Large Plastic Sheds – Best Resin Sheds

Capacious internally providing ample storage space meanwhile prodigious externally exhibiting lustrous looks, Oakland’s 11 ft large plastic sheds deliver the modernistic approach to low maintenance storage accommodation with stylistic grandeur.

Large Plastic Sheds - Best Resin Sheds

If you’re scouring the best resin sheds market in search for a spacious storehouse, one that delivers on weather-resistance, durability and strength, requiring no future care-continuation duties, inspect Oakland’s 7½ x 11 footer; the makings of an impressive stance within the new garden sheds era.

We switched our last decomposing wooden hut for the permanence of resin. What a difference, there’s simply no hassles relating to ongoing maintenance; in fact I’ve come to quite enjoy the expeditious hosepipe douse that replenishes assembly day’s finish in rapid time.

Oakland 7.5 x 11 ft

Standing back, you experience the aesthetically pleasing silvery weathered display meanwhile to the touch, the presentation of stylistic ruggedness unfolds virtue of  Oakland’s distinct grain textured finish.

The distinguishing features represented with Oakland’s in-vogue modish appearance are purely down to evolving technical advancements, combining imperishable polypropylene mixes with super-stylish molding techniques. Keter’s DUOTECH™ Design eradicates the notion of plastic looks with pure style.

Oakland 7.5 x 11 ft

Manufacturer:  Keter

Model:  Oakland 7511


Size:  7.5 ft x 11 ft

Verdict:  Glowing Reports

Colour:  Silvery Grey

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Oakland’s 11 ft jumbo dimensions reciprocate with spacious internals, able to comfortably accommodate a garage clear-out.

King-sized proportions provide extensive accommodation room for items such as: Gardening equipment, Patio seating, BBQ paraphernalia, Power tools, Kids toys and Bikes etc. Purposely designed to tolerate the endurance pressures of hefty drive-on-mowers meanwhile lofty enough to shelter lengthy items suchlike long handled tools, parasols & extendable ladders.

The attraction represented through Oakland’s design features are becoming a well favoured low-maintenance chic alternative to wood. This innovative manufacture started out with 3 Oakland sheds receiving wondrous feedback, leading Keter to branch out with designs covering an assortment of various sized outdoor storage solutions based on Duotech’s breakthrough design.

This 11 footer represents the largest within the group. The middle of the range extends 9 feet whereas the smallest walk-in facility roughly squares, expanding 7 feet deep.

Shed Ranges: visually displays Oaklands competition of low maintenance outdoor storehouses.

Large Plastic Sheds - Best Resin Sheds

DUOTECH™  Fascia Composition

Duotech’s manufacturing technique produces authentic effects of lustrous rustic wood exhibiting silvery-weathered finishes from a distance meanwhile up close, textured grain embosses throughout the surface to complement the wooden appearance. Combining within the composite mix regards the potency of imperishable resin.

The fascia eco-friendly resin panels comprise two separate sheets of polypropylene joined together by a corrugated internal fix, designed to withstand the unsightly appearance of dents. The panels seamlessly join together through their tongue & groove conformation thereby quickening assembly whilst delivering rigidity to the final construction they secure with screws around the shed’s internal metal framework.

Oakland’s imperishable composition delivers durability for all climates. The weather-resistant manufacture is unsusceptible to decay when damp conditions attack, impermeable to water when rainfall showers down whilst UV stabilised to withstand surface-cracking and that unattractive bleaching demise sun-strain delivers to unprotected plastic.

View Oakland 11 ft Shed Prices

Keter Oakland 7.5 x 11 ft Shed

The composition provided by Oakland’s design epitomises the ease of contemporary outdoor living. A few minutes shower-down with a hosepipe practically sums up the maintenance that reinstates the new look.

Stubborn ingrained dirt soon shifts using a soft brush immersed in warm water & mellow detergent however probably the most popular cleaning role relates to a once-a-year pressure-wash before sitting-out season commences.

Video – Oakland Design

DUOTECH™ Paintable Surface

Oakland’s man cave appearance has distinctive eye appeal yet a she-shed guise can easily be accomplished by adding a splash of paint virtue of combining a Resin Talc Compound (RTC) within the polypropylene manufacture, thereby producing a paintable surface.

Keter’s DUOTECH™ page describes Oakland’s fully customizable features and how to effectively complement the accents of garden settings thanks to Duotech’s paintable composition.

DUOTECH™ design uniquely caters for applying your statement of colour choice to a resin storehouse. Resplendent colour shades deliver the opportunity to get creative & accentuate the brightening-up of any home-yard surroundings with favourable attraction.

Add A Splash Of Colour

Add A Splash Of Colour

Keter recommend painting with acrylic emulsion, the same water-based type usually advertised for decorating kitchens & bathrooms on account of containing hardener additives that toughen the paint thereby provide a wipe-able surface.

Acrylic represents our paint preference for inside-the-home decorating nowadays due to delivering endurance. We always find an abundance of colour choices inclusive of either glossy or more subtle matt & satin finishes.

Although Oakland’s silvery weathered finish is immune to fading, a paintable surface will have this effect over time stood outdoors however preparation relates to the simple operation of cleaning & drying the surface prior to repainting without being confronted with decay issues.

Oakland's Paintable Walls

Inspect Duotech’s Innovative Design


Reinforced Roof Supports Hefty Snowfall

Oakland sheds incorporate a sturdier design structure than Keter’s preceding budget conscious Factor range, thereby able to support heavier snow-loads. Internal steel trusses reinforce the roof-framework adjoining the resin sheets providing a shed roof capable of supporting 100 kg per sq metre of snowfall.

3D Slate Effect Roof

3D Slate Effect Roof

The molding procedure resembles a realistic tiled effect topping replicating a slate roof, oozing style. The dual-lined resin panels incorporate around the steel framework, align and secure into place with screws.

The make-up of the roof sheets regard durable weather-resistant polypropylene assuring an imperishable capping off composition, built to subsist weather forces and impermeable to rainwater. Unlike roofing felt’s rapid structural demise when damp conditions attack, Oaklands remain resistant to rot and decay, relegating roof replacements firmly behind closed doors.

The apex structure delivers a steep aslant pitch ensuring immediate rainfall drainage without holding places for puddles to develop meantime the creation of eaves virtue of an overlapping roof averts the possibility of rainwater finding entry where the walls adjoin.

Roof Supports Snow Loads

Heavy-Duty Integrated Floor

Reinforced flooring provides Oaklands with additional bolstered support, able to subsist the tensions endured by driving in sit-on-mowers, wheeling in hefty equipment and storing weighty gear, aided by the entrance’s sloped threshold.

The floor’s manufacture comprises of polypropylene where the resin’s molded into grip-surfaced thickset sheets that interlink with accompanying floor panels making up the base expanse meanwhile their advantage relates to how their boundary engages with the walls thus encasing the storehouse from outside.

Integrating a floor this way aids to keep the inside clean by eliminating gusts of wind blowing debris through, a critters entrance nor rainfall puddles emerging on the shed floor. A built-in floor is a seldom feature found on metal sheds unless you opt for Asgard’s weighty steel constructions, initially capturing our interest towards the quality plastic sheds variety.

It should be noted however that the floor’s hard wearing credentials will only come into fruition if situated on solid, level & flat foundations. Conforming to these rules produces a floor capable of undertaking heavy duty storage pressures whilst increasing it’s longevity for demanding use.

Heavy Duty Thickset Resin Floor

Voluminous Storage Potential Inside

7½ x 11 feet produces approximately 80 sq feet of storage accommodation. This copious amount of storage space delivers an efficient garage clear-out whilst organising more room in the home however storage potential can further be increased by exploiting Oaklands lavish internal height by installing the ever popular free standing shelves.

Stand-alone shelving and large plastic stacker boxes is something we incorporated, it’s surprising how much additional outdoor weighty gear can be accommodated making use of the height.

Daylight basks the interior through the roof’s incorporated translucent skylight and two Victorian style windows, replacing a dark hemmed in atmosphere with a light and airy environment even when the doors are closed during daylight hours.

No restricted headroom either, you can roam around without receiving a cramped-in or claustrophobic feeling. Rather an airy environment unfolds thanks to way-in-excess of 2 metres ceiling height reciprocated by the high pitched roof, preventing banging your noodle whilst moving around inside.

According to every sales site selling Oaklands, most are advertising incorporated ventilation. I have been in touch with Keter to verify after being baffled where the panels are located. They responded to confirm there is no integrated ventilation. They advise to open the door for a draft if condensation starts to become noticeable.

Inside Oakland'S Spacious 7.5 x 11 ft Shed

Robust Double-Door Entry System

Oakland doors exhibit a beefy looking muscular presence to complement their sheds overall appearance with stylistic grandeur.

The doors encompass a dual skinned resin manufacture, molded to represent wood panelling inclusive of a textured wood-grain semblance tinted in sublime charcoal shade, emphasising their stalwart construction.

The twin doors span towards the near width of the shed delivering extensive access into Oaklands. Driving-in on or wheeling-in hefty lawnmower machinery is aided by the sloping threshold meanwhile the doors open right out presenting much better access than the sliding door alternatives.

Upgraded door features represent a similar configuration to Fusion’s Composite Shed Range. Incorporated dead bolts on the internal left hand door benefit closure when gardening on windy days meanwhile a quality handle operates a stainless steel locking system resulting in a firm closure thus increasing security measures beyond the standard resin design.

Security-wise, the handle is designed for fitting a padlock to enable locking the shed, padlock isn’t included.

Keter Oaklands Stylish Beefy Doors

Keter Oakland 7511 Measurements

Oakland 7.5 x 11 ft Measurements

Oakland 7.5 x 11 ft Measurements

Keter Oakland 7511 Measurements

Streamlined Construction Process

Critical for any resin shed prior to assembly is to prepare a base of solid level foundations. Wood or concrete are the preferred options whereas others choose paving slabs, asphalt or tarmac however making sure the solid material’s level regards the #1 priority, a one-step process that eliminates construction headaches:

Like the image below demonstrates, foundations raised slightly above the ground’s floodplain level prevents the shed stood in a flood.

Oakland 7511 Recommended Solid Level Foundations

Oakland 7511 Recommended Solid Level Foundations

  • A level base aids the process of aligning the panels significantly. If the footings fail to be level, aligning the roof panels can represent difficulties.
  • Plumb vertical door architraves arise from a level base due to delivering a 90 degree angle, aiding the door alignment to produce a perfect closing swing.
  • Level foundations generate a perpendicular stance, resulting in the roof weight applying equal pressure to all shed sides thus averting stresses to one side.
  • Solid foundations are crucial for the resin floor to endure heavy-duty tractor stresses.
  • Secure Oaklands down onto the solid foundations with unyielding anchorage.
  • Anchor indentations represent the placements for anchor bolts, once in position they increase stability levels.

Oakland 7511 Assembly

Assembly requires two people using household tools meanwhile a step-ladder & access is required all around the shed for constructing the roof. Before the build proceeds, decide which way you wish the windows to face dependant on your surroundings, left, right or one on each side.

A powered drill-driver is a useful aid for securing the huggins of screws however reduce the torque to a low setting, screws only require tightening.

Top Tips are to read though the instructions beforehand to become acquainted with the stepped out procedure further to organising the parts in order to the sequence of assembly steps, we found this quickened the process very effectively.

The method of build requires implementing the step by step procedure represented by illustrations within the instructions.

Oakland 7511 Installation Instructions:

Keter Oakland 7511 Roof Assembly

Highlights and Things to Contemplate


  • Impressive rustic style, destined to enhance any surroundings
  • Durable and weatherproof enhances storage protection
  • Stronger build quality, provides ample snow support
  • Virtually Maintenance-Free
  • Caters for customisation – Drill, jigsaw and paint
  • Secure stainless steel locking system
  • Wide access double doors
  • Streamlined assembly with two people
  • Paintable resin – Customise your colour
  • Resists cracking & fading in the sun
  • Lofty height – Extremely spacious
  • Aslant high pitched roof delivers rainwater drainage
  • Skylight and windows illumine natural light
  • Toughened floor provides tractor support
  • Floor integration maintains a clean interior
  • Easy to maintain a pristine appearance
  • No rust, rot or decay to deal with
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • 10 years limited Oakland warranty


  • #1 Priority – Anchor down to solid Level Foundations
  • Not as competitive when compared to the Factor Range
  • Ponder incorporating stand-alone storage shelving
  • Oaklands do not contain ventilation grids

View Duotech Oakland Shed Prices

Large Plastic Sheds – Best Resin Sheds

Competing 7½ x 11 ft Weatherproof Storehouses

Competition has become rather strong in the quality plastic sheds arena, their easy-to-clean nature & weather-resistant advantages eliminate upkeep & capture interest.

Shed Sizes orderly steps out Oakland’s rivalry of low maintenance resin sheds, similar to these examples:

Keter Factor 8 x 11

Factor’s 11 ft competitive edge:

Suncast Tremont 8 x 10 ft Shed

Tremont’s 10 ft picturesque display:

Keter Fusion 7.5 x 9 ft Fusion’s 9 ft composite wonder:

Lifetime 8 x 12.5ft Shed

Lifetime’s 12½ ft spotless presentation:

 Keter Oakland 7511

Concluding Opinion

Purchasers adore Oaklands silvery lustrous tones from a distance besides the look & feel of rugged textured grain from up close. Architecturally, the brawny doors, 3D slate-style roof enhanced by Victorian windows adds a touch of class resulting in an admirable presentation that’ll enhance any garden location.

Spacious to the hilt, delivers substantial height and provides easy access through wide-entry beefy doors. Low maintenance advantages & expeditious cleaning surface draws attention meanwhile uniquely designed paintable caters for customising with a splash of colour to blend in with the accents of your home-yard’s surroundings.

A fabulous shed that’s virtually maintenance-free

View Oakland 11 ft Shed Prices

Oakland Sheds Warranty


Are Oakland’s large plastic sheds the best resin sheds?  There’s a thought!

Let me know your views in the comment box and any queries regarding Oakland’s design.

Appreciate your time & happy to help,


Please share Oakland’s large plastic sheds. Thank you!



  1. Nicola

    Hi Simon. I’m thinking of buying the Oakland and turning it into a craft room. How easy would it be to insulate do you think ?


    • Hi Nicola, it depends on what type of insulation you are going to use and how you will fix it to the walls.
      Before purchase, I would contact Keter to ask about their D-Clip wall anchors because this will enable securing insulation to the wall.
      I was going to point you to Keter’s D-Clip wall anchors page but I cannot find it. Keter will provide you with support, here’s their contact page:

      Hope this helps,

  2. Mike

    The Keter Oakland 7511 price point is too high. I was looking at this specific one. It went from $1284.00 to $1769.00. What was cause of a price jump within two week time? For that kind of money, I can easily build a premium wood shed with better security. Comparable size resin sheds are just as good.

    • Hi Mike, I agree with you regarding the $500 price jump, that seems far too expensive, I too would consider building a premium wooden shed rather than pay excessive rates like this.

      The only reason I can hazard a guess to the steep price increase concerns competition. Over in the UK where I’m from there’s an abundance of sellers which makes prices extremely competitive. I tend to point visitors towards eBay UK for most sheds nowadays as their prices are usually the most competitive.

      I’ve checked out Home Depot but they only stock the 9 ft Oakland. Another suggestion maybe trying eBay USA, you may find sellers offering good deals inclusive of international free shipping, otherwise wait for more sellers on Amazon as competition usually reduces prices.

      There are plenty comparable resin manufacturers to Oaklands such as Lifetime which dominate the USA market. Shed sizes displays a few models competing with this Oakland’s footprint, just scroll down to around 7.5 x 11 feet to check them out.

      Hope this helps,

  3. Bpb

    Hi Simon
    Have you heard back from Keter about ventilation?? You said on an earlier post that you had contacted Keter about this. There are some shocking reviews online regarding condensation in Keter sheds. Some buyers have had 2 or even 3 replacement sheds without curing this problem.

    • Hi, thanks for asking whether I have heard back from Keter with regards to integrating ventilation in their Oakland sheds, I have updated this post to clarify.

      Their response was that Oakland sheds do not have ventilation grids however there’s a new storehouse produced from the same Duotech manufacture called the Artisan which incorporates ventilation panels on opposite sides of the shed.

      Alternatively, Fusion sheds are manufactured with a composite mix of wood and polypropylene in a very similar design to Oakland sheds and incorporate vent grids above the doors, same at the back.

      Personally we have a Factor shed and find their incorporated vent grids throughput fresh air adequately for our concerns however we live in the UK where continuous clammy weather is a rare occurrence.

      The reason I contacted Keter about Oaklands ventilation was that every advert I have seen publicising them mention vent panels are incorporated but I couldn’t work out where they were installed. After hearing their response, every sales site is rather misleading.
      Hope this helps and thanks again for contacting,

      • Mick Regan

        Hi Simon,
        Great blog full of useful detail. We’ve just placed an order for the Oakland 7511 and expect delivery in approx 3 weeks.

        I too was curious about ventilation and noticed in a youtube video that the skylight could be seen from outside when looking up under the apex at each end of the shed. It was just a glimpse but I’m hoping there’s an air route there, even if no actual grid.

        Failing that I’m thinking I might do a couple of cutouts in the panels above the windows and install plastic vents there if needed (one window each side of shed). We’re in SW Ireland so will wait to see how it performs first before I take any cutters to it!

        Will be a number of weeks before installing as will be putting together a raised timber base beforehand. Weather is challenging at the moment. I’ll come back and let you know either way if there is any ventilation hidden away as mentioned above.

        Thanks again for all the great information.

        • Hi, Mick, thanks for reading about the Oakland shed – hope you found the information useful.
          I also was surprised to see no ventilation panels – there may be an air route at the apex of the shed.
          The most important thing to do is construct solid and level foundations to ensure the shed sits correctly and anchor the base down into the foundations.
          Good luck with your build – the Oakland looks a magnificent shed.
          All the best – thanks for messaging,

  4. Allen Krasna

    Hi Simon,
    Thanks – this is the most detailed of all reviewing I have seen on the web.
    One item I can not find an answer for. I see that it is listed as 95″ high external and 90″ internal. But what is the internal height at the edge of the slope- the lowest point- I want to get shelving units to put against the wall, but not clear the max height.


    • Hi Allen, thanks for messaging.
      According to Home Depot where they provide the most detailed measurements of the Oakland 7.5 x 9 ft shed, the interior wall height is 72″ (inches). I know this is the smaller model you looking at however the interior wall height will be the same.

      This links to Home-Depot’s description of the Oakland 7.5 x 9 ft shed. Scroll down the page to the Specifications. They don’t appear to be selling the larger size.

      Hope this helps,

      • Allen Krasna

        I have never seen someone so responsive and helpful running a site.

        I asked you AFTER sending to Keter (in 2 different languages/locations) and you answered right away. Still have not heard from them. You gave me the info I needed
        To others who care – Simon’s response lets me know that I can put a 70″shelving unit again the sides of the shed.

        Thanks Again

        • Hi Allen, happy to have helped your queries with regards to Oaklands dimensions and fitting your shelving.

          I find it sad that the majority of sales sites and many manufacturers respond far too slowly, you feel as though your a nuisance and wasting time. Customer service needs improving.
          Thanks again Allen,

  5. Very nice thought out review on some excellent quality sheds. I have been looking at a few that are similar and for the price are really worth their weight in gold. Great review!

    • Hi David, Duotech really have upped the game with regards to technical advancements of producing a resin that caters for customising along with creative molding techniques that exhibit a rustic weathered guise.

      They are also very straightforward to construct owing to their tongue & groove edging that’s produced along with their molding method, they slot into situ, align & secure.

      They are more expensive than their preceding fair value Factor sheds however Oaklands are a completely different manufacture when comparing style and fixtures. Where Factors refrain from including the frills of finishing touches, Oakland’s incorporate more secure locks and door operations made from stainless steel, Factors merely finish with a padlock clasp.

      Thanks for the thumbs up regarding Oaklands info written here,

  6. Michael Miller

    I really like how thorough your reviews are. I really like the low maintenance and durability of plastic sheds. They are high cost, but you don’t have to replace or fix them as often.

    We are planning on moving to the Eastern Side of Washington and will need sheds that can tolerate snow fall. I also can’t build anything very well so will definitely be checking back when we are in need of buying a shed.

    • Simon

      Hi Michael, thanks for inspecting Oakland’s largest storehouse review, I appreciate your comment.

      Resin’s imperishably and low-maintenance is what initially drew our attention towards a polypropylene manufacture containing additional additives to combat all-season weather invasion. 

      After battling through yearly rot & disintegration issues concerning our last wooden hut, to substitute for a similar style and commence the frustrations again is something we were determined to avoid, hence our move into this kind of make-up.

      Nowadays there’s simply no conservation struggles to overcome, maintenance has come down to an expeditious wash to which we occasionally unwind the hosepipe to administer, it’s that convenient.

      Most of the quality resin sheds including Lifetime , Suncast and Keter storehouses have roofs underpinned with steel trusses to bolster support for winter’s snowfall. This Oakland is able to accommodate 100kg per square metre which is one huge lump, Keter describe Oakland’s as very strong.

      Obviously the larger the shed, the more time consuming assembly becomes but they are straightforward if you follow the order of instructional steps, implementing each step. The main #priority is starting off on solid level ground, a perpendicular construction alleviates many headaches.

      Down towards the end of this Fusion shed review regards an assembly video demonstrating their construction from start to finish, it’s long and detailed but clearly presents all the steps associated with the build. These Oakland sheds have a near identical construction procedure. Hope this overcomes any worries you may have.

      Thanks again Michael, keep calling back in,


  7. Andrea

    This is a really good review for this type of shed. You covered everything anybody would want to know. I like the video’s and the pictures. Was great being able to see the texture and durability of the shed. Nice that it is paintable and really with the good price your can get one for husband and wife. Again great review and be passing this information along.

    • Simon

      Hi Andrea, thanks for your comment regarding Oakland’s largest facility.

      Choosing a shed for the garden mostly depends on how it displays therefore placing imagery is a crucial part for visitors to get a full insight into how particular sheds exhibit. 

      Most manufacturers produce a video presenting all the features and how their shed is manufactured. I always embed their videos for visitors to get a full understanding of how their shed will serve. Most videos explain the benefits better than I can put into words plus you can’t beat seeing the shed in a real-life setting.

      Duotech certainly offers durability, their imperishable facade is fully weather-resistant meanwhile the panels secure to a steel framework which enhances stability. Once these sheds are anchored down their resistance to wild weather is improved dramatically.

      Duotech is also uniquely paintable which paves the way to make the shed truly yours by adding a colourful statement to your landscape. Personally I like the way they display however once my wife Tracy put on her creative hat on, all sorts of inspirations unfolded, she’d definitely make a statement – ha!

      Oakland’s are obviously more expensive than Keter’s preceding best selling Factor Range however examine what’s on offer here, there’s a lot for the buck!

      Glad you enjoyed the review Andrea, thanks again,


  8. What a great review. We too were looking into getting a shed for lawn mower, garden tools etc. And getting one that will last is key. These look very nice, spacious and durable. Plus doesn’t look like it takes very long to put together. I also like that you can paint it any color even though you wouldn’t need too.The shelving options that can come with it are also nice as your always gonna want that. Again great review and definitely be passing on this information. Take care!

    • Hi Andrea, this 7.5 x 11 footprint will comfortably store a whole host of outdoor stuff and gardening equipment including heavy-duty lawn cutting machinery suchlike sit on mowers on account of their purposely toughened flooring being manufactured to survive burdensome stresses of hefty rolling-in duties.

      Duotech’s polypropylene material incorporates all the rot & disintegration defence-additives to combat long-term weather assault meantime like you mention, their cutting edge design and molding techniques exhibit unique rustic styling throughout their presentation with the added advantage of being paintable if you wish to brighten up your garden’s landscape.

      Duotech is pretty straightforward to put together, significantly aided by tongue & groove panelling. The larger the shed, the mountain of screws does increase therefore takes longer to construct. Within Fusion’s shed assembly section, there’s a detailed video demonstrating how these types of sheds are constructed. Worth watching to get a full insight into their straightforward assembly procedure. Oakland sheds are configured the same way.

      There’s no included shelving with Oaklands, these are all additional extras. If you’re wishing to accommodate a large selection of hefty store weights like we did, self assembly tiered shelving found at the local hardware stores is a popular alternative due to their robustness in supporting weighty items all the way up towards the ceiling. Many people install this type of free-standing shelves into their sheds.

      Thanks again Andrea,

  9. Hello Simon,

    Thanks for sharing your views concerning the garden shades and for making comparisons. What is most attractive to me is that they are made out of recycled materials. Anything made of recycled material has my preference and I think that more product manufacturers could make the effort of going that route.

    Anyway, I find your shades very attractive but I do have a question though: how are the shades anchored down on the ground? Forgive me if it is explained somewhere on your website, but I don’t seem to find the answer. I live in the south of France (Provence) and we have strong winds, the “mistral”, and those winds can be pretty strong, so I would need to know about that before I can make a purchase decision.

    Thanks for your response Simon.


    • Hi John,
      Thanks for visiting and your questions regarding Oaklands large plastic sheds.

      I too admire Keter’s environmentally friendly principles relating to their resin sheds manufacture, products made from recyclable materials are becoming a huge draw to which Keter are at the forefront. I do receive a lot of favourable comments on this subject, similar to yours. To help our environment, it makes so much sense if all manufacturers took this reusable route.

      All resin sheds have a built-in floor. Anchor indentations are presented within the floor where you will need to purchase the correct type of anchor screws dependant on your base material, whether you have concrete or wood foundations. These secure the shed down to increase wind resistance levels and overall stability.

      Securing a shed this way is recommended in the instructions. This particular shed has 8 floor indentations requiring 8 screws. You can download the instructions, I have placed a link (in green) at the bottom of the Assembly Section which takes you to the instructions download page on Keter’s website. Here’s the link:

      I know quite a few people who have placed a flagstone within each corner of their shed. This isn’t mentioned within instructions or something we have done however this is a popular alternative to which many decide upon as opposed to securing with screws.

      Hope this helps John, thanks again,

  10. Rodel Sigue

    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for the very informative review about Keter Oakland as we’re considering to get one. I would like to ask if the Oakland has ventilation? Because it seems like from the images it doesn’t have and I also notice that the windows are stationary, we’re concern for moisture build up and extreme temperature during summer. Thank you and have a nice day.

    Best Regards,


    • Hi Rodel,
      Ventilation is my only concern too regarding the Oakland shed as I expected to see air vents built into the apex peak above the doors on both sides, like you mention, they don’t seem apparent however whichever sales review I read from the likes of Amazon to Costco, they all mention ventilation is built-in, this is a short snipped from one review:
      “plus a full length skylight, side window and built in ventilation panels for increased natural light and airflow”

      I too have reached out to Keter regarding Oakland’s ventilation but am still waiting for an answer. The window you mention is fixed, not allowing to open.
      The only thing I can suggest is to ask at the sales site to where you are interested in purchasing from. I will update my Oakland posts when I too receive this answer.

      Hope this helps Rodel and thanks again,

  11. Mark O'Callaghan

    Thank you for your extensive review. We are looking to purchase the Keter Oakland shed but would want to attach shelves on the inside. You mention that it’s not good to lean things against the walls but how much weight do you think a shelf could hold?

    Regards Mark

    • Hi Mark,
      Thanks for calling in and reading about the Oakland range of sheds.

      DUOTECH™ have created what they term as a D-Clip fastener to enable hanging garden tools and the likes against the walls but I have yet to see these fasteners available to purchase as this range is very new to the market. I would imagine this fastener has a similar design to how you fasten to a plasterboard wall. The DUOTECH™ link in this article explains Oaklands benefits.

      Shelves are another thing altogether though as the weight will not be suitable against these walls. The option many of us take is to install free standing shelves in a resin style shed. We picked up some stand-alone plastic shelves and installed them into ours and they work perfect.

      If you read reviews regarding resin sheds you’ll find stand-alone shelving is a very popular alternative. This type of shelf obviously does have a weight limit but we’ve never exceeded it and we have a lot of gear stored upon them.

      Another addition we and many others have incorporated into the shed is those large plastic stacker boxes enabling you to keep stacking up towards the ceiling. Great for those items that are seldom used but important.

      So that’s what we and many others have done Mark. Hope this helps and good luck choosing,

      • Ben

        Hi Simon,
        I just about finished building my new Oakland 7 x 9 last weekend and plan to finish this coming weekend. Next will come organizing the storage and layout of the shed. I would like to be able to affix things to the walls in order to maximize space efficiency and possibly install some shelving. Per your website, I reached Keter to obtain D-Clips, however, they have been non-responsive. Do you know where else I could obtain them? And online preferably.

        Additionally, I would like to have lights inside the shed for times when there is little or no sun to illuminate the skylight. Do you have any recommendations or know what lights have worked well for others?
        Thanks so much!

        • Hi, Ben, congrats on finishing the building of your Oakland shed – that’s great news.
          I don’t know any store that sells these D-Clips – all the people I have helped in the past have purchased directly from Keter. Maybe try asking where you purchased your Oakland shed from – they may be able to help. I would send another message to Keter – hopefully, they will reply. Unfortunately, deliveries and stores holding stock are getting worse due to the global circumstances we are in. I hope you manage to receive some D-Clips soon.

          Our shed has no windows or skylights and we purchased a battery-operated LED striplight which illuminates the shed a treat when it’s dark – the batteries seem to last a long time too due to LEDs not using much energy. Maybe this would be a solution for you.
          Hope this helps, thanks for messaging,

  12. Gareth

    Hi i loved your review on Plastic and Resin sheds, i am still deciding on a shed for my garden, i think it has to be the right shed, because you spend your whole time looking at it and using it for the summer .the choice is huge now.
    Thank for the video it was good to see construction of a shed, i hope my goes up as easy.
    I was shocked to see you can paint these sheds, would this ruin the durability of the shed?
    Also we are very open and we get very windy how would the anchors for the shed handle such weather?

    • Simon

      Hi Gareth,

      Thanks for calling in and taking a look around.

      I try and embed a video for each shed I review as this gives a full insight into the features and what’s involved especially when I place the assembly videos. There’s some great tips, like how to line the doors up which is invaluable knowledge to understand. Once you’ve seen it done, you’re away.

      Yeah, these Oakland sheds are part of Keter’s new Duotech range, making them fully customizable. If you click on the Duotech link within this article it takes you to Keters page where they fully reveal their features. They’re cuttable, drillable and paintable which is the first for a resin style shed. There’s allsorts of outdoor storage solutions coming out manufactured on this new design.

      Painting this resin shed will lose its colour over time as this is down to weather deterioration against the elements within the paint however there’ll be no deterioration within the resin, so a few years down the line you will probably opt to recoat as it fades yet there’ll be no preparation work like there will be with wood.

      Wind resistance is such a grey area. I keep seeing 65-75 mph wind resistance similar to an average wooden shed but I’m not sure on the exact resistance levels and whether this is without the shed being anchored down into the foundations.

      Lifetime are the only resin shed company I know of who have additional wind kits for placing on their 8ft and 11ft width sheds for if you live in an exposed area.

      We don’t live in a sheltered or exposed area and our shed’s been through a whole host of weather elements. We have a neighbour with a metal shed which blew down the garden one stormy night yet he never anchored his shed down into the foundations like we have done and ours was fine.

      Like I stipulate in the article, solid level foundations are key and anchor the shed down to increase the stability. If you are in a very exposed spot and are worried I would opt for the 8ft width Lifetime range and purchase an additional wind kit to reassure yourself.

      Failing that, you’re looking at a real quality wooden shed building however this rolls down another avenue where the price can become expensive.

      Hope this helps Gareth and thanks again,


  13. Rina

    Wow I have been looking for a garden shed like this for a while now. I love that these are fairly maintenance free, easy to clean down with a hose. No rotting issues, and they look absolutely beautiful. Will they deliver to NZ? Would you have an idea of how much it will cost to send to NZ? Or do they sell them here already in NZ?

    • Simon

      Hi Rina,

      There’s some good looking resin sheds hitting the market lately, I’ve written a fair few reviews so far on Lifetime, Suncast and Keter Garden sheds and they all have a stylish appearance yet the beauty is their easy clean benefits with no deterioration as resin doesn’t rust, rot or decay which cut’s all the hassle out.

      Here’s the selection of reviews so far:

      The only thing I can suggest is to ‘Check Prices’ and go ask the seller if they do international shipping to New Zealand and how much is delivery.

      These Keter sheds are pretty new onto the market and I can’t find anyone in the USA at present selling them either but they are selling very well in the UK & Europe and receiving wonderful reviews. International shipping maybe the answer.

      Hope this helps and thanks again for calling in and reading,


  14. Al

    Hi there I’m interested in the Oakland 7511 compared to the factor shed, do they both have adequate ventilation as this is what puts me off getting a metal shed

    • Hi There,
      Thanks for reading about the Keter Oakland and Factor range of sheds.

      This is how Keter describe the Oaklands Ventilation: ‘Built in ventilation for ample airflow’ and these words describe their Factor range too.
      Yeah, gone are the days of sweaty plastic sheds.

      This is one thing which put me off purchasing a metal shed too and because most metal sheds seldom have a built-in floor.

      Hope this helps and good luck with your decision,

  15. Jan

    These sheds are very stylish. My number one concern is how it look and then the storage space. I want the shed to add to the appeal of my yard. These sheds definitely do the.
    I like the maintenance free feature of the sheds and the fact that they are made from recycled materials. The idea of being able to paint the shed is a good idea. How long would the paint last before having to repaint?
    My last question is how long would it take a person to construct this shed?

    • Simon

      Hi Jan,

      Thanks for calling in and leaving a comment.

      Yeah, this is one of the most stylish sheds on the market in my view and you’ve loads of storage space as it’s 7.5 ft wide x 11 feet deep. Sheds don’t come much bigger unless you go down the extendabl route like some of the extendable Lifetime Sheds.

      Oakland sheds are as green as they come as the polypropylene resin is 100% recyclable and with the added benefit of being low maintenance.

      The shed is the first resin type that can be painted. How long will it last really depends on your surroundings but you won’t have any depreciation problems like you will with wood, so no sanding jobs. It’s just a lick of paint. On average expect every 2-3 years approx.

      These sheds are large so expect at least half a day up to a day dependant on DIY skills. They require 2 people to construct. It’s a team effort.

      Hope this helps and thanks again for messaging,


  16. Gary

    I was a handyman in the San Francisco Bay area for 7 years. At the time, clients would sometimes want to hire me to build a storage shed. In most cases, I recommended a plastic shed instead for several reasons.

    A plastic shed did not need a permit from the county. I could deliver and assemble it in a few hours. The fast assembly meant the family was not disturbed and the yard was not damaged. And, the plastic shed did not require maintenance like a built structure.

    • Simon

      Hi Gary,

      Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment.

      Yeah, I understand permits do vary for what state or country you are in and the plastic variety do get around the applying stages unlike a building or a wooden shed.

      You sound more of a seasoned pro when it comes to assembly unlike myself and most novice DIYers. It’s great to hear your view on how fast the assembly is regarding plastic sheds.

      The #1 factor for all resin sheds is to build them on solid level ground as you are aware. Following these strict guidelines produces a shed where all the panels line up with little effort making an easy fast assembly and the floor’s longevity is increased.

      The floor is hard-wearing on this model but this will only suffice if the foundations are solid and level.

      And as you say the beauty is the low maintenance values plastic sheds deliver when compared to the wooden and metals variety.

      Thanks again Gary for your input,


  17. Karin

    I like plastic sheds! I have a wooden shed with a vinyl exterior and a shingle roof in my backyard, but it’s looking like it’s seen better days. I like the windows on the sheds, too. The plastic sheds look like they withstand Mother Nature much better and you can get more years out of them than you can with a wooden shed.

    • Simon

      Hi Karin,

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Yeah, I understand the maintenance issue wooden sheds behold, although a vinyl clad shed should last longer than a wooden or should I say cheapish wooden shed.

      The beauty of the resin variety is a quick wash down when dirty brings it back looking pristine again. No one can say they are Maintenance free as a wash down will be required yet this is the only upkeep duties they purvey.

      The longevity can only be explained as long life as resin will never decay, reason they are becoming ever so poular.

      Thanks again,


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