Heavy Duty Steel Sheds

The 5 x 7 ft Flexistore represents one of many walk-in heavy duty steel sheds engineered by Asgard. A construction weight of 184 kg defines the thickness of the substantial steel-gauge meanwhile collaborating with Crime Prevention Authorities and the Steel Industry assist in producing significantly secure storehouses.

Heavy Duty Steel Sheds

Asgard Flexistore 5 x 7 ft

Flexistore 5 x 7 ft Shed

3 colour schemes along with brown & ivory conclude Flexistore’s guise. In the main, prevalent garden green complements lawn & landscapes and represents the favoured choice meanwhile 5 feet across the frontage expanding 7 ft deep provides a capacity to securely shelter & serve a multitude of gardening equipment, lawn and plant supplies, irrespective of their expense.

Three weatherproof coats backed with 10 years anti-corrosion warranty safeguards the steel to endure 4 season weather-aggression, from persistent rain-showers to the scorch of sunburn not forgetting all the damp atmospheres in between, a variety of conditions that predominantly lead to the sudden downfall and limited life of their competition.

Comparable to a resin composition, maintenance merely involves retaining Flexistore’s stylish charm. Fulfilled by an occasional lickety-split soapy scrub describes their leisurely convenience to upkeep. During the summer months, we periodically unreel the garden hosepipe, clip in the shower adaptor & wash the shed whilst soaking the plants, maintaining’s basic & speedy.

Asgard significantly improve quality of production by limiting delivery solely to the UK market, they do not export. Decreasing carbon pollution sidesteps competing with the worldwide dominance of insubstantial metal shed constructions in favour of producing superlative steel structures that are not purely driven by expenditure.

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Heavy Duty Steel Sheds - Flexistore 5 x 7 ft

 Inspect Flexistore’s Features

Heavy Duty Weatherproof Steel

Engineered from thick-gauged steel constitutes Flexistore’s make-up to which the 29 stone heavyweight construction comprises wall panels, an apex roof, single door and built-in floor.

Integrating a steel floor is a seldom constituent of the common metal shed yet this pivotal part of Flexistore’s structure significantly enhances break-in protection and delivers storm-force resistance to movement. Subsequent to anchorage, Asgard sheds become close-to immovable.

The overwhelming majority of metal and resin sheds incorporate metal or aluminium frameworks to which their panels secure followed by further reinforcements of steel trusses, girders and beams to bolster roof support whereas Asgard’s substantial steel walls independently provide roof support without requiring additional fortifications.

In the mission to assure long-term resistance against weather assault, a heavy-gauge steel construction far outweighs conventional wood in terms of being unsusceptible to a breakdown of composition however it’s imperative the metal is armoured with a shield of defence to combat rust development.

Reassuring certainty against corrosion Asgard certifies conviction through 10 years of warranty cover, virtue of galvanising the steel in molten zinc followed by treating the covering with iron phosphate prior to finishing with a toughened powder-coat of weatherproof polyester to which the colour pigments are added for display.

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Flexistore's Galvanised Weatherproof Steel

Locking-up Assures Ultimate Security

Incorporated into the door locking mechanism regards three-way security. At the side of the access handle a steel-lever engages into a steel-latch in the door architrave meanwhile simultaneously two shoot-bolts engineered from 10mm thick steel bars embed deep into the top & bottom surrounding framework determining top notch safe-style security.

Flexistore's Euro Cylinder Lock

Flexistore’s Euro Cylinder Lock

The Locksmiths Association assist Asgard’s key-lock design where Euro Cylinder Locks are fitted to operate the 3-way locking system. Asgard’s pick-proof locks represent a thieves worst nightmare because once the structure’s strained through drilling and attempted break-ins, the lock shears away rendering the facility inaccessible no matter how insistent the challenger becomes.

Not forgetting kids and toy storage, the Flexistore represents child-friendliness on account of the handle being operable from the inside meanwhile a synergy with the Police Force and Steel Industry continually update & advance Asgard’s security conscious designs.

Flexistore's 3 Point Locking System

Flexistore’s 3 Point Locking System

Virtue of precision engineering, vulnerable entry parts are enhanced with double folded steel suchlike where panels adjoin and intruder hot-spots surrounding the doors internal perimeter further to reinforcing corner joints. These designs aid the creation of stringent blockades for crowbar access & prevent forced leverage.

Creating Flexistore’s vault-assured garden storehouse is attained by internally steel-bolting the structure together thereby hiding every constructional screw from being tampered with outside the unit.

Advertised as unique by metal shed standards and a first for my eyes regards Asgard’s integrated heavy-gauged steel floor, entailing the principal part of Flexistore’s structure. The flooring is where the wall panels bolt onto commencing construction and where anchorage is undertaken.

Combining all this security defence together with industrial grade steel results in one weighty secure unit to safeguard expensive gardening equipment. What would move this away from the ground once anchored? – A bulldozer, maybe!

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Heavy Duty Steel Sheds

Flexistore’s Effective & Sturdy Features

Flexistore’s roofing constitutes equivalent weight-gauge steel as the walls comprise, impermeable and galvanised further to containing a weatherproof polyester overcoat assures total resistance to variable weather invasions.

Flexistore's Unique Ventilation System

Flexistore’s Unique Ventilation System

An apex arrangement embracing an adequate incline generates instant drainage during cloudbursts and prevents puddle progression meanwhile the steel sheets overlap the walls forming eaves putting an end to rainwater dribbles finding access inside.

Inherently, metal sheds are renowned for producing condensation and saturated walls especially under duress of clammy conditions. Suppressing unhealthy internal atmospheres involves generating an outside air-current to steadily circulate the interior virtue of drilling ventilation holes on opposite sides of the shed up in the roof-eaves to create the free-flow.

The Flexistore incorporates additional steel air-vents above the entrance, accomplished by precision engineering small covered fissures to ascertain the airflow remains constant. Positioning a shed away from shrubbery and leaving motorbikes & equipment suchlike chainsaws to cool down before storing inside benefits maintaining healthy internal environments.

OSB2 Timber Floor

OSB2 Timber Floor

Optionally, a heavy-duty steel ramp can be purchased to sit at the door entrance to assist rolling in weighty lawnmowers, bikes and mobility scooters etc. No fixings are required, the threshold simply slots under the entry and stays in position.

This 5 x 7 ft Flexistore can accommodate up to 12 steel shelves, these can be purchased at any future date. Pre-drilled, they rigidly secure to the walls with steel screws and are capable of supporting hefty gardening gear. Steel hooks in packs of 10 likewise screw into the walls in pre-drilled positions for organising long handled spades, rakes & brushes etc adjacent to the walls meanwhile steel eyelets can also be acquired for fastening bungee cords or ropes to restrain items against the walls.

Purchasing an 18mm thick OSB2 timber floor is worth considering to prevent scratching the metal base during use, attain a more grip-able walkway and subdue internal noise levels. Asgard cut to size this type of flooring to fit the Flexistore and include a metal fixing strip. There’s no complications installing, the timber simply lays into position over the base after anchoring.

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Steel Shelving, Hooks & Eyelets Organise Storage

Flexistore 5 x 7 ft Measurements

Flexistore 5 x 7 ft Measurements

Flexistore 5 x 7 ft Measurements

Remarkably Clear-Cut Assembly Process

Foremost importance relates to stationing heavy duty steel sheds on solid levelled ground suchlike patio paving or concrete foundations including materials suchlike asphalt or tarmac etc. Make sure the substrate has a minimum 2″ thickness and is level thereby averting subsidence and a tilt to one side.

Once the foundations are prepared, construction becomes very straightforward as the video demonstrates. Commencing from the base, the wall panels simultaneously bolt to the steel floor & adjacent steel sheets, followed by the roof and door.

Unusually, anchor screws are supplied for driving screws into the substrate to rigidly anchor Flexistore’s base to the ground. This fast-forward video demonstrates the efficiency of an Asgard assembly. On account of cleverly designed precision engineering and heavy-gauge steel, parts are minimal therefore construction’s swift.

Video – Flexistore 5 x 4 ft Assembly


Flexistore 5 x 7 ft Foundation Measurements

Advantages and Obstacles


  • Green, ivory or brown colour choices
  • Stylish & presentable to charm any home-garden
  • A pleasure to wash & clean
  • Weather-resistant polyester top-coat
  • Galvanised with zinc stops corrosion
  • Impervious, durable & extremely heavy-duty
  • 29 stone – 184 kg heavy-gauge steel building
  • Apex steel roof structure drains immediately
  • Internally constructed with steel bolts
  • Tamper-resistant Euro-Cylinder lock
  • Three-point door locking mechanism
  • Steel shoot-bolts and catches provide the lock
  • Steel industry designed to thwart crowbar access
  • Dual folded steel impedes leverage
  • Steel shelving, hooks, eyelets can be purchased
  • Optional ramp threshold easily slots into location
  • Optional cut-to-size OSB timber floor simply lays on the base
  • Built-in ventilation stops condensation by distributing freshness
  • Wide access, steel reinforced single door
  • Included anchor bolts
  • 10 years Flexistore warranty cover
  • Extremely secure


  • Heavyweight steel constructions require solid substrates suchlike concrete
  • Ensure Flexistore sheds are stationed on level ground
  • Heavy duty steel, designed ultra secure demands a higher price tag

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Flexistore 5 x 7 ft Heavy Duty Steel Shed

Concluding Opinion

Presuming a heavyweight steel construction comprising safe-alike security is paramount to safeguard the expensive hedge-trimmer and lawnmower, try to encounter any manufacturer competing with Asgard’s steel engineering, I certainly haven’t.

Flexistore’s width across the front expands 5 feet however the Flexistore range includes facilities extending 4 feet up to 11 ft deep, this 7 footer middles the range. Alternatively if twin door access incorporated around a 7 ft width is more to your liking, check out Gladiator’s 7 x 7 ft shed, constituting identical steel and superlative security.

The pricing section leads to Asgard’s various storehouses, from bike stores, motorbike garages, horizontal steel units and heavy-build garden sheds with security at the cutting-edge of their designs.

View Flexistore 5 x 7 ft Shed Prices

Heavy Duty Steel Sheds - Flexistore 5 x 7 ft

SimonI hope Flexistore’s review has brainstormed some stimulus for your heavy duty steel shed ideas.

Weatherproof, strong and incredibly secure. Do you know of any competing steel constructions?

Please share below,


Please share the Flexistore. Thank you!



  1. Very thorough and in-depth review, and really well presented. Steel definitely looks like the way forward. Thanks for sharing, has given me much food for thought!

    • Hey Oliver, hope the Flexistore’s delivered you plenty of inspiration with regards to weather-resistant robust security for outside storage.

      The reasons capturing my interest regard Asgard’s method of weatherproofing the steel virtue of triple protection that assures defence against corrosion.

      Firstly alike many other outside steel structures, the steel goes through galvanising with zinc followed by a treatment of iron phosphate but what sets Asgard’s procedure apart from competitors relates to over-coating with a polyester thermoplastic which provides the colour along with an enduring impervious wrapping. Armouring the steel this method prevents the penetration of rainwater thereby averts the progression of rust.

      Accompanying the weatherproof design concerns substantial security whereby an internal construction process prevents intruder-dismantling owing to every bolt being absent from view. Internally anchoring down from steel onto solid ground underneath makes the shed pretty much immovable once the door is locked meanwhile their 3 shoot-bolts of steel that deeply embed within the steel door jamb once the handle is turned further to locking-up with a pick proof euro cylinder lock determines significant security measures.

      On top of that Oliver, I think Asgard’s design exhibits pretty smart for a steel shed. All the best,

  2. This is very comprehensive article about water-resistant shed. You have answered pretty much everything I wanted to know. My father is think about putting up a shed sometime this year. We have a plastic one. You have listed some really great options. I think the steel one would last a lot loner than plastic. Thank you so much for the review.

    • Hi Hong, thanks for your interest in Asgard’s Flexistore review.
      I write to provide visitors with all the relevant information with regards to what each shed’s composed of to determine a full diagnosis whether the make-up suffices for your garden setting including external and internal dimensions to check against location and storage potential.

      I think the real difference with steel regards security, the blueprint of Asgard’s design, noticeable through their absence of windows and skylights. Okay internal daylight maybe an issue to which the only way around concerns leaving the double doors ajar when inside however once locked up their security design is oceans apart in comparison to the standard metal shed.

      As far as long term weather-resistance is concerned, steel is obviously stronger however resin’s entire composition is immune from decay whereas polyester coated steel ascertains a coat of armoury to defend against weather-attack gaining entry to the galvanised steel thereby impeding the onset of corrosion.

      The choice really comes down to what crime-rate is like in one’s area and whether your desires prefer stronghold security to which Asgard engineer. Hope this helps Hong, thanks again for dropping by,

  3. Labman

    If I were to put up a garden shed, I would certainly choose steel over the plastic or resin models available.

    I prefer to create my own wooden structure for a shed but not everyone has the skills to create a custom structure. This is a good alternative.

    I can see levelling and pouring a concrete pad as a bit of a deterrent to this steel shed but for a simple effective and long-term solution for a homeowner in need of additional storage, this product will fill the bill.

    • Simon

      Hi Labman, thanks for reading about Flexistore’s heavy duty steel sheds.

      Asgard sheds are the most sturdy and secure garden sheds I have encountered so far. Having a polyester finish over zinc galvanised heavy-gauge steel impeccably delivers protection backed with low-maintenance, a cracking make-up.

      I agree with you regarding customising your own wooden shed if you have the time & DIY skills. Preferably I would choose deep treated cedar wood capped off with a resin roof to accomplish a weatherproof top and lower the maintenance issues across the facade. Problem is, cedar wood prices start spiralling out of control on large footprint sheds plus I still haven’t come across any custom designed resin roofs yet.

      Sticking to a budget is really what drew my attention towards the chunky skinned low-maintenance weatherproof resin sheds which are presently entering some very stylish appearances onto the market. Couple these benefits with an effortless wash down to refresh whilst free from conservation issues captures attention for the time conscious, a concern we’re up against.

      Yeah, these metal sheds demand a levelled substrate with the likes of concrete measuring a minimum of 75mm thick to accomplish a perpendicular standing and rigid anchoring. Once grounded and locked their only way of entry is virtue of operating a key. Apart from the likes of an industrial crane Asgard’s become virtually immovable, perfect for areas suchlike ours where crime levels are ever increasing and peace of mind with regards to protecting gardening equipment is required.

      Thanks again Labman,


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