Resin Storage Boxes – Outdoor

The ever increasing popular solution captivating interest for accommodating storage in an organised fashion enabling creating more space indoors regards locating resin storage boxes outdoor to serve requirements, epitomising storage advantages for modern day outside summer living.

Resin Storage Boxes - Outdoor

Resin Storage Boxes – Outdoor

The problem yesteryear regarded a wooden storage deck facility only to deteriorate through weather attack in a short space of time, requiring constant servicing to defend against decay. Many of us were simply put off with the hassles associated with repetitive upkeep work.

Thanks to evolving technical processes resin can now be molded into super stylish designs whilst weather-resistant additives mixed into the resin provide defence resulting in a deck box containing a dry interior and a surface that’s effortless to maintain the spotless appearance.

Lifetime Resin Storage Box

This Lifetime outdoor storage box contains 116 gallons storage capacity, exhibiting an attractive wooden effect facade in a dark oak shade destined to enhance any outdoor space whilst serving storage.

This is a medium size in terms of deck box dimensions however it’s part of Lifetime’s largest selling range. The award winning Lifetime 130 gallon deck box probably tops the league in terms of sales yet the same principles and features trumpeting out the design are incorporated into this medium size. It’s one popular storage facility receiving outstanding feedback.

Lifetime 116 Gallon Deck Box

Lifetime 116 Gallon Deck Box

These types of deck boxes are adaptable for various storage purposes both indoors and out whilst incorporating similar beneficial features. The choice regards choosing the style and size that suits your circumstances whilst presenting eye appeal for your desired location.

Whether intentions are an adequate storage facility presented on a balcony offering additional seating, storing cushions for patio services, harbouring sporting or gardening equipment, making the most of the adaptable features and storage potential on a BBQ area, a smart addition holding pool supplies, a great height for toy storage or situated indoors organizing storage to create more space, storage potential is truly unlimited.

Lifetime Medium Deck Box Prices:

Lifetime Medium Deck Box

Lifetime Medium Deck Box

Lifetime Deck Box Make-up

Lifetime’s manufacturing technique involves High Density Polyethylene Plastic where the resin is molded into a dual lined composition for added sturdiness and stability. This make-up process is incorporated into the walls, floor and lid resulting in an overall robust structure.

Added to the resin mix regards the dark brown shade whilst intricate details of a wood grain effect integrating within the panelled display are produced through the molding technique, transpiring into a stylish presentation to complement any outdoor space.

Designed into either end of the box are molded handgrips aiding movement of the box into the desired location whilst UV protection added to the resin mix resists colour fade and withstands cracking & peeling when subject to the sun.

Relinquishing upkeep duties to a thing of the past, this weather-resistant facade resists rust, rot and decay requiring only the simple measure of a wipe down when dirty to rejuvenate its pristine condition.

Lifetime Deck Box Features

Lifetime Deck Box Features

The rigidity derived through the double walled skin enables the lid to be used for seating accommodation with a bench seating weight capacity of up to 600 lbs whilst the flat lid designed top can be converted into additional table space, this adequate size has become a popular storage come seating solution for tight spaces, ideal for serving balcony requirements.

Lifetime's Medium Deck Box Features

Lifetime’s Medium Deck Box Features

These multiple features represent huge advantages when guests visit, extra seating and table services are the reason this deck box receives mighty fine appraisals when located around a BBQ area or patio, they’re so versatile. We use our deck box for table top services constantly on the patio, a place for accommodating drinks and food on the top makes summer living effortless.

Incorporated into adjoining the lid and facade is a waterproof seal resulting in a dry internal atmosphere making the box a perfect solution for storing more delicate items like cushions and seating covers. We’re located in the UK and generally store our seating accessories in the loft through winter time, once spring approaches the box stores the seating cushions till mid autumn.

This deck box has a controlled spring hinge fitted to aid the opening mechanism of the lid. Opening beyond 90 degrees provides the stay-open design feature enabling easy access to storage whilst the spring hinge prevents the lid slamming shut. This child friendly design increases versatility for use as a toy box, the adequate lid height whilst resisting slamming down on fingers brings peace of mind for kids use.

Lifetime assure the steel hinges are resistant to rusting whilst security-wise the lid is lockable by means of a padlock inserting through the clasp securing the lid to the box frame. Padlock is not included.

Lifetime 116 Gallon Deck Box Prices:

Sturdy Lid Provides Seating Services

Sturdy Lid Provides Seating Services

Lifetime Deck Box Measurements

The internal dimensions presented below equate to 116 gallon storage capacity. Measure your storage with the internal dimensions to check whether the size suits your services whilst the external measurements enable making sure it’s suitable for your desired location.

Lifetime Deck Box Measurements

Lifetime Deck Box Measurements

Lifetime Strength and Durability

Padlockable Lid

Dry Interior

Lifetime Deck Box Prices:

Assembling the Lifetime Deck Box

Assembly regarding these quality resin constructions has been simplified to the extent that within an hour of unpacking the box it’s situated in the intended spot and serving storage requirements, this quick assembly procedure captivates interest.

Constructing the box involves interlocking and sliding the panels into situ with the base and securing with minimal screws. The lid requires more attention due to fixing the hinges and back plate whilst securing to the box entails two people, one supporting whilst the other secures into place.

Household tools will construct and they require a level base to sit on. None of these deck boxes are described as completely waterproof due to their interlocking mechanism, they will leak if immersed in water however they are specifically designed to maintain a dry internal environment through adverse weather conditions.

I have read reviews regarding these deck boxes stood outside during harsh winters. Although storms have removed roof tiles, blown down fences, trees and sheds, the low profile and weather-resistant design of the box maintains a dry internal space even when exposed to wintry environments.

Lifetime Medium Deck Box Prices:

Lifetime's Medium Deck Box - Easy Assembly

Lifetime’s Medium Deck Box – Easy Assembly

Advantages of Lifetime’s 116 Gallon Deck Box

  • Traditional yet stylish dark wooden oak appearance
  • Destined to enhance a whole variety of outdoor spaces
  • Weather-resistant and durable
  • Will not decay, rust, peel or rot
  • UV stabilised to prevent fading and splitting
  • Dry interior, suitable for cushion storage
  • Sturdy construction offering seating
  • Lid supports up to 600 lbs
  • Flat lid serves as additional table space
  • Spring hinges prevent the lid slamming shut
  • Lid opens 90 degrees offering super access
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Padlockable for security
  • Versatile usage both indoors and outside
  • Medium size fits in tight spaces
  • Easy quick assembly process
  • Effortless to clean & maintain assembly day’s condition
  • Receives excellent feedback
Lifetime Deck Box Advantages

Lifetime Deck Box Advantages

Lifetime Deck Box Competition

Deck Box competition has become quite fierce recently, plenty of new stylish entrants exhibiting eye catching designs competing with the more established models.

The page below links to reviews regarding a whole range of styles receiving fab reviews. Hope you find your style.

Compare Alternative Deck Box Designs

Compare Deck Boxes Here:

Final Verdict

Storage accommodation and space indoors is at such a premium nowadays the new stylish design generated through molded resin, ease of assembly, adequate size and sturdy construction attracts attention. Their versatility regarding storage potential suits a whole plethora of different circumstances both indoors and out.

The weather-resistant make-up relinquishes maintenance issues to yesteryear whilst the simple duty of a cloth in warm water containing mild detergent revitalises assembly days condition in minutes.

Offering bench seating, flat topped table space and child friendly hinges trumpet the additional features, the ability to accommodate an abundance of storage into a medium sized unit whilst situated in a compact space sparks the interest.

Couple all these advantages with a 10 year limited warranty and superb feedback, there’s no surprise how popular this model has become.

Lifetime Deck Box Prices:

New Model - Available in Beige

New Model – Available in Beige

New Model - Available in Beige

Lifetime Storage


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Thanks for reading about this medium sized storage box.

I’m always happy to answer questions. Please drop them in the comment section below, I’ll try and find the answer.

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  1. Pam

    These boxes are amazing! I had one I used for an RV storage box on the back basket. They are so waterproof it even withstood rain storms on the back of the RV. I’ve also used one for a toolbox in the back of my pickup. Steel is getting so expensive these days that you can’t afford to buy them. Great Site!

    • Simon

      Hi Pam,

      Thanks for reading about Lifetime’s medium garden storage box.

      Resin is a great alternative to a structure composed of steel or cedar wood where price and weather-resistance longevity is concerned, a similar change took place years back regarding wheelie trash bins, instead of rusting metal bins, a conversion towards resin took presidency and we never looked back.

      The entire structure is designed to repel rainwater as you’ve found out and maintain a dry internal space making them an ideal unit for accommodating more delicate fabrics like seating cushions and towels, reason for their popularity located around patios and swimming pool areas.

      Yeah, great facility for organising work tools and clearing space indoors. We know many people who store sporting equipment, outdoor boots and clothes etc indoors, even bed linen and pillows due to their bulkiness however they are such a favourable storage solution for outside stuff and accessories clearing space indoors and using their convenience to store outdoor gear outside the home.

      Thanks again Pam,


  2. Rich

    Hello Simon,
    Thank you for this post and what a great idea for indoor/ outdoor storage. I must say I like the idea of not having to paint this storage box. Would it stand up to New England winters? How about pressure washing is it safe to use when removing any build up of dirt?

    • Simon

      Hi Rich,

      Thanks for dropping by and reading about Lifetime’s medium size deck box.

      The entire construction is High Density Polyethylene Plastic providing the advantage of weather-resistance, withstanding decay, rust and rot. We find during summer time, a cloth wipes away the dirt and leaves the condition as if it’s just been assembled.

      Over winter time however ingrained dirt may build up but we only store outdoor seating covers inside during summer so before I fill it up usually around spring time I hose it down with a light pressure then through summer, a cloth in warm water containing light detergent.

      If you were going to heavy pressure wash this unit I would first empty the contents which only takes a minute as they are not that large and then refill once done although Lifetime models do have a watertight seal, just to be on the safe side in my view.

      As far as winter goes, it’s like one guy mentioned in his feedback. He had his stood outside through winters bad storms where the weather has blown roof tiles off, destroyed fences and blown down sheds yet his Lifetime deck box withstood the conditions and inside remained dry. Its down to their low profile design, usually sat in a more sheltered position.

      Personally I position ours in a more sheltered spot during winter time then its not exposed to the direct weather, they are only plastic after all and there is a limit to what they will stand up to.

      Hope this helps Rich and good luck with your decision,


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