Heavy Duty Steel Sheds

The 5 x 7 ft Flexistore is one of Asgard’s walk-in heavy-duty steel sheds. It weighs 184 kg, which shows how thick and strong the steel is. Asgard works closely with Crime Prevention Authorities and the Steel Industry to make sure these storage sheds are really secure.

The Asgard Flexistore 5 x 7 ft Heavy-Duty Steel Garden Shed

The Flexistore comes in three different colour schemes, including brown and ivory. The most popular choice is the garden green, which goes well with lawns and landscapes. It’s 5 feet wide and 7 feet deep, providing plenty of space to securely store all your gardening equipment and supplies, no matter how expensive they are.

Heavy Duty Steel Sheds
Flexistore 5 x 7 ft Steel Shed

To protect the steel from harsh weather conditions all year round, the Flexistore has three weatherproof coats and a 10-year anti-corrosion warranty. It can withstand everything from heavy rain to intense sun without getting damaged, unlike other sheds that quickly deteriorate.

Maintaining the Flexistore is easy. You just need to give it a quick soapy scrub every now and then to keep it looking stylish. During the summer, you can use a garden hose to wash the shed and water your plants at the same time, making maintenance a breeze.

Asgard focuses on delivering high-quality sheds to the UK market, rather than exporting them worldwide. This helps reduce their carbon footprint and allows them to prioritize producing top-notch steel structures that aren’t solely driven by cost. They want to offer something better than the flimsy metal sheds dominating the global market.

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Heavy Duty Steel Sheds - Flexistore 5 x 7 ft

Inspect The Features of the Flexistore

Heavy-Duty Weatherproof Steel Makeup

The Flexistore is made from thick-gauged steel, which gives it a sturdy and durable structure. It weighs a hefty 29 stone and consists of wall panels, an apex roof, a single door, and a built-in floor.

Unlike most metal sheds, Flexistore includes a steel floor, which greatly enhances its resistance against break-ins and provides excellent stability during storms. Once properly anchored, Asgard sheds are nearly immovable.

While many sheds rely on metal or aluminium frameworks with additional reinforcements for roof support, Flexistore’s substantial steel walls are strong enough to support the roof without the need for extra fortifications.

When it comes to weather resistance, a heavy-gauge steel construction surpasses traditional wood as it is less prone to composition breakdown. However, it’s crucial to protect the metal from rust development.

Asgard ensures peace of mind with a 10-year warranty that covers corrosion. They achieve this by galvanizing the steel in molten zinc, treating it with iron phosphate, and applying a tough powder-coat finish of weatherproof polyester. Colour pigments are added to give it an attractive appearance.

Flexistore's Galvanised Weatherproof Steel

Locking-Up Ensures Ultimate Security

When it comes to security, Flexistore leaves no room for compromise. Its door-locking mechanism incorporates a three-way security system. At the side of the access handle, a steel lever engages with a steel latch in the door frame. Simultaneously, two shoot bolts made from 10mm thick steel bars embed deep into the top and bottom framework, providing top-notch security.

Flexistore's Euro Cylinder Lock
Euro Cylinder Lock

Flexistore uses Euro Cylinder Locks, designed with the assistance of the Locksmiths Association, to operate the three-way locking system. These pick-proof locks give thieves nightmares because even if they try drilling or breaking in, the lock will shear away, rendering access impossible no matter how determined the intruder may be.

But security isn’t just about keeping thieves out. Flexistore is also child-friendly, with handles that can be operated from the inside. Asgard works closely with the Police Force and Steel Industry to continuously update and improve their security-conscious designs.

Precision Engineered 3-Point Locking System

Flexistore's 3 Point Locking System
3 Point Locking System

The precision engineering of Flexistore’s 3-Point Locking System reinforces vulnerable entry points. Steel is double-folded where panels meet, while intruder hot spots around the internal perimeter of the door are reinforced. These designs create formidable barriers against crowbar access and prevent forced leverage.

To ensure maximum security, the entire structure is internally bolted together, hiding all construction screws from the outside. And here’s something unique: Flexistore has an integrated heavy-gauged steel floor, which forms a crucial part of its structure. The wall panels bolt onto this flooring during construction, and it also serves as the anchor point.

When you combine all these security features with the use of industrial-grade steel, you get an incredibly strong and secure unit to protect your valuable gardening equipment. It would take quite a force, like a bulldozer, to move it once it’s properly anchored!

Heavy Duty Steel Sheds

Flexistore’s Effective & Sturdy Features

Flexistore’s roof is made of the same weight-gauge steel as the walls, ensuring it’s durable and resistant to weather. It’s impermeable and galvanized, with a weatherproof polyester overcoat to provide total protection against changing weather conditions.

Flexistore's Unique Ventilation System
Flexistore’s Unique Ventilation System

The apex design of the roof allows for instant drainage during heavy rain and prevents water from seeping inside by overlapping the walls and creating eaves.

Metal sheds often suffer from condensation and damp walls, especially in humid conditions. To combat this, it’s important to create a steady airflow inside. Flexistore includes steel air vents above the entrance, strategically engineered to maintain consistent airflow. Placing the shed away from vegetation and allowing items like motorbikes and chainsaws to cool down before storing them inside also helps maintain a healthy internal environment.

Optional heavy-duty steel ramp

OSB2 Timber Floor
OSB2 Timber Floor

If needed, you can purchase a heavy-duty steel ramp to assist with rolling in heavy lawnmowers, bikes, or mobility scooters. The ramp simply slots under the entry and stays in place without any additional fixings.

This 5 x 7 ft Flexistore can accommodate up to 12 steel shelves, which can be purchased separately. They come pre-drilled and securely attach to the walls with steel screws, providing sturdy support for your gardening equipment. You can also purchase packs of 10 steel hooks to organize tools like spades, rakes, and brushes along the walls. Additionally, steel eyelets are available for fastening bungee cords or ropes to secure items against the walls.

Consider purchasing an 18mm thick OSB2 timber floor to prevent scratching the metal base, create a more slip-resistant surface, and reduce internal noise levels. Asgard can provide a custom-cut timber floor that fits perfectly in the Flexistore and includes a metal fixing strip. Installing it is straightforward, as the timber simply lays into position over the base after anchoring.

Steel Shelving, Hooks & Eyelets Organise Storage

Flexistore 5 x 7 ft Measurements

Flexistore 5 x 7 ft Measurements

Flexistore 5 x 7 ft Measurements

Assembly Process Made Remarkably Simple

When setting up a heavy-duty steel shed like Flexistore, it’s crucial to place it on a solid, level surface such as a patio, concrete foundation, or materials like asphalt or tarmac. Make sure the substrate is at least 2 inches thick and level to prevent any subsidence or tilting.

Once you have prepared the foundations, the assembly process becomes very straightforward, as shown in the instructional video. You start from the base, where the wall panels are bolted simultaneously to the steel floor and adjacent steel sheets. Then, you proceed to attach the roof and door.

What makes the assembly process even easier is that anchor screws are provided. These screws help securely anchor Flexistore’s base to the ground, ensuring stability. The fast-forward video demonstrates the efficiency of Asgard’s assembly process. Thanks to cleverly designed precision engineering and the use of heavy-gauge steel, the number of parts is minimal, making construction quick and hassle-free.

Video – Flexistore 5 x 4 ft Assembly


Flexistore 5 x 7 ft Foundation Measurements

Advantages and Obstacles


  • Green, ivory or brown colour choices
  • Stylish & presentable to charm any home-garden
  • A pleasure to wash & clean
  • Weather-resistant polyester top-coat
  • Galvanised with zinc stops corrosion
  • Impervious, durable & extremely heavy-duty
  • 29 stone – 184 kg heavy-gauge steel building
  • Apex steel roof structure drains immediately
  • Internally constructed with steel bolts
  • Tamper-resistant Euro-Cylinder lock
  • Three-point door locking mechanism
  • Steel shoot-bolts and catches provide the lock
  • Steel industry designed to thwart crowbar access
  • Dual-folded steel impedes leverage
  • Steel shelving, hooks, and eyelets can be purchased
  • Optional ramp threshold easily slots into the location
  • Optional cut-to-size OSB timber floor simply lays on the base
  • Built-in ventilation stops condensation by distributing freshness
  • Wide access, steel reinforced single door
  • Included anchor bolts
  • 10 years Flexistore warranty cover
  • Extremely secure

Things to Consider

  • Heavyweight steel constructions require solid substrates suchlike concrete
  • Ensure Flexistore sheds are stationed on level ground
  • Heavy-duty steel, designed ultra secure demands a higher price tag
View Flexistore 5 x 7 ft Shed Prices
Flexistore 5 x 7 ft Heavy Duty Steel Shed

Final Thoughts

When it comes to prioritizing the safety of your valuable tools like hedge trimmers and lawnmowers, it’s hard to find a manufacturer that can compete with Asgard’s steel engineering. I haven’t come across any that match their level of quality and security.

While Flexistore has a width of 5 feet across the front, the Flexistore range offers sizes ranging from 4 feet to 11 feet deep. The 7-foot option sits in the middle of the range. If you prefer twin door access and a 7-foot width, you might want to consider Gladiator’s 7 x 7 ft shed. It offers the same high-quality steel construction and top-notch security.

Asgard offers a wide variety of storage options to choose from, including bike stores, motorbike garages, horizontal steel units, and heavy-duty garden sheds. Security is always at the forefront of their designs.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable and secure storage solution, Asgard’s range of steel structures is definitely worth exploring. They have a solution for every need and provide cutting-edge security features that give you peace of mind.

Thanks for reading.

View Flexistore 5 x 7 ft Shed Prices
Heavy Duty Steel Sheds - Flexistore 5 x 7 ft

Disclaimer: I do my best to provide accurate information, however, I may make mistakes. Please check the Seller’s description, read the comments and ask the Seller any questions you may have.



  1. Very thorough and in-depth review, and really well presented. Steel definitely looks like the way forward. Thanks for sharing, has given me much food for thought!

    • Hey Oliver, hope the Flexistore’s delivered you plenty of inspiration with regards to weather-resistant robust security for outside storage.

      The reasons capturing my interest regard Asgard’s method of weatherproofing the steel virtue of triple protection that assures defence against corrosion.

      Firstly alike many other outside steel structures, the steel goes through galvanising with zinc followed by a treatment of iron phosphate but what sets Asgard’s procedure apart from competitors relates to over-coating with a polyester thermoplastic which provides the colour along with an enduring impervious wrapping. Armouring the steel this method prevents the penetration of rainwater thereby averts the progression of rust.

      Accompanying the weatherproof design concerns substantial security whereby an internal construction process prevents intruder-dismantling owing to every bolt being absent from view. Internally anchoring down from steel onto solid ground underneath makes the shed pretty much immovable once the door is locked meanwhile their 3 shoot-bolts of steel that deeply embed within the steel door jamb once the handle is turned further to locking-up with a pick proof euro cylinder lock determines significant security measures.

      On top of that Oliver, I think Asgard’s design exhibits pretty smart for a steel shed. All the best,

  2. This is very comprehensive article about water-resistant shed. You have answered pretty much everything I wanted to know. My father is think about putting up a shed sometime this year. We have a plastic one. You have listed some really great options. I think the steel one would last a lot loner than plastic. Thank you so much for the review.

    • Hi Hong, thanks for your interest in Asgard’s Flexistore review.
      I write to provide visitors with all the relevant information with regards to what each shed’s composed of to determine a full diagnosis whether the make-up suffices for your garden setting including external and internal dimensions to check against location and storage potential.

      I think the real difference with steel regards security, the blueprint of Asgard’s design, noticeable through their absence of windows and skylights. Okay internal daylight maybe an issue to which the only way around concerns leaving the double doors ajar when inside however once locked up their security design is oceans apart in comparison to the standard metal shed.

      As far as long term weather-resistance is concerned, steel is obviously stronger however resin’s entire composition is immune from decay whereas polyester coated steel ascertains a coat of armoury to defend against weather-attack gaining entry to the galvanised steel thereby impeding the onset of corrosion.

      The choice really comes down to what crime-rate is like in one’s area and whether your desires prefer stronghold security to which Asgard engineer. Hope this helps Hong, thanks again for dropping by,

  3. Labman

    If I were to put up a garden shed, I would certainly choose steel over the plastic or resin models available.

    I prefer to create my own wooden structure for a shed but not everyone has the skills to create a custom structure. This is a good alternative.

    I can see levelling and pouring a concrete pad as a bit of a deterrent to this steel shed but for a simple effective and long-term solution for a homeowner in need of additional storage, this product will fill the bill.

    • Simon

      Hi Labman, thanks for reading about Flexistore’s heavy duty steel sheds.

      Asgard sheds are the most sturdy and secure garden sheds I have encountered so far. Having a polyester finish over zinc galvanised heavy-gauge steel impeccably delivers protection backed with low-maintenance, a cracking make-up.

      I agree with you regarding customising your own wooden shed if you have the time & DIY skills. Preferably I would choose deep treated cedar wood capped off with a resin roof to accomplish a weatherproof top and lower the maintenance issues across the facade. Problem is, cedar wood prices start spiralling out of control on large footprint sheds plus I still haven’t come across any custom designed resin roofs yet.

      Sticking to a budget is really what drew my attention towards the chunky skinned low-maintenance weatherproof resin sheds which are presently entering some very stylish appearances onto the market. Couple these benefits with an effortless wash down to refresh whilst free from conservation issues captures attention for the time conscious, a concern we’re up against.

      Yeah, these metal sheds demand a levelled substrate with the likes of concrete measuring a minimum of 75mm thick to accomplish a perpendicular standing and rigid anchoring. Once grounded and locked their only way of entry is virtue of operating a key. Apart from the likes of an industrial crane Asgard’s become virtually immovable, perfect for areas suchlike ours where crime levels are ever increasing and peace of mind with regards to protecting gardening equipment is required.

      Thanks again Labman,


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