Outdoor Patio Storage Sheds

Duotech’s well respected outdoor patio storage sheds pioneer an innovative manufacture engineered through a groundbreaking composition of polypropylene, embracing a charming weather-resistant rustic guise that’s uniquely customizable and a cinch to build.

Outdoor Patio Storage Sheds

Duotech High-Store

The reason for writing this post is to relay how basic the High-Store’s construction procedure smoothly assembles into a finished patio store in relaxed double-quick time. Before the construction video, a brief summery of the weather-resistant manufacture that delivers Duotech High-Store’s advantages.

If you wish to skip the description, scroll down the page (above the pros & cons) where you’ll find a highly detailed reality video demonstrating every assembly step that efficiently constructs the High-Store. These stores can be built, stocked & serving outdoor accessories within a few hours.

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Duotech’s Weather-Resistant Design

Duotech’s High-Store represents an approximate 4½ x 2½ ft spacious weatherproof outside storage cupboard comprising easy-access lockable double doors, designed for locating on a patio or home-yard’s seating area accommodating outdoor gear suchlike patio accessories, gardening equipment and BBQ utensils etc. Retaining appearances merely involves a light scrub or hosepipe shower.

Keter High Store

Rustic Textured Silvery Charm

Constituting Duotech’s cutting-edge polypropylene manufacture ensures 4-season weather protection against decay, designed rot-resistant and UV protected thereby withstands fractures & combats colour-fade brought on by the onslaught of sunburn meanwhile the composite comprises a specially designed resin talc formula providing a paintable surface, unparalleled in the resin shed industry.

Decorating the surface with recommended acrylic emulsion delivers a washable durable surface meanwhile opens up a wide spectrum of resplendent colour shades that enable brightening-up the creation of your uniquely designed enchanting patio oasis or simply leave the silvery tones the way they display.

The only downside regarding painting is that over time, the paint will fade and require a re-coat however preparation will merely involve a pre-wash & dry before painting owing the the High-Store’s immunity from rot.

Each wall sheet & door enhances sturdiness virtue of dual-sided internally reinforced panels incorporating assembly-friendly tongue & groove edging meanwhile grain-textured molding complements the silvery tones to exhibit the guise of rustic weathered charm.

The High-Store provides the opportunity to install two wooden shelves, their measurements are presented at the end of the instructions. Shelf supports are included but not the shelves. Assuming shelves are desired, a favourable alternative regards self assembling a bank of those popular tiered shelves commonly advertised for organising garages. Purchased at DIY stores, their support for hefty weights enhances storage advantages.

High-Store Instructions:

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Outdoor Patio Storage Sheds - Duotech High-Store

Presenting High-Store’s Assembly Strategy

I stumbled upon a video created by the Ultimate Handyman demonstrating how efficiently Duotech’s High-Store constructs, worth viewing for tips if you’re contemplating building this patio store as he illustrates the entire assembly process from start-to-finish. In fact, it’s that detailed this video could replace the instructions, a huge thanks for the demonstration!

I’m a huge fan in addition to a YouTube subscriber of the Ultimate Handyman, he presents clear directions for completing a wide range of home-based DIY projects. A few jobs we’ve accomplished around our home thanks to his help regard plumbing fixtures, joinery, basic electrics, tiling, suspending ceilings, even plastering to name a few.

Whenever an appliance or fixture becomes broken I always explore his installation videos to learn how it’s done. He clearly defines and demonstrates how to accomplish around the home tasks efficiently. He’s helped us out of plenty of scrapes in the past when we’ve become baffled during an installation procedure, my basic DIY skills have certainly improved thanks to his informative presentations.

Outdoor Patio Storage Sheds

Surprised me why the Ultimate Handyman opted for a resin construction when he could have effortlessly designed, cut and fit together a similar structured wooden shed on account of his DIY credentials however like he mentions, Duotech is weather-resistant and sidesteps continuous time-consuming re-coats of varnish required for conserving an outside unit, not to mention wasting warm sunny days.

Opening rusty tins of wood-stain accommodating the top shelf and spending toilsome hours brushing away on rotting wood represents merely one dilemma. Topping off an outside wooden cabinet usually involves roofing felt which soon disintegrates. We all understand what implications unfold once rainfall enters inside, he obviously decided to evade forthcoming weather related issues similar to this blog’s passion.

Albeit a fairly new entrant onto the resin shed market, Duotech’s High-Store receives exceptional feedback, especially in the UK. Unfortunately feedback stars have been knocked off in the USA due to poor delivery conditions however on account of High-Store’s competitive pricing structure it’s already jumped sales into the best-selling league, it’s one popular patio store. Inspect additional various sized Duotech products here:

Duotech High-Store Features


Foundation Stipulations

Particular significance concerns locating the patio store on the correct groundings to ascertain the high vertical structure stations sturdy and serves appropriately.

Flat foundations without underlying crevices accompanied by a solid substrate determine firm footings for the base to adhere to strenuous storage stresses suchlike parking a mower entails without succumbing to subsidence meanwhile assures unyielding & inflexible anchoring can be established.

Foundations of solidity like wood deck boards, paving slabs or spreadable materials suchlike concrete, asphalt or tarmac found occupying many home-yards aptly provide the required substructure however whatever your preferred substrate is, make sure it’s laid level.

Crucially, levelled foundations ensure a perpendicular stance arises, one that refrains from encountering leaning pressures plus a vertical standing functions flawless door swings.

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Outdoor Patio Storage Sheds - Keter High-Store

ABC Structured Assembly

The High-Store arrives in one large box containing all the parts and instructions.

The box comprises two back / two side panels, two doors, one base & lid in addition to a multitude of vertical strips that interlock with the base & roof whilst simultaneously adjoining the facade panels. Accompanying the main elements regard a selection of different sized screws for fixing the unit together as well as the door hardware.

The beauty relating to the Ultimate Handyman’s installation video is that he visually shows in explicit detail which way up the panels & struts install, fasten & face further to which particular screws are required for each process. Although instructions are a necessity I would be quite confident in constructing the High-Store by means of watching this video on a tablet, pausing whilst implementing what’s shown, due to the thorough demonstration.

Straightforward 2-Person Assembly

Straightforward 2-Person Assembly

He explains top tips regarding drill power settings for automatically screwing in the bolts as well as initially starting off organised, virtue of arranging all the parts in order to the sequence of assembly steps further to basic things most of us are in a rush to ignore suchlike splitting the screws up into small boxes to save frustratingly fumbling around wasting construction time.

Importantly, each screw should be just nipped up tight, an over powered torque setting on a drill driver can over-tighten screws therefore the setting should be adjusted to low to prevent jiggering and rounding the thread.

We found the main element with regard to efficiently building a resin shed entails initially starting off organised. It’s surprising how productive & systematic the building process becomes spending 5 minutes placing the parts orderly prior to commencing.

Weatherproof advantages relate to the ‘one-sheet’ resin manufactured lid & base, adjoining multiple lid sheets usually entails rainfall leaks, virtue of faint gaps. Additionally preventing rainwater seepage regards the roof’s slight overlap, the walls abutment interlocks within the roof’s internal boundary groove prior to securing with screws, the same scenario occurs down at the base.

Keter advise to secure the High-Store down to enhance sturdiness during windy weather. The type of grounding bolts are specific to your foundation material therefore absent. Wood screws secure onto decking whereas concrete anchor bolts deliver firm grounding onto materials suchlike tarmac & paving etc, either way they’re additional requirements.

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Ultimate Handyman’s

High-Store Installation Video


Assembly Highlights & Challenges


  • Video simplifies High-Store’s assembly process
  • Contains initial organisational tips prior to construction
  • Explicitly demonstrates how each strut engages
  • Visually shows which side each panel faces
  • Advice on torque drill-driver settings
  • Screws merely warrant nipping up tight
  • Assembly takes roughly a couple of hours
  • An assistant aids in supporting the panels during fixing
  • Duotech products are resistant to weather decay
  • Polypropylene is virtually free from maintenance
  • Duotech’s long-lasting make-up is effortless to clean
  • 10 years Duotech High-Store warranty cover
  • Resin-talc composite delivers a paintable surface
  • Option to paint using acrylic emulsion or can be left
  • One-sheet roof and base panel maintains dry internals
  • Ability to padlock the wide-opening double doors
  • Broad width + height access to the entire storage
  • Shelf supports are included
  • Option to accommodate your own wood shelving
  • Shelf measurements & their weight support is detailed
  • Reasonably priced – Very good feedback


  • Flat solid flooring absent from underlying divots is a requirement
  • Ensure the High-Store vertically stands on levelled ground
  • Safeguard against weather forces by establishing firm anchorage
  • Shelves are extra – Stand-alone shelving may alternatively fit the bill

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Brighten-Up your Patio Oasis

Thank you Ultimate Handyman!

Many thanks to the Ultimate Handyman for producing this High-Store assembly video.

A very detailed informative construction in real-life surroundings comprising exceptional tips, directions and helpful suggestions in accomplishing a straightforward & efficient build.

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10 Years High-Store Warranty

SimonHope this instructional video aids in assembling your Duotech High-Store.

Please ask queries & share installation tips you may have down below.

Awaiting the next review,


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  1. These storage sheds are amazing, with a lot of space inside and compact. I really love the colored one, usually such sheds do come in metallic and simple colors. the colored shed looks great and stylish and at the same time does the job of hiding extra things and give our garden a nice and tidy look.As far as challenges are concerned, I think most of the sheds do need flat surface to hold on firmly, if I need a compact shed then this will be my first priority, Superb product I must say.

    • Hey Sarah, thanks for dropping by to read about the High-Store’s features and the efficient assembly procedure demonstrated by the Ultimate Handyman.

      It’s quite a spacious store for accommodating gardening gear along with barbecue grilling tools and patio accessories plus you can incorporate two of your own wooden shelves which merely require a straight cut, their measurements are presented at the end of the instructions meanwhile shelf supports are included if you wish to occupy additional storage higher up on shelves.

      The High-Store represents a Duotech manufacture, displaying the charming appearance of rustic weathered wood comprising realistic textured grain details embossed throughout, a clever yet innovative simulation meanwhile uniquely Duotech’s polypropylene manufacture is not only 4-season weather-resistant and UV protected, it’s also paintable providing the opportunity to brighten-up your home-yard with a colourful statement.

      All storehouses no matter the size need to be located on sold level ground meanwhile it’s imperative in my view to anchor the High-Store firmly down onto the solid substrate underneath to make them immovable. This Store could also the anchored adjacent to a house wall which would be my preferred option due to its tall slim design, thereby enhancing wind resistance levels.

      Thanks again Sarah for commenting, pleasure to connect,

  2. Theshed looks great when it’s painted. I wouldn’t have thought about doing that. It really does brighten up the garden.

    I do have a shed already that stores gardening equipment but I could use a second one that stores furniture and equipment.

    I am wondering though how resistant this shed is with withstanding the wind as where I live can be quite windy. As this shed is easy to assemble I just wonder if it can hold up to te elements?

    • Hey Owain, thanks for spending the time to watch how straightforward the High-Store is to construct, this video demonstration certainly alleviates any worries a few may have when it comes down to self-assembly installations.

      It just shows, when you wear you imaginative hat what creations can be artistically created. My wife would certainly opt to paint, she’s persuaded me also. Although a few years down the line colours will obviously fade stood outside weathering the elements, a re-coat won’t present any worries due to the make-up being absent from rot dilemmas.

      I have written an earlier post highlighting the features of the High-Store where it presents the internal and external dimensions. Worth measuring your storage and location to ensure it’s fit for purpose prior to deciding.

      Duotech’s polypropylene manufacture is specifically designed to withstand weather deterioration, including driving rain & snowfall, sweltering heat on account of Keter’s UV stabilisation method and immune from weather-rot when stood long-term in damp conditions.

      The reason Keter advise to ground the Garden Store down onto a solid type of substrate is purely to stabilise the construction against the gales but like anything, even though anchoring a store to the ground increases wind resistance levels many times over, there is a limit.

      Personally I would choose a more sheltered location to situate if your home’s position is rather exposed. Stood with it’s back adjacent to a house wall is a favoured position plus you could anchor it to the wall from the inside with screws and wide washers to assure a good hold, in order to pacify any fears.

      Hope this helps Owain, best of luck,

  3. Hello Simon,
    Those Outdoor Patio Storage Sheds look amazing.
    The fact that the constructions are weather resistant and can be assembled quickly is very comfortable.
    As for the prices, I truly believe that they are fair!

    • Hi Asen, thanks for watching Ultimate Handyman’s assembly demonstration on constructing Duotech’s patio shed.

      When you compare the original silvery weathered looks to what can be accomplished with personal colour schemes, you can certainly brighten-up any outdoor seating area with resplendent colour creations. Thanks to the resin talc addition that caters for acrylic emulsion, an easygoing decorating procedure can soon be delivered.

      The High-Store is encased in impermeable fascia panels that deliver imperishability. What puts most people off building flat-packed constructions regards their lengthy implementation process that require huggings of screws with an abundance of assembly steps to follow in the instructions.

      Watching Ultimate Handyman’s ease of method delivers confidence that anyone can swiftly build the High-Store, they’re a pretty basic construction to put together. Following the shown procedure and implementing each part virtue of watching and pausing this video will have the Store constructed in very little time.

      Prices do fluctuate a bit, the reason I point visitors to the two most reasonable sets of prices to check for themselves whether there is a difference.

      Thanks again Asen,

  4. marty

    Thanks for this tip
    I was looking for outdoor storage sheds and this article helps me to decide.
    I am also glad that there is a video what simplifies High-Store’s assembly process. I also like that a storage shed is very spacious as I have so many garden and pool equipment
    Highly appreciated for this suggestion
    Regards, Marty

    • Simon

      Hi Marty, glad you enjoyed how efficient the High-Store soon constructs into a finalised build. You can’t beat watching the procedure in a reality setting suchlike the Ultimate Handyman’s video demonstrates in his back garden.

      Many people are rather overwhelmed at self-assembly projects, most of us are DIY novices after all. Watching how he organises prior to commencing, followed by implementing Keter’s method of construction, the build can only be described as leisurely straightforward, putting most of us at ease.

      Having an inconspicuous shed sat on the patio with spacious internals able to accommodate all the patio essentials, gardening equipment or pool supplies overcomes one mighty solution to storage-convenience with the added benefit that the fascia panels cater for customisation thereby allowing to paint the store your unique colour shade and stamp a personal statement.

      Duotech’s High-Store is a long-term, weather-resistant and inexpensive solution for outdoor storage, a fast seller accomplishing exceptional feedback.

      Thanks again Marty,


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