Lifetime Storage Shed 8×10

Lifetime storage shed 8×10 constitutes a robust weather-resistant make-up designed to protect a conglomerate of outdoor stuff along with an admirably stylish presentation in order to pleasantly enrich a garden’s scenery with stylish accents and neutral tones.

Lifetime Storage Shed 8x10

Lifetime Storage Shed 8×10

Lifetime Shed 8×10

If you’re like us, fed up maintaining outdoor rotting structures and wish to skedaddle those ongoing wood conserving procedures of varnish, not forgetting the occasional felt-roof exchange once the blight of weather decay disintegrates, Lifetime’s enduring make-up as the name suggests delivers longevity in eluding the plague of rot-decline.

Although free from conservation, Lifetime’s fascia panels do require a tad of maintenance, virtue of a sporadic wash for the purpose of freshening up appearances once the grime takes hold. We’re still waiting for the self-cleaning shed to be designed – Yippee to that!

Amongst watering the plants on a summer’s eve, we unite the shower adaptor with the hosepipe to perform a fine spray, then adjust the nozzle to high pressure, nip round the shed & brighten-up the display in a jiffy – The lazy way to maintenance!

Considering the dominance of Lifetime’s competitive position across America’s resin storehouse market along with the popularity & respectable assessment this 10 footer receives, favourably positions this facility amongst the best-sellers.

Either side of this model awaits the smaller footprint extending 7½ feet whereas expanding the dimensions beyond this storehouse presents a walk-through of 12½ feet.

Check Out Lifetime’s 8 x 10 ft competition:  Alternatively, Shed Sizes reviews various sizes constituting weather-resistant designs.

All sheds within Lifetime’s 8 ft wide group comprise identical features & measurements across their front & back meanwhile storehouses expand up the range courtesy of 2½ feet extension kits, stopping off at the spacious 15 footer, two models beyond these dimensions.

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Comprising a Make-up – Insusceptible to Rot

The development of strapping fascia panels that construct the roof and walls constitute a manufacture of double lined sheets whereby the interior backing is ribbed in order to withstand dents and rigidly stabilise the construction whilst the exterior displays Lifetime’s creatively stylish presentation.

Lifetime’s High Density Polyethylene composition is non-biodegradable however it is 100% recyclable and delivers an imperishable make-up assuring immunity from weather rot & corrosion. Boasting an impermeable composition to rainwater this type of resin is not designed for painting, rather an expeditious wash-to-refresh concludes their upkeep.

Innovative molding techniques produce the highly presentable horizontal panelling display comprising intricate textured details of grain embedded throughout, resembling a wooden construction presented in an admirable matt shade of desert-sand albeit one that resists decay.

Commencing manufacture, the polyethylene is UV stabilised with a toughening compound to tolerate the stresses & put an end to sunburn forces bleaching and fracturing the facade. Commendable feedback satisfies Lifetime’s resistance to avert sun-ray pressures demising their structure.

Each wall sheet interlinks with adjacent fascia panels, interlocks with the floor and abuts the roof meantime the panels secure to a steel framework reinforcing the arrangement producing a substantial construction.

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Multi-Lined Wall Panels

Imperishable & Robust Roof Capping

Contrary to traditional roofing felt’s inadequacy to combat weather forces leading to their sudden decomposition, High Density Polyethylene assures permanence in sustaining all weather-pressures including damp, wet & sun-ray heat without succumbing to structural decline.

A steep impermeable apex roof construction ascertains prompt drainage meanwhile structurally designed to overlap the walls ceases rainwater leaks inside around the perimeter of their connection. Extending 8 feet towards the peak reciprocates plentiful headroom inside for us grown-ups to walk around without stooping over meanwhile averts a crack to the noggin.

A twin lined molding method occupying the same ridged backing as the walls possess strengthens roof stability meanwhile the exterior’s presentation displays a guise of slate tiling, fashionably crowning the top.

Under-girding roof support lie three A-frame steel trusses. Reinforcing the roof-sheets & metal framework they produce a top robustly braced to accommodate weighty piles of snowfall delivering certitude once Winter approaches.

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3 A-frame Steel Trusses Provide Roof Support

Features benefiting Storage Services

Broad twin doors yield an expansive entryway into Lifetime storehouses. Opening the majority of the shed’s width they generate easygoing access, advantageous when wheeling inside the lawnmower meanwhile there’s no ducking down upon entry compared with the conventional wooden hut’s access due to the doors high arch design.

Lifetime Door Security

Padlock Security

The doors manufacture comprises identical make-up to the fascia panels. Shaded brown they two-tone the shed meanwhile textured steel embeds within the composition to accomplish sturdiness along with enhancing security.

Overcoming swinging door accidents and cracked plastic door jambs the hinges incorporate full length meanwhile two internally positioned dead bolts enable keeping the left door shut, a procedure that also attains locking up when the right door closes, virtue of a padlock clasp collaboratively securing both doors together. Opening up regards pressing in the handles button that operates the opening mechanism.

Suppressing the clamminess of humid weather developing saturation inside, ventilation grids incorporate above the doors opposite one another to generate an ongoing throughput of freshness to circulate the internals.

Four polycarbonate ceiling skylights and one window comprising a shatterproof design illumine natural light inside meanwhile the window caters for opening if further ventilation is required. Overall, inside’s ambience presents a pleasant airy atmosphere, crucial for storage preservation.

Substantial Flooring

Substantial Flooring

Lifetime’s flooring constitutes a thick muscular polyethylene bed, specifically toughened to survive strenuous storage tensions suchlike drive on mowers endure meanwhile it delivers a grip to stop the slip along with a design resistant to solvent & oil spills, a wipe over simply cleans.

Indentations present within the floor, these are the placements for securing anchor bolts meanwhile surrounding the border of the floor, a groove is molded for interlocking the fascia sheets during construction, blockading draughts of debris, critters and rainfall from gaining access inside.

Lifetimes 8 x 10 ft storehouse includes corner shelves, 3 straight shelves comprising various lengths and a selection of hooks that incorporate into a pegboard for hanging gardening tackle adjacent to the walls. We found the included shelves only accommodate smallish items. To overcome, we installed a bank of free-standing shelves to enable storing hefty gear up high, a tip we embraced from reviews.

High Access with Spacious Internals

Lifetime 8 x 10 ft Measurements

Lifetime 8 x 10 ft Measurements

Lifetime 8 x 10 ft Measurements

Straightforward Installation Method

Lifetime’s recommended guidelines concerning foundations are pivotal to adhere to, a requisite to how the shed stands & serves. A solid base of concrete or comparable substrate like asphalt, tarmac or even paving stones provide ideal ground. Wood decking like we incorporated is okay but with regards to subsidence you have to bear in mind how much weight a facility 8 x 10 feet is going to accommodate.

A minimum 2″ thickness assures certainty in being able to rigidly fix down anchor bolts to determine stability meanwhile it’s essential the location lays flawlessly level to accomplish a vertically stationed shed that functions precise door operations and alleviates a lopsided posture.

Assembly is similar to flat-packed furniture but on a larger scale and requires two people to help each other construct. On account of working from a levelled base, panel alignment builds efficiently plumb meanwhile although household tools construct, a drill-driver operating on a low setting becomes your best friend for securing all the screws.

This assembly video is worthy of a watch prior to construction, it satisfies assembly concerns. This 8 x 10 footprint takes towards a day to complete.

Lifetime Shed Installation


Advantages and Considerations


  • Radiating a neutral sandy shade complements garden landscapes
  • Topped with a slate-effect guise enhances the shed’s accents
  • Embodied throughout with High Density Polyethylene
  • Immune from corrosion and rot depreciation
  • 4 season weather-resistant
  • Never requires painting, varnishing nor wood-stain
  • A rapid wash with pressured water swiftly cleans
  • UV protection combats the strains of sunburn
  • Sturdy fascia panel design, reinforced with steel supports
  • Roof Structure fortified by three steel trusses
  • All exposed steelworks are powder-coated to withstand corrosion
  • Ventilation overcomes internal condensation
  • 4 skylights & one window deliver daylight
  • Window opens if additional ventilation is desired
  • Selection of shelving, hooks & pegboard included
  • Substantial beefy flooring sustains storage tensions
  • Anti-slip floor is designed to withstand stains
  • Floor’s border interlocks with the wall sheets
  • 10 years Lifetime 8×10 shed warranty cover
  • Straightforward 2-person installation procedure


  • A level base assures a perpendicular standing
  • Solid foundations enable rigidly stationing the storehouse
  • Contemplate stand-alone shelving to increase storage accommodation

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Lifetime Storage Shed 8x10

Lifetime’s enduring weather-resistance

Confidently described throughout Lifetime’s videos as the sturdiest most durable multi-lined plastic manufacture delivering enduring weather-resistance courtesy of High Density Polyethylene paves the way to sidestep conserving on an annual basis.

Inside’s loftiness overcomes bending over, delivering an abundance of adult headroom height where a light and airy environment unfolds during entry through the wide access double doors thanks to integrated ventilation, a window and 4 skylights meanwhile a toughened ant-slip floor sustains weighty garden-machinery stresses.

When you couple these advantages along with ten years of Lifetime’s 8 x 10 ft shed warranty, certainly inspires confidence.

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SimonHope Lifetime’s 8 x 10 ft shed review answers all your queries.

Let me know your thoughts and questions below.

Appreciate your reading time,


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  1. Wow, these sheds are amazing. they looks really great in quality and built. I might need shed for my garden in near future and will keep this website in kind. What great collection of sheds you have, really great and useful with cheaper rates as compared to market prices.

    • Hey Sarah, Lifetime sheds are within the premier league producing top quality weather-resistant resin sheds virtue of engineering a dual wall skin of polyethylene to accomplish sturdiness to their structure meanwhile due to polyethylene being non-biodegradable, it never decomposes to rotting away unlike their wooden counterparts. Good job they are completely recyclable making them reusable into alternative products at a later date.

      Lifetime start their 8 ft wide range off with a 2.5 ft depth whereby 6 sheds complete the assortment topping off with a facility expanding 15 feet therefore there’s sizes suitable for a wide range of circumstances dependant on enough garden space to construct and storage requirements.

      I always point visitors towards the most reasonable set of prices I can find for every shed I write about, hope this helps and please call back in for a browse around when you’re considering a weatherproof storehouse.

  2. Hey Stefanie, Lifetime sheds constitute a make-up that delivers weather-resistance virtue of their UV stabilised polyethylene composition providing an escape from the repeatable maintenance wood sheds are prone to concerning the annual conserving coats of wood-stain, then there’s rot-deterioration issues and roofing dilemmas to cope with too.

    Until you search for an alternative you’re not aware these types of constructions exist. We were in the same boat however after suffering years of problems we looked for a way to dodge the constraints of wood-decay and noticed resin storehouses had entered the market. This was a few years back but nowadays there’s a vast selection comprising various companies designing different styles further to manufacturing them into different sizes.

    We like the convenience they provide, presently we merely cleanse the shed via the hosepipe with the shower connector fitted, maintenance made simple and glad to have gotten rid of preservation coats of varnish.

    Security is best described as beyond average with Lifetime sheds. The doors are steel reinforced into which the clasp for locking-up is secured to however a padlock doesn’t provide defence against bolt-cutters like a house doesn’t defend against the slightest chip with a chisel against a window. If security for expensive equipment is priority, check out Asgard steel constructions, these are absent from windows but security-wise they exceed anything secured via a padlock.

    Failing that, many people fit shed alarms nowadays like we install into our homes which provides deterrent.

    Thanks for your interest Stefanie and for getting in touch, hope this helps,

  3. Mark Bailey

    Hi Simon,
    Lots of really interesting information. I currently have an old wooden shed that although I’ve tried to keep on top of it over the years, with wood stain and paint is now rotten and needs replacing.
    This would be ideal for future and they look good as well.

    • Hey Mark, I understand the issues you’re going through with regards to wood rot. When we first built our original wood shed yeas ago we decided every year to give the shed a decent coat of wood stain thinking it wood deliver protection for the following winter but to no avail. Overtime, rainwater works its way into the depths of the wood and decay starts to build.

      I think there’s only pressure treated quality cedar wood that can provide long-term resistance to decay however cedar requires preserving, then there’s roofing felt dilemmas to content with. Changeable weather delivers all sorts of frustrations to wooden structures stood outside, our current garden fence undergoes similar problems year on year.

      We were slightly hesitant on purchasing a resin construction in the beginning, most of us don’t like change and stick with tradition but the thoughts of continually preserving simply put us off.

      Our resin storehouse has really surprised us with how it serves. We like the built-in floor because it keeps the inside free from debris & pests, the window & skylight deliver enough natural light to see storage clearly, ventilation is continuous and exceptional (having said that we only live in the UK) and the internal height is far loftier than what we were used to – no ducking down.

      The best bit however is maintaining the appearance, it couldn’t get any more straightforward and quick. Rejuvenating the guise takes minutes and it’s great fun. I shower the shed on a regular basis during summer, it’s that convenient.
      Thanks again Mark for examining Lifetime’s 10 footer,

  4. Moni

    Thank you for a great article packed with so much information.
    Somehow I stumbled across your website and I am glad I did.
    I just love this lifetime storage shed with low maintenance and no varnishing every year!
    I have bookmarked your site as I am sure soon it will be time to replace the old shed.

    • Hey Moni, Lifetime certainly provide the easy street to shed maintenance, absent from future rot, decay and rust due to the polyethylene manufacture being immune from decomposing meanwhile all the structural steelworks making up the infrastructure are powder-coated in polyester to ensure corrosion doesn’t become an issue.

      Washing down occasionally, relates to their only maintenance to which we spray our storehouse down with the shower connector clicked into the hosepipe, refreshed in minutes rather than being tied to repeatable preservation coats of varnish year on year not forgetting the disintegrating headaches roofing felt capitulates into, unable to survive the adverse weather elements.

      This desert-sand facility is a hugely favourable shed sold in vast numbers across America and more recently globally however Lifetime have recently developed another 8 x 10 footer comprising the same make-up of High Density Polyethylene albeit designed to exhibit a rustic burnished brushwood effect that mimics textured wooden appearances extremely realistically. Worth comparing if a weathered display suits.

      Thanks again Moni for calling in to read,

  5. Kevin

    Hello, Simon, I read your information on the lifetime shed an am genuinely impressed. The new materials available today are fantastic. I loved the idea of not having to maintain it year after year.
    Double wall construction looks quite strong and durable. The variety of foundations for a base is another attractive feature. I like the skylights plus a window should give the inner space ample lighting.
    Large entry doors and ample room to stand and move around inside is a great feature. The lifetime shed appears that it would live up to its name.

    • Simon

      Hi Kevin, High Density Polyethylene is a highly durable material, ideal for producing outdoor storage sheds on account of the manufacture being able to combat all the weather elements from persistent rainfall showers and heavy snowfall without succumbing to deterioration through rot even when situated long term throughout damp environments meanwhile Lifetime also incorporate UV protection into the mix to withstand the forces of sunburn that used to lead to colour demise on yesterday’s plastic products stood outside.

      Yeah, maintenance on this type of resin composition merely entails a rapid wash, we generally shower ours down with the hosepipe during watering the plants throughout the spring & summer seasons.

      I think Lifetime sheds constitute the most sturdy of the plastic shed designs in the way they have developed a dual wall skin that’s ribbed on the inside, increasing their robustness, the same construction constitutes the roof sheets too which adds extra support along with the steel trusses for wintry weather, they’re well braced together.

      For a shed this size, concrete types of substrates, paving or wood decking is fine although with regards to wood, you have to ensure it’s not going to suffer subsidence in the future with the weight an 8×10 footprint is going to store.

      Inside’s airy, bright and roomy enough due to the steep roof pitch, window & skylights meanwhile the air-vents produce a continuous throughput of fresh air from outside to circulate around inside, so you’ll find the interior pleasant, storage keeps in fine fettle & you won’t be banging your head whilst walking around storing gear.

      Lifetime is a great name – who thought of that originally, I wonder. 

      Thanks Kevin,


  6. I’m happy to see that it is recyclable even if it isn’t biodegradable. I guess if it were biodegradable, it wouldn’t make a great shed. It would probably start to degrade after a few years.
    Great review. I learned a lot about sheds. A ten year warranty is pretty good. That means it is built to last.

    • Hey Melinda, Constructing a resin shed that’s recyclable is crucial in my book too therefore it can be used again & again. Fortunately High Density Polyethylene doesn’t decompose, otherwise we would be confronted with the same decay issues wood inevitably capitulates into trying to survive changeable weather conditions, so this type of resin does deliver a happy ending, being reusable.

      Ten years warranty cover delivers oceans of confidence that the polyethylene will not start to disintegrate when exposed long-term to rainfall, damp and heat however although longevity to survive without deterioration setting in is straightforward for Lifetime to initiate due to polyethylene’s immunity from weather-rot you do have the backing against sunburn rupturing the composition and bleaching, an issue that caused huge concerns regarding yesteryear’s plastic stationed outside.

      Glad you have acquired the information you were looking for with regards to Lifetime’s 8 x 10 footer, thanks Melinda,

  7. This looks like another great shed option. I love the way that it looks and I can tell it will be sturdy and last for quite a while.

    I see that you said it will take 2 people a little time to construct it. Because my husband and I don’t want to kill each other (haha), do you think it’s a good idea to hire someone to come over to build it for us? Or is it doable for a married couple to do it and not end up divorced? lol

    • Hey Christina, I would guess the lifespan of High Density Polyethylene is unknown due to this particular type of resin being non-biodegradable thereby immune from weather-rot. Fortunately it is recyclable therefore can be manufactured into additional resin products at a future date meanwhile Lifetime additionally incorporate UV toughening ingredients to defend the make-up against the severe forces of sunburn producing discolouration & cracks.

      The way Lifetime’s molding technique creates & adjoins two walls of skin whereby the inner sheet delivers a series of ridges assures a good bracing to the bodywork. Furthermore each fascia panel fastens to a steel framework attaining all-over sturdiness to Lifetime’s construction. All the exposed metalwork’s are over-coated in a powdered weatherproof finish assuring rust progression doesn’t become an issue.

      The idea behind Lifetime’s installation procedure is that one person supports the fascia sheets owning to their bulkiness whilst the other secures them into place. They’re like flat-packed furniture but on a much larger scale, all metal and plastic sheds are built-up this way – the process is simply down to teamwork!

      Is it doable, yeah of course however to ease the process significantly I would take a thorough inspection of the instructions and watch this Lifetime construction video in the assembly section of this page, this overcomes any potential worries you may have. I think the sheer size puts many people off however if you start constructing from the correct foundations, there’s no reason why the build shouldn’t assemble like clockwork. Not convinced? Ask a local handyman, they’ll have this up & running within a day for you.

      Hope this helps Christina, please don’t fall out – ha!

  8. I actually am a huge fan of these sheds. I have had them in the past and the up keep is amazing. No fixing bad shingles or no fixing required. Truly a lifetime shed. Thank you Simon for this great read!

    • Hey Jim, thanks for dropping by to read about Lifetime’s ever-popular 8 x 10 ft storehouse.

      So you made the switch into the resin storehouse world too Jim, aren’t they convenient. I must admit, some of the new manufactures are simulating wooden effects with remarkable detail nowadays virtue of embedding deep wood grainy features into the fascia’s wood panelling semblance further to tinting in neutral shades to compliment most home-yards. Reality-effect of wood without the headaches.

      I coped with applying wood stain on an annual basis okay but substituting rotting panels for new, then trying to attain a firm fix on a structural framework that’s started to decay is no easy game alike you mention with roofing shingles. We always found headaches attaining a tight fix with roofing felt. Best if you’ve got a deep treated cedar-wood construction when attaching a new sheet of felt in my opinion as they subsist weather-decay to much higher degree than the cheaper mass-market wooden style of sheds we previously had therefore you’re able to accomplish a firm fix.

      Yeah Lifetime certainly lives up to their name Jim, a great choice of company name,

  9. This is a nice compromise compared to your typical wooden constructed sheds. I’ve personally had to replace some of the shingles attached to the roof of my own a couple times. Would be nice to not have to worry about that. The nice durable design seem like the ideal route to go. Would like to know how does is hold up to sun fading or discoloration over time tho?

    • Hey Alex, thanks for reading the weather-resistant advantages Lifetime storage shed 8×10 ft provides.

      For our concerns like you mention, a resin manufacture stood outside survives the forces of nature from sunburn heat to persistent rain meanwhile remains insusceptible to decay deteriorating the manufacture even when stood in a continuing damp environment, a problem wooden constructions start their process of rot unless preserved on a frequent timescale with the likes of varnish/stain in order to nourish & armour the wood to subsist the elements.

      Yeah, don’t roof replacements cause some problems. You only notice they need replacing after disintegration has set in due to rainwater leaks inside. Unfortunately we always found out after a winters period whereby rainfall & snow had been running in for a while, this does ruin storage in rapid time.

      Lifetime’s polyethylene initially undergoes a UV stabilisation process whereby toughening compounds are added to the mix in order to armour the composition and resist the heat pressures of sunburn thereby averting colours bleaching and fractures splitting when forces persist, a common occurrence unprotected plastic capitulates into stood outside battling summer’s heat.

      We like the convenience a resin style of composition delivers Alex, lazy I suppose but we’re getting older – ha!

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