Garden Summer House Ideas


DUOTECH™ simplifies turning garden escape aspirations into reality. My-Shed offers supreme convenience and flexibility through Keter’s unique customizable resin design enabling to effectuate the construction of garden summer house ideas with a straightforward DIY assembly procedure.

Garden Summer House Ideas

Keter My-Shed

Keter My-Shed

DUOTECH™ delivers my passion regarding a low-maintenance composition, resistant from decay through rust and rot when exposed to adverse weather and damp conditions, replacing future conservation issues with a cinch of a cleaning duty.

An undemanding light spray-hose down regards DUOTECH™’s virtually maintenance-free benefits, a breeze upon comparison to wood.

Generally DUOTECH™ designed constructions regard a solution to accommodate outdoor storage however Keter’s My-shed takes the design a step further, displaying a cottage style delivers the best of both worlds, either accommodating traditional shed services whilst particularly suited to summerhouse living, enabling the unique creation of your own personal garden space:

My-Shed delivers the opportunity for designing your own peaceful home-office or tranquil art studio to a man’s cave gaming den or she shed’s escape; maybe a calm reading place is desired a stroll down the garden or perhaps a loudly kids games room situated away from indoors. From a private gym, Jacuzzi spar hut, music studio to the cosiness of an outdoor garden lounge; possibilities are endless.

Manufacturer:  Keter

Model:  My-Shed

Size:  11 ft x 7.5 ft

My-Shed Prices:

Colour:  Silvery-grey

#Feature:  Summerhouse Design


Keter’s My-Shed regards an offshoot from the hugely popular Oakland range of sheds, having similar 7.5 x 11 ft dimensions to Oaklands largest model albeit with doors positioned across the length rather than the width, accomplishing more of an homely summerhouse design.

The 3 sheds making-up Oakland’s range all receive mighty fine feedback as a result of DUOTECH™‘s impressive customizable features, spurring Keter to design alternative low-maintenance storage solutions constituting the same composition.

New DUOTECH™ designs presently include: A Small Patio-Store, Vertical High-Store, Low profile Grande-Store, Brushwood Garden Storage Box and this My-Shed, pictured below.

Links to these alternative DUOTECH™ designed low-maintenance storage solutions are visually presented towards the end of this post.

Garden Summer House Ideas

Video: My-Shed Summerhouse Features


My-Shed Composition

The wall panels making up the facade constitute double lined sheets of resin reinforced by a central corrugated ribbed internal structure delivering increased robustness, designed to subsist the unsightly appearance dents display, a particular disadvantage single skinned walls and flimsy metal facades are susceptible to.

The edges of each wall panel are designed with a tongue and groove formation simplifying their construction process whilst securing around a metal infrastructure delivers enhanced sturdiness. Full appraisal is received regarding Oaklands straightforward assembly procedure, simply slide the panels into the grooves, align and secure with screws.

DUOTECH™ Textured Wood Effect

DUOTECH™ Textured Wood Effect

Polypropylene resin mixed with a resin talc formula constitutes the make-up. A gorgeous rustic weathered look exhibits throughout the silvery grey shimmer whilst the design epitomises wood to the touch derived by molding a textured grain effect embossed across the surface.

Polypropylene boasts an environmentally friendly material, unsusceptible to decay through weather attack from winter’s icy snowfalls to driving rain the composition does not succumb to rot & rust when sat in damp conditions.

Protecting the composition from the demise in appearance sunburn attack delivers to plastic through colour-fade and cracking, a UV stabilisation process takes place in the initial stages of the resin mix, armouring the composition with defence to subsist against a bleaching effect occurring when left unsheltered from sun-rays.

A polypropylene constitution is poles-apart upon comparison to the preservation & nurturing duties wooden facades entail as a result of weather-attack, polypropylene on the other hand remains unaffected, absent from on-going maintenance projects.

Cleaning a DUOTECH™ facade couldn’t get anymore straightforward. My job on many a summer’s evening whilst watering the plants regards a rapid spray-hose down of the shed, it simply restores their shine in minutes.

♦ My-Shed Prices ♦

Keter My-Shed

Over a winters period, ingrained dirt sometimes becomes slightly more stubborn to shift however we find a squirt of mild detergent into a bucket of warm water and scrubbed with a soft brush quickly dislodges the muck. Let the water to soak in for a few minutes works wonders, then lightly spray-hose down.

DUOTECH™ Customisation

Customising Keter’s DUOTECH™ range regards very straightforward procedures.

The facade’s composition allows drilling into enabling easy installation of shelving and hanging pictures against resin walls by virtue of Keter’s specially designed D-Clip™ wall anchors to aid in tool organisation for traditional shed services whilst creating more homely surroundings for summerhouse accommodation.

Jigsawing sections out of the facade walls to fit additional windows can be accomplished in a straightforward manner if more daylight is required, My-Shed is fully customizable to accomplish unique summerhouse accommodation including the installation of electrics & securing to the walls as the video up above demonstrates.

D-Clip™ wall anchors

D-Clip™ wall anchors

Paintable DUOTECH™ Walls

Paintable DUOTECH™ Walls

DUOTECH™ is designed paintable too, allowing a splash of colour to personalise the shed in your preferred shade, destined to accentuate any garden’s landscape with distinctive styling whilst decorating the internal walls in your chosen colours is what My-Shed is designed for, tailoring your own unique personal space; combining pictures with cosy furniture delivers comfort, generating a more homely atmosphere.

Acrylic paint is advised in either a gloss, semi gloss, satin or a light shade finish, colour options are endless and available at local hardware stores. Be aware the silver-grey facade is the only paintable part, the trim, doors and roof etc are just a polypropylene manufacture and not paintable.

A painted surface may diminish over time through colour fade from sunburn attack however applying another coat after a wash-down & dry regards their only duty, decay won’t be an issue.

It has to be noted that the D-Clip™ wall anchors, white doors & windows with picturesque window-boxes displayed in the images below plus whether you are able to purchase additional windows etc presently requires an enquiry. Ask the supplier for more information prior to purchase. My-Shed is brand-new to the market, supplies maybe limited.

♦ Keter My-Shed Prices ♦

Customise in Your Colour Choice

Customise in Your Colour Choice

Garden Summer House Ideas

My-Shed Roof Structure

A super angled pitch occupies My-Shed’s apex roof structure ensuring the delivery of an immediate & effective rainwater drainage system whilst avoiding the occurrence of rainwater seeping in at the top of the walls, the roof panels adequately overlap the facade ensuring a dry interior is maintained.

Steel Truss System reinforces the Roof Structure

Steel Truss System reinforces the Roof Structure

Twin lined sheets of polypropylene regard the roof composition. Inside, a ribbed structure enhances robustness whilst the outer-layer is molded into a classic semblance of slate tiling, capping My-Shed off to stylish effect.

Polypropylene regards the antithesis of roofing felt’s composition. Polypropylene’s resilience to structural demise remains unparalleled upon comparison, built-in weather defence ensures long-term survival without succumbing to decay whilst future roof replacements susceptible to yesteryear’s garden sheds become a thing of the past.

My-sheds incorporate the same sturdy roof construction delivered throughout the Oakland range, able to accommodate huge snow-loads of 100 kg/sq.m. Dual walled panels are imperative for stability however each roof sheet secures to their metal framework, undergirded by a steel truss system spanning the internal apex width delivering reinforced support.

Embedded within the apex roof ridge lies a translucent poly-carbonate skylight strip accompanying the windows in the walls to deliver oceans of interior daylight, ideal for the purpose of summerhouse living.

DUOTECH™ Designed My-Shed

My-Shed Features

Walking around inside Keter’s My-Shed regards a spacious environment due to the 11 x 7.5 ft dimensions however due to the steep angled high pitched apex roof the deliverance of a high ceiling with an abundance of internal headroom height produces a pleasant atmosphere inside, comfortable for an adult to roam around without any notion of a bent-over or hemmed-in feeling, rather a bright & airy room.

The two poly-carbonate windows either side of the double doors escape glass manufactured accidents whilst their Victorian squared styling adds classic looks. Although My-Shed windows do not open, ventilation is delivered through built-in ventilation panels generating fresh-air current to constantly circulate the interior.

My-Shed - Create your own personal space

My-Shed – Create your own personal space

Two strapping double doors manufactured from reinforced twin-lined weather-resistant polypropylene deliver superior access, leave them ajar and welcome summer’s outside environment indoors to generate an unmatched home-office atmosphere. A quality padlock-able handle accompanied by a stainless steel locking system delivers their opening whilst ensuring security.

If preferences are swaying towards white framed windows and white doors to accomplish creating your unique styling as seen exhibiting the video presentation and images, ask the supplier whether this is an option. My-Shed is brand-new, supplies & options maybe limited.

My-Shed’s thickset resin floor arrives in panel formation, interlinking with the additional sheets and securing with screws they make up the base expanse. The walls interlock with the flooring around the base perimeter integrating the floor thus enclosing the shed, the prevention of outside debris wafting through, pests entering and rainwater puddling inside delivers a clean & dry internal environment.

Creating one’s own personal space by customising the interior delivers the opportunity to fit your own personal taste of flooring to suit the desired services of summerhouse accommodation.

Carpet for instance may coincide with cosy furniture, wood flooring probably enhances home-office equipment however there are no rules, My-Shed is destined for individual formal-to-quirky finishing touches. Due to the doors swinging out, fitting a floor is made easy as the depth becomes a non-issue.

♦ DUOTECH™ My-Shed Prices ♦

Create an Office Studio or a Place to Hang Out

Create an Office Studio or a Place to Hang Out

Create an Office Studio or a Place to Hang Out

My-Shed Measurements

My-Shed Measurements

My-Shed Measurements

My-Shed Measurements

My-Shed Measurements

My-Shed Measurements

My-Shed Assembly

Keter’s Assembly Instructions explain the importance of preparing the correct foundations for the My-Shed to sit on plus the necessities regarding movement all around the shed, paramount for construction purposes whilst a step ladder is a requirement for securing the roof panels.

I wish the sales sites would mention the importance of preparing the correct foundations, it’s imperative these rules are adhered to.

The preparation of solid level foundations raised slightly above the grounds floodplain level are essential footings for any shed, particularly this size. Plan to refrain from erecting whichever shed is decided upon being stood in water, they are all designed weatherproof but will leak if immersed.

Plastic Shed Base Foundation

Plastic Shed Base Foundation

A levelled base ensures a perpendicular stance preventing leaning stresses to one side, aid the doors vertical alignment to operate their precise swing whilst delivering a super efficient assembly procedure. The panels plumb alignment is made easy from a level base however due to My-Shed’s tongue & groove conformation, assembly is simplified another step, Oakland Sheds receive rave construction reviews.

The solid part of the level foundation enables the shed floor to serve demanding pressures, the thickset resin bed is purposely strengthened to cope with the likes of driving in a sit-on-mower if traditional shed services are required however their ability to survive & subsist the stresses require a flat solid surface.

Eight embedded anchor placements are presented within the resin floor for securing the shed down onto the solid foundations below. Screws are not supplied, their type is conditional to the foundation material. Anchoring down into the ground increases wind resistance levels, enhancing the shed’s overall stability.

A shed this size takes a fair amount of time for two people to assemble, there are quite a few steps to accomplish yet construction is made straightforward. The procedure requires following the order and implementing the steps illustrated in the instructions, however they do seem very detailed and clearly presented.

Telephone numbers for assembly help and assistance are presented in the instructions.

My-Shed - Straightforward Assembly Procedure

Pros & Cons of Keter’s My-Shed


  • The most picturesque of garden shed displays
  • Fully customizable to create your own unique space
  • Spacious 11 x 7.5 ft dimensions
  • Impressive DUOTECH™ design
  • Stylish silvery-grey weathered rustic appearance
  • Embossed textured grain stylishly resembles wood
  • Weather-resistant composition
  • Will not suffer weather decay, rust or rot
  • Sturdy, durable build quality
  • Excellent drain-able roofing structure
  • High apex peak delivers increased headroom height
  • Classic slate-effect roof resistant to decay
  • Skylight & windows bask the interior with daylight
  • Paintable facade surface, inside & out
  • Jigsaw-able and screw-able design for customising
  • Integrated ventilation generates a fresh internal ambience
  • Wide robust double door access
  • Stainless steel locking system
  • Toughened floor subsists demanding storage stresses
  • Built-in floor maintains a dry & clean interior
  • Straightforward 2 person assembly procedure
  • Instructions include Assembly-Help telephone numbers
  • 10 years limited My-Shed warranty cover
  • Part of the highly acclaimed DUOTECH™ group


  • Solid & level foundations are essential
  • Large constructions take time to assemble
  • DUOTECH™ is very new to market

Garden Summer House Ideas

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Alternative Summerhouse Designs

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Final Verdict

There’s no doubt My-Shed exhibits the most delightful picturesque display of appearances especially accommodating box planters below the windows either side of the double doors.

Delivering the first paintable resin surface, My-Shed allows customising the facade in your personal shade both indoors and out to accomplish fulfilling your unique cosy internal styling whilst accentuating with the landscape outside.

Although most will customise the interior, many will leave the gorgeous silvery weathered rustic appearance as is; it’s weather-resistant, weatherproof, durable and sturdy requiring none of the yearly conservation issue demanded by wooden sheds plus it’s a cinch to spray-hose down.

Although new to the market, My-Shed constitutes the same make-up as the highly respected Oakland range of sheds backed by DUOTECH™’s 10 years limited warranty.

♦ Keter My-Shed Prices ♦

My-Shed is specifically designed to escape home-life’s busy surroundings by creating your own unique garden escape:

From a cosy hideaway retreat, a peaceful home-office, art studio or reading room to the privacy of a personal gym, or what about a stylish gaming den, music room or an outside play room for the kids; options are in-abundance.

Make dreams a reality, a few steps away down the garden.

Garden Summer House Ideas: My-Shed

Garden Summer House Ideas: My-Shed

Thanks for reading My-Shed’s garden summer house ideas.

Any related summerhouse queries, please share in the comment section below.

Thanks again,


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  1. Karen

    Simon, I enjoyed reading this review for a garden shed. At first, upon reading the title “Quality Plastic Sheds” I had no interest in going any further because of the word “plastic”. However, the more I read the more interested I became. I love the fact that it’s paintable and can be customized. The only drawback I have is the size. 7 1/2 feet by 11 seems rather small to me. Does it come in a larger size to house lawn mowers, a small tractor, snow machines and the like?

    • Simon

      Hi Karen,

      Thanks for dropping by to read about My Shed’s garden summer house ideas.

      The thought of switching a wooden shed for plastic raised my eyebrows too initially but having become over-whelmed with yearly conservation issues and the thought of escaping them certainly captured our attention plus the bonus of their easily cleaned surface.

      This DUOTECH™ range by Keter is fully customise-able, a first for a resin shed, providing the opportunity to make a statement of colour to enhance any garden surroundings.

      This is the largest dimensions Keter do in a resin style. If you’re after a shed spreading across a larger area in a similar style, take a look at Lifetime’s 15 x 8 ft shed, however this isn’t paint-able.

      We always recommend measuring storage ideas and location spots against the internal & external dimensions.

      Hope this helps Karen, good luck choosing,


  2. Matt's Mom

    I really really like this shed. I like the fact that I can paint it and customize it. It looks like something I can use for storage and for a work shop. I know you did say they do take a little while to assemble. But with the instructions, if you follow them :), is it simple enough to do? Would it be able to be done with two people? This really is a great choice!

    • Simon

      Hi Matt’s Mom,

      My-Shed is a large addition to the Oakland range having the same dimensions as the Oakland 7.5 x 11 ft Shed albeit with doors across the length instead of width delivering a more homely appearance with attractive Victorian style windows & boxes either side.

      They are fully customise-able, don’t they look fab in the video, designed to create your own personal space either for traditional shed services or for summer-house living.

      Oaklands do receive exceptional feedback on their finished construction and assembly procedure due to their tongue and groove formation panels, it’s a case of sliding into position, aligning up plumb and securing with screws around the metal infrastructure.

      To answer your construction question, they are very straightforward to assemble with 2 people if they are built from solid and levelled foundations however due to their size, the process does take time, it’s just a matter of working through each illustrated step and implementing what’s shown.

      These are very early stages for the My-Shed, finding sales sites at present is my only issue.

      Hope this helps, thanks again,


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