Extra Large Outdoor Storage Sheds

Lifetime’s extra large outdoor storage sheds constitute steel reinforced chunky fascia panels weatherproofed with rot resistant polyethylene, successfully vanquishing the duty of wood-preserving.

Extra Large Outdoor Storage Sheds

Lifetime 17.5 x 8 ft

Lifetime 17½ x 8 ft Shed

Expanding 17½ feet length-ways by 8 ft deep including an elevated ceiling height provides sizeable accommodation room to store an abundance of outdoor equipment, freeing-up space in the home whilst recouping car parking space in the garage. This voluminous interior would accommodate our shed a few times over, it’s huge.

Importantly, it’s worth conforming to Lifetime’s foundation stipulations to ascertain the build constructs perpendicular (described in the assembly section further down) meanwhile prior to decision-making this considerable footprint may require building permission from the authorities, best to check first wherever you live.

The UK currently has quite a relaxed approach for constructing storage sheds in back gardens however I understand laws are becoming fairly strict in various states across America.

Escaping the constraints of varnishing, switching decayed panels for new wood and periodically supplanting new roofing felt describe the headaches we’re glad to be shut of. The mere maintenance required with resin constructions entails the convenience of a jet-shower down for our concerns, a process that speedily brings back the new-look in minutes.

Incorporating twin doors along the length opens up solutions to more efficiently organise storage – muddy gardening equipment goes one side, clean patio furnishings the other; it’s perfectly designed & spacious enough, a feature the conventional width-way access sheds are ineffective in providing.

This facility represents the new arrival to Lifetime’s hugely popular range of similarly designed sheds, albeit a few feet larger.

Shed Sizes explores Lifetime’s competition although doors positioned middling the length are quite rare, most present access via the width.

View Lifetime 17.5 x 8 ft Shed Prices:

Lifetime Extra Large Outdoor Storage Sheds

Explore Lifetime’s 17½ x 8 ft Shed Features


Imperishable to Weather Stresses

Produced from High Density Polyethylene thoroughly withstands decomposing; encouragingly however, this thermoplastic is 100% recyclable therefore can be reused into the future’s generation of pioneering designs when the time comes to exchange.

Double-lined Fascia Panels

Double-lined Fascia Panels

In addition to withstanding rot, UV protection stabilises the polyethylene to endure the tensions of sun-rays discolouring, blistering and fracturing the composition, vanquishing yesteryear’s unsightly appearances.

The manufacturing procedure creates two skins & adjoins them together to form the fascia panels. Internally comprises an arrangement of ridges, specifically tailored to prevent dents & provide substantial bracing to the external side.

The outer-skin is where an exquisite simulation of wood panelling is created, arranged vertically & shaded in desert-sand. Extending 1.8 meters high, each wall sheet interlinks with adjoining panels in unison to interlocking with the floor’s periphery and abutting underneath the roof structure; additionally they’re steel reinforced, intensifying sturdiness.

Irrespective to sitting in damp, covered in snowfall, persistently showered upon or suffering sweltering sunshine, the make-up’s armoured to withstand the afflictions of weather-stresses therefore continues-on unaffected.

If you’re surrounded by shrubs & trees, a supple brush & a squirt of typical household detergent aids the removal of ingrained moss & dirt, however, in the main, a hosepipe shower or light pressure-wash swiftly revitalises the presentation.

View Lifetime 17.5 ft Shed Prices:

Lifetime 17.5 x 8 ft Shed

Steel Fortified Roof Structure

The rooftop construction incorporates an apex arrangement to immediately drain rainfall away in addition to extending beyond the shed walls. The fascia panels abut on the underside of the roof panels to overcome leakages where they connect.

Six Steel Trusses Fortify The Roof Structure

6 Steel Trusses Fortify The Roof Structure

The doors comprise a high arch design whereby an additional apex covers the entryway providing adult height access in order to prevent ducking down during entry meanwhile roaming around inside there’s a copious 6 ft 8″ floor-to-truss height with additional room above, reciprocated from the steep apex gradient.

Lifetime’s impermeable roof manufacture goes through the same production as the walls whereby an inner skin significantly reinforces. They’re manufactured into sheet formation and secured to a steel framework, however, instead of mimicking a wooden effect, the moulding procedure simulates classic slate tiling, crowning Lifetime’s off with stylish eye-appeal.

This is one huge roof span spreading 8 feet deep and 17½ ft long. Fortifying the spread, six steel trusses comprising an A-frame arrangement stretch across the roof width, substantially under-girding the apex providing considerable support meanwhile all the exposed metal framework is powder-coated to prevent corrosion. Furthermore, an additional snow-load kit is provided as standard for this shed, augmenting additional support.

Advantageously considering this substantial roof expanse, polyethylene delivers the antithesis of roofing felt in terms of surviving the climatic changes without being susceptible to disintegration therefore it’s not liable to future roof replacements, hence the growing attraction of resin storehouses.

View Lifetime 17.5 x 8 ft Storehouse Prices:

Lifetime 17.5 x 8 ft Storehouse

Inside Lifetime’s Spacious 17 Footer

Inside there’s an extensive walkway through meanwhile absent from claustrophobic sensations on account of the ceiling’s loftiness and full length skylight basking natural light. Daylight additionally enlightens the interior through two shatterproof squared effect windows positioned on the right-hand side of the doors, these open half-way besides being enhanced with decorative shutters.

Two screened ventilation grills integrate on opposite sides to disperse constant fresh-air to the interior in order to surmount saturated walls developing during prolonged clammy conditions.

I’m informed two straight shelves, 90″ long by 9″ deep are included along with 12 tool-hooks for hanging gardening equipment against the walls whilst a handy tool-storage-pouch provides easy access to hand-tools. The favourable solution to advance storage options further regards installing those popular free-standing shelves found at local DIY stores, an idea we embraced.

Lifetime Features

The floor’s polyethylene manufacture undergoes supplementary toughening to subsist the tensions of heavy-duty lawn cutters meanwhile embodied with a gripped surface and produced stain resistant means solvent spillages can be quickly wiped up without leaving marks.

The floorboards interlink covering the base area whilst their boundary edge interlocks with the fascia walls, weatherproofing the shed from rainfall and gusts of leaves blowing through, further to blockading a critter’s scurry-way. This built-in feature becomes a blessing around Autumn’s fall.

At the entrance, the threshold slopes to ground level to assist wheeling equipment inside. Twin doors comprising an arched top prevent cracking your nut whilst their breadth provides oceans of access for gardening duties. Additional daylight enters through both sets of door windows when the doors are closed.

The door’s make-up constitutes a double lining of polyethylene centred with a steel mesh. The molding method resembles a highly detailed wooden structure embossed with texture-like grain. Locking-up entails sliding the internal latches on the left door into grooves, followed by shutting the right door and sliding the through-bolt into the catch whereupon two holes align to accommodate a padlock.

View Lifetime 17 ft Shed Prices:

Lifetime Extra Large Storehouse

Timely yet Straightforward Installation

This 17 footer is a large construction to build and will take two people probably 1-2 days to finalise installation. The instructions straightforward approach requires assemblers to work through & implement the sequence of illustrated steps.

To ascertain the build constructs as advertised, it’s advisable to conform to Lifetime’s foundation recommendations. If you notice how the shed stations on solid level foundations in the images & video, this is crucial preparation to undertake before installation commences.

Constructing from a level platform simplifies panel alignment, resulting in an unstrained perpendicular stationed shed. In return, the vertical architraves function precisely aligned swinging doors.

Solid foundations prepared from concrete, paving slabs, asphalt or tarmac ensure the floor can subsist strenuous tractor stresses as well as attain unyielding anchorage when driving down grounding bolts.

Tips to Install a Lifetime Shed

This video demonstrates how to install a Lifetime shed. Albeit this 17 footer is larger, the same principles apply.


Advantages & Points to Consider


  • Displaying an attractive desert-sand wood panelled simulation
  • Crowned with realistically stylish slate effect tiling
  • Exhibits neutral accents to harmonise home landscapes
  • Provides spacious internals for an abundance of storage
  • Constructed from steel braced High Density Polyethylene
  • 6 roof trusses under-gird the apex – Roof extends beyond the fascia
  • Two steep apexes effectuate immediate rainfall drainage
  • Snow-load kit provided as standard
  • Recyclable polyethylene withstands decomposing
  • Powder-coated steel framework prevents corrosion
  • Incorporated ventilation grills throughput freshness
  • Daylight basks through the translucent roof light & 4 windows
  • 2 shelves, 12 hooks and a tool pouch are included
  • High arched entry doors plus 6 ft 8″ truss-to-floor height
  • Padlock-able broad access double doors assist gardening duties
  • Built-in floor is toughened to manage burdensome storage pressures
  • Integrating the floor panel with the fascia weatherproofs Lifetime sheds
  • UV protection prevents sun-scorch blistering & bleaching the fascia
  • Resists chips, peeling & dents – Never requires preserving nor decorating
  • An expeditious wash swiftly revives the presentation
  • Backed with 10 years of Lifetime 17 ft shed warranty
  • Part of the well renowned Lifetime group of weather-resistant storehouses

Points to Consider

  • Check whether these dimensions are permitted with local planning authorities before purchase
  • The preparation of a levelled platform is essential before constructing
  • A solid substrate is key to subsist weighty services besides fulfilling firm anchorage
  • A useful storage tip is to consider installing stand-alone shelving

View Lifetime 17.5 x 8 ft Prices:

Extra Large Outdoor Storage Sheds

Extra Spacious & Ever Enduring

Lifetime’s roomy internals provide a freshly ventilated bright & airy ambience for storage protection meanwhile encased in steel buttressed double lined polyethylene fascia panels assures robustness & complete weather-resistance.

Creatively simulating resin to exhibit a wooden construction crowned with a slate rooftop showcases pleasing eye-appeal to compliment the home-yard meantime caters to accommodate an abundance of outdoorsy gear. There’ll be room to park the car in the garage after this is constructed.

View Lifetime 17.5 x 8 ft Shed Prices:

SimonHope Lifetime’s commodious shed provides plenty of inspiration for your extra large storehouse search.

Share your favourite spacious weatherproof shed below, along with any Lifetime queries. Pleasure to help.

Until the next extensive shed review,


Please share Lifetime’s 17 footer. Thank you.



  1. Remy

    Hi simon,
    I have been looking at these plastic sheds for a while now.
    I need to build one for my dad who lives on an island (hence the need for plastic due to rust).
    The problem I am having is that he is really too old to help out the build and I am no spring chicken myself.
    Can these 17 footers be built by one person at all?
    You mention in the post that it would normally take two people.
    Are the smaller sheds easier to build for one person?

    • Simon

      Hi Remy, thanks for your construction query with regards to Lifetime sheds.

      This particular 17 footer will take 2 people approximately 2 days to finalise due to the sheer size, it spreads quite a large footprint.

      The reason resin shed manufacturers recommend 2 people construct is because one supports the lightweight panels whilst the other secures them to the steel infrastructure with screws.

      I have heard a few assemblers built the smaller sheds by themselves but had difficulties securing the roof trusses and roof panels on their own. Most needed help with regards to supporting the apex structure therefore it’s advisable for 2 people to construct a shed this footprint.

      I frequently read assemblers get their son, daughter, nephew, niece of neighbour to assist in supporting the panels. My wife and I had a pleasant experience constructing ours. Once aligned, she supported the panels in place whist I secured them to the framework.

      Their main priority is to construct from a solid & level platform as this eases aligning the panels. If you’re not level on the ground, alignment issues become magnified towards the rooftop therefore this is the crucial step to undertake.

      Sorry I can’t find an alternative solution to build one by yourself, walk-in sheds typically require 2 people to construct. Hope my honesty answers your query Remy, thank you,


  2. Philip

    Hi Simon,

    I am so impressed with the quality of the sheds you have in your article. I just keep on thinking, I would really need an extra large outdoor storage shed, because I’d love to convert it to a relaxation area.

    Juke box, pool table and the like! The prices are reasonable as well when you consider they CAN’T rote on you! Exceptional quality. I just moved, and was sad to see that my new place does not come with a garden. Oh well, next time maybe.

    Thanks again Simon and I will know to come back here when the timing is right to get one of those sheds.

    All the best for now Simon.

    – Philip.

    • Hey Philip, thanks for taking the time to message about Lifetime’s extra large garden shed. This 17.5 x 8 footprint would make ideal an summerhouse due to the spacious interior meanwhile this flooring adapts so much better for summerhouse accommodation than Lifetime’s conventional gripped floors seen on their previous facilities.

      Alternatively, Duotech’s unique My-Shed composition caters for internal/external painting whist the fascia enables drilling into for securing shelving, wall-prints & pictures, if more homely surroundings are desired.

      Your next home may have a garden Philip, you never know what the future entails. We’ve always had a garden shed to accommodate gardening equipment, patio furniture, bikes & barbecue gear, they’re so handy.

      When we substituted our old rickety wooden hut for the convenience of resin we placed all the stock in the garage whilst we dismantled the old & constructed the new. Surprising how much space the storage took-up in the garage. Certainly a satisfying experience parking the car in an empty garage when the shed was filled up again.

      Thanks again for commenting Philip, I appreciate your time,

  3. Hey Simon, this is such an amazing outdoors storage solution. A product that could replace the wooden storage sheds of old has been long over due and this looks like the turnkey solution we have been waiting for for a long while now. I love that the shed lets in light through a ridge in the roofing, which provides a much needed sense of airiness that was sorely missing from the wooden storage sheds. If only this unit can hold up for up to 10 years, it will be a great steal. I hope to order one in the near future.

    • Hey Mitala, Unlike the demise in structural form wooden sheds fall victim to during weather-changes, Lifetime’s high density polyethylene is designed to carry-on ever-enduring no matter whether it’s stood in damp, rain or snowy conditions, even scorching sunshine.

      We became disillusioned with our previous so-called pressure treated wooden shed, mainly due to the annual re-coats of wood-stain required to preserve, roofing felt replacements and the yearly exchange of rotting panels. Okay our wooden hut wasn’t Cedar but even those still require varnishing along with the occasional roofing felt exchange.

      Instead, although initially sceptical, we opted to give resin a try to escape the burdens of upkeep. Our shed is an older model to this Lifetime facility and not as attractive but all that’s required to rejuvenate appearances once the grime becomes noticeable is a quickie wash and the job’s done. Saved us loads of wasted maintenance time over the last few years.
      We merely click the shower adaptor into the hosepipe, then select jet wash to shower down, that pretty much sums-up maintenance.

      Most of these sheds come with 10 years of warranty, covering the shed from damp, rain & sunshine related damage and like you mention, Lifetime sheds are higher internally than conventional wooden huts whilst they bask plenty of daylight through the skylight & windows, besides circulating freshness via the air vents.

      Good luck choosing your design when the time comes Mitala, thanks again,

  4. Garen

    I’m looking for a new shed since the one I had got damaged by a tree falling on it during a storm. I was hoping to get some money from the insurance company that was destroyed in a rain storm. Currently, I am waiting on the insurance company, though.

    However, you say the warranty is good for 10 years. There aren’t any clauses in the warranty which state warranty doesn’t cover damage from whether.

    • Hey Garen, thanks for stopping by to read about Lifetime’s spacious 17 footer.

      I would imagine where a shed suffers storm damage and smashed by a tree falling down on it would be subject to whether you’re covered within your home’s ‘buildings & contents’ insurance. I would read through the clauses to see whether you’re covered for items in your garden becoming damaged by storms.

      I understand the warranty for all these weather-resistant sheds & deck boxes I write about are covered from sun-rays bleaching, blistering & fracturing the skin along with any decomposing damage whereby the make-up breaks down & disintegrates under damp & wet conditions. Reasons being, they’re specifically designed to endure the weather & remain in an unaltered state.

      I have heard of the occasional replacement of rusty door hinges & pistons whereby the manufacturers have exchanged with stainless steel ones without any fuss and a door warping in the Texas sun, again replaced without issues. All manufacturers ask you to get in touch within the instructions for any weather-related damage such as these examples but like I mentioned, storm damage would be conditional to what your buildings & contents covers for.

      Hope this helps Garen and your insurance company gets a move-on so you’re not hanging around. All the best,

  5. Hi Simon,
    Really helpful, I’ve been looking for something like this. Last year, I tried to build a shed but had to stop it, since we have strict zoning law here in the US.
    I have 2 spare rooms at home but cluttered with all sorts of things. Definitely will check out Lifetime 17½ x 8 ft Shed.
    Love the embedded video too. It seems I can install it myself.
    Thanks for sharing this!

    • Hi Maun, I understand many states in America are quite strict with the size of storage facility they permit constructing, some even specify the type of material that has to be used. A lady messaged me a few weeks ago delighted with this website’s selection because her zone would only allow the resin variety. It’s worth checking out wherever you live.

      Over here in the UK, Councils have quite a relaxed approach to what storage shed ‘size & type’ can be constructed therefore we’re not too strictly affected.

      This sizeable unit will accommodate all your outdoorsy gear Maun, it’s very roomy. The Shed Sizes page visually explores competing weatherproofed storehouses if these 17 ft dimensions are not permitted in your zone. there’s an abundance of varying sizes to choose from meanwhile each image links to their in-depth review.

      All these types of resin facilities straightforwardly assemble, the larger the size, the more time they take. They’re similar to a huge flat-pack furniture installation whereby you follow and implement each step that’s illustrated in the instructions, demonstrated in the video you have watched. Their stipulation however is to ensure you construct from solid & level ground, this is imperative.

      Hope this helps your quest Maun, thanks again,

  6. This Lifetime Shed is absolutely gorgeous! We love to bike as a family, and we only have a 1-car garage, so I can imagine having something like this to store all of our bikes and our yard equipment.

    I absolutely love the double doors and the skylight. Not only does it look nice, but it seems very durable, too!

    I know you said this is something that 2 people can install, but do you know if there’s an option of having someone come to install it? Do you know what the price of that would be? Also, is this available in the US?

    • Hi Christina, thanks for messaging about Lifetime’s extra large outdoor storage shed.

      This 17 footer typically accommodates all out outdoor stuff including bikes, gardening equipment, BBQ gear, patio furniture, sporty stuff and all the kids outdoor toys, it’s huge compared with conventional sized garden sheds. You’ll be able to clear the entire garage and park the car at ease without opening the doors and bumping stuff. We installed free standing shelves in our shed. Accommodating storage up 5 levels really does enhance storage options.

      You can’t beat a twin set of doors when rolling the lawnmower inside meanwhile there’s a sloping threshold that eases wheeling-in movements. A skylight runs full length of the roof ridge which accompanies a total of 4 windows, therefore basks plenty of natural light meanwhile air-vents are a smart addition too for keeping the internals fresh.

      This is one large unit to construct and will probably take most of us 2 days. There’s a company on eBay that specialises in installing Lifetime sheds during summertime in the UK. They currently charge £807 to assemble this shed.

      I’m not sure about installation in the USA. Amazon used to link to an assembly service for every shed but that seems to have disappeared. Not sure why because the installers received near 5 star status throughout, an impressive set of feedback. Hopefully that will return. You could always ask a local handyman to construct. The essential requirement is to construct from solid & level foundations, I can’t emphasise this enough. Start off right & you’re rolling.

      As far as availability is concerned, it’s just rolling out onto the market, surprisingly I can point visitors towards sellers in the UK before the USA. Keep an eye out, it will soon be available.

      Hope this helps Christina,

  7. Hi Simon, that’s a great site, nicely laid out, great photos and a whole load of information regarding the plastic sheds. I’d like one myself, but unfortunately there’s not enough space behind our house. I can imagine it’s a good basis for a home gym. Great site, keep up the good work!

    • Hey Al, thanks for dropping by Quality Plastic Sheds website and massaging.

      I try & provide all the relevant information required regarding the reviewed shed for visitors to get a clear understanding of what the features and benefits are besides linking to the Shed Sizes page where they can scroll down towards their desired dimensions to see which storehouses are competing.

      You certainly need garden space to construct this sizeable unit, this wouldn’t fit in our garden either as our mid townhouse position only occupies the same width as the house however there are plenty of small sizes on the link above and if you prefer a mini low-height shed, check out the horizontal alternatives which are not obtrusive on the eye, ideal for small garden plots.

      Lifetime’s 17 footer would make the perfect home-gym a stroll away down the garden, it’s roomy enough to accommodate a series of gym equipment from cycling machines, cross trainers and weight benches to name a few. The floor is grip-able but incorporates a flat design therefore ideal for gym use. Many people do construct for this purpose.

      Thanks again Al, hope these sheds have inspired you,

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