Plastic Shed 6×3 – Easy Clean

Mulling over the plastic shed 6 x 3 ft market with aspirations to ditch varnishing duties in return for an easy clean snappy shower-down, Everett’s weatherproof polypropylene design engineered by Suncast’s sure to inspire.

Plastic Shed 6x3We substituted our previous wooden hut’s maintenance headaches by replacing the rotting structure with a modern style encased in resin. An occasional unwind of the garden hose to undertake a brisk spray down restores the new-look in two shakes.

Everett 6 x 3

Everett’s manufacture supersedes conservation dilemmas besides accommodating a slender 3 ft depth that pleasantly stands against a house wall or situates in narrow spots. Suncast’s modern methods of crafty molding creations enhance patios and home-yards with enchanting presentations.

Displaying a sandy shade with chocolate doors simulating a slate topping enhances any outdoor space with chic styling meanwhile encapsulated with resin provides impervious decay-resistant advantages.

3 shed-sizes conclude Everett’s family whereupon each facility comprises uniform frontage, merely their lengths differ. This 3 footer’s the smallest, middling the pack represents 5 feet in depth meanwhile topping the range awaits Everett’s big sister, stretching 8 feet deep.

Shed Ranges presents Everett’s low-maintenance outdoor storehouse competition.

Suncast Everett 6 x 3 ft Shed

Manufacture:  Suncast

Model:  BMS 6310

More info: Suncast Channel 

Size:  6 ft x 3 ft

Verdict:  Fab Feedback

Colour:  Sandy / Chocolate

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Features Immune from Weather Depreciation

Emulating a wooden structure developed through Suncast’s picturesque method of casting resin exhibits charming eye appeal coupled with intriguing interest concerning the low-maintenance make-up of polypropylene.

Once the floor, walls and roof construct into place through Suncast’s easy bolt assembly, a sturdy unit ensues.

An aslant apex pitch determines spontaneous rainfall drainage meanwhile one roof-skylight, two sets of door windows & integrated ventilation distribute daylight accompanied by an ambience of freshness to combat sweaty atmospheres.

An interlock wall-floor mechanism encases Everett’s from outside producing clean & dry preserved internals meanwhile the strengthened floor subsists burdensome storage stresses.

Plastic Shed 6x3 - Suncast Everett

Impeccable Feedback

Perfect Shed for small spaces – Nice shed – This shed is excellent. Top quality and relatively easy to assemble – Five Stars – The shed is just perfect, Highly recommended – represent the waves of headlines expressing delight through feedback.

Video – Everett Features


Sturdy Construction Determines Weather Defence

Embarking upon our resin shed journey, a departure from conservation headaches was key. Disenchanted with flimsy single wall-skins turned our attention en route for a chunkier facade design similar to Everett’s, providing sturdier defence against adverse weather.

Everett sheds constitute a multi-skinned manufacture across the walls, doors & roof. Although each panel presentation is molded to exhibit different appearances the thick-bodied make-up equips the overall construction into rather a stout stance.

A metal framework accompanied by a roof-beam reinforce the structure meanwhile a robust construction arises from interlinking the panels & securing into place.

The floor strengthens into a beefy thickset resin bed, persistent in enduring weighty storage tensions whilst the doors dual-skinned manufacture is furnished with quality metal hardware ensuring a smooth functional operation.

Plastic Shed 6x3 - Suncast's Everett

Stylishness Backed with Polypropylene

Constituting multiple layers of resin embraces the shed into a substantial construction. Delivered in sheet formation, each wall sheet interlocks the floor whilst simultaneously interlinking & securing to adjacent panels. Using a spray of WD40 or washing up liquid eases panel engagement.

The manufacture comprises polypropylene shaded in neutral sandy tones. Molded to represent attractive wood panelling to the outer-face embossed with coarse grain texture whereas the inner-face incorporates a deluge of vertical stability ridges.

Polypropylene provides immunity from weather rot besides fulfilling a snip of a cleaning duty meanwhile assuring defence against sunburn fractures & colour distortion is suppressed by stabilising the polypropylene with UV protection.

Everett’s surface never requires painting, the only maintenance entails a sporadic wash with either soapy water, a hosepipe shower or pressure-wash when dirty, a job I’ve become quite accustomed to nowadays, sure beats the rotting headaches our last wooden shed succumbed to.

Everett 6 x 3 ft Wall Conformation

Weather-Resistant Capping Off

Suncast’s adequately high incline roof pitch ensures the absence of puddle development whist delivering instant rainfall drainage.

The top extends beyond the shed walls creating eaves thus preventing rainwater leaks at the top of the fascia panels meanwhile the roof’s highness reciprocates a copious amount of headroom space internally enabling to further utilise storage room.

The polypropylene manufacture moulds to create a robust double walled skin meantime develops tile-effect attraction to the exterior side. Durable & impervious to rainwater assures defence against the weather elements whilst unsusceptible to the rot setting in delivers the pure advantage of no future roof replacements, the envy of a felted roof.

Although the larger Everett models have additional steel beams spanning their internal width bolstering supplementary snowfall support, these 3 ft dimensions don’t warrant trusses, the front & back apex supports and centred steel ridge beam provide adequate support.

Everett Sheds Excellent High Pitched Roof

Built-In Heavy Duty Floor Blocks the Gaps

Conveniently this 6 x 3 ft floor comprises one sheet whereas adjacent floor panels interlink producing the base expanse on the larger storehouses. The base boundary interlocks with the walls thereby boxing-in the internals meanwhile the entrance incorporates a gentle gradient threshold.

The floor’s make-up constitutes a strengthened polypropylene manufacture, molded into a thick bodied bed for the purpose of subsisting weighty storage strains & demanding gardening pressures. Fulfilling the floor’s hard-wearing potential importantly regards constructing from solid level footings.

During our shed assembly we took the advisory measure of securing the floor to the ground for protection against the storms. Suncast recommend purchasing the required anchor screws conditional to the concrete or wooden based foundation material to attain firm groundings.

We’re chuffed to bits with how clean storage is kept due to blocking the admittance of leaves blowing under the shed walls & rainwater puddles evolving not forgetting a crawl-way through for critters thanks to the interlocking sealing method the floor has with the walls.

It’s not often you find a reasonably priced metal shed containing a built-in floor, this quality plastic shed advantage regards another highlight we embraced.

Everett 6 x 3 ft Built-In Floor

Lofty Internals Increase Storage Space

Inside this 6 x 3 footer a roomy 94 cu. ft. capacity unfolds attributed by the 7½ ft height. Check the internal measurements below against your storage requirements.

Daylight basks inside through the door widows & roof skylight. Sweaty plastic atmospheres are replaced with a fresh-aired ambience distributed by the built-in air vents situated on opposite sides, front & rear. Freshness helps maintain storage in fine fettle.

Open the wide doors and the entire storage collection is presented within arms reach due to the 3 ft depth. Storing heavy equipment suchlike a lawnmower is catered for thanks to the robust floor whilst gardening equipment, long handled tools & parasols, patio fold-up chairs & accessories, kids toys & bikes etc are all popular storage options.

Although our shed is a tad larger, we decided to install free standing shelves to which this facility could also accommodate, a favourable method in utilising storage space out of the generous internal height. Alternatively additional shelving, hooks and basket accessories can be purchased separately.

Windows, Skylight, Air Vents and Generous Height are Everett's Internal Advantages

Width-Ranging Dual Door Access

Everett’s broad twin doors constitute a polypropylene manufacture, molded into a robust double skin meanwhile crafted to mimic traditional panelling enhanced with wood-grain features embossed throughout. Their chocolate colour elegantly two-tones the sandy facade.

The resin mix incorporates UV protection to prevent splitting and fading in the sun meanwhile deterioration through weather-rot becomes a non issue on account of polypropylene’s impervious decay-resistance. Maintaining’s a cinch to clean.

Everett doors include easy grip handles making opening and closing quite effortless meanwhile a built-in padlock clasp delivers security, simultaneously locking both doors together.

Padlockable Everett 6 x 3 ft Doors

There’s the option for keeping the left door closed. Preventing swinging in the wind, two metal latches situated top and bottom on the internal side of the door slide into grooves presented above and below.

Quality Metal Latches allow the left door to be kept closed

Everett doors function a quality open and closure attributed by incorporating 3 metal hinges per door. 8 square windows enter daylight besides exhibiting the distinct look of Suncast through their architectural style.

Metal Hinges add quality finishes to Everett doors

Designed for Low-Maintenance

A quick hose down for maintenance certainly grasped our attention towards a resin manufacture besides the task being quite enjoyable.

Gone are the days of conservation headaches, continuous coats of wood-stain not forgetting dilemmas concerning roof replacements.

The times we realised the roofing felt required replacing was after rain had entered inside thereby ruining storage.

Now and again we find ingrained dirt embeds within the textured grain but this soon shifts using a soft brush dipped in warm water containing a squirt of soap, other than that a garden shower-hose suffices.

Everett 6 x 3 ft Measurements

These measurements are a screenshot taken from Suncast however one guy said the internal measurements are a tad shorter once he built this shed. I can only provide what they display so bear this in mind.

Everett 6 x 3 ft Measurements

Everett 6 x 3 ft Measurements

Streamlined Shed Assembly

The rule of thumb in generating an efficient assembly regards stationing the Everett on solid level ground suchlike tarmac, concrete, paving, asphalt or wood decking.

Levelled footings effectuate swift panel alignment, determine vertical architraves produce precise door workings further to establishing uniform roof weight across the construction preventing a lopsided stance whereas a solid material enables fixing rigid anchor bolts and provides the perfect bedrock for the floor to subsist hefty storage strains.

The 2 person assembly involves one supporting whilst the other builds, this teamwork becomes apparent upon fastening the roof panels.

Suncast streamline assembly by proving the hex-screwdriver and warn not to over tighten the screws in fear of ruining the thread. Assembly receives rave reviews.

Everett 6 x 3 ft Easy Bolt Assembly

We read through the instructions the previous week to familiarise ourselves with the assembly procedure. One thing to note is to withhold from building on a windy day, these panels could present issues if the wind gets hold of them however upon completion, the panels & steel supports tie everything in place producing a sturdy structure.

The final piece of the jigsaw regards carrying out steadfast anchorage onto underneaths solid substrate to prevent movement during stormy weather.

Download Everett’s 6 x 3 ft Shed instructions:

Suncast Everett 6 x 3 ft Resin Shed

Highlights and Drawbacks


  • Attractive styling complements restricted spaces
  • Neutral sandy/chocolate two-tone shades
  • Resistant to sunburn fading and cracking
  • Easy to upkeep Everett’s picturesque guise
  • Weather-resistant & durable polypropylene composition
  • Immune from rotting dilemmas
  • Wide access twin-doors
  • Lofty internal storage height
  • Built-in floor blockades debris from entering
  • Robust floor supports the pressures of a lawnmower
  • Quality door finishes enhance appearances & operation
  • Aslant roof pitch effectuates instant drainage
  • Weatherproof finish protects storage
  • Air vents internally distribute a fresh ambience
  • Impressive feedback with regards to assembly & construction
  • Streamlined assembly procedure
  • 10 years Everett warranty cover


  • Obligatory Everett’s foundations are solid and level
  • Assure rigid anchorage is perfomed
  • Refrain from over-tightening the screws
  • Shelving regards an additional extra. Consider stand-alone shelving

Suncast Everett 6 x 3 ft Garden Shed

Competition Relative to 6 x 3 feet Dimensions

Competition’s intensifying, the popular alternative to high maintenance wood & corrosive metal sheds sways towards the quality resin style to combat continuous conserving.

I have created two posts dedicated to slimline resin sheds, comparing the different designs, styles & manufactures.

Shed Sizes exhibits Everett’s low-maintenance storage shed rivalry, suchlike these competitive examples:

Keter Factor 6x3

Factor’s competitiveness

Suncast Cascade 7 ft x 4 ft

Cascade’s elegant guise

Keter Fusion 754

Fusion’s traditional charm

Closing Thoughts

Everett’s 6 x 3 ft expanse represents a hugely popular storehouse in America, wonderful feedback appreciates the rapid assembly process & stylistic modern image Everett’s portray.

Effectuating prompt rainfall drainage virtue of the high pitched apex, the way the entire enclosure of polypropylene subsists weather forces and built-in floor design keeps storage well protected certainly delivers inspiration.

Good looks entitle this to stand proud against a house wall, on a patio or brightening-up a home-yard whilst the easy-clean low-maintenance benefits attract the time conscious.

View Everett 6 x 3 ft Shed Prices

Suncast Everett Advantages


Hope this Everett delivers slimline shed inspiration.

Any polypropylene composition queries? Ask away & share your favoured slim-bodied weatherproof shed below.

Until next time,


Please share the Everett. Thank you!



  1. Dee

    Do you know if Suncast plans on making more Everett 6×3 sheds? They are not listed on the Suncast website, and are “out of stock” at retailers. Thanks in advance if you have time to reply!

    • Hi, Dee, I would contact Suncast and ask if they are still manufacturing the 6x3ft Everett shed, and where’s best to purchase one if they are.
      Here’s Suncast’s Contact page:
      Hope this helps,

  2. Jack Brandon Dockery

    Hello Simon,

    Thank you for taking the time to research and write this product review. I recently purchased my first house and have been storing my outside gear in a converted garage. I like that these sheds are basically maintenance-free, they are very attractive and affordable, and my personal favorite is the sturdiness of the security features.

    • Simon

      Hi Jack, thanks for reading about the many features Everett’s easy clean plastic shed 6×3 has to offer.

      I remember years back when we initially cleared the garage from all the gardening equipment and outside stuff, the room it made inside was quite staggering. 

      Previously our car was stood outside, nowadays there’s plenty of room to swing the doors open for access further to driving the car in and out, it’s fab!

      Yeah, Everett’s are pretty much maintenance or conservation – free, only a wash down once in a while to re-sparkle their appearance regards their only duty until they develop the first self-cleaning shed, there’s an invention!

      We occasionally unwind the hosepipe and snap-in the shower connector for our means, most pressure-wash once per year however the same results can be performed from the conventional water, soap and light scrub plus the job’s done in minutes, there’s nothing to it.

      Suncast enhance style with good looks, there’s no doubt, designed to enhance any home-yard setting and you’re right, once all the polypropylene panels are secured into place, sturdiness comes into fruition.

      If security is top of your agenda, I’ve just reviewed Trojan’s weatherproof 7 x 3 ft steel shed, these secure storage like bank vaults and are ultra strong. A tad more expensive but that’s to be expected meanwhile purchases are obviously dependant on the crime-rate in one’s area and whether you have expensive outside gear to store.

      Thanks again Jack,


  3. Gareth

    Hi thank you for the in depth article, i have a wooden shed and it has clearly had it day, i have been looking for a replacement and discovered your site, i think this is a remarkable shed and to think no more painting and maintenance, just a wash down i am very impressed with the Everett shed. I love the fact it is resistant to weather and waterproof, the wide doors are a bonus.
    You said it has to be anchored down into the foundations do they give you the equipment to do this or do you have to get the equipment yourself?
    This is a best buy for any man and cant wait to get mine.

    • Simon

      Hi Gareth,

      Thanks for dropping by and reading.

      Yeah, I’ve been through the rotting problems wooden sheds represent, they look wonderful when first constructed but further on down the line, the weather sets in to create problems and the maintenance duties begin, the reason we decided to step into the modern resin world.

      I generally just hose our down when the grime start appearing, a 2 minute job which I quite enjoy yet 2 minutes later it looks like brand new again.

      This Everett shed is like all the sheds reviewed on this website, resistant to rot, rust and decay and are easy to clean. I agree with the wide double door access, makes life so much easier carrying and wheeling stuff in and out.

      You will have to purchase the correct anchor screws as this is dependant on your base material, whether it’s wood or concrete however it’s advisable to anchor the shed down into the foundations to increase stability against adverse weather. You require either wood or concrete screws and we added large washers with ours and that’s it.

      Yes, I think Everetts are super sheds, there’s the full range here to look at as you decide:

      Good look choosing and thanks again,


  4. Ashley

    My husband and I used to live in a teeny tiny little house with no garage. At that house, it was crucial that we had a place to store our stuff so we bought a 10 x 6 ft wooden shed and assembled it. It was a pain.
    We’ve since moved to a larger home with a garage and lots of storage space! However, we’ve recently been looking for a small shed for the backyard to hold pool cleaning supplies and outdoor toys for the kids. This shed seems to hit the mark!
    I’m so glad you added the video to this post because I hadn’t noticed the skylights prior to watching it. The old shed we had didn’t have lighting and it was a pain to find things way in the back. I like that I won’t have to worry about bringing a flashlight or putting up battery powered lights in this shed! Thank you so much for sharing all of this information.

    • Simon

      Hi Ashley,

      Thanks for taking your time to read about this Suncast Everett shed.

      These quality plastic sheds are pretty straightforward to assemble, it’s a case of following the instructions step by step. The main priority here is to have solid level foundations for the shed to sit on. Conforming to this #1 ruling will present you with a straightforward assembly due to all the panels lining up correctly simply because you start off on a level base.

      Yeah, these sheds are ideal for storing pool supplies and kids toys. Everetts consist of 3 sheds within the range. They all have identical frontage dimension, only their depths vary. The choice is this 6 x 3 ft, the 6 x 5 ft shown in the video or the largest 6 x 8 ft model. It all depends which size suits your storage requirements.

      All these quality resin sheds have introduced skylights now to allow daylight to enter. Some models have a translucent skylight strip running the full length of the roof and others like this Everett shed have square skylights built-in to the roof. Another beauty we find is the air vents as this does create a fresh environment plus the built-in floor keeps storage clean.

      Here’s a page I have created with all sheds reviewed on this website. The sheds go up in size order starting from the smallest. Tap the image for a full review.

      Thanks again Ashley and good luck with your decision,


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