Plastic Sheds 8×6 – Resin Outdoor Storage Sheds

Designed to brighten up a home-yard with modish eye-appeal, a dream to clean virtue of the swiftest shower-hose down, no future preservation issues to deal with furthermore boosted by an easy on the pocket competitive price tag are the advantages trumpeted out by Factor’s plastic sheds 8 x 6 ft in size.

Plastic Sheds 8x6 - Resin Outdoor Storage ShedsWe’ve found these resin outdoor storage sheds represent the easy street with regards to maintenance, a light spray down simply revitalises their appearance back to a spotless shine. Wood is wonderful – granted, however failure to combat weather attack leads to their sudden demise not to mention the recurring grind of wood-stain inconvenience.

Sidestepping paint, varnish & roofing felt purchases including their correlated duties describes the benefits of a resin manufacture, superseded by a free & easy cleanse with a hosepipe. They are hassle-free.

Factor’s range of plastic sheds have accomplished world-wide respect, a popular choice for those diverting their attention towards time saving resin and ditching’ the hassles wooden structures represent. Factor’s competitive edge fits most budgets however this advantage does lead to an absence regarding some quality finishes included by their competitors. Compare prices, it becomes apparent why this range globally makes huge strides.

Factor 8 x 6

If 8 x 6 feet dimensions fit the plot meanwhile weather-resistance & low maintenance combined with an inexpensive price makes an impression, inspect the Factor features.

Keter Factor 8x6

Manufacturer: Keter

Model: Factor 8 x 6


Size: 8 ft x 6 ft

Colour:  Beige / Taupe

Verdict: Competitive – Popular

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Medium in size, Factor’s 8 feet expanse across the doors coinciding with a 6 ft depth exhibits modish Beige & Taupe tones.

Wide arched double doors add a snip of character besides making entry a breeze. Benefiting with an integrated floor, a light & airy internal atmosphere enhanced with decent headroom results in a stylish modern appearance that’ll stand proud in any garden, specifically designed to complement whilst serving to protect.

Factor’s Range consist of six sheds. Commencing with an area expanding 6 x 3 feet the sheds enlarge throughout the group. An 8 x 11 feet facility tops the range off.

8 x 6 feet regards a medium spread within the Factor range. 6 x 6 feet represents the smaller option meanwhile moving up a notch to square the width regards dimensions spanning 8 x 8 feet, one down from the largest model.

Take a peak at this website’s ever increasing assortment of weatherproof garden shed reviews, sizes to suit a varied range of services.

Plastic Sheds 8x6 - Resin Outdoor Storage Sheds

Composition Practically free from Maintenance

Displaying a stylish dull beige appearance, Factors replace glossy plastic looks with subtle tones. Molded to represent wood panelling inclusive of textured grain embedded within the surface accomplishes admirable attraction, destined to complement landscape settings.

The resin amalgamation is based on polypropylene, manufactured into a chunky hard-wearing, long lasting and weather-resistant composition. In contrast to a wooden structure, polypropylene is virtually maintenance-free, withstanding weather deterioration albeit retaining an easy-to-clean surface, resulting in a weatherproof hassle-free facade.

Keter Factor 8 x 6 Garden Shed

These resin walls are supplied in sheet form, interlinking with adjacent sheets they interlock with the floor encasing Factors from the outside environment. Each panel mounts and screw-secures around a metal framework, substantially bracing together the unified structure.

Factors trumpet out tree-saving environmentally friendly credentials – Polypropylene is 100 % recyclable, additionally the wall design is rather robust too, resistant to dents prevents an unattractive appearance evolving.

Furthermore, technical advances have now combated plastics susceptibility issues in relation to the consequences of sunburn exposure. UV protection stabilises the polypropylene to counteract fractures & colour-bleach issues developing.

One thing to note – Refrain from leaning heavy storage against the shed walls, although thick skinned they can have a tendency to warp over time if the weight limit exceeds the walls overall strength. Consider installing free-standing shelves for accommodating significant weights.

View Factor 8 x 6 Shed Prices

Plastic Sheds 8x6


Video – 8 x 6 Features

Durable Capping off Structure

Polypropylene embodies Factor’s roof make-up, molded into a durable and weatherproof thick-formed skin, impermeable to rainwater including resistance to weather-decay provides longevity advantages when comparing against roofing felt’s cheaper yet short-term disintegration headaches. Factor’s are topped off with peace of mind.

Steel Supports Reinforce The Roof Structure

The panels connect & secure around the roof’s metal framework during installation meanwhile additionally reinforcing the top regards a steel beam spanning the internal centred width of the apex delivering a support-hold of 75 kg/sqm. 15 lbs /sq.ft. of snowfall.

The apex design is adequately pitched ensuring a quick run-away for rainwater in conjunction with preventing puddles developing on top, furthermore the roof panels protrude beyond the facade creating eaves averting the occurrence of rainfall seeping inside where the walls adjoin.

The beauty regarding a high roof pitch reciprocates the internals with an elevated ceiling delivering plenty of headroom for moving around.

The pure advantage however for those searching for an escape route to roofing felt regards polypropylene’s long-term resistance to weather-rot entailing no future re-roofing duties. The envy of most wooden sheds.

Factor 8 x 6 ft Resin Shed

Integrated Brawny Floor

Alike the walls and roof, the floor’s manufactured into sheet formation and clips into place with neighbouring panels formatting the base area.

Keter Factor 8 x 6 Hard Wearing Floor

Factor floors are manufactured from resin enhanced with supplementary toughening & molded into a thickset base. Consisting of a muscular design immune from decay to survive damp conditions meanwhile resilient to heavy duty storage pressures associated with wheeling in weighty lawnmowers and driving in on a mobility scooter.

The floor interlocks with the walls resulting in a true built-in scenario leaving no admittance for outside debris wafting through crevices nor rainfall puddling the shed floor, the downfall of floor-less metal sheds requiring thick beads of sealant to overcome gaps. Rather a clean internal environment is maintained through this built-in feature, accomplishing thumbs up through feedback, including ourselves.

It’s important to note however, the floor’s hard-wearing ability is wholly subject to situating on solid level ground, discussed in the Assembly section below.

Presented at certain areas within the floor are notches for the advisory measure of driving anchor bolts into the substrate below. Securing the shed this way increases wind resistance levels furthermore to eliminating future problems regarding the sheds stance when subject to windy weather.

Keter Factor 8 x 6 Garden Shed

Inside’s Bright, Fresh & Comfortable

Internal dimensions relating to Factor’s 8 x 6 ft volume are presented below however there’s upwards of 2 metres internal height providing oceans of headroom enabling an adult to move around at ease without bending over, as represented in the images.

This facility is ideal for accommodating long handled gardening tools and extendable ladders owing to the elevated height besides sheltering an abundance of outdoor gear such as gardening equipment, plants & lawn supplies, patio furnishings & accessories and BBQ gear. Furthermore, tidying up kids toys scattering the garden can be accomplished in a flash.

Factor 8 x 6 ft Resin Shed

In excess of 2 metres internal headroom

Other popular services include a roomy potting shed, a place to park bikes and weighty lawnmowers whilst many have chosen this model for storing their mobility scooter as the 8 ft width enables easy accessibility besides the advantage of holding additional storage.

Included with this unit regards 2 shelves & shelf supports catering to store lighter items. The extra width span however caters for the installation of stand-alone shelving on either side, increasing storage options towards the ceiling, it’s wide enough. This was our preferred option in accommodating an abundance of heavy storage.

Embracing safety, the window plus the full length translucent roof strip embedded within the apex illumines daylight to prevent rummaging around in the dark meanwhile integrated air vents situated front and back generate a throughput of outside freshness to constantly distribute the internals, overcoming clamminess in humid conditions.

We’re impressed with the air vents, their design keeps storage well preserved.

Keter Factor 8 x 6 Shed

Wide Lockable Twin Door Entry

The doors polypropylene manufacture exhibits a taupe tinge, stylishly formed to represent the characteristics of wood panelling, harbouring fine details of wood grain crafted within resulting in a pleasant display, not too flash however the backbone of the composition constitutes weather-resistant armoury to combat decay.

Wide robust twin arched doors generate a dual entry system delivering adult height & broad access into Factor’s 8 ft width sheds, opening all the way back they provide easy access when carrying or wheeling in heavy storage.

A sturdy handle enables easy admittance, a padlock clasp assures locking up meanwhile precluding winds swinging the left door regards the use of sliding internal door latches, a desirable feature.

Factor 8 x 6 Measurements

Keter Factor 8 x 6 Measurements

Keter Factor 8x6 Measurements

Low Maintenance Advantages

Withstanding peeling, rusting and rotting problems, Factor sheds replace repetitive re-coats of varnish, wood-stain & paint notwithstanding sidestepping up & coming re-roofing projects with an effortless wash down, there’s simply no conservation hassles associated with this kind of manufacture.

The only upkeep required to maintain the attractive appearance involves a light spray-hose down or scrubbed with a soft brush when the dirt becomes ingrained, job done in minutes.

If stubborn marks become hard to shift, household detergent or white vinegar works fab meanwhile a soft brush is a useful aid in dislodging ingrained muck. We find this a great solution, bringing the shed back to it’s pristine condition again.

Refrain from using anything too abrasive however, the likes of scrub-buds may mark the surface.

Maintenance Duties of the Keter Factor 8 x 6 ft Shed

Simplified Shed Assembly

The obligatory rule disregarding the choice of style concerns the fundamentals of preparing a solid level substrate for the foundations. Preparing either a level asphalt, wood or concrete base regards the one-stop solution to accomplish the perfect plastic shed construction:

  • Levelled ground facilitates a straightforward assembly, aiding easy alignment of the panels especially when constructing the roof.
  • A level base assures the shed’s vertical stance, ensuring the walls receive an equal amount of force imposed upon them by the roofs weight, preventing leaning pressures.
  • A vertical stance aids the doors plumb alignment and determines a true swing.
  • A solid, level, flat base determines the floor survives challenging pressures engendered by heavy duty storage and wheeling in weighty equipment.

Once the foundation stipulations are adhered to and the shed is constructed, best practice is to apply firm anchorage.

Factor 8 x 6 Straightforward Assembly

When the shed is delivered check all the parts for any defaults before rolling. We took some great advice and got all the parts out, placed in order according to the instruction steps prior to the build. Believe me, being organised aids a quick assembly, a great tip.

Refrain from building on a windy day, this can make constructing rather difficult. Factor’s 8 x 6 requires two people to assemble using common household tools.

Work out before construction which side the window is to face, then simply implement your way through the step by step instructions. There’s a few jobs that can be done prior to assembly like fitting the door hardware, an option we took on-board to speed things up.

8 X 6 Assembly Instructions:

Feedback relays how much quicker these shed are to build nowadays owing to Keter’s fixing improvements. On the whole great feedback regarding the time it takes to build from those who prepared the correct foundations.

Keter Factor 8x6 Shed

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • Attractive neutral pastel beige shade enhances any garden
  • Excellent value compared with quality
  • Low maintenance – A wash down concludes
  • 8 x 6 footprint delivers plentiful storage options
  • Straightforward assembly with two people
  • Designed to withstand cracking & fading
  • Apex drainage roof structure
  • Choice of window placement
  • Lofty internal headroom
  • Weather-resistant and durable
  • Built-in floor sustains heavy duty storage
  • Integrated floor maintains a clean internal environment
  • Ventilation generates a fresh ambience
  • Window and Skylight deliver daylight
  • 10 years limited Factor warranty
  • Minimal duty to retain an immaculate appearance


  • Includes 2 shelves – Consider self-assembly free-standing shelves
  • Factor floors require the recommended solid foundations
  • Construction demands levelled ground
  • Deploy firm anchorage

Keter Factor 8x6 Shed

8 x 6 ft Low Maintenance Shed Competition

Competition is becoming pretty tough lately as a result of recognising the benefits weatherproof resin provides.

Shed Sizes: steps up the competition in a staircase of measurements, suchlike this variety:

Suncast Cascade BMS7790

Cascade’s delightful display:

Keter Oakland 7.5 x 7 ft

Oakland’s alluring rustic presence:

Lifetime 6411 - 8x7.5ft Shed

Lifetime’s immaculate appearance:

Keter Factor 8x6 ft

Factor’s inexpensive solution:

Final Verdict

Comparing price with quality – Factors present excellent value for money, a good looking shed, sturdy build quality with intentions to complement any garden.

Easy access, generous height plus an 8 ft width delivers first-rate advantages for endless storage solutions. Competition-wise, there’s a few resin sheds exhibiting more stylish designs entering the market at present however this does demand a higher price.

Waves of wonderful feedback received through reviews relate to Factor’s straightforward assembly, sturdy construction, storage services, competitive price and low maintenance qualities.

View Factor 8 x 6 ft Shed Prices

Factor 8x6 10 Year Warranty


Thanks for inspecting Factor’s inexpensive plastic sheds 8 x 6 ft.

Any resin outdoor storage sheds queries or favourites, please share below.

So long,


Please share Factor’s 8 x 6. Thank you!



  1. Gary

    I was wondering if you could advise the wall thickness of the panels for the 6×8 ft Keter Factor Gaden Shed, as I am looking to purchase one, and want to make sure it is not too flimsy.

    • Hi Gary,
      the wall thickness on Keter sheds isn’t all that thick, it’s double-skinned and ribbed but unlike a wooden shed, you will find the walls bow if you put heavy objects against the shed walls – Keter advice against this.
      Best advice is to visit your local hardware store and check out Keter’s horizontal sheds (many stores have these in stock) – the walls on the walk-in sheds are similar – you may be looking for something more robust.
      I personally like the maintenance-free feature of the resin design because a simple hose-down makes them look pristine again, but they aren’t as robust.
      Hope this helps,

  2. Pam

    Thanks for doing this review, I was looking for sheds for my daughter who wants a craft room. These seem like a quick alternative to building your own wood shed. Do you happen to know what the wind rating is? Sometimes we can get gusts to 50-60 mph here. Is this shed sturdy enough to withstand heavy winds? I understand it would have to be secured but will it hold together at high winds? Thank You

    • Simon

      Hi Pam,

      Thanks for dropping by to ask your valid question regarding wind resistance levels.

      The wind resistance levels are roughly 50-60 mph, some are slightly higher. All resin and metal sheds are pretty much the same however this test is not subject to securing the floor down.

      Upon constructing the shed it’s paramount to anchor the flooring down onto the solid substrate below, there’s a series of anchor indentation placements within the resin floor, screws conditional to the foundation material, either wood or the concrete variety are required.

      Once anchorage has taken place, this increases the sheds resistance levels many fold.

      We have a Factor shed and have secured it down onto the solid substrate underneath the floor. Ours has survived many bad storms without a hitch over in the UK, in contrast to one of our neighbours metal sheds which was going to be secured one day but after a storm hit our area it ended up down the garden. Unfortunately that suffered bad dents after been thrown about. It has since been anchored and survived the storms to date.

      Hope this reiterates the importance of anchoring on solid level foundations. Levelling also determines the roof weight applies an equal amount of force to all shed sides thus prevents leaning pressures.

      Hope this helps Pam, thanks again for your question,


  3. Don Herman

    Hey Simon, great, thorough article! Answered pretty much every question I had. I had never seriously considered a non-wood shed, thinking they couldn’t possibly be very sturdy, but looking at this model I see I could be wrong. I was wondering though – I need this for my mountain home in Colorado – around 9500 ft. elevation. So lots of SNOW in winter, and brutal UV sun in the summer. Can it hold up in that extreme weather?

    • Simon

      Hi Don,

      Thanks for reading about Factor’s Plastic sheds 8 x 6 ft in size.

      To be honest I can only provide genuine answers to how a resin manufactured shed has suited our circumstances.

      We were fed up with restoring our last wooden shed due to yearly wood-rot and decay, we thought we would make the switch towards a resin composition due to time restraints regarding maintenance. All resin sheds require is a swift hose down to replenish the shine, suits us down to the ground.

      We live in the UK, although we are not subject to severe winters and red hot summers we do get more than our fair share of rainfall over here, leading to the demise in our last wooden facility, over-time they seem to have an inability to survive constant damp conditions.

      We live in a semi exposed area and our resin shed has stood up to rain, wind and storms without problems, whilst properties around us have lost roof tiles, suffered damage, trees fallen down and neighbours sheds flown down the garden.

      The imperative measure is to construct them on solid and level foundations and anchor them down into the ground further increasing wind resistance levels thus enhancing additional support as described in the Assembly section. I have heard of people who live in exposed parts of the world place a paving slab in each corner of the shed to further increase stability and provide extra peace of mind.

      There are stronger dual panelled resin sheds like Lifetime’s heavy duty, high density polyethylene plastic sheds which are probably the biggest selling range of sheds in the USA, then there is Keter’s Oakland shed, manufactured with a stronger composition and described by Keter as very strong sheds. Both links around this size are presented with images before I finalise the review.

      Another popular stronger shed regards Keter’s Fusion sheds, combining wood with resin providing traditional looks with durability. This shed regards 7.5 x 7 ft dimensions:

      Hope this helps Don, thanks again for reading and good luck with your decision,


  4. Emmally

    Wow! What a brilliant article! My husband and I talk about getting a garden shed all the time but I’ve never thought of getting a plastic one. We’ve always talked about him building one. I guess I thought plastic would be kind of ugly looking but this one doesn’t seem to be at all. I like the way it looks. Thanks for all the info!

    • Simon

      Hi Emmally,

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

      Yeah, garden sheds serve the purpose of clearing out all your outdoor gear from the home and garage creating more room indoors. They really are a useful storage solution for the garden.

      There’s all sorts of new quality resin shed designs entering onto the market lately due to many people preferring the hassle free route of low maintenance compared with yearly repainting and revarnishing not to forget re-roofing either.

      These weather-resistant plastic sheds only require a pressure wash down when the grime appears and it’s back looking new again in minutes hence the growing demand.

      Take a look at shed ranges below to see some of the new styles hitting the market, they’re sure to impress:

      Thanks again for dropping by and good luck choosing and building,


  5. Matt's Mom

    Every time I revisit your website, I find new and better sheds! Summer is almost here so I will be wanting one. I am in the process of moving though, from Texas to Florida and selling my home. I am going to revisit your site once I am situated, and determine which one I need. Is there a better shed material that is best for humid weather? Can you recommend one?

    • Simon

      Hi Matt’s Mom,

      Thanks for calling in and reading about the Factor 8 x 6 ft Shed.

      Moving from Texas to Florida, fantastic. Hope all goes well, it takes some organising but it’s worth all the hassle. We did this about 18 months ago, so I understand the upheaval.

      All these sheds reviewed on this website are manufactured from either polypropylene of polyethylene resin which have been technically advanced to resist cracking and fading in the sun and all these sheds contain built-in ventilation designed to allow fresh air to circulate around inside and get rid of any sweaty atmosphere.

      Only the Lifetime models to what I have reviewed so far have windows that open half way if this may sway your decision. Lifetime are well established and huge in America and purposely design their sheds to cope with all weathers from red hot sun to snowy climates.

      Take a look here:

      Then scroll down to the see the ranges of all sheds reviewed so far, the size is indicated, select the image for a full review.

      Hope this helps and good luck with your move,


  6. Leroy

    The shed looks very nice. I like the swing doors much better and the sliding ones typical on metal sheds. Also the sky lights are a very nice feature.

    While the metal sheds are cheep they seem to only last 10 years are so before rusting out and needing to be replace. I have gone through one and am starting to look at replacing the next one. I am thinking this plastic one would last a lot longer.


    • Simon

      Hi Leroy,

      Thanks for calling in and dropping a comment.

      These Factor sheds are very popular as they are competitively priced fitting most peoples budgets.

      Swing doors provide much better access than sliding doors, I agree. The skylights are a great feature to brighten up any shed as daylight is allowed to flood in so you’re not rummaging around in the dark having a hemmed in feeling plus you have the window in the wall too which you can put on either side dependant on your situation.

      Yeah, wood rots and metal rusts, the reason plastic sheds are becoming ever so popular as the only maintenance required is a quick wash down every now and again when dirty. No more future re-painting, re-staining and re-roofing duties and the hassle this represents.

      There are some vinyl coated metal sheds on the market which have overcome the rusting problems yet most do not come with a built-in floor and not all are swing doors either, you maybe interested in having a look at the various new metal sheds on the market too.

      Thanks again Leroy,


  7. Marlene

    These sheds are absolutely awesome. Got to get me one for the back yard too. One for tools and garden stuff, and maybe one for the kids stuff.

    My decision is made, I know exactly what I want. This one is just perfect, the Keter Factor 8 x 6 Shed. I’ll have to get two of these.

    Thank you for your awesome review and recommendation.

    • Simon

      Hi Marlene,

      Factor sheds are such an ideal solution for all outdoor storage. Tools, garden equipment and kids toys will store to perfection in these sheds without any maintenance hassle.

      There are plenty of other sizes to choose from, it just depends on what size shed you are after and how much room you have. If you click on the ‘Read Review and Prices’ there are images of the 6 different size sheds within the Factor range. Hit the image and I have written a review for each one.

      Good luck with your decision and thanks again,


  8. jschicanha

    wow this is quite interesting because is this time of the year our country receive some shower and most of the asset use to be broken once the rain water hit them. with this valuable information i think i got the right information and a protective for my assets


    • Simon

      Hi Jose,

      Thanks for taking a look and reading.

      What I love about these is there such low maintenance too. Just a wash down when dirty is all that’s required.

      I’m over in the UK and these resin/plastic sheds are becoming ever so popular due to the fact so many wooden sheds are rotting through the winters. Many people are turning their attention towards the low maintenance variety nowadays.

      You are so right, assets need to be protected and this is what they are designed to do – Protect!

      Thanks again for showing your interest,


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