Large Resin Storage Sheds – 8ft x 11ft


For those wishing to close the door on continuous upkeep duties, turning their attention towards the most simplistic of maintenance tasks large resin storage sheds behold, inspect Factor’s 8 ft x 11 ft extensive storage facility, these dimensions deliver a garage clear-out with ease.

Large Resin Storage Sheds

The Factor range of sheds are hugely popular, receive fab reviews, there’s no bells and whistles included with regards to quality finishing touches however they combine a competitive price with robust build quality & all-round weather-resistant makeup that’s effortless to keep clean.

If you’re like us, wishing to leave maintenance chores behind, preferring a wash down when dirty rather than the inconvenience held within continuous upkeep issues associated with wooden structures, investigate Keter’s competitively priced largest Factor.

Keter Factor 8 x 11 

Oceans of storage room equates to one huge footprint. Clearing the home to accomplish organising outdoor storage efficiently is simplified due to the generous internal proportions.

Factor’s grandeur 8 feet x 11 feet beige and taupe storage facility has a striking non glossy wood-grain effect finish adding charm to any garden surroundings yet the credentials lie within the manufacture, encapsulated in weatherproof resin.

Keter Factor 8 x 11

Manufacturer: Keter

Model: Factor 8×11


Size: 8 ft x 11 ft

Verdict: Huge & Competitive

Shade:  Beige & Taupe

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A hose down when grimy regards the elementary operation to bring back assembly day’s pristine condition. Resin withstands decay hence the Factor name, there’ll be no inconvenience regarding decaying issues to conserve nor any future duties relating to re-varnishing and re-painting.

6 Sheds make up this competitively priced family, starting from 6 x 3 ft all the way up to these capacious dimensions.

8 x 11 feet relates to the big daddy of the Factor range, it’s one mighty sized shed. Too big?  Consider the step below, spanning 8 x 8 feet

Scan Shed Ranges to reveal a wide range of durable outdoor facilities.

Large Resin Storage Sheds - 8ft x 11ft

Durable Facade Composition

Factor’s dull beige appearance escapes any notion of a shiny glossy presence, the manufacturing procedure moulds the polypropylene into thick walled sheets exhibiting an attractive horizontal styled wood panelling feature whilst embedded throughout the surface represents fine details of textured grain.

Factor's Weatherproof Facade

Durable & Weatherproof Facade

The walls arrive in panel formation. Designed for weather-encasement they adjoin the base through their interlocking procedure, interlink with adjacent sheets forming the facade’s surround whilst simultaneously securing to the metal framework, accomplishing overall rigidity.

Polypropylene resin regards Factor’s makeup, technically designed to be weather-resistant and robust, providing long-term defence against weather attack. Resisting rust, rot and decay issues, these utilities require no future upkeep conservation duties. Blended within the polypropylene mix regards UV inhibitors too, preventing plastic’s inherent splitting and bleaching problem when exposed to sunburn attack.

The facade’s surface is easy-to-clean delivering the popular vote amongst shed hunters, a few minutes pressure-hose down restores their shine. Additionally, polypropylene resin is 100% recyclable providing the environmentally friendly green thumbs up.

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One thing to note, refrain from leaning too heavier items against the walls, although wrapped around a metal frame, if storage weight exceeds the facade’s limit, a bulging effect may occur. Consider alleviating this issue by installing stand-alone style shelving and stacker boxes, resin sheds popular alternative solution.

The Wonders of an Apex Designed Roof

Similar to the facade albeit shaded dark grey, the roof’s polypropylene manufacture is molded into a stout topping containing weather-resistant values impervious to rainwater and resistant to decay. Unlike roofing felt, no future re-roofing is required.

The weatherproof top is produced in sheet form & attaches to the metal frame running the entire roof length whilst further structural enhancement is bolstered through strengthened steel supports by virtue of steel trusses spanning across the internal apex width delivering a top capable of supporting heavy snowfall.

All Factor roofs are composed of an apex design delivering an adequately high incline to the peak ensuring efficient drainage, safeguarding the roof from puddles developing on top whilst benefiting internally with the deliverance of increased headroom, sufficient for an adult to walk around comfortably.

The roof extends beyond the facade creating eaves, prohibiting the occurrence of rainfall seeping in at the top of the walls.

The nature of resin entails a future absent from re-roofing projects unlike dilemmas associated with decaying roofing felt. Factor roofs are quite the opposite, imperishable to adverse weather and damp conditions, their enduring make-up accomplishes escaping time consuming hassles.

View Keter Factor 8 x 11 Prices

Factor 8x11 Steel Roof Supports

The Merits of a Built-In Floor

Quality plastic sheds advantage relate to their built-in resin floors. The weatherproof make-up resists decay, increasing protection whilst delivering a clean atmosphere preserving storage, a valuable asset especially for a shed this size due to the amount of stock it’s able to store. It’s rare to find a metal shed inclusive of an integrated floor, most install a wooden base which for us defeats the objective somewhat regarding decay.

Like the walls and roof, the floor comes in sheet-formation, manufactured into a beefy bed they interlink with adjoining floor panels whist simultaneously interlock with the walls constituting the shed’s encasement. The elimination of a gap surrounding the perimeter base prohibits wind wafting debris and leaves inside, puddles appearing on the internal floor and pests gaining entry looking for shelter.

Factor floors are purposely constructed to be hard wearing, enabling driving in a mower, laying sizeable and weighty storage upon them however in order to survive these demanding pressures it’s imperative a levelled substrate of solidity is laid below. Preparing the correct footings is key to accomplish perfection.

Embedded within the floor are anchor indentations to enable grounding the shed, an advisable measure to undertake, increasing wind resistance levels and stability. Anchor bolts are not included, their type is conditional to the foundation material.

Keter Factor 8x11 floor

Inside this Voluminous shed

8 feet deep by 11 feet long equates to way over 80 square feet of storage space. A vast expanse designed to accommodate one heck of a large amount of storage. Height-wise, it’s superb, no banging your noodle in here and no claustrophobic feeling either, in excess of 2 metres internal height, storage options are plentiful.

What will this immense unit store?  Pretty much everything: A ride-on-mower, garden furniture, patio accessories, barbecue equipment, all the gardening tools, parking bikes, mobility scooter storage, a huge potting shed, long handled tools and ladders, the list really is endless. Simply an effortless garage clear out whilst facilitating the most rapid of garden tidy-ups through the broad access, kids toys scattered outdoors presents no problems.

Included with this shed are 2 shelves for accommodating light items. Consider the alternative by installing self-assembly shelving, heavy duty plastic stacking boxes are a favourable option too, exploiting Factor’s generous internal heighness, it’s surprising how much stuff you can accommodate heading up towards the ceiling.

A window in the wall accompanies the roof-ridge skylight to bask natural daylight inside to counteract rummaging around in the dark whist averting a crouched over scenario thanks to the decent elevation.

Air-vents situated front and rear above the entrance eliminate yesteryear’s sweaty atmosphere, replaced by a throughput of air circulation moving around the interior, producing a preserved fresh-aired atmosphere.

The Factor 8 x 11 delivers an abundance of storage potential

Paired Doors Deliver Straightforward Access

Wide robust double doors provide the easy route into Factor sheds, the broad entrance simplifies rolling in a mower & carting hefty storage in and out. Along with the nice visual design aspect of their arch, this does increase entrance height a tad eliminating bending over upon entry.

Similar to the walls, the doors make-up regards a thick walled polypropylene manufacture, attractively molded representing a wooden entrance portraying fine details of textured grain running throughout yet their beauty lies within resin’s imperishable and easy-clean nature.

Although nothing too slick due to Factor’s competitive edge, the doors incorporate good sturdy handles making entry little effort, a built-in clasp ensures closure whilst designed to accommodate a padlock secures the unit.

Internal / External Measurements:

Keter Factor 8x11 Measurements

Keter Factor 8x11 Measurements

Practically Maintenance-Free

If you’re like us, sick and tired of yearly upkeep tasks demanded by decaying wooden facilities, sorting peeling varnish, forever purchasing paint & stain to preserve, not to forget problems associated with re-roofing projects, trying to secure new roofing felt onto rotting surrounding wood. We ditched those jobs for an easier life.

Regarding Factor’s composition, there’s no rusting, rot or decay to deal with and no future re-roofing duties either. A wash down when the grime appears describes quality plastic sheds contentment regarding maintenance.

Large Resin Storage Sheds - 8ft x 11ft

Most people simply pressure-hose them down or use a soft brush in hot soapy water inclusive of light detergent. A few minutes later, it’s back looking new again.

Now & again we add white vinegar into warm soapy water to discard ingrained marks, a homemade remedy that restores the pristine finish. The tip is to avoid anything too abrasive, like wire-wool to prevent scratches appearing.

Introducing the simplicity of maintenance

Introducing the simplicity of maintenance

Uncomplicated Assembly Process

#1 Priority before assembly is to make sure the shed’s foundations lay solid, level & higher than a floodplain to eliminate being immersed in water. Many ask a local tradesman to lay a concrete bed for a shed this size.

Reasons to prepare the required foundations:

  • Abiding by this rule delivers a speedy assembly. A level base assures the easy plumb alignment of panels, problems aligning becomes magnified the further you are away from the base if the footings are not true.
  • Levelled ground ensures a perpendicular standing, preventing roof weight tensions occurring to one side.
  • Aligning the doors to accomplish their sweet swing is simplified from vertical architraves.
  • Solid level foundations are pivotal for the floor to endure long-term heavy-duty demands delivered by weighty equipment such as a sit-on-mower.

Check the delivery for defects before constructing. Prior to assembly, it’s beneficial to place all the parts in the same order as the instruction steps. This saves loads of time as does assembling the door hardware the day before. This is what we did, achieving a quick and efficient build.

You have the choice of placing the window on either side to suit surroundings. Work this out before constructing.

Assembly: Keter Factor 8x11 Shed

Factor sheds require two people to construct, a ladder and space is necessary around all sides for securing the roof panels albeit the majority of the build constructs from inside.

No special tools are required, household tools are sufficient. Many prefer the operation of an automatic screwdriver adjusted to minimal torque, this quickens the procedure due to the amount of screws whilst refraining from damaging the thread. Assembly requires working through each step, implementing the process.

Last job regards increasing stability by securing the base down onto the ground below. Anchor positions incorporated within the floor regard the positions for using the appropriate grounding screws.

Take a peek of the assembly instructions:

Benefits of Factor’s Spacious Storehouse


  • Factors exhibit an attractive style
  • Low Maintenance
  • Huge Storage Capacity
  • Superb headroom
  • Easy 2 person assembly
  • 10 years limited manufacturers warranty
  • Choose which side the window faces
  • A non-glossy appearance
  • Withstands dents & fading
  • Robust and Weather-resistant
  • Built-in floor keeps storage clean
  • Robust flooring endures hefty strains
  • Ventilation generates freshness inside
  • Apex style roof drainage system
  • Skylights and window deliver natural daylight
  • Easy to clean
  • A sturdy overall construction
  • A well favoured shed, emphasised through feedback
  • Immensely competitive


  • Solid level base is required
  • Stand-alone shelving caters for hefty storage
  • Abstain from leaning weighty storage against the walls
  • Securing the base down is a requirement

View Keter Factor 8 x 11 Prices

Keter Factor 8x11 Outdoor Shed

What’s the Competition like?

Competition is becoming very strong these days, many are choosing to move into this hassle-free environment.

Inspect Shed sizes, a page stepping up competing weather-resistant sheds in order of size:

Here’s a few competing around these capacious dimensions:

Lifetime 8 x 12.5ft Shed

Lifetime’s spotless finish:

Suncast Tremont 8 x 10 ft Shed

Tremont’s immaculate presence:

Keter Oakland 7511

Oakland’s rustic appearance:

Keter Factor 8x11 ft

And Finally:

An enormous volume of storage space is presented with Factor’s 8 x 11 ft shed. Weatherproof and robust composition increases storage preservation qualities.

Well designed access delivers ease upon entering heavy storage whilst stylish modern looks receive superb feedback for quality compared with price, a real winner trumpeting out low-maintenance benefits.

Okay, Factors refrain from furnishing their sheds with quality finishes, this is purposely done to remain competitive. Priority regards protection with spacious accommodation whilst providing exceptional value for money.

A good choice with stellar reviews!

View Keter Factor 8 x 11 ft Prices

Factor 8x11 10 Year Warranty


Read About Me

I hope this large resin storage review aided your decision.

If you have any spacious storehouse queries, please place them in the box below. Happy to assist where I can.

Thanks for browsing,


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  1. Wayne

    Hi Simon, very informative article. I did not know they made sheds like this with resin. Will keep this in mind for my next shed.

    • Hi Wayne,
      Thanks for stopping by to read about Factor’s large resin storage sheds, stretching 8 x 11 feet.

      Likewise, we too were oblivious to this type of composition until we looked out for a replacement to our deteriorating shed. Fed up with conserving rotting issues our attention turned towards a make-up that was immune from decay, to escape the hassles to be honest.

      Some of the new designs of quality plastic sheds are exhibiting stylish impressions, destined to enhance any home grounds. Inclusive of integrated heavy duty floors, ventilation, poly-carbonate windows and skylights however if the accompaniment of quality features such as stainless steel door hardware etc are on the agenda, then this marks up the price somewhat. It depends what one is willing to spend to accommodate outdoor storage.

      Factor sheds fit most people’s budgets, look fairly stylish, have a sturdy build quality and include the integrated features seen at the top of the market yet lack on some of their finishes to remain extremely competitive.

      Check out the reviews within the pricing section, Factor’s come across extremely favourable.

      Thanks again Wayne, good luck choosing when the time comes,

  2. Mike

    Thank you for showing all of the details of these resin sheds. I use to always buy the metal sheds, but with children they get a lot of dents in them and the doors quit working. I have been interested in getting a new shed. I had not considered a resin shed before, but now I definitely am. Thank you so much.

    • Simon

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for dropping by to read about Factor’s large resin storage sheds spanning 8 x 11 feet.

      Metal shed skins are usually single skinned flimsy sheets that are prone to denting, I agree plus like you say the doors start to jam overtime due to their sliding mechanisms being affected by damp conditions.

      Another issue we contemplated regarding the metal variety was their lack of a built in floor, these are seldom seen on this style requesting you to fit a wooden one if the internal foundations aren’t particularly suited, obviously this ends up as wood which defeats the object somewhat regarding damp & rot.

      We’re happy with ours, cleaning’s swift and a cinch compared to traditional methods of varnish plus the roof is fab, being immune from weather-rot.

      6 sheds complete the Factor Range, this model’s the largest however they are very competitively priced with sturdy build quality if you’re not to bothered about sparkly finishing touches.

      Thanks again Mike, glad we delivered inspiration,


  3. manor

    I didnt know they make such a big sheds from plastic that is resistable to water. It is so big it looks like we can move the grandchildrens in their new room.
    however the fact that you actually dont need any special tools and they are not are required, made the choice for us.

    • Simon

      Hi Manor,

      Thanks for dropping by and reading about Keter’s Factor 8 x 11 ft large resin storage sheds.

      Yeah, this is the largest shed in the Factor range, a whopping 8 x 11 ft which is able to accommodate one heck of a large amount of storage, offering a home and garage clear-out with ease regarding outdoor gear.

      All quality plastic sheds seem to be manufactured with emphasis on ease of installation nowadays. The crucial part however is to prepare solid level foundations for the shed to sit on. I just wish the sales sites would mention this stipulation.

      Solid level foundations are the one step process in accomplishing the perfect resin shed construction. All the panels and doors line up with ease, the floor survives the pressures and the construction has a vertical stance.

      Yes, household tools construct Factor sheds, 2 people are required for assembly, one supporting whilst the other secures with screws. A case of following and implementing what’s shown in the construction steps.

      Thanks again for leaving your message,


  4. Kate

    Which shed should I buy the Keter Apex 8 x 11ft or the Oaklands 7.5 x 9ft shed? What shed would you recommend and why?

    • Hi Kate,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving your message.

      We purchased a smaller Keter Factor shed a few years ago now, before these new ranges like the Oakland design entered onto the market. This was a replacement for our last wooden shed which decayed away. We’ve been very happy with the qualities Factor sheds offer and their easy clean ability without any no going maintenance nor deterioration from weather attack to deal with.

      If we were to choose a shed today however I think we’d probably go for the Oakland. They are new to the market, a much more stylish design due to this new Duotech manufacture plus they have more quality finishing touches too.

      Having said that, Factor sheds are more competitive if budget is of primary concern.
      To answer your question, I would choose a Factor shed if budget was my concern however if budget isn’t high on the agenda I would opt for the Oakland shed.

      There is a 7.5 x 11 ft Oakland shed too if you are after these dimensions:

      Hope this helps and good luck choosing,

  5. Janelle

    I’m a big fan of sheds. All sheds are so useful for storage, projects, tools, and pets. Every man should have a shed and a lot of women could use one too.
    I always have many art and craft project going which need a lot of storage and work space.
    These resin sheds would be ideal because they are so clean and neat looking. Most of the old tin sheds are just too dirty and rusty to be of use to me.
    The only thing I would add to my shed wish list would be that it was made out of recycled plastics instead of new resin.
    Thanks for making me aware of this option.

    • Simon

      Hi Janelle,

      Thanks for calling in and leaving your message.

      Space indoors is at such a premium nowadays, a shed can serve an important role to harbor all the outdoor gear making more room indoors and as you say, a great space for projects too.

      Sheds are starting to go through a similar process as dustbins transformed into, using plastic wheelie bins rather than the old rusting metal variety. Resin is easy to keep clean by virtue of a pressure hose in minutes against the ongoing maintenance hassles wood and metal sheds succumb to.

      These sheds are manufactured from polypropylene resin which is 100% recyclable so there’s peace of mind that this resin will be recycled into other products at the end of their day.

      Thanks again Janelle. Good luck choosing,


  6. Edward

    wow this is great I’m about to buy one to live in “jk” I must say this is great material good quality also rust free which is great for the winter and the different styles to choose from, makes it all a great choice to buy. this layout on your website makes it easy to purchase sheds it also explains really well the product you may purchase

    • Simon

      Hi Edward,

      Thanks for calling in and taking a look around.

      Yeah, I’m really enjoying myself reviewing all these low maintenance storage sheds. All these sheds are manufactured from weather-resistant resin that’s durable and waterproof. Resin doesn’t rot or decay so there’s no deterioration to worry about. The beauty is, they’re so easy to clean. I just hose ours down now and again and the jobs done.

      Yes, on each review I have a link to a page where all sheds are in range order and another link where sheds are in size order from the smallest going up in size.

      This is just a passion I have. After going through a long series of headaches with my last wooden shed we opted to change and try a resin style. Best thing we’ve done for outdoors, they’re hassle-free. More time to spend in the garden – ha!

      Thanks again for calling in,


  7. Dennisd1

    Simon your website is very informative. I have been looking for an outdoor shed for a rental property. this looks like it has potential to be what I’m looking for.

    The floor feature appears to add needed strength to a resin building. The rafters appear to be simple to assemble and install.

    All in all your review of the buildings seems thorough and concise.

    Thanks for the research and report.


    • Simon

      Hi Dennis,

      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.

      Yeah, this is a good sized resin shed. 8ft x 11ft deep. This will fit in a lot of storage for your rental property.

      Many opt for the free standing shelves too to take your storage options up towards the ceiling. You’ll be surprised what you can fit in a shed this size.

      Yeah, the floor is built-in and does support strength for the facility. Always make sure you stand the shed on solid level foundations as this is every plastic sheds priority which will lead to a quick efficient build and the floor will serve as heavy duty.

      Yes they are quite an easy construction, they take 2 people to build and you can put the shed together with household tools.

      Thanks again Dennis and good luck with your decision,


  8. Jan

    This shed looks amazing! The size of it is incredible if it can hold a riding lawn mower.

    The idea of maintenance free upkeep is a real important feature. I have had problems with some of the resin products developing mold on the outside over several years. I did not see any mention of this issue. Can you tell me if this is something that regular upkeep will prevent. How often would you need to power wash the outside and would you use any kind of chemical it help keep the mold away?

    It looks pretty basic to assemble. Would someone with no skills at all be able to construct this shed?

    Thank yo for the informative post.

    • Simon

      Hi Jan,

      Thanks for visiting and reading.

      Yeah, sheds don’t come much larger than 8ft x 11ft, this will hold a whole host of storage, options are pretty much endless here. If you have room to harbour this size – Fantastic, clear the garage out.

      I never describe anything as maintenance-free as there’s always a cleaning job with whatever you purchase, so I prefer to describe these as virtually maintenance-free or low maintenance.

      Upkeep depends on your surroundings really, are you in open ground where washing down is infrequent or surrounded by trees where upkeep is more regular.

      Mould only requires washing off once seen before it starts to establish really. If you get ingrained dirt that just won’t budge, a couple of cups of white vinegar into a hot soapy bucket and wash down with a soft brush or cloth usually does the trick. White vinegar is powerful stuff for removing all sorts of ingrained grime, I use it all the time.

      The shed requires 2 people to assemble, there are a lot of screws so don’t be daunted. Just go through the instructions one step at a time. If it takes a day for many of us inexperienced DIYers, so what! You’ll have a delightful shed fit for a whole host of storage solutions at the end of the build.

      Make sure it sits on solid level foundations – this is imperative for any plastic shed as all the panels will line up correctly during assembly and the floor will serve as heavy duty for years to come.

      Hope this helps,


  9. idahlady

    Hi Simon, Your information is clear and easy to follow and there is no doubt that these sheds would be a good purchase.
    I am sure there are complaints about putting them together due to the fact that people tend to think oh well I will just set it up here without insure it is a solid level spot that they try to use.
    My husband tends to try everything before reading directions and it makes me crazy. when and if I get one like this he WILL be reading directions first.
    Best of Luck

    • Simon

      Hi Wanda,

      Thanks for taking your time to read and comment,

      Ha!! Your husband sound like the majority of us blokes. You are right, the proper way is to prepare first which really doesn’t take long as far as getting all the parts out and placing them in order according to the instruction step by step guide.

      The whole job does go a lot smoother and quicker when you are organised especially for a shed this size as there are a lot of screws – This is a but daunting for a lot of DIYers. Look at it this way, for half a days assembly you will achieve a well built shed that will last years without any maintenance problems. Worth putting the effort in I say.

      Yes, the shed base is very important. It’s imperative the foundations are solid and level which will lead to all the panels lining up correctly during assembly and the longevity of a hard wearing floor will be accomplished.

      So you tell him to have a good read first (ha!) You can download the instruction here:×11#collapse7

      Thanks again Wanda, Good luck with your decision,


  10. John

    I have a large wooden shed now. It does require some maintenance on the outside. Painting and cleaning. The large resin storage shed looks like it would be a great replacement in the future when my current shed needs replacing. I just wish that you could put up more shelving as I have all of my garden tools hanging on a rack. Do you think one of the resin tool racks would be a good addition for the long handled tools, they do make one for the corner. I like the idea of a window, it does let in enough light to let you see without a flashlight. I put one in my current shed.

    • Simon

      Hi John,

      Thanks for taking your time to read and comment.

      Yeah, those plastic or metal free standing shelves are ideal and I know the corner one you mention too.

      The inability to screwing into plastic is the only problem with the resin style shed but the problem can be overcome by using the stand-alone variety.

      Oh John, don’t get me going on maintenance (ha!). I have been through all these maintenance problems, restaining, trying to replace a felted roof and tacking into rotten old surrounding wood – Nightmare.

      I’m sure it’s the reason resin is proving ever so popular today, people simply don’t have the time or don’t want the work.

      Thanks again,


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