Horizontal Plastic Storage Shed


A horizontal plastic storage shed like this Stow-Away’s low profile design are becoming a well favoured alternative to the more substantial walk-in sheds, the attraction bypasses building codes, assembly’s straightforward whilst the modish unobtrusive stance locates where space is rather tight.

Horizontal Plastic Storage Shed

Suncast Stow-Away

A whole host of storage solutions can be accommodated in the Stow-Away, like hiding those wheelie trash bins, parking bikes, storing patio necessities, gardening tools & lawn equipment to a dry wood log-store. Storehouse possibilities are endless.

My passion regards low maintenance, anything that’s weather-resistant, stylish, weatherproof and easily cleaned with the simplistic duty of a light spray-hose down sparks my interest after the yearly upkeep inconvenience our last wooden facility demanded.

If a low height design destined for confined spaces whilst an escape route from maintenance replaced by an effortless clean down tickles your fancy, inspect Suncast’s admirable horizontal storage solution – The Stow-Away.

Suncast Stow-Away

Displaying a modern vanilla shade of weather-resistant resin wraps around the facade whilst a weatherproof stoney coloured lid tops the unit off with stylish effect. Inside, a built-in floor creates a totally sheltered environment providing critical storage defence against adverse weather conditions.

Manufacturer:  Suncast

Model:  BMS4700

Size:  70 CU. FT.

Stow-Away Prices:

Verdict:  Exceptional Feedback

Colour:  Vanilla

#Feature:  Voluminous yet Compact

Features of the Stow-Away

Constructing large walk-in sheds can be a daunting prospect for the novice DIYer yet these small compact units assemble in a fraction of the time, it’s becoming ever more popular to see a few of these mini sheds occupying home-yards rather than the larger style due to their convenience.

Suncast’s low-profile designs accomplish the solution to ditch hassles associated with acquiring planning permission to erect a sizeable walk-in garden shed, a problem many districts face however due to Stow-Away’s low stature, sat beneath a standard 6 ft fence or situated against a house wall sidesteps this issue.

The entire composition regards a structure wrapped in resin from the lid down to the walls including the built-in floor resulting in an enclosure of weatherproof defence. Resistance to rot and decay escapes re-varnishing & re-painting endeavours, not forgetting re-roofing projects.

It’s effortless to clean, only requiring a wash down once the muck appears, many just spray hose them down whilst internally preservation of storage is catered for due to the built-in floor delivering enclosure from the outside environment ensuring a clean & dry interior is maintained.

Horizontal Plastic Storage Shed - The Stow-Away

Superb access is delivered by the 3 way lockable entrance, both the double doors and lid span the full width opening up the entire unit for easy access.

Whether intentions are to hide wheelie trash bins, park bikes, store patio accessories, gardening equipment or a kids toy storehouse, measure ideas with the internal dimensions below to make sure storage fits, there’s no definitive purpose for the Stow-Away.

Suncast Stow-Away Advantages:

  • Sits below the height of a standard 6 ft garden fence
  • Eliminates planning permission problems
  • Fits in confined spaces, popular against a house wall
  • Resists decay, waterproof and effortless to clean
  • Swift assembly compared to large sheds
  • Endless storage possibilities

♦ Suncast Stow-Away Prices ♦

Horizontal Plastic Storage Shed - Suncast Stow-Away

Feedback Received 

  • Home for your bikes or other large stuffs
  • Serves the purpose and is a nice unit
  • Good looking functional bike storage unit
  • Excellent trash can storage
  • Breeze to assemble
  • We love this shed
  • Good bang for the buck

Are examples headlining feedback received from Stow-Away’s rave reviews.

On the whole the instructions seem OK, Suncast have developed an easy bolt technology where plastic screws secure the unit with a fairly straightforward assembly procedure resulting in a sturdy finished construction.

Purchasers admire the advantages written above, the low maintenance easy-clean benefits plus appreciation with regards to the built-in floor preserving storage through the complete enclosure design preventing admittance of pests, rainfall and debris blowing inside

♦ Stow-Away Shed Prices ♦

Solid level foundations are a stipulation to deliver a perpendicular standing and to determine the doors swing operates accordingly. Solidity below ensures the floor stands up to demanding pressures endured by weighty storage whilst erecting from level footings deliver a quick assembly due to the panels plumb alignment.

It’s a shame sales sites fail to mention the foundation importance.

Video- Suncast Stow-Away


Weather-Resistant Sturdy Design

Suncast’s robust facade composition is accomplished through their benchmark of blow molded technology where resin sheets are manufactured into a dual walled formation shored up by steel reinforcements.

Environmentally friendly recyclable polypropylene regards Stow-Away’s make-up. Suncast’s modern-day molding procedures create sublime appearances whilst the composition is incredibly durable, inclusive of built-in weather-resistance.

The walls & doors are molded into a vanilla shade resembling wood panelling whilst the lid, coloured with a stoney tint integrates the two tones with stylish attraction yet purposely designed to withstand dents, scratches and rusting.

Suncast have conquered the long standing issues yesterday’s plastic succumbed to regarding surface cracking and colour fade when under attack from sunburn. UV protection mixes with the polypropylene delivering arm-guard defence to stabilise the composition against colour bleaching when left unsheltered from sun-rays.

The pure beauty however lies within the resin manufacture, it’s impermeable to rainwater, resists rotting and decay unlike their wooden counterparts leaving the simple role of a sprinkle down every now & again to maintain the pristine finish.

A combination of a multi-layered reinforced manufacture enclosed in a modish weatherproof easy-to-clean surface, unsusceptible to decay concludes Suncast’s makeup.

Suncast's Sturdy Resin Walls

Access Doesn’t get any better!

Access is superb with the Stow-Away. The doors spanning the 5 ft 10 inch. width of the shed provide easy entrance to the entire storage collection whilst the lid opens near vertical, gaining entry’s a doddle.

Each door includes two hinges whilst gas shocks accompany the lid to provide a near automatic opening mechanism due to supporting the hefty weight. The lid stays ajar through the pistons gas shock pressure until it’s time to close whilst upon closure they prevent the full weight slamming shut and trapping fingers.

Gas Shocks result in a effortless duty lifting the lid

Once both doors and lid are shut the unit maintains its closed position by a clasp designed into a three-way locking system, a padlock fits through the clasp securing all three doors simultaneously. Padlock is not included.

3 Way Locking System

Inside the Copious Stow-Away

The dimensions regarding the Stow-Away are displayed down below. Check internal & external dimensions against storage & location ideas, whether it serves requirements.

The floor has a sloped threshold providing easy access for wheeling in items and weighty equipment.

Many use the Stow-Away for storing gardening equipment, lawn & plant feed, BBQ gear & utensils, sporting goods, work tools, etc. Others have the Stow-Away conveniently situated in a backyard or on a patio sheltering seating cushions and the likes whist other popular services due to the stay-dry interior regards storing wood fire logs or harbouring kids toys, the spacious access delivers the quickest of garden tidy-ups.

A Storage Solution for Gardening Equipment

A Storage Solution for Gardening Equipment

Becoming more popular as time drifts by is to hide-away wheelie trash bin, it’s large enough to accommodate two 96 gallon wheelie bins, designed with a sloped threshold makes wheeling-in duties a straightforward process.

The floor is designed into a thickset resin bed that makes up the base expanse adjoining the walls yet purposely designed with added strength thrown into the polypropylene mix delivers the capability of subsisting heavy duty pressures, reason it’s imperative to stand the shed on solid ground.

Another hugely popular service regards parking bikes. Many people say their adult bikes fit in. I have measured ours and they will however it’s important to measure each model with the internal dimensions below as all bikes vary in size. Stow-Away’s 3 ft depth provides the opportunity to turn the front wheel if the bike’s larger.

Stow-Away: Accommodating Wheelie Trash Bins

Stow-Away: Accommodating Wheelie Trash Bins

Maintaining The Stow-Away

Maintenance entails a simple wash down with a soft brush or cloth, a job that takes minutes to fetch back the new-look. We generally lightly spray-hose ours down on a summer’s evening whilst giving the plants a drink, it’s that straightforward.

The weather-resistant structure is immune from rotting and decay whilst the weatherproof design maintains a dry interior when the rain showers down. There’s no yearly re-varnishing, re-painting or re-roofing. Unlike the rapid structural demise of roofing felt under the duress of damp conditions, the Stow-Away remains unaffected.

A tip we picked up a while back is to apply a couple of cups of white vinegar mixed into a bucket of hot soapy water to remove any stubborn ingrained marks. Works like a dream!

Stow-Away's Pristine Finish

Suncast Stow-Away Measurements

Suncast Stow-Away Measurements

Stow-Away Assembly Procedure

First priority regards ensuring the Stow-Away’s foundations are solid and level.

A levelled substrate of wood, concrete or paving provides ideal foundations for the floor to subsist storage stresses whilst the level surface ensures a vertical stance aiding a quick plumb alignment during assembly and determining the doors correct operational swing.

Easy bolt technology is Suncast’s blueprint where specially designed plastic screws secure the facade panels together. Purchasers are supplied with an Easy Bolt tool, no other tools are required.

This unit requires two people to assemble, one person supports the panels whilst the other aligns & secures with screws. Assemblers describe the instructions as okay, displayed into step-by-step format requiring to follow the order of steps to accomplish an efficient construction.

Once constructed Suncast advise to anchor the shed down into the foundations to increase stability however reading through reviews most bypass this step due to the Stow-Away’s low profile height.

Suncast Easy Bolt Assembly

Pros and Cons Of the Stow-Away


  • Sits under the height of a 6 ft fence
  • Locates where space is rather limited
  • Alternative solution to planning regs
  • Accommodates two 96 G trash bins
  • Modish design, attractive style
  • Weather-resistant. Resists rot and decay
  • Weatherproof design
  • Maintains a dry internal environment
  • Super-easy to clean
  • Built-In floor keeps the interior clean
  • Multitude of storage uses
  • Super access with triple door opening
  • Triple door security
  • Gas Shocks keep the lid open
  • Pistons prevent the lid slamming shut
  • Sloped threshold simplifies wheeling in items
  • Easy Bolt assembly with 2 people
  • 5 years Suncast warranty
  • Receives impressive feedback


  • Imperative foundations are level
  • Solid foundations ensure the floor subsists storage pressures
  • Suncast advise to anchor the shed down onto the ground
  • Double doors do not lock independently to the lid
Suncast Horizontal Shed

Suncast Horizontal Shed sits in Confined Spaces

Stow-Away’s Competition

Low profile designs are becoming a favourable solution for those wishing to escape large assembly projects, an alternative way around planning regulations whilst the unobtrusive stance, weatherproof design and service provided is the huge draw. Competition’s becoming quite strong.

Check the low-maintenance horizontal shed competition here:

Here’s a few low-profile sheds with similar designs to this Stow-Away taken from that page:

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Suncast Low Height Shed

Suncast Stow-Away

Final Verdict

The Stow-Away design is fast becoming a gardens delight. There’s an abundance of uses dedicated to this type of storage facility with the attraction of locating in confined spaces.

Internal dimensions accommodate an adequate amount of storage with such a diverse range of outdoor gear. Many choose a few horizontal styles rather than a full height shed simply due to their organisational benefits and ease of assembly.

The Stow-Away is stylish, effortless to wash-down and maintain its pristine finish, the weatherproof design is resistant to the rot setting in whilst access to storage couldn’t get any better.

♦ Suncast Stow-Away Prices ♦

Suncast Storage Solutions

Thanks for reading the Stow-Away review.

If you have any horizontal plastic storage shed queries, please share in the comment section below.

Thanks again,


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  1. Hans

    where do I buy replacement door hinges?

    • Hi Hans,
      I apologise for my delay in responding.

      For replacement door hinges I would either contact the supplier you purchased the Stow-Away from or contact Suncast directly and exp-lain where you live as the are USA based.

      Here’s the link to contact Suncast directly:

      Unfortunately there’s a bit of form filling here. Another option would be to message Suncast via their Facebook page:

      Suncast Facebook Page:

      Hope this helps Hans,

  2. Candice

    This is the perfect idea for a neat person or someone with limited yard space. I personally hate clutter in my home and yard so this would be ideal for me. You did a detailed and thorough review on this shed. I’m sold! I’m so glad that you explained the material from which this is built, sturdy, rust proof, resists decay, easy to assemble. Solid post you’ve got.

    • Simon

      Hi Candice,

      Thanks for calling in to read about Suncast’s large horizontal plastic storage shed.

      These types of shed clear the home and yard with the quickest of tidy-up sessions, their low profile sits unobtrusively where space is rather limited making them such a useful organisational shelter in the smallest of locations, reason for their popularity.

      I’m glad you found the article informative, this Suncast design is extremely low-maintenance, a quickie wash simply rejuvenates their new appearance, a warm wet cloth inclusive of mid detergent is generally all that’s required.

      There’s some more competing low-profile sheds to inspect here:

      Thanks again Candice, good luck choosing your style,


  3. Robert

    Hi Simon,

    I love to garden. That means fertilizer, garden implements, various shapes & sizes of containers, since I mainly container garden.

    It is nice to keep things neat and accessible at the same time. It is also convenient to have something that is low maintenance from all the gardening and other chores to do.

    The Stow – Away seems to be just the thing for those needs. The review was very helpful in seeing the clarity of how serviceable it would be.

    • Simon

      Hi Robert,

      Thanks for dropping by and reading about Suncast’s Stow-Away.

      Yeah, I sound just like you. I hate to see clutter, when it’s hidden I’m fine, it’s got to be behind closed doors though – ha!

      Suncast have manufactured a wide range regarding different styles and sizes of horizontal low maintenance resin sheds. This market is becoming very popular as as many of us want shut of the headaches yearly maintenance entails.

      The beauty here is that it sits below a 6 ft fenceline, small enough to stand in confined spaces whilst large enough to serve a whole range of outdoor storage items.

      Another positive regarding this low height is a way round planning regs as they are becoming quite strict regarding the larger walk-in alternatives. Due to this reason we know quite a few who have opted for a few of this size to overcome planning problems.

      Then there’s the quick efficient assembly procedure, it would be hard for Suncast to improve their simplistic assembly, 1-2 hours constructs this shed, far simpler than the walk-in variety.

      Yeah, reviews really do come across quite exceptional.

      Thanks again Robert and good luck with your choice of shed,


  4. Connie

    Hi Simon-
    A very informative site discussing storage sheds. Good photos and descriptions of this manufacturers sheds. I like the inclusion of link to pricing. The pro and con section was good. I appreciated the references to other shed manufacturers and comments. A clear concise presentation. Very readable and detailed.

    • Simon

      Hi Connie,

      Thanks for reading and dropping your comment.

      My passion is the low maintenance variety. A stylish appearance, robust composition, waterproof with a upkeep duties consisting of a wash down when dirty catches my attention. It all started when we purchased a resin style after yearly time consuming hassles our last wooden structure succumbed to.

      All sheds no matter what style have the odd niggles and I like to present them to visitors within the pros and cons section.

      Wood sheds eventually rot and cause maintenance headaches, many metal sheds rust, sweat inside, usually don’t consist of a built-in floor whereas quality plastic sheds have exceptional qualities yet required solid level foundations requiring you to anchor them down.

      I’m glad you found the review clear, concise and easy to navigate.

      Thank you Connie. Good luck choosing,


  5. Hello Simon
    I enjoyed reading this very much.
    I have a huge garden and storage is not an issue but I love the idea of putting the wheelie bins into this shed.
    I don’t like having the bins on show so to have them hidden away would be great and the fact the shed can be power washed is a real bonus.

    • Hi Jackie,
      Thanks for calling in and reading about this Suncast Stow-Away.

      This small shed has so many uses from storing bikes, firewood, gardening equipment, lawn supplies, kids toys and patio accessories etc and as you say Wheelie bins. Over time they start to look as they should be hidden, I agree and this is where this type of small shed plays such a useful role.

      Rather than having wheelie bins blown over on windy days, a sight that’s becoming quite common nowadays, many are choosing to hide them in a smart unit such as this.

      Another huge advantage is where space is tight. These small units sit below a 6 ft fenceline and fit into confined spaces which is a real bonus for many small gardens.

      Yeah, the beauty lies in the resin facade, not only weather-resistant to decay, they are effortless to clean. A power-wash is the most popular way to clean them.

      Thanks again Jackie for calling in,

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