Resin Patio Storage Boxes

Resin patio storage boxes epitomise outdoor summer living’s storage solutions in one fell swoop by shielding items outside the home replacing the hassles of finding spaces to accommodate indoors.

Resin Patio Storage Boxes

Suncast 50 Gallon Deck Box

Cupboard space is at a premium in our home, trying to find a suitable place to store those bulky outdoor furniture seating cushions became a nuisance however reading through the deck box benefits expressed in reviews we decided to purchase one to alleviate storage problems.

What a difference it’s made, not only generating space indoors, outside living has become so much easier. Cushions and accessories are protected outside on the patio during the summer months, in minutes the box is opened and the seating covers are wrapped across the outdoor furniture, hassles replaced by an effortless duty.

Deck boxes are becoming a productive addition to many home-yards, placed around the garden providing the handy service sheltering gardening tools and lawn supplies, situated on a patio serving necessities, located poolside accommodating swimming gear or pool chemicals, an essential accompaniment on a BBQ deck storing grilling utensils plus an ideal storage solution for tight spaces like on a small balcony.

This problem solver creates a superb toy storage operation generating swift tidy-ups once the lid is opened, both indoors and out. Situated inside the home their potential keeps growing, storing items from work tools to bed linen and sporting paraphernalia in between whilst hiding mucky boots in a hallway to organising games, magazines and books located in a conservatory. Their practicality is quite immense.

There’s been a dramatic increase in deck box purchases this last few years, their realisation becomes apparent once you see the potential one box delivers. It’s a common occurrence to notice an accumulation of this type of efficacious storage solution serving to distinction throughout homes nowadays.

Suncast 50 Gallon Deck Box Prices:

Suncast 50 Gallon Deck Box

Suncast 50 Gallon Deck Box

Suncast 50 Gallon Deck Box

Suncast’s 50 gallon deck box make-up regards a polypropylene resin manufacture to equip the composition with weather defence material. Polypropylene resists rust, rot and decay without succumbing to deterioration through denting, peeling and splintering, problems prone to their wooden and metal counterparts.

Through recent progressive technical developments polypropylene resin now contains protective elements to withstand bleaching and cracking in the sun, a dilemma yesteryear’s plastic constructions were quite likely to perish towards when exposed to hot climates.

Inclusive of these potent protection qualities, this long lasting resin manufacture only requires the undemanding duty of a rapid wash down to rejuvenate construction day’s appearance. A soft bristled brush or cloth dipped in warm water containing light detergent replenishes the shine in minutes.

Added to the resin mix during manufacture regards the sublime light taupe shade whilst molded to represent wood panelling provides chic styling to accentuate with the decor regarding most outdoor / indoor settings, delivering an admirable contribution for any patio.

50 Gallon Deck Box Prices:

Wood Panelling Effect in Light Taupe Shade

Wood Panelling Effect in Light Taupe Shade

Suncast 50 Gallon Deck Box Reviews

Reviews convey impeccable feedback regarding this medium sized storage facility. Purchasers admire the delectable wooden effect styling exhibited in taupe shade whilst the size accommodates most tight spots displaying neutral accents to coincide with most backgrounds.

A dry internal space suitable for preserving delicate items, a swift wash reinvigorates the spotless appearance whilst the sturdy build quality and quickest of assembly procedures captivates the interest. Construction time only takes 5 minutes without requiring tools – How cool is that.

Admirable Feedback regarding Suncast's 50 Gallon Storage Box

Admirable Feedback regarding Suncast’s 50 Gallon Storage Box

Suncast 50 Gallon Deck Box Receives Impeccable Feedback

Suncast’s 50 Gallon Storage Box Additional Features

Enclosing the deck box regards an overlapping lid preserving the contents inside however interlocking resin constructions such as this can’t be described as totally waterproof because if you fully immersed them in water they will leak but they are specifically designed to repel rainwater throughout adverse weather conditions whilst maintaining a dry and ventilated interior preventing musty odours.

The lid fits to the box by snapping into place the plastic hinges which enables opening fully ajar, although many of the new style larger deck boxes include automatic opening mechanisms by virtue of pistons to aid lifting the heavy lid, this medium size doesn’t require them due to the lighter weight.

Many purchasers are surprised how much the box holds, satisfied with the sturdy construction and elated with how dry & preserved seating cushion storage is maintained, benefiting the hugely popular service around a patio area.

The flat lid also creates table-top space, a particular requirement our bucket list contained, generating a great service delivered at BBQ times for the placement of dining accessories, food and drinks whilst the box is sturdy enough to seat an adult or two kids up to 300 lbs. in weight, providing additional seating when guests visit.

Suncast 50 Gallon Storage Box Prices:

Flat lid provides table top services and seating ability

Flat lid provides table top services and seating ability

Suncast 50 Gallon Deck Box Measurements

This Suncast storage box possesses an internal 50 Gallon / 4.58 cu. ft storage capacity with seating support up to 300 lbs.

External and internal dimensions are represented below to examine against possible storage ideas and location.

External Dimensions - Front View

External Dimensions – Front View

External Dimensions - Side View

External Dimensions – Side View

Internal Dimensions - Top View

Internal Dimensions – Top View

Internal Dimensions - Side View

Internal Dimensions – Side View

Suncast 50 Gallon Deck Box Storage

Suncast 50 Gallon Deck Box Storage

Suncast 50 Gallon Storage box Assembly

Constructing this deck box can only be described as a snip, defined as an easy 5 minute tool-free assembly. Detailed step by step illustrations presented in the instructions show the interlocking procedure requesting assemblers to implement the steps in order of sequence.

In minimal time the deck box can be built and serving to it’s full potential indoors or the most popular location outside displaying it’s stylish presence like the location on a balcony, situated poolside, serving BBQ essentials, gardening equipment, patio necessities, a wonderful haven for kids toys, the list goes on.

Suncast 50 Gallon Deck Box Advantages

  • Medium dimensions to fit most tight spaces
  • Stunning appearance to enhance any outdoor settings
  • Weather-resistant
  • Withstands rust, rot, peel and decay
  • A simple wash replenishes the appearance
  • Stay dry interior, ideal for cushion storage
  • Ventilated interior safeguards from musty odours
  • Easily moved to the desired location
  • Lid opens fully ajar
  • UV protected prevents fading in the sun
  • Flat top lid delivers table-top services
  • Sturdy seating supports up to 300 lbs
  • 50 Gallon / 4.58 cu. ft storage capacity
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Super quick assembly procedure
  • Exceptional feedback received

50 Gallon Storage Box Prices:

Suncast 50 Gallon Patio Deck Box

Suncast 50 Gallon Patio Deck Box

Final Verdict

This delectable Suncast deck box is intended to enhance any outdoor location expressing the neutral light taupe shade to merge gracefully with any background scenery.

5 year Limited WarrantyThe medium dimensions provide an adequate storage solution for restricted spaces, the level lid benefits table-top convenience whist doubling up for seating when occasions arise.

Rapid assembly through Suncast’s interlocking snap together procedure without tools captivates attraction coupled with a make-up resistant to weather attack, only entailing a doddle of a cleaning job to maintain the immaculate appearance.

Impressive reviews and competitive price encouraged with a 5 year limited warranty throws the spotlight on this popular patio box.

Suncast 50 Gallon Deck Box Prices:

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      Aren’t they a great idea, allowing you to organise in clearing space and hiding all those bits & bobs and outdoor gear away from view, their storage potential is quite diverse.

      Whether used for gardening equipment, swimming gear or pool chemicals, BBQ paraphernalia, furniture seating covers and patio accessories or a super haven for the kids toys, clearing the space outdoors is accomplished in minutes once the lid is open.

      Many people have them situated indoors too, like in an entrance hall hiding outdoors wear, boots and shoes, in a garage sorting work tools and sporting equipment or maybe a great space to organise bed linen and pillows. Their storage usage seems unlimited.

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