Outdoor Plastic Storage Sheds

Everett’s group of outdoor plastic storage sheds embrace a 6 ft width span of imperishable polypropylene to withstand fickle weather forces meanwhile the three lengths extend from 3 to 8 feet enabling storehouse opportunities for various narrow garden placements.

Outdoor Plastic Storage ShedsEverett Storage Sheds

Commencing Everett’s storehouse range regards the slimline 3 ft depth, ideally suited for positioning with its back adjacent to a house wall. 5 feet in length middles the group whereas an 8 ft expanse summits the collection meanwhile their identical 6 ft breadths aptly fulfil many confined home-yard areas. Require larger or smaller? Shed sizes represents Everett’s competition.

Assuming the predicament of finding an alternative to the arduous conservation tasks of preserving traditional wooden constructions tops the agenda – Likewise, we became tired of continual upkeep constraints and wasting warm summer days whereupon we exchanged conventional wood for weatherproof resin in order to flee from previous dilemmas.

Chucking away the unneeded top shelf’s worth of roofing felt & wood-stain tins further to replacing with a soft brush & bucket was a pleasure to behold. Upkeep nowadays typically involves clipping the shower adaptor onto the hosepipe and delivering a pressured spray clean during watering up on a summer’s eve, job’s swift & convenient.

Notably, Everett storehouses are awarded with an impressive set of feedback across all three sizes. There’s no surprise how their bonny impression complements home-yard landscapes with pure finesse further to their weatherproof composition accomplishing a breeze of a cleaning job to maintain appearances whilst absent from decay deterioration.

Now & again throughout reviews a star is knocked off due to assembly hassles however through our experience of having built a resin shed, the prevailing reason usually concerns failing to prepare the advised ground for the shed to station upon.

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Simplified ABC Construction

We initially purchased one of Factor’s basic yet inexpensive plastic sheds years ago before these innovative styles suchlike Everett’s hit the marketplace however during constructing it became clear why a few assemblers seem to struggle during construction.

Principal focus prior to the build relates to establishing solid level footings for the shed’s placement.

Complying determines a perpendicular construction thereby eliminates skew-whiff stresses, functions true door swings virtue of vertical architraves further to aiding assembly significantly by simplifying panel alignment. Everett’s are advertised as a breeze to construct but this only transpires from level ground.

A solid substrate such as wood decking, flag-stones or concrete provides substantial foundations for Everett’s floor to subsist burdensome storage stresses meanwhile provides rigid fixings that attain firm anchorage for surviving the battles of wild weather. Tarmac, paving or asphalt regard alternative substrate suggestions for stationing Everett sheds.

The vast majority who found constructing their Everett straightforward admire Suncast’s stepped-out assembly approach, complementing the way everything nips up tight virtue of fixing specially designed resin screws. Each model is supplied with a hex-style tool driver for tightening purposes which certainly aids the unskilled DIY enthusiast. Overall, household tool requirements are minimal however a drill driver is necessary to facilitate anchoring.

Everett’s Mini 6 x 3 ft

Outdoor Plastic Storage Sheds - Everett 6 x 3 ft

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Everett 6 x 3 ft

Decay-Resistant Manufacture

Everett’s doors, roof and wall facades constitute multiple layers of polypropylene resulting a chunkier therefore sturdier construction, delivering more stability oomph in contrast to singular skins. Innovative molding techniques create enchanting wood alike facade panels embossing a raised-grain imprint coloured with a sandy tinge.

The doors chocolate colour pleasantly two-tones the build resembling a wooden arrangement meanwhile a shingle-style effect is molded for the roof, crowing the top with a classic slate-shaded appearance.

Everett’s polypropylene floor manufacture undergoes additional strengthening thereby invigorating the make-up to subsist toilsome storage tensions suchlike the weighty maneuver’s lawnmower stresses endure, the reason for the importance of an underlying solid substrate for reinforcement purposes.

The objective in manufacturing eco-friendly recyclable thermoplastics suchlike polypropylene is to ascertain the future is absent from decay issues. Whether situated in damp conditions, obscured by heavy snow-loads or suffering persistent rainfalls, polypropylene remains immune from the habitat of rot and structural disfigurement.

Yesteryear’s plastic used to be susceptible to shade distortion, bleaching and fractures occurring assailed upon during sunburn invasion. Stabilising the polypropylene with UV protection overcomes sun-ray deterioration with remarkable results, confirmed through reviews including ourselves, although the UK rarely suffers blistering heat.

Polishing the appearance of Everett’s polypropylene composition into a sparkling finish is basic & swift. Either gently scrubbing warm water inclusive of washing-up liquid, detergent or conventional cleaning remedies suchlike white vinegar sufficiently accomplishes the shine even where circumstances suchlike tree-sap invasion is prominent.

Alternatively our preferred cleanse regards the expeditious shower down with the garden hose due to its connected convenience situated on the patio and ease of unwinding however all things considered probably the most common practice relates to an annual pressure wash.

Everett Medium 6 x 5 ft

Outdoor Plastic Storage Sheds - Everett 6 x 5 ft

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Everett 6 x 5 ft

Apex Roof & Integrated Floor Benefits

The overwhelming majority of shed hunters are partial towards Everett’s apex style of roof capping to effectuate instantaneous rainfall drainage meanwhile the steepness of the incline terminates puddle progression. Everett roofs are steel reinforced (as shown in the video) therefore support weighty snow-loads.

An eave-overlap roof expansion puts an end to rainwater infiltration at the wall-roof abutment meanwhile regarding walking inside the larger two Everett sheds, the comfortable headroom expanse is reciprocated from the roof’s high elevation, no reason to bend once inside therefore perfect for storing lengthy implements.

A substantial thickset resin bed compounding toughening additives within the manufacture constitute the floor’s make-up to facilitate enduring strenuous storage strains. The resin sheets interlink with adjacent floor panels meanwhile their interlocking mechanism with the walls encloses the unit delivering a barrier from outside debris sweeping in, critters gaining access not forgetting internal rainwater puddles emerging.

A rotten wood flooring ended our wooden hut days, brought on by the deteriorating felted roof leaking rainwater puddles on the shed floor. Once the base gave-way a resin composition captured our attention.

The advantage of rot-resistant polypropylene results in bypassing roofing felt replacements meanwhile due to resin being the antithesis of wood where decay-decline is concerned, the floor never becomes subject to damp-rot, thereby conservation-free.

Extensive Twin-Door Access

Whichever Everett is chosen the double doors swing smooth, operated by metal hinges meanwhile they provide width-ranging access for ease of entry including identical features & dimensions across their frontage.

Opening the doors on the smallest model presents the entire storage collection within arms stretch whilst the larger two facilities render ample access for storing the lawnmower, gardening equipment and associated outside gear.

Locking up is performed by first closing the left door virtue of sliding two internal deadbolts into door-stop grooves which coincidentally assure safety when the gales swirl, followed by closing the right door, sliding the through-bolt into position and inserting a padlock through the catch.

Daylight & Ventilation

Daylight illuminates Everett interiors through the squared door windows and translucent polycarbonate square skylights embedded within the apex incline. One skylight completes the mini Everett, the 5 footer comprises two whereas the 8 ft roof embeds three.

Facing ventilation panels incorporated above the doors on the front-side at the triangular section of the apex peak and duplicated at the back produce a constant air current of exterior freshness to circulate inside thereby eradicating internal clammy conditions during humidity.

Unfortunately shelving accessories are sold separately however we found their width rather restricts what items they are able to accommodate therefore we embraced most peoples tips by self assembling those freestanding shelves purchased down at the local hardware store to which we’d previously incorporated into the garage. These do store hefty gear and exploit elevated spaces suchlike Everett’s lofty internals plus they’re straightforward to assemble, great tip!

Everett’s Large 6 x 8 ft

Outdoor Plastic Storage Sheds - Everett 6 x 8 ft

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Everett 6 x 8 ft

Positives and Challenges


  • Two-tone sandy/chocolate shades complement garden settings
  • 6 feet wide construction
  • Choice between 3, 5 and 8 ft lengths
  • Shingle-style design accents classically crown the roof
  • Weatherproof encasement resists decay
  • UV stabilised armours against sunburn assault
  • Steel reinforced intensifies stability & sturdiness
  • Apex incline roof generates swift drainage
  • High pitched roof returns elevated internals
  • Skylights & door windows deliver natural light
  • Ventilation satisfies internal atmospheres
  • Interlocking wall-floor retains clean internals
  • Substantial flooring subsists hefty tensions
  • Broad dual-door access with ramp threshold
  • Padlock-able secure doors
  • Metal door hinges function door operations
  • Internal left door sliding door-stops
  • Efficient construction procedure
  • 10 years Everett warranty cover
  • Very good feedback compliments the construction
  • Speedy wash rapidly polishes the exterior


  • Everett sheds require constructing from a level platform
  • Solid substrate is necessary for the floor to subsist stresses
  • Effectuate inflexible anchorage
  • Shelving regards an additional purchase
  • Contemplate self-assembling stand-alone shelving

Outdoor Plastic Storage Sheds

Closing Thoughts

Everett’s sandy/chocolate tinged storehouses exhibit enchanting presentations with design accents to augment many a home-yard scenery meanwhile their narrow 6 ft width accompanied by a choice of three depths accommodates an abundance of restricted emplacements.

Low maintenance lures the time conscious due to Everett’s absence of conservation, departing from roof replacements, preservative re-coats of wood-stain not forgetting the never ending servicing of rotting problems.

A conglomerate of weather-protective additions combines within Everett’s polypropylene manufacture to assure long-term resistance against decay meanwhile respectable feedback distributes through reviews escorted by 10 years of Suncast warranty cover resulting in a certitude of sureness. No wonder they’re so popular.

SimonHope Everett’s outdoor plastic storage sheds inspire.

Share your Everett queries in the comment section, I’ll do my best to answer.

Until next time,


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  1. Moni

    Hi Simon.. thank you for a great article and review of Everett’s outdoor plastic storage sheds. They look absolutely amazing and would brighten up any garden.

    From my experience of putting up my own shed years ago I can tell you the most important thing, as you say, is to make sure place these sheds on a solid level base. Take your time to do this right and the rest is not very challenging!

    I love reading your articles, you provide so much information.. thank you!

    • Hey Moni, Everett sheds showcasing their wooden simulation of attractively shaped panelling expressed in sandy & chocolate shades really do enrich a garden with enchanting looks, I agree.

      Preparing the correct foundations represents the first critical step, essential not to ignore. Constructing from solid level ground builds the shed perpendicular which in return generates vertical door architraves that lead to precise door swings and prevent the shed standing skewiff due to equal pressure pressing down across the side panels from the roof structure.

      These sheds necessitate being anchored firmly to enhance their resistance to gales, a solid material laid below attains unyielding anchorage plus it provides the floor with substantial support to enable the walkway to cope with strenuous storage tensions.

      If you start off from with advised footings, you’re rolling to a very straightforward assembly plus non of these dimensions deliver an overwhelming construction. Two people working together can have these constructed within half a day.
      Thanks Moni,

  2. hong

    I love your article. So informative and descriptive of the product. You answered pretty much all the questions anyone could ask for. I love plastic sheds. In fact, I have one for storage. It does not look as good as the one you reviewed. I am getting the another one this summer. Thank you so much for putting this together.

    • Hi Hong, thanks for your kind words. My priority is to thoroughly research and provide visitors with all the relevant information including imagery and videos to help everyone make an informed decision.

      I must admit, we were rather hesitant prior to our purchase but we were adamant to escape continuous frustrations conserving rotting wood. A resin manufacture has been a great decision for our behalf, their convenience in maintaining appearances is effortlessly quick and leisurely, virtue of a shower down with the hosepipe for our concerns, a job I enjoy too.

      The older plastic sheds were a bit cheesy looking, I must admit however recently there’s been an upsurge in developments whereby manufacturers are developing a wide spectrum of different compositions, all based around various resin mixes from polypropylene seen on these Everett sheds to polyethylene, PVC and polycarbonate whereas some of the steel manufacturers are delivering a polyester powder-coat finish to assure weather-defence suchlike Asgard’s weighty steel constructions.

      Good luck in the Summertime choosing your next purchase Hong.
      Thank you,

  3. Easy-moneys

    I am asolutely in love with these outdoor plastic storage sheds!

    I have a large acreage and find it handy to have 5 of these sheds positioned around the property in zones so that I have the right tools in the right place and am not constantly roaming back and forth to one spot!

    In fact, I could almost live in one in the summertime!

    • Simon

      Hi Easy-moneys, Everett sheds attract plenty of admirers through their bonny exhibit. They’re all popular storehouses, presenting design accents with warm shades that complement any home-yard landscapes.

      I must admit your suggestion with regards to dividing storage up into sections and using a few smaller sheds in which to store is becoming quite a favoured solution. It cuts the daunting hassles of building large storehouses, smaller storehouses are a doddle to construct in comparison to the expansive footprint Suncast Tremont’s 16 ft spacious shed provides for example.

      Yeah, Everett’s do exhibit rather a summerhouse impression, like many sheds they can provide a shaded garden room for outside summer living.

      Thanks for calling in to read about Everett’s range of 6 ft wide sheds,


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