Pent Roof Sheds – UK

Researching through the various pent roof sheds – UK, my search encountered some very disappointing reviews in relation to wood, metal and resin designs however one pent roof plastic shed manufactured by Keter stands out from the crowd. Their Manor 6 x 4 ft grasped my attention, overall a good set of feedback but could receive far better if sales sites provided purchasers with helpful information.

Pent Roof Sheds - UK

Pent Roof Sheds – UK

Manor Pent 6×4 Shed

Let’s get the frustrations out in the open first before the description. Vague definitions that fail to portray important information only leads to downgrading.

Firstly, the 6 ft x 4 ft size relates to the roof which overhangs the shed, inside dimensions are smaller, frustrating many purchasers. The correct dimensions are represented in the measurements section further down the page.

The panels are rather flimsy upon constructing plus there are huggings of screws to fasten however once assembled a sturdy unit materialises.

The #1 priority when erecting any resin shed is to construct on solid level foundations, either wood or concrete laid precisely level, raised slightly above ground level to avoid standing in a flood relates to the one-step process to accomplish the correct plastic shed construction.

The reasons regarding the importance of resin shed foundations are explained in the assembly section further down because those who side-step this stipulation usually end up frustrated which comes across rather strong in written reviews. We want visitors to be aware of their importance.

Manufacturer:  Keter

Model:  Manor Pent


Manor Pent Prices:

Size:  6 ft x 4 ft

Colour:  Beige or Grey

#Feature:  Low Maintenance

Manor Pent Composition

Manor sheds aren’t quite as robust as Keter’s Factor Range however a low maintenance make-up consisting of 100% recyclable polypropylene resin regards their manufacture, molded into a dual walled composition exhibiting a semblance of horizontal wood panelling inclusive of a grain texture embedded within the surface.

Two shades represent the Manor Pent, either tinted in light grey with white trims or light beige surrounded by brown trims.

Constructing the facade panels involves sliding the sheets into the trim’s grooves and securing with screws, a fairly straightforward procedure when the foundations conform to the rules.

UV protection combats colour fade and cracking issues when exposed to sunburn attack whilst the twin walled skin provides a robust surface resisting the unsightly appearance dents portray.

Virtually Maintenance-Free

Virtually Maintenance-Free

Polypropylene resin delivers a weatherproof encapsulated facade, impermeable to rainfall and resistant to decay therefore requires no future upkeep duties with regards to re-varnishing, re-painting nor re-roofing. The only maintenance necessary relates to a wash down when mucky. Manor Pent sheds are virtually maintenance-free.

Cleaning a resin shed involves a light spray-hose down most of the time. When dirt becomes deep-seated, either a pressure-wash or warm water inclusive of light detergent and scrubbed with a soft brush relates to the simple solution to replenish the appearance. White vinegar mixed into the warm water works like a dream for us. The key is not to use anything too abrasive in fear of marking or scratching the surface.

Manor Pent 6×4 Shed Prices:

Pent Roof Sheds - UK

Manor Pent’s Roof & Built-in Floor

One roof panel and one floor panel complete Manor Pent’s top and base. The adequate angled pitched roof delivers an efficient rainwater drainage system whilst the excellent overlap with the facade prevents rainfall finding entry inside where the walls adjoin.

Upon comparing polypropylene resin with roofing felt, it’s obvious who wins the long term survival test against weather attack. Polypropylene resin provides defence against damp conditions without being susceptible to decay entailing no future re-roofing projects unlike the short term demise in structural format roofing felt capitulates into.

Cleaning the roof is just as straightforward as the walls, sweep the leaves off the top first, then lightly spray-hose down, job done!

During assembly of the floor panel, a trim is fitted to the outskirts where the wall panels slide into the profile grooves, they both secure to the trim with screws enclosing the unit from the outside environment, maintaining a clean dry internal atmosphere due to the absence of outside debris and rainfall wafting through at the base of the shed, a downfall regarding floor-less metal sheds.

Like the roof, the floor’s advantage relates to one sheet of polypropylene resin therefore absent from joins whilst manufactured with weatherproof credentials prepares the base with imperishability for defence against sitting in damp conditions without succumbing to deterioration.

A few have mentioned the floor is very thin, like thick cardboard where you can feel the ground lumps underneath however the Manor Pent is only designed to sit on a solid level flat surface, then it can provide durability increasing it’s robustness. Again, foundations are key.

Manor Pent 6 x 4 ft Shed Prices:

Manor Pent 6x4 in Grey Shade

Manor Pent’s Additional Features

The single door is fitted with a through-bolt clasp to ensure closure whilst designed for a padlock (not supplied) delivers security. Not as secure as metal or the higher end of quality plastic sheds however in the interest of security, being lockable does bring peace of mind.

To the left of the door, a window delivers natural daylight whilst either side of the shed air-vents generate fresh air circulation eradicating the presence of a sweaty atmosphere, benefiting the preservation qualities of storage unlike the metal sheds downfall, prone to sweating inside during warm conditions.

The adequate size makes the Manor Pent an ideal storage facility for confined spaces, able to accommodate patio accessories, gardening & yard tools, BBQ gear & utensils, kids toys and bikes bringing convenience accompanied by an attractive appearance to any home-yard’s outdoor space. Another well favoured service regards a desirable potting shed, there’s a thought!

Manor Pent's Additional Features

Manor Pent 6×4 Measurements

Manor Pent’s 6 ft x 4 ft dimensions have frustrated quite a few purchasers as these measurements equate to the roof span which overlaps the shed’s facade making the internal dimensions smaller than led to believe. Internal and external measurements are presented below:

Manor Pent 6x4 Measurements

Manor Pent 6×4 Measurements

Manor Pent 6x4 Measurements

Manor Pent 6×4 Measurements

Manor Pent 6x4 Measurements

Manor Pent Assembly and Foundations

Assembly requires implementing the order of procedure shown in the instructions represented by illustrations. The wall, floor and roof panels simply slide into the trims grooves and secure into place with screws. There are a lot of screws, many use a power screwdriver but set this on a low setting to prevent jiggering up the thread.

Two assemblers produce an easier construction, one supporting whilst the other secures the screws. A step ladder and room around the Pent’s perimeter is necessary to enable securing the facade’s wall sheets and fitting the roof panel.

Primary importance relating to assembling a flawless resin shed construction is to prepare solid level foundations for the shed’s base. This imperative stipulation is seldom explained on sales sites yet delivers the one-step process, removing assembly frustrations whilst providing a shed to serve just as the brochure describes.

Foundations can either be wood or concrete with the main emphasis being level, flat and raised slightly above a floodplain.

Prepare Solid Level Foundations

Prepare Solid Level Foundations

Solid level foundations are fundamental to a resin shed’s construction for the following reasons:

  • A level base enables aligning the panels at ease, simply because they line up plumb due to the vertical stance. Problems become magnified fixing the roof if the footings are not level.
  • Level foundations deliver a balanced pressure of force applied by the roof’s weight on all sides of the shed preventing slanting stresses on one side.
  • A vertical door architrave is delivered by a level base enabling easy alignment of the door, ensuring a sweet opening and closing swing.
  • A solid base that’s level and flat prepares the floor to survive storage pressures. Manor floors are thin skinned yet built to be hard wearing if the foundation rules are adhered to.
  • Once the shed is constructed, anchor placements are embedded within the corners of the resin floor to secure the shed down onto the solid foundations thus increasing wind resistance levels and stability.

Anchor bolts are not included, their type depends on the base material, wood or concrete.

Manor Pent Assembly Instructions:

Keter Manor Pent 6x4 fits in confined spaces

Pros and Cons of the Manor Pent


  • Stylish design to complement any outdoor location
  • Competitively priced
  • Choice of attractive grey or light beige shades
  • Small size fits in confined spaces
  • Excellent roof drainage
  • Roof sheet is manufactured into one resin panel
  • Low maintenance composition
  • Withstands rust, rot and decay
  • Super-easy to maintain assembly day’s condition
  • Integrated floor maintains a clean internal environment
  • Ventilation delivers a fresh air current
  • Window delivers natural daylight
  • Padlock-able door clasp
  • UV stabilisation withstands colour fade and splitting
  • 10 years Keter warranty
  • Straightforward two person assembly
  • Household tools construct Manor sheds


  • Not as robust as the competitively priced Factor range
  • Solid level foundations are crucial
  • Shed requires anchoring down into the foundations
  • Shelves not included

Manor Pent 6x4 in Grey Shade

Manor Pent Competition

I am struggling at present in finding a suitable pent design in competition with the Manor, most are receiving poor reviews however there are plenty of apex designed resin sheds with similar dimensions represented in the Shed Sizes Page with links to their in-depth reviews.

Here’s a few around these 6 x 4 ft dimensions:

Keter Factor 6x3

Factor 6 x 3 ft Shed Review:

Factor 6 x 4 ft Shed

Factor 6 x 4 ft Shed Review

Fusion 7.5 x 4 ft

Fusion 7.5 x 4 ft Review:

Cascade 7 ft x 4 ft

Cascade 7 ft x 4 ft Review:

Manor Pent 6 x 4 ft Shed

Manor Pent 6 x 4 ft Shed

Final Verdict

The Manor Pent delivers storage convenience to restricted outdoor spaces with design accents to complement any garden surroundings.

The weatherproof make-up resists decay, requires no future upkeep duties whilst benefiting from an easy to clean surface simply restores the shine in minutes when the grime appears.

Competitively priced with a 10 years limited warranty and straightforward construction process attracts the attention. A popular shed receiving a good set of feedback if the foundation stipulations have been adhered to.

Manor Pent 6 ft x 4 ft Shed Prices:

Keter Manor Sheds


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  1. GBIG

    Hi Simon, Thank you for being so thorough in your research. I am looking for a little garden shed for my new house. I didn’t realise that the measurements quoted were for the external roof measurements and not the internal sizing. I am glad you pointed this out. Thank you for pointing out it is resistant to rust, rot and decay. These are all very important factors. Termites are active where I live. Is plastic termite proof? I don’t actually know. Thanks for opening up my eyes to this product.

    • Simon


      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message regarding your search for pent roof shed – UK.

      A lot of purchasers of this Manor Pent 6×4 anger their frustrations by writing in reviews regarding the internal measurements compared to the 6 x 4 ft external dimensions, this does come through rather strong.

      The imperishable nature of polypropylene resin resists decay due to the fact that termites and the likes can’t make plastic their home, resulting in no future upkeep duties. This is partly the reason for the huge rise in resin shed purchases of late, their resistance to decay.

      Termites and bugs living within wood especially through damp conditions lead to the structure’s demise, a problem we’ve been associated with on our last wooden shed, causing us to look around for an alternative solution.

      Pleasure to help, please take a good look around at the various resin styles of garden sheds, mini through to large.

      Thanks again,


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