Resin Garden Storage Sheds

Keter’s state-of-the-art resin garden storage sheds upgrade sturdiness courtesy of double lined fascia panels secured to a steel infrastructure meanwhile enhance appearances by virtue of picturesque facades.

Their potent addition of polypropylene assures weather-resistance, resulting in a make-up – conservation-free.

Resin Garden Storage Sheds

Fusion and Oakland Resin Garden Storage Sheds

To the left; Fusion’s composite, mixes the richness of wood with the durability of polypropylene whereas to the right, Oakland’s silvery-weathered display combines resin talc with polypropylene producing a customizable composition, providing the option of keeping the rustic display as is or painting in your colour choice.

We purchased our resin shed way before these groundbreaking deigns entered the market. The difference it’s made with respect to sidestepping time served re-varnishing, servicing rotten panels and replacing disintegrated roofing felt has been well worth the exchange.

3 sheds currently complete Fusion’s range meanwhile Oakland’s Duotech™ composition has expanded across various outside storehouse solutions.

Firstly we”ll review the Fusion range, then follow on with Oakland’s. Apart from their manufacture, both designs embrace similar constructions & receive exceptional feedback.

Fusion Range of Sheds

Fusion Range of Sheds

Tradition Combines with Polypropylene 

Comprising 3 shed sizes, Fusion’s contain identical 7½ ft widths across their double door frontage, merely their depths vary. Starting from the most sublime patio shed accompanying a 4 ft depth, the medium extends a length of 7 feet whilst the largest commands a 9 ft expansion.

Fusion's Composite Wood-Resin Facade

Fusion’s Composite Wood-Resin Walls

Fusion’s innovative mix of wood & polypropylene combine together producing the deep tones of wood, backed with the imperishability of weatherproof resin delivering traditional looks that provide immunity from decay.

The composite is molded into two separate sheets joined together by a ribbed reinforced centre for increased rigidity producing double sided facade panels, described to withstand dents.

Supplementary UV protection stabilises the manufacture to overcome plastic’s inherent predicament concerning heat fractures and bleaching when afflicted upon by sunburn assault.

The wall panels constitute tongue & groove edging which streamlines assembly. Construction involves slotting the edges into place, aligning plumb and securing onto the steel framework with screws to determine stability.

Fusions wood-resin composite also produces a surface effortless to clean, virtue of squirting household detergent into warm water and scrubbing with a soft brush albeit many just hose them down when the grime appears.

Fusion 7½ x 4 ft Shed

Fusion 7.5 x 4 ft Shed

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Robust Roof Construction

Keter describe Fusions as substantial sheds, constituting a stronghold of reinforced roof support able to sustain 100 kg/sqm snow-loads.

Similar to the walls, the roof sheets are manufactured into twin-panel formation, comprise entirely of polypropylene and secure with screws onto the roof framework. The apex infrastructure for the two larger Fusions is undergirded by steel trusses, a series of steel beams spanning across their internal width.

A steep roof pitch prevents puddles & effectuates instant rainfall drainage besides reciprocating an elevated sweep of headroom expanse inside meanwhile the walls abutment underneath the roof-overlap overcomes internal leaks-in at the top of the walls.

The roof’s moulding procedure creates an impressive 3D slate impression, capping Fusions off to stylish effect however the real advantage lies within their rot-resistant polypropylene manufacture.

Unlike roofing felt’s rapid structural demise when subject to the elements of damp & heat, resin’s composition remains unaffected. Unsusceptible to decay eliminates time spent on future roof replacements.

Fusion 7½ x 7 ft Shed

Fusion 7.5 x 7 ft Shed

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Improved Features complementing a Radical Design

Avoiding the occurrence of condensation arising, brought on by humidity, triangular air vents incorporated into both font and rear apex peaks generate a constant throughput of air circulation. The creation of a fresh ambience dramatically improves the internal environment, enhancing storage preservation qualities.

Daylight basks the interior through the translucent skylight embedded full length across the the roof-ridge, supplemented by the stylish privacy of slimline rectangular windows situated in both the fascia and doors.

Double doors spanning the sheds width deliver extensive access whereupon a sloped entry threshold aids wheeling the lawnmower inside. Metal hinges and stylish handle operate a quality entrance meanwhile a stainless steel locking system secured by a padlock clasp enhances security measures.

Video – Why Choose a Fusion Shed?

Fusions integrate their base by interlocking the fascia panels into the floor’s perimeter which helps maintain a clean internal environment by blockading wafts of debris blowing through and rainwater puddles arising on the inside. The polypropylene manufacture creates a thickset grip-able bed, purposely toughened to sustain hefty storage pressures.

Comparing with standard resin manufactures, the unique advantage regarding a composite wood/resin mix regards the ability to screw into the fascia to secure hooks for hanging gardening tools against the walls. Furthermore the installation of shelving also presents a useful addition, albeit for lighter items.

The majority including ourselves install the popular free-standing shelves as a result of their strength in accommodating hefty storage high-up, these will exploit Fusion’s lofty internals too. Inside, the elevation’s a tad short of 2½ metres generating a spacious environment that escapes claustrophobic and bent-over feelings.

Fusion 7½ x 9 ft Shed

Fusion 7.5 x 9 ft Shed

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Streamlined Shed Assembly

Constructing both Fusions & Oaklands is efficient; aided by clear & concise assembly instructions that quickly build the tongue & groove fascia panels.

Adhering to the resin sheds foundation stipulations is essential to accomplish a quality build. The pivotal part relates to laying a perfectly level substrate of either decking, paving or concrete, including tarmac & asphalt to determine the sheds correct stationing. Solid & level foundations are a prerequisite to their build.

Level foundations deliver an efficient assembly as they provide straightforward plumb panel alignment. A vertical stance ensures the doors functional swing opens & closes precise meantime ascertains the roof weight applies uniform pressure across all sides to overcome leaning stresses.

A solid flat substrate delivers firm groundings for the floor to endure the strains of tractor stresses besides attaining unyielding anchorage. Anchor placements indented within the floor determine the locations for securing grounding bolts.

This detailed assembly video demonstrates how straightforward Fusion and Oakland sheds construct:

Fusion Shed Assembly

Oakland Walk-In Sheds

Oakland Sheds

Oakland sheds are born out of cutting-edge innovation, conducing a fully customizable resin make-up termed DUOTECH™.

Following impressive feedback, a series of various sized stores constituting the Duotech manufacture have recently been introduced, ranging from small to large patio stores, deck boxes, low profile designs up to these spacious Oaklands, including a My-Shed summerhouse.

Currently 3 models conclude the Oakland set. They all comprise an apex roof structure and equivalent frontage dimensions across their 7½ ft widths. The smallest incorporates a 7 ft depth, the medium extends 9 feet whilst topping the range off regards the 11 footer.

Innovative DUOTECH™ Design


Revolutionary Shed Composition

Oakland’s silvery appearance exhibits rustic style besides feeling weathered to the touch, courtesy of Duotech’s brushwood texture.

The walls display a vertical panelled presentation, engaging with the floor & roof they deliver encasement for the purpose of maintaining a clean interior meanwhile construction stability is assured by securing each panel onto Oakland’s steel infrastructure.

Brushwood Feel

Brushwood Feel

Duotech’s unique manufacture combines polypropylene with silver pigments & a resin talc formula, accomplishing a paintable surface. This innovative mix additionally undergoes UV stabilising to armour the manufacture against the harmful effects of sunburn, such as bleaching & fractures.

Each fascia sheet is formed with tongue & groove edging to ease assembly meanwhile rigidity is produced by molding two sheets & connecting them together by a corrugated internal structure, enabling the composition to suffer knocks without falling victim to dents.

The durability produced by Duotech™ is ever-enduring. Constituting recyclable thermoplastics encase Oaklands with weather-resistance, therefore it’s not susceptible to rotting when subject to damp conditions.

Besides producing this weatherproof shield, Oakland’s provide a casual cleaning procedure. A swift shower down with the garden-hose or a soft brush & scrub rapidly cleanses to uphold appearances.

Oakland 7½ x 7 ft Shed

Oakland 7.5 x 7 ft Shed

View Oakland Shed Prices

Strengthened Apex Roof Construction

Similar to Fusion’s design, Oaklands have intensified the roof strength with a reinforced top, able to accommodate significant snow-loads.

The steep inclining apex returns in-excess of 2 metres height inside, replacing any notion of feeling hemmed-in, enabling an adult to freely roam around without bending over nor receiving a crack to the nut meanwhile outside, the steepness of the gradient effectuates prompt rainfall drainage, vanishing puddles before they evolve.

Each roof-sheet secures onto the apex framework whereby additional support is undergirded by steel trusses spanning the roof rafters. Extending beyond the wall’s fascia, the roof overlap puts an end to rainfall seeping-in at their connection.

A twinned lining of impermeable polypropylene constitutes the roof manufacture further to craftily molding a guise of elegant slate-tiling onto the exterior side, crowning Oaklands off with classy looks.

Unlike roofing felt’s inability to survive the weather-elements & require replacing; polypropylene’s imperishable composition continues on unaffected therefore escapes re-roofing projects, hence the gaining popularity of a resin manufacture.

Oakland 7½ x 9 ft Shed

Oakland 7.5 x 9 ft Shed

View Oakland Shed Prices

Impressive Finishing Touches

Incorporating the entire length of apex ridge lies a translucent roof-light to accompany the attractive Victorian style windows in generating daylight to the interior, however, unlike Fusion sheds above, Oaklands to not integrate ventilation panels above the doors. Most sales sites wrongly advertise their presence.

The option of installing Oakland’s windows to either side is at the assemblers discretion therefore enables incorporating them into the best side that enhances daylight delivery, conditional to garden surroundings.

Video – Why Opt for an Oakland Shed?

Twin burly doors spanning towards the 7.5 ft width render broad access meanwhile an enhanced stainless steel locking system accompanied by a padlock clasp effectuates security. A quality handle operates the door mechanism whilst metal hinges function firm & precise door swings.

Oakland floors are integral, virtue of interlocking with the walls. A blend of supplementary toughening develops the resin into a thickset bed for the purpose of sustaining burdensome storage stresses, like the enduring tensions tractor mowers entail.

Oakland 7½ x 11 ft Shed

Oakland 7.5 x 11 ft Shed

View Oakland Shed Prices

Oakland’s New DUOTECH™ Design

DUOTECH™’s homepage describes their material’s customizable features including jigsawing sections out to incorporate additional windows and drilling into the fascia to install shelving & secure hooks for hanging, courtesy of using specially designed D-Clip™ wall anchors that attain a firm fix, delivering DIY convenience.

Oakland's DUOTECH™ Paintable Walls

Acrylic water-based paints associated with decorating kitchen & bathroom walls owing to their toughened wipe-able surface are advised for decorating Duotech™ fascia panels.

Colour choice is rainbow-vast in addition to gloss, semi gloss, light-shade or satin-wood finishes.

An extensive range of acrylic paints are available at most hardware stores nowadays – our local store mixes the paint while you wait. You’re able to brighten-up the garden’s landscape in your unique colour scheme.

A paintable surface is bound to fade over time stood outside however a re-coat can soon be administered as Oakland’s preparation only entails a wash-down & dry without any decay issues to deal with.

Many leave Oakland’s silvery rustic presentation the way it displays, others brighten-up the home-yard with artistic colour creations.

Would you leave Oaklands displaying their silvery charm or opt to paint?

Keter Oakland - Leave or Paint?

Recent Duotech Creations

My-Shed – 11 x 7½ ft

Create your unique personal summerhouse escape

My-Shed - 11 x 7.5 ft

View My-Shed Prices:

Artisan 7 x 7 ft Shed

Includes ventilation grids while a steel roof-bar robustly supports the roof

Artisan 7 x 7 ft Shed

View Artisan Shed Prices:

Resin Garden Storage Sheds


Hope these new styles of resin sheds captivated your interest.

Feel free to share your favourite resin storehouse design below including any Fusion or Duotech queries.

Until the next progressive garden shed review,


Please share these innovative designs. Thank you.



  1. Tucker

    Hi There!

    My girlfriend and I have been looking into a number of tiny home designs over the last several months. The idea of building one out of a prefabricated shed has come up more than once, so I found your article very useful.

    The sheds you’ve outlined here are a bit smaller than what we’d look for, but I certainly like the idea of the fusion design, especially as it pertains to keeping debris and rainwater out.

    Thanks for the informative article!

    • Simon

      Hi Tucker, I imagine converting a resin shed into a tiny home is wholly reliant on what climate you live in as there’s no insulation built into these designs, therefore not worth contemplating for the UK, where I’m from.

      Duotech’s My-Shed is a summerhouse design, built out of the same material as Oakland sheds and is fully customizable so you can jigsaw sections out to install electrics and extra windows, drill into the walls to incorporate shelving meantime hang tools & pictures on the walls. Moreover, you can paint the shed in your unique colour scheme both inside & out to accomplish a homely environment.

      Therefore Oaklands are for converting for summerhouse accommodation within a home-grounds but I have never thought of living in one.

      Both Oakland & Fusion designs are manufactured from composites comprising imperishable polypropylene as their main ingredient in order to conquer rot & corrosion setting-in and any type of weather-related decomposing meaning they’re fully armoured to combat damp settings, persistent rainfall, blazing sunshine and snowfall meantime carry-on enduring & unaltered throughout.

      Thanks again for messaging Tucker, all the best,


    • Thanks for reading about the advantages of Fusion & Oakland sheds. Not only are they stylish, their manufacture specifically defends against the demise of weather attack. Neither are affected by rot nor corrosion therefore last long term ever-enduring.
      Thanks again for calling in,

  2. Hi I am interested in the Oakland 7511
    To garage my Polaris ranger ev it’s 279x147x185 cm
    Can you tell me the door entry size height and width? Would it fit?

    • Hi Richard, the only place I can find detailing the exact door entry dimensions are from the Home-Depot website where they provide the specifications for the Oakland 7.5 x 9 ft shed. The 11 footer comprises identical width, just the length is different. Simply scroll down the page to where the specifications are.
      Hope this helps,

  3. Alex

    Wow! There are quite a lot of options out there for sheds. It is a bit overwhelming. All of these look nice, but I cannot decide which one to choose.

    For this reason, I have a question. If you had to choose your favorite shed, which one would it be? As an expert, you know more than me, so I would like to hear your thoughts.

    Thank you in advance and I hope you make it a great day!

    • Simon

      Hi Alex, thanks for reading about Fusion & Oakland’s innovation of resin garden storage sheds.

      There’s only two kinds of garden sheds displayed here, either Fusion or Oakland, both are available in 3 sizes.

      The choice is either the traditional richness of Fusion’s wood grain finish or Oakland’s silvery rustic exhibit which provides the choice of leaving the presentation the way it displays or painting the facade in your preferred colour shade.

      Personally I prefer the image Oakland’s exhibit however many prefer traditional appearances therefore opt for their size of Fusion. Both build qualities are very similar delivering reinforced strength to support snowfall, a makeup specifically designed to provide longevity against weather depreciation and are easy to clean.

      Choosing is really down to personal preferences and to what complements your garden settings.

      Good luck choosing Alex,


  4. Jacquie

    I’d definitely invest in one of these if I had the budget and the space. They look really nice, and the low maintenance is definitely a bonus.

    I wonder how they do in a move? Do they disassemble and reassemble fairly easily? Or is that a no-no if at all possible?

    • Simon

      Hi Jacquie,

      Thanks for reading about these new-age Fusion and Oakland range of resin garden storage sheds.

      Yeah, they are more expensive due to their recent arrival on the market along with their enhanced quality features, whether prices decrease as their popularity increases, only time will tell.

      Keter Factor sheds are a more reasonable yet extremely popular low maintenance storage solution worthy of a full inspection. A global best seller with feedback to match.

      As far as dismantling these sheds are concerned, this is something I have never tried however they are advertised with the ability to dismantle and reassemble. My view is that the quality of the screw fixings degenerate to some extent causing me to query whether they will reassemble as good as their first construction, not too sure.

      Thanks again Jacquie, hope this helps,



  5. Sonia

    I found a picture of the 11 Ft by 7.5F Oakland Shed. Where could I purchase this? I live in Iowa. Also, do these fade fast from the sun?

    • Hi Sonia,
      The only place I have found Oakland sheds for sale in America is via eBay.
      Here’s the link to the prices section – Choose USA:

      The polypropylene resin mix is UV stabilised to prevent cracking and fading in the sun.
      In the maintenance-free section on Keter’s Duotech page, they describe how maintenance-free Oakland sheds are. Here’s the link:

      Hope this helps Sonia. Good luck,

  6. Adam

    Hi, do these two newer ranges come with reinforced doors as compared to earlier models e.g. Factor?

    I have read a few comments and reviews which suggest the doors can be bent allowing them to be pooped open. What are your experiences?

    • Hi Adam,
      Thanks for reading about these Fusion and Oakland range of sheds.

      The doors have a double skinned lining rather than a flimsy single skin however they are not fully solid yet do contain a stainless steel locking system so they are in a higher league when comparing to the Factor sheds but they don’t have the same sturdiness as a solid thick wooden door.

      It’s imperative to note that when constructing a resin style shed, the end result including the sheds stance, door alignment and ease of assembly is all down to the preparation regarding the base its sat on. Foundations must be solid and level, this is key to a successful assembly.

      If you start constructing from solid level foundations it aids assembly because all the panels align plumb and due to the level base the doors line up correctly and with ease. Level footings ensure a vertical stance therefore equal pressures across all sides prevent leaning pressures which could also affect the doors alignment. Solid foundations enable the floor to serve and survive heavy duty demanding pressures.

      I find it sad that few sales websites mention the Solid Level Foundations ruling yet this headlines all instructions, it’s imperative to take note rather than skipping as it aids the doors aligning plumb and working correctly.

      The only disgruntled comment I have heard from a few who have constructed correctly is they wish the doors had a better handle and a better design in the way it fastens to the door.

      Hope this helps your query Adam and thanks again,

  7. Phil

    Hi there,
    These sheds look so amazing and I like the fact that they are also so versatile. We can position them in any location in our backgarden or front garden as well. I also like that fact that we can paint them any colour of our liking as well.Definitely a well thought-out solution for many a familys’ storage problems.

    • Simon

      Hi Phil,

      Thanks for calling in and reading.

      Yes there’s some very nice designs regarding resin sheds arriving on the market nowadays, becoming popular due to their low maintenance issues. A wash down when dirty is the only upkeep duties required.

      The Oakland range is the first resin style of shed that has been designed with paintable walls. This range is proving very popular leading to a whole host of different designs regarding all sizes of sheds and horizontal outdoor storage solutions, coming onto the market this year.

      I will be reviewing the various styles as they enter onto the market. Keep calling back in as I update this website regularly.

      Thanks again Phil and good luck with your decision,


  8. Mary

    Thank you so much for your quick response. I too prefer the Oakland model but wanted a second opinion from the shed expert 🙂 Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and helping me (and others) with an important decision.

    • Hi Mary,
      Pleasure helping you.

      Resin Sheds are a particular passion of mine having been through time consuming maintenance jobs with my last wooden shed I thought I’d have a complete change and try the plastic variety.

      I have to say it’s been my best decision for all our outdoor gear and it’s gotten rid of all those yearly upkeep duties.

      Thanks again Mary, all the best,

  9. Mary

    Hi Simon,

    Thank you for detail comparison between the two sheds. I’m struggling to decide which one to buy. If you had to pick one, would you please let me know which one you would pick and the reason?
    I’m trying to decide between Fusion 759 and Oakland 759. Thanks.
    Thanks again.

    • Hi Mary,
      Thanks for calling in and reading.
      Personally I prefer the Oakland range due to the silver-grey appearance and the added strength this range is designed with. I’m definitely more attracted to this model but everyone is different.

      It really depends whether you are wanting a more traditional look with the option for hanging tools as the Fusion range allows or the Oakland range has the advantages of being more supported with added strength to the roof plus the option of being able to paint the Facade if you wish to add a splash of colour to your surroundings.

      It really is a personal choice but I just prefer the Oakland style.

      Hope this helps and good luck with your decision,

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