Keter Fusion Sheds – Wood Plastic Composite Sheds

Wood plastic composite sheds complement landscapes and patios with stylish tradition meanwhile their modernistic approach virtue of amalgamating resin within the manufacture delivers durability to combat weather-attack. Keter Fusion sheds 7½ x 4 ft mini combines conventional charm with a modern twist.

Wood Plastic Composite Sheds

Fusion sheds presently stand isolated concerning this type of shed manufacture, amalgamating wood for those yearning traditional appearances with polypropylene for those desiring maintenance freedom. Fusing wood with plastic delivers the best of both worlds.

Likewise, we’ve managed to accomplish turning the annoyance of yearly upkeep work into an pleasant cleaning program regarding our resin shed, virtue of connecting the shower adaptor to the hosepipe. Upholding the spotless shine is is best described as elementary meanwhile the weatherproof make-up eludes future conservation issues.

If a traditional style floats your boat further to relishing the prospect of an easy-to-clean surface delivering long-term resistance against decay, inspect the particulars offered through Fusion’s make-up.

Fusion 7.5 x 4 ft

Stylistic flair resembling a classic wooden style, Fusion’s exquisite facade is destined to exhibit a stunning presence to any small garden location, furthermore the mini depth produces a size suitable to add that touch of panache to any patio.

Mixing wood with resin delivers innovation with respect to garden storehouse solutions. Fusions receive mighty fine feedback for uniting gorgeous looks with sturdy build quality and weather-resistance. The simple duty of a whirlwind wash replenishes the shine in a jiffy compared with the conventional’s continuous maintenance upheaval.

Fusion 7.5 x 4 ft Shed

Manufacturer:  Keter

Model:  Fusion 754


Size:  7.5 ft x 4 ft

Verdict:  Stylistic Charm

Colour:  Traditional Wood

View Fusion 7.5 x 4 ft Shed Prices

4 feet in depth regards the smallest shed within the fusion family, all members comprise identical heights along with 7½ feet widths. Moving up the ranks delivers a stretch of 7 feet in length whereas if you have room to locate and storage to accommodate there’s the largest 7.5 x 9 ft facility. These three members currently complete Fusion’s range.

Meet the Fusion family:

Shed Ranges: displays alternative low-maintenance designs suchlike polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC and polycarbonate manufactures. Fusions comprise an amalgamation of wood & polypropylene.

This slimline design is intended to store a whole host of outdoor stuff such as gardening equipment, patio accessories, barbecue paraphernalia, kids toys & bikes meanwhile Fusion’s decent height accommodates long handled implements suchlike extendable ladders and those lengthy gardening tools.

Wood Plastic Composite Sheds - Fusion 7.5 x 4 ft Shed

Composition Delivering the Best of Both Worlds

Combining wood with polypropylene attributes to the characteristics of Fusion’s facade make-up. This blueprint design features elegance exposing the natural rich beauty of a wooden impression, up close the ruggedness of a grain texture transpires throughout meanwhile blended with the potency of weatherproof resin delivers immunity from the rot.

Fusion Wood/Resin Composite Walls

Fusion Wood/Resin Composite Walls

The facade’s make-up consist of two separate sheets of composite panels joined together by a ribbed internal structure delivering a reinforced double skinned wall. A tongue & groove edging generates a straightforward construction process where the sheets simply slot into one another and secure around the steel framework with screws providing overall stability.

The result exhibits traditional appearances, weatherproof polypropylene assures decay-resistance, a dual walled skin prevents dents & improves sturdiness meanwhile the elimination of ongoing maintenance projects is superseded by a surface elementary to clean.

To maintain appearances, we generally hose our resin shed down on a summer’s evening once the dirt appears in unison to watering the plants, there’s convenience. Granted, a bit of elbow grease is now-&-again required when muck becomes ingrained however a mixture of light detergent & warm water aided by a soft brush quickly dislodges stubborn marks.

Fusion’s impermeable weatherproof composition is paramount for storage preservation, thereby delivering a future absent from sorting rotting issues nor any conservation duties associated with re-varnishing and re-painting. Moreover, the composite is UV stabilised to resist colour fade problems and fractures occurring when exposed to the duress of sunburn attack, a particular dilemma unprotected resin is prone to.

Another advantage beholden to this wood/resin composition regards the ability to screw into the walls to hang items, a first for a resin shed and hugely beneficial for hanging gardening tools.

View Fusion 7.5 x 4 ft Shed Prices

Keter Fusion 7.5 x 4 ft Shed

Fusion Shed Features

Strong Roof Incorporating an Apex Design

An apex design describes the majorities favoured roof construction. Fusion roofs extend beyond the shed walls eliminating rainwater seepage inside meanwhile their high peak results in a satisfactory angle to determine rainwater drains straight off leaving no holding places for water to puddle & stagnate.

Fusion's Ultra Strong Weather-Resistant Roof

Fusion’s Ultra Strong Durable Roof

Fusion’s steep roof pitch benefits the internals with lofty headroom expanse providing adequate dimensions to determine a knock to the head is not forthcoming albeit this mini design only occupies a 4 ft depth however the two metres+ height caters for storing long handled implements.

Resin sheets constitute the roofing, manufactured into a dual walled skin where polypropylene provides the armoury to deliver long-term weather defence, prohibiting decay. The molding procedure accomplishes a stunning 3D tile effect resembling a slate roof, capping Fusions off with style.

Fusions embody design features surpassing Keter’s more competitively priced Factor Range of Sheds in terms of looks & style furthermore these roofs are described as ultra strong although these additions mark up an increased price-tag.

Each resin roof panel fastens onto the supported metal framework, steel reinforced from the apex inside produces a top capable of holding heavy snowfall meanwhile manufactured from resilient polypropylene delivers quite the opposite of roofing felt’s short term survival rate once decay sets in. Fusions deliver reassurances by eliminating subsequent re-roofing projects on account of their weather-resistance.

Wood / Resin Panels Secure Around Steel Supports

Wood / Resin Panels Secure Around Steel Supports

Substantial Built-in Floor

The essential requirement concerning any plastic/resin shed is to construct from a solid level surface, conforming to this rule provides a long lasting hard wearing floor able to subsist the forces of challenging use.

Heavy Duty Built-In Floor

Heavy-Duty Built-In Floor

Fusion floors constitute a toughened polypropylene make-up. Designed rot-resistant provides reassurances immaterial whether situated in damp or humid environments. Molded into a hefty thickset bed delivers strength to endure storage stresses meanwhile a gripped external upper-face delivers anti-slip.

Flat-pack resin sheets interlink with adjacent panels produce the floor area meanwhile the wall panels simultaneously interlock their boundary edge delivering encasement from outside.

We find a built-in floor maintains a clean environment through the creation of a barrier, preventing gusts of wind blowing debris inside, stops the occurrence of rainwater puddles arising on the inside and provides a blockade to pests. The reason our attention turned towards the integrated resin style, it’s not often you find a metal shed containing this built-in feature.

Embedded within the floor are anchor placements for the advisory measure of steadfastly grounding the shed down onto the foundations thereby providing increased stability against the storms.

Video – Keter Fusion Sheds

There’s an assembly video towards the bottom of the page

Inside’s Lofty & User-Friendly

One step inside provides access to the entire storage collection owing to the 4 ft mini-depth however the expansive 7½ feet width provides plenty of space for sheltering a satisfactory amount of gardening equipment, tools, patio accessories, BBQ gear, bikes & toys etc. Furthermore, the generous height puts an end to cracking your nut whist enabling the storage of lengthy items.

Keter Fusion ventilation

Fusion’s built-in ventilation

Air vents built into the top of the shed front and back generate fresh air circulation to sweep around the internals abolishing the development of a clammy ambience, a feature we’re satisfied with owing to maintaining a preserved atmosphere for storage.

A skylight positioned in the peak of the apex constitutes a translucent polycarbonate strip extending the depth of the roof, accompanying the door windows they bask inside with daylight.

The walls are screw-able, enabling the fixing of hooks to hang items, gardening tools & so forth besides the walls, a desirable feature in clearing floor space. Likewise, shelves can be installed but their weight-limit is rather restricted to accommodating lighter items, like anything there is a limit to what they will support.

Free-standing self-assembly shelving to accommodate weighty storage and large stacking boxes deliver the solution in taking advantage of Fusion’s two metres interior height, a popular alternative to which DIY stores provide an abundance of sizes.

Drillable walls for Hanging Items and Installing Shelves

Drill-able walls for Hanging Items and Installing Shelves

Beefy – Lockable – Broad Access Doors

Wide strapping double doors provide easy access into these composite sheds. Manufactured through polypropylene assures weather-defence, molded and shaded to represent stylish wood panelling exhibiting a robust charcoal appearance stylishly compliments Fusion’s aspect of tradition, delivering exquisite presence.

Lockable doors

Lockable doors

The doors appear strong as a result of their dual skinned composition. Their near stretch of the shed’s breadth provides ease of access for carting bulky gear in and out meanwhile aiding wheeling in services is attributed by the floor’s sloped threshold.

Quality metal hardware furnishes Fusion doors with style further to functioning their sweet opening and closure meanwhile a stainless steel locking mechanism enhances security measures, moving a step closer to the assurances metal sheds behold.

The doors are lockable virtue of a padlock, the handle is specifically designed for this purpose meanwhile benefiting advantages for windy days relates to the left hand door’s internal latches, accomplishing a stay-closed position meantime keeping the right side in use.

Fusion's Quality Beefy Doors

Fusion 754 Measurements

Keter Fusion 7.5 x 4 ft Measurements

Keter Fusion 754 Measurements

Tongue & Groove Panels Ease Construction

Impressive feedback concerning Fusion shed assembly floods back resulting from their panels tongue & groove periphery. An efficient assembly procedure is achieved by those who conform to preparing the recommended solid level base for their shed’s location. Unfortunately this advice is seldom mentioned on sales sites yet headlines all instructions.

Wood suchlike decking, paving or concrete bases including asphalt laid perfectly level and raised slightly above a flood level in order to prevent water seepage provide the ideal substrate.

Laying the floor

Laying the floor

Solid level foundations are the essential one-step process to accomplish the perfect Fusion shed construction:

  • A level base enables straightforward assembly of the panels due to the screw-holes aligning at ease. A base that’s not level leads to frustrations especially 8 ft up aligning the roof panels.
  • Level footings determine a vertical stance ensuring the roof weight applies equal force to all shed sides thereby preventing leaning stresses.
  • Alignment of the doors including their flawless swing is straightforward to accomplish owing to the shed’s vertical stance.
  • A solid flat base determines the floor can endure heavy-duty demanding pressures.

Once the construction is finalised, rigid anchorage onto the substrate through the floor’s anchor positions is essential.

Building the walls and inserting the door

Building the walls and inserting the doors

Fusions require two people to assemble using ordinary household tools. Many opt for the automatic drill driver for powering in the screws however set the force on a low setting to prevent rounding the screws, the reason others prefer the manual approach but there are hundreds of screws.

We embraced tips from a few previous assemblers by laying all the parts out in sequence to the step by step instructions plus we installed off site procedures like the door hardware prior to the build which really quickened assembly day. We had no complaints due to being organised and commencing from the required foundations.

Download the Assembly instructions:

Watching the video below demonstrates how straightforward the construction process is including the highly beneficial alignment procedure of the doors.

Assembling a Fusion


Highlights and Drawbacks


  • Generous dimensions for a patio
  • Gorgeous rich natural wooden tones
  • Traditional looks with the durability of resin
  • Ability to screw into walls to hang items
  • Sturdy doors provide broad access
  • Ventilated air current preserves storage
  • Skylight and windows provide natural light
  • Easy assembly with two people
  • 10 years Fusion warranty cover
  • 2 metres+ height stores long implements
  • Resists cracking & fading in the sun
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Withstands rust, rot and decay
  • Weather-resistant & sturdy
  • Built-in floor keeps the interior clean
  • Hard wearing floor sustains storage stresses
  • Stainless steel locking system
  • High pitched roof assures efficient drainage


  • Composite sheds require the advised foundations
  • More costly than Keter’s alternative Factor range
  • Firm anchorage is fundamental

Keter Fusion 7.5 x 4 ft Patio Shed

Competition Amongst the 7½ x 4 feet Dimensions

Strong competition is evolving around these dimensions on account of their popularity regarding positioning in restricted garden spaces & tight patio locations besides the low maintenance benefits and weather-resistant advantages resin beholds however this is the first wood/plastic composite shed, presently it stands alone in the market place.

Shed Sizes:  steps up the weatherproof shed competition in dimensional order, here’s a few facilities around this size:

Suncast Cascade 7 x 4 ft

Cascade’s prettiness:

Lifetime 8 x 5 ft Shed

Lifetime’s desert-sand:

Keter Factor 6x3 Shed

Factor’s low-cost alternative:

Keter Fusion Sheds - Wood Plastic Composite Sheds

Fusion’s traditional aspect

Closing Thoughts

A simply stunning shed designed to blend into the landscape accentuating traditional flair. Access is made simple, a preserved atmosphere generates through ventilation meanwhile classically topped off with apex, strength & style.

The conventional look and feel of wood-grain transpires to the touch meanwhile the durability of weatherproof resin combines within not forgetting Fusion’s ultimate cleaning surface.

A low maintenance shed that simply looks divine

View Fusion 7.5 x 4 ft Shed Prices

Fusion Composite Sheds


Thanks for examining Fusion’s wood plastic composite sheds.

Feel free to share your views and composite queries below.

Until the next review,


Please share Fusion’s mini composite shed. Thank you!



  1. Curt Bartlett

    I am in need of a fusion 754 Keter Shed but I cannot find one for sale in the USA. They only appear to be available in the UK. How can i get one to San Diego CA. Curt 619-571-5811.

    • Hi, Curt – unfortunately, out of stock and low stock levels are occurring all over, including the UK. I’m getting messages like this many times.
      You cound try contacting Keter to see if they can help – here’s the link to Keter’s contact page:
      Hope this helps – good luck.

  2. Wiesia

    I purchased this Keter Fusion shed in sixe 7.5 x 4 a couple years back. Love it. Now we would like to buy same one nut it is not available anymore. We live in Mississauga, Ontario Canada.
    Is there a way to find one?
    Thank you

  3. These sheds look great and as you have said these are a combination of wood and polypropylene which makes them even far far better as compared to regular sheds available in market. These sheds can easily adjust on landscapes as well not only in patios and flat surfaces. This quality in these shed is the best one. I used to have a shed in my previous garden in a slight landscape type of surface and it was really disappointed but the sheds you share with us Simon are really great and I would love to take your consultation in buying a shed for my garden very soon. I can’t thank you enough for sharing these super quality products with us.

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for calling in to explore Fusions 7 x 4 ft slimline shed.

      A composite manufacture delivers the best of both worlds. You have the richness of pure wood for those who desire the traditional look with the durability of UV protected polypropylene which amalgamates throughout the manufacture defending the shed against wood-rot and other weather-related defects such as sun-scorch stresses.

      Their main criteria regards standing on a solid level platform to ensure the perpendicular stance functions the doors correctly and averts any leaning stresses meanwhile a solid base ensures the floor copes with the hefty weights of lawnmowers and effectuates rigidity when anchoring down.

      Like you, we were initially a bit sceptical whether a plastic manufacture would survive but after considering the pressures wheelie bins go through, car trims are engineered with and the likes of PVC window manufactures we thought we’d give one a try and delighted with the results.
      There’s no continuous rot & weather demise to deal with meanwhile maintaining the looks conveniently involves unreeling the hose pipe and giving it a shower down once in a while.

      Thanks again Sarah, there’s a growing choice available. If you scroll down the Shed Sizes page to your required footprint, you’ll see a whole variety.
      All the best,

  4. Love the idea of weather resistant sheds. That’s sounds very useful to those who really need it. Two thumbs up!

    • Hey Dante, thanks for dropping by to read about Fusion’s wood & resin advantage.

      Weather-resistant polypropylene combined with wood delivers a dodge to annual preserving with wood-stain, replacing felted roofs along with the arduous procedure of trying to fix new wood onto a decaying structure whilst exchanging rotting panels meanwhile for those who prefer sticking with traditional looks, the richness of wood displays throughout.

      Personally I enjoy the maintenance role of a wash-down resin sheds require on an occasional basis, they’re so quick to accomplish. We generally leave the process until spring comes along then effectuate the role in among watering up on an evening with the hosepipe. We simply clip in the shower connector and turn the dial to increase the water pressure.

      If you’re after lazy summers and require outdoor storage, this style of shed delivers Dante. Thank you,

  5. Fadi

    hi, thanks for the post. very informative. my wife and I have a country house and i think this shed will be perfect. I love the brown color, it is very nice. The prices are ok, but I am not sure if it is delivered to middle east. the cost of shipping and local taxes might play a role. But I am gonna check it out. its worth it.

    • Simon

      Hi Fadi,

      Thanks for dropping by to inspect Fusion’s wood plastic composite sheds.

      I can imagine to look of tradition Fusion’s parade with their composite mix will complement a country house setting to high degree with the added benefit of no future conserving issues to troubleshoot nor annual re-coats of varnish to keep the wood nourished.

      Yeah, I agree. Fusion shed prices are a step higher to the likes of Factor’s more ordinary plastic design owing to their composite dual skinned make-up including the increased quality features they possess suchlike stainless steel locking mechanisms and superior handles etc. 

      Everyone’s budget and outlook varies to what the value of a shed is worth for their location.

      The only thing I can suggest regarding shipping to the Middle East is to ask the seller for clarification to whether this is possible. Some companies offer free shipping where others do not export. You’ll receive an answer via a simple message.

      Thanks again Fadi, hope shipping works out for you,


  6. Elizabeth Conley

    This is a really nice shed. My husband and I have installed prefabricated sheds on our property before. One we used as a paint locker and the other we used to store bikes and lawn equipment.

    This one seems sturdier than what we had. Will this shed disassemble for relocation?

    Does it come in colors other than brown and grey? Are there options with windows?

    Again, it seems very sturdy and attractive.

    • Simon

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Thanks fro calling in and reading about Fusion’s wood plastic composite sheds.

      These sheds will disassemble however I presume the screws and fixings will slacken to some extent once the shed is reconstructed, so unfortunately I can’t provide a genuine answer to whether they will reassemble as good as they originally were. I have heard people reassemble them but I have no prior experience.

      Fusions are purely designed to display traditional looks however there are other of various shades of low maintenance resin sheds to inspect here:

      There are windows on the larger Fusion sheds along with the translucent skylight strip embedded within the roof and windows in the doors, this Fusion is only 4 ft deep so is absent from windows in the walls. Here’s the next sized Fusion:

      Yeah, Fusions are a new design, sturdy build quality with a weatherproof facade.

      Thanks again Elizabeth. Good luck with your decision,


  7. delroaustria

    This is another great post.

    You lay all the informations we need to know about Kater Fusion Sheds. It is well-engineered and easy to assemble. I really love the color of Suncast Cascade.

    Although made of plastic, it offers and durability and weather resistant.

    I have only one concern if does it ships globally?

    • Simon


      Thanks for calling in again and reading my review.

      Yeah, my passion is to inform visitors about the various quality plastic sheds that are entering onto the market, relay the reviews and qualities these sheds have. I have no allegiance for any particular shed, there’s some superb quality low maintenance sheds that are so easy to keep clean hitting the market at present as many people want rid of the hassle regarding upkeep duties.

      The Suncast Cascade is a pretty shed, really popular in the USA. There’s 2 sizes within the Cascade models, the one presented above and a 7 x 7 ft shed. Here’s the link below if a larger footprint is your requirement:

      These quality sheds are made from dual walled skinned resin that wraps around a steel frame for stability and strength, they’re completely different from the single skinned alternatives.

      The best thing you can do regarding international shipping is to visit the website and say where you live and ask whether they ship to your country. There are many who do international shipping but this does vary.

      Thanks again for calling in, good luck with choosing,


  8. Karlo

    Hi there. Thank you for providing a very in-depth article here. There are lots of interesting points you have pointed out. Like you said, Fushion Sheds is a unique type of manufacture. I like very much design of Fushion Sheds and how stabile it is. I would definitely like to have one at home because I have a lot of tools that I can put there. Great article.

    • Simon

      Hi Karlo,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      I have tried to provide an in-depth thorough review of the Keter Fusion 754 Shed pointing out the pros and cons. All shed have positives and negatives associated with them but if visitors understand what’s involved before they make a decision it can remove the headache in deciding which is more suitable for them.

      Yeah, the wood plastic composite is a first of its kind in a resin shed style providing the traditional look many would like with the durability and low maintenance advantages everyone ‘s after. It’s a real win win situation that looks sublime on any patio and will serve storage needs to distinction.

      I agree with you regarding tools, this enables creating more space in the home by storing tools in a waterproof shed such as this.

      Thanks again Karlos for stopping by,


  9. Sue

    I love the look of this shed compared to the metal one we have had for several years. It has become dented and is looking not so great in the past couple of years. This one looks like it would be fairly easy to assemble. If you set it on concrete, how is it fastened down? We have a fair amount of wind blow were we live. How much wind can it handle? It has a very nice look, like it would add value to our landscape, but the wind is a big concern for us.

    • Simon

      Hi Sue,

      Thanks for reading and leaving a question.

      The #1 priority for all plastic / resin sheds is to build them on solid level ground. Wood, concrete or paving is ideal as long as it’s level.

      #2 priority is to fasten them down into the foundations to protect them from moving against the storms.

      Within the floor resin panels are anchor points embedded within. You have to purchase the correct screws dependant on your base material and use the anchor points to anchor the shed down into the foundations.

      Yeah, these certainly are good lookers, a traditional wooden appearance with the durability of resin – Look sublime and becoming very popular for those wanting that traditional look without the maintenance hassle.

      Thanks again Sue and good luck with your future decision,


  10. Anastazja

    I have owned 3 different types of prefab sheds and have built one from scratch. I was interested to read about the Keter Shed realizing that it is similar to larger models. I have found that aluminum sheds are not durable, particularly in the face of heavy snow. As well, they are easy to break into. This shed seems to be very sturdy. Your cross section picture of the pieces was quite helpful. I think the box construction of each piece would add a great deal of strength.
    I have a plastic shed that is held together by clips. The Keter shed looks much more sturdy. One thing about which I am impressed is the tongue and groove walls and the way they fit into the floor. I don’t think varmints will be able to get into this shed. With my wooden shed they have been able to chew through the flooring. As well the wood needs maintenance. This shed is basically maintenance free.
    My one steel shed is sturdy, but if has rusted in the winters in the north. I would not build another steel shed because of the weight of each piece. This was old school and riveted together.
    Your sight has answered all of my questions. I am not particularly worried about the time it takes to get spare parts. I have not been able to secure anything to the walls in any of my sheds so I have shelving that will mostly fit into the larger Keter shed.
    Thank you for the site.. I have to look into regional shipping, but I believe the next shed I purchase will be a Keter. I will probably want the larger model.

    • Simon

      Hi Anastazja,

      Thanks for calling in and leaving your message.

      There a 3 sizes of Fusion sheds, this one, 7.5 x 7 ft and 7.5 x 9 ft. They all have the exact same width across the front and back, just the sides are deeper.

      Yeah, Keter have built these purposely for snowier climates, making them stronger than their predecessors, the Factor range. There is also the Oakland range, a similar strength to the Fusion which has sublime man cave silvery greyish looks yet is the first resin shed that can be painted so you can add a splash of colour to brighten up any garden. here’s one:

      Yes I know the clipped together versions you mention but all keter shed walls are screwed into around the steel supports that provide the structure to the shed, makes the sheds more secure.

      They all have built-in floors which I think is a real advantage, as you say vermin do chew their way through wood, beauty of a resin floor is the prevention of such activity.

      Even the top models of wood sheds do require maintenance regarding re-staining and re-rooofing yet all resin sheds require is a wash down when dirty.

      Stand-alone shelving is becoming very popular where resin sheds are concerned as you can take storage options to another level altogether yet this is the only style that will allow you to screw into the walls but there is a limit to what they will hold, reason I mention the free-standing variety however this does add the attraction of being able to hang those garden tools against the walls which is a fab solution.

      Thanks again for your comment and good luck with your future decision,


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