Lifetime Plastic Storage Sheds

7 ft wide Lifetime plastic storage sheds are available in 4 lengths. Robustly built, their steel reinforced fascia panels are not susceptible to weather depreciation, retiring maintenance to nothing more than a wash.

Lifetime Plastic Storage Sheds

Lifetime 7 ft Wide Sheds

Initially, two designs comprising a 4½ and 7 ft depth entered the market. Embodying a shorter roof span than the 8 footers, they’re advertised as stronger constructions meanwhile acquire great feedback scores from those who adhere to the foundation stipulations. No surprise, longer lengths were destined to follow.

Roll on a few months and Lifetime introduced a 9½ and 12 ft length. From the smallest 4½ ft depth, sheds expand in 2½ feet extension kits meanwhile incorporate identical features, except for the absence of windows in the smallest shed due to the mini depth.

Determined to elude the troubles of decay and laborious re-coats of varnish besides the periodic roofing felt exchange, we substituted wood for weatherproof resin after dismantling our rickety old wooden hut. Putting an end to continuous upkeep, the time saved’s been a revelation for our concerns; lazy to say the least.

To revive appearances once the grime’s taken hold, we simply connect a shower adaptor into the hosepipe and turn the nozzle to jet wash, then proceed to shower the shed down.

On account of a nearby Sycamore tree, the build-up of sap & moss occasionally becomes hard to shift with water spray. Defeating this problem, we find a soft brush along with a squirt of regular washing-up liquid swiftly removes anything ingrained. Easier still, most resin shed owners periodically undertake the pressure-wash method instead.

Shed Sizes explores Lifetime’s 7 ft weatherproof storehouse competition.

View Lifetime 7 ft Wide Shed Prices:

Lifetime 7 x 7 ft Shed

Demonstrating the 7 x 7 ft Features


Sustainable, Stylish & Ever-Enduring

Environmentally aware, Lifetime’s manufacture embraces recyclable High Density Polyethylene, producing a resin that can be re-formed into alternative products when the time comes to replace.

Double-walled Fascia Panels

Double-walled Fascia Panels

Revolutionary, this innovative polyethylene incorporates strengtheners to fortify the composition against cracking during winter’s freezing conditions meanwhile a UV stabilisation process defends against the heat of sun-rays fracturing & bleaching the fascia. The only issue I have come across delving through feedback concerns a door warping in the Texas sun; apart from that, this UV protection seems exceptional.

Robustly constructed to prevent dents appearing, the fascia sheets are formed by combining two walls. The inner side comprises an arrangement of resin ridges to provide substantial bracing to the outer skin meanwhile the simulation of a wood panelled building embossed with ornate wood-grain details radiating a desert-sand tinge is crafted by state-of-the-art molding procedures to the external side.

Each fascia panel interlinks with adjoining panels simultaneous to interlocking with the floor’s periphery and abutting underneath the roof structure to eliminate rainwater leaks-in at the wall-roof connection. High grade steel screws secure the panels to the shed’s steel framework resulting in a sturdy overall construction.

High Density Polyethylene is impermeable meanwhile continues on unresponsive to damp, icy conditions, rainfall and the afflictions of sunburn. Unaffected by the demise of rot, this imperishable resin eliminates conserving, it’s not designed for painting nor varnishing. Brightening-up the presentation merely involves undertaking the odd wash.

View Lifetime 7 ft Wide Storehouse Prices:

Lifetime 7 x 4 ft Shed

Lifetime 7 x 4½ ft Shed

Lifetime 7 x 4 ft

Steel-Braced Roof Structure

Comparable to the walls, the roof fascia is composed of a twin lining of polyethylene whereby the inner-side’s configuration delivers strength to the exterior side however in preference to wood panelling, the molding procedure simulates a classic slate-tiled roof further to being structured to stretch out beyond the shed walls.

Steel Reinforced Roof Structure

Steel Reinforced Roof Structure

The roof panels secure to the apex framework which is under-girded by corrosion protected steel trusses. The smallest shed incorporates one A-frame steel beam; as the shed sizes increase additional trusses incorporate the extensions, the largest 12 footer comprises four.

Lifetime’s steep apex gradient promptly drains rainfall besides returning the internals with enough headroom height for an adult to move around without ducking down meanwhile a translucent polycarbonate roof-light embeds the entire length of the roof ridge to brighten the interior with natural daylight.

A polyethylene manufacture delivers the antithesis of roofing felt; it’s impermeable, not susceptible to rot, doesn’t perish through disintegration and remains unresponsive throughout damp, rainfall and sunny conditions, therefore never requires replacing.

View Lifetime 7 ft Broad Shed Prices:

Lifetime 7 x 7 ft Shed

Lifetime 7 x 7 ft Shed

Lifetime 7 x 7 ft Shed

Inside’s Advantages

Two screened ventilation grills installed front & back generate fresh air current to the interior for the purpose of combating saturation conducive to clammy conditions meanwhile two shatterproof latch & lock polycarbonate windows slide open if extra ventilation is required. The small 4½ footer is absent from windows however they are included on the larger models to accompany the skylight in basking daylight.

Ventilation Panels

Ventilation Panels

Built-in, the floor constitutes an anti-slip polyethylene manufacture with a sloping entry threshold; strengthened & formed into a thickset substantial bed to subsist tractor stresses meanwhile designed not to stain when oil & solvent spillages occur, a quick wipe-up & you’re done!

The floor’s verge interlocks with the fascia panels, creating a barrier from leaves and pests gaining access, a feature we find highly beneficial during Autumn’s leafy fall. Lifetime’s entire construction including the roof, walls and floor is designed weatherproof to keep rain out.

Shelving for all facilities currently includes one 30 x 10 inch straight shelf and two corner shelves which are great for small items but not adequate for large storage, leading many of us to install a bank of free-standing shelves down one side to organise bulky storage towards the ceiling.

Padlockable Doors

Padlockable Doors

Double doors open a 5 ft width whilst their arched top delivers in excess of 6 feet, providing generous access. Comprising steel reinforced polyethylene, shaded brown and molded to resemble a wood panelled door they incorporate large hand grip handles for user-friendly access whilst their swing operates by full length steel hinge tubes.

Locking-up involves closing the left-hand door by means of sliding the top & bottom latches positioned on the internal side, followed by closing the right door and sliding the though-bolt latch. A hole designed for slotting through a padlock effectuates security.

View 7 ft Wide Lifetime Shed Prices:

Lifetime 7 x 9.5 ft

Lifetime 7 x 9½ ft Shed

Lifetime 7 x 9.5 ft Shed

Streamlined 2 Person Assembly

It’s imperative to abide by Lifetime’s guidelines in preparing the recommended foundations for stationing these sheds. After our experience installing a resin shed, I wouldn’t consider bypassing this advice.

A levelled platform is essential to achieve a vertical construction that eliminates stresses to one side and functions accurately swinging doors plus you’ll find aligning the panels becomes a straightforward process.

You don’t want any sheds stood in flood water no matter what material they’re composed of, wood, resin or metal. Raise the platform above a floodplain if doubts arise. No shed can be described as waterproof, rather they are weatherproofed.

The final importance is to use a solid substrate such as wood decking, concrete, paving, tarmac or asphalt for the purpose of underlying the floor with a substrate that can subsist challenging tensions further to providing a firm fix when grounding the shed with anchor bolts.

The premise of assembly is to follow the precise order of instructions, implementing the demonstrated procedure, they’re like a huge flat-packed furniture installation meanwhile a low torque drill-driver eases securing the mountain of screws but refrain from over-tightening them.

Demonstrating a Typical Lifetime Shed Installation


Lifetime 7 x 12 ft Shed

Lifetime 7 x 12 ft Shed

Lifetime 7 x 12 ft Shed

Commendable Features & Tips to Consider

Commendable Features

  • Stylish yet neutral unblemished desert-sand shade
  • Simulates a wooden structure with slate roof tiling
  • Popular 7 ft widths with 4 choices of lengths
  • Durable polyethylene fascia withstands rot attack
  • Sunburn protection conquers bleaching & fractures
  • Sustainable, recyclable polyethylene can be re-manufactured
  • Steel reinforced fascia & roof panels
  • Apex structures braced by steel trusses
  • Facing ventilation grills distribute freshness inside
  • Steep sloping apex ascertains instant drainage
  • Full length roof skylight basks natural light inside
  • Larger models include shatterproof latch & lock sliding windows
  • Integrated muscular floor panel subsists tractor tensions
  • Lifetime floors are anti-slip & withstand solvent stains
  • Broad lockable double doors & threshold assist storage access
  • Doors comprise full length hinge tubes, latches & through-bolt catch
  • 2 person installation straightforwardly constructs
  • 10 years Lifetime 7 ft shed warranty
  • Maintenance merely entails a periodic wash

Tips to Consider

  • Constructing from level foundations is not to be bypassed
  • A sold substrate is essential to subsist hefty services & fulfil anchorage
  • Consider stand-alone shelving, included shelving is minimal
  • A drill driver becomes your friendly companion securing in the screws

Lifetime 7 ft Wide Shed Prices:

Lifetime 7 x 4 ft Shed

Perpetually Enduring, Steel Reinforced & Stylish

Lifetime is renowned, deeply established and well respected for manufacturing storehouses comprising weatherproofed High Density Polyethylene to satisfy desires in superseding ongoing maintenance for a leisurely jet-wash.

These sturdy 7 ft wide units come in four sizes, ranging from 4½ – 12 feet long. The steel reinforced fascia constitutes a double skin to overcome dents & deliver robustness whilst the design compliments the home yard with accents simulating stylish wooden looks.

Team these advantages up with ten years of 7 ft shed warranty, they’re set to follow the vast sales of Lifetime’s popular 8 ft wide assortment.

View Lifetime 7 ft Wide Shed Prices:

Lifetime Plastic Storage Sheds

SimonHope this 7 ft wide collection of weather-resistant sheds stimulates ideas.

Share your favourite 7 footers below along with any polyethylene queries.

Until the next imperishable shed review,


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  1. john sweeney

    If I purchase a shed shed purchase can i
    I pay also for the installation

  2. Just built a Lifetime 8 x 12ft shed a very happy with it, however when the sun hits it the left hand wall appears to expand outwards making it look slightly tubby…nothing to bad to be honest but noticeable once the sun goes down it returns to normal flat surface, was thinking it might be because of double skin construction hotter on outer surface…etc. What do you think

    • Hi, Jim – thanks for getting in touch.
      I can imagine your disappointment when you see the wall expand outwards – I would contact Lifetime and ask their advice about this issue.
      I’m from the UK, although we rarely get blazing hot sunshine on our Keter shed, the shed is positioned in a south-facing garden and we haven’t noticed the walls expanding before.
      Here’s Lifetime’s contact page – I hope they can provide a reason for you:

      Hope this helps,

  3. Sian Knight

    Can you give me your contact details so I can check on price and availability of a Lifetime 8 x 10′ shed with installation.

    • Hi Sian, thanks for leaving your message.
      We neither manufacture nor install garden sheds – this website promotes the resin style of sheds and points visitors to the most reasonable prices on the web where you can read reviews & purchase.
      I would check with the seller, whether they are available and if they offer installation.
      Hope this helps,

  4. Lynn M

    Very informative, well written. This is the best sounding she’d of its kind. I live on 130 acres and I wish I had a whole fence row of them just to put our 34 years of accumulated stuff in.
    One problem, I do live in North Central Texas. Did the offer any solutions to the door warping?

    • Simon

      Hi Lynn, thanks for stopping by to explore Lifetime’s 7 ft wide storage shed selection.

      Lifetime do design high quality storehouses, manufacturing steel reinforced high density polyethylene into double lined fascia panels whereby the inner lining contains ribs in order to substantially brace the exterior side for robustness as well as to ensure the composition doesn’t succumb to exhibit unsightly dented appearances.

      130 acres, wow! You do have some garden space. We live in a mid town house where our back garden is quite slim so we’re limited to the size of shed we can construct, you however could build a row and completely clear the home and garage from all your outdoorsy equipment, sounds fab.

      I have only come across one issue with regards to a door warping in the Texas sun, this may have simply been a manufacturing issue, however, Lifetime’s promotional videos describe their sheds to resist warping, bleaching and fracturing when exposed to extreme sun ray tensions. If you are interested in purchasing a Lifetime shed, I would ask the seller and mention your concerns – Lifetime usually step in & promptly reply.

      These sheds are backed with 10 years of warranty so replacements doors shouldn’t be an issue if this occurred however you don’t want to be subject to occasional replacements therefore I too would require clarification prior to purchase if we lived in a hot climate. 

      Hope this helps Lynn, best of luck,


  5. These are some serious work sheds that overshadow anything I have seen or used. Well built,stylish and affordable. I can see these paying for themselves in a relatively short period of time. Well written and informative with relevant images.

    • Hi David, resin manufactures have technically advanced in recent times in respect to combating weather deterioration, comprising UV inhibitors they conquer sunburn fractures and colour distortion meanwhile at the other end of the scale toughening compound amalgamates in with the polyethylene for protection against freezing conditions causing cracks to the make-up.

      A double walled skin comprising a series of resin ridges presented on the internal side braces the exterior with a robust backing, Lifetime advertise them to resist dents. Attaining sturdiness to the construction is virtue of securing the fascia sheets to the metal framework meanwhile the addition of steel A-frame trusses are in place to under-girding the roof structure.

      Images say much more than words can ever say, I agree. Thanks for calling in,

  6. Eelco

    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for the review on the sheds! You explaind it pretty clear and the video’s are a nice touch! Love the easy build of the sheds and the low maintenance.

    Would be nice if the sheds have some sort of pre-build or idea’s on how to decorate the inside too. Is there anything like that already?

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Eelco, I’m glad you find the description of Lifetime’s 7 ft wide sheds clear, I always try & present the information plain & precise. There’s a lot to get through therefore I try not to ramble on – ha! You can’t beat embedding a video, these clearly present the features and demonstrate the installation far better than I can place in words, they’re a good watch.

      The main benefit of these sheds relates to their low-maintenance, immune from rot their manufacture continues on ever-enduring throughout changing weather conditions. Their only priority concerns conforming to the foundation stipulations to accomplish a perpendicular construction and ensure it serves accordingly.

      Lifetime’s polyethylene is not designed for painting, you’ll find even oil based paint won’t adhere successfully. Their purpose is more for utility services suchlike gardening tools, patio furniture and outdoor accessories rather than summerhouse accommodation.

      Duotech Oakland sheds can be painted inside & out due to incorporate resin talc in with polypropylene, providing a composition that adheres to acrylic emulsion. They’re worth looking at if you wish to decorate the fascia in your unique colours.

      Hope this helps Eelco, all the best,

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