Pent Roof Sheds – UK

During my research on pent-roof sheds in the UK, I came across some really disappointing reviews about wood, metal, and resin designs. But one plastic shed caught my eye – the Keter Manor 6 x 4 ft. It had some good feedback, but I think it could have been even better if the sales sites provided more helpful information.

Manor Pent 6 x 4 ft Shed

Pent Roof Sheds - UK
Pent Roof Sheds – UK

Before I describe the shed, let’s get my frustrations out in the open. It’s really annoying when the dimensions are vague and don’t give you all the important information. For example, the 6 ft x 4 ft size actually refers to the roof overhang, not the inside dimensions. So, make sure you check the measurements section further down the page for the correct dimensions.

When you’re putting the shed together, the panels can feel a bit flimsy and there are a lot of screws to deal with. But once it’s all assembled, it builds into a sturdy unit.

One thing you absolutely need to do when you’re building a resin shed is to make sure you have a solid, level foundation. That means using wood or concrete laid level and raised slightly above ground level to avoid it standing in a flood. Trust me, it’s a one-step process that will save you a lot of frustration down the line. I explain why in more detail in the assembly section further down.

So, if you’re considering getting a plastic shed, just remember how important the foundation is and check all the measurements before you buy!

Manufacturer:  Keter

Model:  Manor Pent

Size:  6 ft x 4 ft

Colour:  Beige or Grey

#Feature:  Low Maintenance

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Easy to clean and weather-resistant Composition

While Manor Pent sheds might not be as tough as the Keter Factor Range, they’re still made of 100% recyclable polypropylene resin which makes them super low maintenance. Plus, they come in two cool shades – light grey with white trims or light beige with brown trims.

Putting the shed together is pretty easy – just slide the sheets into the trim’s grooves and secure them with screws. And once it’s up, you don’t have to worry about maintenance. The UV protection keeps the colours from fading and the twin-walled skin makes it resistant to dents. And best of all, you don’t have to worry about painting or re-roofing because the polypropylene resin is weatherproof and impermeable to rainfall.

Virtually Maintenance-Free

Cleaning it is a breeze too. For the most part, just give it a light spray down with a hose. If it gets grimy, you can use a pressure washer or scrub the fascia with warm water, a little detergent and a soft brush. We like to add some white vinegar to the warm water to really get it looking good. Just make sure not to use anything too abrasive so you don’t scratch the surface. So there you have it – a virtually maintenance-free shed that looks great too!

Pent Roof Sheds - UK

The Pent’s Roof and Built-in Floor

So basically, the Manor Pent is made up of one roof panel and one floor panel. The roof has a good angle to let rainwater drain off easily while the overlap with the walls keeps everything nice and dry inside. And the best bit, polypropylene resin is way better than roofing felt when it comes to surviving the weather. No need to worry about roof decay or re-felting jobs with this shed. Cleaning the roof is a breeze too, just sweep off the leaves and give it a light spray with the hose.

As for the floor panel, there’s a trim around the edges where the wall panels slide into and they all screw together to keep everything sealed up tight. No debris or rain getting in here! And even though some people say the floor is thin, it’s actually pretty sturdy as long as you position it on a solid, flat surface. So make sure you’ve got a good foundation and you’re good to go!

Keter Manor Pent 6 x 4 ft Shed

Additional Features

This Pent shed has a clasp on the door that you can put a padlock on for some added security. Obviously, it’s not in the same league as the Asgard steel sheds in terms of security but at least you can lock it up and feel better about your stuff being safe.

There’s a window on the left side that lets in some natural light while air vents on either side stop the inside from getting too stuffy. Unlike metal sheds, which can get all sweaty inside when it’s hot out. Gross!

This shed is a good size for small spaces and can hold all sorts of things like patio stuff, gardening tools, BBQ gear, toys, and bikes, etc. Plus, it looks pretty nice, so it won’t be an eyesore in your yard. And hey, you could even use it as a potting shed if you’re into that sort of thing. Cool, huh?

6 x 4 ft Dimensions

Manor Pent’s 6 ft x 4 ft dimensions have frustrated many purchasers as these measurements equate to the roof span which overlaps the shed’s facia panels making the internal dimensions smaller than led to believe. Internal and external measurements are presented below:

Manor Pent 6x4 Measurements
Manor Pent 6x4 Measurements
Manor Pent 6x4 Measurements

Preparation is key – Don’t skip the foundations

Okay, so to put together this resin shed, you’re going to need to follow the instructions and slide those wall, floor, and roof panels into the grooves on the trims. Then you’ve got to screw them in place. There are a lot of screws, so you might want to use a power screwdriver, but make sure it’s set to “low” so you don’t mess up the threads.

It’s definitely easier if you have two people working on it – one holding the fascia panels while the other screws everything together. And make sure you’ve got a step ladder and some space around the shed so you can secure those wall sheets at the top and get the roof panel on.

To ensure the stability and longevity of your shed, it is crucial to have a firm, level foundation. It is also advisable to elevate the shed slightly above ground level to mitigate the risk of the shed floor being submerged in case of a flood. You can use wood, paving slabs or concrete for the foundation, but just make sure it’s solid. Trust me, if you do it right, you’ll have a shed that’s just as awesome as the brochure promised.

Prepare Solid Level Foundations
Prepare Solid Level Foundations

Assembly should be easy if you conform to the correct foundations

Making sure your shed has a level base is super important. When the footings are level, it’s way easier to align the panels and get everything looking good. Plus, a level foundation helps distribute the weight of the roof evenly so you don’t end up with a wonky shed.

Another benefit of a level base is that it makes it easier to install the door. You’ll get a nice, smooth swing every time. And if you want your shed’s floor to hold up to all your storage needs, it needs to be positioned on a solid base.

Once your shed is all setup, make sure to anchor it down onto those solid footings. That way, your shed will be able to stand up to some serious wind without going anywhere.

Anchor bolts are not included, their type depends on the base material. You’ll need screws for either wood or concrete.

Manor Pent Assembly Instructions:

Keter Manor Pent 6 x 4 ft Shed

Pros and Cons of the Manor Pent


  • Stylish design to complement any outdoor location
  • Competitively priced
  • Choice of attractive grey or light beige shades
  • Small size fits in confined spaces
  • Excellent roof drainage
  • The roof sheet is manufactured into one resin panel
  • Low maintenance composition
  • Withstands rust, rot and decay
  • Super-easy to maintain
  • The integrated floor helps maintain a clean internal environment
  • 2 Ventilation grids circulate fresh air
  • Window delivers daylight
  • Padlock-able door clasp
  • UV-protected to withstand colour fade and splitting
  • 10 years Keter warranty
  • Straightforward two-person assembly
  • Household tools construct Manor sheds


  • Not as robust as the competitively priced Factor range
  • Solid-level foundations are crucial
  • Pent sheds require anchoring down onto the foundations
  • Shelves not included
  • Can be padlocked but not as secure as a metal shed
Manor Pent 6x4 in Grey Shade

Manor Pent Competition

I’m struggling to find a suitable pent design, at this price, that’s in competition with the Manor. Most are receiving poor reviews, however, Keter has launched a new range of super stylish Artisan Pent Sheds, albeit, they are more expensive.

Final Verdict

The Manor Pent delivers storage convenience to restricted outdoor spaces with design accents to complement any garden surroundings.

The weatherproof makeup resists decay and requires no future upkeep duties. The fascia benefits from an easy-to-clean surface that simply removes the grime and restores the shine in minutes when washed down.

Competitively priced, it has a 10 years limited warranty and a straightforward construction process – this attracts attention. It’s a popular shed that receives a good set of feedback IF the right foundations have been adhered to.

Thanks for reading.

Keter Manor Sheds

Disclaimer: I do my best to provide accurate information, however, I may make mistakes. Please check the Seller’s description, read the comments and ask the Seller any questions you may have.



  1. Bob Sather

    Hello, We are in the UK in Buckinghamshire. We are interested in a 7×7 shed. The Keter Artisan 7×7 looks like a possibility. Can you tell us the price? And, does it fall into the category of wood plastic fusion sheds? A wood-like look would be a plus for us.

    • Hi, Bob, I understand DUOTECH is a type of polypropylene resin manufacture that produces an attractive weathered wooden look and feel.
      I have written an article about the Artisan 7×7 ft sheds – there is a link to the prices in this post –
      I don’t sell of assemble sheds – writing this blog is just a hobby where I introduce the latest resin style sheds.
      Hope this helps, thanks for visiting,

  2. GBIG

    Hi Simon, Thank you for being so thorough in your research. I am looking for a little garden shed for my new house. I didn’t realise that the measurements quoted were for the external roof measurements and not the internal sizing. I am glad you pointed this out. Thank you for pointing out it is resistant to rust, rot and decay. These are all very important factors. Termites are active where I live. Is plastic termite proof? I don’t actually know. Thanks for opening up my eyes to this product.

    • Simon


      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message regarding your search for pent roof shed – UK.

      A lot of purchasers of this Manor Pent 6×4 anger their frustrations by writing in reviews regarding the internal measurements compared to the 6 x 4 ft external dimensions, this does come through rather strong.

      The imperishable nature of polypropylene resin resists decay due to the fact that termites and the likes can’t make plastic their home, resulting in no future upkeep duties. This is partly the reason for the huge rise in resin shed purchases of late, their resistance to decay.

      Termites and bugs living within wood especially through damp conditions lead to the structure’s demise, a problem we’ve been associated with on our last wooden shed, causing us to look around for an alternative solution.

      Pleasure to help, please take a good look around at the various resin styles of garden sheds, mini through to large.

      Thanks again,


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