Plastic Wheelie Bin Store

Disposing refuse inside a plastic wheelie bin store enhances eye-appeal to a home-yard’s surroundings, aids to organise & conceal the displeasing showcase of trash bins overflowing waste meanwhile assists in benefiting a neighbourhood by improving the vicinity.

Plastic Wheelie Bin StorageModern techniques of designing plastic into substantial constructions constituting a weatherproof makeup conducive to an easily accomplished cleanse is pivotal for waste services.

Come to think about it, a similar configuration to which wheelie bins are composed suffice for this type of storage unit’s composition, robust whilst effortless to wash is fundamental. Furthermore however, newfangled molding techniques flaunt innovative creations nowadays, exhibiting admirable eye-appeal to the exterior.

All wheelie bin dimensions vary, this obviously depends upon their 120L, 240L or 360L (to name a few) capacities. None of the Councils / Authorities seem to be alike in the size of refuse bins they provide to homes. Likewise the measurements of storage units differ too. That being said, the best solution to ascertain yours fit in is to line them up & measure, then compare with the internal dimensions of the storehouse.

Unreeling the garden hose to expeditiously shower down a resin facility-store regards the pleasant duty I’ve assigned myself to on a Summer’s eve alongside giving the plants a drink. My technique involves adjusting the shower-head nozzle to generate rapid water pressure and voila, job’s completed at lightening pace.

This assortment of trash-bin stores embrace built-in floors which engage through an interlocking method with the walls delivering encasement. The floors regarding some of the budget range have a less sturdy composition however irrespective of how thickset the manufacture is, it’s paramount to station on solid ground for the make-up to sustain wheeling-in stresses. Decking, paving, concrete or asphalt suchlike tarmac laid level provides exemplary base foundations.

Plastic Wheelie Bin Storage

Great Value – Store-It-Out Max

The Store-It-Out Max is undeniably the most popular waste-bin store, prevalent globally on account of its low budget price and storage versatility. Although not composed of the most sturdy of constructions, the attractive presentation serves the process of concealing waste-bins from view.

Store-It-Out MaxWith internal measurements stretching a width of 123 cm by a depth of 76 cm and a 110 cm height, two 240 L trash bins are able to wheel inside.

Constituting a weatherproof UV stabilised polypropylene manufacture, comprising a medley of stability ridges on the inner-skin for robustness whereas the outer-layer displays a resemblance to a wooden container. Stylishly molded wood-grain panels exhibiting a beige tinge arrange horizontally across the facade & vertically along the doors.

Upon closure, the lid overlaps the walls & delivers a slight incline for drainage, aided by a grooved surface. Two hydraulic pistons automatically open the lid forced by the gas pressure once the lid starts to open.

Included for wheelie bin refuse services regards a chain bin opening kit, attaching each rubbish bin lid to Max’s lid. Once the Max lid swigs ajar it automatically opens all bin-lids simultaneously delivering hands-free waste disposal.

An entrance threshold eases wheeling the bins inside, the front twin doors are able to remain closed & locked leaving the lid fully operational. A three-way door closure is determined by a through-bolt comprising a padlock clasp to secure meanwhile a step-on lock additionally functions access for the front two doors.

An approximate 25 minutes assembly constructs into this well favoured inexpensive ‘close-to-zero-maintenance’ weather-resistant trash bin store.

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This video demonstrates the features & displays the dimensions:


Plastic Wheelie Bin Storage - Store-It-Out Max

Grande-Store Entices Rustic Appeal

Exhibiting the pinnacle of style expressed through silvery weathered charm presents Keter’s Grande-Store. An array of Duotech™ storage solutions spanning from the smallest patio store up an 11 feet summerhouse have lately commenced rolling onto the weatherproof storehouse market, including this versatile facility designed for sheltering trash bins behind closed doors.

Duotech Grande-StoreImproving stability enriched through a reinforced double skin enhances into a stalwart construction. Weatherproof polypropylene regards the base ingredient to prevent decay, furthermore UV protection delivers a sunburn shield whilst a resin talc addition delivers an acrylic water-based paintable surface enabling to brighten-up the home-yard with your own personal creation.

The Duotech™ page further describes the steel reinforced composition & manufactures advantages in addition to presenting what delightful appearances can be achieved, exhibiting the High-Store.

The Grande-Store doesn’t just exhibit authentic weathered looks, the feeling of textured grain transpires to the touch exuding splendour. Despite being adaptable for umpteen storage services, turning the Grande-Store into a recycling station has the capacity to accommodate three 240L wheelie bins or two of those ginormous 360L trash cans.

A slanting threshold assists wheeling bins inside whereupon twin doors provide closure, working independently from the lid. Two ventilation panels situate opposite each other incorporated within the top-side sections of the facade distribute a current of outside freshness to the interior, assisting to escape waste odours.

Hands-free garbage disposal is catered for as a result of an automatic lid opening system whereupon chains attach the refuse lids to the Grande-Store lid thereby simultaneously opening all lids together delivering a more hygienic method meanwhile assisting opening Grande-Store’s hefty lump of a lid is courtesy of two gas pressured hinges positioned either side.

A stainless steel latching system maintains the closed position, locked by virtue of a padlock. A basic assembly constructs meanwhile assuring confidence, 10 years of warranty cover delivers longevity approval.

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Plastic Wheelie Bin Storage - Grande-Store

Lifetime’s Rugged Horizontal Shed

Turning the High Density Polyethylene manufacture famed throughout Lifetime’s dominant walk-in sheds into a low profile design for positioning beneath the conventional 6 ft fence-line besides equalling the height of many window ledges has certainly been a well thought out design further to coinciding with today’s stricter regime of planning laws regarding the construction of large style sheds in many areas.

Lifetime Horizontal ShedWe know a few people who have sidestepped regulations in favour of locating a few low-height sheds. Constructing through a DIY-friendly clear-cut assembly process these smaller units can be up & running in a fraction of the time.

Occupying a 6 x 3 feet area caters for lodging two large wheelie trash cans besides serving additional ideas suchlike gardening gear, a dry log store, bike accommodation, etc, etc.

Lifetime’s polyethylene constitutes UV armoury to combat sunburn discolouration and fractures whilst their molding procedure produces a dual polyethylene lining embodying the advantages relating to sturdiness & resistant to dents notwithstanding this manufacture’s immunity from decay, delivering inside-out weather protection for all seasons.

Maintaining a dry interior flows through feedback exceptionally well courtesy of the lids overlap and curvature slanted roof however the lid must be lifted in order to operate the front doors. The top swings open to two stay-ajar positions, 45° & 90° angles determined by the spring hinges force. Besides lifting the lids bulky weight the springs tension also puts a stop to the lid slamming down and trapping hands.

Unfortunately this trash bin store is absent from including a chain lid-to-lid opening mechanism however everything else is in place to deliver sheltered accommodation. A choice of either a desert sand or tanned shade concludes this popular range.

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Lifetime Shed Measurements

Plastic Wheelie Bin Storage - Lifetime Horizontal Shed

Suncast’s Trash Bin Stow-Away

Favoured through an efficaciously quick method of construction, Suncast products are built virtue of a straightforward panel alignment, engaging through an interlocking procedure followed by driving in bespoke resin screws to accomplish a tight fasten. Satisfying the novice DIYer, the hex-style screwdriver is even provided, determining Suncast’s self-assembly friendly approach.

Suncast Stow-AwayStowaway’s internal 70 cu.ft volume caters for concealing two 96 Gallon wheelie garbage bins to which a sloping access verge assists in facilitating easygoing rolling-in duties.

Easy access is derived by twin front doors opening up the entirety of the breadth, functioned by two metal hinges. The lid-panel comprises one sheet which delivers a slight angle for effectual drainage whereas the floor is where assembly commences on account of the facade panels interlocking within the boundary edge.

The lid benefits waste services by working separately to the doors. Two auxiliary gas shock pistons use their pressure to assist opening the heftiness besides impeding the weight from crashing down on fingers.

Blow molding UV armoured polypropylene into multi-layer panels constitutes Suncast’s manner of manufacture. Not only does this steel reinforced makeup deliver a stout wrapping averse to dents, impervious polypropylene assures resistance to colour fade, fractures and the contamination of rot. Conversely, it’s a cinch to maintain.

A wooden effect construction exhibited in vanilla derives through the molding procedure for the walls whereas the roof resembles a smart slate appearance. A three-way padlock-able clasp closes the unit & assures locking up.

Stow-Away Dimensions

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Plastic Wheelie Bin Storage - Suncast Stow-Away

Palram’s Polycarbonate Strength

Palram’s wheelie bin shelter comprises a similar stature albeit absent from a lift-able lid. Likeness in design structure, the construction initiates from the floor panel upwards, enclosing the shed from outside by way of connecting the walls into the perimeter fringe.

Palram Wheelie Bin Store in BrownThere are however ambivalent uncertainties concerning this style of polycarbonate construction. Feedback suggests you either like ’em & cast a 5 star grade or loathe the make-up, downgrading to one star. Polycarbonate looks and feels insubstantial suchlike a flimsy wobble board that entails rather a burdensome assembly yet quite the opposite materialises once construction is complete.

Polycarbonate is as hard as nails owing to robust polymer bonding, you can knock the heck out of it meanwhile it refuses to break. Consensus derived through feedback appears to agree upon the finalised structure being rigid & robust owning to securing onto an aluminium framework. That been said, it’s extremely lightweight, suggestions highly advise to firmly anchor down.

All the UV protective weather-resistant benefits polypropylene & polyethylene comprise are embraced into polycarbonate besides the surface being effortless to uphold appearances by virtue of the garden hose, promoted as maintenance-free.

There’s no doubt if you can tolerate the initial assembly stages and feather-weight construction Palram’s innovative design delivers a sturdy structure at a low budget price however it’s worth comparing against the first review, Keter’s Store-It-Out Max.

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Palram Wheelie-Bin Store Measurements

Inspect the features of polycarbonate represented in Palram’s promotional 4 x 6 ft pent shed video:


Plastic Wheelie Bin Storage - Palram

Store-It-Out Ultra

Keter’s Store-It-Out Ultra steps up the voluminous capacity of the Max with capabilities for accommodating two jumbo 360L garbage cans or three junior 120L wheelie bins. Both stores have identical make-ups & features, merely their cubic measurements & lids differ owing to the Ultra’s increased footprint & flaunting a curvature top.

Store-it-Out UltraMy quandary is trying to assess whether the Ultra is worth double the value supposing the wheelie bins fit inside both stores. Personally I would opt for the savings of the Max due to more than satisfying the low budget price compared with quality but this is conditional to accommodation room.

What you have to realise is: although these units have realised global sales they represent the original resin construction therefore contain a more waver-able manufacture upon comparison to the new style of multi-layered designs Suncast, Lifetime and Duotech constitute however the latter command a heftier price.

I regard the Ultra as fair value however try and capture a bargain price to which we always try & point towards. Alternatively, it’s hard to knock the Max when evaluating bang for the buck, that’s for sure.

Twin doors access the breadth of the Ultra whereupon wheeling the bins inside is eased by the ramp threshold. Once inside this ventilated unit, the doors enclose the facility from outside as a result of the built-in base to which the wall sheets construct from, consequently creating a barrier from debris gaining entry.

Enabling a more hygienic method of emptying rubbish without touching the bins arises from attaching the included bin-opening chains from the bin lids to Ultra’s lid therefore facilitating simultaneous opening. The lid can be operated independently from the twin doors furthermore the Ultra caters for either a front door or a three-way locking system.

Ultra’s lid is one hefty wall-to-wall covering. Essentially incorporated to assist in lifting the weight locates two hydraulic pistons, functioning to generate an automatic opening system once the lid starts to agape, furthermore controlling the weight from bumping down averts accidents.

Durable reusable polypropylene amalgamates decay-resistance & sunburn defence advantages into the composition, internally the structural ridges are designed for stability in addition to the exterior surface being crafted into a look-alike of wood, tinged in beige.

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Store-It-Out Ultra Measurements

Plastic Wheelie Bin Storage - Store-It-Out Ultra

SimonThis concludes the assortment regarding choosing a plastic wheelie bin store for your home-yard, thanks for analysing.

Any related queries or favourites please ask & share below.

Until next time,


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  1. Juliet

    This is a great idea, I mean the wheelie bin storage. I have never seen anything like this. And it is plastic too. I have four wheelie bins behind my house. Is there a storage for four bins? Is this storage available here in Scotland? I saw a lawn mower in one of the photos, is that one made for the lawn mower or is the storage multipurpose?

    • Simon

      Hi Juliet,

      Thanks for visiting to read about these smart storage solutions for waste bins.

      These various styles of low profile storage solutions have a weatherproof plastic manufacture, similar to wheelie bins but obviously more stylish and thicker skinned. They offer a quick assembly and fit in confined spaces, furthermore they hide trash bins from sight.

      I haven’t come across a plastic manufacture able to accommodate 4 wheelie bins, I think the weight of the lid would be too heavy. I think the way round accommodating 4 bins would be to purchase two smaller units to fit two wheelie bins in each.

      Just check the prices to which you like the look of best and which accommodate your bin dimensions, they are mostly available in Scotland.

      Yeah, most lawnmowers fit in. All these facilities are multi-functional, some use them for gardening gear, a dry wood log store, BBQ & patio accessories, bikes, sporting equipment, toys, etc, etc, they a quite diverse.

      A friend of mine over in the America has opted for a few of this type of low profile design to escape planning regulations which are becoming more strict in many States regarding constructing large walk-in sheds. As he says, it allows you to split storage up, their unobtrusive stance fits below a fence-line plus they are a doddle to assemble notwithstanding their ease of maintenance, virtue of an expeditious wash.

      Hope this helps Juliet,

      Here’s some additional horizontal sheds to take a look at,


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