Lifetime Rough-Cut Shed

Lifetime’s groundbreaking resin innovation termed ‘rough cut’ intensifies the weather-resistant shed competition by simulating the charm of rustic wooden appearances in remarkable detail. If you’re searching for a substantial rot-proof outdoor resin storage shed 8 x 10 feet, this newly designed sturdy construction is worth examining.

Lifetime Rough-Cut Shed

Lifetime Rough-Cut Shed – 8 x 10 ft

Lifetime Rough-Cut Shed

Lifetimes’ rough-cut design spreading 8 x 10 feet is rivalling Duotech’s weathered looks, many would suggest surpassing on account of the distinct likeness to wood virtue of crafty resin engineering meanwhile their feedback score’s quite exceptional in relation to installation, sturdiness, features and presentation.

Lifetime’s build quality takes the edge with regards to a heavy-duty construction, benefiting from ventilation grids is imperative to counteract humidity issues whereas Duotech design additionally caters for customisation. Although Lifetime’s fascia panels are not intended for painting, does this represent an issue? Not for me!

Circumventing the headaches of wood-rot virtue of a resin manufacture bypasses conserving on an annual basis including the frustrations roofing felt typically succumbs to after suffering a few years of damp & freezing conditions followed by sunburn & sweltering heat. It’s not long before disintegrating felt urgently requires replacing, a time-consuming job that demands a dry day.

Revitalising the immaculate presentation of Lifetimes weathered impression is elementary & swift. We have the hosepipe conveniently connected to a tap in the back garden. Unreal the hose, turn the shower dial to fast pressure and spray. It takes minutes to nip around the shed and freshen the appearance. Maintenance is best described as work-shy – Yippee to that!

This recently developed rough-cut creation represents a slight deviation from the global sales of Lifetime’s original range of 8 ft wide desert-sand sheds, comprising the same polyethylene composition albeit in a brushwood shade along with cleverly enhanced detailing to the structure and what a sublime presentation they exhibit.

Prefer lighter sandy tones? Take a read of Lifetime’s 8 x 10 ft original, the sister to this. Composition-wise, it’s a close match meanwhile Shed Sizes displays competing rot-resistant storehouses.

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Lifetime Rough-Cut Shed

Inspect the Rough-Cut Design & Features


Weather-Resistant Resin Innovation

If you’re on the look-out for a heavy-duty durable resin construction, this should impress.

Rough-Cut's Multi-Lined Wall PanelsLifetime’s manufacture constitutes two connected sheets of High Density Polyethylene for the facade’s construction. The inward facing sheet invigorates substantial bracing to the external side which coincidentally prevent indents appearing, virtue of an abundance of polyethylene ridges.

Externally the fascia embodies intricate details of grain throughout, mimicking wood to high effect meanwhile the crafty molding technique creates the fascia sheets into a vertical wood panelling arrangement tinted to resemble burnished weathered wood, a rustic brush-wood effect that impressively simulates a mirror impression of wood.

Each fascia sheet interconnects with adjacent panels in unison to interlocking with the floor’s perimeter further to securing to the steel infrastructure, fortifying reinforcements.

Satisfying green credentials, High Density Polyethylene is completely recyclable. Good job because it’s non-biodegradable, nobody seems to know the lifespan. Put it this way, it will last both of our lifetimes out without decomposing, so it’s paramount this everlasting manufacture can be used again & again.

Mixing into the polyethylene regards a UV shield to combat sunburn stresses rupturing the surface and vanishing colours through bleaching therefore you’ve no upkeep in terms of conserving involved, a composition resilient to the weather elements, unaffected by mouldy rot and never necessitates preserving.

You’ll enjoy the swiftness of occasionally refreshing the fascia too, a hosepipe or pressure wash regards the leisurely operation meanwhile a soft sweeping brush & detergent shifts any grime that embeds within the textured grain.

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Intricate wood grained details

Apex Resin Roof Structure

Lifetime’s roof structure is robustly reinforced. Comprising dual lined polyethylene sheets, internally ribbed bolsters support meanwhile they’re held into position by a steel framework that’s under-girded by 3 A-frame trusses, stretches of steel expanding across the shed’s width up in the rafters.

A steep impermeable apex puts an end to puddles emerging and assures instant drainage, a decent overlap prevents rainwater leaks inside at the top of the walls meanwhile the roof’s steepness reciprocates a lofty 6 ft 8″ from the trusses to floor inside not forgetting the space above the beams therefore you won’t be cracking head acquiring storage.

The roof’s external display exhibits a classic semblance to slate tiling, fashionably crowning the summit complements garden settings meanwhile you won’t have to repeatably paint the steel framework inside to prevent rust, it’s purposely powder-coated to withstand corrosion.

Polyethylene boasts an imperishable composition assuring everlasting rot-protection therefore unlike conventional roofing felt that inevitably breaks down through weather assault, Lifetime’s make-up soldiers on ever-enduring.

Steel Reinforced Roof Structure

Easygoing Spacious Access

Twin lined polyethylene fascia panels molded to emulate a wooden doorway inclusive of steel reinforcements fortify both door structures & improve security. Their operation swings on hinges running the entire door’s length. Pressing the handle’s button operates the opening mechanism.

Inside the left door, two sliding dead bolts embed into the floor and above the architrave to accomplish closure and provide defence against the gales. The right door engages with the left when closed whilst a metal slider bolt performs the lock & secures with a padlock.

The doors 4 ft 8″ stretch across the breadth and 6 ft 4″ height provide a generous entryway without requiring ducking down during access on account of their high arch meanwhile a sloping threshold assists rolling inside weighty garden machinery.

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Broad Access - Spacious Internals

Impressive User-Friendly Internal Features

Pushing your mower in and out is aided by the floor’s anti-slip surface design meanwhile the make-up comprises a muscular heavyset base comprising supplementary strengthening to endure strenuous storage stresses. Spilling solvents & oil when servicing machinery only requires a quick wipe-up, the design’s resistant to stains.

Air-Vents and Roof Skylight

Air-Vents and Roof Skylight

You’ll like the way the walls interlock with the floor’s edge creating a seal from debris sweeping inside during windy weather, blocking a scurry way through for pests and preventing rainwater puddling the floor. We find the inside environment maintains clean conditions thanks to the built-in floor design, especially the leafy fall around Autumn time.

A bright & airy atmosphere unfolds stepping inside. Daylight illumines through the skylight running the entire length of the apex roof ridge, both the door windows and the window incorporated down the side. The window in the wall also opens half-way to waft in additional ventilation meanwhile continuous fresh air is distributed by the air vents located opposite each other front & rear to eradicate sweaty atmospheres developing saturation inside.

One straight shelf is provided for locating on the back wall which is okay for small items along with 6 hooks for hanging gardening tools against the walls. Most of us install a bank of freestanding shelves down one side to enhance storage options towards head height, it depends on one’s storage requirements meanwhile you’ll find the lofty internals come in handy for storing extendable ladders, rotary driers and parasols.

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Lifetime Rough-Cut Storage Shed

Lifetime Rough-Cut 8 x 10 Measurements

Lifetime Rough-Cut 8 x 10 Measurements

Lifetime Rough-Cut 8 x 10 Specification

Lifetime Rough-Cut 8 x 10 Specification

Lifetime Rough-Cut Shed

Lifetime Rough-Cut 8 x 10 Specification

Streamlined Installation Procedure

Assembly’s best described similar to an IKEA furniture construction but on a much grander scale whereby two people follow & implement the order of illustrated steps. One supports the fascia panels whilst the other secures into position meanwhile it’s common to pull in the extra resource of a drill driver for powering in the screws.

Station on solid level ground

Station on solid level ground

First & foremost prior to the build necessitates solid level foundations for stationing the shed. This maybe existing paving stones, constructing wood decking or asking a local builder to lay a substrate such as concrete, tarmac or asphalt. Emphasis relates to the base being perfectly level.

With regard to wood decking, it’s worth working out how much gear you’re intending to store, these dimensions can accommodate a hefty weight fully stocked that can lead to subsidence further down the line. If doubts arise, choose a concrete type substructure. Anything over 10 feet, manufacturers usually specify concrete. We’re at the crossover with these dimensions.

Solid ground enables you to perform firm anchorage when grounding the shed whilst providing the required substructure for the floor to cope with the likes of rolling in a heavy-duty lawnmower.

A levelled base determines the construction of a perpendicular standing shed, absent from leaning stresses further to assuring vertical architraves operate superlative door swings.

This video demonstrates Lifetime’s original shed construction however the rough-cut model represents a similar installation procedure. You’ll comprehend the assembly process straight away.

Installation of a Typical Lifetime Shed


Advantages and Considerations


  • Exhibiting a stylish brushwood presentation
  • Simulating attractively realistic wooden looks
  • Sturdy designed fascia panels assure stability
  • Polyethylene composition resists weather-rot
  • UV stabilised assures sunburn defence
  • Steel reinforced roof & wall infrastructure
  • Apex roof design effectuates immediate drainage
  • 3 A-frame steel beams reinforce the roof structure
  • Steep apex returns lofty ceiling height
  • Natural light flows through windows & roof skylight
  • Integrated ventilation grids to both sides, front & back
  • Muscular flooring endures burdensome storage tensions
  • Wall-floor interlock encloses the shed base
  • Anti-slip stain-resistant flooring
  • Broad lockable double door entryway comprising a sloping threshold
  • 10 years Lifetime Rough-Cut 8 x 10 Shed warranty cover
  • A light pressure-wash swiftly maintains appearances


  • Lifetime’s Rough-Cut shed demands a solid level location
  • Resin constructions require inflexible anchoring to ascertain shed stability

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Lifetime Rough-Cut Shed's Rustic Presentation

Eye-Appeal combines with Durability

The creativeness engineered through recent developments regarding the methods of artfully molding resin to simulate the characteristics of wooden knots & grain textures in elaborate detail, Rough-Cut’s design showcases these creations in a burnished rustic style.

Couple the splendour looks with Lifetime’s multilayered panel arrangement reinforced by a steel framework, sturdiness comes into fruition meanwhile everlasting polyethylene endures the weather elements without falling victim to decay besides the steel being preserved from corrosion, hence the justification of 10 years warranty assurance.

Another cracking development manufactured by Lifetime Products, looks like another bestseller’s looming.

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Lifetime Rough-Cut Storehouse

SimonRough-Cut’s pioneering design exhibits an artfully stylish weathered wood presentation.

Share your thoughts. Do you prefer the weathered look or Lifetimes original radiant sandy tones?

All the best,


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  1. Gloria Tsocos

    Hi I need to replace the two doors and flooring of my shed. How can I do that?

    • Hi, Gloria – I would contact the manufacturer of your shed. There is usually a contact page on their website. I’m sure they will be able to provide support.
      Hope this helps and you get things sorted,

  2. Dario Gutierrez Mellizo

    Hi, how can i get the manual assembly for the model 60214.

  3. Hello Simon,

    I have always liked the look of these sheds. They seem very easy to set up, practical and great if you ever had to move them!

    They are also good looking! I wouldn’t mind having one in the yard.

    Do you know how they would stand up to very cold weather? I live in Alaska and we can get temperatures in the single digits often in winter. Sometimes it can even be below zero Fahrenheit. I would be a little afraid of the material cracking in the cold but if you just leave it alone during the winter it should be fine.

    Once I get my permanent home I will definitely want one of these for storage. We got a tiny one to store the lawn mower and gas and yard tools at our 4-plex. I can’t wait to have a yard and get a full size model!

    Thanks for highlighting this very attractive and practical structure.

    • Hey Jessica, I’m an admirer of the brushwood polyethylene style manufacture too, I think the rustic looks compliment any outdoor environment meanwhile their weather-resistant make-up combats the problems associated with wood-rot, a particular dilemma we suffered years of decay related issues with, happy to leave those times to yesteryear.

      Lifetime trumpet out their manufacture survives long term damp conditions, persistent rainfall, scorching hot summers and freezing winters due to combining toughening elements within the polyethylene mix during manufacture along with UV stabilising to ascertain their sheds stand up to all season weather conditions.

      We’re from the UK therefore we don’t suffer bad winters nor scorching sunshine but we are constantly bombarded with rainfall showers meanwhile our polypropylene manufacture has stood the test of time, resisted all kinds of weather and remained unaltered. The only operation we deploy regards a 5-minutes once a month clean to which we connect the shower adaptor onto the hosepipe to accomplish.

      Before decision making and purchase I would ask the seller the same questions you have asked me, then you receive a definitive answer to how Lifetime’s polyethylene manufacture will survive your cold climate however they are backed with 10 years guarantee which delivers peace of mind.

      The horizontal sheds you mention are ideal in my view. I know a few people who have constructed a few of these types in order to escape planning regulations or simply want a quick installation procedure, and these mini sheds deliver.

      You mention can you move a plastic constructed shed. I once had a chat with someone who dismantled theirs but said he found the screw fixings diminished somewhat upon constructing again, so I’m not sure whether this is advised or not, it’s something I have never done.
      Thanks again Jessica, hope we’ve answered your queries,

  4. do i have to install a concrete base first to install one of these, because i have mostly grass in my backyard. also, can it withstand at least a Cat 5 hurricane, because where i live here in the caribbean, we get at least 2 of per year.

    • Hi, personally I would opt for a concrete base laid perfectly level in order to overcome subsidence along with anchoring the shed base down onto the foundations.

      As far as wind resistance levels are concerned, I’m no expert however I would ask the seller what the resistance levels are for this shed after it’s been anchored down onto a solid level substrate such as concrete, they will provide a more definitive answer. We’re over in the UK, hurricanes are a rare occurrence over here although we have strong winds which have presented no issues for our resin shed thus far.

      Somebody else mentioned he was advised by the seller to obtain an additional anchor kit which is designed for fitting Lifetime sheds situated in exposed areas, I would ask the seller whether they can supply the additional anchor kit in order to enhance wind-resistance levels further.
      Hope this helps,

  5. These sheds look great, strong and really good in quality. As I live in Uk, here we usually have small houses,a shed like this in garden is one of the best thing to have, it makes our garden look organised and cleans as we can stole a lot of things and tools inside these amazing sheds. Thank you so much for sharing this…:)

    • Hey Sarah, Lifetime facilities do construct into study units owing to their double fascia arrangement whereby a ribbed internal structure provides bracing to the external side that displays the attraction. Reinforced by a steel framework further to 3 steel trusses constituting an A-frame design under-girds the roof structure into an overall rigid construction which does come across strong in feedback.

      We also live in the UK and I understand what you mean with regards to new-build houses and storage space. They simply don’t design internal cupboard room for outside gear meanwhile if you’re lucky enough to have a garage like us, they just accommodate a car that you can no more than open the doors to squeeze in & out. We’ve even found bicycles take up too much room for car usage as well, hence the garden shed’s been great for storing our tools and outdoor clobber and like you mention, aids to organise all your outdoorsy things outside.

      We have a new build estate up the road from us whereby every home-owner has installed a garden shed for the reasons we’ve stated. There’s a whole variety of wood, metal and resin sheds exhibiting different designs and sizes meanwhile sheltering all the home’s outdoor stuff.

      Appreciate you stopping by to read Sarah, thank you,

  6. Melissa

    Hi Simon, that is a very appealing looking shed. It is nice enough looking that it could be an extra little play room out the back for the kids. Do you ever get customers buying it for that purpose?

    It appeals to me because no paint is required which is great because we are very time poor. And the look of the shed reminded me of a cubby house for my kids. We have put off building them a cubby house because of the work, but this is lovely. I think with a little decoration it would be a delightful little play space for them, and when they grow out of it we can repurpose it.

    Thanks so much for your comprehensive review of this. Cheers,

    • Hey Melissa, I like the weathered rustic presentation Lifetime’s Rough-Cut shed portrays too, designed to compliment home-gardens and do deliver the impression whether you’re stood up close or from a distance due to the authenticity of wood produced by crafty molding techniques.

      I have heard of these types of sheds used as huge outdoor kids play rooms and toy stores. Duotech sheds manufacture a similar rustic semblance termed My-Shed to which they advertise for customising into a games room, home-office, art studio or outside seating area etc, which many associate as a summerhouse design. My-Shed offers a uniquely paintable resin surface too although gathering what you’ve said doesn’t interest with regards to time constraints, just like ourselves.

      You are supplied with 6 hooks which you could hang all sorts of decorations to make the interior more homely for the kids – Yeah, great idea, they’ll love it too.

      All what’s necessary in terms of upkeep to the Rough-Cut regards an occasional wash down to restore it’s appearance. I never thought I’d enjoy this type of maintenance but I find it leisurely & fast. You can speed round the shed in a jiffy with a pressure wash in order to rejuvenate construction day’s appearance.

      Thanks again Melissa for dropping by,

  7. Simon, this is a great looking shed.

    My garage is pretty crammed full right now and I have been thinking of getting one of these for several years now.

    Is this a lot better quality of a shed than one I could buy at some place like Lowes or Home Depot? I’m just curious about driving down the street and getting one or waiting for it to be delivered. There may be a quality difference I am not aware of.

    • Hey Rick, doesn’t the brushwood effect exhibit weather wooden looks with remarkable efficacy? I’ve read plenty of feedback from those who have constructed the Rough-Cut saying the same thing, how it’s enhanced their home-yard meanwhile happy chappies with regards to how the chunky walled panels secure to the reinforced steel infrastructure and finalise the build into a sturdy constructed storehouse.

      I remember when we first cleared our garage from all the outside clobber, what a difference it made to space inside – freedom to move around, park the car with ease and open the doors without bumping storage. This 8 x 10 footprint is a tad smaller inside (check the internal dimensions up above) however add in the generous headroom space Lifetime incorporate into their sheds along with the bright & airy ambience generated by the windows & ventilation grids, a well presented spacious enclosed storehouse unfolds once you step inside plus there’s no need to duck down during entry nor inside like many competing sheds.

      Lowes and Home Depot both sell equivalent Lifetime sheds, I always point visitors towards the cheapest prices to what’s available at the time I publish the post. Most companies offer free delivery. Unless you have a decent sized Pick-Up to order & collect in store why not have it delivered, saves so much hassle. The rule of thumb concerning delivery is that the boxes are generally placed at your driveway’s entrance to which you have to carry the boxes to the location of the build.

      The only issue I’ve ever come across with regards to different qualities of manufacture concerns Suncast sheds whereby cheaper copied imports undercut their prices however Suncast do warn people to purchase from reputable suppliers to avoid disappointment.
      Hope this helps Rick and thanks again for dropping by,

  8. I prefer the weathered over the lifetimes original radiant sandy tones because they look better. Or which one would you advice me to choose?

    • Hey Aladin, choosing the style is purely down to personal preferences and to how it would look displayed in your garden settings. Personally, I like the weathered appearance, it’s very similar to the rustic wooden semblance Oakland sheds exhibit which I’m also a huge fan of.

      I would guess Lifetime’s desert sand storehouses are amongst the biggest selling sheds across America, there’s no escaping their popularity however this brushwood effect displays the guise of wood in remarkable detail virtue of modern molding techniques creating their highly effective appearance.

      So it’s all down to personal liking’s & desires Aladin, hope this helps,

  9. Stratos

    I have a country house with a very big garden and for a lot of years i was thinking of buying a shed for all my tools but most of them were from wood something i didn’t like because after a few years it needs to take care of it all the time.

    This seems like what i was looking for. Durable but also good looking. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    • Hey Stratos, Lifetime’s Rough-Cut does exhibit an appealing presence with it’s wood grained rustic brushwood guise, showcasing a more traditional construction when compared to the unblemished radiant sandy tones of Lifetime’s standard storehouses.

      Behind the weathered eye-appeal however lies the backing of High Density Polyethylene, formed into a stalwart construction aided by steel reinforcements ascertains more rigidity meanwhile not being affected by weather deterioration sidesteps the frustrations of annually conserving, superseded by the quickness of a pressure-wash to refresh the presentation.

      You’ll find spacious headroom height delivers freedom in walking around inside without being confined to stooping over and adequately bright enough to find storage thanks to the wall-window, skylight and door windows basking natural daylight meanwhile a more preserved atmosphere for tool storage unfolds due to two air-vents situated opposite one another, distributing fresh-air continually in order to combat saturation.

      Thanks for visiting to read about Lifetime’s Rough-Cut Stratos,

  10. Hey Simon,
    Thanks for this thorough review of the Lifetime Shed. This seems to be a really reliable shed for storage. I also love the fact that they have put together a setup tutorial. Hope the whole set up process is not very hard.

    As its name suggest, I would expect it to last me a lifetime lol! But 10 year warranty is good enough for this kind of outdoor thing.

    • Hey Jerry, Lifetime are amongst the most prominent manufacturers for designing near zero-maintenance outside storage solutions to which their method constitutes polyethylene, a type of resin that remains unaffected to variable weather conditions from icy cold winters to clammy conditions, not forgetting persistent rain showers in among.

      Although weather-resistance is Lifetime’s blueprint, comprising double skinned walls & roof fascia panels reinforced by a sturdy steel framework enhances construction stability ensuring their structure is stronger and more durable than most competing resin sheds.

      Installing a Lifetime shed becomes a straightforward two person assembly process, if you watch the video up above you’ll grasp the method’s similar to a flat-packed furniture project but on a much larger scale. The main priority is starting off from Lifetime’s advised foundations, a case of laying a level concrete or asphalt like substrate, this aids the build construct with ease & into a perpendicular stationed shed.

      Yeah, Lifetime’s a fitting name for this kind of set-up Jerry and like you mention, 10 years of warranty cover delivers that extra bit of confidence.
      Thanks for reading all about Lifetime’s Rough-Cut,

  11. I’m someone who’s into vintage, so the weathered look appeals to me more. Nevertheless, the shed is a wonderful addition to any home in Europe. In Singapore where I reside currently, we don’t see much of these. In fact, I have never seen one here and generally, tools and equipment are usually kept in a utility or store room which is built within the house. I was researching about UK homes and your article was an interesting read.

    • Hey Jude, this Rough-Cut design flaunts a traditional guise of rustic weathered wood, described by Lifetime as a Brushwood effect. I think they really have nailed creating the wooden appearance to distinction looking at the close-up image above whereby the embedded grain delivers the true-to-life feel.

      In America and UK, the wooden shed’s gone back generations for sheltering gardening tools, lawn & plant feed meanwhile nowadays many sheds are becoming super spacious if you’re fortunate to have room where to locate to enable accommodating the abundance of outdoor stuff we keep accumulating.

      A garden shed is such a convenient facility for storing items such as patio furniture, parasols, bbq equipment, kids toys, family bikes, sporty gear, the list goes on simply because most of us don’t have room where to store their bulkiness indoors. There’s a new housing estate just been built around the corner from us whereupon every single garden has a shed, they don’t seem to cater for accommodating storage in newly built homes nowadays, an outside storehouse counteracts the issue.

      The reason many people like ourselves are opting for resin regards their immunity from weather-rot, apart from a wash down there’s no maintenance involved whereas a wooden shed demands yearly conserving and occasionally requires rotting panel & roofing felt replacements whereas others prefer even more security and choose the weather-resistant steel storage.

      Hope you found all the required information you were looking for Jude, please ask if your stuck on anything,

  12. Love this! I have often wanted to buy a shed like this but never got around to it. Looks to be well made and I checked the prices which are reasonable. Well written and informative article here.

    • Hey David, initially we ummed and ahhed long enough prior to making the plunge for a resin construction however we were determined to find a way around the constraints of upkeep dilemmas to which our last wooden facility demanded, including preservative coats of wood-stain on an annual basis in addition to sourcing fresh wood of a similar nature for replacing panels suffering wood-rot and the occasional roofing felt replacements.

      A resin composition comparable to Rough-Cut’s UV protected polyethylene provides the escape. Immune from decomposing throughout the environmental changes of weather it combats blazing hot sunshine, persistent rainfall, significant snowfall and ongoing damp conditions without any alteration to the make-up. Thankfully, it’s recyclable therefore can be manufactured again into different products in the future because unlike wood, it’s not subject to deterioration through changeable weather forces.

      Yeah, an occasional speedy pressure-wash replenishes the fascia panels in quick time, it’s been a convenient time-saver for us. Thanks David,

  13. Hi Simon,
    Wow. I love this shed. I’ve just checked them out on the link you provided and think there are some designs in the range. I also like the fact that they are resin. The 10 year guarantee is reassuring too. I assume they are fairly easy to put together?

    I’ll be looking at new sheds in the summer, so have bookmarked this page.

    Thanks for sharing this really helpful information.

    • Hey Sean, I think the way Lifetime have embodied such a realistic wooden effect virtue of stylishly crafted intricate grain textures along with displaying the rustic charm of burnished weathered wood is highly impressive and bound to attract attention as the year rolls on, it’s a very new design therefore not presently dominating the shed stores.

      High Density Polyethylene is non biodegradable which describes its ever enduring rot-resistant manufacture. Fortunately this kind of make-up is reusable, at a later date it can be recycled into alternative products, the reason it’s commonly used by industry for manufacturing outside constructions.

      If you watch the video Sean, you’ll find it eases any assembly fears you may have. It’s like one huge flat-placked furniture installation project whereby two people construct, one supports the largeness of the panels, the other bolts the construction together – teamwork. Just make sure you locate the shed on a solid level platform to ensure it builds perpendicular. You’ll find the fascia panels and door architraves align effortlessly plumb working from level ground plus you’ll be able to effectuate firm anchorage into solid foundations.

      Thanks for bookmarking Sean, I’m constantly updating,

  14. Great sheds, look amazing both from inside and outside. These are not very expensive as compared to normal market prices and very helpful for storing things in the garden. Infact I know some friends who have these sheds even in their garage to have a separate storage are, Multi purpose and durable.

    • Hi Sarah, Lifetime’s new Rough-Cut innovation certainly looks impressive and draws attention to garden settings meanwhile they are manufactured sturdy due to their twinned wall lining and incredibly durable thanks to the High Density Polyethylene composition assuring rot never becomes an issue stood outside long-term weathering the elements.

      There are cheaper resin facilities such as Keter’s Factor sheds which deliver the same weather-resistance yet designed to fit a more inexpensive budget but no where near as stylish as the rustic brushwood effect exhibited here however when you compare against storehouses constructed with pressure treated cedar wood, there’s quite a difference & without frustrating decay projects to deal with.

      I like the effortless operation involved to refresh their presentation, what used to encounter a laborious arduous conserving task has turned into a fun hose-down that takes minimal time to accomplish instant results.
      Glad you like the Rough-Cut’s looks Sarah, thanks for visiting,

  15. Do I love wood? Yes. Does wood require maintenance? Unfortunately it does, and a lot of it too – a lick of paint virtually every year on any and all external wooden structure you may have in your garden. I know for experience. Do I or my family have all the time in the world to do regular painting or replace felt roof? Not at all!!!
    I believe your alternative is ideal, as it avoids all the extra maintenance work we never have time (nor money) for. It looks fantastic, spacious and sturdy to the windy UK weather. My only question is this. For gardens like ours, sloping and with many tree roots, what type of levelling work would we have to do to prepare the base of the shed? Would this type of shed have to sit on patio tiles as in the pictures, or what other type of base can we have?
    Thank you in advance, Simon, much appreciated.

    • Hey Giulia, there’s no one more fond of wooden constructions and furniture etc than me too but having gone through all the hassles for years on end, annually preserving with wood-stain, substituting rotten panels for new then trying to attain a firm fix into a decomposing structure not forgetting the few nightmares we’ve been through with regards to roofing felt disintegrating during winter caused us to look for an alternative in order to sidestep future frustrations when our last wooden hut gave in.

      I like pressure treated cedar wood, it’s by far the most durable and low maintenance of the woods for constructing a shed with but the prices for an 8 x 10 footer exceeded our budget, then you still have roof-felt issues to cope with. I have seen cedar wood storehouses capped with a similar resin roof to these Lifetime sheds. Although they are a dream of a shed, they are mighty expensive. I have only seen small local shed companies manufacture these.

      Yeah, maintenance is made easy plus it’s quick & good fun with the hosepipe or pressure-wash. I like the leisurely hosing operation on a warm summer’s evening, the shed’s spic & span in minutes, takes very little time.

      As far as foundations are concerned, it’s imperative they are solid & level. For sloping tree-rooted land I would ask a local builder to lay a levelled concrete base, a foot larger than the base area of the shed all round and at least 2-3″ thick so that you can attain firm grounding when anchoring the shed down. If you lay wood decking, the tree roots my cause subsidence or alteration to the levelling at a future date due to their growth, so I would opt for concrete in your situation. Half a day’s job for a local builder.

      Hope this helps Giulia, all the best,

  16. Huzefa

    My friend just renovated his house. He is in search of quality plastic shed.. I liked your post and i am going to share it with him.. And i am sure its going to help him in his purchase.. Thank you.

    • Hey Huzefa, if your friend’s after a sturdy plastic shed that stations rigidly stable, Lifetime’s manufacture takes some beating. The fascia walls & roof are doubly lined whereby the internal ribbed side delivers a firm bracing to the external skin meanwhile the steel framework assures an unyielding structure that’s further shored up by an under-girding of 3 A-frame beams where the roof’s concerned.

      8 x 10 feet provides decent accommodation space for an abundance of outdoor stuff and gardening tools meanwhile you won’t have issues with the hard wearing floor coping with the tensions lawnmowers endure rolling inside.
      There’s a lofty amount of headroom space, natural light floods through the windows & roof skylight whilst ventilation circulates fresh air, accomplishing a preserved ambience for storage.

      Lifetime also produce a similar 8 x 10 ft facility exhibiting desert-sand tones if a lighter shade is preferred. This model has acclaimed to the dizzy heights of world-wide sales, I’m guessing this silvered finish is set to follow.
      Happy shed hunting,

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