Dual Entry Sheds – Garden Shed Ideas

Lifetime doubles up access to coincide with their chunky low-maintenance polyethylene composition, determining first-rate entry solutions for garden shed ideas. Dual entry sheds represent a rare breed of resin manufacture, Lifetime seem to stand alone incorporating this well favoured design.

Dual Entry Sheds - Garden Shed IdeasSavouring the prospect of ousting those rusty old tins of varnish on account of sidestepping rotting wood’s yearly services, preferring to replace these hassles with a lickety-split wash down instead, Lifetime deliver the opportunity.

We unshackled the constraints of continual wood preservation headaches by replacing with resin’s immunity from the rot. What a difference it’s made with regards to time, fetching back assembly day’s pristine finish conditional to an expeditious wash is best described as elementary.

If this style of future sounds a delight along with the priority of doubling up access meanwhile a 10 x 8 footprint fulfils both requirements & location, time to inspect Lifetime’s dual entry version.

Lifetime 10 x 8 Dual Entry Shed

Designed with architectural style presented in warm sandy tones, comprising twin sets of high arched double doors to determine easy access, 2 fashionable square-arched windows on the frontage meanwhile covered with elegant slate-effect tiling. This fashion-forward thinking design adds a stroke of modern pizzazz to any backyard.

The sister to this dual entry model comprises identical 10 by 8 feet dimensions with one set of access, enabling to separate storage either side of the doors. Alternatively if 2 sets of doors determine requirements yet a larger spread is desired, consider Lifetime’s super spacious 15 by 8 feet expanse.

Shed Ranges:  presents a visual walk-through of comparable weatherproof designs expanding various dimensions.

Lifetime 10 x 8 ft Dual Entry Shed

Manufacturer:  Lifetime

Model:  60001

Size:  10 x 8 ft

Verdict:  Excellent Quality

# Feature:  Dual Entry

Colour:  Desert Sand

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Impressive Features Capturing Interest

Here’s a short summary regarding the impressive features Lifetime provide with their dual access gem.

Two wide sets of double doors, one across the frontage displayed between two windows, the other delivering easy-going side access parks the mower.

Although this shed projects the most attractive visual presentation, the beauty lies within Lifetimes overall construction embodying thick resin walls wrapped around a steel structure ensuring stability against adverse weather conditions.

Encased in resin from the roof down to the floor results in a surface particularly easy to keep clean. Impervious to rainfall notwithstanding the ability to combat damp, polyethylene remains unsusceptible to rot & rust bringing forth long term peace of mind with regards to protectively sheltering storage.

The roof design is pitch-prefect for rainfall to run straight off, the highness creates an abundance of headroom expanse internally. Air vents maintain a fresh ambience meanwhile skylights and windows bask the interior with daylight.

Dual Entry Sheds - Garden Shed Ideas

Feedback’s Impressive – Apart from one Hitch

Feedback flows through very well. Thrilled purchasers express the features described above to high regard, adore the architectural style of display and staunch construction, the fab access creates an easier life carting storage in and out whilst eliminating upkeep duties replaced by a quick hose down favourably sparks attraction.

The main issue regards the instructions – they sound confusing. In the parts section everything is labelled by numbers meanwhile down below in the step by step procedure the same parts are represented by letters leaving a few people guessing.

I have read responses from Lifetime apologising to disgruntled assemblers furthermore promises regarding a complete overhaul of their instructions is high on the agenda, so lets hope this is sorted. Surely helpful guidelines represented by a concise procedure is top priority for a substantial investment such as this.

Lifetime 10 x 8 ft Easy Access Shed

The instructions seem to confuse the correct doors positioning. According to one guy who sat down for an hour with the instructions after a frustrating assembly sussed out that it’s essential the floor is fit a certain way to accomplish the doors working correctly. I’m guessing those whose doors present problems have fit the floor the wrong way round.

Likewise we were slightly disgruntled and delayed with our shed assembly after purchase. Not one sales website mentioned the priority ruling regarding a plastic shed’s foundations, it’s imperative they are laid on solid level ground suchlike asphalt, concrete or decking etc. We thought we better conform owing to this stipulation headlining the instructions.

Once assembly got underway, it’s obvious why this is stipulated. If you’re not constructing from a level base you’re gonna be well out of alignment 8 ft high. Our frustrations were replaced with a straightforward construction due to all the panels aligning at ease, the doors operating correctly and the floor serves heavy duty demanding pressures. It’s all down to the initial preparations.

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Construction Delivers Stability

There’s no doubt Lifetime design all their sheds with a sturdy construction. The facade make-up regards a double skinned resin composition promoting their sheds into a higher league altogether when comparing single skinned alternatives.

The walls secure around a steel construction meanwhile up above, the roof sheets fasten around a steel framework further reinforced by 3 A-Frame steel beams extending across the width on the internal side.

The doors construction comprises a security conscious dual walled resin formation enhanced internally with steel reinforcements besides furnished with quality hardware assures sturdiness meanwhile full length steel hinges attribute to an improved functional swing.

The floor is purposely designed hard wearing. Additional toughness blends within the resin mix whereas the molding procedure creates a substantial thickset anti-slip base able to sustain the pressures of challenging use.

Lifetime's 8 x 10 ft Dual Entry Sturdy Construction

Substantial Weatherproof Facade

Discouraged by a single panelled structure we decided on a similar more substantial double walled thickness presented through Lifetime’s manufacture to determine sturdy advantages in surviving wild weather conditions including the added benefit of securing on to a steel framework sure raises the stability game.

The wall sheets interlock with adjoining panels & floor in addition to screw-securing against the steel structure. High Density Polyethylene ascertains the makeup is weatherproof & durable besides not being susceptible to degenerating through decay. Also, polyethylene provides the surface with a ‘doddle of a clean’ convenience.

Added to radiate the polyethylene regards Lifetime’s divine sandy shade meanwhile the molding procedure creates a textured grain pattern amongst the horizontal panelled display, exhibiting a sublime presentation enhanced by the windows and surrounding tints of the doors roof and vents.

Evolving technology has now accomplished a UV stabilisation process for polyethylene. Not only 100% environmentally reusable this fortified resin resists cracking, blistering and bleaching when subject to extreme temperatures.

Lifetime's 8 ft x 10 ft Wall Conformation

Top-Notch Draining Roofs

Whether rain and snow are your concerns, Lifetime have this covered with an excellent high pitched roof ensuring prompt drainage for rainfall.

The roof composition concerns a twin-wall high density polyethylene make-up. Impervious to water & unsusceptible to weather-rot assures resistance to future decay therefore bypassing subsequent roof-replacements, the advantage of this type of manufacture in contrast to a felt covering.

The molding process creates a true-to-life slate-effect topping, adding classic character to the overall build meanwhile the ends of the roof structure overlap the walls creating eaves preventing water puddling due to the steep pitch, prohibiting rain entering inside the shed at the top of the facade.

The roof panels securely fasten around a steel framework, further fortified by 3 A-Frame steel trusses spanning across the internal roof rafters providing stability-strength assurances for wintry seasons.

Another asset a steep roof represents relates to the increase of internal height. There’s over 2 metres from the truss down to the floor plus the additional height above the beams towards the roof peak, there’ll be no banging your head walking around inside.

Lifetime's sturdy high pitched roof

The Real McCoy Built-In Floor

The benefits relating to the clean atmosphere a true built-in floor provides certainly impresses us, there’s no wafts of debris flying though crevices down below nor rainwater puddling the shed floor, a problem I understand is quite prevalent concerning most metal sheds on account of infrequently having floors built in therefore requiring one thick bead of sealant around the perimeter edge in order to counteract the issue.

The flooring comprises a sheet formation, interlinking with the next sheet during assembly makes up the base area meanwhile the walls simultaneously interlock within the floor’s boundary creating a true built-in feature.

The floor is manufactured from polyethylene molded into a hefty dual lined thickset resin bed containing added strength providing the ability to sustain heavy duty challenging use suchlike drive on mowers endure. It should be noted that solid ground increases the longevity of demanding use.

In addition to the sturdy benefits, Lifetime’s floor manufacture includes ingredients that provide a slip-resistant surface inclusive of stain protection against oil and solvent spillages.

At the corners of the floor indentations deliver anchoring positions for firmly grounding the shed down, the reason it’s imperative to locate on solid ground.

Lifetime's 8 ft x 10 ft Heavy-Duty Built-In Floor

Step Inside The Loftiness

Inside this 10 x 8 footer there’s an abundance of headroom height, able to effortlessly walk around under the truss system without a crouched over feeling nor a knock to the head plus a light and airy unconfined atmosphere generates through the additional loftiness presented above the steel beams.

8 x 10 feet provides a copious amount of storage room dependant on one’s circumstances however these dimensions cater for storing a whole host of outdoor stuff, enabling clearing the home and garage in addition to keeping a tidy garden by accommodating inside this shed.

Popular storage services relate to: Gardening equipment, long handled tools & extendable ladders, patio seating & accessories, barbecue gear, lawnmowers, sit-on-mowers, parking bikes furthermore to a super haven for kids toys enables the quickest of garden tidy-ups.

Inside The Lifetime 10 x 8 ft Dual Entry Shed

Another huge advantage we find regards the fresh ambience generated by the built-in air vents, distributing a current of fresh air to constantly circulate the interior. This gets rid of the old notion concerning a sweaty plastic atmosphere developing during humid times, great feature.

Three polycarbonate windows are included, two at the front and an additional window that opens half way. Two large and four small impact resistant skylights embedded into the roof lap up daylight creating a light interior.

Presented with this shed are: 4 corner shelves & 1 long shelf whilst 2 peg-strips containing metal hooks favourably hang implements against the walls. Although the shelves are useful they only store a small amount of gear. The way around this regards assembling a bank of tiered shelving, local hardware stores cater for many different sizes.

Providing Doubly Spacious Access

If two sets of spacious access is required, this shed certainly delivers. Determined by doubling up two sets of twin doors provide the choice of entry, one set along the length centrally positioned between the two windows whereas the other set accommodates either width side, the assemblers choice.

The doors represent a high density polyethylene makeup, molded into a dual skinned composition resembling a wooden style meanwhile reinforced with steel provides both a sturdy & durable structure resistant to weather damage and effortless to clean.

Galvanised full length steel hinge pins function the doors entry swing whilst easy-grip handles operate the latching system though their push-button design. A metal clasp designed for a padlock secures to the steel reinforcement providing security.

The left hand doors on both sets can be kept closed on windy days by virtue of two deadbolts presented top and bottom of the internal side, they simply slide into grooves below and above the doors.

Lifetime's Easy Access Double Doors

Virtually Maintenance-Free

Lifetime sheds deliver such low maintenance, the walls, roof and floor are easily cleaned meanwhile resistant to weather deterioration describes their key credentials. Therefore no rust, rot or peeling to deal with, no varnishing or painting required and the best bit, there’s no future re-roofing involved.

The walls are impervious to water whilst remarkably durable, enabling a hose down to bring back the shine whenever the grime appears.

Sometimes we find ingrained dirt starts to build however a soft scrub comprising white vinegar or household detergent swiftly dislodges. In the main a quick shower-hose fulfils our cleaning role.

All the exposed steel suchlike the trusses situated up in the rafters are powder-coated to prevent rust. Apart from a wash, it’s maintenance free

Virtually Maintenance-Free

10 x 8 ft Dual Entry Shed Measurements

Lifetime 10 x 8 ft Dual Entry Measurements

Lifetime 10 x 8 ft Dual Entry Measurements

Step-by-Step Construction

There are two very important steps to adhere to with this shed to accomplish a straightforward yet working construction, starting off with the foundations.

The foundations have to be solid and level; wood, concrete or asphalt is fine. If wood is chosen Lifetime recommend drilling quite a few holes under where the shed sits to enable water to drain off underneath preventing future deterioration of the wood.

We found by adhering to the foundation stipulations accomplished a straightforward construction resulting from an efficient panel and door alignment in addition to the hard-wearing floor serving just as described.

The next crucial point for this shed relates to turning the floor the correct way round. There is only one way this shed should be assembled. First work out which way you wish the side doors to face and proceed through the detailed step by step instructions making sure it’s aligned the correct way.

The doors incorporate full length hinge pins. A cap that functions the pins swivelling motion has to be placed in the floor to enable the doors to work properly. We seem to have two sets of feedback, most are fabulous whereas a few say the doors don’t close properly, this usually solves the issue according to feedback.

Building a Lifetime Shed

Prior to construction we prepared quite a few off site procedures like assembling the door hardware and windows etc, then proceeded to arrange all the parts to coincide with the assembly sequence stepped out in the instructions. This is a tip we picked up from previous shed builders, really quickened our assembly day.

Household tools build Lifetime facilities. Requirements are: 2 people to assemble, room is required all around the shed whilst a step ladder is a necessity for fitting the 8 ft high roof.

The advisable route expressed throughout all resin shed assembly instructions regards determining firm anchorage onto below’s solid substrate.

I must admit we enjoyed the build yet this was wholly down to adhering to laying the advised foundations. We slowly worked our way through the step by step procedure and accomplished a straightforward assembly.

Lifetime 10 ft x 8 ft Storage Shed

Positives and Drawbacks


  • A super stylish addition for any garden
  • Neutral sandy tones complement every location
  • Superb access with 2 sets of double doors
  • High pitched roof ensures efficient drainage
  • Chunky facade design reinforces stability
  • Weather-resistant durable make-up
  • Appearances upheld by a swift shower down
  • High enough for an adult to comfortably roam around
  • Windows and skylights illumine daylight
  • Air vents keep the internals fresh
  • Built-in floor is toughened for hard-wearing stresses
  • Resists cracking and fading through UV protection
  • Padlockable doors determine security
  • Doors incorporate a high arch entry design
  • 2 person assembly
  • Effortless to maintain a spotless appearance
  • 10 years Dual Entry Lifetime warranty


  • Important to conform to Lifetime’s foundation stipulations
  • These sheds require firm anchorage
  • Hopefully the instructions have been re-designed

Dual Entry Sheds - Garden Shed Ideas

Dual-Entry Competition

Competition-wise regarding dual entry sheds the market’s not too strong, Lifetime seem to dominate here. On the other hand regarding this sized footprint with one set of double doors, the market is quite fierce. Many wish to escape conserving, preferring the easy clean method as opposed to wood-stain duties.

Shed Sizes:  Explore the so-far reviewed weatherproof garden sheds, commencing from the smallest dimensions upwards.

Here’s the other 15 x 8 ft larger dual entry shed followed by a few in competition around this size:

Lifetime Dual Entry 15 x 8 ft Shed

Spacious & spotless 15 x 8 feet Dual Entry:

Suncast Tremont 8 x 10 ft Shed

Tremont’s attractive 8 x 10 footer:

Keter Oakland 7.5 x 11 ft Shed

Oaklands rustic 11 ft charm:

Keter Fusion 7.5 x 9 ft

Fusion’s traditional 9 ft expanse:

Keter Factor 8x11 ft

Factor’s 11 ft Competitive Edge:

Lifetime 10 x 8 ft Shed

Identical dimensions with one set of doors:

Lifetime 10 x 8 ft Dual Entry Storage Shed

Closing Viewpoint

If two sets of easy access double doors float your boat, a low maintenance future replacing upkeep hassles with a quick hose down meanwhile a 10 x 8 footprint fits the plot to serve requirements, this is one popular model backed with 10 years of warranty cover.

Super stylish, designed to complement any surroundings, reinforced around a steel framework for stability whilst the excellent internal height produces a bright and airy environment with a fresh ambience delivered through the air vents.

Easy to keep clean and weather-resistant

View Lifetime 10 x 8 Dual-Entry Shed Prices


Appreciate your inspection of Lifetime’s dual entry sheds.

Any two-fold access shed queries or favourites, please share below in the comment section.

Until next time,


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  1. Margaret

    The Dual Entry shed is strong and weatherproof which makes it great and practical. It is also attractive and would look great in any backyard. The only issue I have with it is the dual entry. Does this reduce the storage space because you have to doors that you can’t put things across and block access? Apart from that I would love one in my backyard.

    • Simon

      Hi Margaret,

      Lifetime are well renowned for producing heavy build High Density Polyethylene sheds owing to their double walled skin which contains a ribbed surface on the internal side to accomplish rigidity coincided by fastening each facade sheet to a steel framework resulting in quite a stalwart construction.

      Practicality-wise, they’re a cinch to maintain. We connect the shower adaptor to our resin shed, in minutes the brand-new look shines back through, job done!

      I agree with you regarding reducing storage space on account of the dual entry configuration however this does depend on one’s circumstances. Some people have tractor mowers and require a side entrance to enter & park therefore this style does provide the opportunity, essentially this is what this dual entry has been designed for.

      One of Lifetime’s largest sellers regards this identical shed comprising one set of doors, a design catering for splitting storage up into sections, mucky gardening gear on one side, clean patio furnishings on the other.

      Hope this delivers your solution Margaret, thanks again,


  2. YourVirtualCareer

    Thanks for your review, my husband and I are trying to decide between a wooden shed or plastic shed. After reading your review I see that we should consider a plastic shed. We have a pressure washer which would be great for cleaning the shed. The only issue I can see with the purchase of this product would be the assembly. I find that my husband hate reading instructions when putting things together around the house and it appears this product can be difficult with the instructions. The material used for the shed seems prefect for dealing with the outside elements would you agree?

    • Simon


      Thanks for visiting and reading about this dual entry shed.

      There’s no doubt a quality wooden shed looks superb and will serve you well. The thing which drew my attention towards the resin variety was the low maintenance values and the easy clean advantage. I just hose ours down when the grime appears and the shine comes back.

      Yeah, I understand your point of view regarding assembly. Whether it’s a wood, metal or a plastic shed they will need constructing. You could always get a local handyman to build your choice of shed, I know many people who have. The link to the sales website regarding this model you are reading here with its dual entry doors offers assembling the shed for you if you live in the UK, If that’s an idea, take a look.

      The main priority is to have solid level foundations for the shed to sit on. Obeying with this rule presents the panels lining up correctly and accomplishing an efficient build. Also it’s advisable a shed is anchored down into the ground for protection.

      Yeah, this material is a dual skinned polyethylene resin construction that’s wrapped around a steel frame for strength and stability. This resin doesn’t rot, peel or rust, its waterproof and weather-resistant yet so easy to keep clean.

      Hope this helps and good luck with your choice of shed, be it wood or plastic.

      Thanks again,


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