Resin Storage Sheds

Tremont’s assortment of resin storage sheds deliver top of the range dwellings for outhouse sheltered accommodation by conjointly furnishing a home-yard with pleasant architectural eye-appeal meanwhile serving to assist in exerting organisational skills into full operational swing.

Resin Storage ShedsThe five sheds completing Tremont’s collection mimic a wooden structure highlighting bodacious picturesque appearances albeit constituting a makeup of imperishable resin to withstand depreciation provoked upon by the external forces of changeable weather conditions.

Each shed comprises equivalent frontage dimensions, likewise embodies matching doors, style and trim owing to their identical width & height however lengthwise regards a whole different ball game, from squeezing a narrow depth into restricted locations to providing oceans of storehouse space accompanied by a fair walk-through to the end of the shed.

Shed sizes expand throughout the group in 3 feet bolt-on extension kits, commencing from the slender 4 ft deep facility ideally suited for positioning with its back adjacent to a house wall, leading onto the ever popular 7 & 10 feet lengths furthermore to the vastness spreading 13 feet and ultra-capacious 16 footer, a big chief that can accommodate.

Check Out Tremont’s Features

As long as an 8 ft width with minimal 4 ft deep dimensions situate the desired spot, these varied lengths deliver a relevant storage solution applicable to a vast array of spaces, there’s a Tremont version geared to harmonise a multitude of garden placements.

We hemmed & hawed for long enough prior to purchasing a resin construction in favour of absconding traditional conservation distresses associated with rotting wood. Uncertainties whether polypropylene could endure the affliction of UK’s weather stresses regarded the huge question mark that popped out of our heads.

Initial suspicions certainly raised eyebrows regarding resin constructed wheelie bins too, I remember saying these will never sustain the pressures been thrown about on refuse collection days and here we are way into the future, still with the introductory model that’s survived the oppressions albeit with a few knocked-around scratches. Resin’s robust durability clearly proved me wrong.

Tremont 8 x 4 ft

Resin Storage Sheds - Tremont 8 x 4 ft

View Tremont 8 x 4 ft Shed Prices

Resin Storage Sheds - Tremont 8 x 4 ft Shed

Style Unites with a Stalwart Construction

Suncast portray their design as a smart solution for outdoor storehouse accommodation by developing a twofold skin arrangement for the facade constituting an impermeable polypropylene manufacture that formulates the structure through blow-molded engineering.

The inner sheet represented in the image produces a resin ridged appearance, although neatly formed their intended purpose is to provide all-embracing robustness to the composition whilst averting indents appearing through knocks, a predicament single skinned structures are susceptible to overtime.

The exterior surface however is where architectural style comes into fruition, molded with a wooden semblance representing straight & curvature panelling embracing embossed textured grain. Coloured in a vanilla tinge for the walls whereas the entrance exhibits stony shade, delivering attractive integration.

Tremont's Facade Composition

Assembling the panels is rather streamlined thanks to Suncast’s Easy Bolt system. A solid levelled platform is crucial for alignment purposes to accomplish a quick construction, finalising with a perpendicular stance that reduces structural stresses. They even supply the hex style bolt tool to fasten the screws.

Polypropylene delivers immunity from rot and weather depreciation therefore eliminates impending re-coats of nourishing varnish notwithstanding the fade-free built-in protection where toughening elements withstand discolouration and fractures violated through sunburn aggression.

Cleaning’s easily accomplished, realised by an untroublesome shower down. We just attach the shower connector to the garden hose and hey presto, job’s finished in minutes. A soft brush in warm water fulfils the same results if a hose-pipe’s not handy whereas detergent aids to dislodge entrenched grime.

Eco-friendliness regards Suncast’s intentions to save the forests whereas polypropylene is 100% reusable, assuring sustainability.

Tremont 8 x 7 ft

Resin Storage Sheds - Tremont 8 x 7 ft

View Tremont 8 x 7 ft Shed Prices

Resin Storage Sheds - Tremont 8 x 7 ft Shed

Effectual Roof Drainage System

Comprising the same structural arrangement the facade constitutes featuring polypropylene multiple panels, the impervious makeup is molded into sheets displaying realistic slate effect tiling to which fasten to the apex framework that’s constructed into a steep incline up towards the roof ridge.

An excessive angled pitch delivers a preventative measure in averting the development of puddles, assures instant drainage and produces an abundance of internal headroom loftiness. Overcoming potential rainwater leaks at the point the walls abutment regards a roof spread protruding beyond, thus creating eaves.

Tremonts start with dimensions spreading 4 feet in depth. Accompanying each 3 ft extension inclusive of the walls, floor and roof regards a series of steel beams to further under-gird the roof structure, reinforcing the top to support Winter’s piles of snow-loads.

Tremont sheds are absent from wall windows delivering more privacy for utility services which in return enhances their sturdiness. Replacing their absence regards door windows and translucent polycarbonate skylights to illumine the interior with daylight. As the sheds expand additional skylights are introduced to adequately bask the shed with sunlight.

Contrary to roofing felts tendency to undergo rapid weather-depreciation entailing structural disintegration, quite the opposite materialises with polypropylene. The composition remains in an unaltered state, boasting four-season inbuilt weather defence, putting an end to subsequent replacements.

Tremont 8 x 10 ft

Resin Storage Sheds - Tremont 8 x 10 ft

View Tremont 8 x 10 ft Shed Prices

Resin Storage Sheds - Tremont 8 x 10 ft Shed

The Bonuses of a Substantial Built-In Floor

A substantial heavyweight muscular floor covers Tremont’s base expanse comprising a boundary edge to which the wall sheets click into place removing the entry gap. Encasing sheds this method blocks a crawl-through for pests, rain puddles evolving and highly beneficial around Autumn’s leafy downfall.

The floor is derived from a distinct resin manufacturing format, where the polypropylene is molded into interlinking sheets, beefed up with reinforced strengthening delivering a hardened composition. Polypropylene’s supremacy is quite the antithesis of wood delivering everlasting immunity from decomposition even when laid in damp settings.

The floor creation is intentionally braced to survive stress-weights of tractor traffic, nonetheless Suncast’s guidelines insist the longevity of this toughened manufacture must be accompanied with flat & solid foundations, an uneven surface turns out detrimental whereas solidity enhances stability and caters for firm anchorage.

The prerequisite of laying foundations regards exceeding the level of a floodplain, all sheds irrespective of wood, metal or resin manufactures are designed weatherproof not waterproof and will take-in water if immersed. Their only other necessity relates to securing the base down with screws to safeguard against the gales.

Tremont 8 x 13 ft

Resin Storage Sheds - Tremont 8 x 13 ft

View Tremont 8 x 13 ft Shed Prices

Resin Storage Sheds - Tremont 8 x 13 ft Shed

Broad Entryways with Quality Fittings

Everything falls into place from levelled footings, the reason this stipulation headlines all shed instructions. Adhering delivers vertical wall panels which determine plumb architraves that inevitably function the precise door swing, straightforward as ABC.

A multi-layered sheet formation of stony coloured blow-molded polypropylene produces the doors impervious composition, constituting inbuilt defence against the affliction of weather-assault’s damp & heat in addition to the outer skin exhibiting modish flair. Resembling a hand crafted wooden entrance displaying elegant panelling regards the way present-day molding techniques are able to design highly detailed resin creations.

Conventional handles function the twin-doors access accompanying 3 metal hinges each side. Dual clasps adjoin both handles at the point of closure whereupon maintaining the shut position regards a through-bolt mechanism that slides into the adjacent handles catch. As this connection takes place, an additional clasp flips over for padlock security.

The doors comprise of elegant squared effect windows situated across the top to brighten the interior throughout the day whilst preventing the left hand door from freely swinging in gale-force winds is determined by two internally fitted latches delivering slide-lock security.

No matter the size of shed, ventilation is integrated both sides, front facing and rear to generate a fresh-air distribution system to the interior, eradicating a clammy ambience developing during humid conditions meanwhile obviating the build-up of condensation.

Unfortunately apart from included corner shelves, all other storage accessories suchlike straight shelves, hooks, baskets and rafter kits are additional purchases. The common solution to counteract this issue regards the installation of tiered self-assembly shelving that free-stands, a satisfied choice we decided to undertake.

Tremont 8 x 16 ft

Resin Storage Sheds - Tremont 8 x 16 ft

View Tremont 8 x 16 ft Shed Prices

Resin Storage Sheds - Tremont 8 x 16 ft Shed

Benefits and Drawbacks of Tremonts


  • Elegant picturesque resin creations
  • Neutral vanilla/stony shades
  • 5 sizes to choose from
  • Spacious 8 feet widths with decent headroom height
  • Spanning from 4 ft up to 16 feet lengths
  • Impervious weather-resistant manufacture
  • Eliminates future conservation work
  • Whirlwind wash restores their shine
  • Straightforward Easy-Bolt assembly method
  • Extensive double door access with sloping threshold
  • Efficient roof drainage design
  • Well-braced roof construction for snowfall
  • Metal reinforcements are treated to prevent rust
  • Incorporating high-class door hardware
  • Inbuilt flooring encases from the outer elements
  • Brawny floors are reinforced for tractor support
  • Windowless walls deliver utility privacy
  • Daylight illumines through skylights and door windows
  • Inclusive of dual sided ventilation
  • Locking up is secured through a padlock
  • 10 years Tremont warranty cover
  • Exceptional feedback throughout the group


  • Construction requires a levelled base
  • Flooring demands a flat surface of solidity
  • Firm anchorage is a necassity
  • Additional shelving, basket & hooks etc entails extra purchases

Suncast Tremont 8 x 7 ft

Prefer a 7 ft Width?

Check out Cascade’s two facilities spanning 4 ft and 7 ft lengths:

Cascade Range of Sheds

Read Cascade’s Review:

Closing Opinion

Tremont sheds are a perfect example of how current day manufacturing techniques are able to mould resin into delectably styled picturesque presentations, resembling a true-to-life wooden construction albeit devoid from decay, weather depreciation, re-coats of paint & varnish not forgetting the laborious procedure of roof replacements.

Combining these highly favoured assurances accompanied by an expeditious cleanse, straightforward piecing together construction process and exceptional feedback leaves the only requirement regarding a piece-of-mind warranty cover to which Suncast Corporation provide a 10 years stamp of approval.

Resin Storage Sheds

SimonMany thanks for inspecting Tremont’s range of resin storage sheds.

Share which size fits your location and of course any queries down below.



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  1. Claudette

    Simon, thanks for providing such a thorough explanation for the Tremont sheds. These are aesthetically pleasing and would complement any landscape. I’ve seen some horrendous plastic sheds that don’t appear as sturdy as the Tremont. Thanks again for sharing this information. I wish may shed was this nice.

    • Hi Claudette, thanks for reading about Tremont’s resin storage sheds.

      Tremont sheds do enhance a garden’s landscape by exhibiting pictorial looks as many of these images display however like you mention there’s many different qualities of plastic storehouses on the market where some are purely budget driven through a manufacture of flimsy fascia panels whereas on the other side of the market, chunkier designed walls secured to a steel framework assure a sturdy firm standing, as demonstrated through Tremont’s design.

      8 feet wide represents Tremont’s width where each shed is uniform in dimensions and features from the front and back, merely their depths vary. Starting from a 4 ft depth, 5 sheds complete the group by expanding in 3 ft extension kits all the way up to the top facility spreading 16 feet.

      16 feet in length is one heck of a walkway through and takes time to construct. I have read a few reviews where people have opted for one mid range Tremont to see how they suit services then led onto assembling another similar size in order to escape large construction processes. Purchasing a second Tremont speaks volumes for their quality of construction in my view.

      Appreciate your time and comment Claudette, thank you,

  2. Hi Simon, I love these sheds they would be perfect for us as we live in a coastal area and they wouldn’t be susceptible to rust or deterioration. What countries are these available in? I’m in New Zealand. Thanks in advance, Cheers, Karen

    • Hi Karen, thanks for investigating the potential of Tremont’s resin sheds.

      8 ft wide Tremonts span from 4 feet deep all the way up to a whopping 16 feet therefore there’s storehouse dimensions to suit a vast range of outdoor services.

      Salty coastal environments has always been a negative regarding the survival of traditional huts being able to combat the challenges of wild weather inclusive of salt, it soon corrodes metal and significantly shortens the lifespan of wooden sheds.
      We used to have an Aunt & Uncle who lived on the Blackpool coastline, they always had deterioration problems associated with anything stored outside due to the salty air, even affected their car’s lifespan, therefore I do understand the implications of salty air damage.

      Fortunately Tremont’s constitute polypropylene and are UV stabilised to prevent sunburn damage, providing a make-up immune from weather attack inclusive of salty air. They merely need a wash down once in a while to maintain their appearance.

      Presently I only point visitors towards USA & UK prices owing to time constraints, this website is solely run by myself. I do receive many similar queries from people in Canada, Australia and many parts of Europe however the eBay platform maybe the solution for purchases, many sellers offer international shipping.

      This Suncast eBay link explores the various models available. If you ask the seller whether they ship to your address they will provide an answer, failing that they may be able to help you out with a supplier in your country.

      Hope this helps your quest. Thanks again,

  3. Matt's Mom

    Well Simon, I keep coming back to your site simply because I have been researching sheds for a while now, and getting close to a purchase. You have the most information, the best selection, and just plain good products for sheds. I just have one question, why you say resin, do you mean a sort of plastic? And will this hold up to the summer Florida heat? Is there a warranty on the exterior structure against just that, the elements? Will the color fade after time? If so, can I paint this particular shed? Thanks!

    • Simon

      Hi Matt’s Mom,

      You can visit as many times as you wish, thanks for reading the many articles of low-maintenance sheds so far.

      The beauty here is, we’re not trying to sell anything, it’s just plain straightforward information without being bombarded with pop-up adverts and pushiness, rather visitors receive a pleasant user experience as they browse around.

      Resin is plastic but there are a few various types of resin such as: PVC like Grosfillex manufacture their sheds with, polyethylene is Lifetime’s makeup as seen on their competing 8 ft wide facilities, polycarbonate regards Palram’s composition and polypropylene suchlike Keter Factor sheds use and Suncast manufacture their Tremont range with, reviewed here.

      As manufacturing techniques have evolved, it’s now possible to mix resin with wood, a design Fusion sheds are composed with delivering traditional looks without the hassles of wood rot whereas Oakland sheds have incorporated a resin talc formula into their polypropylene makeup delivering the first paintable resin shed surface.

      Tremont sheds are designed washable not paintable. We just attach the shower connector to the garden hose and give the shed a quick hose down once in a while whereas most people use a light pressure-wash. 

      Tremont sheds are inclusive of a 10 years warranty that covers defects in the manufacture that affect the shed’s form and function. Obviously it doesn’t cover the appearance of ageing, the purpose of the warranty is to live up to its workable description and operate as described.

      The only heat deterioration I have so far come across regards a Lifetime door warping when exposed to direct sun heat over time. If this is a worry, like one guy said regarding his home’s hot climate he wished he had pointed the shed in different direction so the doors aren’t fully exposed all day. This is rare yet apart from a horizontal shed lid suffering the same scenario, these are the only 2 sets of feedback I have come across so far regarding warping issues. 

      Ask the seller for the particular shed you are interested in for clarification. 

      As far as colour fade & fracturing is concerned though sunburn assault, these sheds are UV stabilised where toughening elements combine within the resin to armour the composition and prevent their demise. Over a long period of time an ageing appearance will probably come into fruition but for us it certainly beats the hassles concerned with annually conserving decay and re-roofing dilemmas.

      Hope this helps; keep popping back in to read the most recent reviews, thanks again,


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