other stuff that is clogging up my garage, into a shed. I also really like the fact that you can drill into the walls. Do you recommend any shelving units, or does the shed come with any shelves? Thank you for sharing this review, you really helped me make my decision.

    • Simon

      Hi Steve & Kris,

      Thanks for visiting to read about Fusion’s unique composite storage sheds.

      I remember clearing our garage out initially by exploiting our new built shed. What a difference that made in terms of freeing up space to comfortably park the car by organising outdoor gear to where you need it most – outside.

      The reason Fusion sheds are described as low maintenance rather than maintenance-free regards their washing down duty however we find the resin facade a cinch of a job to clean. We simply use the shower attachment on a garden hose and perform the task during the summer months.

      Personally for us, we looked around for an alternative to yearly conservation issues and the upkeep-work entailed to nourish the wood. We found resin the perfect solution to dodge all associated problems.

      Fusion’s patio shed looks idyllic, expressing traditional looks yet dodges maintenance due to polypropylene mixed in with the wood. Being able to drill into the walls is superb as it paves the way to hang long handled gardening tools against the walls.

      There is a weight limit to what shelves will accommodate, ideal for lighter items but what we and the majority of plastic shed purchasers opt for regards self assembly shelving you buy down at the local hardware store, just like you erect in a garage to accommodate storage allowing you to store heavy gear tiered up towards the ceiling. Fusion sheds don’t come with shelves. 

      Thanks again for calling in, hope you’ve found plenty of inspiration,


  2. Angela

    Hi, Simon! I wasn’t very familiar with the plastic sheds so thanks for the info! It’s very detailed and helpful in making a decision. Due to health I’m working on getting a mobility scooter so that was a neat idea to mention having a “garage” for it! I’ll keep these in mind if I ever want one.

    • Simon

      Hi Angela,

      Fusion wood plastic composite sheds are a very new entrant on the market, exhibiting traditional looks yet resistant to weather decay, a particular issue wood is prone to requiring yearly re-varnishing and future re-roofing projects in order to extend their life. 

      Fusions on the other hand only require a wash down to replenish their shine. A hose-pipe, power-wash or a light scrub with a soft brush is their only upkeep work, hence their virtually maintenance-free description.

      To enable parking a mobility scooter, there’s the Fusion 7.5 x 7 ft shed, a tad smaller but ample space to park and store a whole load of storage. Also, Keter have their Factor 6 x 6 ft shed linked below, this is one very popular mobility scooter shed, expressed to high regard through reviews and because of their competitive edge which maybe of interest:

      Hope this helps Angela, thanks for calling in and reading,


  3. Gretchen

    Thanks for your review on these alternative to wood sheds, it is very informative and I am glad you included the cons with great information. I did find it difficult to get to the price of these beautiful sheds. I think I clicked on 5 links before I got to the price. I expected to see the price when I clicked on the link “Check Here” but that wasn’t the cases. Other than that I loved all the information you provided and even though they are a bit more expensive I think they are well worth it!

    • Simon

      Hi Gretchen,

      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.

      I’m glad you found this review informative, there’s all sorts of new varieties of plastic sheds in different sizes hitting the market at present. These Fusions are composite sheds, a wood resin mix portraying a traditional stance with the durability of resin mixed within for weather-resistance values.

      Yeah, they are a bit more expensive, I agree but they do have quality finishing touches and added strength designed within plus the facade is a new design so yes, this is a downside.

      I’m sorry you have had difficulty finding prices, it has given me an idea to make a change on the sales pages to simplify the procedure for visitors, so thanks for the heads up.

      I have to point visitors to the prices on a separate page because it simplifies the job of updating plus as I point visitors in the UK and USA, the last thing I wish for is my posts filled with external links making a poor user experience.

      Thanks again for your feedback, I have simplified the process,


  4. Matt's Mom

    You know, I like all the sheds that you have in your posts and you have a great informative site. I really like this shed. The Keter Fusion 759. I like the color which can go with pretty much anything. It looks rugged and durable and well put together. Along with being the perfect size! And it does not look that difficult to put together with the video. Do you know if it will stand up to the Texas sun for a good length of time? That would be my only concern.

    • Simon

      Hi Matt’s Mom,

      Thanks for stopping by a reading.

      Yeah, My passion is all the various quality plastic sheds on the market. I have one and love it compered with the upkeep duties my old wooden shed had before it finally rotted away and got replaced with a low maintenance resin style.

      All I am trying to purvey is being helpful to point visitors towards a particular type which will suit them. No matter what shed your purchase, be it wood, metal or plastic they all have their pros and cons. My work points the positives and negatives out to guests.

      They are very easy to assemble when you are organised but please make sure you have a solid level base as this will aid assembly and the shed will stand up to the performance as described.

      These shed are fade resistant and the resin is designed to stop cracking in the sun. There has been problems with doors warping on some resin sheds if exposed to the direct sun day after day but I have never heard of this issue regarding a Fusion shed.

      If you are concerned either point the doors away from the direct sun or consider constructing the shed in the shade.

      Thanks again for calling in,


  5. marc

    What a thorough review of the composite storage sheds. I have started looking for sheds and never thought I would have such a great review of them. I am not planning on buying one until the spring but I have bookmarked your page. Thanks again for the wonderful review. I will be checking back again and again until I am ready to buy.

    • Simon

      Hi Marc,

      Thanks for stopping by and reading about these composite storage sheds.

      Yeah, these reviews take about a week to complete as I read all reviews as well as feedback to provide visitors with all the pros and cons for each type of shed. No matter what you are interested in there is always the odd problem (ha). All I do is relay back to visitors with helpful reviews.

      The composite sheds are a mix of polypropylene resin and wood providing the traditional look with the durability resin beholds hence no more maintenance problems.

      They are a tad more expensive than their pure plastic shed rivals yet wondrous looks with the powers of resin prevail.

      You are welcome to call in at anytime as this is an ongoing review website helping visitors dredge through all the various types of resin sheds on the market.

      Thanks again Marc and good luck choosing,


  6. Gary

    This is the first I’ve heard of composite storage sheds, but I like what I see. It looks like they go together with a simple powerdrill/screwgun.

    I have a plastic shed and I’ve assembled many plastic sheds for other people, but I really like how the composite material looks. It has a natural and warm appearance.

    Can I order online and get it shipped to me? You mentioned in the Pros & Cons, that damage in shipping was an issue. Please expand on that.

    • Simon

      Hi Gary,

      Shipping in the USA has been a major problem for a few people yet not in the UK for some strange reason. Keter need to sort this problem out as damaged stock is not good and is damaging reviews which has nothing to do with the shed itself.

      All I can advise is to check delivery for any broken parts prior to assembly as there doesn’t seem to be an issue replacing yet the time it takes has disgruntled a few because they have had to wait for replacements with a half built shed.

      You are right regarding the power screw-driver as all sheds like this contain a plethora of screws, it makes the whole assembly so much easier. Set it on a low torque setting though as you only want to nip the screws up tight – you don’t want to round the screws into the wood. Many use a manual screwdriver to nip the screws up tight.

      Yeah, they’re a quick assembly with 2 people and receive great reviews from those who haven’t had shipping problems. Always make sure your foundations are solid and level – A pivotal requirement for all plastic sheds.

      Hope this helps and thanks again Gary,


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