Plastic Sheds Outdoor Storage – Suncast’s Modern Twist

Providing a fashionable addition to any garden, having stoney coloured doors blending into the voguish vanilla facade furnishes this facility with trendsetting style.

Plastic Sheds Outdoor Storage

Suncast Cascade BMS7400

Couple the attractive Georgian style windows the doors behold with classic style handles provides a touch of tradition yet the modern twist comes into fruition through the resin manufacture providing durability and waterproof protection, a popular vote most desire.

If moving away from upkeep duties is priority, relishing to replace with an effortless hose-down whilst on the lookout for quality plastic sheds outdoor storage with low maintenance values, take a preview of this Suncast Cascade 7 x 4 ft shed.

Suncast Cascade 7 x 4 ft Shed

Feedback convinced me to write a review regarding this idyllic Cascade, mighty fine reviews I must say. Happy purchasers praise the quality construction, ease of build and attractive patio style finish this Cascade model delivers.

A solid modern looking build with a pretty stance, delivering waterproof essentials whilst resistant to weather decay serves the protective advantage for outdoor storage preservation against weather attack are the popular terms expressed through feedback.

Suncast Cascade BMS7400

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Manufacturer:  Suncast

Model:  Cascade BMS7400


Size:  7 ft x 4 ft

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Verdict:  Wonderful Reviews

Colour:  Vanilla / Stoney

Features of the Cascade Small Garden Shed

7 feet wide by 4 feet deep boasting a generous internal height prevents bangin your noggin, equating to approximately 171 cubic feet of storage space. Check the internal measurements below to make sure it serves your essentials.

Excellent Reviews

Excellent Reviews

Destined to complement any tight space provides an ideal size to fit on most patios, backyards and gardens without being over obstructive, rather adding a touch of classy chic with it’s modish presentation.

Perfect for storing a whole range of outdoor gear such as gardening equipment, tools, patio accessories, barbecue paraphernalia, kids toys, etc whilst the generous height makes it beneficial for installing free standing shelves, multiplying storage options further.

The design of the steep roof was my first attraction, delivering a perfect angle for efficient rainwater drainage. The windows in the doors allow daylight to flood in whilst integrated ventilation removes any sweaty atmosphere plastic sheds had years ago, replacing with fresh air circulation designed for internal preservation.

The resin floor is built-in maintaining a debris-free internal environment, the walls are manufactured from durable blow molded resin whilst the structure is topped off with shingle style waterproof resin roof panels, reinforced around a metal infrastructure for added strength.

Two shed sizes complete the Cascade range. The 7 x 7 ft is the larger model. Tap the image for the shed review:

Suncast Cascade BMS7790

Suncast Cascade 7ft x 7ft

Shed Ranges:  A visual walkthrough regarding low maintenance shed ranges reviewed on this website. The shed image provides the link to the review.

Cascade 7 x 4 ft Prices:

Suncast Cascade BMS7400

Suncast Cascade BMS7400

Reviews Speak Volumes

It’s been a gratifying experience reading through reviews, the vast majority praise this Cascade model to distinction levels, wonderful feedback confirms this.

I bypass individuals who downgrade a shed to 1 start simply because it doesn’t fit their lawnmower. Please check internal dimensions below whether it will serve your storage requirements. One guy struggled lining the doors up correctly and another had problems with the roof but this maybe down to the foundation requirements.

Whenever constructing a resin style shed, the priority to accomplish delivering an easy assembly resulting with a well grounded shed is to ensure the foundations are solid and level. The correct procedure requires preparing a level wood or concrete base.

Initially we were oblivious to this foundation rule due to sales sites failing to mention however we thought we’d better comply as this stipulation headlined the instructions. It’s worth taking note to administer a straightforward construction.

Level footings serve to aid assembly due to the panels aligning plumb whilst a solid base ensures the built-in floor performs to the description, able to cope with heavy duty demanding storage pressure. The importance of this rule becomes apparent upon constructing.

Cascade 7 x 4 ft Low Maintenance Shed

Cascade 7 x 4 ft Low Maintenance Shed

Top tips from a few is to assemble the facade centre panel at the back first followed by the sides. The panels slide into one another however assembling in this order makes the opposite corners snap into place so much easier.

Inserting the center screw into the door windows first makes aligning the windows a snip. Unfortunately these alignment directions are mentioned too late on in the instructions whereas they should be mentioned at the beginning.

Apart from the odd niggle, the instructions seem very straightforward yet there are a lot of screws, unfortunately these are essential to provide a sturdy structure. Some have constructed in 3-4 hours whereas others have taken half a day – Who cares, take your time and make a good job.

Overall, fabulous feedback received resulting in a sturdy, low maintenance and weather resistant storage solution boasting a modern attractive design.

Expert Assembly is now offered in the USA

Suncast Cascade Prices:

Video – Suncast Sheds

A promotional video of the Suncast Sutton shed – The same principles apply to this Cascade model.

The Cascades Sturdy Composition

The manufacture of the walls incorporates the wonders of resin. Blow moulded technology is Suncast’s blueprint where the wall panels are molded into a double walled construction providing overall strength and durability standards.

The roof is reinforced with metal beams whilst designed into an attractive shingle style topping representing a tiled effect however the manufactured resin sheets are blown into a dual wall conformation providing strength and stability, built to survive the ever changing weather.

The floor is heavy duty yet wholly dependant on the solid level foundations prepared. Manufactured into a thick resin bed whilst purposely designed with added toughening provides the advantage to serve challenging use like rolling in lawnmowers and harboring weighty equipment.

The doors composition is identical to the facade’s, blow molded into a durable double skin whilst finished off with high calibre metal hardware providing a quality entrance.

Cascade's sturdy attractive walls

Cascade’s sturdy attractive walls

Suncast’s Resin Facade

The facade is manufactured out of blow moulded resin, molded into a double walled composition providing a sturdy overall structure once assembled. The wall panels adjoin together through their interlocking mechanism and secure through Suncast’s Easy Bolt assembly process.

The manufacturing process adds the vanilla shade and molds the resin into a well presented wood panelling effect harboring fine details of wood grain running through, producing an effortless blend in relation to the stoney coloured doors.

Waterproof and durable trumpets Cascades construction whilst the resin surface is specifically designed for easy cleaning. Maintaining a spotless appearance simply requires a light pressure hose down.

Adding to these wondrous advantages however lies the huge bonus, this resin makeup is unsusceptible to weather decay requiring no future ongoing upkeep duties and associated hassles this can entail.

Cascades Sturdy Construction

Cascades Sturdy Construction

The Cascade’s Roof

For me, Suncast probably incorporate the best roof design regarding the markets competition of resin sheds. It’s well angled and very steep ensuring effective rainwater drainage, delivering an immediate rainfall escape route.

Cascade's well designed roof

Cascade’s well designed roof

The roof is manufactured from resin, blow molded into a thick resin based topping displaying an attractive tile effect described as shingle style. Supplied in sheet form, they interlock and secure with screws around the steel infrastructure and the walls.

The roof protrudes adequately beyond the shed walls creating eaves, an advantage preventing rainfall puddling and entering into the shed where the roof adjoins the walls.

Cascade roofs represent no future re-roofing unlike disintegrating roofing felt succumbs to. Resin provides defence against weather attack, it’s waterproof, durable and resistant to decay whilst a pressure hose is the only duty required to maintain the attractive appearance.

Suncast - Strengthened Roof Trusses

Suncast – Strengthened Roof Trusses

Heavy-Duty Built-In Floor

The floor is built-in to the shed providing a clean environment further increasing storage protection. The advantage regarding this built-in feature is the prevention of debris blowing inside the shed at the base of the walls and pests entering looking for shelter.

Moulded resin sheets make up the floor’s footprint designed into a thick hefty base, adjoining to the walls providing an enclosed unit. We’re impressed with how clean the internal environment results with regards to this feature.

Purposely toughened to survive heavy duty pressures, storage of heavy items is no problem for Suncast sheds. Although you won’t be driving into a shed this size on a sit-on-mower, the floor can cope. Hopefully providing the information how tough this floor is.

These hard-wearing credentials however will only suffice if the shed sits on a solid level surface such as wood, paving slabs or a concrete base.

Embedded within the floor are anchor points for the advisory measure of securing the shed down into the foundations. Anchor screws are not supplied as the type required is dependant on the foundation material.

Suncast's Hard-Wearing Floors

Suncast’s Hard-Wearing Floors

Inside the BMS7400

Walk inside the approximate 7 ft width and 4 ft depth (Check the exact internal measurements further down the page) and you’re presented with an excellent internal height due to the well structured steep roof design preventing that hemmed in feeling.

Although the width is only 4 ft you can make use of the generous internal height equating to 171 cubic feet of storage capacity. Incorporating stand-alone shelving provides the advantage of increasing storage options, it’s surprising what a shed this size is capable of storing.

Additional shelving, hook, basket and lof kit can be purchased separately or choose the previous option that’s able to store weighty items.

Windows in the door allow natural light to flood in whilst ventilation provides the shed with the huge advantage of allowing fresh air to circulate around the shed. Gone are the days of that sweaty atmosphere yesterdays plastic sheds harbored, this unit provides fresh air to keep storage in prime condition.

Suncast Doors

Suncast twin doors allow for excellent access into their sheds. A wide and robust structure made from weather-resistant resin, molded to represent wood panelling displayed in a stoney shade whilst finished off with the delightful appearance of Georgian style curvature windows.

Combining the same waterproof and easy clean advantages the walls and roof possess. Once opened with a step inside, the entire storage collection is obtainable within arms reach.

This image below is taken from the identical Suncast Sutton shed. Brown doors instead of the attractive stoney appearance the Cascade doors possess.

Three metal hinges in each door provide a quality opening and closure whilst windows in the door allow for an abundance of light to enter into the facility.

Suncast Hinges - A Quality Opening and Closure

Suncast Hinges – A Quality Opening and Closure

Two latches are in place to keep one door closed. One at the top and one at the bottom. No problems for windy days here:

Suncast Door Latches

Suncast Cascade Door Latches

Two traditional style handles allow the opening and closure, a through bolt ensures they stay closed whilst a built-in clasp at the base of the handles provides the use of a padlock. A padlock is not supplied:

Pad-Lockable Doors with Traditional Style Handles

Pad-Lockable Doors with Traditional Style Handles

Suncast – Low Maintenance Credentials

Low maintenance is Suncast’s delivery, accomplishing with remarkable style.

A quick wash down when mucky is the only upkeep duties Suncast sheds are blessed with. A light hose down is the prefered option for most to bring the shed back to the pristine condition, the day it was built.

Suncast recommend multi-purpose cleaners such as Simple Green, 409 and Fantastic, many opt for a couple of cups of white vinegar into a bucket of hot soapy water and wipe away any ingrained marks that’s hard to budge with a soft brush, works great for us. Refrain from using abrasive cleaners however as you don’t want to scratch this wonderful facade.

No more expense, no more re-staining, no more peeling paint and re-varnishing rotting wood and no more future time associated with the hassle re-roofing jobs entail either. All these problems have been replaced with an effortless wash.

Suncast Cascade BMS7400 Measurements:

Suncast Cascade BMS7400 Measurements

Suncast Cascade BMS7400 Measurements

Suncast Cascade Shed Assembly

Prior to assembling a plastic shed it’s imperative the shed sits on a solid level surface. Wood or concrete are suitable foundations, make sure they are level. This can’t be emphasised enough where plastic sheds are concerned.

Obeying by the priority resin sheds rule will accomplish a fast efficient assembly due to the panels aligning plumb, the doors line up and the hard-wearing floor will serve as it’s designed for, heavy duty purposes.

Check delivery when receiving the shed for any missing or broken parts and get them replaced before assembly.

Top tip from all shed builders is to go through the instructions first and place all the parts in order to the assembly instructions. Believe me, the job goes so much smoother.

This shed requires two people to assemble and you will require room around the shed and a ladder for constructing the roof.

Suncast Cascade Easy Assembly

Suncast Cascade Easy Assembly

The premise of the build starts off constructing the floor and proceeds through the step by step instructions, working through the steps one at a time implementing what’s shown.

Suncast have developed an Easy Bolt Assembly for constructing their sheds where an Easy Bolt Tool is supplied for screwing the screws to secure the shed.

Once the shed is built it’s always advisable as the instructions say, to anchor the shed down into the solid foundations. You will have to purchase anchor screws dependant on your base material however the job is made easier as they have anchor points embedded within the floor.

The instructions are quite detailed and do contain plenty of helpful tips.

Assembly is now offered in the USA

Download a PDF of the Assembly Instructions here:

Suncast Cascade 7ft x 4ft

Suncast Cascade 7 x 4 ft

Pros and Cons of the Suncast Cascade BMS7400


  • Admirable reviews speak volumes
  • Attractive appearance to suit any surroundings
  • Low maintenance benefits galore
  • Excellent access
  • Weather-resistant and durable
  • Sturdy construction
  • Takes 2 people to accomplish an easy build
  • Good assembly instructions
  • Nice height inside at the peak
  • Superb peaked roof for drainage
  • Floor is toughened to survive demanding pressures
  • Built-in floor maintains a clean environment
  • Air vents allow for fresh air circulation
  • Easy to clean resin surface


  • Unable to screw into the walls
  • Optional extras for storage – Consider stand-alone shelving
  • Imperative the shed sits on a solid level base
  • Anchor the shed down into the foundations
Suncast Cascade BMS7400

Suncast Cascade BMS7400

Cascade 7 x 4 ft Competition

Competition has stepped up a gear recently where quality plastic sheds are concerned, they’re fast becoming the prefered option with their easy clean nature and resistance to weather decay.

Shed sizes is a visual page of low maintenance storage sheds represented in size order. The shed image is a link to the full review.

Heres a few in competition to this Cascade 7 x 4 ft size. Select the image to read the review:

Keter Fusion 754

Keter Fusion 7.5 x 4 ft

Suncast Tremont 8 x 4ft Shed

Suncast Tremont 8 x 4ft

Lifetime 8 x 5 ft Shed

Lifetime 8 ft x 5 ft

Suncast Cascade 7ft x 4ft

Suncast Cascade 7 x 4 ft

Final Verdict

Bags of character, admirable to the hilt with superb reviews takes this shed into the highest league of resin style sheds

Low maintenance benefits with any easy clean surface trumpet the advantages whilst the waterproof and weather-resistant construction protects storage to the max.

Sturdy construction, reinforced roof with its modish stylin’ attracts attention. Its a popular choice – there’s no doubt!

Suncast Cascade BMS7400 Shed

Suncast Cascade Prices:

Suncast Cascade Storage Solutions


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  1. Janice Bartneck

    I would like info on a shed.ASAP
    Janice Bartneck

  2. Janine

    Hi Simon,
    After much research for a storage shed we finally decided on either a Suncast Cascade or Suncast Tremont for our courtyard. We were very disappointed to find that you do not ship to Australia. Is there anyway around this?
    Kind regards,
    Janine (Perth Australia)

    • Hi Janine, to be honest I only concentrate on pointing visitors towards UK and USA prices due to the amount of upkeep work there is in making sure the sales links are still valid. I have many people in Canada and Europe presently saying the same after reading reviews but this website is solely written and maintained by myself therefore time’s rather restricted.

      There maybe an alternative solution with regards to imports, many sellers on the eBay platform offer shipping overseas, many of them offer this service as free shipping but they do all vary.
      This Suncast Shed link goes to the eBay platform displaying a selection of Cascade and Tremont sheds to which you could ask the seller whether they ship to your home in Perth.

      Hope this helps, good luck!

  3. Martin Kelly

    really like the look of your site its organized and easy to read provides pricing in both UK and USA. I currently have a big wood shed I wonder if plastic goes to 9×12 feet ? Anyway they are reasonably priced and would seem to last a lifetime and no painting thank you for providing this insight very interesting site thanks .

    • Simon

      Hi Martin,

      The largest plastic sheds I have reviewed so far are the Keter Factor 8 x 11ft:

      Then there’s the Keter Oakland 7.5 x 11ft Shed with it’s sublime silvery-grey facade. This is the first resin shed designed with paintable resin allowing you to add a splash of colour to your surroundings:

      Yes I agree with the low maintenance values this type deliver where upkeep time is of prime importance. A wash down is all these sheds require to bring them back looking new again. Reasonably priced too in comparable to the wooden variety.

      Thanks again for stopping by Martin,


  4. Emma

    Thanks for the great in-depth review of Suncasts plastic sheds.
    They definitely might be what I’m looking for to store things on my back patio.
    One question though, the review says they have weather proof tendencies but will they stand up to torrential rain and keep everything dry inside?

    • Simon

      Hi Emma,

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

      This Suncast model is the right size for most patios and it’s surprising what this facility can hold if you opt for stand alone shelving as you will be able to store all your patio accessories and gardening equipment etc all the way up to the ceiling.

      It’s completely weatherproof, resin is impermeable and waterproof to the max with the added benefit of nothing rotting and decaying and not having to re-stain and re-roof in future years.

      This will keep the rain out no matter how much of a downpoor you get. This has the best steep roof in my view out of all the reviews so far so there’s no chance of water puddling up above as the angle forces rainfall to run off straight away.

      Hope this helps Emma and thanks again,


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