Heavy Duty Metal Storage Sheds

Heavy duty metal storage sheds suchlike Asgard’s 7 x 3 ft Trojan embody galvanised rust-resistant zinc plating, heavy-gauge steel along with superior locking mechanisms to accomplish staunch security meanwhile attention to detail represented through modern design techniques enhance presentable styling.

Heavy Duty Metal Storage Sheds

Asgard Trojan

Presuming rigorous security embracing medium proportions tops your agenda, coinciding with a noncorrosive weatherproof heavyweight steel construction that’s unobtrusive on the eye, an inspection of Asgard’s Trojan is likely to impress.

Asgard Trojan Shed

The Trojan architecturally presents a pent style and boasts efficiency in accommodation services. Extending 7 feet across the breadth, 3 ft deep & 6½ feet high becomes a gardeners delight, being able to store lengthy implements suchlike gardening tools, sun-shade parasols and extendable ladders along with the usual storehouse services.

Unlike the mass market of metal sheds where imports of flimsy metal-skins are compelled to economically match prices, Asgard’s environmental policy is to limit distribution solely to the UK market thereby reducing their carbon footprint however although Asgard’s are slightly more expensive this paves the way for the Yorkshire company to produce unmatched innovation – And they do deliver!

By working with the Steel Industry, Locksmiths and Police Force, Asgard fortify sturdiness by producing heavier-gauged steel meanwhile combat break-ins by incorporating rigorous strengthening and stringent security measures virtue of 3-way latching mechanisms secured by pick-proof locks. Asgard’s fortified design also accredits influential status in the bike storage industry.

I personally haven’t come across anything comparable to the build quality nor the security measures relating to Asgard’s design. Like one publication mentions: Once bolted to the ground, a heavy duty crane is the only thing that will move these constructions.

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Heavy Duty Metal Storage Sheds - Asgard Trojan

Inspect Trojan’s Features


Stalwart Corrosion-Proof Steel Construction

Enhancing sturdiness into staunch constructions is attained by the manufacture of thickset heavy-gauge steel panels, assembling the Trojan into a hefty finished build weighing 142 kg (22½ stone). On average Asgard sheds weigh 5 times more than competing sizes.

Asgard Trojan Pent ShedOne sheet comprises the base whereupon two back, two side & two front panels bolt together in addition to topping the shed off with a single roof panel that delivers a slight incline towards the front to effectuate rainfall drainage.

Incorporating a floor this way, by means of an integral yet fundamental part of the structure advances robustness beyond compare, a seldom feature uncommon to the mass of metal sheds determined to remain competitive.

Rust-resistant zinc coated steel bolts secure the panels together meanwhile assuring a weatherproof corrosion-free finish, the steel undergoes galvanising whereupon a zinc plating stops rust developing followed by a powder-coat of polyester to ensure long-term weather defence.

The most popular choice of polyester finish exhibits the green appearance due to championing most garden settings, alternatively shades of brown or ivory conclude the options meanwhile confidence is boosted virtue of Asgard’s 10 years weatherproof warranty delivering certitude for this superlative coating.

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Asgard's Weatherproof Steel Manufacture

Asgard’s Weatherproof Steel Manufacture

Preventing Garden Shed Larceny

First-rate security derives from the initial stages of an Asgard construction on account of their internal assembly procedure whereupon every bolt that secures the panels is screwed from the inside therefore hidden from view and once locked-up, unattainable for gaining entry & dismantling.

Trojan 3-Way Locking Mechanism

Trojan 3-Way Locking Mechanism

Crowbar entry regards a huge concern to every shed I’ve reviewed so far prior to being introduced to Asgard’s heavy-gauge steel design. These are promoted to withstand the forces of prying.

Asgard work with the Steel Industry and Police Force to accomplish deterring forced entry whereby thicker gauged steel constitutes internal stiffeners & dual folded joints in vulnerable parts suchlike corner weak-spots where panels adjoin & doors close further to internal roof-clips to prevent roof break-ins.

Combining these robust measures along with Asgard’s heavyweight construction further to anchoring the base down onto a solid substrate such as concrete enhances security defence, multiplies gale resistance levels whilst the shed’s stationing becomes virtually immovable.

Asgard design their security locks with Locksmiths expertise, sheds that accomplish an LPCB Level 1 certification may reduce household insurance premiums.

Trojan sheds incorporate a 3 point locking system whereby three internal shoot bolts secure into steel fixings. Breaking into this Locksmith designed key-lock fortifies resistance to drills & theft-pick abuse, thereby delivering unsurpassed vault-alike similarities.

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Asgard Trojan - Secure Metal Shed

Additional Hallmarks of the Trojan

Easily removed sections such as windows and skylights are intentionally omitted from Asgard sheds in order to attain intruder-proof buildings. Air-vents position opposite each other on resin sheds delivering the upper-hand in maintaining internal freshness during clammy conditions. Asgard’s design follows suit however incorporates a different method.

Where the roof protrudes beyond the vertical wall sheets, up above in the eaves presented both sides of the Trojan a series of holes are intentionally drilled for the purpose of generating a throughput of fresh-air circulation to the inside, this hidden location eliminates rainfall dribbles.

Steel Weather-Guard Strip

Steel Weather-Guard Strip

A perpetual movement of freshness curtails condensation progression during humid & freezing conditions or when grass & mud dries out on gardening equipment. A basic system but highly effective. Asgard advise not to block the system with shrubbery etc to ascertain the throughput continues.

A steel weather-guard plate positioned over the entrance puts an end to rainfall leaks & the annoyance of getting wet during access, virtue of puddles developing on the door top meanwhile a steel entry plinth forming part of the floor to which the door secures blockades rainwater flow inside.

The single door aperture spans 5 ft 9″ tall – 2 ft 5″ wide delivering Trojans a broad entryway for accessing gardening gear. Manufactured with weighty-gauged steel containing corner and straight-edge strengtheners prevents crowbar access meanwhile steel hinges function a robust quality swing.

Although steel hooks and shelves are supplementary extras they secure to the walls with rigid fixings however a favoured alternative is to install stand-alone shelving and utilise large stacking boxes; deciding obviously hinges on the storage services required.

There’s also the option of purchasing a 7 x 3 ft toughened OSB wood floor to lay on top of the metal base. Inclusive as standard on Asgard’s walk-in sheds due to providing more protection, user-friendliness and reducing noise levels however whether Trojan’s dimensions warrant a wood floor is at the homeowners discretion, the reason this shed doesn’t include.

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Heavy Duty Metal Storage Sheds - Asgard Trojan Pent

Maintaining The Trojan Pent

The only servicing roles regard a squeeze or spray of oil on the door hinges to stop the squeaks & assure they continue operating their smooth swing besides delivering the same procedure to the door locks to ascertain key-turns run sweet.

Cleaning the Trojan involves using soapy water followed by scrubbing with a soft brush, maintenance couldn’t get more basic. If the hose-shower regards your preferred approach, let the water run down the shed as opposed to spraying up through the ventilation holes.

In the unfortunate event scratches have cut deep through the polyester and zinc plating, use touch-up paint to prevent corrosion commencing.

Asgard Trojan Pent Shed

The Most Basic of Constructions

Asgard’s video demonstrates how basic these sheds are to assemble resulting from their heavy-gauge steel advantage. I haven’t come across one review concerning a struggled assembly, reason they achieve 5 stars all-round.

Trojan Installation KitThe preparation of a solid substrate such as asphalt, concrete or tarmac laid flawlessly level relate to Asgard’s foundation guidelines in order to accomplish a perpendicular stance for operational purposes coinciding with certainties that rigorous anchorage will be attained. Conform, you’re rolling.

The one-sheet base is laid on the floor to which the side, back and front panels are bolted together, followed by securing the single roof-sheet to the panels, fixing the weather-guard and installing the door.

Anchoring down is performed after construction whereby Asgard even supply the anchor bolts which is unusual, these generally have to be purchased separately.

Two people are advised for the build owing to the heaviness of the steel sheets however constructing is so much quicker compared to resin sheds owing to their mountain of screws, additional framework and reinforced supports, additions Asgard sheds do not require on account of their heavyweight steel construction.

Trojan Shed Assembly


Trojan Measurements

Trojan Measurements

Highlights followed by a Minor Negative


  • Manufactured from thick weighty-gauged steel
  • Available in 3 garden enhancement colours
  • Stylish, exhibits pleasant eye-appeal
  • 22½ stone heavyweight construction
  • Weatherproof polyester finish
  • Galvanised with zinc prevents corrosion
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • A soapy wash restores Trojan sheds
  • 7 x 3 footprint along with adult height
  • Ideal for storing lengthy implements
  • 3-way security mechanism
  • Lock designed to withstand theft-picking and drills
  • Steel base is a fundamental part of the shed
  • Supplied with anchor bolts
  • Incorporates thick rigid steel strengtheners around weak spots & openings
  • Designed tamper and crowbar proof
  • 10 years Trojan warranty cover
  • Feedback received is highly respectable
  • Locksmiths, Police & steel industry assist Asgard’s secure design


  • More expensive than the majority of metal sheds

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Asgard Trojan Pent Garden Shed

Closing Conclusion

Asgard’s robust hefty design incorporates substantial security enhancements. Intentionally produced to combat thefts meanwhile sturdiness steps in providing gale resistance, once secured onto solid ground Trojan’s inflexibility becomes practically immovable.

The only requirement relates to locating on the suggested foundations however the two-person construction can be finalised in a jiffy, stocked up with storage and serving to full potential compared to a resin shed assembly.

Asgard’s blueprint is superior to any of the relative competition I’ve been introduced to, well respected on the TV, news, reviews & magazine publications.

Surprised me how many cycling stars use Asgard’s bike lockers on account of their high security and sturdiness. These sheds comprise the same make-up.

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Heavy Duty Metal Storage Sheds

SimonHope Asgard’s Trojan has inspired confidence to your heavy duty metal storage sheds search.

If you know of any design that competes to this level, please share with a comment below.

Until the next low-maintenance shed review,


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  1. This is a brilliant post, thank you for sharing tips about heavy duty metal storage sheds. We always tend to change something or the other in our house, thanks for this great information contained in this article. Keep sharing such informative articles in future, will be appreciated.

    • Thanks for visiting to read about the Asgard Trojan Shed and your kind words. I haven’t come across anything more sturdy and secure than Asgard’s manufacture of steel storage sheds.
      Thanks again,

  2. Dana

    Hi Simon,
    Asgard Trojan Shed seems to produce a large range of secure metal storage units. Are all these sheds lockable, and made from heavy duty (weatherproof) steel that also protects against theft? We have a large wood shed that has been broke into and am now talking about installing cameras not to mention all the up keep we have to do on it, (roof replacement, painting ever year, and fighting with carpenter ants). These sheds are something that could solve a lot of our problems and I am going to really check into them. Thank you for all the great information.

    • Simon

      Hi Dana,

      Thanks for reading about Asgard’s heavy duty metal storage sheds.

      All Asgard sheds are lockable, they work with Locksmiths to produce drill proof and pick proof locks incorporating either 3 point or 5 point locking mechanisms to which 3 or 5 steel shoot bolts on the internal side of the door frame lock into steel clasps surrounding the steel architrave. Security-wise this is leaps ahead of the traditional padlock clasp.

      Asgard also work with the Police Force and Steel Industry producing tamper-proof ( crowbar-proof) sections within the shed by virtue of double folded steel at weak spots & around entry positions suchlike where the doors close & corner joints including vulnerable sections to resist crowbars from gaining entry to pry.

      Security-wise, Asgard sheds are a class apart to the mass metal shed market due to using heavy-gauge steel. These are by far the strongest, most secure garden sheds I have ever come across, the reason many well known faces use and promote them including the police force, they have rows of Asgard bike lockers for securing police bikes – speaks volumes & delivers confidence!

      The steel incorporating these sheds has been zinc galvanised to prevent corrosion followed by an overcoat of coloured polyester delivering their weatherproof surround. They are not designed for re-painting, only a wash to keep them looking pristine regards their only maintenance.

      The second link down under Alternative Competitive Prices displays the various dimensions regarding many of Asgard garden sheds, to give you an idea of their range of sizes.

      Hope this helps Dana, worth checking out if security is high on the agenda,


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