Lifetime Horizontal Storage Sheds

Lifetime horizontal storage sheds expand accommodation solutions outside where space is rather limited. The innovative Rough-Cut mini exhibits weathered wood’s rustic charm, a UV protected weatherproof enclosure ensure stuff’s kept in fine fettle meanwhile maintenance is brisk & elementary, involving an occasional fleeting wash.

Lifetime Horizontal Storage Sheds

Lifetime Rough-Cut Horizontal Shed

Rough-Cut Mini-Shed

Currently 3 styles conclude Lifetime’s low profile designs including the original ever-popular units presented in desert-sand or light tanned finishes which are continuously awarded with very good feedback meanwhile this post concentrates on the new kid on the block, the innovative brushwood design displaying the silvered guise of burnished weathered wood.

These low height designs unobtrusively station beneath the standard garden fence-line and typical house window ledge, alternatively they situate admirably in restricted garden spaces & narrow home-yards. Their internal 75 cubic ft capacity boasts versatility, spreading an approximate 6 ft length & 3.5 ft width along with a 4 ft height opens up countless storage possibilities including usages such as:

  • Hiding unsightly trash bins from view
  • A deluxe mini garden shed occupying tools, plant & lawn feed
  • An attractive patio serving station, accommodating seating furniture, essentials, BBQ grilling utensils & fuel supplies
  • A bike store accomplishes the perfect solution for generating car room in the garage
  • A voluminous kids toys haven generates speedy tidy-ups
  • Spacious outdoor sports equipment shelter
  • Perfect dry internal ambience for storing fire logs over winter-time

Measuring our folding patio table & chairs including the parasol & bag full of seating cushions fits inside a treat enabling to conveniently locate the mini shed on the patio deck to store & serve whilst tastefully presenting its brushwood attraction.

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Lifetime Horizontal Storage Sheds

Rough-Cut Mini Shed Features


Composition Assures Weather-Resistance

Integral to Lifetime’s make-up constitutes the durable manufacture of UV stabilised High Density Polyethylene delivering long-lasting endurance to all-season weather conditions.

Polyethylene regards an imperishable material that remains in an unaltered state when under duress from damp & wet environments. Used as an industry standard for outdoor products it’s described a non-biodegradable, meaning it’ll never decompose in our lifetime. Calming our environmental concerns however, it is completely reusable. At the end of the day it can be dismantled, dumped at the local refuse station and recycled into alternative products.

Twinned Wall-Lined Fascia Panels

Twinned Wall-Lined Fascia Panels

UV inhibitors mix into Lifetime’s initial manufacturing stages to prevent the harmful chemical reactions sun-ray pressures afflict onto unprotected plastic leading to disfigures and colour loss through bleaching. Comprising 5-years of warranty assurance delivers certitude in Lifetime products that sunburn damage has become an issue of the past.

Lifetime’s unique configuration regards doubly lining an internal & external wall sheet together to enhance robustness to the fascia panels. The internal side comprises an arrangement of ridges that accomplish bracing the outer-skin into a sturdy construction, overcoming problems concerning unsightly chips & dents appearing.

Externally is where skilfully crafted molding techniques transpire, delivering Lifetime’s innovative silvery brushwood effect of weathered wood, a guise arranged in vertical panel formation embodying elaborate details of textured grain, achieving admirable rustic eye-appeal to complement & enhance the settings of any home-yard. The reason it’s termed rough-cut regards simulating the authentic look & feel of textured wood.

The doors, walls and lid are additionally reinforced by a steel infrastructure, strengthening the construction with all-embracing stability meanwhile all steelworks throughout are guarded from corrosion and sunburn discoloration virtue of a weatherproof powder-coat.

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Rough-Cut's Rustic Brushwood Guise

Low-Maintenance Weatherproof Design

Viewing the shape of the unit from the side, the lid slopes down from back to front averting puddle progression besides attaining instant rainfall drainage meanwhile securing all three doors together regards a simultaneous operation whereby the lid overlaps the fascia walls and both front doors edges, preventing rainwater dribbles inside.

Constructing this Lifetime involves interlocking the walls within the floor’s boundary, comprising a groove that runs around the base perimeter. Each fascia panel slots & slides into position, interlinking & securing with adjacent wall panels thereby enclosing the interior from the outside environment, virtue of integrating the floor. Obviously you want to position the shed above a floodplain level but the construction is purposely designed for rainfall showers to flow straight off whilst maintaining dry internals.

I was hoping both the floor and lid would be a one-sheet manufacture rather than comprising two pieces however that’s my only gripe.

Impermeable polyethylene doesn’t chip, peel nor is it intended for painting therefore this type of manufacture doesn’t confine you to annually re-decorating in order to maintain appearances & conserve, the make-up continues on imperishable long-term without succumbing to rot and decay.

If you don’t mind the occasional cleanse virtue of a pressure-wash, garden hose or even a soft sweeping brush dipped into a bucket of water, you’ll admire the swift procedure it takes to refresh the presentation especially if you’ve been tied to wooden constructions in the past.

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Wheelie Trash Bin Storage

Rough-Cut Horizontal Shed Features

Inside the Rough-Cut mini constitutes a built-in floor as previously described however it’s purposely strengthened during manufacture to subsist the strains of storage pressures. Wheeling bikes, bins or a mower inside presents no endurance issues so long as the shed situates on solid level ground meanwhile entry-access is aided by a slanted threshold.

Controlled Spring Hinges

Controlled Spring Hinges

No worries regarding oil leaks from the bike chain or solvent spillages occurring whilst topping-up the mower, the flooring undergoes a treatment to resist stains, anything spilled merely requires a quick wipe up.

Access couldn’t be further improved. Once the lid swings ajar, you can open the double doors and walk into the shed, everything becomes easily accessible whereas closing up requires you to first close the twin doors followed by the lid whereby a clip-over padlock catch simultaneously closes and secures all three doors together.

Two rust-resistant steel hinges function each front door’s swing meanwhile located either side of the lid situates two user-friendly spring-hinges for assisting the opening procedure.

The beauty about spring hinges is they put an end to finger-trapping incidents by preventing the hefty lid weight slamming shut due to their controlled pressure applying enough force to support the weight meanwhile the opposite happens during opening, start to open the lid and the spring pressure takes over alike an automatic opener, lifting the lid ajar.

Rough-Cut's 3-Way Locking System

Rough-Cut Horizontal Shed Dimensions

Measure your bikes, wheelie trash bins and lawnmower etc with the internal measurements to ascertain they fit inside this 75 cubic ft capacity storehouse. Here’s the dimensions along with specifications.

Rough-Cut Horizontal Shed Dimensions

Rough-Cut Horizontal Shed Specifications

Stepped-Out Assembly Approach

Rough-Cut’s mere necessity concerns situating onto solid level foundations. A perpendicular stationed shed functions precise vertical door swings whilst a solid substrate enables the floor to survive those hefty wheeling-in tensions waste-bins endure.

The instructions are fully illustrated and arranged in steps, requiring assemblers to follow their order and implement what’s shown meanwhile household tools construct.

Most people flow through installation without problems and have their mini shed stocked & serving within a few hours. Although Lifetime installations are a tad more complex than many competing sheds, constructing can only be described as a piece of cake compared to large walk-in sheds.

Rough-Cut Low Profile Storage Shed

Highlights & Drawbacks


  • Displaying an elegant burnished brushwood guise
  • Comprising attractive grain textured molded panels
  • Versatile storage unit serves a wide spectrum of usages
  • Anchorage is optional, positioned at the corners of the floor
  • Ever-enduring imperishable polyethylene composition
  • Resistant to weather deterioration & decay
  • Exposed steel powder-coat withstands corrosion
  • Double skinned fascia make-up assures sturdiness
  • Steel infrastructure reinforces Rough-Cut’s construction
  • Designed to withstand dents, chips and peeling
  • Rough-Cut storage sheds are not designed for painting
  • A swift wash restores their presentation in minimal time
  • UV inhibitors prevent sunburn fractures and fading
  • Slanted lid design generates prompt drainage
  • Extensive 3-door access comprising steel hinges
  • Spring hinges control the opening and closing of the lid
  • Comprising a triple door closing/locking padlock clasp design
  • Toughened integrated floor sustains weighty tensions
  • Floor design is resistant to solvent & oil stains
  • 5 years Rough-Cut horizontal shed warranty cover
  • Although new to market, receives an exceptional set of feedback


  • A levelled location is required for precise door operations
  • The floor necessitates solid ground to sustain storage stresses
  • The floor & roof comprise 2 adjoining fascia panels

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Lifetime Brushwood Horizontal Shed

Weather-Resistant Low-Profile Shed Competition

There’s a few competing resin manufactured weatherproof storehouses comprising a low height design and triple-door opening systems alike this brushwood provides however if you’ve fallen for the rustic looks, Duotech’s Grande-Store exhibits a similar weather-wood style.

The Grande-Store includes chains that simultaneously open the waste bins as you lift the lid ajar, incorporates air-vents for removing refuse odours meanwhile if alternative useage to a home’s recycling station is required, you’re supplied with shelf supports for fitting your own wooden shelf.

Duotech Grande-Store

Read Duotech’s Grande-Store review:

Lifetime Horizontal Storage Sheds

Versatile, Low-Profile & Weather-Resistant

Adaptable for various usages from parking bikes, hiding rubbish bins, organising kids toys, a smart place for outdoorsy gear, sporting equipment or perhaps conveniently situated showcasing the sublime rustic presentation on a patio serving accessories, furniture storage, BBQ equipment or gardening paraphernalia, options are quite diverse.

This low-height horizontal design is becoming a favourable alternative to the larger walk-in constructions due to sidestepping planning regulations & daunting installation procedures, rather these mini sheds offer a reasonably quick assembly and locate unobtrusively in restricted garden locations, the reason many people prefer to construct a few of these styles nowadays for convenience.

The best bit is: You’re not confined to the annual wood-stain grind, the occasional rotten panel exchange nor reinstating new roofing felt either. Hassles superseded by an expeditious wash-down or wipe-over.

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SimonHope Lifetime’s horizontal Rough-Cut mini shed’s inspired you with plenty of outdoor storage ideas.

Share your preferred low-profile facility below along with any queries you may have.

Until the next article,


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  1. Great post…very detailed and certainly informative. If I was looking for a product like this I would certainly look at the post and site as authoritative one. Thank you, Curtis

    • Hey Curtis, thanks for examining Lifetime’s groundbreaking mini storehouse innovation.

      This horizontal style comprising a mini height is certainly capturing attention. They’re pretty basic and quick to construct, they station unobtrusively which benefits restricted garden locations and refrain from confining you to continual upkeep meanwhile on account of recent technical evolvements in the way resin is manufactured and molded, there’s some stylish designs being created. This configuration simulates a weathered wood appearance in a brushwood style.

      If you’re searching for a weather-resistant storehouse for your garden in the future Curtis, call back in and take a browse. There’s sizes and styles to suit all circumstances from deck boxes for smaller items, mini height sheds suchlike this low profile unit up to super spacious walk-in stores meanwhile new developments are being created all the time.
      All the best,

  2. Thanks for sharing about Lifetime Horizontal Storage Sheds. You open my eyes to what’s possible to organise things in the yard. It will sure come in handy in my yard can find the space for one. Will bookmark this for future reference when the time comes. Thanks

    • Hey Ht, I’m pleased you find this article relating to Lifetime’s low profile storehouse design impressive, thanks for messaging.

      Initially when we first built a shed for the garden to accommodate all our outdoor clobber including the gardening equipment, tools, plant feed, bikes & outside furniture, we were quite taken aback with the amount that fit in further to finding a solution to organise space indoors including the ability to park the car in the garage without bumping storage, it’s worked wonders for us.

      Obviously the size or storage shed is wholly dependant on the space you have to locate within your home-yard. Our back garden is narrow so we are rather limited however we could fit quite a few of these horizontal styles in different places further to providing a better outlook of open space due to their mini height.

      Their size is approximately 6 ft long, 3.5 ft deep and 4 ft high (precise dimensions are presented above) therefore I’m sure most gardens can accommodate.

      Yeah keep calling back in ht, I’m regularly reviewing the various models entering the market, innovative designs are continuously being developed at present,

  3. Hi Simon,
    I really liked your post. It is very well written and it describes the usefullness of these Lifetime#s rustic Mini Sheds very well.
    Being a house owner it is unbelievable how many items will be assembled over the years, and arenow blocking my garage.
    You have a great idea, and I am sure that many people will tke use to it.
    To your success

    • Hi Hellmut, glad you enjoyed reading all about Lifetime’s rustic looking horizontal shed.

      I agree, having a shed, no matter the size helps organise a lot of gear away from indoors to where they’re most commonly used – outside, which describes their convenience along with being able to dodge ongoing maintenance with regards to substituting rotten panels, felted roof structures and preserving with varnish or paint.

      I think we all collect so much clobber nowadays Hellmut, we’re all hoarders at heart – ha! therefore having outside accommodation for gardening tools, equipment and general outdoorsy things for the purpose of freeing up garage space delivers a solution besides convenience.

      These styles of storage dwellings are becoming more favourable as time goes by. Okay, they’re not super spacious but they’re easily constructed and bypass planning regulations if you’re unfortunate to be within strict guidelines erecting walk-in garden sheds. Couple these benefits along with weather-resistance and attractive designs describes their popularity.
      Thanks Hellmut,

  4. WOW, these sheds looks so amazing, compact, strong and good in quality. Though these sheds look compact but they must have a lot of space to store things inside, and that is what makes them a “perfect and must have” product.

    • Hey Sarah, doesn’t their weathered brushwood finish look rustically charming, they do complement most home-yard settings whilst refrain from obscuring the outlook due to their mini height design.

      I like the way Lifetime have created a dual walled lining of polyethylene for their sheds because on their internal side the whole expanse is manufactured into a series of resin ridges which increases sturdiness and makes the construction so much stronger than single wall fascias besides being resistant to dents making unsightly appearances.

      They are rather compact Sarah, due to their low profile construction however they do hold quite a lot of gear, the internals are quite spacious. Whether their suitable for one’s storage regards measuring against what your wishing to store and comparing with the internal dimensions presented in the ‘Dimensions’ section up above to ascertain the internals are appropriate.

      I think most people admire this design due to their swift installation, this comes across very well in feedback.
      Happy choosing,

  5. Habib Ali

    Simon, this is exactly what I’m looking for, as I’ve recently purchased a new built home and have very little storage for my big garden tools. So I’ll be looking into these very practical sheds. Thank you for that.


    • Hey Habib, hope you moving in’s going to plan, it’s such a big upheaval especially when you have boxes full of clobber like we do and require spacious room where to store.

      These horizontal sheds are very practical and comprise easy access with their triple door entry systems, once the 3 doors are ajar they deliver a straightforward entryway to your entire garden tool collection, they’re very well designed.

      All you really require like I have stated is a solid, flat & level location where to station the shed as this will provide the ideal substrate for the flooring to cope with the pressures of parking the mower and dragging it in & out. The floors are toughened but they still require a solid underneath to cope with the stresses.

      Best bit is Habib, you can have these installed in a jiffy compared to walk-in storehouses, the reason many people opt for a few of these low profile styles nowadays in order to cut the hassles.
      All the best,

  6. Hello Simon
    Thanks For sharing such a detailed post on Lifetime’s horizontal Rough-Cut mini shed. I must say you made my day. Just two days ago me and my partner were discussing about our storage problem. We have a small house and it’s difficult to keep up with storing things.
    I want an outdoor storage for storing some old furniture, my partner worry is the outdoor storage won’t resist weather. Now after reading your post I have answer to all his question plus the price fits our budget.
    Thanks again for sharing about Lifetime’s horizontal Rough-Cut mini shed in such a great detail. It will help a lot of people like us.

    • Hey Bini, glad I’ve made your day with regards to finding a furniture storage solution for your garden.

      I measured all our garden furniture whilst writing this article and discovered it will nicely fit inside this Rough-Cut mini shed on account of all our outdoor chairs including the table having a fold-up design. I simply grouped them all together as though they were stored inside, then measures against the internal dimensions and voila they will fit.

      I like the way their low profile design does’t over dominate a garden setting, making them ideal for restricted places meanwhile like you mention their decay-resistant facade panels escape the dilemmas of repeatable conserving with wood-stain or paint meanwhile their quick installation approach doesn’t become over daunting like some of the large constructions. You can have these built up and sheltering outdoor gear in a few hours without hassles.

      Yeah, their prices are fairly reasonable too when you compare against the walk-in varieties. I always point visitors towards the best value I can find.

      Thanks again Bini, I’m happy the review helped your solution,

  7. I love the look of the rustic mini shed, and it looks super durable. I know it is mentioned they were very durable in the article. but they look like they can take beating. This is something I would and probably will buy.

    • Hey Sean, thanks for reading about the advantages of Lifetime’s Rough-Cut mini shed.

      I like the way Rough-Cut’s weathered presentation exhibits and when you stand up close and move your hand over the fascia surface you can feel how deep the textured grain embodies throughout along with a close inspection of how new molding techniques create extremely detailed similarities to wood.

      Delivering durability is polyethylene’s trump card. Due to being non biodegradable there’s no way the facade panels will decompose in our lifetime – fortunately it’s 100% reusable, so it can be used again & again. Along with assuring decay resistance, the Rough-Cut also contains UV inhibitors to armour the make-up against suffering a demise in appearance when sunburn rays scorch the surface therefore the composition has 4 season weather-defence built in.

      Low profile designs suchlike this are becoming increasingly more popular due to their lack of complications during assembly. We know a few people who have opted to purchase a few of these mini designs instead of constructing a spacious walk-in storehouse in order to dodge time consuming installation projects meanwhile accommodating outside storage into smaller compartments has made organising highly efficient plus you hardly notice their presence stationed in your garden due to the low height.

      Thanks again Sean, glad they’ve impressed

  8. Darcy

    This is a wonderfully detailed article about this product. I truly adore the idea of the Mini shed. My husband and I don’t have any indoor storage space where we are living and currently have to share a shed with our landlords although they already have one of their own! Having something like this would be fantastic to keep some of our extra stuff- although it would probably be better if we had a deck or something to put it on. (Just the landlords have a deck.) Maybe we can convince them to get a product like this for their own deck so we can have full run of the shed we are currently sharing. We have a lot more stuff than they do. Heehee. 🙂

    Great article. Very informative. Keep up the great work.

    • Hey Darcy, your home sounds like the majority of British homes today, especially the new-build type, they never seem to design enough cupboard space indoors, many comprise extremely slim garages that just squeeze in the car leaving the only option to construct a garden shed to accommodate however unfortunately due to the large scale of a walk-in facility, many people are put off with the self-assembly process.

      A low profile unit such as this Lifetime model overcomes daunting assembly tasks, they’re pretty straightforward to install. Once you’ve designated a solid level location to station the shed, you’re ready to build. In a few hours the shed can be constructed through a leisurely 2-person assembly, filled up with your outside essentials and serving ideas.

      We like the convenience an outdoor storage facility provides for our gardening, BBQ and patio services. Having an outside storehouse sheltering all the gear conveniently situated in the back garden, enhances organising and saves time not forgetting trudging muck through the house if your home’s situated in a mid-townhouse / terrace house position.

      Yeah, put some pressure on your Landlord Darcy, you never know, you may sway a decision your way – good luck!

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