Motorbike Storage Shed UK

Exploring the motorbike storage shed UK market to uncover a significantly secure steel construction coupled with long-term limited maintenance further to being built through a clear-cut assembly procedure, Centurion’s substantial engineering is bound to impress.

Motorbike Storage Shed UK

Centurion 5 x 9

Centurion 5 x 9 ft

The Centurion spreads 5 ft 2″ across the double door width besides expanding 9 feet down the length. Upon first glance, the absence of windows & skylights sways the security conscious to further examine the make-up behind Asgard’s motorcycle safe-house.

In preference to emulating inexpensive metal shed designs where imported rivalry is purely focused on price matching in place of quality, Asgard’s approach tackles a different route where robustness & security take precedence.

Diminishing their carbon footprint to a bare minimum virtue of exclusively supplying the UK paves the way for Asgard to work collaboratively with the Police Federation & Locksmiths to accomplish designing vault-style secure storehouses, an engineering process they unite with the Steel Industry to produce.

Ditching flimsy sheet budget designs in return for heavy gauge weatherproof steel determines Asgard’s supremacy further to ensuring their unique security design impedes the most determined break-in attempts thereby delivering certitude for protectively sheltering expensive motorbikes.

Centurion motorbike garages are produced in brown and ivory shades meanwhile the cherished front runner exhibits garden green, championing most home-yard settings. Aside from lubricating the lock and hinges to keep operations running slick, a mere occasional soapy wash to revitalise appearances concerns their only maintenance. The stamp of approval I concur with.

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Motorbike Storage Shed UK - Centurion 5 x 9 ft

Asgard Motorbike Shed Features

Low-Maintenance Assured

Centurion sheds constitute a make-up of hefty-gauge steel facade sheets. Substantially strong & stable they support the identically composed roof panels without requiring additional reinforcements suchlike metal frameworks & roof girders commonly seen bracing support on competitors.

Centurion's Weatherproof FinishAsgard’s steel sheets undergo galvanising with zinc plating to determine a corrosion-free covering whereupon a treatment of iron phosphate further to a powder-covering of polyester inclusive of the chosen colour shade combines to deliver an eminently toughened weatherproof exterior finish.

The Centurion is designed to survive four-season weather assault including buttressing lumpy weights of snowfall virtue of the 294 kg thick-gauged steel construction, driving rain immediately drains off the impervious apex incline, polyester defends against the scorch of sunshine whilst internal leafy waves around Autumn’s fall become a non issue on account of the integrated floor delivering encasement.

Polyester combined with zinc galvanising endorses 10 years warranty cover on Asgard storehouses thereby subsequently free from conservation assignments suchlike roof-replacements, decaying scenarios and continual re-coats of primer followed by weatherproof gloss in order to preserve against rust.

Besides lubricating the door hinges & lock with a spray of oil, maintenance involves nothing but a soapy wash with a sponge or soft brush to revive the presentation. We frequently connect the shower adaptor to the hosepipe & conveniently wash our resin shed amidst watering plants or swilling down the patio, others simply pressure-wash now & again. Whatever your preference, maintenance in relation to either a resin or weatherproof steel facade can never be described as a burdensome task.

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Motorbike Storage Shed UK - Centurion 5 x 9 feet

Enhanced Break-In Protection

A fortified structure to safeguard expensive motorbikes typifies the forefront of Centurion’s design. Integrating steel flooring represents a significant part of the construction whereupon the shed commences assembly virtue of bolting together the wall panels from the inside.

Centurion's 5 Point Locking MechanismOnce the construction is finalised, the Centurion is anchored onto underneath’s solid substrate accomplishing a virtually immovable motorbike garage furthermore every bolt that constructs the unit is internally secured into place thereby removing every tamper-able screw from sight on the exterior side.

Weak spots susceptible to break-ins suchlike the interlink sections where neighbouring panels adjoin, at corner joints and door closure gaps, the internal side embodies double folded steel to prevent pry-bar access and leverage.

A five point security system assures the most robust locking mechanism whereby 10mm thick steel deadbolts engage deep within the door architrave and floor structure once the handle & key operate the lock meanwhile the child-friendly design also incorporates an additional handle on the internal side.

A 6-pin pick-resistant grade-4 Euro lock shrouded by a steel casing functions the cleverly designed top-notch security. In the event excessive tampering occurs, the handle breaks away enabling it useless, after which a key operation delivers the only solution to enter.

Centurion is certified through the Police approved ‘Secured by Design’ award, the ‘Loss Prevention Certification Board’ and Locksmiths Association where rigorous break-in attempts using common entry tools suchlike leverage equipment, pliers, screwdrivers and crowbars etc are tested to gain access through doors, Euro locks, locking systems and side panels.

Attempted break-ins are performed yet must be defeated to achieve accreditation. Accomplishing Centurion’s status not only assures protective confidence for motorbike security, it can reduce insurance premiums. This video demonstrates one segment of the Loss Prevention Certification Board’s examination whereby a true-to-life break-in attempt is carried out.

Attempting Door Access

Centurion's Tamper-proof Euro Cylinder Locks

Interior Specifically Designed for Motorbikes

Significant ventilation designs are engineered into Centurion’s construction to overcome motorbike heat & exhaust fumes ensuing internal condensation.

Centurion's Ventilation Panels

Centurion’s Ventilation Panels

The apex roof incline expands across the wall sections creating eaves thereby effectuating instant rainfall drainage besides counteracting internal seepage. Up above within the eaves overlap, the roof incorporates a series of pre-drilled ventilation holes situated on opposite sides of the shed.

Accompanying the roof eave ventilation, the Centurion additionally engineers two heavy-gauge vented side panels, positioned facing each other. Arranging ventilation on opposite sides generates a continual air current of outside freshness to circulate the interior thereby aid to efficiently disperse engine heat besides reducing clammy and perspiring conditions developing inside during humid conditions.

Asgard advise not to surround the vent holes with shrubbery and conifers etc in fear of blocking the air throughput and affecting inside conditions, motorbike sheds require breathing space.

Two wide double doors stretching the 5 ft width provide a broad entryway for motorbike access, their opening mechanism is performed by reinforced steel hinges, welded to the door architrave.

The left hand door incorporates two internal sliding dead bolts to maintain a closed position to which the right hand door secures to during locking up beside shooting two additional deadbolts above and below the door frame, functioned by the handle & locked by the key.

The only criticism I’ve encountered concerns the doors lack a stay-open device which would be beneficial for wheeling in motorbikes during windy weather.

Inclusive with the Centurion regards an access ramp to ease the movement of bikes inside. Manufactured out of Asgard’s uniform heavy-gauge steel effortlessly supports the weight of motorcycles. The ramp’s edge simply slides into position beneath the sheds entrance & held into place by the 46 stone construction weight.

Mounting Plates for Electric Installation

Mounting Plates for Electric Installation

Three boards of toughened eco-friendly OSB flooring simply lay on top of the steel base once the shed is anchored, aiding to reduce internal noise levels further to providing grip & protection for expensive motorbike tyres.

Accessories included with the Centurion regard a heavy duty steel shelf for accommodating tools & equipment and a hook rail for hanging biking gear suchlike helmets, jackets & gloves etc. Engineered through Asgard’s uniform steel thickness they rigidly secure into place through pre-drilled holes positioned throughout the shed. Additional shelving & hooks can be purchased at future dates if required.

An electric mounting plate designed to fit the most common double plug sockets can be mounted besides the shed wall panel comprising a pre-drilled hole & rubber grommet for feeding electric cables inside. Installing electrics paves the way for turning this secure motorcycle shelter into a fully serviceable garage.

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Inside the Centurion Motorbike Garage

Uncomplicated Construction Procedure

A solid levelled concrete substratum as seen in the main images measuring at least 75mm thick is recommended for the Centurion to station on.

Levelling assures a perpendicular standing delivers superlative motorbike shed services and door operations meanwhile effectuates a speedy efficient assembly on account of the steel panels aligning effortlessly plumb.

Solidity ensures the foundations are able to support the full weight of ongoing motorcycle stresses not forgetting the requirement of rigidly anchoring the steel base down onto the ground, attained by drilling anchor holes followed by driving in the included grounding bolts with a 13mm socket wrench.

Centurion’s construction is best demonstrated in below’s video. Every panel is internally bolted together meanwhile resulting from the thickness of the heavy-gauge steel, no additional reinforcements conclude the construction. Typically 2½ – 3 hours completes the build, one mighty quick construction for a storehouse spanning these dimensions.

Centurion Motorbike Shed Assembly


Centurion 5 x 9 ft Shed Dimensions 

Centurion 5 x 9 ft Shed Dimensions 

Centurion 5 x 9 ft Shed Dimensions 

Reasons For and Against


  • Choice of ivory, brown or green shades
  • Stylish stalwart appearance
  • Weatherproof polyester exterior
  • Zinc-plate galvanised
  • 10 years Asgard anti-rust warranty
  • Determines a conservation-free future
  • Soapy water simply maintains the guise
  • Apex roof delivers instant drainage
  • Roof eaves & side panel ventilation
  • Constructed with heavy-gauge steel panels
  • Reinforced double folded steel strengthens vulnerable parts
  • Built-in floor assures security & firm anchorage
  • Internally bolted together – No exposed screws
  • 5-way locking system comprising 10mm steel dead-bolts
  • Pick resistant Euro locking mechanism
  • UK Locksmith & Police approved
  • ‘Secured by Design’ certified
  • Approved by the ‘Loss Prevention Certification Board’
  • Included OSB strengthened wood flooring
  • Double socket mounting plate enables efficient electrical installation
  • Steel ramp threshold aids motorbike entry
  • Included steel shelf & hook rail
  • Reinforced wide double doors contain welded steel hinges
  • 294 kg / 46 stone building weight
  • Receives impeccable industry related reviews & feedback


  • Minimum 75mm thick concrete style base is essential
  • Level foundations assure a perpendicular stance arises
  • More expensive, however Asgard’s construction is unique
  • Only available in the UK

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Asgard Centurion 5 x 9 ft Motorbike Shed

Concluding Statement

Centurion motorbike sheds are available in two sizes, both comprise identical width, security designs & features throughout further to being presented in all three colour shades. The larger length stretches 10 ft 11″.

Impressive motorbike publication reviews match purchasers feedback achieving 4.8 out of 5 stars, representing supreme status. Couple the feedback with Centurion’s 10 years warranty and awarded security certifications delivers interested onlookers a huge boost of confidence.

Personally I haven’t encountered any manufacturer competing anywhere near Asgard’s robustly secure designs with regards to bike security, motorcycle safe-houses nor garden sheds.

Centurion delivers a low-maintenance polyester coated steel construction throughout, top notch security for peace of mind and super swift assembly meanwhile this design is purely focused on protectively securing & serving motorbike storage. Once anchored to the foundations, the Centurion becomes close-to immovable, access demands a key.

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Centurion 5 x 9 ft Motorbike Storehouse

SimonThe Centurion certainly assures first-rate security for motorbike protection.

Share you favoured motorcycle storehouse below including any queries you may have.

Until the next low-maintenance shed review,


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  1. Hi great article, you always need more space, even in Australia where the blocks are relatively spacious, we are struggling to store a lot of our stuff in the garage, they also appear to be safe enough as the video suggests.
    Thanks for the insight

    • Hey Charlie, thanks for inspecting Asgard’s sturdy steel constructions suited for securely protecting motorbikes from beak-ins and thefts.

      Most of us require more space for all the outdoor clobber we keep accumulating over the years. Not sure what space is like in Australia but where we live in the UK, the majority of new build homes are not designed for accommodating much in terms of storage space, especially for outside gear. There’s a new housing estate built around the corner from us, unsurprisingly every home has installed a shed in their garden due to this reason.

      I agree with the garage solution, they are okay for storing a conglomerate of stuff but that equates to leaving the car parked on the drive or road because most garages are pretty tight once the car’s parked. We can just fit a bank of free standing shelves along with parking the car, even then it’s pretty restrictive opening the doors to get in & out. Storing motorbikes as well, forget it, we’ve simply not enough space.

      We were thrilled upon clearing the garage & home from all the outside stuff & storing in the shed once we’d initially constructed it. All the gardening gear, BBQ stuff & patio furniture is conveniently accessible compared to our previous situation.

      Asgard’s incentive is to design strong constructions, ideal for expensive motorbike storage. Comprising internal assembly bolts & anchorage along with doubly folding steel around weak areas suchlike door jambs & connections where panels adjoin defeat externally dismantling & crowbar attempts. Fitting drill-proof euro cylinder locks and handles that operate thickened steel deadbolts to wedge deep within the steel surround make their sheds pretty much inaccessible without a key, the reason they’re absent from windows and skylights.

      Yeah, these are by far the safest sheds I have been introduced to, thanks Charlie,

  2. Brendon

    My wife wants the garage cleared out so she can start to park in it. The problem for me is that means I have to store my dirt bikes some where else!
    The Centurion sheds look like a great option. You maje a good case for them. They also seem to be very sturdy by reading your report.
    They are green in all of your photos. Can you tell me if they come in any other colors? I would like something in the brown range to better match my house.

    • Simon

      Hey Brendon, thanks for messaging about Asgard’s UK based motorbike storage sheds.

      A steel unit suchlike the Asgard 5 x 9 footer not only looks smart but will store bikes like a vault safe-house due to their collaboration with the police protection authorities and locksmiths for designing ultra security plus this will make a whole lot of room in the garage for storing the car, putting you in the good books – ha!

      To be honest Brendon, I haven’t yet come across any manufacturer competing with Asgard’s heavy-gauge steel nor designs of security to which they develop into their sheds. They are well known for designing various sized secure bike lockers too, a lot of well known cyclists use them in their backyards due to their robustness and security, these motorbike sheds comprise the same gauge of steel.

      The most popular shade by far relates to garden green, probably because it accentuates garden settings so well however they do manufacture with alternative brown or ivory polyester finishes but unfortunately I haven’t yet come across any images to embed on this page for visitors to inspect whether the colours suit.

      The bike locker link above comprises an image representing the ivory bike locker and a video showcasing the assembly of a brown bike store. These two colours are Asgard’s standard brown & ivory shades, finished on this motorbike storehouse too, to give you an idea of how deep the colour shade is.

      I hope Asgard’s brown colour aids your choice Brendon, thanks,


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