Resin Storage Sheds – Weather Resistant

Lifetime’s 15 ft resin storage sheds combine spaciousness with convenience. Unsusceptible to rot deterioration is virtue of their impenetrable weather-resistant manufacture to which an expeditious wash renews the shine in double quick time.

Resin Storage ShedsPresuming intentions are to break free from wood & metal’s laborious maintenance in lieu of turning one’s attention towards the efficiency of resin meanwhile determined to understand the benefits of a polyethylene make-up, take a read. These sheds really do take some beating.

Having fallen out with the annual battle of wood preservation we made the switch, opting to replace our last rotting hut with a modern resin construction and what a difference it’s made. A few minutes hasty shower-down & like magic the pristine condition shines back through.

If spacious 8 x 15 feet dimensions prioritise your bucket list including desires for modern style with a leisurely clean meanwhile pulling the plug on upkeep duties to make the most of summer living, take an inspection of Lifetime’s impressive composition.

Lifetime 8 x 15 ft Shed

Lifetime’s hugely popular storage facility presents a desert-sand appearance topped with a classy slate-effect capping meanwhile brown tinted doors & vents elegantly two-tone the display with accents to complement any outdoor space.

Behind the wondrous looks however lies the modern twist, Lifetime’s robust & weatherproof composition is not susceptible to decay therefore absent from future maintenance with the exception of a wash. This innovative manufacture is becoming the envy of the opposition, attracting the popular vote.

Lifetime 8 x 15 ft Shed

Manufacturer:  Lifetime

Model:  60075

More Info: Lifetime Products

Size:  8 ft x 15 ft

Verdict:  Popular Choice

Colour:  Desert Sand

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A 15 ft expansion represents the longest facility in Lifetime’s 8 ft width range. The storehouse a step down comprises equivalent breadth whilst spreading 12½ feet  meanwhile on par with these dimensions regard the delightful alternative; a similar sized 15 footer where double doors incorporating an apex add-on are attractively centred across the length middling windows either side.

Shed Ranges displays a varied selection of low-maintenance resin sheds competing with this capacious facility.

Such spaciousness enables accomplishing an effortless garage clear-out and a more organised home in addition to the popular services a garden shed provides suchlike storing heavy-duty lawnmowers, tools & equipment, potting shed services not forgetting the accommodation of patio furnishings, BBQ paraphernalia, kids toys & bikes etc.

 Video Expressing Lifetime’s Features


Staunch Weatherproof Composition

Our initial worries concerned how a single skinned wall structure would survive knocks to the surface & adverse weather causing our deliberations to swing towards a more robust double walled composition similar to Lifetime’s facade formation, inclusive of resisting weather deterioration.

Lifetime's 8 ft x 15 ft Wall Conformation

Lifetime’s 8 ft x 15 ft Wall Conformation

Manufactured into a double skin, Lifetime’s high density polyethylene is molded to represent horizontal wood panelling on the outer-face with fine details of wood grain exhibited throughout, expressed in the pristine finish of a desert-sand shade.

Polyethylene resists the rot and brings peace of mind with regards to escaping yearly upkeep demands, immaterial whatever the weather throws. During assembly each resin panel interlinks with adjoining sheets, simultaneously interlocks with the floor’s edge and secures to the steel infrastructure with high grade metal screws thereby embracing the overall construction into rigid stability.

Susceptible to bleaching & splitting during sunburn attack used to be a huge concern with plastic however this inherent problematic issue has now been resolved though technical advances. The addition of UV protection elements combine within the polyethylene mix producing a UV stabilisation method that toughens the composition to resist the demise in appearance caused by exposure to sun-rays.

Lifetime’s robust manufacture of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is weatherproof, UV stabilised, withstands decay, durable and impermeable to rainwater meanwhile resistant to cracks, chips, peeling and dents. HDPE is a highly regarded environmentally friendly plastic. Being 100% recyclable assures it refrains from leaking harmful chemicals into the ground.

Lifetime’s manufacture requires no future re-varnishing nor re-painting.

Combining all these positives together, the huge advantage relates to the easy-clean surface. Whenever muck appears, the choice of a light pressure wash or the conventional soft scrub with detergent quickly removes stubborn marks. We usually click the shower adaptor onto the hosepipe every now and again; the job’s accomplished in minutes.

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Lifetime 8 x 15 ft Shed

Sturdy Apex Draining Roof Span

A steep descending apex suchlike Lifetime’s roof inclines always tops my bucket list due to generating an immediate rainfall drainage system meanwhile safeguards the shed from puddles developing on top.

Polyethylene Roof Manufacture

Polyethylene Roof Manufacture

Another advantage regarding a steep roof pitch is the reciprocation of generous headroom expanse internally, removing that bent over feeling once inside. Lifetime sheds generate a bright atmosphere through daylight illumination generated by the skylights embedded within the roof. The roof purposely extends beyond the edges of the facade to occlude potential rainwater gaps at the walls connection.

Manufactured with weatherproof High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) armours the roof make-up with decay-defence, molded into a formation of dual-wall panels displaying a slate-effect topping on their outer-surface, a combination that assures robustness & durability with a stylish finish.

HDPE is impervious to rainwater and rot-resistant, assurances that inspire confidence with regards to sidestepping forthcoming roof replacements. Complete contrast to roofing felt’s inability to survive damp conditions leading to their sudden demise of composition.

The roof panels secure into place around the roof’s infrastructure with high grade metal screws providing rigidity meanwhile further bolstering support for times of heavy snowfall stretch 5 A-Frame steel trusses across the internal width of the apex.

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5 A-Frame Steel Trusses Deliver Reinforced Roof Support

Muscular Beefy Built-In Floor Base

The advantages created by an integral floor blockades the entry of wind blowing debris inside the shed through crevices at the base of the walls, prevents puddles of rainwater appearing on the shed floor and prohibits access to pests looking for shelter. Built-in floors maintain clean & dry internal atmospheres, we’re impressed.

A damp-resistant built-in floor regards a feature seldom seen on metal sheds, capturing our attention towards the quality resin design after previous troubles dealing with a rotting wooden floor.

The floor is delivered in sheet form, they interlink with the next floor panel making up the base expanse whilst interlocking with the walls, encasing the shed from the outside environment. Best practice is to conform to the instruction’s advice and firmly ground the base down onto a solid material with anchor bolts, shoring up overall stability for the sheds construction.

The floor is manufactured through a process where toughened polyethylene is molded into a thickset grip-able anti-slip base inclusive of anchor placements. The design accomplishes a stain-free surface resistant to oil and solvent spillages, cleaning up becomes a doddle.

Preparing the advised solid level foundations results in the floor’s hardened surface being able to subsist the stresses of weighty tractor mowers.

Lifetime's Tough Wearing Built-In Floor

Inside Lifetime’s Voluminous Facility

Inside, a commodious 8 x 15 footprint opens up to oceans of storage potential. An abundance of headroom height delivers adequate proportions for an adult to wander around comfortably overcoming a hunched stooped walk.

Included with this shed are two corner shelves, one 90 x 9″ shelf and two 30 x 10″ shelves which are okay for small items however we followed the popular alternative and installed free-standing shelves, it’s surprising what weight these shelves are able to support plus they enable exploiting the shed’s generous internal height.

This facility basks the interior with daylight through the skylights embedded within the roof. Dependant on which model is chosen, either a translucent skylight strip is presented on the special edition or 5 impact resistant skylights conclude the original.

2 poly-carbonate windows incorporate within the facade distributing daylight to the interior besides opening halfway for fresh air. The special edition includes window shutters further enhancing Lifetime’s stylish appearance.

Integrated air vents situate front and back within the apex peaks produce a continual current of fresh air to circulate the interior eradicating any notion of a sweaty plastic atmosphere developing thus creating a fresh internal ambience, enhancing storage preservation qualities.

This shed size determines a popular storage solution for items such as: Gardening equipment, tools & extendable ladders, patio seating & accessories, BBQ & grilling utensils, parking bikes, lawnmowers, even drive-in gardening machinery meanwhile a spacious potting shed or a wonderful haven for kids toys presents fab access for the quickest of garden tidy-ups.

Inside Lifetime's 8 x 15 ft Shed

Extensive Twin Door Access

Preferring a wide double door entry system as opposed to sliders or single door openers we find ample access caters for wheeling in bulky lawnmowers, the usual gardening services and patio furniture whilst the lofty height stores a tall parasol a treat.

The doors make-up regards the same constitution as the facade relating to a multi-lined polyethylene manufacture albeit additional reinforcements of steel deliver increased security advantages meanwhile a tinge of brown amongst the panelled textured grain creation resembles the wooden effect.

Lifetime doors operate with full length hinge pins rather than a few short hinges common on their competitors. Two dead bolts are situated on the internal side of the left hand door allowing that door to be kept closed, great feature for windy days.

Easy-grip handles comprising press-button tops operate the access latching mechanism whilst a padlock clasp is centrally positioned for locking both doors simultaneously.

Easy Grip Handles open the steel reinforced doors

Lifetime 8 x 15 ft Measurements

Lifetime 8 x 15 ft Measurements

Lifetime 8 x 15 ft Measurements

Plain-Sailing Clear-Cut Shed Assembly

Assuming contemplation’s are to construct a quality plastic shed of this magnitude, it’s worth noting the importance of the Resin Shed Foundation Rules. It’s imperative they are solid and level. Levelled wood or concrete provide flawless foundations. Many purchasers opt to lay concrete, tarmac or asphalt foundations for Lifetime’s 15 footer due to the sheer size.

Level footings quicken the construction process by accomplishing a straightforward plumb alignment of the facade panels, the vertical stance delivers the correct position & operation of the doors whilst due to creating a perpendicular stance, the roof weight delivers equal force on all sides of the shed preventing future leaning pressures and a slant to one side.

Solid foundations deliver the perfect substrate to ensure the resin floor survives demanding storage stresses meanwhile solidity laid below provides reinforced anchored groundings to accomplish stability thus increasing the shed’s wind resistance levels.

Household tools assemble Lifetime sheds, they require two people to construct. Upon completion Lifetime recommend bolting the floor onto the concrete material below to attain a firm fix.

This video below demonstrates the straightforward construction process:

Video – Lifetime Shed Assembly


Benefits and Hindrances


  • A stylish addition to enhance any garden’s settings
  • Low-maintenance, weather-resistant and durable
  • Sidesteps conservation issues
  • Easy to keep clean – A hose-shower does the job
  • Excellent high pitched roof delivers quick drainage
  • 5 A-Frame steel trusses deliver roof support
  • Spacious inside with good headroom height
  • Accommodates one heck of a lot of storage
  • Windows and skylights deliver ample daylight
  • Air vents maintain a preserved atmosphere
  • Built-in floor caters for heavy demanding use
  • Wall-floor interlocking creates a blockade from outside
  • UV protection prevents cracking and fading
  • Five shelves included
  • Double doors delivers a broad entryway
  • Lockable by means of a padlock
  • Sturdy overall build quality
  • Two person straightforward assembly
  • 10 years limited Lifetime warranty
  • Very impressive feedback
  • Part of Lifetime’s best selling shed range


  • Solid foundation materials suchlike concrete are advised
  • Prepare the foundations flat & level
  • Determine sturdy anchorage
  • Included shelves only support small items

Lifetime 8 x 15 ft Storage Shed

8 by 15 feet Weatherproof Shed Competition 

Resin shed competition is increasingly becoming more severe as time goes by. The low-maintenance values and easy to clean benefits are accelerating attention.

Shed Sizes displays the weatherproof shed competition suchlike these examples below:

Suncast Tremont 8 x 13 ft Shed

Tremont’s picturesque 13 footer:

Lifetime 15 x 8 ft Shed

Lifetime’s 15 ft alternative:

Suncast Tremont 8 ft x 16 ft Shed

Tremont’s spacious 16 footer:

Lifetime 8 ft x 15 ft Garden Shed

Lifetime’s capacious 15 ft expanse

Closing Sentiment

Lifetime’s 8 ft wide – 15 ft deep shed adds stylish accents and neutral sandy tones to any garden’s surroundings. The overall structure is stabilised through rigid steel reinforcements, the resin makeup resists weather deterioration besides capturing attention by embracing an easy to clean exterior.

This is a popular model receiving outstanding feedback, 100% recyclable trumpets out environmentally green credentials, a straightforward two person assembly once the correct foundations are in situ, resulting in a spacious storage facility with an abundance of outdoor storage potential.

If durability, weather-resistance, sturdiness, a spacious & modish appearance along with a 10 year warranty floats your boat, it’s worth serious consideration.

Lifetime claim their design surpasses the qualities & credentials of their competitors, this is quite a claim!

View Lifetime 8 x 15 Shed Prices

Hope I’ve informed the relative information for your resin storage sheds decision.

Share your preferred super spacious weatherproof shed below.

Appreciate your time,


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  1. Oscar

    Hi Simon,

    I have not read such a great review in some time. You definitely did you job in researching the product, and maybe even trying it out yourself. When I first started reading, I was a little concerned about the sturdiness of these sheds. I do live in an area where winds can easily come to 90 kms/hr in various months of the year and you definitely do not want to buy something that flies away easily of even breaks.

    However, through your review I think I am comfortable buy one of Lifetime’s sheds. I have some of their products already and I can see how they could easily offer the guarantee that you described for their products.

    Thanks for you detailed insight into these must have sheds,

    • Simon

      Hi Oscar,

      Thanks for reading Lifetime’s 15 ft resin storage sheds review.

      Lifetime’s 8 ft width range of sheds are one of the most popular group of sheds sold across America, they are huge sellers which does inspire confidence for quality & stability where structure and anchorage is concerned.

      Locating on solid level footings is paramount in my view, followed by firmly anchoring the the base down onto the required substrate thereby creating rigidly fixed groundings which is highly recommended throughout all manufacturers instructions, including Lifetime’s.

      Around our neighbourhood, we’ve seen wooden sheds collapse and metal sheds roll down the garden during severe storms due to not being anchored whereas our Factor resin shed has fortunately stationed unaffected without succumbing to any damage. My reasoning relates to conforming with the correct foundations and anchoring methods stipulated by the manufacturers.

      Obviously I can only describe our circumstances to how we’ve been affected throughout severe storms in the UK but after many years of no stability issues nor being subject to conservation duties we remain delighted with our choice of resin shed, it’s been a great decision for our behalf.

      Thanks again Oscar,


  2. Anuoluwapo

    I am really in love with your review. Awesome.

    I never knew such Resin Storage sheds exist. Simply relieving. We just replaced our shed because it almost tipping over because of wear and tear.

    I will definitely consider this viable option for its replacement. But i will want the company yto ship to Africa as I have friends that will be so excited to have these in their yards.

    Thanks again

    • Simon

      Hi Anuoluwapo,

      Thanks for stopping by and reading about Lifetime’s large 8 x 15 ft storage sheds.

      Yeah, resin sheds are gaining popularity in a huge way due to their weatherproof manufacture and durability for resistance against decay whilst trumpeting out low-maintenance benefits, their surface only requires a wash down to restore their appearance.

      The last days of your previous shed sound very similar to our last decaying structure, once the rot sets in, there’s no turning back, it’s like an uphill battle to keep maintaining, eventually leading to a tipping over scenario to which yours succumbed to.

      When the time comes for a replacement and whether your friends are interested, ask the suppliers whether they ship to Africa, many will do this service due to their global sales.

      Hope this helps and thanks again Anuoluwapo, enjoy your shed,


  3. Geoff

    Those look soo much better than the metal one we had when I was a kid. Clever brand name they used too, it instills trust. What is the warranty like on this product?

    I was a bit shocked at the part where you need to create a foundation. It does make sense, I just hadn’t considered it. Could a level platform of wood work for that?

    • Simon

      Hi Geoff,

      Thanks for calling in and reading this review.

      Yeah, Lifetime certainly have their name covered, it’s a beauty promotional name for low maintenance products.

      The warranty regarding Lifetime sheds is 10 years.

      I never gave the foundations a thought either until we purchased one a while back but headlining the instructions after delivery was the imperative measure of preparing solid level foundations, we thought we better comply. Not one website selling these sheds at this time mentioned this ruling.

      Wood or concrete are ideal foundations, just make sure it’s level.

      Upon construction however it becomes apparent because if you’re not perfectly level on the base, by the time you’re 8 ft high on the roof, the panels will be out of alignment. Common sense really but we never gave this a thought.

      We had a very straightforward assembly due to preparing the correct foundations and really enjoyed the build.

      The sad part is by not mentioning this stipulation on the sale sites a lot of people will skip this step due to not being prepared but this will represent problems aligning.

      I mention this for every post I write to provide visitors with helpful and honest information.

      Thanks again Geoff,


  4. Nicu Paun

    Hi Simon, so I wanted for a long time to make a shed in my backyard but I didn’t know what a solution to use, if I use wood or sheets of metal.

    Now I know what to use, the resin shed :), I was wondering though, I live in Romania, is there any chance to deliver this shed to Romania or the delivery price would be more than the shed itself ?

    Thank you !

    • Simon

      Hi Nicu,

      Thanks for visiting and reading about this Lifetime shed.

      Yeah, we decided to replace our last wooden shed due to the constant yearly rotting issues it was prone to and turned our attention towards the resin variety, they’re so easy to clean, I just give it a quick hose down every now and again and the jobs done in minutes.

      The beauty is you can effectively clear the home and garage and accommodate outdoor stuff in a shed creating more room in the home, works wonders for us.

      The only thing I can suggest regarding shipping to Romania is to check out the sales page and ask either in the USA or UK whether they ship to Romania. They all do vary but many offer free international shipping, you maybe surprised and then there’s the ones that don’t do international shipping plus the ones that charge for it but they will answer your valid question.

      Good luck with that and your shed decision,


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