Outdoor Wicker Storage Boxes

Outdoor wicker storage boxes engender a contemporary resin design for storing a profusion of outdoor gear whilst exhibiting stylish attraction to complement any outside setting, exemplifying their effectiveness for outdoor summer living. Suncast’s 73 Gallon Resin Wicker Deck Box provides the perfect example.

Suncast 73 Gallon Resin Wicker Deck Box

Outdoor Wicker Storage Boxes

Outdoor Wicker Storage Boxes

This 73 gallon deck box represents part of Suncast’s huge range of outdoor wicker storage boxes and furniture, it’s one step down from the 99 Gallon Deck Box alternative if larger dimensions are on the agenda however they all receive exceptional feedback accomplishing serving storage requirements with stylish attraction.

Favourable locations for a wicker style deck box regards: Sat in the tight spaces of a balcony or small garden space, situated poolside, a stylish addition for a barbecue area or serving the popular demands accommodating patio essentials whist displaying trendsetting eye appeal.

Accommodation ideas are being created daily due to the diversity a deck box delivers however popular usages are storing swimming gear and towels when located poolside, sheltering outdoor furniture seating covers and cushions positioned on a patio removing the headaches regarding finding room indoors where to store their bulkiness and harboring cooking utensils and grilling equipment occupying a barbecue deck.

Let’s not overlook indoors either, a popular addition placed in a conservatory displaying their modish rattan effect appearance whilst accommodating books, magazines, games and other paraphernalia, perhaps situated in an entrance hall hiding mucky boots and outdoor wear or maybe located in another room or garage stowing work tools, sporting equipment and toys.

Deck boxes main attraction relates to their ease in maintaining an uncluttered space, once the lid is opened a 2 minute clear-away process is accomplished leaving a pleasant outlook rather than stuff scattering the landscape, effectively efficient provides their advantage in sheltering accessories quickly when the weather changes.

Suncast 73 Gallon Wicker Deck Box Prices:

Suncast 73 Gallon Resin Wicker Deck Box

Suncast 73 Gallon Resin Wicker Deck Box

Suncast Wicker Deck Box Make-up

The rattan effect composition regards polypropylene resin producing durability and defence against weather attack. Resin provides immunity to rust rot and decay, the inherent dilemma wooden structures succumb to when stood outside failing to survive the pressures weather enforces upon them.

Plastic Internal Ridges Provide Rigidity

Plastic Internal Ridges Provide Rigidity

The molding technique produces the sublime wicker presentation accomplishing chick styling with java/mocha-brown accents to accompany a diverse range of landscape settings or indoor decor with favourable attraction.

Supplemental to the polypropylene resin mix, UV protection qualities deliver the essential ingredients to withstand colour fade and cracking when exposed to the sun, a problem once associated with plastic failing to survive hot climates causing deterioration to the surface, now overcome through technical advancements.

Unlike the Suncast 134 Gallon Deck Box where the blow molded manufacture produces a more robust dual-lined resin composition this 73 Gallon model is manufactured into single skinned rattan style resin sheets where inside displays a plethora of crisscross plastic ridges increasing robustness to the overall structure however the design is not intended for seating but will accommodate an average sized adult to provide an example of its sturdiness.

Inserted either side of the deck box are molded hand-grips to facilitate the process of moving into the desired location whilst upon closing the lid two padlock clasps adjoin to enable securing the box.

This resin composition only involves a rapid wash-down to replenish the immaculate appearance, a soft brush is the preferred option due to the wicker indentations however warm water inclusive of light detergent is the simple solution to maintain the gleam, the incentive behind resin structures popularity.

Suncast 73 Gallon Resin Wicker Deck Box Prices:

Suncast 73 Gallon Resin Wicker Deck Box Composition

Suncast 73 Gallon Resin Wicker Deck Box Composition

Suncast 73 Gallon Deck Box Features

The characteristics representing this 73 gallon storage box relate to the idyllic appearance displayed through the wicker design complemented by fulfilling a curved crown, topping the box off in classy elegance however a convex shaped lid has the inability to serve for additional table space.

Resin hinges provide the opening, taking the lid past 90 degrees where hinge straps prevent the lid from falling all the way back enabling generating swift tidy-ups to clear a patio in minutes.

However, unlike the more advanced Suncast 134 Gallon capacity deck box where gas shock pistons enable easy opening whilst creating a soft closure due to the gas pressure supporting the lid weight, an easy opening mechanism doesn’t facilitate this garden box making you question whether it’s suitable for toy storage albeit these advanced features do demand a higher price.

At the top of the walls the presentation of a resin ridge sweeps around the deck box ensuring the lid overlaps the entirety creating a dry internal space, specifically designed for storing outdoor furniture cushions and seating fabrics delivering a dry ventilated internal ambience for preservation against rainfall, damp and mildew.

Suncast 73 Gallon Wicker Storage Box Prices:

Designed Specifically to Maintain a Dry Internal Environment

Designed Specifically to Maintain a Dry Internal Environment

Conserving towels and furniture cushions in a dry environment outdoors are a deck box’s hugely popular service, accommodating bulky items such as these indoors creates inconvenience as storage space is at such a premium nowadays, this new resin design conquers the problem.

We used to store our seating covers in the garage however the dusty atmosphere meant wrapping the cushions to maintain their condition then traipsing them through the house for outside use. Our deck box alleviates these issues in one fell swoop generating easy access and an unhampered environment.

Before winter approaches we empty the box and store the contents in the loft until mid spring when we re-fill again. Many people convert their deck box over the winter period into firewood storage due to the suitable internal environment maintaining dry logs before use.

Storage ideas seem pretty limitless regarding deck box purposes, their diversity regards no set formality from harboring gardening equipment outdoors to bed linen inside however whether seating ability, table-top services or the likes of an easy opening mechanism for toy storage concerns are top priorities regards choosing a style that works best for your circumstances.

Compare Alternative Deck Box Designs

Compare Alternative Deck Box Designs

Feedback Regarding Suncast’s Wicker Deck Boxes

Reviews portray this wicker deck box with delectable styling, an admirable contribution to any home-yard’s landscape whilst the design serves to distinction storing seating cushions, patio accessories, gardening equipment, lawn supplies, cooking utensils and swimming gear, etc, maintaining an aired enclosed unit within, preserving storage to the highest calibre.

Exceptionally high on remarks regard the quickest of assembly procedures enabling construction and productivity in minimal time, the resistance to rust, rot and decay manufacture requires no upkeep duties relating to re-varnishing and re-painting whilst the effortless wash down swiftly rejuvenates the prime condition.

Feedback is quite exceptional

Feedback is quite exceptional

Suncast Resin Wicker Deck Box

Suncast Resin Wicker Deck Box

Suncast 73 Gallon Wicker Deck Box Assembly

The entire construction process has been simplified to the extent that only 3 screws are included to finalise the build, the rest of the panels simply interlock and snap into place, satisfying purchasers to high degree.

Classed as a 5 minute tool-free assembly does however require a screwdriver yet the rigidity accomplished on finalising the build receives the thumbs up ensuring serving storage requirements in the least possible amount of time regarding assembly procedures.

12 construction steps conclude the build, assemblers work their way through the illustration steps represented in the order of the instructions, implementing what’s shown. The deck box will be occupying it’s position, filled and serving necessities in minimum duration.

Suncast 73 Gallon Resin Wicker Storage Box Prices:

Assembly is Completed in Minimal Time

Assembly is Completed in Minimal Time

 Suncast 73 Gallon Deck Box Measurements

This Suncast Resin Wicker Storage Box accommodates a 73 gallon storage capacity, occupying a volume of 9.8 cu. ft.

External and internal dimensions are presented below to analyse against the measurements of storage and location ideas:

Front View - External Dimensions

Front View – External Dimensions

Side View - External Dimensions

Side View – External Dimensions

Top View - Internal Dimensions

Top View – Internal Dimensions

Side View - Internal Dimensions

Side View – Internal Dimensions

Suncast 73 Gallon Resin Wicker Storage Box

Suncast 73 Gallon Resin Wicker Storage Box

Suncast Resin Wicker Deck Box Advantages

  • Divine wicker style presentation
  • Intended to enhance any outdoor scenery
  • Durable construction providing longevity against weather attack
  • Resistant to rust, rot and decay issues
  • Molded hand-grips enable easy movement
  • Ability to secure with a padlock
  • Undemanding wash-down revitalises the appearance
  • No future upkeep work involved
  • Lid straps enable the lid to stay open
  • Designed to sustain a dry internal space
  • Specifically designed to preserve stored seating cushions
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Diverse storage potential
  • UV protection resists colour fade
  • Super efficient assembly procedure
  • Feedback’s quite exceptional


  • Curved lid doesn’t provide an additional table-top surface
  • Robust yet not purposely designed for seating adults
  • Not inclusive of easy opening mechanism (pistons)
Displaying a Divine Wicker Appearance

Displaying a Divine Wicker Appearance

Final Verdict

Whether desires are an amenity to store swimming accessories and towels providing services while you take your home-yard dip, sheltered accommodation for seating cushion storage whilst exhibiting stylish attractiveness sat on a patio, a place to store cooking utensils and grilling equipment situated on a BBQ deck, an ideal outside storage unit located on a balcony or a place to store gardening equipment, this resin wicker style storage facility provides the advantage.

5 year Limited WarrantyNo deck box is waterproof and this is no exception, if it was filled with water it would leak all over the place however they are explicitly designed to maintain a dry and ventilated interior whilst surviving the downpours, the reason for the popular usage of delicate fabric storage.

Storage space indoors is restricted for the majority especially for bulky outdoor gear, deck boxes provide the solution to accommodate stuff outside in a protective environment, a service we have found so beneficial.

Assembling large items such as this worries many purchasers however the interlocking construction process developed by Suncast to accomplish a quick build couldn’t get anymore straightforward, described as a 5 minute assembly procedure.

Combining weather-resistant advantages, ultra stylish eye appeal, easy assembly and first rate reviews with a 5 year limited warranty results in a well favoured deck box.

Suncast 73 Gallon Resin Wicker Deck Box Prices:

Suncast Resin Wicker Deck Box

Suncast Resin Wicker Deck Box

Suncast Wicker Deck Boxes


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  1. MyCatsNameIsBeast

    Thanks for this review. I’ve been considering purchasing something like this to store all the cushions for my outdoor furniture to I don’t have to run back and forth 20 times every time I want to setup the back patio. This review was really helpful. I had two key questions coming into it, one regarding the waterproofing capability. You’ve answered that.

    The other question I’m curious about is how the box ‘seals’ so to speak. There are many bugs and even mice/rats where I live. Is there any concern that those kinds of creatures would be able to get inside and potentially eat up or chew up my cushions?

    • Simon

      Hi, Thanks for calling in and reading about Suncast’s outdoor wicker storage boxes.

      Your reason regarding traipsing back and forth in the house epitomises our troubles prior to purchasing a deck box.

      Many trips in and out of the house in order to set the patio up with seating, inappropriate amount of storage room indoors led us to use the garage and due to the dusty atmosphere for cushion storage, meant wrapping each seat cover up individually for protection.

      Constructing the deck box for patio storage alleviated all these problems, once the lid is opened it’s a 2 minute job to set out and pack away which has proved beneficial, especially when you’re up for a sudden weather change.

      All deck boxes are designed for easy assembly by virtue of their interlocking and snap into place construction process which obviously leaves minute gaps withing the interlocking mechanism. This does however provide a fresh internal ambience that provides preservation qualities for cushion storage.

      If you did find pests entering inside, the option would be to either fill the small gaps with sealant or place tape over the top to ensure no gaps are present. I have heard of a few who have decided on this option prior to use, hence my answer.

      Hope this helps and thanks again for messaging,


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