Large Garden Storage Boxes

Duotech’s large garden storage boxes vanquish plastic’s tackiness with pure style. Simulating a divine rustic wooden appearance to the look & feel makes Brushwood’s cutting-edge design worthy of a full inspection.

Large Garden Storage Boxes

Brushwood Deck Box

Brushwood Deck Box

Exceptional feedback keeps rolling in for the quality & appearance Brushwood’s fascia showcases.

Totally Awesome!!!! – Great Looking Box – Five Stars – Love this Deck Box! – Great quality! Get lots of comments on it” headlines feedback expressed through reviews. The Brushwood is set to become a hugely popular deck box in the near term future.

Evolving through innovation, Duotech™ manufacture amalgamates wood with recyclable polypropylene to produce their unique composite range of low-maintenance sheds, storehouses and deck boxes.

Wood provides the charming look and feel of tradition whereas resin assures durability to withstand weather deterioration meanwhile this distinctive manufacture equips the fascia with a surface that’s undemanding to wipe-over & freshen.

The expanding DUOTECH™ Range now consists of an 11 ft summerhouse, three sizes of walk-in Oakland sheds, a range of patio & horizontal stores and a collection of outdoor furniture.

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Brushwood Garden Storage Box

Video – Brushwood Deck Box Features

The Feel of Wood with the Durability of Resin

The Brushwood exhibits an aesthetically pleasing appearance of rustic weathered wood. When you run your hand over the surface, the coarseness of textured grain transpires to resemble realistic wooden effects across the panel-style body.

Wooden Effect to the Touch

Wooden Effect to the Touch

Adjoining the fascia stations four corner posts and trim. Manufactured from chunky polypropylene, they do have the look of plastic yet deliver sturdiness to the deck box further to being tinted brown & artistically molded to represent wood comprising fine details of a grain pattern running through.

Two shades currently conclude Brushwood’s range, either the silvery countrified charm of weathered wood or the radiant tinge of espresso brown.

Armoured with a blend of UV protection toughens & stabilises the entire composition to prevent the polypropylene bleaching the surface & splitting when under the distress of sunburn.

Duotech material endures all weather stresses meantime the composition remains unaffected. Built-in weather-resistance produces a make-up unsusceptible to rot & corrosion therefore never necessitates the annual burden of applying annual re-coats of wood-stain to nurture & varnish.

When dirt becomes visible, the Brushwood can be washed down, scrubbed with a soft brush or wiped clean with a damp cloth meanwhile a squirt of household detergent assists dislodging stubborn marks.

It’s a relief to hear Duotech’s environmentally friendly polypropylene can be reused into alternative products because there’s doubts whether this type of resin will ever decompose in our lifetime. Importantly, it resists decay and is recyclable when it’s time to replace.

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Large Garden Storage Boxes - Great for Seating Cushion Storage

Impressive Feedback Captivates Interest

The advantages represented through Brushwood’s cutting edge design make this storage facility adaptable for use both indoors and outside on account of the admirable simulation of wood.

Many people increase their deck box range soon after purchase; reasons being, once you’re presented with the organisational advantages one has to offer it spurs you to acquire more.

Inspecting reviews, brushwood’s design receives first-rate feedback for the the fascia’s presentation & feel meanwhile If you’re after a similar box accompanying a back rest & arms, check out Hudson’s storage bench, comprising the same Duotech manufacture that also attains top-notch feedback.

Hudson Bench Seat

Explore the Hudson Storage Bench

Perfect for Sheltering Bulky Seating Cushions

Molded hand grips incorporated into either side simplify moving the deck box into the desired location meanwhile internally the box accommodates a storage capacity of  455 Litres / 120 Gallons which roughly equates to a weight-load of 50 kg / 110 lbs.

Molded Hand Grips Enable Easy Movement

Moulded Hand-Grips

The spacious internals provide a convenient shelter for patio essentials, an ideal dwelling to occupy barbecue paraphernalia, a storehouse for gardening tools & plant feed in addition to a converting the box into a dry log store for fire-wood over the winter season, they’re extremely versatile.

The method of clicking the panels together during assembly produces very faint gaps in the construction. Deck boxes are designed weatherproof whereby rainwater promptly drains away leaving the internals dry meanwhile these gaps generate a throughput of fresh air, creating a preserved environment suitable for storing delicate fabrics. Keter merely advise to wipe the lid dry after rainfall to prevent rainwater seeping into the box when opening.

The Brushwood is specifically designed for storing bulky furniture seating cushions on account of the 120 Gallon size and the way vented fresh-air circulates internally, preventing saturation & mould growth; a popular service due to storage room inside being at such a premium.

There’s no definitive purpose for a deck box, we know friends who have them situated indoors storing outdoor wear, boots and shoes, a blanket box is popular whereas others occupy work tools. This low profile design, broad access & roomy interior serves as a great facility for harbouring kids toys both indoors & outside, enabling quick tidy-ups.

For our services, the deck box delivers convenience, storing bulky seating cushions outside on the patio. We fill our deck box in mid spring and it serves towards late Autumn time. When Winter approaches we empty the box and store the contents in the loft however their advantages epitomise convenience for outdoor summer living; certainly been handy for our concerns.

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Keter Brushwood Deck Box

Brushwood’s User-Friendly Features

Brushwood’s sturdy construction provides bench seating for two adult with a weight limit of 365 kg / 804 lbs which equates to around 57 stone.

Substantially robust for seating delivers the advantage situated poolside, ideal when guests visit for barbecues and seating becomes sparse meanwhile benefits tight spaces, the reason for their popularity sat on a balcony serving combined seating and storage accommodation.

Child Friendly Pistons

Child Friendly Pistons

Another decision relating to our deck box choice was to select a flat lid design which provides the advantages of table-top services, we tend to use ours continuously as a side table for drinks and alfresco dining.

Gas shock pistons adjoin the lid to the box body to assist access. Pistons function a near automatic opening system. When you start to open the lid the gas shocks take over, lifting the hefty lid ajar. Once the lid is fully opened the pistons force creates a stay-open design.

The gas pressure held within the pistons also prevents the lid weight from slamming down by functioning as a soft-close mechanism, this makes the Brushwood an ideal toy storage box. A deck box lid this size is fairly heavy; preventing a slammed closure avoids finger trapping accidents.

A metal clasp designed for a padlock adjoins the lid to the box body which provides deterrent however any deck box could be carried away so they don’t provide total security.

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Brushwood Offers Seating Accommodation

Keter Brushwood Measurements

This Brushwood Deck Box has an internal storage capacity equating to a volume of 455 Litres / 120 Gallons, a storage weight-load of 50 kg / 110 lbs and a seating capacity of 365 kg / 804 lbs.

The external & internal dimensions are presented below in cm & inches to measure against storage and intended location ideas:

Brushwood Deck Box Measurements

Brushwood Deck Box Measurements

Brushwood Deck Box Measurements

Keter Brushwood Deck Box

Streamlined Deck Box Assembly

Keter trumpet out a super quick assembly procedure taking only 5 minutes to construct the Brushwood. 13 illustrated steps presented in the instructions detail the assembly process. Just pay close attention to the instructions making sure the parts install the right way round.

The only tool requirement is a Phillips-head screwdriver to secure the pistons and security clasp with 12 screws. The box build merely involves interlocking the panels and clicking into place.

A very straightforward assembly process that delights purchasers.

Divine Brushwood Deck Box Appearance

Brushwood's Dry Internal Space for Seating Cushion Storage

Brushwood Garden Storage Box Highlights

  • Innovative cutting-edge manufacture
  • Composite mix exhibits traditional rustic charm
  • Polypropylene assures durability & weather-resistance
  • Admirable wood-display suits both indoors or outside
  • Polypropylene is not susceptible to rot or corrosion
  • UV stabilised withstands colour fades & fractures
  • Dry ventilated interior suitable for cushion storage
  • Large 120 Gallon storage capacity
  • Storage potential is diverse
  • Sturdy construction bench-seats 2 adults
  • Flat top lid provides alfresco table top services
  • Pistons function a near automatic opening mechanism
  • Pistons pressure attains a stay-open lid design
  • Gas shocks soft-close the lid to prevent slamming shut
  • Easygoing & Effortless to clean
  • Two years Brushwood warranty
  • Exceptional feedback received
  • Set to become a global best selling deck box

Point to Consider

  • After rainfall, wipe the lid before opening

Deck Boxes Competing with the Brushwood

There’s been a sudden increase in deck box designs lately due to their advantages regarding quick tidy-ups, clearing space and becoming more organised. The link below displays Brushwood’s deck box competition.

Compare Alternative Deck Box Designs

Deck Box Competition:

Wood Combines with the Endurance of Polypropylene

The advantages represented through Brushwood’s composite manufacture showcases rustic charm meanwhile braced with resistance to rot & corrosion.

Whether used indoors storing bed linen, work tools, outdoorsy shoes and toys or located outside serving gardening equipment, outdoor toys, swimming gear, sporty stuff or patio accessories including the bulkiness of furniture cushions as we do, the Brushwood is purposely designed to accommodate.

Offering triple services of storage, seating and table-top, Brushwood’s spacious accommodation, cutting-edge design and 2 years warranty will take some beating.

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Large Garden Storage Boxes


Hope Brushwood’s Garden Storage Box review inspires organising your gear.

Share your preferred deck box below along with any Brushwood queries. I’ll do my best to find the answers.

Until the next deck box review,


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  1. Teresa

    I really like this box. It sounds perfect for inside and out. And it’s very nice looking. I love that it’s so sturdy and durable and that the weather won’t hurt it. Outside storage boxes have come a long way and this one seems to be better than most of the ones I’ve seen out there.

    Thanks for this review. I learned a lot and when I’m settled in our new place, I may have to look this up for outside toys. I think it would be a great addition to our yard.

    • Simon

      Hi Teresa,

      Thanks for dropping by to read about Brushwood’s large garden storage boxes.

      New techniques in resin manufacturing processes and the up-to-date ways in which polypropylene is molded certainly creates stylish attraction whilst pretty much eliminating any notion of plastic look. I agree with you regarding the older style, too cheesy plasticy looking for my liking too.

      Just like the video in the article shows, the brushwood deck box can be used for a whole variety of outdoor storage services dependant on one’s wishes from kids storage to gardening equipment and everything else in between.

      Where Keter have pulled a master stroke in my view regards including their gas shock pistons across all of their deck box ranges. These are child & finger friendly as they stop the lid slamming shut plus the gas pressure acts as an automatic opening system, taking over lifting once the lid becomes ajar.

      The Brushwood serves as a great toy box,

      Thanks again Teresa, good luck choosing when the time comes,


  2. Jen

    We use a storage box like these to store our pool equipment in, however I have not seen one like these with a lock… definitely need to consider that next time. It’s important to get one that can outlast the weather and keep the contents safe. Great reviews, great selection.. thank you for sharing!

    • Simon

      Hi Jen,

      Thanks for leaving your message and reading about this new to the market Brushwood deck box.

      I’m from the sunny UK so as you can probably imagine poolside storage is a seldom occurrence over here yet over in the USA it’s a huge market for the warmer climates and a great storage solution sitting poolside with the benefit of a flat lid providing table services and a sturdy body for seating accommodation.

      Over in the UK, like America the deck box market dominates patio storage, BBQ areas, conservatories and balconies plus indoors too they are very common to clear the space and become more organised.

      Most of the new designs accommodate a clasp designed for fitting a padlock to secure the unit which is beneficial for security purposes.

      This Brushwood is designed to maintain a dry interior through the downfalls repelling rainwater whilst mixed into the resin are UV protection elements to prevent colour fade and withstand cracking when exposed the sun plus resin is resistant to rust, rot and decay providing weather defence.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the review, thanks again for reading,


  3. Vitaliy

    Hi Simon
    The way you described this Brushwood Garden Storage Box in your post made me to consider buying this product. It sounds like it is a solution to my backyard problems. I love the look, wooden-table-bench design. Huge capacity 455 Litres makes it even more attractive!
    Very useful information.

    • Simon

      Hi Vitaliy,

      Thanks for calling in and leaving your message.

      Yeah, Keter have certainly upped the deck box game by replacing the plastic look with pure style with their innovative brushwood composite design.

      This type of storage facility are so versatile, used for a whole plethora of various types of storage allowing you to organise more efficiently indoors and store the outdoor stuff outside.

      We decided on a flat top lid purely for table top services. Ours has been so useful for storing outdoor seating cushions whilst doubling up for seating ability and great for placing drinks on top and mealtime use like BBQs etc.

      The internal capacity of the brushwood is best described as extra large in a deck box size. We know many people who locate a few outdoors instead of going through assembly hassles constructing a walk-in shed.

      Assembly is quite a doddle and their versatility offers gardening equipment and lawn supplies storage, BBQ gear, patio accessories, swimming equipment, sporting goods, toys, etc. This list is endless.

      Thanks again Vitaliy. Good luck choosing your style of deck box,


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