Rot-Proof Plastic Garden Storage Sheds

Tremont’s rot-proof plastic garden storage sheds compliment landscapes with an admirable wood-panelled simulation. Manufactured with weather-enduring polypropylene, they assure resistance to decay.

Tremont 8 x 7 ft Shed

Rot-Proof Plastic Garden Storage Sheds - Tremont 8 x 7 ft

Manufacturer: Suncast

Model: Tremont 8 x 7

Size: 8 ft x 7 ft

Color: Vanilla / Stony

Made from: Blow Molded Polypropylene

#Features: Rot-Proof

Verdict: Good set of feedback

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Escaping the Predicaments of Wood-Rot

The blessings of polypropylene:

  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Eco-friendly recyclable
  • Rot & rust resistant
  • 10 years Tremont Warranty
  • Escapes varnishing
  • Easy to wash
  • A huge time-saver

There are huge benefits to gain when switching a dilapidated wooden hut for a polypropylene manufacture, they sidestep recurring maintenance, superseded by a periodic wash.

Tremont’s recyclable fascia assures rot-resistance on account of the make-up being insusceptible to decomposing, irrespective of suffering April’s rainfall, Autumn’s damp environments or an infestation of termites.

Tremont 8 x 7 ft Shed

Even the steel infrastructure reinforcing the construction is powder-coated to impede the onset of corrosion.

In contrast to the repetitive re-coats of varnish wooden sheds demand for preservation, Tremont’s are not designed for painting; a light pressure-wash or jet-shower down with the hosepipe rejuvenates their presentation lickety-split.

When moss & sap stains become ingrained, a supple brush assisted by household detergent swiftly washes them away.

I generally wash our shed down in among watering the plants during summertime. Turn the hosepipe’s shower adapter nozzle to jet wash, it’s freshened-up in minutes.

If you’re looking to escape roofing felt exchanges, maintaining rotting wood and laborious re-coats of wood-stain, Tremont’s deliver a huge time-saver.

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Weather-Enduring Elegant Design

Tremont’s fascia highlights:

  • Dual wall arrangement
  • Admirably stylish
  • Wood-grain simulation
  • UV protected fascia
  • Complements gardens
  • Wall-floor connection
  • Included driver-tool

Suncast’s manufacturing technique involves blow moulding polypropylene into multi-layered panels whereby the inner skin is arranged into a sequence of ridges to fortify the outer layer for the purpose of eliminating dents and attaining rigidity.

The outer-skin is where cutting-edge moulding procedures artistically simulate the mirror image of wood, producing a stylish wood panelled display comprising coarse textured grain.

Multi-Layered wall panels

Multi-Layered wall panels

Enhancing Tremont’s attractive wooden simulation, vanilla pigments blend in with the polypropylene along with UV protection to defend the colours from bleaching and the fascia blistering & fracturing when sun rays beat down.

Tremont’s vanilla fascia two-tones admirably against the stone coloured doors.

The fascia panels connect together simultaneous to interlocking with the floor’s boundary and secure with hex-style resin screws; the driver-tool is included.

We’re impressed with how our built-in floor keeps the interior debris-free, a huge bonus come Autumn’s leafy fall plus it blockades a critter’s entryway and prevents rainwater puddling the shed floor, the reason we opted for the resin style as opposed to metal.

The Antithesis of Roofing-Felt

Tremont’s roof advantages:

  • Comprises 4 roof panels
  • Fortified by a steel truss
  • Multi-layered roof sheets
  • Smart tiled-roof simulation
  • Returns lofty ceiling height
  • Assures instant drainage
  • Rot-resistant

This 8 x 7 ft shed comprises 4 roof panels that secure to the roof framework with screws further to being reinforced with a centrally positioned rust-protected A-frame steel truss.

Steel Fortified Roof Structure

Steel Fortified Roof Structure

Alike the walls, a double skin manufactured from UV stabilized polypropylene constitutes the roof panel arrangement whereby the inner skin substantially braces the outer layer, comprising a sequence of sturdy resin ridges.

A tiled roof simulation is artistically created by innovative moulding, crowning Tremont’s off with smart looks meanwhile the steepness of the apex pitch not only assures instant drainage, it returns over 8 feet of ceiling height inside.

The walls create mini eaves by abutting underneath the roof overlap, overcoming leaks-in where they connect.

Roof Panels Immune Form Rot

Roof Panels Immune Form Rot

Tremont’s polypropylene manufacture delivers the antithesis of traditional roofing felt in terms of surviving changeable weather conditions. Insusceptible to disintegration puts an end to that old-hat requirement of having to reinstall new felt.

Interior Design benefits gardening duties

Tremont’s user-friendly features:

  • Daylight illumination
  • Ventilated interior
  • Muscular floor panel
  • Wide assisted entryway
  • Quality door hardware
  • Lockable doors

The absence of wall windows improves utility privacy for storing gardening gear and delivers more rigidity to Tremont’s construction. Daylight instead basks through 4 shatterproof polycarbonate roof lights and the square-style door windows.

The 8 ft ceiling height enables a leisurely walk-through without bending over & cracking your nut whilst fresh air circulates the interior through both vent grids incorporated front & back, resulting in a light, fresh & lofty internal environment.

Functional Fresh Air-Ventilation Grids

Functional Fresh Air-Ventilation Grids

Tremont’s 8 x 7 ft base area comprises 2-floor panels, these join together and secure with 6 screws meanwhile their perimeter edges interlock with the fascia walls as previously described to enclose the shed.

The floor’s manufacture constitutes a thickset strengthened mix of polypropylene in order to subsist hefty lawnmower manoeuvres. Indentations determine the anchor placements for driving grounding screws into the solid foundations.

Strengthened Built-In Floor Panel

Strengthened Built-In Floor Panel

A broad entryway is accessed by twin doors whilst a sloping threshold eases the process of wheeling-in gardening equipment.

Resisting decay, the doors comprise the same double-walled polypropylene manufacture and stylish wood-grain simulation as the fascia albeit displayed in stony shade meanwhile traditional handles deliver access whereby 3 metal hinges per door function their swing.

Traditional Handles - Padlockable Doors

Traditional Handles – Padlockable Doors

Suncast fit quality metal door hardware on Tremont sheds.

Locking-up is attained by closing the left door, securing the internal deadbolts, closing the right-hand door and sliding the through-bolt catch; a padlock slides through to lock.

Quality Metal Door Hardware

Quality Metal Door Hardware

Unfortunately, only two corner shelves are included; alternative shelving accessories, loft-kits, hooks & baskets etc are all optional extras. Only Lifetime sheds seem to include shelving, pegboard strips & hooks nowadays.

Most people including ourselves prefer to install those popular stand-alone shelving kits purchased at DIY stores; they’re able to hold significant storage weights.

Tremont 8 x 7 ft Resin Storehouse

Tremont 8 x 7 ft Measurements

Tremont 8 x 7 ft Measurements

Download Tremont 8 x 7 ft Shed precise measurements 

Imperative the shed stations correctly

Things to Consider:

  • Station on sold foundations
  • Ensure the base is level
  • Anchor resin sheds down

Before commencing this 2-person DIY installation, ensure the shed’s foundations will not be standing in a flood, are laid perfectly level and constitute a solid material such as wood deck boards, paving, concrete, tarmac or asphalt, as represented in the image below.

The instructions describe how to prepare a wooden foundation; the reason it’s imperative they are solid is to attain unyielding anchorage besides ensuring the floor survives heavy-duty tensions.

Constructing from a levelled substrate eases panel alignment and results in a perpendicular stationed shed that operates precise door swings meantime alleviates leaning pressures.

Download Tremont 8 x 7 ft instructions:

Suncast Tremont 8 x 7 ft Shed

My Tremont Opinion

I prefer this apex style of roof structure; Tremont’s have exceptionally high peaks, this assures immediate drainage and reciprocates a lofty ceiling height inside; additionally, they’re well ventilated.

Besides their weather-resistant advantage, Tremont’s design exhibits stylish wood-alike looks with quality add-ons to complement garden settings albeit they are more expensive than Factor sheds (for example), seen in Shed Ranges.

My only advice is to conform precisely to Suncast’s foundation stipulations to ensure the build constructs and serves as described. Any damaged deliveries – contact the seller immediately & ask for replacements.

Tremont 8 x 7 ft Self-Assembly Shed

Stylishly Eliminates Decay Dilemmas

Tremont sheds provide a favourable solution to escape the dilemmas of wood-rot, re-coats of varnish and substituting new roofing felt for old meanwhile accentuate the home-yard with striking modish looks.

View Tremont 8 x 7 ft Shed Prices:

I have read many reviews where purchasers decided upon this 8 x 7 ft Tremont instead of the 13 & 16 ft versions due to initial assembly worries, only to purchase a 2nd Tremont soon after.

Rot-Proof Plastic Garden Storage Sheds

Five sheds complete Tremont’s range:

The slimmer shed to this model comprises a 4 ft depth, the larger storehouse extends 10 feet; the largest facilities expand up to 16 feet in length.

Shed Ranges explores competing rein sheds:

If you have any Tremont shed or related queries, write them in the comment section below; a pleasure to help if I know the answer.


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  1. Crystal

    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for your detailed review of this storage shed!
    I have seen one of these sheds in my friend’s house! It’s just as nice as you have described it! I am now living in a flat now so it’s a shame that I’m not ready yet for any big guys like this. Though it’s always a dream of mine to get myself a house with a yard and I guess that’s exactly the time I got this lovely shed!
    Great job, Simon! This review is indeed useful!

    • Hey Crystal, thanks for dropping by to inspect the rot-resistant benefits of Tremont sheds.

      These sheds do exhibit pleasant eye appeal for garden settings virtue of simulating wood alike textures and picture-perfect curvy & straight wood panelling in the neutral shade of vanilla two-toned with stony coloured doors, however, they are a tad more expensive than the likes of Factor sheds (seen in Shed Ranges) owing to their enhanced display and quality add-ons.

      Our main objective when choosing a replacement for the dilapidated wooden hut we previously had was finding a solution that bypassed weather-decay, a feature this type of polymer plastic make-up assures. Overcoming the frustrations of recurring maintenance has been such a time-saver for our concerns, superseded by a ‘once in a while’ jet shower down with the garden’s hosepipe.

      Glad you found the review helpful Crystal, thanks again,

  2. Hi Simon, thank you for a great review of the Tremont shed.

    I just love this shed, it is awesome, it’s more like a little home!

    Simon, I have a couple of questions about this shed that I hope you can answer.
    1. Does it come in any other colours?
    2. How does it stand up to weather including strong winds?

    • Hey Moni, thanks for visiting to read about Tremont’s weather-resistant benefits.

      Tremont sheds display attractive wood style panelling with a smart slate-style roof structure. I agree, their neutral vanilla fascia complements garden landscapes.

      As far as colours go, Tremont sheds only display these colours – a vanilla fascia with stony coloured doors.
      Shed Ranges presents all the sheds so far reviewed on this website, arranged in range order.
      If you scroll down to Suncast’s range you will see Suncast’s Cascade and Everett sheds displaying different colours, albeit their sizes do vary, meanwhile, scrolling through the list you will be presented with a boatload of very stylish fascias.
      Keter Factor sheds are the most reasonable sheds, however, as shed presentations enhance, their prices do increase.

      These sheds are built for weather-endurance; they’re immune from rot irrespective of stationing in continuous damp locations or suffering persistent downpours meanwhile the manufacture comprises UV protection to defend against the tensions of sunrays causing blisters, fractures & their colours to bleach.

      I always try and stress the importance of stationing these sheds on solid level foundations Moni. If the floor is stood on a solid substrate, not only will the floor cope with burdensome storage tensions, you’re able to anchor rigidly down which dramatically increases wind resistance levels.
      All manufacturers recommend anchoring down; you will need to purchase the correct anchor screws conditional to your foundation material (wood or concrete type screws); the anchor placements/indentations are presented in the floor panel.

      Hope this helps and thanks again for messaging,

  3. You hit it on the nail with wooden sheds as they take up far too much time with maintenance. With the advances in technology and materials, plastic would be the way to go, and these do look good quality sheds, although they do seem a little on the expensive side. However, if they last beyond 10 years then I think it will be a big cost saver. My only concern is, has the manufacturer managed to factor the security element into them? Great article, thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Mick, Tremont sheds stand at the top end of the price bracket where plastic sheds are concerned. By enhancing the roof structure with slate-effect tiling along with incorporating quality door hardware etc, prices tend to jump up a tad.

      Alternatively, Factor sheds provide a cost-effective storage solution. Okay, they forgo a few of the smart features represented in the Tremont shed like what’s just been discussed, however, everything else such as UV protection and wood alike finishes is incorporated to assure weather defence & provide stylish looks; the reason for their global sales – they’re a low-cost storage solution.

      Tremont shed’s security is improved by incorporating steel-reinforced supports and quality steel door hardware, however, nothing will stop a thief’s padlock-cutter gaining entry.

      If security is your number 1 priority and you live in the UK, I would take a look at Asgard’s Steel sheds, everything is in place to provide top security where those sheds are concerned and most comprise a built-in steel floor too. We don’t review steel sheds here but a quick google search for Asgard Sheds will immediately bring up their link.
      Hope this helps Mick, thanks for messaging,

  4. This is one of the few successful approaches in educating the public about infastructure and how it can be contemporarised to the public’s benefit. Very informative article but sometimes i needed a dictionary by my side to understand so you increased my vocabulary 😀

    • Hey Zulfan, thanks for calling in to read about the weather-resistant advantages Tremont sheds provide.

      The make-up incorporates weather-defence into its already rot-resistant polypropylene manufacture. Polypropylene is merely a form of plastic/resin, described as a thermoplastic polymer. Add UV protection into the mix and unlike wood, its designed to withstand all weather conditions, remain in an unaltered state and require minimal maintenance.

      I tend to look for alternative words to use when describing similar constructions on this quality plastic sheds website, otherwise, articles would read too similar. Sorry about having to get the dictionary out, that’s the last thing I want visitors to be confronted with.
      Sometimes I need a push in the right direction, thank you Zulfan,

  5. Hi Simon,

    Great review for this shed. At the start I was like, “it won’t rot, it’s plastic”, but then I realized that even plastic can wear over time when being outside too long. Case in point my kids toys that have been left out in all kinds of weather.

    I did check out the price of this shed, and saw that it was quite pricey. How does it compare to sheds made from other structure?

    I suppose the cost would outweigh the benefit that it can last a whole lot longer than other kinds of sheds.

    Also, what is the sturdiness of the shed? It can get very windy at times where I live so I wondered how it would far?


    • Hey Owain, thanks for stopping by to read about the Tremont 8 x 7 ft rot-proof shed.

      Unprotected plastic is notorious for losing its bloom under exposure to sunray attack, the reason Suncast incorporate UV protection into Tremont’s manufacture; this armours the composition with defence against bleaching, blistering and fractures occurring when sun-rays beat down.

      Tremont sheds are quite pricey due to their slate-style roof capping that exhibits smart looks along with their quality metal door hardware. Keter Factor sheds come in much more reasonable due to forgoing these high-end finishes, however, they do comprise UV protection and a similar quality manufacture, worth comparing against.

      It’s paramount resin sheds are anchored down onto solid foundations, by means of driving grounding screws conditional to your foundation material (wood or concrete) through the anchor placements presented in the floor panel, this dramatically increases wind resistance levels.

      Hope this helps Owain, thanks again,

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