Low Maintenance Backyard Storage Solutions

This little beauty solves the low maintenance backyard storage solutions in one fell swoop. It’s 6 ft deep and 4 ft wide accompanied with a good height enabling moving around inside a non issue.

Low Maintenance Backyard Storage Solutions

Factor 4 x 6

The foremost attraction for us and the majority that choose the resin style is to circumvent the recurring maintenance issues of traditional wooden huts.

For our concerns, eliminating the chores of upkeep has created a hassle-free outdoor future, merely a light hose down when dirty rejuvenates our storehouse to the gleaming condition it was when first assembled.

If you’re searching for reasonably priced narrow plastic sheds around 4 x 6 ft dimensions meanwhile determined to relegate upkeep chores to bygone times and accomplish a low maintenance struggle-free future, Factor’s easy on the pocket 4 x 6 footer ticks the low-maintenance boxes with a high appraisal.

Read the condensed mobile friendly review:

Factor 4 x 6

The reason Factor’s Range of Sheds have accomplished Global sales is virtue of combining robust attractive constructions at hugely competitive prices. They may be absent from high class finishes furnished on many competing sheds due to retaining their ‘Worth the Money’ status however they are sturdy weatherproof units. Compare alternative resin sheds prices, everything becomes apparent.

Designed to stand proud in the tightest of spaces like between a house and fence, restricted garden locations or sat exhibiting it’s divine appearance on a small patio, the adequate size benefits home-yards with useful storage accommodation.

Factor 6 x 4 ft

Manufacturer:  Keter

Model:  Factor 4 x 6

Website:  keter.com

Size:  4 ft x 6 ft

Colour:  Beige/Taupe

#Feature:  Fits in confined spaces

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Factor’s 4 x 6 serves the essential purpose of storing a whole host of outdoor stuff suchlike gardening equipment, patio accessories and barbecue paraphernalia, not forgetting the kids outdoor toys, it’s an ideal size for swiftly clearing the home-yard at a moment’s notice.

Trumpeting out the hugely popular service relating to an adequate walk-in storage facility for bike accommodation, Factor’s lofty adult-height internals cater to store lengthy implements suchlike parasols and rotary clothes dryers not forgetting the absence of ducking down upon entry, additional reasons for its popularity.

6 models complete Factor’s range of sheds. The smaller model extending 6 x 3 feet provides an alternative patio sized solution, the next size up regards the 6 x 6 feet expanse of Factor’s small-medium facility meanwhile moving up the ranks, dimensions keep expanding up to the largest commanding an 8 x 11 spacious footprint.

Shed Ranges compares alternative low maintenance resin storehouses from competing manufacturers. Images provide easy navigation whilst a link leads to their in-depth review.

Low Maintenance Backyard Storage Solutions - Factor 4 x 6 ft Shed

Composition Eliminates Upkeep

Factor’s make-up constitutes a polypropylene manufacture, molded into thick skinned resin panels displaying a wood-grain textured effect represented in beige shade. The stylish appearance two-tones with taupe doors accentuating a complementary guise against the backdrop of landscape surroundings.

Factor 6 x 4 ft polypropylene Composition

Polypropylene Composition

The robust structure is built to withstand dents, a problem susceptible to the budget range of metal opposition meanwhile UV protection elements combine within polypropylene’s 100% recyclable make-up to combat colour fade and cracking issues, a problem yesteryear’s plastic succumbed to when exposed to the sun.

Primary concerns captivating today’s interest relates to the decay-resistant benefits resin assures defence against no matter what the weather throws. The weatherproof make-up survives the forces of nature without falling victim to rust nor rotting issues when stood outdoors, replacing yearly upkeep chores with an effortless wash down to maintain pristine appearances.

A light pressure-hose regards the undemanding role of a quickie wash we regularly undertake on a summer’s eve, a job accomplished in a relaxed manner. Depending on the landscape and whether tree-grime starts to ingrain, the removal process does require a bit of elbow grease delivered by a non-abrasive soapy scrub with warm water followed by a quick spray-hose down, even this is achieved without breaking much sweat.

Steel reinforcements bolster the durable roof and wall panels together enhancing stability to the overall construction meanwhile the inclining apex roof consists of panels extending beyond the walled facade delivering prompt & effective rainfall drainage due to the high pitch further to preventing leakage inside at the top of the walls.

As far as snow support is concerned, it’s adequately robust to cope with 75 kg/sqm. of snowfall due to the mini-width roof span being adequately supported by a steel framework.

Video – Factor 4 x 6 Features

Helpful User-Friendly Features

Condensation build-up associated with warm weather used to be a particular concern pertaining to yesteryear’s plastic sheds and modern day metal sheds. Combating this issue, built-in ventilation incorporates into the front and rear of the construction to alleviate sweaty atmospheres, rather a fresh ambience generates through the vented air current maintaining storage in prime condition.

The window built into the wall panels delivers natural daylight to the internals, furthermore it can be placed on either side dependant on the surroundings to which way you prefer the window to face. Work out which side suits before constructing.

Secondary Door Panel Increases Access

Secondary Door Panel Increases Access

First-rate access regarding the narrow 4 ft width is overcome by incorporating a secondary door next to the main door. This small addition makes all the difference upon entry and exit with hefty gear meanwhile the same principles apply associated with window installation regarding choosing which side you wish the doors to swing open, requiring working out which way benefits your circumstances prior to installation.

A large grip-able handle makes entry a breeze whilst the doors closure is assured by clipping the fastener into the security clasp, purposely designed for a padlock to protect storage albeit a padlock has to be purchased separately.

Built into the walls regards a shelf support however the shelf is not included. Despite the fact that shelving is limited to accommodating smaller accessories leads most of us to install stand alone shelving to make use of the internal height whilst benefiting from their extensive holding weight. Astonished us how much storage a small facility suchlike this 4 x 6 footprint is able to accommodate with free standing shelves.

Factor’s integrated floor constitutes a manufactured bed of polypropylene, molded into a thickset base adjoining the walls thereby preventing gusts of wind blowing debris and rain inside on the shed floor, a problem floor-less metal sheds are renowned for. Added toughness thrown into the resin mix increases robustness, providing a floor capable of surviving heavy duty demanding pressures associated with wheeling in weighty equipment and storing heavy gear.

Although these internal dimensions aren’t huge on account of Factor’s 4 x 6 ft capacity, a pleasant atmosphere generates inside due to in-excess of 2 metres internal height delivering ample headroom without any notion concerning a hemmed-in or claustrophobic atmosphere.

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Factor 4 x 6 Complements any Landscape

Factor 4 x 6 Measurements

External and internal measurements relating to the Factor 4 x 6 ft Shed are represented below providing dimensions to measure against storage and location ideas:

Factor 4 x 6 Measurements

Factor 4 x 6 Measurements

Factor 4 x 6 Measurements

Factor 4 x 6 Measurements

Factor 4 x 6 Measurements

Keter Factor 6 ft x 4 ft

Assembly Made-Easy

Assembling this flat-packed shed represents a very straightforward procedure, a series of steps inclusive of illustrations are presented in the instructions requiring assemblers to work their way through the order of steps implementing what’s shown.

Household tools are the only implements required to construct this two person assembly. Many choose to work with an automatic screwdriver set on a lower torque, there’s oceans of screws. Additionally, a step ladder and room around the shed’s perimeter is essential for fitting the roof.

2 Person Assembly with Household Tools

2 Person Assembly with Household Tools

Unfortunately very few sales sites mention the foundation ruling, one of the reasons this website commenced was to inform visitors how to construct a resin shed that alleviates issues. Unfortunately many assemblers are unaware of these stipulations prior to purchase & sidestep preparations owing to time constraints.

It’s all down to the initial stages regarding preparing the correct foundations. Basic but true. The imperative measure is to provide solid & level foundations. Conform & you’ll eliminate a whole raft of frustrations.

Wood deck boards, concrete, paving slabs or solid materials such as tarmac & asphalt laid perfectly level provide ideal foundations. Sidestepping this ruling will probably present construction complications.

Starting off from level footings generates an efficient plumb panel alignment ascertaining a perpendicular construction is built plus the doors unite vertically with the architraves thereby operate their precise swing. If you’re out of sync on the base, by the time you’re 8 ft up towards the roof, aligning the panels at ease will probably represent difficulties and frustrations.

A level base ensures an equal amount of roof-force weighs down across all sides thus prevents leaning pressures.

A solid base pays homage to the endurance factor the floor will undertake, making it able to survive demanding pressures heavy duty storage delivers meanwhile ascertains rigid anchoring can be undertaken.

Applying this straightforward solid level foundation principle whilst constructed slightly above a flood-plane determines the correct positioning for a plastic shed. All what’s required then is to increase the shed’s wind resistance by delivering inflexible anchoring.

Anchor placements are embedded within the resin floor, the type anchor screws are conditional to the base material.

Factor 4 x 6 Assembly instructions:

We were initially unaware of the foundation importance yet decided to adhere to the correct base preparations upon reading the instruction headlines. Once you’re constructing it all becomes apparent why this ruling is significant.

We made a day of assembling our shed, thoroughly enjoyed the process and delighted with the finished result.

View Factor 4 x 6 Weatherproof Shed Prices

Wonderful Low Maintenance

 Pros and Cons


  • Attractive modish style enhances home-yard spaces
  • Narrow design fits in confined locations
  • Low maintenance and sturdy
  • Resistant to weather related decay
  • Undemanding to maintain a spotless appearance
  • Choice of which way the door opens
  • Window can be incorporated into either side
  • Abundance of storage height, consider free standing shelves
  • Withstands sunburn fractures & colour demise
  • 2 person build using common tools
  • Hard wearing integrated floor
  • Built-in floor aids to keep the interior clean
  • Ventilation maintains a fresh internal ambience
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Inclining roof pitch delivers efficient drainage
  • Straightforward stepped-out construction process
  • Exceptional feedback with 10 years Factor 4 x 6 warranty
  • Excellent value for money


  • Unable to screw into plastic – Consider stand-alone shelving
  • Factor sheds require securing down onto a rigid substrate
  • Essential – Plastic Sheds construct from a solid level surface

Keter Factor 6 x 4 Shed

4 x 6 ft Weatherproof Shed competition

As time goes by competition is strengthening. These types of conservation-free sheds are providing the alternative & convenient solution where upkeep duties and easy cleaning is concerned.

Shed Sizes: presents Factor’s 4 x 6 ft competition along with additional walk-in weatherproof sheds expanding various sizes suchlike these similar sized examples below:

Cascade 7 ft x 4 ft

Cascade’s vanilla/stony charm

Fusion 7.5 x 4 ft Shed

Fusion’s wood/resin traditional appearance

Low Maintenance Garden Sheds

Everett’s sandy/chocolate impression

Low Maintenance Backyard Storage Solutions

Verdict – Fits the Backyard Budget

Reviews speak volumes for Factor’s 4 x 6 ft shed. Low maintenance without the frills yet delivers a very competitive price relates to the reason regarding it’s popularity.

It’s a good looker with a modern appearance & presentably stands unobtrusive further to being able to slot into most restricted locations whilst looking sublime, whether it’s for a garden, patio or backyard.

Convenience delivers the bonus. It’s easy to keep clean, robust and durable; designed with a weather-resistant resin manufacture, integrated floor and built-in air vents to maintain storage preservation.

#1 Low Maintenance – No Hassle

View Factor 4 x 6 ft Shed Prices

Keter Factor 6x4 Reviews

10 Year Warranty


Hope Factor’s 4 x 6 footer has inspired your backyard storehouse solutions.

Share your favoured storage design & any niggling queries you may have below, happy to help.

Happy searching,


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  1. I never knew there were so many options for backyard storage! Thank you for the very in-depth review and dissection, will refer to these when we need one!

    • Hey Rox, if space indoors is at a premium and you wish to store outside belongings conveniently in the backyard, Factor’s 4 x 6 ft shed along with the competing resin sheds presented provide an unobtrusive facility that attractively accommodates restricted locations.

      Owing to their polypropylene composition they assure weather-resistance, eliminating rot decomposing their structure whilst protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays they avert discolouration meanwhile their make-up isn’t designed for painting thereby providing a departure from the upkeep conserving issues wooden sheds are annually prone to.

      Another advantage these sheds comprise regards being topped off with resin. Contrary to the impetuous deterioration roofing felt succumbs to suffering varied weather elements, polypropylene remains in an unaltered state resisting damp & heat. We simply refresh our shed’s appearance with the hosepipe during the spring & summer seasons once the dirt becomes evident.

      Call back in to scour the reviews when you’re in need of a solution to outside storage, thanks Rox ,

  2. Hi Simon,
    this post is really well made and organized: it gives the reader all the necessary information to choose the shed that suits him.
    I don’t know anything about plastic sheds and the fact that there are so many pieces of information related to this accessory surprised me very much!
    You have done a really good job!!

    All the best,

    • Hi Nathan, thanks for calling in and your interest concerning the resin manufacture of garden sheds.

      For years we had a wood hut situated in our garden but like anything wooden stood outdoors you have to keep maintaining with wood-stain or varnish in order to conserve otherwise the rot eventually sets in through various weather assaults from burning sunshine, persistent rainfall and cold winters meanwhile we found damp atmospheres vastly increased the decay process.

      Another problem we found regarded felted roofs, conventionally seen topping most wooden sheds off however they soon disintegrate. Once this happens rainwater floods in, ruins equipment and starts deteriorating the floor.

      We simply wanted to escape the hassles. When our shed finally became irreparable we substituted for a resin composition on account of the make-up being immune to decay and rust. Nowadays to restore the looks we simply spray the shed down with a hosepipe, job’s competed in minutes as opposed to the arduous task of preserving.

      Hope this answers all your queries why we decided upon a resin composition, thanks again Nathan for dropping by,

  3. Michael Miller

    Thanks for your comparison of different plastic sheds. I didn’t know they came in so many different sizes. I like the look of it and like the easy assembly, and easy cleanup.

    After living on 2 acres and learning I have a hard time building anything, I think I might just have to save up money to buy products that are prebuilt and will definitely consider these sheds when we move onto our own property.

    • Simon

      Hi Michael, thanks for reading the benefits Factor’s 4 x 6 shed provides.

      Factor sheds start from 6 x 3 ft dimensions, following on with this narrow style, then lead up to the spacious 8 x 11 footer stood at the top of the group. Six sheds conclude their assortment.

      Their style exhibits unpolished beige & taupe flair enhanced with grain embossing which attractively complements garden landscapes however they are basic and cut back on frills competing sheds provide, but this is purposely done to maintain their global position, a step ahead where prices are concerned.

      Yeah, assembly is very straightforward, the instructions constitute a series of steps two-people follow & implement in order to construct. Their only necessity as stated regards a solid level location in order to accomplish a well grounded perpendicular construction.

      Factors easy-clean advantage escapes recurring conservation headaches of roofing felt replacements, annual coats or wood-stain preserve and rotting panel exchanges wooden sheds end up capitulating towards on account of their weather-resistant make-up.

      Thanks again Michael, happy choosing when the time comes,


  4. Mark Perkins

    What a great idea. A plastic shed, I have never heard of these before.
    my initial reaction was what about the suns UV effect but I see you covered that. I am looking for a shed right at the moment and was pleased to see that it had a plastic floor as well. Most are wooden.
    Two questions.
    1, Now hot does it get inside on a really sunny day, compared to say a metal shed?
    2, Do they ship internationally?

    • Simon

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for visiting and reading about Keter’s Factor 4 x 6 ft Shed.

      Plastic is quite revolutionary where sheds are concerned however when you think the way wheelie trash bins evolved from rusty old metal bins into resin compositions, how robust their construction is to survive demanding pressures without decay, providing a similar structure for a shed cuts down on maintenance plus they are effortless to clean.

      Yeah, plastic used to succumb to colour fade and cracking when exposed to the sun, through technical advances however these problems have been overcome due to the addition of UV protection elements into the resin mix.

      We like the addition of a resin floor, it’s built-in therefore maintains a clean internal environment plus resin resists decay unlike a wooden floor.

      Integrated air vents built into the front and rear have gotten rid of that sweaty atmosphere and condensation building up inside, the problem associated with the metal variety. We find the air current delivered through them provides a fresh aired internal atmosphere over in the UK.

      Regarding international shipping, all companies do vary. Best option is to send the seller a message and ask whether they will deliver to your country and address.

      Hope this helps Mark and thanks again,


      • Mark Perkins

        Thank you Simon for your prompt reply
        I will investigate further.

        • Hi Mark,
          Thanks again for dropping by, pleasure to help.
          Good luck choosing your walk-in resin shed.
          All the best,

  5. Ayako

    Hi Simon
    Your post gives very thorough reviews of the shed. I’d never considered getting a plastic shed, but after reading your reviews, esp “pros and cons” and seeing all the photos and videos, I’m convinced that it’s a great option both economically, functionally and aesthetically.
    I’ll definitely think about it when we get a new shed!

    • Simon

      Hi Ayako,

      I must admit I was in the same position as you a few years back but having constant hassle with our last wooden facility regarding replacing the roof, yearly re-staining and servicing rotten wood, we decided to look around for an alternative as it became quite a chore.

      Resin is waterproof and doesn’t deteriorate with the weather plus they’re easy to clean however I wanted something more substantial than a single skinned shed so we started looking down these double and thick resin skinned alternatives with substantial steel supports providing overall stability.

      There’s so many different models entering onto the market lately as they seem to be gaining in popularity fast. Shed Ranges shows all the reviews I have written so far on these new age low maintenance sheds.


      When it’s time to renew, take a look.

      Thanks again Ayako,


  6. Chris Towers

    You know I have been looking for something like this for a while but was not sure what to do about it.

    I live in Greece and the setup here is somewhat different from what I know back home. A lot of the houses do not have a garden as such, but they have a lot of balcony space.

    I had something like this in the past but it was more of a storage cupboard (although it was big) but it was not a shed.

    In the winter though last year it got destroyed due to the bad weather. It was not waterproof and finally it fell to pieces.

    This shed though looks like a great idea for me. Something i am going to consider, and i can see it is waterproof 🙂

    Not only that I think there is space inside to utilize it in many ways without risk of the contents inside being destroyed.

    Thanks for the information, you have me thinking now!


    • Simon

      Hi Chris,

      You old dilapidated storage unit sounded like my last old wooden shed. Once the rot sets in they rely on constant upkeep duties. I searched around for ages trying to find a style that required no maintenance duties apart from a wash down and this is what a quality resin structure offers.

      It’s amazing how much a shed this size will hold. Many people including ourselves opted to purchase stand-alone shelving as this can hold a lot of weight, taking storage options to another level altogether.

      Take a look at this page below:


      Work you way down to the size that will serve your requirements and select the image for a full review. These are all low maintenance quality plastic sheds.

      Thanks again Chris.

      Good luck with your decision,


  7. Jeremy

    Glad I came across your site. I have been looking for a building like this to store hay in for my Pygmy goats. So glad to see it is waterproof. I don’t really have any questions. You’ve answered pretty much all of them I had. Do you own one ,if so how well do you like it?

    • Simon

      Hi Jeremy,

      Thanks for calling in and reading.

      I chose the Keter Factor 6×6 years ago as this was the size that fIt my space at the time. They’re a good shed that’s waterproof, easy access, holds my storage needs and the main thing is their low maintenance benefits when comparing to old wooden sheds. The wooden variety are too maintenance dependant for me as I don’t have the time to upkeep and re-roof, hence my passion for the plastic shed variety.

      Here’s the 6×6 model:


      I’m glad I have answered all your questions, thanks for looking and hope you choose something special for your Pygmy goats.

      Good luck with you decision and thanks again,


  8. Brad

    This type of shed looks perfect for me. I have some locking plastic shelves in my garage that I have been using to keep gardening supplies and pesticides in. I like them because they keep the kids out, but every time I open them, I can really smell the chemicals. I would be happier keeping these things further from my house, this looks like a great way to get this done, thanks!

    • Simon

      Hi Brad,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      Yeah, we don’t want kids opening garden supplies and pesticides, these chemicals need locking away from arms reach, locked away separately in a shed will ensure you’re the only one with a key for safety purposes.

      Those plastic shelves you mention are an ideal storage solution for a resin shed and will take storage options to a whole new level. The problem with plastic is you cannot screw into the walls but this is by far the most popular way around this problem, a popular option for many of us plastic shed purchasers.

      Thanks again Brad,


  9. Matt's Mom

    Hi Simon,

    I really do like the 6′ X 4′ shed. This is perfect for the side of my house that is fenced in. I can get all of my yard tools out of the garage and put them in here. Perfect! I am glad I found this post. I have been thinking about getting one, but this has spurred me to do just that 🙂

    • Simon

      Hi Matt’s Mom,

      Thanks for taking a look at this 6 x 4ft shed. I think it’s an attractive addition to any backyard or garden and a useful storage solution for all outdoor gear.

      The beauty about the resin manufacture to many, including myself is the low maintenance benefits these sheds have. Only a wash down is required rather than the on-going yearly maintenance issues their wooden counterparts have.

      Good luck with whichever you choose, make room in the garage and store your yard tools outdoors.

      Thanks again,


  10. What a great site. Very informative and easy to read. I like that you included pictures of the sheds along with dimensions and write up. Makes it easy to choose which would work the best. Great work!

    • Hi Susan,
      Thanks for taking your time to have a browse around the various plastic sheds.

      You are so right, pictures speak a thousand words on their own, if you like the look and happy to have a particular shed sat in your garden you keep reading.

      Dimensions are also important as you require these in order to build the foundations for the shed to sit on. Dimensions are also important for a shed this size (4 x 6ft) as for many living in a through terrace will require the packaging size to make sure it will fit through their front door if access around the back is an issue.

      I’m glad I have made it easy for you to choose,
      Good luck with your decision,

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