Extra Large Outdoor Deck Boxes

Lifetime’s innovative ‘Rough-Cut’ extra large outdoor deck boxes ooze eye appeal by simulating highly detailed rustic wooden appearances with the aim of sprucing up the patio meanwhile their spacious dry interior is protected by a make-up constituting weather-resistant polyethylene.

Extra Large Outdoor Deck Boxes

Lifetime Rough-Cut Deck Box

Rough-Cut Deck Box

As far as deck box dimensions go, this interior accommodates 150 gallons of storage hence the extra large description. Currently I have only come across Keter’s Ontario that exceeds these measurements in this style, expanding up to 230 gallons as a consequence of deeper walls however this Rough-Cut is formed from a similar configuration to Lifetime’s award-winning global best-selling 130 gallon deck box that radiates desert-sandy tones.

Examine Rough-Cut’s competition, comprising a diverse range of deck box sizes & styles, designed to suit & serve various circumstances.

Deck boxes are adaptable for countless usages around the home, both indoors and out. They have no specific purpose apart from clearing space and being organised. Utilising their service is simply down to one’s ideas.

Inside the home, these spacious dimensions cater to organise work tools, sports equipment, outside walking gear to bed linen meanwhile outdoors to where they’re more commonly stationed accommodate swimming supplies, equipment & towels situated poolside – Barbecue grilling equipment & accessories located on a patio further to gardening tools, lawn & plant feed positioned in a small home-yard.

For our concerns, we appreciate their convenience serving to store bulky outdoor furniture cushions located on the patio whereas if you’re on the lookout for a small facility to attain the swiftest of kids toys tidy-ups operating a child-friendly design – Once the lid’s ajar, the roominess of the interior clears the garden in a jiffy.

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Competition’s currently increasing across the deck box world at remarkable pace whereby new groundbreaking designs suchlike this Rough-Cut exhibit highly presentable displays that stylishly enhance any outdoor seating area. Wooden & metal deck boxes are seldom seen nowadays due to their inability to stand up to the weather-elements without rot & corrosion setting in to their felted top & structure.

Choosing a style is usually down to eye appeal albeit for our needs we additionally searched for quite a roomy interior functioning a user-friendly design, a flat lid adaptable for table-top services along with a sturdy construction for the purpose of bench seating, all of which this multi-functional Rough-Cut storage box provides.

Extra Large Outdoor Deck Boxes - Lifetime Rough-Cut

Examine Rough-Cut’s Features

Rustic Attraction with Weatherproof Backing

Rough-Cut’s deck box composition constitutes identical make-up to Lifetime’s groundbreaking walk-in sheds, virtue of High Density Polyethylene to assure weather-resistance on account of the non-biodegradable manufacture. Okay, it will never decompose in our lifetime but encouragingly it is 100% environmentally recyclable & green meaning it can be reused into alternative resin products after it’s been disposed of down at the local refuse plant.

Sturdy Bench Seating

Sturdy Bench Seating

Described as heavy-duty, the Rough-Cut provides sturdy bench seating up to an evenly distributed weight capacity of 900 lbs (568 litres) virtue of the fascia walls comprising a thickened double lining of polyethylene. The inner layer’s composed of a series of resin ridges in order to brace the box and enhance stability meanwhile it prevents the outer-skin from deforming through dented appearances.

During manufacture, UV inhibitors accompany the polyethylene to armour the make-up with defence against the forces of sunburn assault with the objective to withstand fractures & colour demise occurring when sun-rays scorch the surface thereby overcoming that unsightly beaching demise unprotected plastic is usually susceptible to.

Following mixing the resin ingredients, the mastery craftsmanship of innovative molding techniques produce mirror images of intricate grain textures arranged in wood-slat style. Although Lifetime describe the colour as brown it exhibits more of a weathered silvery appearance due to the brushwood finish, hence the Rough-Cut description meanwhile the floor panel is shaded black.

The upper-hand of a polyethylene composition relates to the absence of peeling nor does it demand re-coats of paint or varnish at a future date for the purpose of nurturing the manufacture to conserve. Preserving becomes irrelevant whereas a once-in-a-while wash helps restore their stylish presentation. A cloth, soft brush or sponge soaked in warm water inclusive of washing-up liquid or mild detergent swiftly refreshes Rough-Cut’s appearance or perhaps a light shower down with the hosepipe. Voila – job done!

No need to fret about exposed steel works and hinges rusting either. Everything metal is powder-coated in a corrosion-resistant finish.

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Stylish Brushwood Presentation

Easy Access & User Friendly Features

Accessing Rough-Cut’s deck box is made easy and child friendly thanks to the purposely designed spring hinges that incorporate on both sides of the lid. A 150 gallon storage box obviously has a fairly hefty broad lid expanse therefore to stop the lid from crashing down spring-forced hinges support the weight making it slowly close thereby avert trapping fingers.

Child-Friendly Controlled Lid

Child-Friendly Controlled Lid

Opening the box is also aided by the spring pressure, once the top slightly opens ajar the springs step into action where their forced pressure automatically takes over the lift. Maintaining the lid in an open position is accomplished by opening slightly past 90 degrees which makes the box highly suited for kids storage, accomplishing a garden clear-up at a moment’s notice.

The lid’s perimeter slightly protrudes beyond the fascia walls preventing rainfall finding entry meanwhile upon closure a weatherproof seal cushions the top of the box & lid for the purpose of maintaining dry internal conditions, ideal for seating cushion storage. We find storing their bulkiness outside on the patio extremely convenient when I look back to the problems we used to be confronted with trying to find enough space indoors.

We’ve already covered the box supports bench seating however benefiting from a flat lid paves the way for providing table-top services too which we find advantageous come barbecue season for accommodating food & cutlery when friends gather & additional room is required. Having said that, we typically use ours as a table-top for drinks and alfresco dining throughout summer whilst sat on the patio soaking up the sun.

Locking the deck box simply regards slipping a padlock through the catch that adjoins the lid to the box body which does provide deterrent but obviously no deck box delivers high security as they could be carried away.

Moving the deck box to the desired location around a patio or poolside is aided by the molded hand-grips incorporated on both sides. 2 people can comfortably lift the box and situate in the preferred spot.

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Moulded Hand-grips & Lockable

Rough-Cut Deck Box Measurements & Specifications

Rough-Cut Deck Box Measurements

Rough-Cut Deck Box Measurements & Specifications

Construction Made Easy

Rough-Cut Deck Box Self-Assembly

Rough-Cut Deck Box Self-Assembly

You will always find the odd grumble or frustration regarding any flat-packed assembly project however on the whole this Rough-Cut comes across with a very straightforward installation procedure whereby most assemblers finish construction within an hour, many feedback estimates 30 minutes but what’s the rush.

You will however need a socket wrench or movable spanner to tighten the nuts meanwhile the key is not to over-tighten. All screws securing plastic constructions should be just nipped up tight. Illustrations are presented clearly throughout the various steps within the instructions requiring working through the order and implementing what’s demonstrated.

This video below demonstrates how the lid of an equivalent Lifetime deck box is assembled including fitting the spring hinges to give an idea how basic their construction is. Hope this calms any DIY concerns.

Lifetime Deck Box Lid Assembly


Extra Large Outdoor Deck Boxes - Rough-Cut

Highlights and Concerns


  • Realistic brushwood effect displays rustic charm
  • Intricate grain details embody the stylish wood slat presentation
  • Extra large 150 gallons / 568 litres storage capacity
  • Capacity to shelter a diverse range of accessories
  • Double walled skin offers sturdy bench seating up to 900 lbs
  • Weather-resistant fascia panels will not corrode, rot nor peel
  • UV inhibitors resist sunburn cracking and colour distortion
  • High Density Polyethylene is not designed for re-painting or varnishing
  • A wipe over simply rejuvenates the presentation
  • Weatherproof design including a waterproof seal at the wall-to-lid abutment
  • Dry interior suitable for towels, cushions & seating cover storage
  • Vulnerable steel-works are powder-coated to withstand rust
  • Controlled spring hinges aid lifting the lid’s weight
  • Spring-hinge pressure prevents the lid weight slamming down
  • Child-friendly lid design produces a box ideal for toy storage
  • A padlock secures the deck box
  • Incorporated hand-grips either side aid moving the deck box
  • Flat lid serves for alfresco dining & table-top services
  • Basic self-assembly procedure swiftly constructs
  • 10 years Rough-Cut deck box warranty assurance


  • No deck box delivers high security against thieves

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Extra Large Outdoor Deck Boxes

Ultra Stylish, Extra Large & Weather-Resistant

Rough-Cut’s brushwood guise complements any patio deck’s oasis or poolside with gorgeous weathered looks meanwhile the decay-resistant polyethylene delivers the composition armoury to withstand the forces of rain, damp and scorching sunshine without alteration to the structure – 10 years assurance provides oceans of confidence.

Rough-Cut Deck Box Feedback

User-friendly features suchlike a waterproof seal deliver a dry internal atmosphere for storing cushion fabrics along with a haven for kids toys virtue of incorporating a child-friendly lid design meanwhile sturdy twin lined polyethylene walls assure sturdiness for bench seating along with resistance to dents.

View Lifetime Rough-Cut Deck Box Prices

The Rough-Cut deck box represents an extra-large heavy-duty ground breaking innovative design that delivers convenience whilst accommodating a fair amount of outdoor stuff.

SimonHope Rough-Cut’s large dimensions provide inspiration for your deck box ideas.

Share you preferred garden storage box along with any queries below.

Until the next deck box review,


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  1. Hello! I love the storage Container. Weather proof and children safety. That’s awesome!

    This review is so precise and very informative. Thank you for what you’re doing and for helping people with their needs when it comes to these storage containers.

    Very well done!

    Take care.

    • Hi David, thanks for calling in to read about Lifetime’s extra large deck box and messaging your thoughts.

      The entire make-up is designed weatherproof for rainfall to promptly drain away whilst maintaining a fresh interior that’s ideal for storing cushion fabrics during Summertime meanwhile resistant to decomposing and not susceptible to blistering & bleaching when exposed to the scorch of sunburn.

      This box does have a weighty lid therefore would wallop down if absent from spring hinges, these soft close the lid along with springing the lid ajar when gaining access, a first-rate child-friendly feature many competing deck boxes are nowadays also incorporating.

      We use ours for conveniently storing the patio-furniture cushions outside, finding roomy cupboard space indoors previously presented difficulties. Alternatively, these spacious internals favourably store outdoor toys, patio accessories, sporty stuff, gardening tools and BBQ paraphernalia, they’re extremely versatile. They also provide a dry internal space for storing fire-logs over Wintertime.

      Glad you liked the review David, thanks again,

  2. This review covers absolutely everything you need to know about the rough cut storage containers. I think the features are explained very well, and when something is child friendly it is a big bonus.

    • Hey Ruth, thanks for dropping by to read all about Lifetime’s Rough-Cut deck box features and benefits. I’m glad you found the review helpful and answered all your concerns.

      Most of today’s recently designed deck boxes comprise user-friendly hinges and due to their mini heights, are commonly used for toy storage therefore incorporating springs or gas shock pistons into the hinge design assists the opening of their hefty lids, generating user-friendliness in two ways.

      Firstly it swings ajar as if automatic once you start to lift the lid due to the pressure forced out by the hinges, making access a dream meanwhile they prevent the bulkiness of the lid-weight crashing down and causing accidents on fingers thanks to the pressure that forces a slow-close.

      Most of the deck boxes I review comprising user-friendly opening systems are used both in the home & outside for toy storage amongst the many other varied services they’re designed for.
      Thanks again Ruth,

  3. Hi Simon,

    These deck boxes are amazing! I love the workmanship, durability, childproof, weatherproof, & the fact that they are environmentally friendly. The quality is simply outstanding!

    Which size of deck box have you found to be the most popular or that people are buying the most?

    Thank for your help & fantastic info!

    • Hey Daniel, haven’t recent molding techniques evolved to create mirror likenesses to wood with regards to achieving identical shades along with embossing textured grain details throughout the surface, their craftsmanship is amazing.

      Most of the modern deck boxes are now incorporating child-friendly hinges as part of their designs owing to their standard height being adequate for serving as a toy store both indoors and outside.

      Choosing a style depends on appearances along with being able to accommodate your necessities. This Rough-Cut version doubles the services with a flat lid to serve food, drinks and games etc as well as offering bench seating due to the sturdy walls & lid thereby triple services are provided for outdoor seating areas and poolside.

      Polyethylene is completely reusable thank goodness as it will never decompose in our lifetime. All deck boxes are designed weatherproof, assuring rainwater drains away but they can’t be described as waterproof due to their interlocking design containing faint gaps however these are essential to distribute fresh air current to the interior to eradicate musty atmospheres developing.

      The most popular deck box I would imagine is Lifetime’s 130 gallon storage box due to receiving awards however recently Keter are knocking on the door with both their Rockwood and Brightwood designs which have huge global sales.

      If you’re after a square shape, check out Keter’s Deck Box Cube as this receives awesome feedback whereas if you’re after a circular table shape to accompany food and drinks, Keter’s Circa provides the quickest tool free assembly you’ll ever come across along with exceptional feedback.

      Deck Box Reviews page links all the best sellers of varying sizes if you wish to take a look.

      Thanks again Daniel, hope this helps,

  4. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for the great information in your review. I know this is primarily aimed at being used around as a deck box but would it be practical to use it in a camping environment also? Something like this seems perfect for when we are camping near lakes or may even want to bring it on the boat. Would it hold up to being regularly moved?


    • Hey Barry, thanks for your query with regards to how robust Lifetime’s deck boxes are.

      All deck boxes are primarily constructed the same way, relating to a quick installation procedure whereby the floor and fascia panels interlock during assembly and secure with screws therefore the base does have a weight limit to what it’s able to carry being moved around. Personally I would empty the deck box if it’s full of weighty equipment and move the box with 2 people via the molded hand grips into the desired location.

      It’s also imperative these boxes are stationed on solid level ground suchlike paving, wood decking, asphalt etc and not positioned on mud or grass. They are all designed weatherproof for rainwater to run off but not waterproof. In other words in you immersed them in water they will leak due to their faint installation gaps however these gaps are essential to deliver fresh air inside to prevent musty atmospheres developing.

      Hope this answers your concerns Barry, thanks again,

  5. Great Post Simon! I always love reading your post. You explain every single aspect in a beautiful manner. A reader can’t distract till ended. Well, this deck box is really owsome, perfect for holding kids item they use regularly for playing.
    The good thing is that one of my friend was asking about such type of deck box and I shared your post with her. She was quite happy to see and wanted to buy as well. Thanks for sharing such good post. Have a great time!!

    • Hey Sarah, thanks for your kind words,
      You’re right, this does make an excellent outdoor kids toy-store box. The lid lifts up easy due to the spring tension within the hinges forcing the weight ajar meanwhile prevents the lid dropping down with one mighty bang and hurting fingers, rather a slow-close system design has purposely been invented for child safety here.

      Once inside the kids have 150 gallons of storage capacity for sheltering toys, it’s a decent size that accommodates a fair amount of stuff, a flat lid turns the deck box into a fab sized table top, ideal for kids games as well as alfresco dining meanwhile it’s strong enough for the kids to use as bench seating, both additional services we find beneficial whilst barbecuing, eating & drinking outdoors especially when friends visit.

      Glad you’re friend liked the size and style of Lifetime’s extra large deck box Sarah, there’s plenty of competing deck boxes here whereby they all spread different dimensions and exhibit different styles & colours, thanks again,

  6. What a solid review with so many aspects considered that I would not have thought of. Well done for being so thorough with your review to help those of us considering an outdoor box be aware of what to look out for when choosing one. They are so convenient and practical for storing and cleaning up. My fave aspect of these are the UV protection to ensure it’s longevity. Thanks for the review.

    • Hi Kat, the beauty of accommodating storage in an extra large deck box is that it’s easily moved into the desired location yet stores quite a large amount of gear owing to the spacious 150 gallon capacity meanwhile this model incorporates the advantages of a waterproof seal to help maintain conditions dry inside besides operating a user-friendly lid design whereby the spring tension within the hinges control the lid mechanism to prevent the weight banging down as well as aiding to open the box.

      We searched for a spacious box to accommodate all our patio necessities along with one that supports bench seating and a flat lid to serve as an extra table meanwhile we’re impressed with how the hinges control the lid weight especially when kids are opening the box.

      Lifetime seem to be at the forefront of designing UV protective polyethylene compositions to prevent implications of colours distorting and cracks appearing when subject to the scorch of sunburn assault. Their resistance to bleaching is well represented in reviews and backed up with 10 years of warranty cover, assuring plenty of confidence.

      Thanks again Kat, glad the review inspired,

  7. Simon,

    Thanks for all the wonderful detail in this review. It seems that no matter the deck box I get for the pool it gets destroyed over one season. The entire point is so that it protects all the items stored inside of it. What seems to happen is that the box gets destroyed and the items inside go with it!

    Glad to hear that the Rough-Cut has a more positive user experience associated with it. I will definitely give it a shot over the junk, cheap versions I have been buying. What big box store can I find this at? Or is it strictly provided at the links you’ve offered here?

    • Hi Dalton, thanks for calling in to examine Lifetime’s Rough-Cut version of a deck box.

      This box contains a double walled skin which delivers 900 lbs of seating capacity to give an idea of how sturdy their dual walled fascia constructs into meanwhile running around the perimeter at the top of the box lies a waterproof seal to which the lid presses down upon when closed to maintain dry internal conditions.

      You are right, once water gets inside a deck box, storage becomes ruined. To my knowledge, only Lifetime boxes presently contain a waterproof seal however they’re all designed weatherproof for rainwater falling down upon them. Recent designs have vastly improved compared to original models.

      Yeah, reviews come across encouraging alike their 130 gallon deck box that radiates a sandy shade which is probably the market leader however this deck box has only recently been released therefore like you mention, it’s hard to find a sales store selling it.

      The links I point visitors towards are currently the only sales sites I have found selling this Brushwood box, even Home Depot don’t have it advertised yet. I’m sure with a bit of patience there’ll be plenty of stores selling due to Lifetime’s dominance in this market.

      Hope this helps Dalton and thanks again,

  8. Will

    Wow, incredibly thorough review. I actually have a patio and have been thinking of investing in some type of storage box like this, but after reading this I think i’ll definitely have to go with the Rough-cut. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Will, for our concerns we’ve found a deck box highly beneficial for storing all the outdoor seating covers & cushions due to their dry internals. Finding sufficient room for storing their bulkiness always presented problems for us indoors however this solution delivers so much convenience. Step outside on a warm summer’s morning, open the deck box and have every chair sorted in minutes. Come winter we store the contents in the loft and refill in spring.

      We have many friends who have deck boxes for organising all sorts of gear both outside & indoors, whether it’s used for gardening tools, sports equipment, outside walking wear, work tools and anything associated with outdoors things, they’re ideal meanwhile a child friendly design such as this box enables kids to dump all their toys in after a hard days play – ha! They’re so versatile.

      Personally I like the brushwood guise, others admire the rattan effect whereas many prefer a different shade. Here’s a selection comprising the recent best deck box reviews so you can inspect the alternatives.
      Hope this helps and thanks for taking a browse,

  9. Michael Pawlik

    Hi Simon,

    I really like how these boxes have UV protection, child protection and have that rustic real-wood appeal.

    The fact that these also double as benches and are made from durable polyethylene is also good to know as I am sure these will last for a long time.

    Although I don’t own my own home yet I like to do a lot of research as to products to eventually purchase so this page will definitely come in handy!


    • Hey Michael, Rough-Cut’s guise charmingly exhibits the silvery tones of weathered wood in a brushwood design comprising alike details to a wooden texture molded within the fascia surface and like you mention overcoming unprotected plastic’s bleaching discolourations and fracture splits occurring to the composition is virtue of amalgamating UV inhibitors within the polyethylene mix. Impressive reviews are received from Lifetime products regarding their resistance to sunburn damage.

      Incorporating child-friendly lid opening mechanisms is becoming more popular on deck boxes nowadays as they are such a useful height for kids storage, making the hefty lid weight safe therefore is paramount.
      By manufacturing a double walled skin that’s ribbed on the inside increases the constructions sturdiness, this box offers bench seating up to 900 lbs which is significant for plastic. Not all deck boxes offer seating ability but this was essential for our choice of deck box.

      Yeah, polyethylene means you won’t be subject to painting nor varnishing the box on an annual cycle in order to keep the make-up nurtured. Instead, a quick wipe over sufficiently restores their presentation once any grime becomes noticeable, they are conveniently maintainable.

      Resin deck box design is still in the early years of development Michael however recent evolvements of manufactures and molding methods are exhibiting some extremely presentable fascias.
      Call back in and have a browse when the time comes, all the best,

  10. jlclayton1

    We just recently got our pool, and as you can imagine, the pool toys are everywhere! I’ve been looking for something very durable to use on the deck to hold everything, and I think this will fit the bill. I especially like the spring-forced hinges so that the lid won’t slam down on little fingers.

    Thank you for the great review!

    • Hey Janelle, congratulations on having a pool installed. Making the most of hot summer weather and swimming in a pool sounds such a fab lifestyle from someone living over in the UK. When we vacate to the Med to soak up the sun & swim we many times comment that it would be wonderful to have long hot summers to do this back at home – good for you!

      Lifetime’s polyethylene is one of the most durable weather-resistant plastics out there meanwhile the way it’s configured into double lined walls enhances the sturdiness of the construction, this is able to bench seat up to 900 lbs which describes the strength of the box.

      Inside the box you have spacious internals able to accommodate up to 150 gallons of storage, hopefully this will be adequate enough for all your swimming gear and pool toys meanwhile on account of the weatherproof seal that the lid closes upon when shut provides dry internals suitable for towel storage.

      I like both spring hinges and gas shocks that manufacturers incorporate for lifting their lids nowadays and preventing the weight from slamming down and trapping fingers, the child-friendly design provides a box suitable for pool toy storage for the kids to safely open up and access their swimming gear without accidents.

      On top of that, I like the style however there’s also Lifetimes 130 gallon deck box that radiates desert-sand tones if a different shade comprising the same make-up is preferred.
      All the best and happy swimming,

  11. Lace

    Gosh, what a super detailed review! For those looking for a deck box and considering rough cut, the this is the site for you. Looks like a great storage solution which would work great in an already secure garden. Spacious and the customer reviews look great too!

    • Hey Lace, glad you found Lifetime brushwood deck box review informative.

      I like to inform visitors of the many features, what the make-up is conformed of and whether the construction is stable enough to support adult weights for bench seating meanwhile measurements are a must to compare with the amount of storage you’re thinking of accommodating and where to locate along with the manufacturers video demonstrating all the features in a real life setting.

      Rough-Cut is termed this way because the molding technique creates a brushwood guise, exhibiting rather a rustic silvery weathered look and texture. I like the style however there’s plenty of deck boxes to choose from achieving wondrous feed back if a different style or size is on the agenda.

      Yeah, this extra large size equates to 150 gallons storage capacity which is spacious for a deck box. After measuring up, this box would store all our outdoor furniture seating cushions a treat.
      Thanks for leaving your comment Lace,

  12. I could use 6 of the 150 gallon containers right now just to get my daughter and her kids organized, not to mention my son’s tools laying on the back deck. What a great idea. I love the fact that they are maintenance free and they hold so much. Easy to put together and well built. Great article full of valuable information on this product. You have given me some great ideas on how to use these containers to add to our seating area outside. Thank you.

    • Hey Deborah, wow 6 deck boxes, these will accommodate one heck of a lot of storage – ha! They’re ideal for organising kids toys, work tools and all the various types of outdoorsy things we keep accumulating meanwhile owing to their spring hinged lid operation they deliver a child friendly design making them ideal for kids to open up and dump all their toys inside. You’ll have your home-yard cleared away at a moment’s notice Deborah – ha!

      Yeah, 150 gallons storage accommodation is an extra large deck box size, there’s only the Keter Ontario I have so far come across in this style beating these dimensions owing to their deeper walls. Failing that, if you’re after a larger facility in this brushwood style there’s the Rough-Cut horizontal shed that caters for much larger internal dimensions.

      Polyethylene is fully weather-resistant so there’s no ongoing maintenance involved apart from an occasional wash to re-sparkle their presentation and like you say, they’re very straightforward to construct. Reading through the recent wave of feedback, installation takes anywhere from 30 mins to an hour. Just remember it is plastic therefore don’t over-tighten the screws.

      These types of deck boxes have so many uses, they certainly inspire ideas – what & where to store both indoors & outside,
      Thanks for messaging,

  13. This review is very detailed in every aspect that anyone seeking information about this product will have to look no further. You can see that the author cut no corners and has done their research.

    • Hey Maurice, I’m glad you found Lifetime’s Rough-Cut deck box review informative. This is one of Lifetime’s new designs displaying a rustic weathered style due to the brushwood finish. Looks like sales are set to flourish reading through their early set of feedback.

      I always try and provide visitors with all the relevant information including what the make-up comprises of, included features and measurements to help make an informed decision prior to purchase plus I always like to embed the manufacturers videos regarding the product. Being able to see the deck box serving in a real life situation is highly beneficial as you can usually visualise the box stationed in your own surroundings this way.
      Thanks again for messaging,

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