Plastic Garden Storage Boxes

Plastic garden storage boxes deliver solutions to aid organising uncluttered environments both in the home & outside. Rockwood’s spacious design accommodates a fair amount, exhibits desirable charm and provides storage, seat and table-top services.

Plastic Garden Storage Boxes

Rockwood Deck Box

Rockwood Deck Box

Recent innovations of deck box designs do vary in terms of style, size, appearance and services they provide however installation generally features a basic interlocking approach that swiftly constructs their fascia panels into sturdy weatherproof boxes. Choosing your style simply comes down to eye-appeal, services required and storage potential.

The Rockwood represents Keter’s fresh approach to storage, exhibiting a semblance of traditional wood panelling presented in dark oak shade meanwhile able to accommodate 570 Litres / 150 Gallons of storage capacity equates to ‘Extra Large’ in terms of deck box dimensions.

Consensus attributed from Keter’s huge Global sales are the box appears a tad plasticy upon close inspection, looks charmingly wooden from a distance, is a lot larger than first anticipated yet is adequately sturdy meanwhile represents ‘exceptional value’ and generates an encouraging set of 4/5 star feedback.

The smart simulation of wooden looks combine with table-top and bench-seat services, features destined to optimize whilst compliment any surroundings. Moreover, having a makeup constituting rot-resistant polypropylene makes the box able to survive all-seasons weather without decomposing.

Combing with Rockwood’s Stylish guise, durability & weather-resistance boasts a surface that’s a cinch to wipe over & brighten appearances. Two minutes later the freshened look swiftly emerges, the benefits of Rockwood’s polypropylene.

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Plastic Garden Storage Boxes - Rockwood Deck Box

Discover Rockwood’s Features


Rockwood’s Endurance Capabilities

Evolving through technical upgrades now make it possible to add toughening additives into the resin manufacture prior to moulding their creative presentation thereby inclusive of protection to survive damp and clammy conditions without deteriorating through rot nor sunstroke.

Wooden Texture-Effect

Wooden Texture-Effect

Brown tints amalgamate with the resin producing the oak shade after which the manufacture undergoes molding whereby a representation of vertical wood-panelling centred between chunky corner posts is created supplementary to embossing a grain texture throughout the surface,  delivering the touch of tradition.

Polypropylene resists weather attack without decomposing therefore doesn’t succumb to corroding, rotting nor peeling meantime UV inhibitors stabilise the manufacture to subsist splitting and bleaching when exposed the scorch of summer’s sunburn. Improving remarks regarding Keter’s fade resistant properties encouragingly flow through reviews.

On account of polypropylene’s total immunity from decay, it’s essential to mention the manufacture can be used again & again, it’s completely recyclable meanwhile pleasing purchasers looking to dodge maintenance constraints, a wet cloth or soft brush containing a splurge of mild detergent soon removes nature’s moss & rapidly restores the presentation, cleaning takes minutes.

These deck boxes are purposely planned to maintain a dry & aired internal space when under duress from rainfall showers making their compartments ideally suited for sheltering seating cushions and furniture fabrics outdoors during the warm seasons devoid from materials developing musty odours, a feature we find our deck box highly convenient for. Sidesteps trying to find enough room indoors to store their bulkiness, simplifies summer living.

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Designed to maintain a dry internal environment

Sturdy Build & Flat Lid deliver Triple Services

Internally similar to most deck boxes, the Rockwood isn’t the most attractive of designs due to containing a multitude of resin ridges however the presence of a ribbed internal structure is purely to serve the purpose of providing stability and sturdiness, increasing the overall strength.

Rockwood Sturdy Deck Box

Rockwood Sturdy Deck Box

Providing bench seating for two adults makes this an ideal accessory for locating on a barbecue deck, poolside, patio or balcony for additional seating, especially when guests visit meanwhile beneficial around alfresco parties & barbecue meal times too. The construction supports a seating weight up to 660 lbs / 300 kg.

We find choosing a deck box with a flat lid like Rockwood features is worth considering due to providing additional table space for placing drinks on top without them sliding around along with providing a levelled surface to aid alfresco snacking & dining further to generating extra table space when hosting barbecue parties. We use ours throughout the spring & summer months for table-top services along with storing accessories on the patio, they’re so convenient.

Recent demand regards locating deck boxes on balconies where space maybe limited, an outdoor storage facility accompanying seating and table services captures attention meanwhile situated in a homes entrance occupying outdoor wear, shoes & boots is becoming a well favoured solution in accomplishing a clutter-free hallway plus you can sit on the box whilst lacing up your shoes.

A few of my friends use these types of storage facilities to hide away work gear and sporting accessories from view. One keeps all his fishing gear enclosed and out of sight, another says the spacious internals provide ideal accommodation for rock climbing gear, their serving potential’s unlimited.

Deck boxes are extremely versatile, their many usages describe the philosophy why many people expand their range from one to 2 & 3 deck boxes, the reasons we come across various resin designs similar to this occupying homes nowadays, both indoors and outside.

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Comfortable Seating For 2 Adults

Operational-Friendly Features

Championing user-friendly features, hydraulic pistons incorporate onto both sides of Rockwood’s box-body & lid to function an opening system that generates easy access.


Secures with a Padlock

The expanse covering these extra large deck box dimensions makes the lid expanse rather a hefty lump therefore assisting the opening lie two gas pressured hinges for operating an effortless entry. Once you start to lift Rockwood’s top ajar, the tension held within the pistons takes over, achieving Keter’s description of an automatic opening mechanism.

More importantly with regards to gas pressured hinges, their forced pressure is also operated when closing, performing a soft-close mechanism. Upon closure, the hydraulic pressure steps in preventing the weighty lid slamming down & crushing fingers. This child-friendly safety feature makes the Rockwood an ideal solution for toy storage or situated poolside occupying kids swimming accessories.

The pistons maintain an open position when fully ajar making the Rockwood a convenient, easy access & spacious storage facility for accommodating patio accessories and garden tools. The stay open design serves to accomplish rapid shipshape tidy ups, uncluttering the garden from tools or toys in minutes due to maintaining an open position.

A metal back brace runs full length along the internal rear structure increasing lid support & to prevent the top from sagging when under pressure whilst clasps designed for a padlock join together when closing the box to enable locking-up & securing.

Pistons Provide an Easy Opening Mechanism

Rockwood Deck Box Measurements

Dimensions relating to 150 Gallons / 570 Litres of storage capacity equates to extra large when comparing deck box sizes however Keter have recently doubled the wall depth with a new design called The Ontario, comprising 230 Gallons of storage capacity however this higher box is not intended for sitting on.

Check your storage and ideal location with the external and internal measurements of the Rockwood presented below. The weights represented on top of the box relate to seating weight whilst the weights presented on the open box regard internal storage weight capacity.

Rockwood Deck Box Measurements

Rockwood Deck Box Measurements

Rockwood Deck Box Weight Capacity

Rockwood Deck Box Weight Capacity

DIY Assembly Fears? – Worry Not

Constructing these plastic deck boxes regardless of which supplier is chosen are purposely designed assembly-friendly and require minimal tools. Rockwood’s ease of assembly receives rave reviews due to comprising very few screws along with the quickness they take to construct.

30 minutes typically accomplishes Rockwood’s construction whereby 9 assembly steps complete the installation. The fascia panels are configured to easily position and click into place, minimal screws construct meanwhile additional installation requirements involve screwing & securing both the pistons and security clasp to the box.

Checkout Rockwood’s Assembly Instructions:

Nowadays, all deck boxes seem to follow similar DIY-friendly snap-together procedures which dramatically quickens construction times meanwhile their faint interlocking gaps are essential in generating a fresh air system to the internals for storage preservation however many websites claim these boxes are waterproof but they will take in water if immersed.

All deck boxes constitute a weatherproof design to ascertain rainfall drains away when it falls down upon them for the purpose of maintaining dry internals.

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Keter Rockwood Storage Box

Advantages of Rockwood’s Storage Box


  • Stylish traditional wooden effect appearance
  • Destined to complement inside / outside home spaces
  • Dry internal environment preserves storage
  • Weatherproof design resists rot and ascertains durability
  • Immune from decomposing but is 100% recyclable
  • Spacious dry internal ambience ideal for furniture fabric storage
  • Stores a diverse range of necessities
  • UV inhibitors prevent Rockwood’s colours fading
  • Sturdily supports 2 adults as a bench seat
  • Flat lid serves for alfresco table space
  • Quick and super-easy 2 person assembly
  • Hydraulic pistons enable easy opening
  • Lid stays ajar when fully opened
  • Pistons slow-close the lid to avoid slamming shut
  • 2 years Rockwood warranty assurance
  • Water / mild detergent swiftly rejuvenates Rockwood’s appearance
  • Receives very good feedback
  • A spacious yet affordable solution for a varied assortment of storage

Points to Consider

  • Any deck box including the Rockwood could be carried away

Rockwood's Extra Large Internal Capacity

Competing Against Rockwood’s Design

There’s plenty of deck box designs competing with the Rockwood, namely Lifetime’s extra large 130 gallon storage deck box due to winning awards however recently there’s plenty of rivalry out there including new designs to which the link below showcases.

Alternative Deck Box Designs

Examine Rockwood’s Competition

Spacious & Weather-Resistant at an Affordable Price

Keter’s Rockwood Deck Box is one of the best sellers, available world-wide and receives a good set of feedback both in America and the UK. The stylish tones of tradition, large internal storage capacity, easy opening mechanism along with tripling up as extra seating and table services represent favourable features many of us are searching for.

Captivating interest concerns Rockwood’s weather-resistant manufacture and easy-clean benefits meanwhile maintaining dry & aired internals are critical for storage protection, the reasons resin manufactures as opposed to wood have taken precedence relating to deck box designs.

Whether intentions comprise a storage / sitting solution for tight balcony spaces, a place to shelter works or sports gear, a gardening tools facility, swimming accessories, harbouring patio seating cushions like we do or a spacious kids toy box, the affordable Rockwood aids to quickly organise tidy ups both indoors or outside.

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Plastic Garden Storage Boxes - Rockwood's Extra Large Storage box

Keter Storage


Thanks for reading about Rockwood’s design of plastic garden storage boxes.

Share you preferred deck box design below along with any Rockwood queries. Happy to help.

Until the next extra large deck box review,


Please share the Rockwood. Thank you.



  1. Darcy

    I love how detailed your articles are. Thank you for all your hard work. I genuinely want one of these for my backyard. One day when my hubby and I can afford a house with our own private yard and garden- I want to see at least one of these sheds in our yard! Maybe even more than one depending on the space we have. It is a gorgeous design and pretty spacious.


    • Hey Darcy, Thanks for exploring Rockwood’s version of an extra large plastic garden storage box.

      I hope you achieve your dreams with regards to owning your own house with private yard & garden Darcy. Took us years too however we were more fortunate when I compare to today’s market due to home-ownership having a more realistic mortgage system back then. How newbies get on the housing ladder in certain parts of the UK, simply baffles me. The system isn’t fair anymore.

      Resin sheds are becoming ever more popular due to their decay-resistance when stood outdoors surviving changeable weather meanwhile deck boxes manufactured from polypropylene like this Rockwood or Lifetime’s polyethylene which manufactures a competing deck box seem to have taken over wooden structures operating a deck box style. A flat lidded wooden structure soon starts to decompose once rainwater puddles the top whereas covering with roofing felt looks unattractive and soon disintegrates, hence the reason they’re seldom seen today.

      There’s no doubt resin manufactures are producing ever more realistic wooden looking fascia panels year on year as new additions constantly enter the market. Up close the Rockwood does look plastic meanwhile from a distance looks aesthetically wooden & stylish however when you compare against similar competition, the combination of the extra large 150 gallon storage capacity, triple services and 2 years warranty all wrapped up with a reasonable price, you can appreciate why this has acclaimed global sales.

      Dreamy maybe however there’s nothing wrong with that. Thanks again for commenting Darcy,

  2. Kam

    The Rockwood Deck Box looks like the ideal storage for my backyard! As long as I can keep the surroundings very green and lush, it will look amazing back there! And obviously I can store my equipment in there! As A person looking to renovate my backyard, this is a perfect item and I’m definitely adding it to the list!

    • Simon

      Hi Kam,

      Thanks for calling in and reading about this Rockwood Deck Box.

      Yeah, it’s another low maintenance storage solution from Keter, weather-resistant make-up, sturdy build quality and stylish design that will enhance any garden surroundings.

      You are right, a lush green background against this dark brown box will look sublime, they do provide an attractive addition, like the images up above show.

      Just measure your equipment with the internal measurements and the external measurements with your desired location, if everything fits you’ve cracked it.

      Thanks again Kam and good luck choosing your storage solution,


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