Horizontal Plastic Storage Sheds

Horizontal plastic storage sheds are becoming a popular choice for accommodating outdoor gear. Their small stature fits where space is tight, low enough to stand below the height of a standard 6 ft fence-line makes them unobtrusive, perfect for small gardens.

Horizontal Plastic Storage ShedsA favourable approach gaining momentum regards the solution for gardens to occupy a few low profile sheds to organise their outdoor gear rather than the larger walk-in alternatives due to escaping hassles concerning planning regulations and daunting construction projects.

These horizontal resin style boast an easy-to-clean surface accompanied by a swift assembly procedure, the reason they’re captivating global interest.

Low maintenance is my bag, after rotting problems our last wooden facility succumbed to. These quality resin facades resist weather decay whilst retaining their pristine finish is simply by means of an effortless light pressure-wash down, that’s all it takes.

If an unobtrusive stance designed to sit in confined spaces, the convenience of being situated on a patio or maybe a way round planning laws dictates whilst ease of maintenance and a facade that’s unsusceptible to weather decay whets your appetite, inspect Suncast’s low profile storage facility.

Suncast Horizontal Shed

Displaying a sandy coloured facade with a sloped lid exhibiting a mustang shade integrates the calm tones of modish style. Harboring 34 cu.feet creates an ideal storage solution for a variety of outdoor gear yet small enough to attractively serve where space is limited like on a patio or small backyard.

This 34 cu. ft capacity shed is the smaller model to Suncast’s larger 70 cu. ft Suncast Stow-Away, a similar triple-door style with more substantial dimensions, able to accommodate those jumbo wheelie bins.

Manufacturer:  Suncast

Model:  BMS3400

Size:  34 CU. FT.

Suncast Horizontal Shed Prices:

Verdict:  Great Feedback

Colour:  Sand/Mustang

#Feature:  Compact Size

Suncast BMS3400 Features

The tempting features charming purchasers are the attractive sandy neutral tones, an enclosure of resin that resists weather decay whilst the effortless maintenance role of whirlwind wash restores assembly days spotless finish in minutes.

4 ft. 5″ wide, 2 ft. 8″ deep with a height of 3 ft. 9″ concludes the outer dimensions providing an attractive size for any patio to serve accessories, alternatively it’s modishly presentable situated against a house wall or sat beneath a fence harboring small garbage cans, pool equipment or garden necessities.

Triple door access is provided by the double doors and lid opening the entirety of the shed and lockable by means of a padlock whilst the built-in floor serves to keep accessories clean yet toughened to manage endurance stresses.

One of the main attractions for a small unit this size regards the rapid assembly process, most finalise Suncast’s straightforward construction in under an hour, the reason additional horizontal sheds are becoming a favoured option and gaining ever-increasing popularity.

Whatever your storage ideas behold, it’s advisable to measure with the internal dimensions presented further down the page.

♦ Suncast Low-Profile Shed Prices ♦

Horizontal Plastic Storage Sheds by Suncast

Suncast Horizontal Shed Benefits:

  • Sits below a standard height fenceline
  • Fits in tight spaces whilst brightening up any homeyard
  • Attractive addition to any patio
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Provides defence against weather deterioration
  • Fast efficient assembly process
  • Delivers a whole variety of storage solutions

Suncast BMS3400 Reviews

  • Perfect Storage Solution
  • Great sturdy shed
  • Awesome little shed
  • Nice storage bin. Very sturdy
  • Very nice and roomy and easy to assemble!
  • Satisfied customer
  • Shed was easy to set up: 

These represent just a small snippet of titles headlining reviews.

Purchasers admire the benefits written above, enticed by the pretty display and compact design, destined to add stylish attraction to any restricted location.

The easy bolt assembly and straightforward step-by-step instructions developed by Suncast presents no difficulty constructing and certainly receives the thumbs up.

It’s important to note, solid level foundations are essential. A levelled base delivers a perpendicular stance, a vertical standing ensures the doors correct swing.

Solid foundations pay homage to the floor living up to its hard-wearing description. Erecting from a level base simplifies assembly with respect to the panels plumb alignment, equating to a quick hassle-free construction resulting in Suncast purchasers trumpeting out wondrous reviews.

Video – Suncast Horizontal Shed


Suncast’s Robust Resin Make-up

The walls and lid are designed into a double walled composition, engineered to provide robustness enhancing stability. The panels make-up regards polypropylene resin, molded into sheet form they interlock with each other and fasten with screws finalising the build into a sturdy overall construction.

The lid is designed with a mustang chocolate coloured tint whilst the facade exhibits a sandy shade, molded to display a modish chic presentation of wood panelling. Polypropylene wraps the unit in weatherproof defence, resistant to rot & decay yet unlike the nurturing duties demanded by their wooden counterparts, polypropylene doesn’t require re-coats of stain, paint nor varnish to preserve, it remains unaffected throughout rain, hail & shine.

The underlying issue regarding yesterday’s plastic relates to the demise in appearance whilst under exposure from sunburn attack. UV protection counteracts associated colour bleaching issues by blending within the polypropylene mix to stabilise the composition.

Both the doors make-up are identical to the facade’s durable composition, secured into place by quality hinges. The floor’s manufacture regards polypropylene inclusive of toughening additives that strengthen the mix, molded into a thickset resin bed resulting in a surface capable of enduring weighty pressures.

Combining these strengthening elements into the design results in quite a sturdy overall construction once assembled.

♦ Suncast Low-Height Shed Prices ♦

Suncast Sturdy Construction

Triple Access Delivered

Entering into Suncast’s compact unit is by virtue of a three way opening system. The lid and double doors spanning the entire width of the unit open wide making the entire storage collection attainable within arms reach.

At the base of the doors a resin foot latch operates the opening mechanism, when the doors are closed the latch maintains the doors closure.

Resin Foot Latch Operates The Opening

Two metal hinges per door ensure a quality entrance, increasing stability & performance. Plastic hinges on opposing models lead to more breakages when subject to blowing open in windy weather but it’s advised not to let the doors swing as Suncast’s facade to where the metal hinges secure is still plastic.

Metal Hinges Provide Extra Door Stability

Swing the lid open and a prop-rod ensures the lid stays ajar allowing you to work hands-free however many opposing sheds include hydraulic pistons nowadays to aid the lid weight upon opening and prevent the lid slamming shut. The lid works independently to the doors making this facility an ideal accessibility storage solution for the smaller style of trash bins.

Prop-Rod Aids Hassle-Free Working

Security-wise, both double doors and lid are locked simultaneously by means of a three way locking system, a clasp designed for a padlock combines the doors and lid together in one fell swoop. Padlock not included.

Secure The Unit In One Fell Swoop

34 CU. FT.  Storage Potential

It’s always a good idea to measure storage ideas against internal measurements (presented below) to reassure these dimensions suit requirements.

The small size provides an adequate storage facility to sit in confined spaces or situate against a house wall or fence, the neutral sandy tones are designed to accentuate with any garden settings whilst serving outdoor essentials.

Popular storage services include gardening equipment & tools, lawn & garden supplies, planters & hosepipes, BBQ paraphernalia & grilling utensils, kids bikes whilst serving as a fab haven for kids toys to accomplish a quick tidy-up when the weather breaks.

Providing a Whole Host of Storage Potential

The floor includes a threshold simplifying the wheeling in of gardening equipment and garbage cans etc whilst the floor is purposely strengthened to survive storing weighty items.

The huge benefit regarding the built-in floor creates a clean internal environment preventing gusts of debris gathering inside. The complete enclosure prohibits pests from sheltering whilst the interlocking procedure the floor has with the walls restricts rainfall puddling on the internal floor.

Other serving duties include a dry house for fire logs and winter essentials whilst another favourable alternative presents a stylish addition to a corner of a patio or homeyard due to it’s compact size, accommodating patio accessories and folding chairs, etc.

The Perfect Dry Store

Low-Maintenance – The Beauty of Resin

The advantage of a polypropylene resin construction regards their resistance to rot and rust whilst requiring no future upkeep duties, an effortless wash down to refresh the spotless appearance describes their minimalist role.

We generally lightly spray-hose our plastic shed down as the hose-pipe’s always connected outside, a few minutes job fetches back the shine in an instant. It couldn’t really get any easier.

Every now and again ingrained dirt starts to build, a scrub with a soft brush in water and detergent usually does the trick. Any hard to shift stubborn marks disappear by adding white vinegar into a bucket of hot soapy water. Works like a dream for us.

Resistant To Weather Attack

Suncast BMS3400 Measurements

Suncast BMS3400 Measurements

Suncast BMS3400 Measurements

Suncast Horizontal Shed Assembly

Suncast have simplified assembly to such an extent, excellent reviews come flooding back for their ease of construction.

They’ve developed a unique process called Easy Bolt Technology involving aligning the panels, interlocking in position and screwing their plastic bolts into place with their specially designed & supplied Easy Bolt Tool to secure the panels.

Construction time does vary as we all go at different speeds however up to an hour seems to be the average.

It’s important to construct on solid level ground, providing integrity for the overall construction and floor’s hard-wearing performance whilst aligning the panels plumb is simplified due to the level base, resulting in a fast efficient assembly.

Instructions advise to anchor the floor down into the foundations to increase stability against adverse weather however this is a low profile unit so anchoring does vary reading through reviews, dependant on whether the shed is situated in a sheltered spot.

Suncast Easy Bolt Assembly

Suncast Easy Bolt Assembly

Pros and Cons regarding Suncast’s Horizontal shed


  • Exhibiting stylish sandy neutral tones
  • Attractive modern panelled styling
  • Sits beneath a standard 6 ft fence-line
  • Fits in confined spaces, against a house wall
  • Attractive modish design
  • Weather-resistant composition
  • No rust, rot or decay to deal with
  • Easily cleaned with a light pressure hose
  • Weatherproof and sturdy
  • Floor design is hard wearing
  • Sloped threshold eases wheeling-in access
  • Built-in floor maintains a clean interior
  • Triple door access and lockable
  • Foot Step-on-Lock delivers convenience
  • Prop-rod delivers stay-open lid
  • Easy Bolt assembly
  • No tools required – Easy-Bolt tool supplied
  • 5 years Suncast warranty cover
  • Impressive feedback


  • Solid foundations are imperative
  • Optional yet advised to anchor down onto the foundations
  • Inclusive of Prop-rod – No hydraulic pistons

Suncast Horizontal BMS3400 Shed

Suncast’s Low-Profile Shed Competition

Competition is certainly gaining momentum where quality low-profile resin sheds are concerned. Increasingly, searchers wish to ditch upkeep hassles and replace with an easy to maintain weatherproof facade.

Inspect the full range of reviewed horizontal sheds:

Here’s a few competing low-profile sheds taken from this page:

Suncast Stow-Away. 70 cu.ft.

Suncast Stow-Away Review:

Store-It-Out Max

Store-It-Out Max Review:

Lifetime Horizontal Shed

Lifetime Horizontal Shed Review:


Grand-Store Review:

Low Height Shed - Suncast Glidetop Shed

Suncast Glidetop Shed Review:

Rubbermaid Slide-Lid Shed

Rubbermaid Slide-Lid Shed Review:

Suncast Horizontal Shed

Suncast Horizontal Shed

Final Verdict

This storage facility is destined to add that touch of pizzazz to any home surroundings, whether it’s sat admirably on a patio, home-yard or situated in a gardens confined space offering a plethora of outdoor storage solutions dependant on one’s ideas.

Weather-resistant, waterproof and sturdy concludes the construction, attractively presented in modish style whilst incredibly easy to assemble.

Favouring the attraction regards the 5 year limited warranty, low maintenance design whilst cleaning with a spray-hose works wonders & fast.

♦ Suncast Low Profile Shed Prices ♦

Suncast Storage Solutions

Thanks for reading about Suncast’s low height shed.

If you have any related queries, please post them in the comment section below. Always happy to help.

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  1. Louis Cubero

    I am trying to find (6 each) of the “Easy Bolts, 7/8”
    They are the plastic bolts to hold this unit together. I cannot find them anywhere!

  2. Sheila

    Where can I find information re price and areas served

  3. M. Fertikh

    Where to buy accessories ? noticed black metallic re enforcement units on pictures but not provided

    • Hi, thanks for visiting. I would check out Suncast’s contact page where you can send a message about the black metallic re-enforcement units – I’m sure they will be able to provide the answers and help.
      Hope this helps,

  4. Matt's Mom

    This looks like a great storage solution for the side of my house. I have one question though. If I have it on the ground and we get one of our torrential rains, which can be frequent, will the inside bottom of the shed get full of water? Would it be better to have this up on a platform as with any shed? It is a great solution, that is just my only worry that it will get full of water in the bottom every time it rains.

    • Simon

      Hi Matt’s Mom,

      Thanks for asking about foundations.

      I have written a Plastic Shed Base Foundation post regarding preparing the correct foundations, it’s imperative the rules are adhered to as it assures a quality long-term construction plus it eases assembly many fold.

      One of the most important points is laying the foundations above a floodplain level to ensure an efficient rainwater drainage system.

      No shed, whether wood, metal or plastic is waterproof unless they are sealed at the base which is rarely the case yet they are all designed weatherproof to disperse rainfall falling down upon them but not stood in a flood.

      Quality plastic sheds do have a built-in floor however they are constructed through their interlocking procedure, these have faint gaps and will leak if fully immersed therefore priority is to ensure they won’t be stood in a flood by raising them slightly above ground level to alleviate the problem.

      Hope this helps, thanks again,


  5. Corrieb

    This looks like a great storage solution for the backyard! I know you mentioned anchoring the shed to the foundation, my only concern would be if the weather turned nasty and the wind picked up.

    Does the shed come with its own anchoring system or is this something you would need to purchase on top?

    • Simon

      Hi Corrieb,

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

      All these horizontal storage sheds require are solid level foundations for the shed to sit on. To provide stability against adverse weather is to anchor them down into the foundations.

      Anchor placements are presented within the floor however you do require the correct screws whether you have wood or concrete foundations.

      The beauty of this low height design is the are usually sheltered anyway, like beneath the height of a 6ft standard fence or next to a house wall etc leaving most people according to the reviews I’ve read not bothering to anchor them down.

      The instructions recommend securing to the ground however which is my prefered option as this does provide stability peace of mind in my view.

      Hope this helps and thanks again for calling in,


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