Extra Large Deck Box Storage

Ontario’s innovative extra large deck box storage exhibits a delectable wooden guise that stylishly enhances outside living areas, combats decay through weather-resistant polypropylene meanwhile the super spacious dry interior is suited for sheltering a diverse range of accessories including bulky furniture seating cushions.

Extra Large Deck Box Storage

Ontario – Extra Large Deck Box

Ontario Deck Box

The Ontario is born out of Keter’s favourable best-selling Rockwood design, increasing the 150 gallons of internal accommodation to a whopping 230 gallon storage capacity whist still retaining the deck box style.

Dimensions enhance the depth therefore it’s deeply tall compared with the conventional deck-box design however constituting a level lid accompanied by an ideal height doubles up assistance by providing table-top services situated around a BBQ deck or patio seating area.

The deep & dry abyss of the interior paves the way for accommodating a diverse selection of storage from awkward-to-store furniture cushions, gardening tools, plant feed & lawn supplies, barbecue grilling utensils, a spacious user-friendly void for storing kids toys including necessities common to patio seating areas. Alternatively, it’s ideally suited for positioning pool-side serving swimming gear, towels & pool accessories.

Combining convenience virtue of rot-resistant resin with innovative manufactures & molding techniques engineered to resemble the distinct richness of wood exhibits enchanting eye appeal to any patio oasis.

Our deck box has been such a handy piece of kit these last few years serving our concerns. Having the convenience of storing the awkward bulk of seating cushions outside rather than finding room indoors where to store describes their advantage in a nutshell meanwhile with respect to deck-box maintenance, refreshing their appearance is elementary.

To further inspiration, I have created a post containing some of the best deck boxes in relation to those receiving exceptional feedback, comprising a multifarious selection of varying sizes.

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Ontario serves storage on the patio and poolside

Inspect Ontario’s Features


Composition sidesteps recurring maintenance

The mere maintenance involved to restore Ontario’s wondrous charm regards a now & again wipe over with a warm soapy cloth, upkeep’s conveniently short & sweet.

Immune from conserving dilemmas on account of polypropylene’s make-up resisting corrosion & decay setting into the composition refrains from being susceptible to peeling, replacing rotting fixtures nor the arduous task concerning glossing over with oil-based paint or wood-stain in order to revitalise the exterior & conserve.

Impressively Rich Wooden Guise

Impressively Rich Wooden Guise

UV protection combines within the polypropylene, armouring the make-up to withstand the onslaught of sunburn attack in order to overcome bleaching discolours tainting unsightly appearances along with combating the intensity of heat that traditionally caused fractures to yesterday’s unprotected plastic.

Keter’s polypropylene aids the environment, being completely recyclable. When you compare the original resin designs against how distinctive and attractively rich Ontario’s wooden guise displays it’s clear to see how progressive & realistic recent manufactures & molding techniques have advanced in such a short space of time.

Manufactured presenting the deep crisp lavish tones of wood and molded to exhibit realistic classic wood-grain panelling incorporating textured grain to the touch on the external side whereas a plethora of ridges embody the interior to ascertain rigidity delivers stability.

Here’s Keter’s take on their Ontario:

Combining maintenance convenience with an alluring presence, Ontario is destined to serve whilst complement outside living spaces.

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Ontario Extra Large Deck Box

Ontario’s User-Friendly Features

As you can probably imagine, Ontario’s lid weight is one hefty lump due to the magnitude of the box size therefore Keter incorporate gas shock pistons on either side to aid the lift. Once the top slightly agape’s, the pressure held within the pistons forces the lid smoothly ajar alike an automatic opening mechanism however this pressure also comes into fruition when closing, preventing the lid walloping down and crushing fingers, the reason it’s advertised as child-friendly for toy storage.

Handle slots aid movement

Handle slots aid movement

Upon closing the lid against the box body, it extends slightly beyond the fascia panels to avert rainfall leaks inside thereby determines dry conditions meanwhile fresh-air ventilation is generated through faint gaps that eliminate the development of musty atmospheres, in return provide ideal conditions for accommodating towels and cushions outside during spring & summer months, despite rainfall showers.

Re-positioning at various locations is aided by incorporating handle slots at both ends. Once empty, two people can move the hefty box weight fairly easily into the desired spot.

Although the Rockwood deck box is promoted as a bench seat for two adults, the Ontario isn’t designed for seating owing to the deeper walls not being sufficiently reinforced however it does have a weight capacity of 50kg. Couple the weight capacity accompanied by the flat lid, it serves the purpose as a decent height table-top, ideal for patio drinks, alfresco dining and extra table space around BBQ times.

Two clasps join together as the lid closes, one situates within the box body, the other incorporates within the lid. Designed for slotting through a padlock attains locking the unit to safeguard storage.

Ontario’s box body measures approximately 147cm across the width, 83cm deep and 86cm high. Inside presents 870 litres / 230 gallons of storage capacity, oceans of accommodation when compared to conventional deck box dimensions. These deck boxes have become hugely popular in sheltering outside storage whereas the Ontario is specifically designed to accommodate a whole lot more.

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Ideal for bulky cushion storage

Assembled in a Flash

Construction is highly impressive. Whoever created Ontario’s ingenious assembly configuration deserves a mention. The entire box snaps together with incredible speed when compared to the original installation procedures a few years back.

Assembly commences by clipping together the side panels onto the base. The method of construction regards applying a bit of pressure at their connections and snapping into place. 14 screws secure the panels however this operation takes place after the box has been clicked together, comprising a series of corner connections that deliver stability when the screws secure.

Then you move onto the lid whereby the pistons are secured with screws further to connecting the other end of the pistons to the box body. Once the padlock clasp is connected you’re done, time to locate and fill.

16 illustrated steps completes Ontario’s assembly-friendly set-up. Take a peek of the instructions to verify how straightforward assembling has become, certainly impressed me!

Straightforward Ontario Deck Box Assembly

Highlights of Ontario’s Extra Large Deck Box

  • Exhibiting enchanting textured wooden looks
  • Compliments inside / outside seating areas & pool-side
  • Spacious 230 gallons / 870 litres storage capacity
  • Rot resistant, free from corrosion and durable
  • UV protection against sunburn pressures
  • Escapes recurring paint & varnishing duties
  • Weatherproof design maintains a dry interior
  • Ideal for cushion & towel storage
  • Accommodates a diverse range of storage services
  • Lockable lid virtue of a padlock design
  • Gas pressured pistons aid lifting the lid weight
  • Child friendly pistons prevent the lid crashing down
  • Flat lid enables usage for table-top services
  • Handle slots either side optimize re-positioning
  • Manufactured from recyclable polypropylene
  • 16 straightforward installation steps
  • Construction swiftly snaps together & secures with minimal screws
  • 2 years Ontario warranty cover
  • Conservation-free
  • Maintenance merely involves an expeditious wipe over

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Extra Large Deck Box Storage - Ontario

Extra Large, Stylish, Versatile & Convenient

Displaying a semblance of exquisite wooden styling meanwhile armoured with polypropylene’s weatherproof enclosure ascertains resistance to weather-depreciation virtue of the composition being immune from wasting away through decay.

230 gallons of accommodation space equates to spacious internals in contrast to competing deck boxes meanwhile due to maintaining a fresh dry ambience inside produces internals ideal for cushion storage, delivering patio convenience with regard to finding room indoors where to store their bulkiness.

Along with In-the-home storage, Ontario’s prominent location is situated outdoors suchlike around a patio, BBQ deck or poolside. Storing an abundance of various items describes their versatility further to configuring a child-friendly lid design that helps create a safe-haven for toys.

Couple the reasonable price, extra dimensions and two years assurance, I imagine the Ontario is gearing up to become another globally favoured deck box.

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Ontario Deck Storage Box

SimonHope Ontario’s large dimensions provide inspiration for your deck box research.

Share your deck box queries & favoured models below in the comment area.

Happy to help,


Please share Keter’s Ontario. Thank you!



    • Hi, Doug – I believe the dimensions are: (outer): 147 x 83 x 86 cm (W x D x H).
      Please verify with the seller prior to purchase to make sure these are correct.
      Hope this helps,

  1. Hi Simon,
    It is a really great overview of Ontario Deck Box Storage and just on time. The summer and barbeque season is coming up.
    Even though we still have some snow on our deck, we are in search of a good deck box storage.
    I really liked the Ontario one for a couple of reasons. Forst of all, it perfectly matches our deck color. Secondly, it is sun- and waterproof. It is very handy as our last geck box we had to restain as it started to lose its color and stain because of the weather conditions we have here. It also has a very good size and moreover, it can be used as an extra seating space for a big barbeque party.
    Definitely will look into buying this one.

    • Hey Anna, barbecue time is not too far away, although we too have just had another lump of snowfall as I write this reply – ha! I think the deck box competition is going to keep accelerating as the years roll on due to the way new moulding techniques artistically mimic wood.

      If you’re searching for an extra large storage box you can perch on your patio, I haven’t been introduced to any competition surpassing these dimensions comprising a lift-up lid style, it holds a whopping 230 gallons of storage. Keter have just released the video to which I’ve embedded up-above, demonstrating what storage potential spacious dimensions suchlike these are able to accommodate plus after viewing Ontario’s services you’re able to better visualise how it will work for your circumstances.

      I think the colour match to wood has been accomplished extremely well along with the intricate grain details embossed throughout and you’re right, the UV stabilised manufacture is purposely designed to remain unaffected when suffering the scorch of sunburn without succumbing to bleaching nor surface cracks. Again, I think there’s been dramatic improvements in the ways toughening compounds armour resin manufactures with UV protection, feedback from Keter products regarding this issue comes across exceptionally well.

      The Ontario isn’t designed for seating Anna, I think the higher walls aren’t sufficiently robust enough to hold adult weights, having said that you would probably find the seating position too high if it catered for such services. If you like the style and prefer seating, check out Keter’s Rockwood Deck Boxes because they are the lower version to this Ontario and cater for seating, table-top services along with storing 150 gallons of outdoorsy gear.

      Hope this helps and thanks again for messaging,

  2. Brandon

    The rich wooden guise is what caught my eye the most. I’m currently in the process of enhancing the outdoors of my house so something as simple as this yet effective at the same time is something I’m after. The prices are good too so that’s a massive plus. Cheers for the great help!

    • Hey Brandon, Keter have achieved the creation of a wooden semblance with supreme effectiveness virtue of embedding textured grain within the composition along with precise wooden colours, the advantage of modern day manufacturing procedures accompanying crafty molding methods.

      The Ontario certainly adds a touch of charm to a patio’s seating area, looks extra special situated next to wooden furniture too meanwhile it’s spaciously deep compared to conventional large deck box dimensions therefore accommodates quite a collection of storage however due to the high walls, doesn’t offer bench seating like some of the lower designs do, suchlike the Rockwood deck box for instance.

      Yeah, I agree with regards to prices. Most deck boxes are pretty reasonable and offer such an easy assembly hence their huge sales. Many people purchase additional deck boxes for this reason along with their organisational capabilities whereby they locate them in different places around their home both inside & out.

      Glad to be of help Brandon, thanks for stopping by,

  3. Ah, now this is something that I could really need for my garden. I have got a shed which has got everything in.

    And that includes fold up chairs that I don’t really want to be stored with my tools and bits and bobs.

    This also looks perfect as it blends in really well with my outdoor furniture. It has the same color and style.

    Not that I think I will be putting anything of real value into this box but I wondered about the padlock feature. Can it accommodate a small, medium or big padlock? What I mean is if it’s only a small padlock then it maybe tempting for burglars to break into. At least that’s what I’m thinking.

    • Hey Owain, thanks for taking a read of how Ontario’s deck box delivers spacious internal accommodation room for sheltering patio, BBQ and gardening accessories including those large furniture seating cushions that are commonly awkward items to store indoors due to most of us not having enough spare cupboard space.

      I’ve measured the internals of this box and it will store our fold-up chairs a treat however all items do vary so it’s worth piling them up as though they were inside the box and measuring against the internal dimensions presented above.

      The new methods of molding are highly advancing nowadays, creating the traditional guise of wood in sublime detail. If you run your hand over the surface, the textured grain compliments the wooden appearance with distinct similitude therefore enhances a seating area equipped with wooden furniture a treat.

      The Ontario is fitted with a clasp for slipping through the conventional medium padlock style however we only lock the box to prevent the likes of cats or strong winds from dislodging the catch and lifting the lid. They only provide minimal deterrent to be honest Owain because a thief could simply carry the deck box away or cut through the padlock with bolt cutters. All deck boxes are comparable when inspecting their security.

      We’ve never had an issue with thefts albeit we don’t store anything expensive, we purely use ours for patio convenience during the warm season.
      Thanks again for inspecting,

  4. NaShanda Williams

    These weather proof sheds are just what I need. I tried using plastic tubs a few years ago and they just filled with water and got so dirty. So I ended up throwing them into the trash and moving things into the garage with makes it crowded in there. I will definitely be looking into these.

    • Hey NaShanda, these types of deck box contain a lid that encloses the inside from getting wet & damp, rather their internals remain dry & aired which makes them an ideal storage facility for furniture seating covers & cushions, a particular service we use them for in the UK which delivers convenience as finding room in our home where to store bulky items suchlike these has always represented issues.

      We use ours during the spring and summer months when the weather’s warm. During the cold season we empty the box and store the contents in the loft and leave the deck box stood empty on the patio.

      Many people store theirs inside too as they help organise all sorts of items from kids toys, work tools, sports gear, shoes & outside walking clothes to bed linen whereas outside their usages cater from gardening tools to patio & bbq accessories, they’re so versatile.

      We have a smaller height deck box to this that’s able to seat two adults and due to the flat lid, provide table-top services too however Ontario’s spacious design isn’t intended for seating on account of the higher fascia wall design but their interior holds a lot more gear. Choosing the style & services required depends on individual circumstances.

      Yeah keep calling back in NaShanda, presently there’s new creations being developed on a regular basis. Here’s a few more styles of deck boxes that may suit your services,

  5. This is another great article of yours. My father is very interested in outdoor stuff and always looking for new products. We have a deck and this looks like a wonderful product to buy. I’ve bookmarked your site for future reference. I will be buying a house soon, and some of the products you reviewed so far are on my buying list. I will let me know which one I buy in the future. Thank you so much for sharing this information.

    • Hi Hong, thanks for your interest in reading Ontario’s deck box description.

      The Ontario represents the largest dimensions concerning a deck box size I have written an article about. Brand new to market, Keter have certainly realised the potential in developing adequate size storage facilities with an easygoing construction thereby pleasing most of our inexperienced DIY skills.

      Keter’s range of small units similar to this is ever expanding owing to their popularity for inside/outside storage accommodation meanwhile their recent developments masterfully resemble wooden compositions on account of newly evolving manufacturing techniques and highly creative molding methods.

      Close inspection of the Ontario delivers incredible similarities to wood albeit absent from the hassles they represent stood outdoors.
      Keep calling back in for a browse Hong, there’s new models being created constantly to which this website is eager to review, thank you,

  6. Hi,
    Your article on Extra Large Deck Box Storage is very helpful for me where I live, our storage area has been a challenge for us since we are three of us and each wants to use the small storage area our house has, Now with your idea I guess am I am good.Thank you for your very informative article

    • Hey Mercy, this type of facility enables organising storage to clear space in and out of the home. We know families who have chosen a few similar styles of deck boxes sheltering gardening tools, patio & BBQ essentials to swimming gear meanwhile it’s a popular occurrence to find them situated indoors too, whether they’re used for toys, bed linen, works & sports equipment or located in the garage accommodating DIY tools.

      A friend on ours finds hers such a useful unit for storing bulky bed sheets and pillows, hence the reasons how versatile they are.

      Sounds like you need three, one a piece to independently organise storage – ha!
      Here’s a category page presenting all the deck boxes I have so far reviewed if you would like to view the various styles and sizes of the market’s most favourable deck boxes, there’s a few pages to scroll through. Hopefully you find the dimensions that fit your storage and location both indoors and out.

      This Ontario is the largest deck box I’ve been introduced to. You need to be reviewing low profile horizontal sheds if more spacious storage dimensions are on the wish list.

      Hope this helps Mercy, thanks again,

  7. Great article! I have been wanting to get something like this for the tools in my garage. I could use the extra space by moving my garden tools outside but I don’t want a very large tool shack. This solution seems perfect, especially the materials used will withstand the heat of the Hawaiian sun year round. I’m sad that this item is not available in the US yet, but will check back at the Keter website often to see if there are any updates in availability. Thanks for sharing information on this fantastic product!

    • Hey Annie, thanks for commenting your interest with regards to Ontario’s deck box.

      These styles of deck box are so versatile in what you are able to store, from tools to gardening gear, toys to swimming accessories and beyond meanwhile many people do locate them indoors or in the garage to organise a clean area in the home whereas positioned outside, around the garden, patio or poolside is most common.

      The decay-resistant polypropylene includes all the toughening elements to withstand sunburn depreciation in climates suchlike your Hawaiian sun, lucky you – It’s freezing over in the UK as I reply – ha!

      The Ontario has just been released to market. Where I point visitors towards in the UK is presently the only place I have found it for sale, nothing in the USA according to my research so far. Hopefully it won’t be too long before it’s available, I will provide a link as soon as.

      Yeah, I think the way they have manufactured and molded this creation into the most realistic wooden effect is very clever workmanship. Thanks again Annie,

  8. sarah

    Great product, these deck boxes are huge and have a lot of space. A perfect thing to keep in garden for storage purposes. Perfect and really great, it is not only a storage but also helps us keeping our garden clean and tidy.

    • Hey Sarah, thanks for commenting on the advantages a huge deck box suchlike Ontario’s dimensions provide.

      Our deck box is slightly smaller to Ontario’s higher design to which we fill with patio furniture cushions, they’re so convenient being able to store their bulkiness outside when I think back to all the problems trying to find cupboard space indoors where to store. A few cushions their size soon fills half a cupboard. Come Autumn time when the weather starts to change we empty the box and store the contents in the loft till next spring and leave the deck box sat in the corner of the patio over winter.

      You’re right about keeping the garden tidy, a few of our friends use them for kids toys. Like they say, you can clear the garden in minutes once the lid’s ajar and due to the safety of the piston-hinge design they are child friendly, pressured not to crash down and cause accidents on fingers.

      We also have an Aunt who has a small garden plot outside her flat and uses a deck box for the few tools required to maintain the garden. As she says, without it she’d be lost where to store and because they’re cheap old tools, nobody’s going to break the padlock to steel them, what’s the point – ha!

      Glad I’ve inspired you Sarah. Here’s some more competing deck boxes if you’d like to explore some more.
      Thanks again,

  9. This seems to be a really good outdoor storage box. Most common concern for outdoor storage box is its durability, especially its rot-resistancy, sunburn durability, etc. But this particular box seems to be really durable according to your review, right?

    But I just checked on Amazon. It doesn’t ship to Singapore 🙁 Is there any other places that I can purchase?

    • Hey Jerry, thanks for dropping by to read about the benefits of Ontario’s deck box.

      Ontario’s make-up regards a main mix of polypropylene along with UV protection elements that provide armoury to the composition to withstand the stresses of sunburn attack making it unaffected to bleaching and fractures yesterday’s resin used to succumb to. Polypropylene is not susceptible to decay when stood in damp environments long term meanwhile the make-up’s impermeable to rainwater.

      Any deck box suchlike this is not waterproof because if you sat them in water they would leak through their faint construction gaps however they are designed weatherproof for rain falling down upon them therefore retain dry & aired internal conditions making them ideal for the likes of seating cushion storage.

      If you opted to pressure wash this store down, I would empty the contents first however they can be wiped down just as quick.

      As far as shipping is concerned, the Ontario is brand new to market, I have only seen it available in the UK so far, I can’t presently find it for sale anywhere in the USA either. Hopefully before too long Keter will have a supply chain set up for global purchase.
      Hope this helps Jerry,

  10. Huzefa

    You have drafted a great article..
    This shed can really be useful
    Thank you

    • Hey Huzefa,
      Thanks for calling in to investigate Ontario’s deck box.

      Sounds like you have received all the information required regarding this extra large storage box.

      Deck boxes suchlike this are very versatile owing to the spacious dimensions meanwhile they serve restricted outdoor spaces a treat due to sitting unobtrusively below the typical house window height sheltering patio, gardening, BBQ and swimming gear not forgetting a decent sizes cavern for clearing kids toys out of sight when not in use.
      Thanks again Huzefa,

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